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A Weekend In France

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We have never been the type of people to be worried about showing our bodies. We have always walked about the house naked, even when the kids were still at home it was just as natural for them as it was for us.

Dave and I have always made love with the lights on, in just about every room in the house and, yes, of course we have fucked outdoors as well! I just do not understand how some people can spend a lifetime making love in the dark.

We rarely shut our bedroom door and there were many nights when I think we might have had one or other of the kids as an audience but nothing was ever said, either then, or even now, years later.

I guess this all goes to show that I should not have been surprised at the following incident. In fact the surprise should be that something like it had not happened sooner. Now at long last our life was about to open up in a way that we had never imagined.

Anyway, I guess I had better get on with the story.

Over the years, one of our pleasures had always been visiting nudist beaches, wherever we went on a family holiday, and we always seemed to choose a destination that had nudist beaches. Now the kids are older, left home and have kids of their own, when they go on holiday they too end up at nudist destinations. I guess we must have taught the well over the years.

Dave has a good job and recently we have been lucky enough to be able to afford to choose destinations further a-field for our holidays – Caribbean, Mexico, and the Far East. But we still tend to end up at some place where we can get naked. Then we decided to take a long weekend break in Southern Brittany in France, stopping in a very nice four-star hotel. Our room was a mini suite, having a very a large bedroom with a huge super king sized bed, a sitting room with a giant TV with all the satellite channels, and a bathroom that had to be seen to be believed.

The tub that was more like a swimming pool; the walk in shower was so large that you could hold a party in it, with spray nozzles covering the complete booth coming at you from all angles. I had never seen anything like it!

After a long drive from England, the shower was impossible to ignore. We stripped and dived in together. I must say that it was incredible – the jets seamed to pulse in time with your heart beat increasing the jet power as the heartbeat increased. What a turn on! I almost failed to fight off Dave in his quest for my pussy but hunger and tiredness had overcome my desire for sex.

As we had arrived late, we had a quick shower, followed by grabbing a light meal and a few glasses of wine in the Hotels Brasserie before going to bed exhausted.

The next morning we decided to spend the day on the beach. The local beach near the hotel appeared to be very commercial, and not really for us. We decided to look for somewhere better.

We drove around for a while, always on minor roads hugging the coastline until we saw a sign for “Plage”, and headed off in that direction. The road ended in a car park, and after a short walk over the dunes we reached the beach. What a pleasant surprise! Everyone was naked, families, children, young and old. This was defiantly our type of beach, and what was more it was not even crowded.

We walked down the beach for a short distance until we got to an area that was mostly populated with couples but with few single girls and guys. This was much more for us as we no longer enjoyed sitting with families, with kids screaming, running around kicking up sand. Not our taste. We’ve done that, got the T-shirt and the video!

We found a spot at the back of the beach in a slight depression at edge of the dunes, and spread out our towels. Dave, without any hesitation, stood there and stripped naked for the entire world to see! I naturally followed suit. After all these years what is the point of being shy? I had long ago come to the conclusion that even though some of my bits were heading south and my tits did not stand out quite the way they used to I was in a lot better shape for my age than a lot of people you see on the beach.

One of the reasons we loved that beach is that we have always been people watchers, whether it is sitting in a pavement café or at the beach. There is nothing better than just sitting there, watching the world go by. And what an interesting world it was – bodies of all shapes and sizes, guys displaying cocks of all sizes, including a tiny little one that seemed not to exist, lost in its pubic hair, and even a few sporting what looked to be wickedly big ones.

It was not just Dave who could not take his eyes of the women. Talk about tits of all sizes, pussies hairier than hell, and those like me, shaved as smooth as a baby’s bottom – it was all on show. Although I have never touched, let alone made love to, another woman, I had long ago realized that I could get turned on looking at other women as well as men.

I guess I should not have been surprised at what was about to happen but I was.

I asked Dave if he would put some sun oil on my back as I did not want to burn as the sun here was so much stronger than in England, so I lay on my front whilst he gently applied the oil to my back, massaging me as he did so. It could have been the sun, but I was getting wetter and wetter, not sweaty, but more than just damp between my legs, if you know what I mean.

