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You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 09

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Mom had asked if Marianne was ready for my cock. Mari’s eyes burned with excitement, but flickered with a bit of trepidation. Mom picked up on this subtle look. “May I ask you something, sweetheart? When is the last time you were with a man? Marianne admitted that aside from being raped at 13 she was in all other ways, a virgin!!! The idea that I was to be her first, perhaps not technically, but certainly emotionally, her first lover was a bit daunting.

“If that is the case,” Mom suddenly stated gently, “then we need to do this very differently.” Her serious look softened a bit and a broad smile grew on her face. “I have an idea. I think though that we should sleep now and begin again tomorrow?”

Saturday morning broke bright and clear. The sun was not yet up when I snuck out of bed from between the 2 of my sexy lovers and strode naked to the kitchen to make coffee. I noticed that, though my cock wasn’t hard exactly, it was very thick and full feeling. I had been in an almost constant state of arousal since Mom had arrived in France. I replayed the events of the past few days in my head, grinning and at the absurdity of the situation and the incredible good fortune that I was experiencing lately. I flashed on the likelihood that I would be inserting this very penis into Mari sometime today or tomorrow latest. I had dreamed of this since the night I first met her.

I then recalled the details of her earlier life which sobered me up no end, and deflated my penis a bit. “Fuckin’ Hell!” I whispered aloud at the recollection of the details. I felt gutted for her. I leaned my elbows on the sink and held my head in my hands and fresh tears came anew at the recollection of her agony. I could scarcely imagine a life so filled with such tragedy; this beautiful young girl that I had come to love, had been through such deep despair and yet had been so upbeat and full of life the entire time I knew her. I realized that I didn’t really know her at all. That kind of strength, of such emotional muscle, made me feel quite inadequate by comparison. Arms slipping silently around me made me jump.

“Bonjour, mon amour.” Marianne whispered into my ear. I was so surprised I turned to face her, my tears forcing the smile from her face, replacing it with a look of deep concern. “Awndy? Something is the … injury?” she asked funnily, yet sincerely. I simply looked into her eyes, wanting more than anything to devote my life to making up for her first 18 years of life. Her look became alarmed when I did not immediately respond.

“Oh, Marianne. You sweet, beautiful, wonderful girl.” I told her softly. I pulled her perfect, naked frame firmly in my arms. “It makes me so happy that you are here with me; with us.” Her angelic smile slowly returned. Our eyes fixed on each other for a bit, and she wiped the tears from mine. “I was just thinking about what you told us yesterday, about your life, your family.” Her smile faltered a bit at the memory, and she placed her head against my chest. “Would you be a part of our family?” I asked her without thought to the true import of what I was asking. Being so close to her had a tendency to melt my rational mind.

Mari’s face jerked back and her eyes came immediately to mine with a look of such seriousness, that I was afraid I had insulted her. I racked my brain to think what I had done to upset her. Her eyes misted over and her chin began to quiver.

“Mari, … sweetheart, …” I began. Her arms fairly crushed me as she wrapped them tightly around me and her head fell forward against me as she began crying in earnest. I replayed the last few moments, recalling what I had said.

Would you be a part of our family? I had asked; innocently, impulsively. For someone with Mari’s background it was like asking if she wanted to be saved from drowning. I stroked her back and simply held her. Her beautiful body racked from her heaving breathes. I held her tighter, and she crushed me even tighter, fairly cracking a rib.

Her sobbing woke my mother, whose face appeared at the bedroom door. She at first gave me a look as if to question what I had done to upset her, but then softened into real concern for our dear little friend. Silently she crossed the room and pressed up against Mari from behind

“Sweetheart, baby, what’s wrong?” Mom’s eyes came up to mine still questioning silently. Mari tried to say my name, but with her heaving sobs and face pressed into my chest it was unintelligible.

“I asked her if she wanted to be a part of our family.” I told mom in a quiet voice. Mom’s look instantly told me that she understood the import of what I had said, particularly to this broken, fragile woman/child. Mom’s expression, as she gazed into my eyes first indicated ‘What the hell were you thinking?’, then instantly morphed into, ‘Well of course.” In that instant she realized that what we were building, emotionally, was far deeper than a simple fuck. She realized that both of us wanted her. To be in our lives, to share our lives; be family. We both wanted and needed her as much as she wanted and needed us.

Her concerned look dissolved into one of such understanding maternal love that I gathered her into our embrace as tightly as I could. We stood there for a long time, until Mari composed herself and we eased our tight grip. Mari hung her head for a bit, seemingly ashamed at her show of emotion. This was something she never showed to anyone outwardly.

From over her shoulder Mom took her chin and gently turned and raised her face and kissed her. I watched the sweetest, most emotional, most loving kiss I had ever seen pass between them. They separated a few inches and then gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Would you be a part of our family?” Mom asked her. Mari bit her lower lip, still staring deeply into my mother’s eyes. Mom simply smiled; the loving mother.

“Truly?” Mari asked in the quietest, softest voice. Mom smiled wider and nodded. Mari turned to me. “Truly?” she asked me. I smiled and nodded. A long moment passed, before she disengaged from us and backed away, scarcely believing such a thing was possible for her. She had a look of both yearning to believe it was true and deep fear that it was not. Mom and I just stood there.

Mari hugged herself, covering her breasts, appearing more emotionally naked than ever in her life. “Truly?” she asked again, quietly.

“Please, sweetheart,” Mom asked, “please be a part of us, part of our family.”

“I want you Mari.” I stated quietly. “I want you forever.”

Mari’s doubtful expression slowly melted away as a small smile grew. She then closed the distance between us in a flash, wrapping her arms around us and holding us both tightly. She was trembling with excitement, and sort of bouncing up and down a bit. Her face came up to ours and she smiled wide, eyes wet, not trusting her voice to speak, as she twisted her look back and forth between us. We just hugged her and hugged her.

After all the years, all the agony, all the struggle, she was finally ‘home’ in our arms. ‘She’ was now ‘us’.

Mari pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately, deeply, then did the same to Mom. She then pulled us back into the embrace with her in the middle, nuzzling her face in my chest and reaching around to pull Mom in close behind her. We both kissed the top of her head and her shoulders and neck, and each other. Mom gave me a look that was so serene, so loving, so filled with the deepest Mother-Love, that my eyes moistened again. Our family had grown by one.

