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Kerry the Model

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For those of you who haven’t yet run across it, there is a web page whose name shall remain anonymous which advertises itself with this logo (which I’ve paraphrased to maintain the anonymity): “Where Models meet Photographers”.

So, basically, the web site is patronized by gorgeous models, the lucky bastards that photograph them, and lurkers.

I haven’t modeled since baby pictures at Sears, I don’t own a camera that’s not a disposable, so that puts me squarely in the ‘lurker’ category. Hey, it’s a hobby.

Well, one day about two years ago, having freshly discovered the web site and killing a chilly Autumn evening, I came across Kerry’s profile. You know how you can be cruising pictures of many beautiful women, but there’s suddenly one who makes you stop and say, “Wow!” and make your dick twitch? Well, Kerry was a double ‘wow’ and a triple dick-twitcher (try saying that if you lisp).

The fact that she lived on the other side of the country did not deter me from writing to her, expressing my sincere and gentlemanly admiration of her charms. I, of course, did this by writing an erotic story in her honor. Hey, it’s another hobby.

Well, lo and behold, Kerry seemed flattered by the fact that I would take the time as a long-distance admirer to put my fantasies down in words. We rather quickly developed an electronic relationship that was beyond steamy, including taking each other’s ‘pop’ sex quizzes.

Kerry was smart and creative and sensual and occasionally downright filthy and kinky, and she graciously augmented most of her correspondence with various photos of her in various stages of undress. My favorite was the one with a strand of pearls protruding from her shaved swollen pussy, but that’s a personal taste.

She also professed to having the ability to churn her kegel muscles so that she could induce her own ‘hands-free’ orgasms at any time or place, which is always an endearing habit that would undoubtedly win most talent shows.

These are the vital numbers and dimensions, as listed on her port: 49 years old, long blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned, 36-24-36, D cup, 5’7′ 125 lbs., dress size 4, bellydancer, eligible for erotic, fitness, or bodypainting photos. And, believe me, as yummy as that sounds, she was even better to see. Kerry was a wet dream’s wet dream.

We escalated into periodic and spontaneous ‘sexting’ and phone sex, and the anticipation escalated with each communication. We made plans to meet for a weekend, with me flying coast-to-coast, and shared explicit, vivid descriptions of what we would do to each other while finally together.

And I backed out, lost touch, got cold feet, all of the above. Career got in the way, mom got sick, and as John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans”

Then, magically, more than eighteen moths later, I ran into her photo and profile again in another venue, this one a professional networking site. Though she was fully clothed and conservatively attired in this photo, quite candidly, she looked more sensational than ever. Triple dick-twitching sensational, one might say, if one didn’t have a lisp, of course.

So, I contacted her electronically, sent her another suggestive story and further suggested a liaison, offering to fly her to Philadelphia for a weekend. Though cordial and classy as always in her response, her initial reply was somewhat an unequivocal ‘no chance’.

It read, “Hey there. I must say it was a surprise out of the blue. Not a bad surprise, I do enjoy your writing style as much as ever. I do have to tell you I am in a committed relationship right now with a guy I adore. We are very well connected in so many ways. I do so hope that you are content at least with your life as it is now.”

Now, I’ve been in committed relationships before, but that’s not quite an binding as a marriage. Yes, admittedly, it probably would have been valorous to leave good enough alone, but as Otter so famously uttered in Animal House, “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

And I was just the guy to do it.

So, I did something I hadn’t done before. Really, I hadn’t your honor, I swear.

I sent her a cock pic. Two, actually. Hey, you have to play to your strengths, right? Thank goodness for my endowment. It’s just over seven-and-a-half inches, very thick, with a disproportionately large mushroom head that apparently massages all the right places, or so I’ve been told. Numerous times.

Since Kerry had been kind enough to send me many past photos of her own incredible attributes, why not forward pics of my own charm, I reasoned, as I hit ‘send’. I included a brief disclaimer. “I’m happy for you regarding your relationship, I truly am. But…. I have a disposable camera. Why not just tell him that you’re going on a photo shoot?”

This time, her response was more receptive. “Hmmmmm. A photo shoot. Now, why didn’t you phrase it like that to begin with? How about the weekend of the 24th? And, may I take pictures of you? We’ll call it quid pro quo.”

Now, I confess, up until now, over the last two years, I had not sent Kerry’s photos to anyone. She never asked me not to, it was just an implied gesture of trust. However, with her visit approaching, I did send a photo of Kerry to an on-line friend of mine, a fellow ‘Lit’ author, a lovely French-Canadian woman with whom I’d been corresponding and sharing sexual ideas with over the last half-decade.