He had started at the top of my back and worked his way down to my bottom, but just as he was about to reach my bum the sod stopped and started to work on my legs. I could have killed him. I was really looking forward to the feel of the warm oil on my ass.

However, I thought, he must reach the top of my legs soon and the end effect was bound to be the same.

As he worked his way up my legs all thoughts of my keeping them modestly clamped together was gone. Just as he was within reach of my pussy the sod stopped again. This time he went back to my ass, Wow, was that good or what!

Here was I, naked on a public beach, my cunt was on fire and Dave was rubbing oil into my ass. Fantastic! He massaged it right into the crack of my ass, using a whole handful. The randy sod even slipped a finger up my ass before putting couple of fingers into my cunt and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

I was on the verge of coming big time when modesty and my natural reserve got the better of me. I said that I thought that we had better stop this before I went too far, and could not stop. That was when Dave said, “It would be a shame to spoil the show”.

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Look over your shoulder!” came his reply.

A nice looking couple about our age had sat down in front of us. They were watching us intently, not just looking at us, but staring directly at my dripping cunt They were obviously enjoying the “show”, as he was fingering her fanny whilst she was stroking the shaft of his fat cock.

I was in a trance. Dave told me to turn over and I just did it, without any thought of stopping. I spread my legs even wider and Dave continued to finger fuck me pushing three fingers deep into my cunt whilst rubbing my very prominent clit with his thumb. No one said a word except me when I shouted, “FUCK; I’m coming!” as one orgasm merged into the next.

As I came they both joined me as he squirted his spunk all over her tits.

The couple said in almost perfect English, but with a beautiful French accent “Thank you very much, for the show – it was exceptional!”

I watched as his spunk dripped off one of her nipples onto the sand feeling stunned. I had just had a great orgasm in public, and in front of a pair of complete strangers.

They asked if we minded them watching and could they talk to us. I said, laughingly, that after what they had just seen it would be hard to object.

They moved their towels closer and introduced themselves as Anton and Sylvie. They were from the North of France near Lille, and they, too, were on holiday. By coincidence, too, they were stopping at the same hotel as we were.

As we talked I asked if they had been to this beach before, but they replied that it was their first time, and like us they had found it by accident. I also asked if they usually masturbated watching others. Sylvie told us then that this was definitely a first for them, and they really did not know what possessed them to do such a thing. It had been so exciting to watch us, they said, and it was such a turn on that they just could not help themselves.

Sylvie asked if we had ever done anything like it before, and I told them honestly, that we were just a normal couple on holiday, and I had got carried away, and not only that but I was ashamed of my display.

“Oh please do not be ashamed.” she said, “It so was lovely. ”

Dave, being Dave, said that in that case could we see you having the sun cream applied?

“Oh, I am not sure,” said Sylvie. “Oh, go on,” said Dave. “It is only fair. After all – you watched us!”

To be honest, I was still on a high, added to which I had never witnessed anyone do anything like this. Of course, we have watched the odd porno movie together but that is just not the same.

“Oh, please, Sylvie.” I urged. “You must!”

“Sylvie,” Anton said, ” it is only fair, and it is time we lost some of our own inhibitions.” Reluctantly she agreed, laying back on her towel and said ok to Anton. ” All this talk of sex has me turned on again, and my pussy is so hot and I do not want you to mess about. So no sun cream, please, Anton. Just play with me.”

With that Anton leaned over her and started to massage her tits and rolling her nipples firmly between his fingers. They grew to at least twice the size of mine, at least an inch long and very thick. Then she started to groan, letting her fingers find their way down to her dripping cunt.

“Oh,” she said. “Look – I’m so wet!” And with that she pulled up her knees and spread her legs wider giving us a better view, saying “Merde! What a turn on. I feel so dirty.” And with that Anton plunged most of his hand into her hole as she continued to play with her clit. She did not last long, bucking and thrashing around on his fingers.