We stood like that for a long while, the three of us nude together, a mother and her two children, her loving son and a sexy new ‘daughter/lover’.

Finally we began to move apart. I reached down and took hold of Mari’s gorgeous bottom in both hands. As I pulled her close, both she and Mom lifted her so that her legs came up and around me. We kissed deeply, my head now tilted up slightly, due to her raised position. Mom stood there and kissed her shoulder as I felt her hand slipping down between us and stroking my hard cock and Mari’s warm, wet labia. Mari moaned into my mouth as her tongue made love to mine.

Mom stepped back a bit to watch us and then she turned to the task of making coffee. Mari nuzzled my neck happily, as I watched my mother. Mom casually moved about my kitchen, completely, beautifully nude, her sexy bottom bouncing slightly with each step, her gorgeous, perfect breasts swaying slightly as she set about filling the kettle and measuring coffee into the grinder. I realized that I would never, could never, tire of this exquisite, naughty, incestuous display. My cock was raging hard by now, and Mari worked her pussy against it.

A short while later I was afforded another gorgeous sight, of Mom laying back into one corner of the couch, and Mari moving around between her legs, laying back against her and Mom’s hand coming around to cup and caress Mari’s perfect breast. My nude mother simply toyed with her nipple and sipped her coffee as Mari nibbled the tail end of a crepe with jam. Mari reached down to pull one of Mom’s legs over hers, entwining them in the sexiest way. Mari had a look of complete and total bliss on her face. Mom smiled at me as I made more crepes in the kitchen, my boner leading the way at every turn.

I was standing at the sink washing some dishes, watching as Mom played with both of Mari’s nipples as she gently writhed in her lap. Mom was apparently grinding her pussy into Mari’s hip as they moved slowly together on my couch.

“Be a love Andy,” Mom began, “and drag your mattress out here.” She indicated a sunny spot in the center of my living room, where the morning sun slanted in. I dried my hands, grinned at her and immediately went to the bedroom and grabbed it. I brought out a pile of pillows for us.

“Put a pillow right here.” She indicated the corner closest to them. She had me lay down facing them. She had Mari move so that she could get up. She then placed Mari comfortably in the same corner, facing right at me, one foot on the floor and one of the couch, affording me a beautiful view between her sexy legs. Her pussy lips were swollen and open. Her perfect hairless labia thick and moist like a gorgeous flower blossom.

Mom came over and straddled my hips, stroking her hands over my back. I felt her wetness on my butt as her hips worked a bit back and forth. She and Mari shared a long look between them.

“I want you to watch me and then you are going to do everything that I do, exactly as I do it.” Her soft fingertips were stroking my skin, from my shoulders to my butt. It is time for you to experience the incredible thrill of having my son’s beautiful penis inside your body, deep in your beautiful pussy, filling you, fucking you.”

Mom slid down and spread my legs open, straddling only one, as she gently teased me from my back to my butt and between my thighs. Her finger tips brushed my balls and the length of my penis, laying completely erect between my legs. “Mmmmm beautiful cock, sweetie.” She kissed both cheeks of my butt. “Oh Mari, sweetheart, you are going to love this penis moving deeply in and out of your perfect vagina. I want you to enjoy it so much!! You are my little virgin girl and my sweet Andy is going to be your very first!”

Mom directed me to roll over , which made my cock bob and weave as it waved up into the air. “Mmmmm yes, lover. Such a beautiful, big, hard, manly cock!” Mom took it gently in her hand and squeezed it, feeling the intensity of my erection. “Oh baby, you are so hard, too!” She stood it straight up and gently ran her fingertips over the length of me. “Oh Mari, darling, you are going to love the feel of the smooth skin, the firmness under it, the warmth coming off of Andy’s big cock.”

I turned my head to look at Mari, who was wearing such an intense expression. She was studying every movement my mother made; memorizing it for a repeat of it when it was her turn. My attention was drawn back to Mom when I felt her sexy lips close over my cock. “Mmmmmm!!” Mom moaned loudly at the feel of me in her mouth. “Mmyi wwwove your hhhhockkk” Mom moaned around a mouthful of my thick penis in her mouth.

Mom then sat up, using both hands to stroke and twist my now soggy, erect flesh. “My pussy is on fire sweetheart.” She moved around a bit clumsily, not removing either hand from my erection, as she turned into a 69. I took hold her hips and helped her into the final position, as she dropped her drooling vagina onto my mouth; a luscious dollop of her wetness greeted my tongue as I swabbed it through her lips.

My hands caressed my mother’s beautiful hips and bottom as I devoured her pussy. I tilted my head back a bit and rolled my eyes up to see Marianne tugging hard on one nipple as she strummed her fingers over her clit. Mom was mashing her pussy down onto my face and she choked and gagged on my cock, taking it as deeply as she could. The loud moaning of her voice in orgasm was toned down by the fact that she had a mouthful of my cock, when she came all over my face.

Mom let my cock slip from her lips as she ran a litany of verbal expressions of her ecstasy, as I continued to work her pussy with my mouth.

“Oh Andy! Easy! Oh baby. My pussy, …” she moaned loudly. “Oh baby, I can’t take it!”

I eased up, but continued kissing her swollen labia. Mom sat straight up above me, hands on my chest. “Oh my god, baby!” she panted. “That is so wonderful!” She moved off of me and sat down next to me, hip to hip, facing Mari. Her hands found my swollen meat and gently, tenderly stroked the length.

“Alright Mari,” Mom addressed her directly, “I want you to copy everything that I have done. Then, …” she continued in the sexiest voice, “then I want you to do exactly this.” Mom moved over me, straddling my thighs, continuing to stroke me. She moved up until my cock was lying on my stomach and she lowered her labia to it and stroked back and forth over it. I looked down to watch the head of my cock appear and disappear, again and again.

“Oh yes!!” she hissed, through gritted teeth. “Oh yes! This feels so good. Can you see Andy’s big cock under me?” I tilted my head back to watch Marianne. She had a glazed, intense look on her face as she simply nodded at the question. “Mmmmm yeah! Look at Andy’s sweet cock stroking over my pussy. I want it so badly, in me. He feels so fucking big in me. Deep in my pussy. Deep inside his mother’s own pussy.”