My pen pal wrote back after seeing Kerry’s full frontal nude photograph, highlighting her rippled torso, gravity-defying tits, and muscled, athletic thighs. “My God, that’s the most incredibly beautiful specimen of woman I’ve ever seen. She’ll crush you, lol!”

I responded by sending back my cock pics, so I guess now I was becoming a serial-cock-photo-sender. My French female friend replied back, “Wow! Sacre bleu! Holy shit! I take that back. You might crush her. Why didn’t you tell me you were walking around with that thing!?!?”

So, duly armed with a bouquet of fresh flowers and seven-and-a-half inches of confidence, I waited outside the security gate of Terminal B in Philadelphia International Airport as Kerry’s flight arrived.

It seemed that half of the terminal stopped and admired Kerry as she emerged from the tunnel. The male half. And there were many female admirers, too. If I hadn’t mentioned it before, Kerry had told me she had experimented with a woman in her earlier days. This was her version when I once asked Kerry to describe it to me…..

“Hmmmm, Patty was her name. Beautiful brunette with blue eyes and a rocking figure! She put much effort into my seduction. I recall that she smelled sweet and sensuous, her kisses lingered softly on my lips and breasts.

Bringing that flood of desire to my nethers and creating a fire that only she could extinguish. Our exchange was quite mutual as I cupped her full breasts and sucked tenderly on her nipples, leaving them wet and hard then exhaling my breath to cool and further harden them.

Working my way to her pussy with my other hand and inserting a finger into her hot pussy, whirling for moisture to transplant in a slow stroking motion over her clitoris before navigating my mouth to the folds of her labia and kissing, full lips on full lips. Sucking her clit into my mouth and flicking my tongue over the hood of her hardening flower, pulling it gently through my teeth while still working it over with my tongue, illiciting a gasp and a moan from Patty’s inner most depths. Now digitally stimulating with my hand and fingers, Patty’s own lips now driving my passion to climax and withdrawing expertly to speak erotic observations and requests my way.

We came together many times to varying degrees of intensity. I had forgotten what a powerful experience this was until you made your request. Now I recall quite vividly.”

Whew….where was I…?

Oh, yes…

Kerry was resplendent in a sleeveless multi-colored pastel floral sundress with red heels and a long strand or pearls dangling around her wonderful cleavage. She wore large ruby earrings that accentuated her bright red lipstick exquisitely. A wheeled travel bag that trailed behind her was her only luggage, there would be no waiting at baggage claim. Travelers have been known to be stranded for days at the mercy Philly’s notorious baggage handlers.

I was the envy of the City of Brotherly Love when she approached me, smiling, her firm braless breasts bouncing delightedly, her nipples on full alert through the light material of the dress, and kissed me softly, gently, a kiss of passionate lovers-to-be, the opening salvo for a weekend of carnal bliss. If the first kiss is the barometer of things to cum, sexual meteorologists would be predicting VERY steamy.

I instantly became harder than finding a lost item of luggage as Kerry leaned her body into mine, hugging the flowers that I had snaked into her palm while we were kissing. “Nervous?” she asked, her sweet voice like music to my ears.

“Very,” I admitted. “You’re the most beautiful woman I could imagine, Kerry. I’m the luckiest man in Philly.”

She smiled, her blue eyes twinkling jets of mirth and lust. “You’re about to get luckier.” She tucked her arm under mine. “Take me home. I’m yours. For the next forty-eight hours I’m temporarily uncommitted, so take advantage of me while you can on our….photo shoot.”

On the moving stairwell, Kerry snuggled her fantastic body against me and raised the bouquet to her nostrils to enjoy the scent of the roses. She poked her hands into the petals and began to take inventory. “How many are here?” she asked, fingering through the pack of seven multi-colored long-stem and one short-stem rose. “Um, eight..?” she guessed.

I smiled at her with a wicked schoolboy grin. “Not quite eight. Seven-and-a-half, actually. I don’t want to exaggerate.”

She laughed at the analogy and ran her manicured fingers along the stems. “Mmmm, and thick, too. Just the way I like my…..roses.”

We reached my car in the enclosed garage and I gently pinned Kerry against the side and we resumed our kissing. This time, in the relative nocturnal solitude of the lot, our kisses were more urgent, hungry, impassioned. I slid the spaghetti strap down of of Kerry’s bronzed shoulder and began to trail soft kisses down the nape of her neck, her collarbone, and the top of her chest. I glanced up to see her looking at me intently, subtly guiding my face to her gravity-defying breast.