“Wow,” I said. “That was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen.” To say that my pussy was dripping again was an understatement. Dave said “Amazing”, looking at me, “My cock is so hard it’s about to burst.”

Sylvie, now recovering said, “He needs help.”

“So do I,” said Anton, who was rock hard again.

I said that I thought that they both needed some relief and taking Dave’s cock in my mouth I proceeded to suck him off. He lasted just a few minutes before blasting the back of my throat with more spunk than I can remember him firing for years. I could not swallow it all. As he pulled out some of it dribbled out of the corner of my mouth landing on my tits.

As l looked around Anton was literally face fucking Sylvie pulling out at the last minute and covering her hair and face with his seed.

“Oh shit!” I said. “What are we doing? Look at us, we are all coved in sex juice and we have only just met. I think we should go for a swim, clean up, and cool down. ”

The four of us hand in hand walked down the beach to the sea. Dave gave me a big hug and started to wash me for some reason that I cannot imagine, he was paying particular attention to my pussy! I pushed him away, telling him to stop fucking around, and that enough was enough. He told me that enough was never enough and tried to have another go. The bastard!

We all fooled around in the water more like kids rather than mature adults for a good half an hour or more before going back to our towels.

For the next hour or so, we talked and talked without let up, telling each other our life stories and so much more.

At the end of the afternoon Sylvie said that they could not remember enjoying themselves so much for a long time, and they had never been turned on with another couple before. As a thank you she said that they would love it for us to have dinner with them tonight.

Without a second thought we accepted gratefully.

She said they knew a small discreet adults only restaurant where the food was magnificent. That they had been there once before last year, but they had been on their own. They had enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, but the only thing was that it was a swingers place and although they were not swingers, it was also a voyeur’s paradise. After our performances today on the beach, they thought we might enjoy it and it could be fun.

Sylvie asked if we were going to dress up.

“But dress how?” I asked her.

“Well, you know, wear something very sexy.” She said.

“I am not sure,” I replied. “I do not have much with me but I guess I could put something together. At least, I have some sexy undies.”

“Oh good,” she said. “I do so like dressing up somewhat risqué, but only at home, and strictly for Anton. But this will be so exciting – so different.”

We agreed to meet them in the hotel lobby at eight that evening, said our good byes, and made our way back to the car.

In the car on the way back to the hotel Dave asked me if I were sure, and was I comfortable with this? “You never know where this will end up.” He told me.

I said that today had been so much fun and such a turn on that for now at least I never wanted it to end. “If it starts to get out off hand or we get uncomfortable we can always make our apologies and leave.” I said. “How do you feel about it, Dave? ” “Well,” he answered. “You know I have always had fantasies about having sex with others, and equally I know that it has never been one of yours. But, today has come closer to fulfilling my fantasies than I ever imagined could or would happen. I say let’s go with the flow and see where it leads us. I am willing to bet that Anton and Sylvie are having the same conversation right now with exactly the same misgivings, as they do not strike me as hardened swingers. They seemed to have been carried away today the same as we were.”

As it happened he was correct, for they told us later that they had almost wanted to cancel the dinner.

When we got back to our room we took another shower in that fantastic bathroom. Dave was all over me and I had to tell him not to be a naughty boy, or otherwise we would never get out tonight. In all the years of our marriage I had never seen him so randy. His cock had been up proud for most of the day and he is normally a one-shot wonder.

But not today!

I ushered Dave into the lounge to have a drink from the well-stocked mini bar and to watch the football on the TV, which began to cool him down as his team were losing.

I told him to leave me alone to get dressed, I had a real problem of finding something to wear. As I said, undies were not a problem. I had packed my sexiest lingerie to come away with, and it was what to put on top that was the real problem. I laid out a lovely almost sheer black bra, matching French knickers and a suspender belt with seamed black stockings.

It was Dave’s favourite outfit. He just loved the knickers as they had such wide legs. They were almost like wearing a small skirt, and they had two pearl buttons at the crutch that would open them completely, giving him the freedom to slip his hands inside them at will.