“I know it’s naughty. Hell, it’s completely wicked to want my son’s big cock inside my pussy, but I don’t care.” I looked from mom to Mari again. Both were in a complete libidinous trance. “Don’t you think I’m wicked to fuck my own son?” Mom asked her. Mari slowly shook her head. “No? You don’t think that it’s bad to want my own son like this?” Mari continued to shake her head no. “I just can’t help it. I can’t help myself anymore. I want it in me. I want to ride this gorgeous fat cock.” Mom’s eyes came to mine. “I fuck my son! I love to fuck my son!”

Mom raised herself up off me and reached down to grasp my cock in her hand. “This is it. This is the moment. Marianne, my sweet beautiful girl, this is the moment, that I want you to copy, to experience.” Mom lined me up with the opening to her vagina. “I want to watch you take Andy in you; slowly, lovingly. Let his penis be the first to enter your perfect, innocent, virgin pussy. My beautiful loving son is going to be your first; take your virginity, make you a woman.” As Mom hovered she looked to Mari. “Show me baby. Show me that perfect little vagina.” I craned my neck to see as well, as Mari reached down and gently spread her lips with both hands to show us her opening. It was beautiful!

“Oh that’s it honey darling. Look how perfect your little pussy is; so pink, so innocent. I want to watch up close as those beautiful lips surround Andy’s thickness and slip him inside. Do it just like this.” Mom’s hand came to rest on my chest as she held herself just aloft of my cock.

I felt the pressure as Mom began to descend down around me. She was incredibly wet, drooling even, as her lips spread gently to receive me.”Oh yes!” she moaned, as her eyes rolled closed. “Oh, I can feel Andy spreading me open, stretching my lips.” She pulled back just a bit and then slid just a bit more in. “Mmmmm thick cock! Yes baby! Open me. Such a big head! Open me darling.”

Her head fell back as her hands moved to her pussy and she spread her lips open to show us how my cock was lodged in her tight little pussy. I felt thicker and harder than ever before in my entire life. My cock ached with the intense erection! I didn’t move a muscle, though I was dying to jam my cock up into her. It was a strain not to move.

Mari and I both watched as she inched her way down around me, tiny bit by tiny bit. She kept up a monologue describing the sensation as I spread her open and stretched and filled her. “So thick! My god baby, you are so thick.” Then she was moaning, “So deep! Fuck Andy your cock is so long. You are so deep inside me. Deep inside my pussy. Your perfect big fat cock is fucking your mother’s pussy and she loves it!!”

“I do too.” I finally managed with a squeak. It was so intense that every muscle in my body was taught. Mom released her pussy lips and moved her hands back to my chest as she finally bottomed out on me. Her eyes came to mine. They were burning with such a passion, she looked insane, but they were also wet with tears.

“I love you so much my darling child.” She said quietly. I felt a tear drop onto my chest. “I love you so much Andy.” She began to slowly work her pussy on me, back and forth, up and down. “I love you so much Andy.” She repeated. She leaned down and kissed me so softly, so tenderly. My hands, which had been on her thighs moved to her bottom and I began to pull her back and forth, forcing her down onto me harder. She grunted as I bottomed out in her.

Mom pushed herself up again and reached out to Marianne. “Sweetheart, Mari. Come.” She waggled her fingers at Mari, who dropped off the couch and scooted over close. Mom took her hand and pulled her close and kissed her mouth. Mari took her face in her hands and they kissed long and deep. I could make out their tongues dancing, back and forth inside their mouths. They were both moaning at this intimacy.

Mari surprised me by standing up on her knees and feeding her nipples into Mom’s mouth, who took them with delight. I was afforded a perfect upside-down view of the perfect swell of the underside of Mari’s perfect tits as her hard little nipples disappeared into my mother’s mouth. Mom sucked as much of her flesh into her mouth as she could, trying to eat each entire breast. Mari in turn reached down and took both of Mom’s nipples in her fingers and pulled them, hard! Mom’s perfect tits stretched out with the tugging. Mom moaned loudly in appreciation. Shortly after that she came with a loud cry and flopped onto me. I held her cute ass and kept hammering her pussy, but she was, by then, a complete rag doll. She flopped this way and that, having spent every ounce of energy.

We rolled her onto her side right next to me and Mari moved around so that Mom was sandwiched between us. Aside from her heavy panting she appeared dead. Mari and I shared a long look and a loving smile. We were, the three of us, deeply into a passionate, loving, highly unusual relationship. None of us would ever be the same again, nor would we want to be.

We lay like that for a long while as Mom regained some energy and roused herself. As she was somewhat facing me, we kissed. Then she turned her head and she and Mari kissed. Mom then moved to get up. She wobbled a bit to her feet and made her way to the couch and sat where Mari had been.

“Do you remember?” she asked Mari. Mari looked from her to me and smiled. She had a look that was aroused and excited on the one hand, but contained a bit of nervousness as well. “Do you remember everything I did.

“Forever, in my life,” Mari began, “I will never forget everything from this day.” Mari bent and kissed me so softly, so gently, I was taken aback. Our noses were touching as she gazed into my eyes. “Toute ma vie, j’ai rêvé d’un amour comme celui-ci. Tout. D’être avec un home qui est tout toujours. Mon amour.” I nodded and smiled. She smiled in reply and we kissed deep and hard.

Marianne gently urged me onto my stomach and straddled my hips as Mom had. She began to stroke her hands over my back. Just as with Mom I felt Mari’s wetness on my butt as her hips worked a bit back and forth. I looked up to see Mom watching and smiling; Mari had indeed remembered everything.

Mari slid down and I spread my legs open. Mari settled her wet pussy lips on my left calf, as she gently teased me from my back to my butt and between my thighs. Her finger tips copied Mom’s brushing of my balls and the length of my penis, “Mmmmm.” She moaned as she kissed my butt.