She took her free hand and lowered the strap below her left tit, and I sucked on it tenderly, tracing small circles with my tongue around and around her pert nipple. She sighed lightly as I felt her body warm, and I tried to slip my hand beneath her dress to caress those toned thighs, but she stopped me by wriggling out of my embrace, her ample left boob still exposed.

“My nipples send nasty messages to my clit, and my clit is already ready to combust. If you keep going, we might get arrested. And if we’re going to get arrested, it’s going to be at the end of this weekend, not before. Let’s get home, OK?”

Reluctantly, I watched her smooth, long legs climb up into the seat of my Jeep. We pulled out of the garage and onto I-95 to head to my home in the western suburbs, about a half-hour drive. As horny as I was, I was also curious. I had to know.

“So, Kerry, a committed relationship? Then, if I may ask, why did you decide to cum?”

She chuckled, and looked out the window towards the Delaware River. “I came…..well, I came to cum. A lot.”

She turned to me before I could reply. “My new beau is wonderful, and it’s true I do adore him. But, when I got your suggestion, I contemplated it.”

I couldn’t resist glancing at her legs, which were now revealed to mid-thigh as she changed positions in her seat. She continued.

“See, I haven’t just ‘let go’ in ages. Even with my new boyfriend, yes, the sex is great. But….” I pondered to myself how could the sex NOT be great with a woman such as Kerry, but still, I merely listened.

“With you, I had the chance, however briefly, to be something I’ve repressed for the longest time. I can just be a sex kitten. You’ve aroused my mind since we started corresponding several years ago, and the more I thought about it, I just said to myself, basically, ‘Screw it, Kerry’, just go and have one of the most adventurous weekends of your life.”

She bit her lower lip adorably, as if pondering whether she should say what she said next. “And, I admit it. I hadn’t had sex for the longest time before I met my boyfriend. Now, well…….the more I get, the more I want. And I wanted to know what it was like to have you. And for you to have me.”

I nodded silently, maneuvering the car onto Kelly Drive, past Boathouse Row, adjacent to the Schuylkill River now. “Besides,” she said, unbuckling the seat belt. “It’s just a photo shoot, right?” She leaned over over the divider and eased her hand into my lap. “It’s not as if I was intrigued by your cock pictures, or anything.”

She eased the zipper down slowly. I lifted my ass off of the seat and gripped the wheel tightly, and felt her slide my rigid shaft from my trousers. “I thought maybe it was because you just wanted to see the sights of Philadelphia.”

Kerry became almost horizontal, stretching her legs onto the back of her seat back. “The only sights I want to see, at least for tonight, are your ceiling and your bedspread when my face is buried in your sheets.” She began to stroke my dick teasingly, propping her chin up in her palm while resting on one elbow.

“And this magnificent piece of manhood, right here.” Her mouth surrounded my purple tip, already oozing with pre-cum. “Now, just make sure you don’t get us killed while I make this big fella very happy, OK?”

Though not endorsed by law enforcement, triple A, safety consultants, or most reputable driving schools, the mobile blowjob is among the most exciting acts known to man. I guess that’s why men love women who participate in the thrill sport. Kerry and I had talked about this scenario several years ago, about her welcoming oral gift to me on the trip from the airport. She hadn’t forgotten. That was sweet.

And this was to be the most erotic mobile blowjob that I had ever experienced.

Without further pause, Kerry licked her hand sloppily, and briefly held it up for my inspection. I could see that her hand was liberally coated, from palm to fingertips in shining saliva, which she used to begin caressing my impossibly swollen testicles. She kneaded them gently in her hand, and looked over my now throbbing shaft, seemingly to inspect my equipment closer.

“Look at that poor big fat cock,” she opined quietly. “Such a waste that it’s been neglected for so long.”

Kerry moved her hands higher, and I felt her warm saliva begin to slather my shaft as she allowed her mouth to water uncontrolled, so that a long line of drool lead from her lips to my cocktip. She used both hands now, one to rub my balls and the other to rub the flat of her palm on the underside of my cock shaft, spreading the wetness thoroughly over the entire surface. She grasped my cock in two hands, and gave it a nice squeeze, smiling when my cock twitched in an involuntary return gesture of affection.

“You are ready to just explode!” she said at a whisper, her lips close enough that I could feel her breath on my wildly pulsing tool.

She began to softly stroke my cock up and down, her hands incredibly gentle so as not to push me over the edge too quickly. Nevertheless, I quickly felt the heat in my loins begin to grow, and let out a low moan of pleasure and had to focus completely on the road as my cock continued to throb in her grasp. I confess to flickering my eyelids when I felt a light tongue lick on the head of my cock, and I needed every bit of self-control I could muster as Kerry planted the softest, most delicate kisses imaginable onto the crown of my cock.

