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Who’s Your Daddy?

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All his life Tom has been haunted by one single concept more than any other. Like most men, he has a soft spot in his heart for romance (but please don’t let our secret out). However, also like most men, romance alone doesn’t usually “stoke the furnace”…at least not the way it does for most women. This “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” rule of the universe has always seemed to be God’s little joke on the procreating men and women of this crazy little planet of ours. And so has it been for Tom.

He has always known that women love romance, and that many of them are quite turned on by it. So, he’s always done his best to see that his women have had more than enough romantic moments and events to get their juices flowing. However, what always turned his women on, didn’t necessarily do the same for him. After many a romantic evening, when his current woman was feeling warm and loving, the inevitable would follow. However, though the romance of the evening would bring out a desire for sweet, warm, loving sex on his lady’s part…sadly, it didn’t have the same effect on him. The romance was only the kindling. Once the flames began to burn, the desire was not for softness and sensuality…but for raw, unbridled passion. Whether straight or kinky, Tom liked his sex straight up and with no apologies. In short, romance would start the sequence, but without hot, nasty shenanigans….there would be no liftoff. And since many women didn’t understand this…or wish to comply with it…liftoff seldom occurred in his sad and lonely life. But, even though such was the case, and it was depressing in itself, Tom knew deep down that he was a molten, volcanic lover. He just needed the right woman. Unfortunately, that woman was hard…very hard…to find.

But miracles do happen. And so it was that he met Lisa. One day while checking out old movie stills at a major, out of state sci-fi convention, he bumped into – literally – the woman who would become the final, green “go” button in his quest for that ever elusive liftoff.

He was just backing away from a dealer’s table, forcing himself to battle back the urge to buy several one sheets from PSYCHO, SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN and THE CRAWLING EYE, when his backside collided with another, eliciting a feminine “Oh!” from someone directly behind him.

Realizing immediately that he’d touched bottoms with a female of the species, he had his apology prepared before he had even completely turned around. But, when he came face to face with the owner of the cheeks his had just tried to get to know, her smile disarmed him. Her eyes had a devilish twinkle in them. Her full lips seemed to hide something behind their smile. With her head cocked to one side, she spoke before he had a chance to.

“Well,” she said, “I think that could’ve been done better.”

Tom smiled wryly, slightly taken aback, and replied, “Um…I’m sor….uh…what could’ve been done better?”

“The fanny bump, silly. If you’re going to attack my behind with yours, at least do it slower so we both can enjoy it. You know, take your time and savor it.” She winked and smiled. Her eyes danced and sparkled. Before Tom could reply, she whirled and walked away. As she moved away from him, Tom’s eyes zeroed in on the bottom that had just introduced itself to his. Those round globes appeared to be trying to break free of the jeans that held them prisoner. It was a nice, cute, round bottom, and it bounced ever so sweetly…though, he noted with a sigh, it was definitely headed in the wrong direction. Just as he was musing about how pleasant those cheeks would be to spank and ride, the woman turned and caught him smiling at her ass. She stopped momentarily, as if inviting him to say something or pursue her, but then turned and continued moving away.

When Tom turned back to the one sheet dealer, he felt the edge of the table brushing up against his crotch. Looking down, he was embarrassed to see that he had an erection, and it was that telltale bulge which was bumping up against the edge of the table. Smiling, he wondered if he’d had the erection when the woman glanced back at him…and even moreso he wondered if she noticed. But most of all, if she did notice it, was that why she hesitated as if she wanted to know him, or was it the reason she ultimately turned away? Questions, questions.

Try as he did not to, Tom spent entirely too much at the convention. His will power succumbed to the temptation of so many wonderful collectibles and memorabilia. Apparently, he was as weak with his collecting habits as he was in his inability to curb his extreme sexual needs. Oh, well, he thought, “I yam what I yam”. He chuckled at yet another example of his own preoccupation with all things in the field of entertainment and animation. Gathering up his booty in his arms, he trudged out of the dealers’ room and headed for his lonely hotel room.

Other conventioneers – Trekkies, gore-hounds, anime and animation fans, classic horror aficionados and just plain freaks – were crammed into the one working elevator at the North end of the lobby. It was a tight fit, but Tom didn’t want to wait for the elevator to drop off its human cargo and then return. He had too many valuable prizes in his hands, a few of which were trying valiantly to escape his desperate grasp. So, into the sardine-like environment he went, doing his best to protect his treasures from the pressing bodies.

Two floors later, and with the elevator lighter by half its weight in bodies, Tom noticed that about three feet away from him was the woman with the lush derriere that he’d bumped into earlier. He decided to talk to her, see if maybe there was some chemistry there after all. But, as he stepped nearer to her and opened his mouth to speak, fate stepped in. One of his new collectors’ acquisitions decided to make a break for freedom.

With Tom’s mouth open to begin introducing himself, a framed, autographed 8 X 10 photo of Boris Karloff in THE OLD DARK HOUSE slipped from his grasp and threatened to fall shattering to the floor. In a fit of panic, he lunged for the photo as it rushed floorward. The photo was content to cradle itself in the crook of his bent arm and nestle comfortably there, apparently unwilling to die a shattering death. But Tom’s clutching hand was not privy to this information until it was much too late.

As yet unaware that the photo had arrested its own fall, Tom’s grasping fingers continued along on the picture’s previous trajectory and squeezed where they thought the photo would be when they got there. MIssing the instigating photo by a mile, their prize instead turned out to be the woman’s understandably surprised bottom. At one time hoping to explore possibilities with this woman, Tom was now embarrassed to realize that, clutching her left cheek as he was, those possibilites were rapidly fading into unrealized hopes.

To make matters worse, when he realized what he’d done, Tom froze…with his fingers still squeezing butt cheek. Mortified, he was looking dumbly at the woman as she quite rapidly whirled to face him. His eyes were the size of golf balls and his jaw was dropped, hanging comically even lower than the jaw of the Scream character in the movie of the same name. The woman’s impression of him as she looked at him was that if he was a pervert, he was certainly a stupid one. But her angry, slitted eyes softened when she saw who it was. By this time, others in the elevator had noticed the commotion and were looking on, interestedly…or maybe with amused anticipation. Surely, they thought, this woman was going to bludgeon the fanny-groping perv.

Thankfully for Tom, he did not receive a pummeling in the elevator. Chances are, the woman’s fists would have simply glanced off of him anyway, such was the profuse amount of sweat that was accumulating all over Tom’s body. It was a tiny miracle in itself that there wasn’t a pool of it around his feet.

“You can let go now,” was all the woman quietly said. Once again, her smile disarmed him. His sweating stopped, and his eyes and jaw returned to normal. Somewhat reluctantly, his fingers released her buttock. The other occupants of the elevator sighed with disappointment and turned back to staring at the opening and closing doors. Sadly, though there was some brief entertainment, there would be no perv-bashing today.

The woman continued, still in a soft, quiet voice, “But at least you did take my advice…sort of. Unlike the quick bump in the dealers’ room, at least this time you savored my butt. You really have quite a grip there, sport.”

“I’m….so….soooooo….sorry,” Tom stammered, finally able to swallow and speak.

“Sorry about what? You obviously liked my ass when you saw it earlier, and you finally got up the nerve to go for it. I just wish you didn’t squeeze it so hard.” She smiled slyly as she rubbed her cheek.

“Well…I mean…I wasn’t trying to…It was my Karloff photo…I didn’t want it to….I mean…honest…I wouldn’t….”

The woman laughed, winking and saying, “Sure, sport…you didn’t want to touch my ass, did you? No, you just stared at it like you wanted to jump it in the dealer room, and now this little grab maneuver of yours was completely an accident, right? Come on,hon….I wasn’t born yesterday.” She was clearly enjoying herself at his expense.

“I swear!” Tom blurted. The entire conversation was eliciting low chuckles from the other riders in the elevator, some of whom had stayed on past their floors, just to listen and see the outcome.

“Yeah, yeah,” the woman continued, “Look…if you want to play with my ass, just say so. But, be honest about it. I can live with that. I can even accept a little playful grope, but just admit you did it on purpose.”

Tom looked around at the other people, all of them smirking and laughing into their hands. All right, he thought, if I’m not going to get credit for honesty, I’ll give them all a show…even cute butt here. She’ll be sorry she embarrassed me. Oh, yeah.

“All right,” he said, “I confess. When I saw that butt of yours wiggling away from me in the dealers’ room, I was devastated. I wanted to jump you right there. I wanted to throw you on the ground and squeeze and bite your ass. Yup…I wanted to rip your clothes off and see what your naked cheeks taste like. And then I wanted to go even further…maybe spank those cheeks, among other things. So there…I admit it. I grabbed your ass because I couldn’t bear not to at least fondle it if I can’t do anything else to it. So, what’re you gonna do…call hotel security?” All the embarrassment and shame of the moment boiled up inside him in the form of defiance. He didn’t care at that point what ANYONE in the elevator thought.

That disarming smile again snuck across the woman’s lips. This time, her tongue could be seen dancing just inside her cheek. That earlier twinkle returned to her pretty eyes. Again she cocked her head to one side. Again quietly, she said, “What’s your name, fanny groper?”

Tom was too busy seething with righteous – though humiliated – rage to understand the question at first. But when he finally did, he stammered, “Tom…I’m Tom.” He looked confused, as if he had no clue what his name had to do with anything.

“Well, Tom, I like your candor. I think you’re kinda cute, and I like the way you pursue what you want. Now, do you really want to get acquainted with my ass? Is what you just said true, or were you only babbling?”