Mari then directed me to roll over, my cock bobbing into the air. “Mmmmm Awndy. Such a beeg cock!” Mari simply held it in her hand and closed her eyes. “I will loving to ‘ave you in me.” She stood it straight up and, running her fingertips over the length, sighed long and contentedly. “You will not mind to being my first?” she asked. Her eyes then came to mine. I smiled wide, slowly shaking my head. “I ‘ave, … for a very long time, … wanted to … I have been … broken inside, …” her voice trailed off. Her moist eyes rolled closed. I imagined her replaying a life of torment, of sexual destruction. I glanced to Mom who was openly crying.

“You will fix me, yes?” Mari asked quietly, her eyes still closed. My gaze returned to her. She then looked at me with such a yearning to be repaired, emotionally. I gently reached up and pulled her face to mine and we kissed soft and gently; no grinding of lips, no tongues moving. Just soft, steady, gentle, loving contact.

“I promise.” I told her, as we parted. “Mari, my beautiful, loving girl, you are not broken. You are perfect; always having been. I love you.” I kissed her gently again. She sat up straight and smiled wetly at me. She looked serene.

“You’re not broken darling,” Mom quietly chimed in. “You are perfect.” Mari’s smiling face looked to her then back to me.

“Make love to me?” Mari asked. I told her that nothing in my life would give me greater pleasure. She smiled wide, through wet eyes, kissed me again more firmly, and then returned to her repeat of Mom’s performance. We both watched as Mari continued stroking my cock with both hands and then leaned over to take me into her mouth. The feeling was completely exquisite!!

Mom’s mouth is wonderful on my cock, but has an urgency to it that makes the contact nice and firm; lovely. In contrast Mari’s mouth was warm and wet and soft and luscious, her tongue felt like honey tastes. She took me surprisingly deep for a novice, but continued this soothing in and out motion that was bringing me to orgasm far too quickly.

I gently pulled her mouth from my cock. Mari’s looked at me anxiously. “Is not good?” she asked, concerned that she was doing it poorly. My shocked expression did little to help her concern. She glanced to Mom.

“Holy shit!” I muttered. “Marianne, good lord!” My head fell back as I caught my breath. “You are incredible! You mouth is incredible!” She was not understanding that this meant ‘good’. She looked about to cry. “You are good!” I told her earnestly. “You are very, very good!” She looked a bit relieved. “You’re going to make me cum too fast. You mouth is so fantastic that I can’t hold back.”

“Is okay then?” she asked, a bit unsure. No, I told her, confusing her further. ‘Okay’ didn’t begin to describe it. I told her that she was without doubt the best I’ve ever had. I quickly countered that before my mother, I had never experienced great head, but now even Mom’s exquisite talents were being challenged by this newcomer. Mari relaxed and grinned at this clarification.

Mari leaned down and kissed me, and waggling her eyebrows at me, moved to turn to the 69 position as Mom had. I welcomed this new change and taking hold of her hips brought her perfect pussy lips to my mouth. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” she sighed loudly as my lips and tongue began their work on her tenderest flesh. She simply held my cock for a while as I ate her sweet, juicy pussy, then gently engulfed my penis again, in her liquid lips. ‘Succulent, ripe peach’, I thought as I tasted her moist flesh.

My left hand found her left breasts and toyed with the nipple and the fingers of my right hand slipped into her vagina. I began a firm massage of her G-spot which was swollen and firm. Within 30 seconds she came a volume, not squirting, but flowing heavily onto my cheeks. Her orgasmic moan through her nose, as she held my cock deep in her mouth, sounded so hot that I almost came right there. The taste of her was sweet and exotic, slightly salty and creamy as hell.

Mari rose off of me to cease the contact, which had become too much, and quickly moved around to straddle me, running her pussy lips over my cock. She varied her technique to be a raising and lowering, touching and then not, her lips contacting and then breaking contact, over and over. She was practically bouncing up and down, her pussy making a squishy sound every time it landed on my cock.

Mom moved from the couch to get a closer look at this intimate contact. Mari closed her eyes, dropped her chin to her chest and simply vibrated. “Are you ready?” Mom asked quietly. ‘Mmmmm Hmmm’ Mari moaned back, her eyes still closed. “You ready for Andy inside of you?” ‘Mmmmm Hmmm’ Mari moaned again throwing her head all the way back, her eyes still closed. “Then do it, sweetie love. Take him in you. Let me watch him slip inside you.”

Mari, her head still back, eyes closed, reached down to grab my cock. She raised herself and guided it to her opening. Mom and I both watched as the head pierced her labia, slipping lightly inside. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” Mari hissed. “Mon dieu dans le ciel!!” She said as she shook all over. “Si grand! Si bon!” “Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” Mari hissed again as she rose completely off me and dropped again, squeezing the head inside. Fuck she was tight!!

She cried out my name, dropping her head again. “It’s alright. I got you. I got you.” I whispered. She slowly lowered her head until our foreheads touched. She said my name again. “Yes, baby. That’s it.” I took hold of her hips to hold her up, as she was quaking and trembling.

“Fuck!” she hissed. I could see the muscles in her jaw as she clenched her jaw. “You are so fucking beeg!” she moaned.

“Go slow baby.” Mom chimed in. “Slow, slow.” Mari pulled off completely, and collapsed onto me, trembling. I was inches from shooting my cum. Mari worked her arms under me and hung on for dear life. Mom scooted closer and rubber her back. “Sshhhhh.” Mom soothed. “It’s okay baby. Relax, it’s okay.”

“Awndy is too beeg for me.” Mari whispered into my chest, hiding her face. Mom assured her that I was not, that it would just take a bit to get comfortable. She pulled Mari’s face up and kissed her cheeks. They shared a long look.

“It’s fine baby girl.” Mom soothed. “It just takes time. Andy is your first.” She stroked Mari’s hair and calmed her, such that we started again. Mari again lined me up with her opening and began to ease down over me. I was amazed at how tight she was. I had assumed, wrongly, that her being raped all those years ago had taken her virginity and made her ready. Whatever had ensued after, had the opposite effect. I was worried that she would actually be torn by my cock; momentarily forgetting the elastic nature of the female vagina.

Mari placed both hands on my chest, which I covered with mine, our fingers intertwining. She glanced into my eyes with a sweet smile. I lay perfectly still and felt her lips wrap over the head of my cock again; incredibly tight! She rose off completely and then slipped over me, again and then again. With a deep moan she slipped even more of me into her, then held perfectly still. “So good.” She moaned. “So good cock!”