“Such a beautiful, hard cock.” She muttered, seemingly ignoring her own pleasure for now in favor of focusing all of her attention onto my manhood.

She continued to kiss my cock, only now more forcefully, lashing her tongue out to writhe about my head, flickering and circling, tracing the features and contours and smiling all the while. She stroked my cock deeply, firmly, and slowly, her other hand cupping my swollen balls, cradling them in a warm embrace. Her saliva ran down my shaft freely as her mouth watered on the head of my cock, lubricating her hand as she continued to stroke me towards powerful release.

“I need to taste you.” Kerry half spoke, and half moaned, as her mouth lowered again deeper onto my cock.

I next felt the most incredible warmth engulf my cock, as the beautiful model descended lower and lower on my shaft as she pushed her mouth down on me. Her hand formed a tight ring around my girth and slid effortlessly down to my base, with her mouth trailing close behind. I felt intense pressure and resistance as my cockhead hit her throat, and then, with a gulp, entered it. As the tip of my dick pushed deeper into her, I could feel her lips stretch forwards to reach the root of my cock, her lower lip pressed against the seam between the base of my shaft and my sperm-laden balls.

My eyes met hers for just a second as she looked up at me, my entire massive, throbbing hard-on buried deep inside her mouth. I could see her throat begin to convulse, and felt it tighten around my cock as barely audible gags emitted from deep within her. A matching stream of tears began to run down each of her cheeks as she struggled to maintain my cock’s depth inside her. With a final massive convulsion, she pulled her mouth back, releasing a thick, soupy downpour of saliva from her lips as she gasped for air, hovering over my cock and continuing to stroke it, faster now, and with purpose.

I could multi-task no more. During this blissful torture, I had somehow guided the car onto I-76 east, and now pulled off of the exit ramp at Conshohocken and drove into a parking lot of a Mexican restaurant off of Fayette Street. It was as much to avoid getting us killed as it was to thoroughly concentrate on releasing my inevitable load. I pulled up the hem of her skirt for the first time, and saw her red polka-dot thong, and peeled it to the side, beginning to caress her saturated labia with my fingertips.

I turned off the ignition and groaned as I felt her well lubricated hand sluice up and down my cock, and soon felt her lips join that stroking appendage as she bobbed fervently up and down on my cock, now moaning herself with undisguised lust as I fingered her. I felt an unfamiliar boiling in my balls now as I approached the point of no return, the arousal so intense I felt as if my cock were a missile preparing to detonate. I struggled to keep from aggravating Kerry’s crooked neck by pulverizing her gorgeous face, pummeling my cock in and out of her warm, wet mouth. A loud moan of ecstasy escaped my lips and the sexiest woman on earth looked up from her work as if just realizing how close my imminent explosion was.

“Oh John, I want to feel your cum all over my face,” Kerry purred huskily in a tone that conveyed a primal sexual hunger that would not accept anything less than supreme satisfaction. I stopped rubbing her cunt, remembering what she had told me once in an e-mail. “When I’m going down on you, don’t feel the need to do anything but lay back and enjoy. There will be time to take care of me later.” Selective memory at an opportune time.

Climbing into my seat between my legs without missing a stroke, Kerry knelt low so that her face was pressed into my balls as she rubbed my cock up and down. She began to slather and lick and kiss my over-sized balls as I felt the cum begin to bubble up my shaft. I attempted to give a verbal warning but all that escaped was a guttural growl, which causes Kerry to look up, wide-eyed, expectant. Time seemed to freeze momentarily as our eyes locked, and I was overcome by the feeling that this must be what a deer feels when staring into the eyes of a hungry lioness.

The moment ended with explosive glory, as an enormous jet of semen blasted from my cock high into the air. Kerry didn’t even blink as that first heavy shot missed her face entirely and reached five feet in the air above her head, narrowly missing the windshield. She still didn’t even flinch as the stream of cum then cascaded downwards to land thick splattering ropes of cum onto her forehead and into her hair, just as the second wave of cum erupts forth, aimed this time to ricochet off of her nose and fall sloppily back onto her hand as she continued to stroke me.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed as she was showered by my torrent of cum. “Paint my face with your seed!”

Five more massive blasts of semen burst out of the end of my cock, these aimed directly at the model’s face, plastering her with my heavy load. Streams of cum coated her cheeks and nose, and spackled her left eye shut. Cum dripped off of the end of her chin, and she licked her tongue compulsively at it. She slobbered all over her cum covered hand and my sticky shaft as my cock continued to surge with aftershocks of semen, spilling it out to run messily down the length of my shaft. Kerry moaned as she sucked up my cum, her face utterly drenched, her hair plastered in places to her forehead and ear.