“Okay, I’ve seen enough,” one of the other passengers said. “Me too,” another said with a chuckle, “I’m outta here.” That being the general consensus of opinion, the elevator cleared out in the next two floors. Apparently, two people possibly getting it on was too common and mundane to be of interest…certainly not as entertaining as an angry woman beating the snot out of a pervert. So, the fun was over, and off they went to their respective rooms, not giving the encounter another thought.

“Well,” Tom admitted, “I was kinda babbling…but the basic sentiment was true.”

“Really? Well, Tom, I’m flattered. Actually, I rather like your ass, too. You have a nice, full ass…one I might enjoy playing with, too. Besides, you owe me the chance to grope your ass, just like you groped mine. Fair’s fair.”

Tom was now beginning to warm up to things….to possibilities. “Well,” he said, “I have to admit that your ass is the kind I’d like to play with for a while. But, I don’t know if you’d like me much. I’m way too kinky for most women.” His mouth produced a wry smile and his eyes looked almost puppyish.

“Mmmmm…my middle name is ‘kinky’. I have no problem with that. I’m Lisa, by the way.”

“Hi, Lisa. Nice to meet you. But I mean….well….I’m sorry, but, well….romantic sex just doesn’t do it for me. I need kinky, hot and nasty sex. I’m sorry if that sounds as sick to you as it does to me, but….”

“Tom, honey…I love nasty.”

Tom stopped his apologetic rambling. He grinned from ear to ear. For the first time since he clumsily pawed Lisa’s bottom, his mind was beginning to rearrange itself. He saw the possibilities much more clearly now. And what deliciously kinky possibilities they were. But what he couldn’t see, was that Lisa had a few ideas of her own as to what those possibilities could be. Yes, her own ideas…ideas that Tom might not be prepared for.

Thinking he’d better act before the opportunity was gone, he leered at Lisa and asked bluntly, “Your room or mine?” It was forty percent joking, and sixty percent serious, and he certainly didn’t think she would go for it. At best he expected her to smile and shake her head…maybe tease him a little, but ultimately balk at even the suggestion that they actually become physically entwined in any way. He was pleasantly surprised by her response.

“Oh….definitely mine, Tom. I’m always prepared just in case I have a sweaty encounter with a sweet, pervy guy like you,” she replied, not missing a beat. It was as if Tom’s lecherous come-on was not only expected, but quite welcome. Lisa turned to face the door, watching the lighted floor indicator blink from floor to floor. She backed up so that she was only inches away from Tom’s collectible-laden chest, even though the elevator was empty except for her, him, and his precious memorabilia.

The ride up the next several floors was quiet, the two of them breathing heavily but not speaking. When the doors opened on the twentieth floor, Lisa said, “My floor, hon. You sure you want to go ahead with this? After all, I might be kinkier than you.”

Boldly, Tom replied, “Lisa, I meant what I said about pouncing on your ass. I’m getting hot just thinking about your buns outside of those jeans.” He was amazed at his own boldness. He was never a shy man, but this was out and out lascivious behavior…not like him at all.

“Uh huh. Me too..thinking about yours.” She reached up and circled her arms around his neck, giving him a quick peck on the lips. She then moved to his side and brought her hands down and squeezed his ass…both cheeks…firmly and without guilt. She slowly fondled them, as if she had every right to. She smiled an approving smile. “Mmm…just as I thought. Great buns, sport.

“Oh, and by the way,” she added as the elevator doors hissed open and she led him out into the corridor, “did you mean that little comment about spanking my ass? Is that something on your agenda, Tom?” Her eyes twinkled.

“Actually,” he replied, adjusting his tenuous grasp on his purchased goodies, “yes. I’m kind of into spanking a nice bottom.”

“Hmmm..” she returned, “and when my cheeks are all hot and pink and burning…will you rub and kiss them to make them all better?”

“Of course,” Tom replied, the bulge in his pants beginning anew.

“And lick them, too….thoroughly….no stone unturned?” she sighed, stopping to nibble his earlobe.

“Um….oh, yeah,” he sighed in return, the bulge tightening his pants considerably.

“Mmmmmmmmm……wonderful. Then come along. Let’s get to my room quickly, shall we?”

When they finally reached Lisa’s room, Tom was about to drop his treasures. Lisa opened the door quickly, watching his awkward entrance into the room with amusement. He rushed over to the first thing he saw, the bed, and dropped one collector’s piece after another, until his arms were empty. Lisa sauntered slowly up behind him. As he rubbed his arms, sore from trying to squeeze his previous cargo to keep it from falling, she came up close to him and once again began squeezing his buns.

“Very nice,” she said, smiling up at him, her eyes twinkling with a most delicious look in them.

“Thank you,” he said, “they’re not great, but they’ll do.”

“I beg to differ,” she replied. “I’d be happy to suck on those cheeks, honey. Why not get these bothersome old jeans off and let me have a taste? Of course, fair IS fair, and I’d do likewise.”

“That ALL you wanna suck? My cheeks?” He smirked.

“Tom, Tom, Tom….you know not to whom you speak. I can suck your cheeks AND your cock…over and over and over again. Now,” she suggested, pressing the tip of her index finger against the tip of his nose, “how ’bout you strip and I’ll see which I should suck first?”

“Sure…but I want to see your ass….and your…well…your pussy….too. As you said, fair is fair.”

Lisa smiled defiantly, turning her back to him as she slowly removed her blouse. Next, her back still to him, she took off her bra. She kicked off her sandals and stopped briefly, looking down at her feet with a smile. She held out one foot and wiggled her toes, as if admiring them. When Tom saw this, he was confused but amused.

“What are you doing?” he chuckled.

“Hmm? Oh, nothing,” she replied, “I just think I have cute toes. Don’t you agree?” She held her foot out further and lifted it a bit, wiggling her toes more enthusiastically for his benefit.

“Yes,” he laughed, “your toes are very cute, Lisa.”

“Good. Then, along with my ass and pussy, you won’t mind sucking them, too?”

The question caught Tom by surprise, but he recovered quickly. The idea of sucking Lisa’s toes along with every other part of her certainly had its merits. He had no problem with it. He liked every inch of a woman’s body..and the toes were no exception. He opened his mouth to reply in the affirmative, but Lisa cut him short, turning around and saying, “And these? You’ll suck these, too, correct?” She cupped her breasts in her hands, pushing them up, squeezing them, aiming the erect nipples at him. Tom almost bit his tongue.

“Oh…oh, yeah…I’ll surely suck those…your toes too. In fact, I’ll suck any part of you you like, hon.”

“Mmmm…good. Well? What are you waiting for? Hurry up. I want to suck all of you, too.”

Tom’s fingers were like greased lightning, unbuttoning buttons that seemed to be deliberately delaying him. As he fumbled with those plastic conspirators, Lisa turned back around and started removing her pants. Slowly, teasingly, she unclasped and lowered the tight jeans. Keeping her legs unbent, she slid her pants down her legs with agonizing slowness, purposely wiggling her bottom at Tom as she did.

His hands, having finally conquered the stubborn shirt buttons, were trembling visibly as they unhooked and unzipped his jeans, his eyes cartoonishly bulging as he watched Lisa destroy every last vestige of his will power. She clearly enjoyed doing it, too, taking complete, unspoken control of his fevered psyche, watching his obviously enamored eyes fondle every curve of her ass.

Kicking her lowered jeans aside, Lisa then proceeded to tantalize the poor boy by lowering her panties even more slowly, wiggling her succulent ass from side to side as she bared it, inch by inch, to Tom’s adoring stare. As she lowered the back portion of her panties just below the rounded bottom curve of her buttocks, she left the panties there and brought her hands up to slowly, enticingly, caress her cheeks. Gyrating slowly from side to side, she even grasped those soft buns firmly and spread them ever so slightly, showing her horny captive an oh so sweet orifice he might fill for her. She tortured poor Tom for what seemed an eternity, rubbing her ass and thighs, spreading herself, jiggling playfully as she dropped her panties to the floor. She even slipped several fingers between her legs and moved them around in the pink folds of her mind-captivating sex. Tom was becoming a drooling, slobbering idiot by the time she kicked her panties in the general direction that her pants had gone.

Tom was tearing at his pants now, ripping them from his body as if they were somehow contaminated and dangerous to his health. When he finally got them to his ankles, he realized his shoes were still on, arrogantly keeping the jeans from escaping his body. He groaned, hopping backward to the bed. Leaning against an area not occupied by his purchases, he reached down and fumbled with his shoes. In his impatience to be rid of them, he tried to rip them from his feet, the idea of untying them never having occurred to him.

Naked and waiting, Lisa was amused by the sight of the bumbling, partially naked man who seemed to be at war with his clothing. She turned and walked up to him, placing her hand on his shoulder, smiling. He looked up, not with an embarrassed look, but rather with a frustrated, angry one. Continuing to smile, she said slowly and calmly, “It’s okay, Tom…let your little Lisa take care of that for you. Daddy’s little girl will get those nasty shoes off of him…and everything else, too.” Tom wasn’t expecting the “Daddy’s little girl” comment, but he didn’t care what she wanted to call herself, or him, as long as it meant some hot, nasty, dirty sex. So he smiled and gave her an approving look.

As she lowered herself to her knees, Lisa’s eyes focused on Tom’s briefs, still awaiting their removal. The promising bulge greeting her twinkling eyes began a moistening process between her own legs, and she became as eager as he to have the pants become history. But, astonishingly, she seemed calm as she untied first one, then the other, shoe…slipping them off and tossing them aside to return to the pursuit of loftier goals. She was too eager for a taste of hot, throbbing sausage to worry about his socks…at least for the time being.