The only smart thing I had brought with me was a black dress, but you could hardly call it sexy. I had also a nice white blouse with buttons down the front, but it was a very transparent and I usually wore it with a camisole underneath, but if I wore it as it was my black bra would defiantly show. That did not bother me but what the hell could I wear with it.?

Trousers were out of course. I did have a straight black skirt but it was conventional, coming three or four inches above the knee and not even remotely sexy. Then I got an idea – it needed splits up the side. I got out my nail scissors and proceeded to undo the side seams. I had several attempts trying the skirt on each time and each time lengthening the slits until they were definitely above my stocking tops but below my knickers.

Satisfied with the overall effect I decided that I had cracked it. However, I would have to be very careful how I sat down if I did not want to show all to the world.

As I began to put on my make up I wondered just why I was going to so much effort. Was I really contemplating having sex with another couple? People we had only just met? Perhaps I was. I went into the lounge and stood in front of Dave, giving him a twirl and showing off the splits in my skirt. He said, “Wow! You look fantastic. Your blouse is so transparent that in this light you can clearly see your nipples through your bra. Are you really contemplating going to go out like that?”

“Of course I am!” I laughed. “You did not think I took so long getting dressed to chicken out now do you?”

“All our married life I have tried to get you to dress like that and I always received a flat refusal. What has changed? “asked Dave.

“Today has been like magic,” I said. “I have been on a constant sexual high. I feel that I have lost many of my inhibitions, but just how many we will have to wait and see. Now you had better go and get dressed, too, but before you do you can pour me a glass of Champagne.

Dave soon emerged form the bedroom wearing a very smart pair of black trousers and a dark shirt with a faint broad lighter stripe. I must say he looked gorgeous – the best I had seen him in years, or perhaps I had just not been really looking for years! He came over to me and said he had the perfect thing to finish off my outfit, and with that he put a single strand of pearls around my neck.

He stood back and looked again. “Mmmm,” he said. “Nice, but it really needs another slight adjustment,” and with that he undid two more buttons on my blouse so that it plunged right to the top of my bra. He said that that should make Anton come in his pants. I thought to myself, “Not only Anton but also every other man within a hundred miles”.

I was about to go out of the door when I realized I could not possibly go down to the lobby of the hotel dressed like that. I definitely needed a coat. As we exited the lift Anton and Sylvie were waiting for us, and I was intrigued to see that Sylvie was also wearing a coat!

We greeted each other in the typical French way with kisses on both cheeks. Anton had organized a taxi so it was waiting at the door. Once we were in the cab Sylvie said, “I cannot wait to see your outfit. I see you had to wear a coat just like me. My dress is much to risqué to be seen in the hotel.”

I said that I was so pleased that I had not misunderstood her. I had had doubts as to how “Adult” this place was going to be.

The ride to the restaurant took no more than 10 minutes and it was amazing how relaxed and comfortable we felt with each other. It almost seemed as if we had known each other for years, instead of not less than a day.

On entering the lobby to the restaurant the headwaiter greeted us, checked our reservation, and offered to take our coats. When I removed mine Anton actually whistled under his breath looking me up and down. I turned towards him letting him get a better view. The splits in my skirt came apart so that he could see my stocking tops. Sylvie said I had made quite an impression and not just with Anton and said how lovely I looked.

“Go on,” I said. “It’s your turn to take off your coat. As she removed it we could see that she was wearing a stunning dress, if you could call it a dress. It was black with a halter neck tied in a bow at the back of her neck. The front plunged to her waist, and how her tits did not fall out I do not know, and as she turned we could see that it was totally backless, letting everyone see the swell of the cheeks of her ass.

She, too, was wearing stockings which were white in direct contrast to her dress. The skirt of her dress was so short that her stocking tops and a glimpse of the flesh above were on permanent display.

It was our turn to whistle as she looked so fabulous. I said that I now felt totally over dressed!

All through this display, the headwaiter was ignoring the show, and I could only guess that this was either old hat to him or he was gay!