After several minutes of furiously and hungrily devouring my cum, she rose and straightened her dress, her face still covered in cum. Assuming a professional air, she reclined once more and proceeded to clean me, slowly, and with great care attended to my delicate and recovering organ, tucking it back in my pants, and re-buckling her own seat belt.

“That will do for an initial draining,” she said with a medical certainty. “But I will need to perform the procedure regularly over the next forty-eight crucial hours to keep you from relapsing.”

“And,” she continued, raising her hips off of the seat and lifting her dress to her navel, over the seat belt. “You will need to perform on me when we get home.” She put her thighs together and extracted her thong, providing me with a full view of her completely shaved and glistening pussy. She hung the sopping panties on my rear-view mirror. She began to rub her folds as I looked on mesmerized. “Didn’t you also promise me an ass licking?”

We drove in silence for the remaining few minutes back to my townhome, Kerry teasingly looking at me intently while leisurely rubbing her bare pink labia. At one point, still without saying a word, she dipped her index finger into her slit and extracted it, sticking her digit in my mouth, and I savored the scrumptious nectar that I knew I would be tasting for most of the weekend.

When we arrived home, Kerry announced that she would need to take a shower “alone”, to both clean her cum-covered face and needy pussy for the oral homage that it was about to receive, and that I should get comfortable and “prepare for her”.

That sounded like a palatable plan to me. Forty five minutes later, I waited, naked, on my queen bed, candles on the night stand with a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut champagne. I pondered how the bubbly would taste mixed with Kerry’s pussy fluids, and my hard-on, now fully restored, twitched like a screen door in a hurricane while contemplating. I reached over and turned on the radio to my favorite soft jazz station.

Kerry emerged from the door clad only in a white terrycloth towel, without anything on except the tattoo that adorned her right thigh. Still in silence, she let the towel fall to the carpet, and I saw her splendiferous body in all its glory for the first time. She was truly a goddess, and I tried to express that sentiment, but could only gulp, my speech rendered mute.

She crawled up on the bed, straddling my knees, parting them, and lightly licked kisses on my inner thighs as my cock flopped to and fro on her forehead. “Lie back on the bed,” I whispered. It was time for me to take command.

Kerry laid back on the sheet and slid her legs to either side of my knees; the white color of the bare strip of her bikini line contrastingly starkly with her tanned summer skin. I licked my lips, the sight in front of me setting my mouth to watering. Kerry’s sublime pussy was shaved completely bare, and my current position gave me an excellent view of the delicious feast to come. Kerry was already very wet, glistening pink in the soft candlelight. I leaned over Kerry, kissing the beautiful blonde deeply once again. Kerry used her hands once again on my balls, kneading them in circles. I felt the tightening in my shaft, and the shockwaves of desire skittered down my stomach causing my cock to bounce in glee. I knew I was on fire, just as aroused in anticipation of what was to ensue as Kerry was.

I slowly licked my way down Kerry’s lean neck, and sucked lightly on her ear. The blonde murmured with pleasure as I growled in her ear. I continued my exploration of Kerry’s utterly perfect body, taking my time and going slow. I knew that no matter how bold and forthright Kerry may have acted, it was best to ease her into this experience. I spent a long time on Kerry’s neck and shoulders, easing down after a while to love on Kerry’s large firm breasts.

She gasped as I closed my mouth over one pink nipple, feeling it harden in my mouth. I ran my tongue over the nub in circles, then raised my head and blew cool air across the now-wet nipple, watching it darken and tighten with the sensation. Kerry gasped again as I repeated the procedure on the other breast. I switched back and forth between the two mounds, licking each breast fully, from the underside around in ever-decreasing circles, arriving again at Kerry’s hard nipples. Kerry kept her hand clenched in my hair, holding me down to her chest.

After taking my time with Kerry’s otherworldly breasts, I slowly licked and kissed my way across her flat stomach, reveling in pleasure each time I hit a sensitive spot that made Kerry catch her breath. I nipped at Kerry’s sides, laved her bellybutton with my tongue, and nuzzled the sensitive crease of her hips. By now, Kerry was moaning often, and I knew the woman, now my willing and submissive sex kitten, was ready for more. Much more.

I slid down further between Kerry’s tan thighs and gently pushed them further apart with my hands. She compliantly spread her legs further, sighing with anticipation of my touch. I reached up one hand, and very lightly ran the pad of one finger down the full length of her pink slit. My finger bumped softly over her clit, causing the blonde to cry out. As my fingers neared the hot tight hole, I gently swirled my finger, entering her easily. Kerry gasped, louder this time, raising her hips to allow me better access.