The shoes now gone, Lisa eagerly removed his worn jeans. When she reached for Tom’s briefs, she realized that the position he was sitting in would hinder their removal, so she suddenly lunged forward and pushed him hard on the chest, forcing him backward onto his elbows on the bed. He was startled, but did not resist when he saw her clutching hands grabbing the waistband of his underwear and tugging at them. He lifted his bottom off the bed to make things as easy…and quick…as possible. Only his throbbing, impatient penis held things up…but only briefly, for Lisa expertly slipped his shorts over the bobbing tool. Her hands then rushed the unwanted shorts down and off his legs. With Tom finally naked, Lisa grinned up at him…first looking devilishly into his eyes, and then lowering her eyes to what she saw as a very welcome meal…a meal just as eager for her to enjoy it.

Before Tom’s skin could even realize it had been freed from clothing, his hardened shaft was already being firmly grasped in one of Lisa’s hands…the stroking already commenced. By the time his eyes focussed on Lisa, her head was bobbing between his legs. The moist warmth of her lips and tongue had already introduced itself to the head of his tool. Her tongue was expert at circling the head of his penis and playing in the slit. Her fingers squeezed first firmly, then gently along his shaft, at one point giving such a light touch that it felt like numbness creeping into the firm tissue of his throbbing muscle…a cool tingling, yet searing with heat. And then came the hot, sucking lips.

Up and down went Lisa’s stroking fingers. Up and down went her bobbing head. Tom lost all power in his upper body, and fell backwards on the bed, his left shoulder blade crashing on top of his autographed Boris Karloff photo. He didn’t care. Lisa was sucking his brain out through a very tiny slit, and all the world was wonderful. All he could do was reach weakly down with one hand and try to clutch a handful of her hair. He did, but his grip was weak indeed. Her hair bobbed lightly against his outstretched fingers, their tips never touching her scalp.

Lisa’s mouth went far down his shaft, her mouth filling with his long, hard penis. He could feel the heat and wetness of the cavern of her mouth as it slid up and down his shaft. Then she licked its entire length like a puppy happy to see its master, lapping adoringly, tongue stroking from tip to base. Long, slow licks…short, quick licks.. many, many licks…

“Oh….Daddy,” she moaned, “Your little girl is going to suck you sooooo nice. Would you like that, Daddy?” Her mouth immediately returned to its work…and pleasure.

“Oh…yes,” Tom moaned, “Daddy likes very much! You’re such a good little girl. Keep sucking for Daddy.” He seemed to be slipping into this “Daddy” routine with consummate ease.

“Mmmm…..oh, yes, Daddy…I will.”

Lisa’s mouth engaged hyperdrive. It licked hungrily, sucked mercilessly. Her fingers jiggled and stroked and squeezed his sack. It was a miracle he hadn’t cum already…but a delicious boon for both of them. Slowly going out of control from passion, Lisa thrust herself against Tom and lifted his legs, forcing him onto his back on the bed. Two of his dear horror movie one-sheets got crumpled under his other shoulder blade.

With Tom on his back, Lisa lifted his legs as high as she could. She lapped and sucked his testicles, nibbled the shaft of his cock. When she had him squirming and moaning on the wrinkling bedspread, she licked one of her fingers and slipped it behind his sack, pressing it first against that small area between his scrotum and his sphincter. Seeing it have the desired effect, she next slipped that wet finger further back, plunging it into his puckered hole. He shuddered, partially from surprise, partially from pleasure.

Lisa sucked at the sides of his cock, squeezing it with one hand as she devoured it. While she sucked first one, then the other testicle, she moved her finger in and out of his anus. She continued doing this when she again captured his throbbing erection between her hungry lips and sucked it hard, sliding her mouth up and down its length in the same mind-melting rhythm with which her finger invaded his orifice.

Tom was moaning and trembling, his breathing coming in staggered gasps. Lisa just stroked, fingered and sucked. Up and down went her hungry mouth…in and out went her probing finger. Tom began to shudder repeatedly, his moans becoming louder by the second, ultimately blending together into one long, continuous moan.

The unbelievably freaky Lisa knew he was approaching orgasm, and she wanted to share it with him. Taking the one hand off his cock, and keeping the other moving inside his ass, she reached over and found one of his feet. With little effort at all, she tore off the sock and tossed it aside. Grasping his foot tightly in her hand, she directed it between her legs and shoved it into her dripping pussy. The big toe and the one next to it entered her. She held his foot by the heel and moved it around her crotch, gyrating her slit on his toes.

Sucking his cock, fingering his ass and fucking her pussy with his toes, Lisa was now getting as close to climax as he was. They both shuddered and gasped and moaned. They were a quivering, quaking, fused mass of sighs and wet, sticky gyrations. It was sexual bliss at its kinkiest!

Tom’s back arched when his first volley burst into Lisa’s mouth. He moaned loudly, and she gasped around his spurting cock…a gasp of pure joy. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth with his creamy load. His ass cheeks clenched around her hand, but she still kept thrusting her finger into him. Only her mouth held his cock in its strong grip, but it was enough. With skill obviously borne of practice, Lisa managed to keep her mouth around his spurting muscle while she fingered his ass and used his toes to ravage her pussy.

Swallowing his creamy salvo, Lisa finally let loose herself. With a soft moan around his cock, her juices flowed from her, drenching his toes and the ball of his foot in their sticky sweetness. In an effort to get air into her lungs, she let his penis plop out of her mouth as she gasped for oxygen. As it fell from her lips, it spurt several streams of cum onto her panting face, into her hair, and over her shoulder, to dribble down her back. Eyes shut and mouth open, she felt the sticky warmth of cum, both his and her own. It was an incredible sensation.

Her own orgasm had by now completely bathed his useful foot. She was shuddering from head to toe, vibrating from her core to the tips of the hairs on her flesh. Having acquired enough air for her immediate needs, she leaned forward and began kissing and licking his still throbbing, but slightly softening tool. She kissed it adoringly, gratefully, licked it thoroughly…riding out her incredibly satisfying orgasm.

Tom, breathing heavily, lay on his back, exhausted, on the bed. His heaving chest muscles had difficulty sucking air into his burning lungs. Lisa, her orgasm subsiding to rhythmic contractions between her legs, slumped forward, still kissing his dribbling cock. Her finger slowly slipped from his sphincter. She reluctantly lowered his foot from her still trembling slit. It was soaked with her juices and her sweat, but she stroked that foot thankfully nonetheless.

It took them several minutes to recover, Tom gasping to the sky, Lisa panting into his pubic curls. After quite some time, the trembling between both masculine and feminine thighs began to subside. Circulation began to take place in other parts of their bodies besides their spent genitalia. Their brains began to function again…allowing reason and rational thought to once more reside within them. They could breathe normally again. Both were grinning from ear to ear, though even the muscles used for smiling were exhausted.

Tom spoke first. “My, oh my,” he croaked through parched lips, “Daddy’s little baby girl did very well.”

The use of the term “baby girl” seemed to please Lisa, and she smiled proudly. “Mmmm….Daddy liked Baby Girl’s present for him? Baby girl sucked him good?”

“Baby Girl sucked Daddy very, VERY good! Baby Girl is daddy’s favorite, bestest girl.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” Lisa beamed, “Baby Girl Lisa only wants to please Daddy.”

Tom sat up and smiled down at her as she still lay slumped against his calf, but now resting her cheek on his knee. He stroked her head, noting the few sticky spots where she’d been anointed with his spurting cum.

“And now Daddy wants to give his little Baby Girl a really, really nice reward.”

Lisa smiled, “Ooooh! What is it, Daddy? What do I get?”

“Well, for being such a good girl, Daddy thinks that maybe Lisa would like the nice, hard cock she just treated so nicely, to be put somewhere else? Would Baby Girl like that?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy…but where do you want to put it?”

“Right there”, he said, pointing between her legs, “Right there where Daddy’s toes were. Would my little girl like that?”

Again Lisa beamed, eyes bright like an eager puppy. “Oh, yes, Daddy….Lisa would LOVE daddy’s cock there! Oh, please put it there, Daddy? Please?!!!”

“Of course…anything for my pretty Baby Girl. But first, go over there,” he said, pointing to an area in front of the hotel room’s small, mirrored dresser, “Go over there and get on your hands and knees on the floor for Daddy”

Eagerly, Lisa complied, going to the spot and getting immediately on her hands and knees as instructed, allowing herself a wiggling tease of her bottom at Tom. “Like this, Daddy?” she asked.

“Just like that, Baby Girl…just like that.”

He got up off the bed, grinning. Slowly he walked toward her, stroking himself, making his penis stretch and harden again. Lisa wiggled again, smiling broadly. Coming up behind her, Tom got on his knees on the floor between her calves. He reached out his hands and grabbed her thighs just below her bottom, and spread her with his thumbs, letting them play briefly in the wet, pink folds of her sex. She was dripping with anticipation.

“Is my Baby Girl ready for Daddy to give her her special reward?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy…yes! Please can I have my reward now? I’ve been a really good girl!”

“That you have, Baby Girl…that you have. Okay, now…here comes Daddy’s reward for his best girl.”

As he pushed his hips up against hers, Tom sighed and thought, His mind began thinking of such deliciously wicked things to do with Lisa. And then he closed his eyes and slipped his throbbing cock between her wet lips and thrust it deep inside her.