He led us to our table, or rather our booth. The restaurant was set out with booths around the edge and a small dance floor in the middle. The lighting was intimate but bright enough to see and be seen. We slid into the booth with Anton to one side of me and Sylvie and Dave on the other. I guess they must have worked out the seating plan but I did not object.

Anton asked for a bottle of champagne to start us off whilst we read the menus. It was lovely and very cold, and it was definitely hitting the spot.

Every time Sylvie moved, though, one or the other of her breasts came into view. I said, “I know we have been naked with each other most of the day, and have seen all there is to be seen. But why is it that now we are dressed it is all so much sexier? ”

“I know what you mean,” she said. “Somehow it is very naughty,” and with that she raised the hem of her dress showing us the tiny thong she was wearing. “I know you were both trying to guess what I had on under my dress, and it does not leave room for much, does it? Come on now – it is your turn.” she said to me.

Dave looked at me with interest to see if I would flash my knickers or not. I do not know what got into me but I stood up in front of the whole restaurant and lifted my skirt up to my waist. I really could not believe I was doing this. I dropped my skirt and sat down again, Sylvie said they were incredibly sexy, and asked me where I had bought them. She did not know you could buy such lingerie in England.

Before I could answer a small band started playing in the corner of the room. They were not loud or intrusive and played soft, mellow music, the type you can smooch too. Several couples got up and started to dance.

All of the women were dressed to be seen, one of them apparently being in just her lingerie – a filmy transparent white teddy with white stockings, leaving very little to the imagination. All of the couples were dancing very close and openly caressing each other.

I asked Sylvie if that was normal? “Oh, yes,” she answered. “When we came here the last time one couple actually fucked in the middle of the dance floor. It was very crazy but everyone applauded at the end. I could never have done anything like that – I was much too shy.”

At that point the waiter came and took our order, and soon after that the starters arrived – a cold seafood collation together with a chilled bottle of Chablis. It was truly delicious.

The plates were taken away and Anton turned to me and asked me to dance. As we slid out of our end of the booth Sylvie and Dave emerged from the other. All four of us moved on to the dance floor, Anton taking me into his arms and pulling me close as we started to dance.

As he moved me around the floor with ease my body just melted into his. Getting more confident, he slid his hands slowly down my back, cupping my ass and easing me even closer. I could feel his hard cock pressed up against my belly. (I must say that I was rubbing my pussy against his shaft at every opportunity.)

Looking over his shoulder, I could see that Dave was not wasting time either, as one hand had disappeared right down the back of Sylvie’s dress to stroke her ass, whilst the other appeared to be inside her top.

I said to Anton that I thought that we had better stop now as they were bringing our main course to the table. The cheeky sod said that he was just beginning to think I was the main course!

He steered me back to the booth with Sylvie and Dave leading the way. Dave only removed his hand from her dress as she was sitting down. I turned to him and told him that it had appeared to me that he had enjoyed that and he replied that by the look of things we had all enjoyed it.

“Oh yes,” said Sylvie, and taking my hand in hers she placed it on her pussy. “Feel how wet I am.” My fingers had a will of their own as they slid under her thong, where my hand froze.

“I bet you are as wet as I am too.” she said, slipping her hand through the split in my skirt, up the leg of my knickers and gently rubber her fingers over my naked pussy. I was suddenly on fire, almost coming on the spot. It was the first time a woman had ever touched me or for that matter it was the first time I had touched another woman and I was enjoying it.

“Mmm,” she said, and as I was pulling her wet fingers out from under my skirt she offered them to Anton to taste.

“Don’t I get a taste?” Dave asked.

Coming out of my trance, I lifted my sweet sticky fingers from her pussy firstly to my nose smelling her then I slipped them into my own mouth enjoying her taste to the full.

“Hey!” Dave said. “That was supposed to be for me!”

“So it was,” I said. “I shall just have to get some more if Sylvie does not mind.”

Far from minding she took my hand again and led it towards her honey pot. This time I was more confident and using my other hand, I pulled her thong away from her pussy allowing me free access. I slid my fingers up and down between her lips opening her completely, brushing over her clit, and at the final moment I plunged two fingers right into her cunt.

