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Wrestling with Mom

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Editor’s Note: story contains nonconsentual sex.


The only time that wrestling comes to our small city and my best buddy Kerry can’t make it, I called around trying to find someone else who wanted to go. Coming up empty with every call, I sat on the couch with my other two buddies’ Bobby and Mike.

“Great we got four tickets and only three of us going.” I said to them.

“Well we can scalp the one at the auditorium.” Said Bobby.

“What and sit next to some loser we don’t even know.” Replied Mike crossing his arms across his chest.

Just then my mother Amanda walked into the living room, both of my friends shut up and stared at her as she plopped down in her favorite chair. Mom you guessed it is your typical hot mom, even after having three kids. I being her oldest at eighteen getting ready to graduate high school this year.

“Why all the sour pusses?” She asked.

“Oh we got this extra ticket for wrestling tonight and Kerry can’t go.” I said.

“We could not find anyone else to go either.” Pouted Mike.

“Wrestling how barbaric.” She laughed with fake sarcasm. “You know your dad being out of town on that fishing trip and the other kids are having sleep over tonight, why don’t I go with you?”

“Aw mom.” I moaned.

“C’mon it will give me a chance to spend some time with you and your friends, doing something, you like. You are going to go away to college after high school this year, so you won’t be home, it will be fun.” She pleaded her case.

“It’s all right with me.” Said Mike

“Fine by me also.” Bobby said as well.

“All right I guess if you really want to come, is ready to go by six.” I told her.

“Let’s make it four thirty instead, we will be able to stop and get some supper out before we go.” She suggested. “My treat.”

“Cool” we said in unison and she got up to go upstairs to get ready.

“Wow your mom is so cool.” Said Bobby.

“Yeah dudes and she is hot too.” Said Mike.

“Oh that is so not cool.” I said aloud and jumped on top of him putting him into a head lock and started to play wrestle with him on the couch.

Then Bobby jumped on top of the both of us and the three of play wrestled for a few minutes, then we watched television. Right at four thirty my mother came downstairs, all three of us turned our heads and looked at her in silent awe for a moment. My usually conservative mother really did look hot tonight, she was wearing her black leather boots that went up to the knee and with a five-inch heel. She also had on a skin tight pair of blue jeans, a tight blue blouse that was low cut showing off her ample cleavage and a leather coat.

“Wow you sure do look nice.” Said Bobby.

“Thank you Bobby.” She replied. “Let’s get out to the van so we can get going.”

Like puppies we followed my mother out to the van and she drove us to Applebees for supper, then we went to the auditorium. The whole time I was disgusted with how my buddies were behaving, but they were constantly flirting with my mother right in front of me or dropping little innuendoes to her. She however just laughed them off, I also could not help noticing the stares we got from young and old alike as we entered.

We each bought tee shirts, then we got some soda, while my mom got a bottle of water, she could not help but to comment on what they charged. Then we made our way to the fourth row seats we had bought. Watching the first couple of matches, which were ones they did not air, usually some local talent or some guys trying to work their way up in the business.

Then the show began it started off with a really good tag-team match, Mike joked that it would be fun to get in a tag team match with my mother. She did not get the perversity of the joke and laughed thinking he was referring to wrestling. I elbowed him hard in the ribs, so that my mother would not notice but he got the message.

Another great match took place after the tag team match, followed by a bunch of talking, my mother laughed at some of the jokes the wrestlers told to put each other down. Then she sat down for a few minutes, she a text message my father for a little while. Both of my friends kept stealing glances trying to look down her blouse.

“Your father cannot believe that I’m here with you guys at wrestling.” She said standing back up taking off her jacket and setting it on the seat.

Then I noticed, my mother did not have a bra on tonight, as her nipples were protruding against the fabric of her blouse. She commented on how hot it was and took a long drink from the big bottle of water she had bought. We watched a title match, the champion won, then it was time for the main event, a six-man tag-team match. The six biggest names in the business squared off against each other in a long grueling twenty minute match. The good guys won the match, due to the fact the bad guys were disqualified for using steel chairs on them.

My mother told the boys that it was late and they could spend the night at our house as we left the auditorium. She let them use her cell phone to call home and let their parents know what was going on. They both hung up with their parents and us on the way home we stopped off to get some snacks and soda.

We got home and my mom said we could have the snacks and soda in the living room as long as we did not make a mess. So we went into the living room, surprisingly my mother came in as well, I and the guys sat on the couch and my mother sat in my dad’s recliner.

We watched some old repeats of some sitcoms, laughed and joked while eating chips and drinking soda. Then we watched a movie my mother let us order off of the pay per view channel, it must have been around midnight when I noticed my mother fell asleep. Sometime near the end of the movie I too fell asleep, I don’t think an hour or more had passed by when I noticed no one else was on the couch.