“Ohhh..yes, Daddy…yes!” Lisa cried, as Tom pushed his penis as far into her as he could possibly get it. As drenched as she was, there was little resistance.

At first awed and somewhat humbled by the incredible feeling of his manhood deep inside Lisa’s burning bush, Tom’s mind turned to just so much pudding. But as he took her from behind and listened to her moans — and his own — his mind began to devise such wonderful things to try. This “Daddy” thing could be a fantastic scene to play out…to the hilt. And with a wicked grin, he decided to do just that. Obviously, as long as he played the “Daddy” character, Lisa was game for just about anything. So…it was time to spice things up.

Bracing his elbows on Lisa’s hips, he used them to stabilize her lower body, so that he could continue to plunge his hungry erection into her while his hands sought her dangling breasts and their taut nipples. He pinched those nipples playfully and said, “Mmmm…nice, Baby Girl. Daddy loves your sweet, sweet tits. Does Baby Girl like having her tits squeezed while Daddy fucks her like this?”

“Oh, God, yes, Daddy….Baby Girl likes this very much. Oh, please, Daddy…fuck your Baby Girl good.”

The verbal exchange was making Tom hornier and hornier, and he decided to go with it as far as he could. He also wanted to explore just how far he could go with Lisa, who wanted very much to please “Daddy”.

“Oh, sweet Baby Girl. Daddy loves your pussy. But, it’s not really YOUR pussy, is it, Baby Girl? Doesn’t your pussy really belong to Daddy? Hmmmm….doesn’t it, Baby Girl?” As he said this, he squeezed her breasts a bit harder and pumped into her dripping sex as though he was trying to push her across the room with his cock. The conversation was having its effect on Lisa, too, as she seemed to be losing control, panting and sighing and thrusting her ass against Tom’s banging crotch.

“Oh, yes, Daddy….it’s ….not…..MY….pussy. Of…course…it belongs…to you. It’s YOUR…pussy…Daddy….all yours!” she panted, bucking hard against him.

Licking his lips, he pinched her nipples and said, “And Daddy…can fuck…his Baby Girl’s…pussy…anytime… he wants…right….Baby Girl?” he was gasping for air, too, now, slamming his cock into her as though it itched painfully, and only such quick, rapid, violent thrusting could scratch it.

“Yes, Daddy…yes! Oh, please…fuck it…anytime…you want. It’s all yours…Daddy…yours and…only yours!” Lisa was slamming her ass against him as if she had the same unscratchable itch.

They were silent for a few minutes, simply slamming sweatily into each other, huffing and puffing, dripping and gasping. Tom had no idea where or when the thought came to him, but he stopped pinching Lisa’s mildly irritated nipples and found other chores for his hands to perform. His thrusting into her had become more rapid, but no less forceful as one of his hands found its way between her legs and began searching for her clit. His other hand moved upward, toward her head, unconsciously seeking her flowing hair. Grasping fingers snared a handful of hair and bunched it up into his palm as he closed his fist on it. Lisa felt the intrusion into her hair and it seemed to make her slap her bottom against him even harder.

Suddenly, as he assaulted her from behind with renewed vigor, Tom’s fingers found her clit, lightly squeezing the flesh around it. At the same instant, he tugged back on her hair, slowly but firmly. Lisa let out a loud moan…and it was not a moan of pain. She began to pant rapidly and ram her ass into him harder than ever. Tom tugged again on her hair, this time more firmly, causing her neck to bend back a little. He pinched her clit lightly. She shuddered and moaned.

“Oh, yeah…Baby Girl….who’s….your Daddy?” he cried through clenched teeth as he thrust his cock home with ever increasing force and speed. He yanked back on her hair.

“You are….Daddy! You’re…my Daddy! Only you!” Lisa was not just slamming backward against him any more…but slamming and then gyrating her hips in a circle, grinding against his crotch and abdomen.

He tugged harder on her hair, pulling her head back still further. “And whose….pussy…am I…fucking…Baby Girl?”

“Yours….Daddy…it…belongs…to you! Yours….to fuck…whenever….you like!”

He pinched her clit briefly…but hard. She moaned. He quickly let go of her clit and circled his hand back around behind her. Giving her hair a stern yank, he brought his other hand back several feet and then spanked her ass hard. “Who’s your Daddy?” he cried.

“You…Daddy….you!” She screamed, squirming and thrusting. Unconsciously, she squeezed her vaginal muscles around his shaft, making both their sensations that much more incredible.

“And whose….pussy…am I….fucking?” He again tugged her hair and spanked her ass.

“Yours…daddy….oh, please…..fuck your Baby Girl!”

Smack! Smack! Smack! He slapped her ass in rapid succession, thrusting into her hard, using his handful of hair to yank her head back still further.

“And whose….ass…am I …. spanking?” Smack! Smack! Smack!!!

“Yours…’s yours…to spank! Spank it…Daddy….please!”

He was nearing orgasm now, and wanted her to cum too. He knew she was very close. Everything he was doing was obviously making her insane, and he wanted to drive her over the edge. Keeping his hand tugging forcefully on her hair, he began alternating smacking her ass hard and reaching around to tease and squeeze her clit. He only regretted that he didn’t have another free hand he could use to torture her nipples.

Slamming his tool into her as hard as he could, he too started gyrating his hips. He’d thrust into her, then hold himself pressed against her and rotate his hips in a circle, causing his throbbing cock to press against and rotate around the entire inner wall of her canal. It made her quiver and sigh. The tugs on her hair and the slaps on her bottom made her bounce and hop on the floor on her knees like a spastic rabbit. The pinching, flicking and squeezing of her clit made her lose all reason. But it was when Tom leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Be a good girl…and cum for Daddy,” that she exploded. Trembling and jerking spasmodically, Lisa creamed around his burning, thrusting cock, every inch of her body quaking uncontrollably. She screamed incoherently at first, and then was able to create actual words. “YES! YES, DADDY! … FUCK YOUR… LITTLE …BABY GIRL!… OH, DON’T…EVER…STOP… DADDY!! FUCK YOUR GOOD GIRL!!” The last sentence came out as one long wail of pleasure. She squirmed and shook and slammed herself against him, her hot liquids gushing all over both of them.

Tom stopped squeezing her clit and spanking her. His hand released her hair. Both hands returned to her breasts, where they squeezed and pinched. By her breasts, he pulled her back up off her elbows so that, still on her knees, she was semi upright in front of him. Still squeezing her left breast, he moved his right hand back down to her dripping pussy, and again teased and tickled her clit, less urgently this time, knowing it must be getting sensitive. It had the desired effect of increasing the ferocity and duration of her orgasm.

Tom grunted and exploded into her. He felt her pussy clench around him as he discharged his sperm. She felt the warmth of his cum as it filled her. They slammed together for endless, wonderful minutes, squirming, gasping, sighing, moaning, screaming their passion. Time after time the warmth of his spurts slammed against Lisa’s inner walls. It was a feeling that helped sustain her climax. And her sustained climax sustained his. It seemed they would never stop bucking against one another. Both were content to keep it just that way.

But, alas, no matter how good sex is, it must always come to an end at some point. For Tom and Lisa, it was when they slumped, exhausted and drained, sideways against the dresser. They landed awkwardly, still entwined in a clasp of lust. Their right sides slammed against the drawers of the dresser, but that still did not dislodge them from one another. They simply slid off of the dresser, falling backwards. Tom fell onto his back, Lisa falling on top of him. It was only then that they fell apart, Tom’s spent member slipping reluctantly from its warm and comfortable home, to slap wetly to his side. They lay there gasping for several long minutes, almost dozing.

Lisa was the first to get enough energy to move. She rolled over next to Tom and looked down at him as he still lay sprawled on his back.

“Mmmm….you’re such a good Daddy,” she said, smiling from ear to ear. Picking up on the cue, he replied, “And you’re Daddy’s favorite, bestest little girl. Mmmm…yes you are.” He winked at her, not having enough energy to do anything else. He closed his eyes and smiled.

Curled up on the floor, nestled under his outstretched arm, Lisa put her tired head on Tom’s chest and fell instantly asleep. Tom was already there, waiting for her to visit him in dreamland.


Tom stretched and yawned, but when he brought his hand over to rub his eyes, the side of his wrist hit something. Whatever it was, it was soft, but it kept his hand from reaching his face. Groggily, yawning again, he opened his bleary eyes. Something hazy and pink filled the entire field of his vision. It was so close that he instinctively tried to pull his head back from it to focus on it. Lying on the floor as he was, however, this instinctive move was not possible. As he slowly entered the waking world, his eyes adjusted to both the brightness of the room and the closeness of the object. Coming gradually into focus, it began to slowly move from side to side above his face. Just as his eyes were beginning to identify what it might be, Lisa’s cooing voice caressed his ears.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said, her voice coming from somewhere down below his waist, “I’ve been waiting soooooo long for you to wake up. Your Baby Girl is waiting for you to keep your promise.”

Tom’s eyes focused now, and he almost burst into laughter. And he would’ve done so, too, if not for the fact that the view afforded him caused his tired but willing gonads to tingle and stir. Above his face, less than a half a foot away, swaying from side to side, was Lisa’s round, inviting bottom. The laugh morphed into a sigh long before it escaped his lips.

“Promise?” he mumbled, his eyes rolling from side to side, following the hypnotic sway of her juicy behind.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered in a pouty voice. Raising herself up, she lifted her bottom up and away from his tick-tock eyes. In the open area between the upside down “V” formed by her straddling legs, her face appeared, somewhat distant. Sure enough, her lips were pouting like a child who’d just discovered a “boo boo” and wanted mommy or daddy to make it better. “You promised,” she sulked, “that after you spanked me you’d kiss it and make it all better. Daddy would never break a promise to his Baby Girl, would he?”