As I removed them they were literally dripping. Dave grabbed my hand and licked up every drop, so that when he had finished even his face was covered in pussy juice.

All this time the waiter was just standing there by the side of our table with the plates food our in his hands, and from the size of the tent in his trousers it was obvious that he had enjoyed the view.

The main course was as delicious as the starter, a beautiful fillet steak cooked to perfection, rare just as I like it. With the steak, Anton had ordered a full-bodied bottle of Bordeaux red. With all this wine, I was in danger of getting pissed, and that was last thing I wanted. This was proving to be a night I wanted to remember.

After eating the main course we got up to dance again, except that this time it was more like a group hug than a dance, with each of us blatantly rubbing against and fondling each other. At one point, I had Dave in front with his cock pressed hard against my belly and Anton behind trying to force his cock up my ass through my skirt, with me, as it were, the meat in the sandwich.

Sylvie was not being left out either. She had her hands down the fronts of both pairs of trousers, and obviously if the silly grin on both the men’s faces was anything to go by she had a cock in each hand. All too soon, our next course arrived and we had to go back to the table.

The desert was one of those apple tarts that only the French can make -definitely not good for the waistline, but who gives a shit! Anyway, I figured that the way things were going we were likely to get enough exercise tonight for it not to matter.

It was time to dance again, but this time Anton and Dave suggested that we girls should dance together. Without hesitation Sylvie pulled me on to the dance floor immediately wrapping herself around me, whispering in my ear that this was so hot, and how did I feel?

In reply I pushed my hand down the back of her dress. I was not content to just cup her ass, and instead I slid one finger one to her rosebud which was slick with her juices and pushed it gently up her tight little asshole till it was buried as far as it would go. All the time she clung to me tighter and tighter undoing the buttons on my blouse down to my waist and bending her head down to bite and suck on my nipples through my bra. I am not sure which of us came first but we both received a round of applause for our fellow diners.

When we returned to the table, we both received huge hugs and kisses from our respective spouses, both of them telling us how much they loved us, and how proud they were of us.

Anton paid the bill and organized the taxi back to the Hotel. “Oh,” I said. “It is much too early for the evening to end. Please come up to our suite for a nightcap.”

Dave added, “Of course they must – I have already arranged for a new bottle of champers to be on ice waiting for us.”

That atmosphere in the lift was so highly charged you could almost see the sparks bouncing off each of us as the lift rose towards our floor.

Dave inserted the key into the door ushering all of us into the suite before him. As we entered the lounge Sylvie said that she wanted to dance again, and even before Dave had found some suitable music she held me and we started to sway together in the middle of the room.

Dave had poured champers for himself and Anton, and soon they had both taken possession of an armchairs, watching us and sipping their drinks at the same time.

As we danced Sylvie undid my blouse pulled it out of my skirt and pushed it off my arms letting it drop on the floor behind us. My bra seemed to disappear in the same manner. She let go of me, and stood back to get a better look then muttered something in French that it did not understand. Anton responded also in French obviously an encouragement.

She stepped forward again and found the fastener to my skirt and with a quick tug; it joined my blouse on the floor. Again, she stepped back this time turning me to face the men. She knelt on the floor reached out and undid the button at the crutch of my French Knickers, lifting them to display my shaved naked pussy.

I could not help but look up at the men, both of them gently masturbating, eyes glued to the action in front of them.

Sylvie then gently removed my knickers, leaving my standing naked apart from my stockings and suspender belt. Still facing the guy’s she pushed her face into my crutch. I had no option but to spread my legs to give her access, letting her tongue flick across my clit which had long ago left its protecting hood and was now standing out like a miniature cock.

Shuddering, I pulled her up and kissed her full on the lips letting my tongue invade her mouth. It was the first real kiss that I had ever given a woman. She responded by holding the back of my head pulling me even closer, literally fucking my mouth with her tongue.

Reaching up I undid the bow at the back of her neck, and allowed our bodies to part far enough for her dress with very little assistance to float to the floor. Apart from her stockings and suspenders, she like me was completely naked. She had obviously removed her thong before we left the restaurant.