My eyes were slits as I peered through them, I saw where my two friends were, they were standing on either side of the recliner. Both of them were staring down at my sleeping mother rubbing their cocks through their pants.

“You don’t have the balls.” Whispered Mike.

“You don’t either.” Said Bobby.

“Do it touch one of her tits.” Mike whispered again.

“All right.” Bobby whispered back.

I could see his hand tremble and shake as he reached down and placed his hand on one of her breasts lightly. My mom is a very sound sleeper, or at least according to her and dad it took a lot to wake her up once she was asleep. Then Mike reached down and gently squeezed her other breast, they were both feeling up my mom’s big tits. I should stop them came into my mind, which was quickly pushed away by watch and see what they do next.

“Watch out.” Bobby whispered to Mike.

“What, oh shit dude.” He giggled.

“Shhh, asshole.” Mike shushed him.

Mike had reached down to the hem of her shirt and gently worked on sliding it up, he wanted to look at her bare breasts. With tightness of the blouse she had worn tonight and the size of her large tits he had to work at this for several minutes. She helped him a little when she shifted position in the large recliner and slid down a little bit. After about ten minutes of trying him finally slid the blouse up over her tits, they both looked down in awe at the sight.

They were magnificent looking, like two towering mountains, her nipples starting to harden with the exposure of cooler air to them. They both looked back over at me to make sure I was still sleeping and then back down at my mother’s tits. I had felt a bit ashamed of myself letting these two take advantage of my mother and also at the fact my own cock was now rock hard in my pants.

Mike being the bolder of the two leaned down and put his mouth around one of her nipples, he swirled his pink tongue around it gently. Then he gave it a light gentle squeeze with his hand and then he gave it a gentle suckle. I could hear his mouth pop off of it when he stopped sucking on it.

“Try it dude.” He said to Bobby. “They are so nice and big, firm too.”

“All right.” Said Bobby.

Bobby leaned down and did the same thing Mike had done a moment ago, he licked and suckled my sleeping mother’s tit. Then they both were doing it at the same time, then I heard my beautiful mother moan aloud, they both stopped what they were doing each of them with a tit in their mouth.

“Oh Mark, not tonight, I was really busy and I’m tired.” She said not waking up.

Wow she was dreaming about my dad, she probably thought it was he trying to wake her up for sex or something. They both continued to manipulate her tits, her nipples were so erect they could probably break glass or something.

My Mom’s legs were now slightly spread and Mike noticed this and reached down between her legs and began to rub her crotch through the material of her jeans. He was surprisingly vigorous as he did it, he either had to be really stupid or really horny.

Then he got even bolder, he left her tit and he went down to her waist, he worked on getting her jeans undone. Finally he got them undone and unzipped, he tried to push his had down into her panties.

“Oh Mark, you are making me so fucking wet.” My mother moaned aloud.

Mike and Bobby could not believe what they were hearing, neither could me, they both stopped what they were doing and pulled their cocks out. They were masturbating as fast as they could, finally both of they shot cum all over my mother and the recliner.

“Oh shit.” muttered Bobby.

“We should get out of here.” Said Mike in a panic.

The two of them quickly put their deflated cocks back in their pants and got out of the house, I was dumbfounded at what I had just witnessed yet my own cock needed some relief. So I pulled it out and began to stroke it up and down. The whole time looking at my mother’s still naked tits and my friend’s cum still sticking onto her body.

My mother looked directly at me and then at all of the cum all over her naked tits and stomach, she looked really angry and confused. Then she reached down and pulled her blouse the rest of the way off using it to wipe the scum from her body.

“You little bastard you let your friends do this to me and now you sit and jerk off looking at your own mother. Get out of here, Now!” She shouted to emphasize her anger.

Putting my cock back into my pants I ran out of the living room and upstairs to the bedroom, I lay in the dark waiting for the sound of my mother’s footsteps to come upstairs. Soon enough I heard them, then I heard her go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. She came out of the shower and went into her bedroom and shut the door.

I was hoping that she would go to bed and deal with me in the morning, so I tried to get to sleep and put the whole erotic site out of my mind. Instead all I could see was my mom’s great tits and my friends having their way with them. A knock at my door only meant one thing my mom was going to bitch at me some more. I covered up and then I heard the door slowly creak open, my mom stood in the doorway in the oversized football jersey she wore as a nightgown. I could see her tits sway back en forth seductively as she entered the room and sit down on my bed.

“Chris’ we need to talk.” She said.

“I’m so sorry mom for what I let them do to you and for what I did.” He said hoping she would forgive him.