I continued to finger Kerry slowly, gently easing one single finger in and out of her tight pussy. She was enjoying it unequivocally, her hips rising slightly with each inward thrust. I continued this form of torture for a few minutes, knowing it would never be enough to finish Kerry off the way we both wanted to. After a bit, I eased my finger out.

Kerry moaned at the momentary loss of penetration, and raised her head to look at me between her thighs. I held Kerry’s gaze intently, lifting my sopped finger and sucking her juices off it. I closed my eyes, enjoying her delicious taste. Opening my eyes again, I found her looking at me, consumed with desire. Her normally bright blue eyes had darkened to a deep dark blue, her mouth was slightly parted with the force of her breath, and her face was flushed with high color. Holding Kerry’s intense gaze, I slowly lowered my head, never breaking contact as I positioned my mouth directly over her wet pussy.

I darted my tongue out, and touched it lightly to Kerry’s clit. She groaned again, and then moaned as I ran my tongue fully across the hard nub. Her eyes closed, and her head fell back once again to the pillow as I ate her out enthusiastically. I let my eyes close as well, drifting away on the total bliss of eating this incredibly sweet pussy. I tongued the wet slit expertly, running my tongue up and down the full length of it. I alternated sucking on Kerry’s swollen clit with pushing my tongue up inside the tight canal, loving the moans I could hear coming from over my head.

Kerry looked down at me through half-closed glazed eyes, groaning out, “Oh god John, you are SO fucking good at this!” I smiled against Kerry’s soaked lips. Kerry’s comment only urged me to bolder techniques, and soon enough she was beyond coherent words.

Kerry’s hips were thrusting higher and higher as her moaning got higher pitched. I knew that she was on the edge of coming, and I bent my attention solely to the hard throbbing clit under my tongue. I worked it in circles, pressing hard with the flat of my tongue. As my tongue worked the little nub, I closed my mouth around the flesh surrounding her clit, adding suction to the sensations.

Kerry’s moans crescendoed into full cries as her hips thrashed wildly under my head. I placed a hand on each tan thigh, holding her in place. All at once, Kerry screamed out “Ohmyfuckinggod!” and my mouth was flooded as she came. I grunted in surprise, as a hard current of liquid shot into my mouth. I quickly realized that Kerry was a squirter, and tightened my hold on the blonde’s legs, burying my face more securely. I had never had a woman ejaculate so hard in my mouth before. It was without a doubt the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced. As Kerry continued to scream and cry out, I sucked on her clit, determined to have every drop of her cum.

I lifted my head after a few minutes of assuring myself I had gotten all I was going to get. Kerry was flaked out on the blanket, her chest heaving with each breath. I sat back up on my knees, and leaned over her, giving the blonde one last deep soulful kiss.

“Jesus H. Christ, John! You’re fucking amazing!” Kerry exclaimed breathlessly.

I chuckled. “It was your pussy that’s simply amazing,” I explained, meaning every word. “Besides, I got a surprise as well. Do you always cum like that?” I asked.

“Only when it’s really really really good,” Kerry explained, her eyes sparkling with joy. She sighed, “Goddamn….” her voice trailed away.

Kerry laughed, propping herself up on her elbows, saying, “But you ain’t seen nothing yet, baby.”

I looked down at Kerry questioningly, just in time to see the blonde reach up and push against my chest. I fell backwards onto the blanket, laughing. Kerry stood up, placing one foot on either side of my chest. My smile faded away as I struck with sheer, unadulterated lust for the Aphrodite-like blonde standing over me. This viewpoint was erotic as hell, looking up into Kerry’s recently pleasured pussy.

Then Kerry danced. She never moved her feet, but oh, how her body danced. I ran my hands lightly up and down her muscled calves, moving around to caress the inside of her thighs, watching as the blonde swayed and moved her body to the sultry beat of the music that was softly playing in the background. Sometimes she dipped low, and I could almost kiss her sweet pussy again. But then Kerry would stand fully again, staying out of reach. She danced like the wild erotic bellydancer that she was, oblivious to anything but the music and her own body. She kept her eyes closed as her hands roamed freely over her own lithe body, languid and flushed with the pleasure I had just given her. She was also slowly driving me mad with want of her.

I swiveled down a bit on the mattress so that my face was now placed directly under her luscious ass. She continued to gyrate seductively, but she knew what we were both thinking. She squatted down obediently and placed both of her hands on the brass headrest to brace herself. I looked at the alarm clock radio that was playing the soft jazz and made a note of the time.