Again, Tom almost laughed, but her bottom lowered again, to just inches above his head, and the slightly reddened cheeks caught his attention. The other thing that nipped his laughter in the bud was the soft, silky, furry mound that still glistened and seemed to whisper to him, inviting his closer inspection. Nestled there just beyond her full derriere, it almost seemed as if Lisa’s butt cleavage was a long, curved arrow pointing the way to ecstasy.

His eyes ogling both ass and pussy, he stopped licking his lips long enough to say, “Of course not, honey. Daddy would never lie to his Baby Girl. You know that.”

Now Lisa’s bottom wiggled gleefully. “Mmmmmmm……so Daddy’s gonna kiss my sore tushie and make it all better for his little girl?”

Coming out more as a sigh than anything else, Tom replied, “Oh, yes, Baby Girl…give Daddy those cheeks and he’ll kiss them all better.”

Lisa lowered her ass so fast that her crack swallowed up Tom’s nose before he could react. With his nose still held captive, her side to side wiggling pulled his face side to side along with it. She wiggled and squirmed, awaiting the touch of “healing” lips.

Stifling yet another chuckle, and realizing that he might have just finally found the freaky woman of his dreams, Tom gently grabbed Lisa’s cheeks and pushed her ass away from his face just far enough to remove his nose from her backside. When her bottom was at a manageable distance, he began kissing it, starting with the red areas he himself had created while spanking her earlier. Lisa cooed and sighed her approval.

As Tom kissed her warm bottom, she started caressing his penis and testicles. Needless to say, in mere moments he was erect and back in the game. But Lisa didn’t seem to have another cock meal on her agenda this time. She seemed to be probing elsewhere.

As Tom licked and kissed her rump, Lisa kissed the base of his penis and worked her way back from there, her mouth searching behind it. Just as his lips began to suck on the flesh of her ass, Tom felt Lisa grabbing his thighs and lifting them, pulling them toward his upper body and then putting her weight on them. Lisa had his legs pulled up so that his back had come up off the floor a few inches and his ass was pointed skyward. She pinned his lower body in that position, and then Tom heard her give out a long, low sigh. She was apparently admiring his boldly displayed ass and enjoying it immensely.

Letting her have her fun, Tom decided her bottom had been tended to adequately, its sore buns sufficiently “healed,” and probed deeper between her legs with his tongue. It was time that sweet, pink treasure feel the healing power of his tongue as well. Smiling, he mentally informed his tongue that her pussy would need much more therapy than her ass did.

Several things then happened in rapid succession. First, Tom’s tongue slipped between the soft, wet lips of Lisa’s sex. This resulted in Lisa sighing almost immediately, her hot breath cascading along the back of his sack and along and between his cheeks. That made Tom gasp, sending his warm breath puffing around Lisa’s newly sensitized clit. This in turn jacked up Lisa’s hormone level to the point of losing control, causing her to lunge further between Tom’s bent back legs and start licking his ass. Sighing and panting, Tom thrust his tongue deep inside her cavern, his hands squeezing her ass as if to hold her there on his face forever. The sensation of Tom’s tongue wiggling deep inside her, brought her own tongue to full speed, and Lisa spread his cheeks wide and began licking all around his puckered hole. Slurps and sucks and licks by the thousands followed. Tom devoured Lisa’s dripping, juicy petals…and Lisa’s tongue snaked wetly into his virgin opening.

Tom was so intent on lapping between Lisa’s legs that he was only vaguely aware that his anus was being lapped as well, though aware of it he surely was on some level. When Lisa had fingered that orifice earlier, it was mostly what she was doing with her mouth at the time that had stoked his furnace, but the hot, wet sensation of her tongue between his cheeks was creating ripples of joy that radiated from her tongue outward, to every inch of his body. The fact that it was such a taboo, decadent, nasty act added to the pleasure of it. Lisa’s dripping flower squirming on his face certainly didn’t dampen the mood at all, either.

When Lisa started to tremble all over, Tom knew it was time to set her free. If licking his ass was such a turn on for her, she could lick it all day if she liked. In fact, he just might return the favor. But he wanted to wait for just the right moment. So, he continued to lick her pussy while she sucked hungrily between his cheeks. Her face was literally buried in his ass, and if she could’ve gotten it any deeper between his cheeks, she would have. Tom began thinking it was almost time to take his tongue action to her swollen clit.

Lisa’s lapping and moaning in the crack of his ass and the wiggling of her slit on his face was making him creep ever closer to climax, and he knew Lisa was already at orgasm’s door. So, he brought his legs around Lisa’s back and squeezed her to him, locking his heels behind her neck, helping to push her licking mouth into his warm crack. At the same instant, he brought his lips and tongue to bear on her clit. He lapped and sucked it savagely, nipping it lightly with his teeth.

Lisa screamed into his ass, but somehow never stopped devouring him. Her orgasm bathed his face in slippery love fluids, but he sucked hard on her clit despite the slickness. Her gushing sex pulsed her pleasure all over his mouth and chin, which made them both warm and wet for what followed.

When she reached the apex of her climax, and her contracting pussy seemed to lose its gushing momentum, Tom took his mouth from her pussy and gave it a new home to play in. Spreading her cheeks wide, it was time to show Lisa that he was as nasty and dirty as she was. She apparently approved, because as soon as his tongue plunged between her cheeks and probed for her anus, the spurting between her legs intensified.

The intense sensation of Lisa’s ass quivering at the tip of his tongue and her gushing slit drenching and warming his neck, coupled with the heat of her tongue entering his forbidden opening, was the final straw for Tom. With Lisa laying on top of him, his engorged cock had squirmed its way between her bountiful breasts, pointed downward toward her belly. Lisa’s renewed orgasmic vigor so excited Tom that he came between her breasts, the spurting fluids shooting between those luscious orbs and exiting beneath them, landing on both his belly and hers. The sticky cum mixed with their sweat, creating a slurping sound at their bellies as they wriggled together in lust and ecstasy.

Tom’s orgasm ended first, thereby allowing his tensed body to finally relax. His clenched toes uncurled and his weak arms slumped limply at his sides. But his mouth never stopped licking Lisa’s ass. He simply burrowed his face in deeper and lapped for all he was worth, not having the strength to hold her cheeks open with his hands anymore.

But Lisa, it seemed, was not done. Rather, her erotic flame had been fanned beyond being able to be extinguished. She continued to orgasm, her feasting mouth humming with an energy that couldn’t be controlled. She finally pulled her tongue out of Tom’s soggy crack, but she needed somewhere else to put it. She raised herself up, pulling her bottom forward to sit on Tom’s chest. His hot, sweaty face had been so suctioned between her cheeks, that the suddenness of her move yanked his head forward along with her bottom until it finally popped free with the wet, sucking sound of a plunger tearing free of a clogged drain. In a sexual frenzy, she squirmed on his chest, grinding her sensitive clit into his course hairs and erect nipples Still maddened by lust, she grabbed one of his still bent legs and tugged it toward her. Hungrily, she clutched his foot in a fevered grip and shoved his toes into her mouth, tasting her own salty sweet juices on them. Then she grabbed his other foot, and brought it to her face, too. Impatiently, she tore off the still clinging sock and tried to shove that foot into her mouth as well. There wasn’t enough room. So, holding both feet before her, she sucked and licked his toes, alternating from one foot to the other. She sucked, licked and kissed his feet while she ground her burning sex into his chest. Looking up at Lisa’s sweating back, Tom saw a blur of motion as she sucked his toes and squirmed all over his chest and stomach. If not for the copious amount of natural lubracation between LIsa’s legs, it’s conceivable that her heated grinding on his pectoral carpet might’ve ignited into flame.

Again it wasn’t enough. With a growl of frustration, she at last noticed his dribbling, but still inflated cock resting peacefully on his sweaty belly. It was still firm enough for pleasurable use, so, still holding one foot in her hand and gorging herself on toes, she lifted that fat, inviting member and held it upright. With the speed of a python she roughly impaled herself on it, not having the patience for gentleness. With a mouthful of toes, she used his surprised but delighted cock to hump herself into oblivion.

Still she wanted to try more. She seemed as if she didn’t know what depraved act she wanted to carry out next. Somewhere between licking his feet and slamming her ass up and down on his burning crotch, Lisa’s brain came up with the next diversion. The suddenness of her move surprised Tom, and for an instant disappointed him as well. But when the oversexed Lisa spoke, his disappointment faded quickly.

Lisa had risen off his belly and unceremoniously whisked his erect member from her sex. Panting and heaving, she was rubbing the head of it all around her drenched slit, coating it with gobs of her slick juices. When it was abundantly coated, she leaned even further toward Tom’s knees, slipping his cock back between her legs until the head was just below the crack of her ass. She held it there and cried to Tom, “Oh, Daddy….fuck your…Baby Girl’s…ass. Please, Daddy….fuck your…little girl’s…ass…really, really…hard!”

Watching it all unfold had made Tom harder than ever, and he was beginning to lose control as much as Lisa was. Eyes wide and penis eager, he sat up as much as he could and took his cock from Lisa, who bent further forward to offer her ass for plundering. She dropped Tom’s legs to the floor with a loud thud, reaching back to spread her cheeks wide for him, and the target became clear, even though it wiggled with anticipation.