I saw Mom smile wide out of the corner of my eye. Mari continued her slow descent, raising completely off me, take a break and then drop back down over me, over and over she continued. I continued to remain at the edge of my orgasm, trying to keep from letting go. The tight squeeze of her pussy lips over just the head of my cock was making holding back quite difficult.

Mari had about half my cock in her, holding still and adjusting to the size, when suddenly she shoved herself down over me completely. A long wail issued from her clenched teeth as she simply sat there holding me tightly inside. I don’t know whether it was her heartbeat or mine, but the blood was pounding in my penis. I was held in a velvet vice. I could feel her Kegel muscles working me. A long quiet moment ensued; our breathing the only sound.

Slowly her head rose, her eyes opened and a sublime smile crossed her lips as she gazed at me. “Holy, my fuck, Awndy.” She said at last. “Votre pénis est si grand! J’ai tout à l’intérieur de moi!” she panted. “All of it. I have take all of it.” I took her face in my hands and kissed her passionately. She then looked to Mom who kissed her just as hard, just as deep.

Her eyes rolled closed as she rose slightly. She dropped back down, then repeated it. It felt like she was skinning the flesh off my cock, she was so tight. Her wetness soon overcame that sensation and we began to slip and slide over each other. A couple of millimeters at first but then centimeters, then she was actually raising and lowering the full length of me. Shortly my crotch was completely soaked as she closed her eyes and fucked me like a champion.

Her fingers were digging into my chest, pulling the hair there, as she worked her hips frantically up and down. Mom was caressing her bottom as it bounced up and down, and then reached in to tweak one of her nipples. Mari went off like a bomb. She cried out so loudly in her orgasm that all my neighbors must have wondered who was being murdered. I laid still but she and Mom kept up their activities. Mari came again 4 times in quick succession.

“I’m gonna cum.” I announced loudly. Mom was suddenly brought fully aware what this meant. We were not using a condom, no one knew Mari’s menstruation schedule, the thought of pregnancy filled both our minds instantly. Mari was so far gone she was in her own world, babbling a stream of French utterances. Mom took hold of Mari around her waist and pulled her off.

They collapsed together right next to me. I took hold of my cock and within an instant was shooting hot cum into the air, all over myself and them. Both girls were comically trying to right themselves and catch some of it. Arms and legs waving around, sperm flying, pussy juice everywhere. All three of us gasping to catch our breath.

After a brief moment to collect our thoughts, we all three burst out laughing at the absurd ending to a spectacular first coupling. I was still jacking my penis in the final throes of my orgasm. Mom and Mari were taking stock of the spray of my cum that had covered them both. “Oh my word, Andy!” Mom gasped. “I’ve never seen anyone cum that much, ever!”

“Putain de merde!” Mari cried, laughing. “My god, Awndy!” She was taking stock of my cum everywhere. She crawled over close and kissed me deeply. I tasted my cum on her lips. There was some on her cheek; I licked it off. She grinned at me. Mom moved around the other side of me and leaned in for her own kiss. She then lovingly placed her hand on Mari’s cheek. They smiled into each other’s eyes and then kissed deeply themselves. We lay in a tangle for a while catching our breath.

Mari got up and I watched her sexy naked bottom as she walked to the bedroom and returned with the blanket. She threw it over us and snuggled in tightly against me. I lay there with my arms around both of my sexy lovers, as they rested their heads on my chest. After a long moment, Mari quietly asked, “You love me?” I lifted my head to look into her expectant face. “You said you love me?” she asked again.

“Yes.” I told her warmly. “Yes, I do. I love you Marianne.” Her eyes said it all. She had come a very long, difficult journey to find herself here in my arms. She smiled.

“Don’t forget about me.” Mom chimed in. “I love you too.” Mari leaned over and kissed her mouth. Mari told us that she loved us both. That she had been afraid of loving us, afraid that we would not feel the same, that we would leave someday. I held her tighter, she and Mom held hands over the top of me.

I noticed that our pool of sunlight had long since abandoned our little mattress. It was late in the morning, 10 or 11 maybe. My girls fell asleep in our pile. A pile of lovers. A pile of family. What would my sister think if she could see us now, I wondered. She would probably act shocked, but think it was incredibly sexy. David, my brother was so straight-laced he would collapse with a coronary. He was always so distant, he would probably never get any inkling that Mom and I were lovers. Jackie, my sister, was frighteningly tuned in to the slightest behavior. She would know in an instant, if she and Mom and I were in the same room together.

I lay there feeling curiously unworried about this prospect. Jackie and Mom were quite similar in appearance. Jackie was taller by 4 or 5 inches, but was smaller breasted; B-cup maybe. Athletic, with killer legs and tight abs. I fell asleep thinking about my Mom and Jackie side by side.

My eyes popped open. The exquisite sensation of Mari’s wet, soft mouth on my cock, was what woke me up. Mom had turned in her sleep so her back was against me. I noted with extreme pleasure that Mari’s Bottom was close to me as she kneeled under the covers to suck my cock. She jumped slightly at the touch of my hand on her round bottom, but kept sucking me so perfectly.

I caressed her bottom and hip, thrilling to the pleasure her mouth afforded. I was rock hard again already. My fingers tickled over her labia and found her wet opening. I probed very gently, expecting her to be sore from earlier. She didn’t seem to be. She sure was wet. I used my fingers to bring her wetness to my mouth. ‘Juicy, ripe peach’ I thought again. Her pussy was actually truly delicious!! My 2 fingers slid into her tightly, but without resistance.

She released my penis and turned around to face me. “Can we make love again?” she whispered. The tiny bit of light from the street illuminated her smiling, expectant face. “I would very much wish to make love with you again Awndy.” I asked her where she would like me. She motioned me out of the way and took my place laying on her back next to my dozing, naked mother. “Will you love me in this way?”

I moved between her thighs and laid my heavy cock over her labia, stroking back and forth over her. She grinned and bit her lower lip, nodding. Her arms went around me when I kissed her. Her legs went around my waist, waking Mom just a bit. I moved slightly downward until my cock dropped between her lips. We both worked our hips slightly until the yielding opening of her vagina found the head of my cock.

