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Back Home

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I was home again. I had to wait two years to drive around my both loved and hated adopted hometown. There were so many things to do, places to go, old friends to see, memories to reclaim. A whole week flew by before I managed to see Linda.

I was sure that it’d be as if we’d never parted. I was looking forward to a quiet evening at her house, eating one of her wonderful dishes, drinking red wine, chatting with her and her boyfriend Ron. I couldn’t wait to see his two kids and see if I could still recognise them.

And so it was. I was invited around, everyone glad to see each other again. She had lost so much weight I could hardly recognised her. It had never occurred to me asking that when she told me by email that she had been sick quite often the previous year. Then again, what I remembered -and matter the most- about her the most was her deliciously wicked sense of humour, our closeness –before she declared her love for me, and her drilling flirting with me.

Even before dinner was served, it was just like as if I had been there the week before. She was again flirting with me – in fact, it was more than flirting. Right from the second she first saw me, she wouldn’t stop saying how good I looked –and she really meant it. Ron patiently laughed and ignored his wife’s blatant flirting with me. After all, he knew neither of us –especially not me- would do anything beyond talking.

I had a fantastic time, and couldn’t wait to come back again. We made sketchy plans for the weekend –maybe we could all go walking and have a picnic somewhere.

On Friday Linda called me to say there had been a change of plans. They had forgotten that it was Ron’s ex-wife’s birthday, and that we would be taking the kids over around mid afternoon. They had agreed that Linda could meet me, have lunch or something.

So we did. The weather was just perfect: sunny, hot without being unbearable, not a cloud in sight. We decided to take a drive around, and then have lunch somewhere outdoors.

I left my hired car at her house, and right from the moment she saw me, the flirting started again. I usually refrained from flirting back, fearing that she’d still harbour feelings for me, but after a short while, I decided it was just harmless fun. Besides, the hot weather, the joy of being back and the light-headed mood were making me feel quite reckless.

As we sat down for lunch, the verbal flirting had become now physical. We laughed at the poor waiter, who kept watching us tease each other and laugh, ready to drop his tray anytime. The flirting never went beyond lewd smiles, slight touches of fingers way too high the thighs. In fact, it was all perfectly innocent fun.

Or so that is what I thought until I went to the toilet just before our coffees arrived. I was totally drenched, my sex so sensitive that the second I pulled my panties down, the mid-summer air felt cold against my skin. For a brief moment I thought of taking the matter into my own hands, but why spoil the fun? I freshened up a bit. Sometime during the short process, and before I could think whether I should or not, I took my panties off. I put my loose shorts back on, stuffed the panties in the pocket and walked back into the restaurant.

I felt I was gliding between the tables. Linda’s eyes found me, and she smiled –happy, admiringly. It was like old times –before we parted long before I left. The coffees arrived and we didn’t stop talking or laughing for a minute, although I had become quite distracted with the heat, the tenderness of my sex. Any small movement made the rough cotton of the shorts brush lightly my thighs or the short curls higher up. It was as if sitting on a live wire.

Linda realised something was happening.

‘What have you done?’

I grinned mischievously and said nothing.

‘Come on, tell me?’

‘No, I’ll get in trouble…’

‘I love trouble. Especially when you’re it. Tell me’. The last two words came out as a hoarse whisper, a command.

‘See for yourself. My short pocket’

She reached out, and when she took her hand out and saw my g-string, she gasped. For a second she stopped breathing, and I felt my heart pulsating right in the middle of my sex.

‘You are evil’

I gave her my best mock-angelical smile and sat back on the chair.

For a minute or two, she kept the panties in her fist, and looked down. Then she raised her head towards the waiter and signed an invisible bill mid-air.

‘We better go home now. I need a cold shower urgently. You may even have to drive’ I laughed out loud, thinking I had finally outdone her.

Eventually she drove. The sun was already beginning to lose its grip, and the air came like a caress through the open windows.

I didn’t want to go back to her house. Not to Ron, not to two screaming kids. Not like this. I realised I had gone too far, and that I’d have to return to my brother’s house in an awfully frustrated state. But we still had a half an hour drive, and since the music was playing, I decided to have one last dance.

This time I didn’t do anything. I simply sat back, my legs slightly parted –with my left knee almost touching the gear stick. I wanted to see –needed to see- if she’d dare to really touch me.

She did. As we reached a busy commercial street, the traffic lights kept making us stop. The first two times, she changed back to first avoiding my knee. The third, however, she warned me.

‘Better get that leg out of my way. I might misbehave’

‘Really? What would you do?’


She run her fingernails very slowly up the inside of my thigh, all the way from my knee to the spot where the car behind blew its horn, and a rough male scream politely asked to move out of the fucking way.

The next red traffic light we met, she leaned over slightly to my side.

‘I think I left something here’

Her fingertips brushed my thigh, from the outside in, until her fingers were almost underneath the edge of my shorts.

‘Are you sure? I don’t see it’. I tried to sound playful but all I managed was a low whisper.

‘Yes, you’re right. I should look more carefully’

She took her hand away and changed to first gear, and pulled forward. At the next street, she took a right turn. I realised she was taking the long way home, and my stomach dropped, melting as it hit my legs.