Wrapping one arm around Lisa’s waist, he aimed his engorged head at the puckered bullseye. With a slight groan, he pushed only the head in. He clenched his ass muscles and forced it into her, centimeters at a time, slowly working his way in, using the natural lubrication she’d provided him. Lisa was moaning, sighing her approval. She pushed back against him slowly and deliberately, helping him ease his thick cock into her tight opening.

Slowly but inexorably, Tom managed to insert his penis into Lisa’s willing ass almost all the way to his balls. When it was firmly and completely inserted, he slowly began moving his hips up and down under her. His unoccupied fingers he dabbed between Lisa’s legs, playing with her clit and using the still rushing juices to further lubricate them. Quickly, he rubbed those juices around his shaft, making the thrusting inside her that much easier. Over time he was able to get the entire area so nicely wet that he could pump into her ass almost as easily as he had her incredible pussy. Then they both relaxed to enjoy the sensations.

As her sphincter relaxed more and more, Tom picked up the tempo. Soon enough, he was ramming her behind in grand style. Holding onto her hips, he sat up and forced her forward, making certain not to slip out of her. He managed to once again get her into the doggie position, at which time he really got things cooking. Once again he smacked her ass, even occasionally pinching it. And with each solid spank, he’d again play out the “Baby Girl” scenario.

“Does….Baby Girl….like having….her ass….fucked…by Daddy?” he grunted, cock ramming and hands spanking.

“Oh…yes! More, Daddy…more!”

“Who’s ass….am I….fucking….little girl?”

“Yours, daddy…it’s yours…only yours. Oh, please…fuck it….so, soooooo good!”

When Tom spurted into her colon, Lisa could feel the hot spurts just as distinctly as she had inside her pussy. It was incredible, volley after volley warming the inside of her ass. She moaned and squirmed, impaled on his plunging meat, and her own gushing began anew. It seemed this kinky lass had an unending supply of both energy and love fluids. Tom was amazed she wasn’t dehydrated by now…or himself, for that matter.

Both of them trembled and moaned, barely able to breathe. Tom gritted his teeth with the effort of it, wanting for some reason to fill Lisa completely from this new opening. And Lisa loved his animalistic humping and grunting. It didn’t last as long as the previous orgasms had, simply because both were exhausted and their fluids were nearly spent. But that didn’t stop them from riding out this backdoor humping, nor from enjoying it immensely.

Lisa’s weary arms gave out, and she slumped heavily to the floor, her quickly dropping ass nearly spraining Tom’s still inserted muscle. But Tom managed to keep his penis almost completely inside her throughout the surprising collapse. He himself collapsed on top of her, but he continued to fill her until he began to deflate and slowly slip out. When he finally popped free, he groaned and rolled over onto his side. Lisa remained motionless on her belly, except for the heavy breathing and the twitching muscles of her groin and abdomen. Once again, they succumbed to the Sandman, and thankfully so. They’d done much in the few hours since their bottoms had kissed in the crowded dealers’ room.

As he again drifted, Tom’s brain catalogued every detail of their coupling. It had been incredible. Lisa was that one, hot, dirty, freaky sex partner he’d sought all his life. She was open to anything. He was sure she’d try just about anything…and probably be excellent at all of it. She had captured his gonads already, and was well on her way to capturing his heart. Finally, the nasty girl of his dreams. Oh, yeah….so, so incredible. With a weak smile, he wondered something as he passed out. He wondered if he’d ever survive this sci-fi convention weekend. But, then, he realized he didn’t care.

In reality, care he just might…if he knew what Lisa had planned for him. As wildly experimental as Tom was, he’d have one final test to pass. The sex fiend of his dreams would come at a price. Would all this incredible sex be worth that price? He would find out when he awoke. And it would change his world, his thoughts about sex and sensuality, forever. When Tom finally regained consciousness, his eyes fluttered open, causing flashes of blurred light to enter them and filter through to his brain. He ached in a number of places, but the aches felt good. As he again slowly became accustomed to the light, his mind was somehow anticipating another crazy (though erotic) sight like the last time he awoke. He expected to see Lisa’s sexy bottom hovering over his face, needing attention of one kind or another. He smiled at the thought, though he groaned also, wondering again if he would survive this encounter with the horny Lisa.

Instead, his clearing vision was greeted by her grinning face. He wondered what she was made of, to be able to engage in such Olympic style sex and yet look so fresh…and eager to continue. And from the look of the wide grin, she was indeed eager to continue. Again, he groaned…the groan laced with a sigh.

“Daddy’s not pooping out on his Baby Girl, is he?” that sly smile asked.

“Of course not, Baby Girl. Daddy just needs to wake up.”

“Mmmmm….good. ‘Cause Baby Girl wants to try something…something Daddy’s probably never done before.”

The hairs on the back of Tom’s neck instantly stiffened, and a bit lower, his penis started to tingle as if it was going to stiffen as well. But, though he’d only known Lisa a few hours, he knew enough to be wary of her delightfully twisted mind. “Um….and what is it Daddy’s girl wants to try? Will it kill Daddy?”

Lisa laughed, then moved her mouth close to Tom’s ear and sighed. The warmth of her breath on his ear energized the tingling between his legs. Whispering seductively, Lisa said, “Daddy knows I’d only do things that would make him feel good. And I know I can make you feel so, so good.”

“You already have, Baby Girl. So, what is it you want to do this time?”

“Welllllllllllll,” she said, looking down at his chest and running the index finger of one hand around his left nipple. Her tongue was firmly planted on the inside of her cheek and she sighed as she whispered directly into his ear, “fair is fair, right? I mean, isn’t that what we said right from the start? You grope my fanny, I grope yours?”

“Yes, fair is fair,” Tom replied, warily. “But we’ve pretty much done for each other so far. I’ve licked you, you’ve licked me, we’ve had wonderful sex. What is it your devious brain has in mind?”

“Well,” she continued to whisper into his ear, licking it quickly before continuing, “we haven’t done everything equal, you know.”

“Sure we have,” he said, trying to think what she could mean.

“No, Daddy….we really haven’t.”

Intrigued now, and more than a bit nervous, he asked, “Well….what then?”

“Well,” she cooed, nibbling his earlobe and running her fingers lightly on his belly just above his pubic carpet, “Daddy has fucked his little girl, hasn’t he?”

“Yes,” Tom laughed, not sure where this was going. The first thing he could think of to say was, “But Baby Girl has to understand that Daddy doesn’t have a pussy for her to fuck.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he felt a chill down the entire length of his spine.

“I know Daddy doesn’t have a pussy,” Lisa said, her scheming eyes lifting from his chest to focus on Tom’s wondering ones. “But Daddy has such a cute ass. And Daddy DID fuck his little girl’s ass, didn’t he?”

Tom shivered. He could swear the sides of his face were going numb. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. His tongue was too busy trying to escape down his throat. His unintelligible babble went something like, “But… uh…Baby Girl….Daddy….uh….well….Daddy….I mean….you…..Daddy….you don’t…”

Lisa smiled a wicked smile and got close to his face. Reaching out her tongue to lick his lips, she brushed her body against him and rubbed her nipples against his. Still looking into his eyes, she simply said, “Fair’s fair, Daddy.”

Tom sat up so fast that Lisa was pushed backward. He looked at her incredulously. She just grinned back, her tongue rolling around in her mouth as she seemed to already be sighing at the possibility of what she was suggesting. Tom’s mouth hung open, words still not forming properly.

Finally, he blurted, “You mean you want to…? You actually want….? I mean, you’re actually suggesting that…?”

Lisa seemed a little amused by his discomfiture…seemed to be enjoying his unease with what she had in mind. Tilting her head to one side, she leaned forward and kissed Tom’s neck, her hands roaming down his sides and rubbing the area above his hips where love handles would someday form. Slowly, she kissed his neck and face, then gave him reassuring kisses on the lips. She leaned back and smiled at him, this time a soothing smile, like a mother comforting her young boy. Tom was beginning to wonder if the parent/child roles hadn’t just that quickly been reversed.

“Daddy, you know I’d never hurt you, don’t you? You know that whatever I do for you will make you feel very, very good, right?”

Tom hesitated, then stammered, “But, Baby Girl….you want to…I mean…you’re really suggesting…?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She hugged him and started gently kissing his face, trying to ease his doubts, make him more amenable to things. “Yes, Daddy…Baby Girl wants to fuck your cute, sexy ass….just like you did hers.”

There it was. Loud and clear. Lisa wanted to poke him in the butt. As he pictured it, he cringed. But Lisa persisted. She stroked him, kissed him, whispered dirty thoughts in his ears, trying to weaken his resolve. With his hormones building up, despite the proposed act, Tom made one last ditch effort, which he knew was a weak attempt indeed. If he knew Lisa, she was probably well prepared for anything.

“But Baby Girl,” he noted, crossing his fingers, “unless you’re a very clever Houdini, you don’t have a cock. That’s why us guys do the fucking. I know you don’t have one…I’ve been between your legs.”

Lisa’s smile became wicked again when she replied, “Well, I don’t have it on me.” Her eyes sparkled with mischief.

“Oh….my…..God….” Tom said, the color draining from his face. “You mean….you actually…? No way.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy…..I carry my cock with me wherever I go. I never know when some wonderful man like yourself might just let me use it. Some sexy, dirty, nasty man like my Daddy.”

Tom was finally totally speechless. He sat there staring as Lisa got up and walked across the room to the closet. She slid her suitcase out of the small suitcase cubbyhole on the left hand side and lifted it onto the bed. Three clasps went “snap, snap, snap”, each sound making Tom jump. Lisa rummaged in the suitcase for a minute, then stood up, something in her hands. She was smiling.