As she had done with me, I turned her round to face the men who were now naked; although I can honestly say that I did not see them get undressed.

Standing behind her with one hand I cupped her breast kneading and pulling her nipple, letting my other hand slide down her body until it reached her cunt. Leaning back on me she opened her legs and pushed her hips forward as if offering herself to the men. Both of them reached out to finger her.

All this time Anton’s eyes were locked with mine, nodding his head with encouragement at my every move.

I then made her kneel in front of Dave and with one hand on the back of her head and the other taking his rock hard cock in hand I guided it to her mouth. She almost swallowed him, taking his whole length into the back of her throat.

Moving behind her, I let my hands wander over her ass, and let one finger invade her ass hole just as I had done in the restaurant but this time finger fucking her cunt at the same time. A loud moan escaped from her as she lifted momentarily from Dave’s cock.

I felt a movement behind me, and turning my head my lips brushed the head of Anton’s cock. I instinctively opened my mouth letting him face fuck me just as he had done to Sylvie on the beach.

By now my cunt needed some serious cock attention. I was leaking cunt juice all over the carpet, so I pulled Anton down on to the floor next to me, turning him on his back with his cock pointing at the ceiling, but not for long.

I was in no mood for pissing around any more, so, straddling him, I grabbed his cock, rubbed it up and down between my lips and over my clit a few times to get him wet, then I forced myself down on him till I could feel the head of his cock hit my cervix. I am sure that I screamed out words like “Oh shit!” and “Fuck me you bastard!”

I was bouncing on his cock as if my life depended on it and at that moment in time, I am ashamed to say, I gave no thought to his pleasure. But I did make up for it later. My orgasms merged into one very long huge climax, the like of which I have never had before.

I literally fell off him and on to the carpet beside him, his cock still rock hard. I had not even realized that he had not come. He was of course “up for more”, and looking over I could see that Dave, still sitting in the armchair but with his cock buried deep in Sylvie. She was facing us, watching, and rubbing her own clit and groaning loudly.

Having recovered slightly Anton got me on my hands and knees facing our partners. He evidently wanted me doggy style. So, feeling his cock brushing at the entrance to my cunt I pushed backwards until he was buried inside me once more. He rocked slowly, fucking me gently, whilst inserting a finger into my ass at the same time. That always sets me off!

Not content, though, he eased a second and third finger into my rosebud. I knew what was coming next, as he placed the head of his cock on my ass hole and without any effort slid his whole length deep inside. I flipped, coming immediately. It had the same effect on him as he emptied his balls, spurt after spurt, deep into my ass.

From the noise in front of us, Dave had already shot his load into Sylvie’s pussy and she was still thrashing around on his cock, shouting for more, (or at least that is what I think she said as it was in French). However, when I looked at Dave he had had it. It would take him some time to recover, and Anton did not look in any better shape either.

As for me, I was by then laying on my back still on the floor, and although quite exhausted I was not quite dead out like the boys.

Neither it seemed was Sylvie. She appeared above me with her pussy dripping Dave’s spunk. Aiming her cunt at my mouth, she got on top of me letting me suck their joint cum from her. Leaning forward and now lying on me, she sucked on my clit in the way, as I have found out since, only another woman can do!

She started to shake. I must have been doing the right things myself, for she was flooding my mouth with cum. There was so much that it was difficult to swallow it all, and even my face was covered.

Later, having sufficiently recovered, we sat on the floor, cuddling our own partners, talking about the day. We were all in agreement that today had been the most incredible day any of us could remember. We had all learned so much about ourselves that our lives could never be the same again.

I suggested that we went to bed. “We have this lovely king sized “playpen” with tons of room for us all,” I told them. Somehow we managed to shower together without starting another session. Then, warm from the shower, we got into bed with the two guys on the outside. I felt Sylvie’s hand on my tit pinching my nipple as she whispered into my ear, “Goodnight my darling. Tomorrow we can start all over again.”

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