I pushed in slightly, feeling that incredible tightness grip me. I saw the slightest look of discomfort flash over her face, before she grinned and nodded again. I took a long time pressing, releasing, pressing, releasing, until I had roughly half of my length in her. Mari then gave a mighty pull with hands and legs, drawing my cock completely into her. She sighed a long contented, “Oouuiiiiiii!!”, as her eyes rolled closed. “Oh oui!!”

Soon we were fucking full length and she was quietly mewling little satisfied cries of pleasure. Mom rolled over, looked us over taking stock of what was happening and then laid her head down and closed her eyes, a sweet smile on her lips.

Shortly, I was moving deeper and faster. I pushed up on my knees, holding her legs in my hands. My thrusting had become more urgent, which woke Mom again. The force was bouncing Maris’ perfect tits a bit, though they were amazingly firm, her pink nipples were wildly erect. Mom leaned up on one elbow and leaned over to suckle one. Maris’ hand found the back of her head and pulled her tighter to the soft flesh. Mom’s hand snaked down to tease my pretty girlfriend’s clitoris. Mari came loudly, shortly after. Mari’s orgasms seemed to crest and then hold as she continued to cum and cum.

“You should not cum in me.” Mari gasped. I told her that I knew. Mom moved her lips from Mari’s erect nipple to her mouth.

“If you wouldn’t mind,” Mom asked her, “I would love to have Andy cum in me.” Mari gave a questioning look, then understood that Mom could not get pregnant. Her smile told us that she liked that idea. Mom and she kissed some more and Mom climbed over the top of her, pressing their tits together and presenting me with a beautiful view of her excited pussy. I was fucking hard now, full length, sloshing in and out of Mari’s very wet pussy. I was very close now; I told them both.

Mom looked back over her shoulder, a look that made me crazy turned on. “How ’bout it stud?” she drawled in a sexy southern voice. She wiggled her hips a bit at me. “Be a love, darling, and fuck your mother.” I withdrew from Mari with a tight slurp and shoved in, balls deep into Mom’s sweet home. “Oooof baby!” Mom grunted, not unhappily. “Fucking cock is so big, so fantastic!” Mari wriggled down a bit and was now sucking Mom’s nipples. “Oh yeah, Mari darling, suck my tits. Suck on Mommy’s big tits.” I heard Mari moan aloud at the mention of Mom being her Mommy. I warned her that I was close. “Do it then Andy! Shoot in me! Fill me up baby! Fill Mommy’s wicked cunt with her son’s juicy cum!! Oh yes!! Me too!! Cum with me!!

Those words released the coiled up spring in my balls and I exploded into her body. My ramming cock did nothing but foam up my sperm and force it out, dripping onto Mari’s tummy. “Ouch! Oh Mari, baby! Easy on Mommy’s titties. You’re biting me, you naughty girl. That is so good!” I felt Mari’s fingers on my balls as she played with Mom’s clit and pussy lips.

I started seeing stars, so pulled out and immediately laid down, fearing to pass out again. I lay close to them, watching Mari continue to pleasure Mom’s beautiful full breasts, as they swayed just above her mouth. Mari continued to stroke and caress Mom’s pussy as her hand continued to be washed in my cum as it dripped out. She brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted me on them.

Mom looked down to see her sucking on her fingers. “Oh yeah, sweetheart! Isn’t Andy’s cum so tasty.” Mari simply moaned in the affirmative and continued to shove her fingers in her mouth. Mom then scooted down and kissed Mari deeply, sharing the last taste of me. They kissed and then shared a long smiling gaze between them, then kissed again. “So,” Mom started, purring, “How was your first time with a man?”

Mari’s smile turned into a full-on grin, as she simply nodded and smiled. She looked to me and nodded further. I couldn’t help but smile back, as I panted, catching my breath. She was so lovely, so cute and sexy, so incredibly lovable! I pushed up close enough to kiss her lips, softly, like a lover. My gaze shifted from her to Mom and back. “I love you both so much!” I said, simply. They both reacted immediately opening their embrace to include me, pulling me tightly against their beautiful nude bodies. I kissed them both, softly, eyes open reading the mirror images of their affection for me.

We laid like that a long while, relaxing, saying nothing at all; endearing looks passing between us all, which said all that needed to be said. We three were lovers. None of us would ever want for physical or emotional support or affection, sex would be plentiful and passionate, there would be no reason for jealousy between us.

Mom moved to the side and let Mari and I share an after sex cuddle. She really was now, no longer a virgin, she had been taken completely, lovingly for the first time. I was prepared for some emotional release, but none came. I asked if she was okay. She told me that for the first time ever, she was completely content. She would never let go of the past, or be able to completely forget it, but for the first time, it was pushed far into the background, having been replaced with fantasies about what the future might hold.

Mom got up and brought snacks and drinks for us and dragged in a blanket from my room and we had a sexy picnic in the middle of the living room. It was nearly 1:00 in the afternoon. We had fucked the morning away, with no thought of getting up, or getting dressed yet. I needed the bathroom and left them to their quiet conversation. Mom was asking if she was sore from having my penis in her. Mari admitted to a slight pinching and there had been just the tiniest bit of blood, but was thoroughly satisfied.

I had a tough time urinating as my cock was still semi erect. I just sat down and waited. I grinned like a complete idiot at my incredible fortune. Life had turned so completely for me. It was not so long ago that I was still pining for my ex-wife Sam. She had been all consuming in my thoughts and now was a distant memory, replaced by the most amazing pair of lovers anyone could dream up in their wildest fantasy. I imagined what life would be like in the years to come.

Once finished I returned to the living room to find my girls laying nude, side by side, heads together whispering conspiratorially. Two pairs of perfect round bottoms looked up at me. My cock jumped at the idea of slipping between those beautiful round globes, both pairs. They were nibbling on a baguette with some cheese.

I silently moved to them and gently straddled Mari, laying my heavy cock on her bottom. Neither girl looked to me, but I heard them whispering. “Awndy is here.” Mari whispered, stating the obvious. Mom whispered back that I looked quite aroused. “Mmmm, oui.” Mari whispered to her. “His cock feels so beeg on my bottom. He feels so hard and warm.” Mom whispered for her to watch out where I ‘might slip that big fat cock of his’.