When she turned toward Tom again, he could see the flesh toned dildo in her hand, and the belt that hung from its sides. He went numb again, though his slightly engorging penis was betraying him. It was only growing a tiny bit, but that fact did not escape the bewitching Lisa. She smiled broadly, licking her lips.

Lisa’s actions were mesmerizing as she slowly strapped on her favorite toy. Tom’s eyes darted from her eyes to the intimidating tool she was fastening in place. When she had it firmly in place, she stood there with her hands on her hips. The small to medium sized hard rubber cock bobbed a tiny bit. She stroked it, not to make Tom nervous, but to enjoy the feel of it, and the feeling of it jutting out from her crotch as if it was her own flesh and blood.

After stroking the fake shaft and balls a few times, she turned again to the suitcase. Tom was still staring at the schlong, his paralyzed brain trying to think of something to say, trying to dredge up some hope for escape. Lisa said, “Ahh…here you are,” and turned back to Tom again, something else in her hands now. It was a tube of lubricating jelly. Tom shivered just a tiny bit. Once again Lisa pronounced, “Fair’s fair, Daddy.”

Words again stumbled from Tom’s mouth, “Um…Lisa….you’re incredible….but….I don’t know about this.” He shook his head, the tightness in his muscles making his neck creak.

Lisa squeezed some of the jelly onto her hands and began to lovingly rub it into the rubber cock. Tom squirmed. If this was a joke, it was a damn good one. But, then, why would she have the strap-on in the first place? Or did she play this trick on every guy she fucked? He moaned, knowing he was just grasping at straws.

Lisa was rubbing the gel into her toy like she would stroke a real penis, slowly and tenderly. She was indeed fond of it. When she finished rubbing gel into the shaft and head, she even rubbed some on the fake testicles. That made Tom VERY nervous. He could feel his sphincter tighten up.

“Tom,” Lisa encouraged, dropping the “Daddy” act briefly, “I’d never hurt you. You’re incredible, and I’ve had a fantastic time with you. I just thought that I’d finally found the guy I’ve been looking for…one who’s willing to try anything once. You’re so deliciously bawdy and dirty and sexy….I just thought….” The sentence trailed off. She was quiet for a minute, during which time the two just stared at each other. Then her shoulders slumped, and she looked at the floor in front of her, dejected. “It’s okay,” she said, “if you don’t want to try it, we’ll just forget it. This is a really small dildo and I know you’d be able to take it okay, with no pain. I even put a bunch of lubricant on it so it would be really easy on you. I don’t know why I thought you’d be okay with this. I’m really sorry, Tom. I must just be some really twisted….”

“It’s okay,” Tom said softly, interrupting her flood of regret and self doubt, “You’re right…fair is fair. I’ll do it.” In his head, he was slapping himself and breaking open a vial of smelling salts. “Are you insane?!!” reverberated in his head with each slap and sniff.

It took a few seconds for the soft words to sink in. But, slowly, Lisa’s downcast eyes raised. Her openmouthed frown began to invert, ultimately changing into a soft smile. It almost looked as if she might cry. She looked at Tom and sighed, saying, “I was right about you. You really are quite a guy. You don’t have to do this if you really don’t want to. Honest…it’s okay….and I won’t be upset.”

“No,” Tom replied, smiling now, “like I said, you’re right…fair is fair. Besides, I’ve always said that I would be willing to experiment with almost any form of sex that involved me and a woman, so I guess it’s time I back up those words. Um…you’re sure it won’t hurt, right?”

“Not at all,” Lisa said, her eyes dancing again. “In fact, I can promise you that it’ll feel wonderful…especially the way I’m going to do it.”

“And how is that?” he asked, “I’m new at this, remember? I haven’t a clue how a woman butt-fucks a guy. So what are Baby Girl’s plans for Daddy?”

“Well, Daddy,” she said, strolling up to him, “first I’m going to bend you over the bed. Then I’m going to get on my knees behind you and taste that sweet ass of yours again….get it all wet and loosened up with my tongue and fingers. I’ll be gentle, I promise. And then, when it’s all relaxed and ready, I’ll stand up and insert my cock in you.. just like you did me…slow and gentle…working it in a little at a time. And, all the while I’ll be doing something else nice for you, too.”

“Which is?”

“While I’m licking you, and while I’m fucking you, I’ll be stroking your cock really, really nice. You’ll be feeling so good, front and back. I promise you you’ll love it.”

“And if I don’t?” he asked, still skeptical.

“If you don’t, I’ll stop and we’ll get it on some other way. No harm, no foul.”

Then, for some unknown reason, Tom started to get into the idea of it. His sex with Lisa so far had been nothing short of amazing in its satisfaction, so just maybe she knew what she was talking about. He looked up at her, and even with a strapped on dildo bobbing at her crotch, she was sexy and desirable. He figured, what the hell, let’s try this. It’ll be one more thing he can say he’s tried….though he won’t be blurting it out to the whole world. Lisa was continuing to look down at him, waiting for his final decision.

“Okay,” he sighed, “where does Baby Girl want Daddy?” Lisa’s eyes brightened immediately. Once again she was that sexy nymph he’d come to know ever since the accidental grope in the elevator.

With a twinkle in her eyes, she pointed to the foot of the bed. “Right here, Daddy. Your Baby Girl’s gonna make you feel so, sooo good. Just stand at the foot of the bed and bend over. Put your hands on the bed and brace yourself. I’ll do the rest.”

He walked over to the bed and bent over. As she circled behind him, he couldn’t help staring at the bobbing dildo as it moved behind him along with her. It seemed so odd to see that succulent pussy now sporting balls and a dick. It was humorous, and oddly erotic…though he much preferred her moist honeypot.

Lisa got on her knees behind him, and gently caressed his buttocks. She sighed as she kneaded them, squeezing his cheeks firmly and enjoying them thoroughly. Tom wiggled his ass a little, looking back to see the delighted look on her face when he did. She had already shown that she liked his bottom, and he didn’t mind that at all.

After a few minutes of groping and fondling and nibbling, Lisa decided to get down to business. She gripped his cheeks firmly with her thumbs just inside the crack of his ass. Slowly she spread them. Again Tom teased, moving his butt from side to side. Not being able to resist the joke, he said, “Bon appetite, Baby Girl.” Lisa would’ve laughed, but she was too busy sighing…and planning.

Lisa buried her face in his behind, pushing her nose and mouth into it as far as she could. She could feel the warmth of his insulated crevice surround her face, heating her nose, cheeks and lips. Her sigh sent warm air cascading up and down his crack, and it felt good to him. He tried to imagine what it looked like having a woman’s face buried in his ass. It must look sexy as hell, he thought. He even tried to turn his head around to check it out in the mirror above the dresser, but it was directly behind them and he couldn’t crane his neck far enough for any substantial length of time. So, he closed his eyes and decided to just enjoy the sensations.

A moist heat tickled his ass as Lisa thrust out her tongue, licking up and down his crack. She was certainly thorough, licking up one side and down the other, then licking directly in the middle. She made her tongue hard and probed it deep into his crack. Spreading him open still wider, she was able to lick the very center of his valley, savoring the mild scent and taste of it. She panted while she licked.

She got her face buried deep enough between his cheeks that she no longer needed to hold both cheeks apart. Keeping one hand on his left cheek, just in case, she slipped her other hand between his legs. Her fingers teased his testicles, stroking them lightly. Now, Tom thought, this is getting to be good!

The teasing fingers moved farther still, working their way slowly to his already fattened shaft. They gently stroked him from base to head as she lapped his ass. As her tongue searched for his orifice, her fingers sought his slitted helmet. Just as her tongue entered him, her fingers gently played with his engorged head.

Still licking him deeply, she sent her unoccupied hand to play between his legs with its sister. She’d worked her tongue into his hole and was slowly moving it in and out. One hand was still stroking his cock, and the other began to squeeze and fondle his sack. Tom was just about quivering now. A hot tongue in his ass, his bobbing shaft being stroked slowly up and down, and his testicles being gently squeezed and fondled. What more could a man ask for?

This went on for quite some time. Lisa stroked and licked him slowly and thoroughly, heating his bottom with her face and tongue while her hands worked his cock and balls into a burning state of pre-ejaculation. He was gasping and moaning, moving his hips back and forth. Lisa’s hands and mouth kept up with him admirably.

But, then, it was time for Lisa to play.

Before standing to enter him with her fake penis, she adjusted the roles of her hands. One hand took on the jobs that two had done before, stroking both his penis and testicles. The other hand joined her mouth at his anus. Drenching his hole with her saliva, Lisa began working her finger once again into it, slowly stroking the sphincter muscle, loosening it…relaxing it. She licked his crack as best she could while her finger soothed and readied the opening. Tom was moaning and rocking, and she knew he was ready. She stroked his cock right up until the moment that she stood up to enter him. And when she did stand up, she only let go of his shaft long enough to reach around from above to continue the stroking. It was only a heartbeat of time, unnoticed by Tom as he swayed and sighed.

It all happened in an instant. Lisa removed her tongue from inside his now saliva-lubricated, relaxed sphincter, stood up — expertly readjusting how she stroked his throbbing tool — and positioned herself behind him. With a sigh of her own, she placed the head of the rubber cock between Tom’s cheeks and centered it over his opening. It’s gel-lubricated head made contact with his hole and she pushed it in ever so gently, just as he’d done when he took her from behind. Tom gasped.