“Well I won’t tell your Dad what happened, but first things in the morning you will tell Bobby and Mike they are not welcome around here and you will not be hanging out with them anymore, understand.” She explained to my relief.

“Yes Ma’am.” I said weakly.

“Now about what you were doing, you do know what you did was wrong, very wrong dear.” She said in a calm motherly tone.

“Yes I know it was.” I said softly.

“Why did you do what you did then?” She asked.

“I have never seen you like that, you looked so beautiful, I just could not control myself.” I said.

“Well it was very wrong Chris, you need to get those dirty thoughts of me out of your mind and what your friends did was wrong and I hope you will never ever do anything that nasty to a woman.” She said getting off of my bed. “Now try and get some sleep.”

With that she left my room, I could not help but to stare at her ass as she left my bedroom and go back to her own room. I laid in bed for two hours, I masturbated once and then found my cock still hard as a rock with images of my mother in my mind. I got out of bed figuring I would go downstairs and watch television when I noticed my mother’s bedroom door was ajar.

I wanted to look at my mother again and figured that if it worked for my two friends I should be able to touch her as well. I know the alarms in my head should have been going off right now, but the hardness of my cock overwhelmed me. I crept into her room, to the side of her bed where she lay sleeping, I let out a gasp when I saw she was on her back and the football jersey nightgown was off.

Her large milky white tits were out in the open for me to view and she wore a black lace thong. My mother wears thongs, I was both shocked and pleasantly pleased, I looked down at how beautiful she looked sleeping. Her tits heaved as her pinkish brown nipples were slightly erect in the night air, her flat stomach, her black lace thong, her shapely legs, muscular from exercise on a regular basis.

I pretty much started to reenact what my friends did, gently playing with her tits, gently teasing her nipples. They were right her tits were still nice and firm, I played with them for several minutes feeling them harden to my touch.

“Oh Mark baby I missed you so much.” She moaned and seductively arched her back to my touch.

Holy shit, she was dreaming about my father, now I got bolder and ran my hand down her flat stomach, to get better access I dropped down to my knees. I slid my hand easily into the thong she wore and was shocked again by my mother. Her pussy was bare and smooth, not one bit of hair, my mom shaves her pussy echoed in my mind.

Then I found her pussy lips and gently pushed them apart with my fingers, gently I rubbed her pussy. I could smell the musky scent of it and feel it starting to get wetter and wetter with more manipulation. I sucked on one of her large tits and at the same time I continued to rub her pussy, but what I really wanted to do was see what her pussy looked like. So I stopped and eased myself onto her bed between her legs and spread them. I gently pulled the crotch of the thong over to reveal her lightly brown pussy lips and her pink pussy.

“Oh yes Mark, what is you waiting for, yes babies.” She moaned breaking the silence of the night.

I leaned down and ran my tongue up her slit several times, getting some of my mothers pussy juice on it. Then I ran it over her clit, her body tensed up for a moment then relaxed, she let out a soft whimper. I then began a more vigorous assault onto her clit with my tongue, then I eased two fingers easily into pussy. Here I was eating and fingering my sleeping mother’s pussy, while is dreaming that my father had returned from his trip.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming oh Mark I’m cumming for you. Yes, oh yes gods yes oh don’t stop. Oh make me cum baby oh yes.” She moaned over and over again. “Yesssssssssss”

Then to my shock and horror my mother’s eyes shot open, she looked down at me, they were glassy in appearance, probably from a combination of sleep and her horny state. She reached down and tried to push me away, my hormonal instinct took over or maybe something we inherited from our caveman days. I stopped licking my mother’s clit and let her orgasm subside, I continued to lick the juice of her cum from her slit.

With one hand to push her hands away from me and the other to use the weight of my body to hold hers down. I wanted to fuck her now, I was not going to stop as she was now begging me to do, instead I reached down for a moment to get my hard cock out of my undershorts. Then I slid my body up hers, positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and shoved it in. My mother let out a loud grunt as I did this, I could not believe how warm and inviting her tight pussy was.

“No Chris gets it out of me, please stop and go back to your room.” She sobbed hitting me with both of her hands on my shoulders.

I grabbed her hands and held them by the wrist, I put them up over her head and began to slowly fuck my cock in and out of my mother. She still tried to thrash her body to no avail against the weight of my body.

“Please Chris stops, oh stop fucking me, stop fucking your mother.” She sobbed.

“I can’t stop mothers, once I saw you I have to have you, have you.” I grunted as I begin to thrust faster and harder into her pussy.