I responded by working my hips a bit, stroking my hard flesh over her beautiful firm roundness. Mari simply moaned that I was being naughty. I drew back far enough to allow my cock to dip between the exquisite softness of her thighs. Mari whispered that my cock was touching her pussy. The way she pronounced ‘pussy’, with that lovely French “U” sound made my penis lurch a bit in response. I was so hard that flexing that muscle made it jump and bounce against her, which made her moan again.

She and Mom continued to whisper, just loudly enough so that I could hear their descriptions of my cock in them, my tongue inside them, my lips all over their bodies. They described the taste and feel of my cock in their mouths, the taste of my sperm.

The head of my cock was beautifully lubricated by Mari’s flowing wetness, which created the irresistible need to push forward into her. “Oh Szhudy,” Mari moaned pronouncing my mother’s name with that French ‘J’ which I always found so charming. “He’s inside me. Your son’s beeg thick cock is pushing into my pussy.” She laid her face down on the mattress and took Mom’s hand.

“Yeah, sweetie?” Mom whispered. “Is Andy fucking you with his perfect cock?” Mari simply nodded, moaning quietly. “Does it feel big in you?” she nodded. “Do you like the feeling of its thickness in your pussy?” Mari nodded again. “You love my son don’t you?” she asked.

Mari’s eyes popped open at that and they shared a long look. Mari briefly looked back over her shoulder at me. “Yes, Szhudy.” She whispered at me, then returned her look to Mom. “Yes I do. I love your son very much.” Mom smiled wide and brushed strands of her hair back out of her face. “He is so beautiful.” Mari added her voice cracking a bit. I noticed tears coming to her eyes. “I have dreamed of feeling this for my all life.” After a long pause she added, “I have been full with fear for my all life of feeling this for someone that did not care for me. Someone that did not feel as I do, for me.”

“Oh sweetheart,” Mom soothed, as I continued my slow deep penetration of Mari’s incredible tightness. “Andy loves you. I know this. He loves you as you love him. You are perfectly matched that way.” Mari gave her a slightly incredulous look and then turned to look back into my eyes, over her shoulder. I smiled and nodded gently.

“I love you, Marianne. You are not alone in the way you feel.” Her look changed to one that was a mixture of relief, gratitude, adoration and wild arousal. This drove me to work a bit deeper and faster in her. She had such a tight bottom that when I banged into her at full depth it had the slightest, sexiest jiggle. She laid her face down on the mattress again, a sublimely satisfied smile on her face. Mom caressed her cheek as I began fucking her a bit faster. Maris eyes rolled closed as I fucked her.

“My god, sweetheart,” Mom said to me, “That looks so fucking hot!” I was struck by the incredible sexiness of fucking my girlfriend from behind, her glorious nude shape laid out under me, as my mother watched me do it, laying naked herself, her own glorious nude shape right next to us. “Mmmm, give her that wonderful cock, Andy.” Mom’s hand stroked from Mari’s face and hair to my thigh and my butt and I began fucking in earnest. “What a beautiful body she has.”

“Both of you.” I countered. Mom smiled up at me. “I have such gorgeous women.” Mom wiggled her bottom gently and gave me a wide smile as if to ask, ‘Yeah? You like these bodies?’ I gave Mari a few more deep drives with my cock and then withdrew completely and crawled over the top of Mom. Mari lifted her head to watch and I lined my penis up with her wet pussy lips.

“Oooh baby. You going to give it to me now?” I grunted that I was. She laid her cheek down on the mattress facing Mari. “Mmmmm yeah! Work that sweet cock in me. Fuck me baby. Take your mother’s naughty pussy. Fill mommies pussy with that thick penis. I love it!” I did, unceremoniously driving it into her hard and deep with one shove. She was so wet with her juice and the remnants of my cum that I slipped in without the slightest resistance; heaven!!!

Mom ‘Oooof’ed a bit as I hit bottom but she just closed her eyes and took it. I fucked my mother hard and deep and then moved back to Mari’s tight virginal vagina. They both just lay there, nose to nose as I took turns in them. They held hands as they both got fucked nice and deep and hard!!

“Fuck!” I hissed as I rammed Mari’s sweet puss. “Fuck!” I repeated loudly. “I’m gonna cum again.” Mari’s eyes opened at the thought of possibly becoming pregnant if I filled her with it. It was an interesting look, that was not alarm any more but a curiosity about that future. Mom watched her with interest as did I.

“Let us taste you darling.” Mom said quietly, not ready to risk that future just yet. “Come here and let us drink your cum together.” She shared a look with Mari as they both grinned wide at the thought. I gave Mari a few more deep, slow thrusts and then withdrew. It tried to get up and move around to the front of them, but began to ejaculate before I got there. The first shot splashed Mari’s back and then her shoulder as I moved.

I knelt in front of them and they moved cheek to cheek and opened wide. Mom took a blast right on her cheek, before Mari slipped her lips over the head of the spurting cock. She took the rest of my cum, as Mom and I both watched.

I sat back when I finished shooting and watched them kissing deeply. Mari licked Mom’s cheek, who responded by licking Mari’s shoulder. We three shared some loving kisses and smiling gazes, before Mom announced that she was starving. Mari suggested that we get cleaned up and have dinner at the Boulangerie. Marianne was supposed to work that night but was completely blowing it off. She was certain that Gerard wouldn’t mind.

We showered together and then once dressed, constantly disrupted by much fooling around, we were in my car heading to Mari’s restaurant. Gerard met us at the door, and taking one look at Marianne’s wide smile, gave a curious, questioning look, to which Mari whispered something to him in French that I didn’t catch. He turned to me with a wide smile and shook my hand the way he always did, but with extra force this time. What had she told him, I wondered.

We ate and drank and laughed and played footsy the three of us, for 1 ½ hours, until many of the patrons had left, leaving us pretty much to ourselves. “Are not we the sexiest people?” Mari asked us quietly, smiling, drunk. I agreed and Mom smiled in agreement as well. “I wish we could got to Club L’amour de le Famille.” She said, almost under her breath, dreamily.