It was time to eat her ass.

I wriggled further down and took inventory of her delectable ass as she assumed the position, on all fours. Kerry moaned as she felt my hands squeeze her firm asscheeks and then I lowered my tongue to her tight asshole. I think perhaps she had expected me to rim her asshole first and even looked forward to it a little bit. Instead, her body went rigid as my tongue touched her tight sphincter as I tongue-fucked her pink gaping anus right from the start and she gasped as another powerful orgasm immediately ripped through her beautiful, mature body.

I spread her asscheeks wide apart and forced my tongue into her tightness. Kerry’s body began to thrash about as I licked and probed her pink asshole. As I tongued her ass, my fingers dipped between her very swollen labia and teased her pussy. Kerry’s body began to shake and buck as she was overwhelmed by the double assault on her femininity. I eased my fingers from her twat and began to probe and open her asshole with the lubrication provided by her oozing slit.

Slowly her tight sphincter began to yield and I was able to press my finger inside. She was tight – so very tight. I pumped my finger into her ass and then tried to press another digit into her body. It took a little time and coaxing but I was finally able to get it in. As I kissed and teased her ass with my fingers and tongue, Kerry’s open athletic thighs shook with excitement. I decided not to rush her and so continued to caress her tight ass until she relaxed her muscles enough to let me easily probe her sweet ass. She was more than ready. For what? For penetration in all of her holes.

So was I.

Pressing my thumb all the way into her open asshole, I eased my other thumb into her dripping pussy. I pumped both digits into her twin holes for a moment as her amazing body shuddered. She was held a willing captive to my two fingers and two thumbs. At first, I moved my thumbs in unison as they filled her tunnels but then I changed the rhythm and began to push one in as the other pulled out. Kerry’s body quaked violently as she felt me ravage her cunt and ass simultaneously.

I watched her ass writhe as my thumbs pumped in and out of her leaking loins. My cock was fully at attention and it was time to ravage her sweet, dripping pussy and asshole for the first time. My cock was considerably thicker and longer than my thumbs and I knew that she’d be plenty tight. Kerry peered over her shoulders with half-shut eyelids and watched as I withdrew my finger from her open pussy and then positioned my pulsing cock at the entrance to her hungry twat. I slid the tip into her steamy, dreamy pussy and took several thrusts to coat my rod with her warm, wet flow as my thumb remained buried in her tight asshole. She relished the feeling of both of her holes being ravaged, one by cock, one by thumb.

How did I know? She wailed. Oh, how she wailed………

I fucked her with a slow, easy rhythm so that Kerry’s magical inner muscles could accept and accommodate my length and thickness without displeasure. Warm, milky streams of fluid ran down from her slit each time I withdrew my cock, and each time I did so, I slid my dick into her channel about another half-inch or so, until about six inches of my titanium shaft was massaging her vaginal walls. I felt those sensational muscles in her pussy churn and gurgle and grab my cock like a velvet glove. It was a perfect fit of thick, long cock and talented, tight cunt. Made for each other.

Easing out of her pussy despite her moans to encourage my vaginal plundering, I slid my thumb out of her ass and aimed my cock at Kerry’s open asshole. I pressed the tip between her asscheeks and she pressed her body back against it. I guided the tip to the small opening of her asshole and then slowly pressed forward. Her ass yielded slowly and she gasped as I filled her bowels. I pushed slowly into her magnificent ass until I felt my hips press against Kerry’s spread ass as I filled her to the hilt in several thrusts. Her anus was hot, warm, and impossibly tight. Heavenly.

Once again she grasped the arms of the bed’s headset and I slowly began to rock in and out of Beth’s fantastic body, grabbing her slender hips and guiding her movements. She grunted and groaned as she felt my shaft ream out her tight ass. As I increased the rhythm of my penetrations, Kerry’s body began to buck and convulse. She placed her hands firmly on the brass poles and lifted her upper body. Her head flew back as she screamed with unbridled bliss and thrust her ass back to meet every penetration of my cock.

Screaming and grunting in a off-key yet primal duet, we exploded together, my jetstream streaming up into her anal cavity as her own squirting vaginal fluids ran like a small waterfall into the still stuffed crack of her ass, splashing down and leaving a sizeable puddle of cum on the bedspread.

We collapsed onto each other’s exhausted torsos, the symphony of tonight’s carnal opera having reached mutual climax. We soon fell into a deep sleep as our bodies instinctively spooned, my softening dick still impaled within her anus as slumber took us.