Gradually as I continued to fuck her, I could hear her stop asking me to stop, I could feel her stop fighting. I could now feel her legs slide up the back of my body and wrap tightly around my waist, was she accepting this and enjoying it. I let go of her arms, and I use one hand to prop myself up and the other to squeeze one of her beautiful tits. I lean down and begin to lick its nipple, then I look up and see my mother looking down at me her eyes glazed over again.

I pull myself up so we are face to face and then I lean down and kiss her on the mouth, soon our tongues are intertwined. I can feel her soft moans reverberate into my mouth as I continued to fuck my mother.

“I will have you mom.” I whisper to her as I continue to fuck her.

“Yes son, take me, fuck me, gods I’m so horny with what you and your friends have done to me tonight.” She whispered back.

I fuck my mother for several more minutes in the missionary position, bringing her to several more orgasms as I do this. Then I roll off of her and get her up onto all fours, I fuck her doggie style, my mom starts going wild. She used one hand to hold herself up and the other to reach down and rub her clit. Again the joys of youth, I think I must have fucked my mother like this for fifteen minutes, I still have not cum yet so I pull out.

I lay down on my back and my mother climbs on top of my cock and starts to ride me, but I use one hand to play with her round ass, the other alternating from tit to tit. Soon enough she is cumming again and now I can feel my cum shoots into her unprotected pussy. She collapsed on top of me, but we both stay in each other’s arms to recover. Then she rolls off of me and we both fall asleep, with me holding her in my arms, spooning together.

We sleep for a few hours, I can now see the light of dawn coming into her bedroom window, I can also feel my cock hardening again. I reach down and grab my mother’s leg and lift it up, I push my hard cock into her still wet pussy. My cock slides in very easy as I can feel my cum and her juices sloshing around. My mother now wakes up and helps me hold her leg up so I can get better penetration to her pussy.

“Oh christ baby, I have not been fucked this long in a long time.” She said to me. “Oh fuck. I’m cumming again.”

My mother came again and again as I continued to fuck her from the side, hearing her moaning and mewing was too much for me and once again I shot another load of my thick creamy sperm into her.

As we lay in bed together, I could see some of my cum crimping out of her pussy, we decided to talk. She explained to me it must have been a combination of the absence of my dad this weekend, the hard muscular wrestlers and how my friends treated her like she was some kind of sex object made her so horny last night.

“We have until noon for your father to come home, but we really must stop this.” She said. “Besides I think your brother and sister will be home around ten.”

“Yeah I need to take a shower, and I love you Mom.” I said to kiss her and getting out of bed.

“I love you too.” She answered.

I was in the shower for about ten minutes when I heard the shower door open, I turned and saw my naked mother getting in. She did not say anything, she just looked at me and gave me a passionate kiss. Then she kissed her way down my chest and then she took my semi hard cock into her mouth lovingly she sucked it until get got fully hard again.

My beautiful mother licked and sucked my cock with a wild passionate abandon, she was one hell of a good cocksucker. She alternated from licking and sucking my shaft, to licking and sucking my balls. Then I took some body wash and squirted down between her cleavage, my mom took the hint, as I leaned against the wall of the shower she wrapped her tits around my cock. I tit fucked my mother for a few minutes. Then I pulled her up from the floor of the tub and turned her around. She put her hands up against the wall of the shower. I dumped part of the body wash on my cock and got my cock very soapy.

My mother turned and looked over her shoulder what was taking me so long to fuck her again. Then she saw what I was lining up to do, she saw I was getting ready to push my cock up into her ass.

“No, Chris even your father has not done that.” She said.

“Well I’m not Dad.” I said push my cock into her ass.

I got the head of it in, my mother did not resist either, she let out a loud painful grunt, then I gently pushed the rest of my cock into her tight asshole. Slowly I pushed it into her until it was all the way into the hilt, then I slowly pumped it in and out of her, I reached around her roughly squeezing her tits. Then I started to fuck her ass harder and harder as her ass became accustomed to the intrusion of my cock, at the same time both mother and son came harder than either of them ever had in their lives, together.

Before Dad got home we both promised each other that neither of this will ever mention this again. My mother went back to being the faithful, sexy loving wife and mother she was before this weekend. I myself have become obsessed with my mother’s beautiful body and the hot nasty sex we had together. My poor mother thinks that I put this chapter out of my head in her return to normalcy, no mother, now I spend every minute of every day plotting to have you again. I want to ruin my mother for my father, so I can have my mother all to myself. Part of my plan is to continue having my friends over, young and muscular, flirting with her, dropping innuendoes. The other part is when I can have her again, is to plant my incestuous seed into her, making her pregnant. Dad will leave her for sure, he had a vasectomy a while back and will not want to raise his slut wife’s bastard child.

Oh mother in due time we will lay again in your marital bed and I will once again fuck you over and over until you are mine.

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