She was in.

Both of them sighed, bonding in this new and deliciously decadent way. Slowly, inexorably, Lisa inched her faux penis into him, pushing from her hips, still stroking his cock firmly. The transition from tongue and fingers to rubber cock was as smooth as it could possibly be…under the circumstances.

The sensation of the dildo slowly inching into him was indeed different. But Lisa’s slow stroking of his shaft and fondling of his testicles kept his mind just occupied enough that he couldn’t concentrate on the invasion going on in his rear. Lisa was having a grand old time, working the lubricated, hard rubber deeper and deeper, eager for the actual pumping to begin. She’d always wanted to use a strap-on on a man, and she’d finally gotten her chance. She was in Heaven at finally being able to do it, licking her lips and sighing right along with Tom.

His opening finally relaxed enough to fully accept the slippery schlong, and Lisa got really into it. She reached around with both hands and cupped his balls in one while stroking him furiously with the other. Her hips thrust the dildo into his ass over and over again, and she closed her eyes in ecstasy. As often as she’d fantasized about doing this, she never once dreamed it would be so erotic. The power…the control…actually turning the tables and fucking a man for a change. What a glorious feeling!

She pounded against Tom’s ass hard and fast, driving the strapped on cock home. She watched for signs that it might be hurting him, but he gave none, so she plundered on. Tom’s cheeks and thighs rippled with the force of her thrusts. As long as he continued to moan, and his cock was hard as granite, Lisa kept it up. She was getting incredibly wet behind the pummeling penis, and the greased testicles were actually bumping up against the edge of her pussy. It was almost making her swoon, but she was so fixated on pumping into Tom’s derriere that she just couldn’t allow such a thing to happen. She forced herself to stay focused on fucking him.

In a final display of sanity before his mind turned to sludge, Tom realized that some of his prized collectibles were directly in the path of his soon to be spitting penis. He’d already bent — thankfully, only slightly — a couple of the one sheets he’d bought, and made an imprint of the photo frame that housed his Karloff picture, on his shoulder blade, and he wanted no further victims of his lust. Though his body was quaking and gasping, his brain impressively sent a message to his arms and hands. First his right hand, and then his left, swiped away his treasured items so that they wouldn’t be in the path of any spurting fluids. That flurry of preventive activity completed, his brain returned to its besotted state of preparation for sperm ejection.

Knowing how close Tom was to orgasm, Lisa slid her cock squeezing hand up to its helmeted head. Her other hand squeezed his testicles, wiggling her fingers in his sack. She stroked his shaft quickly a few times and then returned her fingers to the head. She repeated this maneuver, back and forth from head to shaft, over and over until she felt him trembling all over. A moan was working its way up from his chest, coming out of his mouth first as quiet rushes of air, then gaining sound and volume. His trembling increased, and she knew he was about to cum. The electric ripples between her legs told her that she wouldn’t be far behind.

At the exact right moment, Lisa squeezed his scrotum firmly, her fingers tickling at the back of it. She thrust into him hard and fast. She stroked his penis furiously. Feeling the contraction of his scrotal muscles, she quickly stopped stroking and slid her hand up to the head. With her fingers circling the shaft just below the head, she kneaded his cock and tugged it outward, kneading and tugging, kneading and tugging…faster and faster. A firm, squeezing massage of his testicles finally did the trick.

With a moan and shudder, Tom’s manhood tensed and spurted, ejecting hot, creamy cum onto the bed. It was a good thing he’d had the forethought to move his purchases, because the discharge was copious indeed. Lisa continued to take him from behind, and to squeeze and tug his member. Again and again he sent strong, pulsed streams of seminal fluid across the bedspread. He could feel his testicles tighten and squeeze out their load…and it wasn’t just Lisa’s fingers causing it. It felt like the surge of fluid was coming from somewhere deep inside his abdomen, instead of from the fondled sack between his legs. His cheeks clenched around the marauding dildo as his every muscle tried to help propel his procreative juices out of his body. He moaned and shivered, his wobbly arms barely able to hold him up on the bed.

Lisa looked around Tom as she pumped into him, seeing him spurt onto the bed. It fueled her fire and she thrust into him all the harder and faster. Tiny drops of his cum dribbled onto her fingers as they tugged at his helmet, but the vast majority of his cum rocketed out of him like a Fourth of July display.

Suddenly, Lisa gasped into Tom’s ear, quivering and spasming herself. She felt hot liquid gushing down her inner thighs. Since his testicles no longer needed her hand to squeeze them, she brought that hand around and shoved it quickly between her legs. Three fingers stormed into her flooded cavern and thrust in and out. Her thumb just barely brushed her clit. Holding Tom’s erupting cock, still ramming into his previously virgin opening, and fingering herself furiously, she rode tidal waves of pleasure right along with him. Their bodies shook and jerked and spasmed together like some writhing, multi-appendaged creature. Their gasps and cries only enhanced this picture of some undulating otherworldly entity.

This time Tom slumped forward, weak and weary…and Lisa slumped on top of him. They were still jerking from head to toe, gasping for air, trying to get their bearings. Lisa’s hips had lost the strength to thrust anymore, so she pulled them back enough to slowly ease the dildo out of him. It flopped at a forty-five degree angle just below his conquered ass, almost touching his relaxing scrotal sack. As she lay there quaking on top of him, Lisa’s hand happened to come to rest on the bed near his. Eyes glazed and chest heaving, Tom managed to reach over and take her hand in his. Their fingers intertwined. The entire time they lay there recovering, their hands remained clasped together, symbolic of the sexual bond that had been formed in one amazing day.

When they had both recuperated enough to breathe regularly again, they looked at each other…and laughed. It was the exhausted laugh of lovers who mutually admired each others carnal skills. It was a laugh filled with awe and respect, which was soon echoed by words.

“See?” Lisa’s voice was the soft whisper of a dove’s wings, “I told you Daddy would like it.”

“Oh….my, oh, my, Baby Girl. I’ll never doubt you again. You are undoubtedly the queen of nasty sex.”

“Nasty is oh, so good, Daddy. Nasty is wonderful.”

“Mmm hmmm, Baby Girl. And you’re the nastiest. You’re Daddy’s good girl.”

“And you’re the best, nastiest Daddy a little girl could have.” She sighed, hearing him sigh as well.

No more words were spoken at that point. The two of them cleared off Tom’s collectibles from the bed, pulled down the covers and crawled under them, exhausted…even though it hadn’t even reached 9 PM yet. They rolled together, snuggled against each other front to front, then eventually spooned front to back. They slept until about 2 AM, at which time Lisa again straddled Tom’s head and wanted his tongue inside her. She returned the favor between his legs and they licked and sucked each other to one last orgasm for the day. They fell asleep that way, still in the sixty-nine position with Lisa on top of Tom. Their sleep was not broken again until after 10 AM the following day.

There was a sad silence when they finally went to a late brunch that next day. They both knew they’d found someone special, but they also knew they had lives in separate states. It was a somber breakfast, indeed. Every time one of them started to speak, their plight seemed to again come to mind, and the words would never be voiced. Finally, Tom did speak, and his eyes were surprisingly bright and twinkling.

“Lisa, I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking, about us living so far apart. But, well, there IS hope. I mean, there’s a sci-fi convention almost every weekend SOMEWHERE in this country.”

Lisa’s eyes also brightened. “Yes, there is, isn’t there? And until we can solve this distance thing, I propose we meet at every damn convention that pops up, no matter where it is. You agree?”

“I’m right behind you on that one…Baby Girl,” he smiled.

“Mmmm…and I was right behind YOU, wasn’t I….Daddy?” she winked.

They exchanged phone numbers, making a pact to have hot, nasty phone sex until they could meet again. By that time, they’d gotten themselves so horny again that Tom practically bludgeoned the waiter with cash and coin when he paid the check, so that they could get out of the restaurant quick and back up to one of the rooms.

This time going to Tom’s room, the two of them hurriedly searched through Tom’s collectors’ newspaper for times and dates of future conventions. They both nearly came when they looked at the list. Counting down that list, they looked at each other and snickered lecherously. Simultaneously, they shouted with glee, “Forty-seven! Forty-seven conventions this year alone!”

Lisa leaped into Tom’s arms and they hugged and kissed. They were already hot when they’d gotten to the room, and the idea of being able to get together on so many occasions made them both horny and childishly giddy. They weren’t even thinking about the conventions themselves, but calculating in their heads how many orgasms each weekend together would mean. The possibilities were endless!

Still smooching, they lost their balance and fell sideways onto the small hotel room sofa. They rolled off of it onto the carpeted floor, their lips still locked, clawing at each other. They fumbled with each others clothes, clothes that had only been put on a couple of hours ago.

“My flight doesn’t leave for three hours,” Tom panted, ripping off Lisa’s bra.

“I don’t have to be home for four hours or so,” Lisa huffed, already unzipping Tom’s pants.

“Mmmm…plenty of time,” was Tom’s reply as his lips locked on a pert, begging nipple.

“My toes,” Lisa gasped, “You never…got to them…before. Start there…and work…your way up. And lick…EVERYTHING!!!”

In a flash, Tom returned the toe-sucking favor, one hand exploring Lisa’s dewey flower while the other aimed to reciprocate back door exploration. Lisa had Tom’s pulsating muscle down her throat while she squeezed his cheeks and rammed her nipples into his abdomen. Writhing and rolling and slurping, with heads and limbs in awkward positions, the two of them made the absolute best of the hours remaining to them.


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