In the pre-dawn, I felt a warm, soapy washcloth and several long fingers caress my still dormant cock. I sleepily opened my eyes to see an angelic sight. Kerry’s classically beautiful face in a tight smile as she peered at my cock, like a surgeon performing delicate micro-surgery. My lips parted to greet her, but she placed a fingertip to my lips.

“Sssh, please. Don’t say a word. Just let me clean you, get you hard, and mount you. I need you. I need you in my cunt. I’m on fire.”

The ‘getting hard’ part took about a second-and-a-half. Kerry toweled me off with a second washcloth, grabbed my shaft, and positioned her astonishing body over my cock, rising proudly in the air. Kerry took visual inventory as she stroked it lovingly. “God almighty, what a beautiful piece of manhood. Did I mention that last night? I am sooooo glad I came here. My body has never responded like this, you’re like a drug. Crack cock-aine.”

Kerry eased my shaft into the pre-dawn humidity that enveloped her cunt. She rocked on me gently, barely moving her pelvis, letting her labia and inner walls grip my cock with incredible vaginal agility. With one hand, I gripped her hip and with the other, I flicked the erect pink, perfectly oval nub that was her nipple. She placed her hand over mine and we caressed and massaged her tits as a tandem, moving from one to the other, pleasuring each one for about thirty seconds, then repeating the process, over and over, as we fucked tenderly for about ten minutes.

Recalling something she had written to me when we first started conversing electronically, I lowered my hand took her by the pelvis and flipped her over onto her back with dexterity so that my cock never exited her pussy.

She lay on her back and gazed up at me, as I took her slim ankles and placed them over my shoulders, licking her calves and the balls of her feet. I looked her right in those azure eyes. “A mind-boggling, erotic woman once wrote to me that although she loved to ‘fuck’ (I emphasized the word as I thrust my pelvis into hers) in any position, her favorite position to make love was missionary, so that she could look into the eyes of her lover as their bodies were as one.”

She smiled, her eyes watering. “You remembered……” Her voice trailed off. “Amazing, you actually remembered….”

I lowered my frame directly onto hers, and savored the wonderful dichotomy of fitness and femininity that was Kerry’s body. I raised my hips so that my cock could graze against her top inner wall, and I searched for the elusive, spongy mass of flesh that was Kerry’s ultra-sensitive g-spot, the one I discovered last night with my fingers and tongue.

“Let me make love to you, Kerry. You’re the most incredible woman I’ve ever known. And I sense that I will never meet another just as unique as you.” Our bodies rocked in synchrony. “Make love to me, also. Please.”

We made love for twenty soft, timeless minutes in the missionary position. I emptied my love into her nest, and we again fell into a restful sleep, until late morning.

Awakening, I brushed the bangs from Kerry’s face and we kissed softly. She rolled over and looked out the window. A robin chirped loudly just outside of my bedroom window. If he was looking in and saw Kerry, he was no doubt one lucky robin bastard, the voyeuristic little loudmouth.

“Wow, it’s bright. What a gorgeous day. I didn’t know you actually had sun on the east coast. What time do you think it is, lover?”

Kerry hadn’t noticed the clock on the nightstand. “Ten-thirty, gorgeous, time to get moving. I have a full day planned for us, including a nice little al fresco brunch down in Rittenhouse Square to start our day.”

She wrinkled her nose and took a peek under the covers to see that I was already at full-mast, just from being next to her. “Do I have time to suck your big, beautiful cock first?” she asked, beginning to reach down and stroke me.

“Darlin’, we can always find time for that,” I said agreeably. So she did, and I soon unloaded my fourth load within twelve hours, this time in her hot mouth. Already during this visit, her face, ass, pussy and mouth had been the recipients of my seed. But who’s counting? (Well, I was!) It’s location, location, location that matters!

After the second wake-up sex session of the morning, I insisted that we shower separately, figuring that if I was in a small shower stall with Kerry, I’d never want to get out.

About an hour later, while I showered in the spare bedroom, Kerry emerged from the master bedroom looking like the epitome of casual chic fashion, which is another way of saying ‘sex on a stick’. She was adorned in a tight linen pair of black short shorts that exposed her tanned, toned, looooong legs almost up to her yummy butt. She also had on a sleeveless white mid-riff button down blouse that easily displayed her bright pink, pert nipples beneath, braless, of course, and open to the fourth button, exposing most of her tits.

It was almost as if the blouse was superfluous, sheer and barely there. Not that I was complaining. She topped off her sexy attire with three-inch open-toed sandals that accentuated her lean calves and had her standing at close to six feet tall.

Philadelphia’s male population promised to be one big hard-on today as Kerry toured the city sights.

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