She let the car in second gear, easy along the empty tree-lined street.

‘So, where do you think it might be?’

Her fingers retraced her steps, and reached the seam of my shorts. I opened my legs slowly, as if casually, allowing her all the room she needed to do whatever she wanted to.

Her fingertips moved terribly slowly, gaining a centimetre and going back half. My legs started trembling quite visibly. I looked at her looking at the road, her lips open, her face tense.

‘What do we have here…?’ She took her hand away and I gasped when I realised what had happened. She was rubbing her thumb against her index and middle finger; the fingertips were glowing with my wetness.

I hoped she’d park, return to where she’d left me and rescue me, but she didn’t. She simply put her hand back where it was, and I felt the cold of my unrestrained juices being painted on small circles all over my skin.

I couldn’t pretend any longer. My breathing was louder that the engine and the moans freed themselves one after the other. I grabbed her right wrist, but she wouldn’t move her hand closer or faster. I gave in.

Her fingers got closer, and made first contact with my drench hair. She run the back of her fingers over it, and that very slight movement felt like an earthquake on my clit. I could have come right there, but I held on. I bit my lip, closed my eyes and somehow to beg her to park the car.

She drove on for a while longer, and then she stopped alongside a high wall. I recognised the back of high school in her neighbourhood –now empty of students.

She took her hand away, and turned over to me.

‘I want you to see what I found’

She took my left hand, and moved it over to my damp, sticky thigh. I was utterly flooded.

‘I want to see you touching yourself’. Her voice was so sexual I felt dizzy.

I looked at her parted lips, her tongue barely touching the inside of her lips, her breasts pushing her shirt rapidly, her eyes transfixed following each movement of my hand.

I did the best I could without spoiling it all by bursting in the orgasm I desperately needed.

I stopped.

‘Enough. Kiss me’. I had regained some control, and my words came out clearly, strongly.

She leaned forward and I took her lower lip between mine. I licked it until she moaned, then slipped my tongue in, meeting hers. My hands reached out under her loose shirt. I barely stopped until I reached her breasts. Then I stopped and circled the soft roundness avoiding direct contact with her nipples.

I lifted her bra and took my hand away without breaking the kiss. She protested and I pulled away, smiling in silence. I slid my fingers to my sex, and returned to her breast. This time, I touched the nipple on the tip, spreading my sticky juices over it. She threw her head back, her mouth wide open in a silent scream.

I leaned closer.

‘I want to feel your fingers inside of me. Now’

I threw the sit back two notches and slid back on the seat, my legs wide open, the skin shining clearly in the fading daylight.

Her eyes met mine, half closed, watery with lust. Her fingers reached my leg and slowly made their way to the over under my shorts.

She run her fingertips through my soft, trimmed bush and finally reached the engorged lips. I felt the pulsations racking me inside. I closed my eyes and felt the fingers sliding in through and past the folds, one at a time. They stopped, drew a slow circle right on the entrance of my canal and slid them right inside, curving them until she found my g-spot. I shook into a near-foetal position.

‘Undress me. I want my sex naked for you’

She took her fingers away from inside of me, just as painfully slowly as they had gone in. She opened the button, lowered the zip, and together we slid my shorts down.

‘Oh. God’ She was panting like I would have, hadn’t I been gagged by the desire to feel those fingers inside of me again.

She entered me again, this time with the middle finger, while the palm of her hand massaged my clit. She drew them right out, running her fingers through the folds until reaching the clit, and returned right inside, over and over again.

‘Make me come. Please’

She left a couple of fingers inside while her thumb teased my clit. I felt the heat rising, flooding my face, my insides freezing and then exploding wave after wave, drenching her hand, the seat.

She kept caressing my sex softly, until all the spasms were gone.

I was too weak to move, too spent to be in any condition to turn to her. She kissed me softly, deeply, her tongue caressing the contour of my lips and tongue. At last she gave me a soft peck, and pulled back. Her face was so beautiful, beaming with a devoted peace, flushed with lust.

I reached over and touched her leg. She stopped me gently, and then guided my hand over to her sex, under her skirt.

Her panty was completely soaked. I slid a finger underneath and she was so incredibly hot and smooth. I reached her opening and flicked my finger right there. She started shaking, and I slid my finger to her clit without having entered in her. I circled it gently, barely moving my fingers, the wet panties sticking to the back of my hand. I pulled the panties to one side and this time I reached as deep inside of her as my long fingers could, feeling the rough recesses of her sex, the bumps, the sticky river running through. I pressed on her clit, and her hips rose to increase the pressure. I left my palm and fingers work her rhythm, and put my lips next to her ear.

‘I want to taste you, lick you all over, inside. I want you to taste how you come in my mouth’

I didn’t have the time. That very instant she exploded around my fingers, the contractions massaging my finger, caressing it, squeezing it.

I kept moving my fingers around inside of her very slowly, waking up little contractions in their path, until she guided my hand outside of her, and into her own hands.

She put her forehead of my shoulder.

‘You better cover yourself. I’m in enough trouble as is.’

We laughed and let the world back into focus.

The sun was almost gone, the last golden orange rays caressing the rooftops and tree-tops.

It feels so good to be back home.

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