“What is Club L’amour de le Famille?” I asked. This brought her out of her dreamy look, into an almost alarmed state. I was confused. She looked from Mom to me, as if she had mistakenly spoken of something top secret. Mom and I shared a confused look. I asked again what the club was.

Mari stammered a bit, hemming and hawing about having spoken out of turn, to forget her ramblings. Both Mom and I kept at her about this club, as I think we were both in the mood to get out and go dancing. I questioned what type of music they played, Mom asked about the distance to get there, was it here in town, etc. Finally Mari caved and told us about Club L’amour de le Famille.

Mari asked if we remembered the woman, Fred, who she had lived with for several years when she had run away from home. We told her that we did. Frédérique had been 59 when she was 14. They had been lovers. She taught Mari about love and sex and how to care about others. Mari had called her Fred as she was a bit masculine. She had been a tender lover and had become almost like a mother to Mari, although by age she was more like her grandmother.

Before Fred had become too frail from the cancer, she liked to take Marianne to parties at Club L’amour de le Famille. They were held at a gorgeous huge mansion at the very tip of Cap D’antibe, halfway to Cannes from Nice. The owners were a lovely family of 6. “Grandmere Jacqueline, her son Jean Pierre, his wife Sandrine, and their 3 children, Nickolai, Antoine and Pauline.” Pauline had been the same age as Marianne. They had become friends.

Mom and I both asked about the club, as being private, remote, we were confused about how a nightclub could survive such odd characteristics. “It is not club as you would think it to be.” Mari corrected. We waited for details. “Fred and me would be as … grandmother and grand … child?’ she asked Mom. Mom corrected that granddaughter was the term. “Yes. Granddaughter.” She hesitated for a long time. We simple waited, curious.

“It is a secret, … no, … prive … private club … for sex.” Mari added. Mom and I both ‘Ahhhhh”ed together, finally realizing what it was. We both then frowned with the same thought and shared a look. Mari looked back and forth between us to see if we really understood. Mom and I looked to her, then to each other, then back to her, sharing a somewhat incredulous look.

I asked, “It’s a sex club called Club L’amour de le Famille?”, my eyebrows going up in surprise. Mari nodded, her eyebrows up as well, as if to ask, ‘get it?’

“Inceste?” Mari asked again, clarifying. “Loving inside of families?” she continued. Mom and I had both been leaning into the table, looking for explanation, but both sat back now, pondering this bit of info. I think Mom and I had the same thought as we shared a long meaningful look. We were not alone in our strange love, familial love. This family had made it a shared, club-like experience.

Mari had one of her concerned looks, apprehensive at to what we thought of her and of Fred. “So you went as Grandmother and Granddaughter?” I asked her. She nodded, still apprehensive.

“And the family,” Mom began, “I assume that they …” Mari nodded. “They were all lovers?” Mari continued to nod. Mari explained that the club hosted all types, mother’s and sons, fathers and daughters, even homosexual parent/child relationships like theirs. Another long silence fell over us as we all considered our private thoughts. Mari looked like she was ready to run, terrified that we would think badly of her. “Well,” Mom finally said quietly, “that sounds kind of hot!” A grin grew on her face. Mari looked from her to me.

“That actually sounds wildly hot!” I added. I then asked Mari if she enjoyed the place. She admitted that she had. It was only ever she and Fred together, but many people enjoyed watching them. Fred was very protective of her ‘granddaughter’, but loved to let crowds watch as they made love to each other and 69’d, her loving granddaughter bringing her to screaming orgasms.

Jean Pierre and his wife Sandrine often asked whether they might entertain Marianne privately, but Fred would never hear of it. They were a little bit too dominant and slightly sadistic for Fred’s sweet girl who, (Fred kept private), had been through so much already. Pauline and Mari had made out once gently in their huge Jacuzzi, but only while Fred watched. When I asked, Mari told me that they had been there perhaps half a dozen times. The family had sent a lovely note and wreath at Fred’s passing, telling her to visit anytime; Mari never had.

“So,” Mom began, … “how do we get invited to such a sexy place?” Mari’s look was one of relief and then mild happiness that we didn’t think ill of her. She looked to me and I grinned that I too thought it would be fun to explore this new venue. “You would have to be my daughter.” Mom included, thoughtfully. “I would have to be … Fred’s daughter?” Mom looked back and forth between us trying to gauge whether this would sell.

“You have the same large beautiful breasts as Fred did.” Mari chimed in. “And the same beeg blue eyes.”

“Yeah,” I added, “but where have you been all this time, and why are you an American?”

“Perhaps, … ” Mom was thoughtful. “Perhaps I did the same as Frederique. Got pregnant really young and left the baby Marianne with my mother, Frederique, and went abroad to avoid the scandal?” She smiled, pleased with her story.

“What about me?” I asked her. “I’m your son and I’m older?” Both her and Mari’s smiles dropped. Mom chided me for my logic but agreed that that was a problem. We continued to try and find a logical explanation for how Mari wound up in France and Mom in the U.S. The backstory was proving difficult.

“Why am I not just your niece?” Mari finally offered. We all agreed that that would work; easy peasy. Mom wanted to know if it was even possible to be invited. “I will call Sandrine tomorrow.” Mari stated breezily. “I am sure she will like it to be so.” We all toasted this potential new adventure.

We finished, paid, bid Gerard adieu, and headed for the car. Mari asked if we could drop her off. I told her flatly no way, that she was now staying with us, that she would have to get rid of that apartment. She threw her arms around me happily. We made it home, weaving through the quiet back streets, and once inside, Mom pulled us to her.

“I am soaking wet at the thought of making love with you two, with other people watching us.” She kissed us both, Mari and I both playing with her beautiful round breasts, free without the bra. Her nipples had been poking out all night, to the pleasure of all who saw them. “My pussy is so wet for you both.” She whispered as she kissed Mari.

“I have something for that.” I told her, unbuttoning her blouse.

“I think I do too.” Marianne whispered into her ear. “Aunt Szhudy.” They both shared a big laugh and then fell into a passionate French kiss.

To be continued …

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Amazing story, so erotic, so sensual and well written, I am curious if this is a true story? if so I am very, very envious

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I am so very excited to read the next chapter. This is excellent work. Please keep it up.