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The Beach House

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I could feel the heat of his shaft inside; its sultry shivering mass filling me up – I could feel a steady warmth spreading from it, and the skin of my spine responding with atomic quivers. I almost begged for the moment to last just a few moments more; but did not complain when it moved onwards.

It had taken mere seconds for our bodies to wrap around each others in lust. He had returned from the main road; some more beers to last the afternoon and ease the awkwardness of the mornings proceedings; the sound of waves and sea birds soft and sombre in the distance. I heard the beach house doors slide shut as he noticed my absence; shoes removed and bags placed down on the counter. I heard his footsteps approach his room curious as he saw the door open wide. I was waiting there – Boldly. A week of relaxing had me rather audacious – or perhaps it was all the alcohol. Either way, I had abandoned my usual hesitation and taken a gamble on directness.

So I sat there on his bed. My loose white shirt unbuttoned and open; nipples poking out shyly. My bottom half naked, legs spread out wide revealing the almost wet sex between them – A welcome sign. He was almost shocked, not knowing where to look. He had seen me bare only this morning – But nothing like this. I Simply stared lazily and seductive at him – I knew what I wanted, and I knew what he wanted as well. His gaze returned to me and this time took me in. I could see his eyes trace the lines of my body; reading my desires and intentions. I patted the bed next to me – one final gambit to invite him. He seemed to consider for moment; but I know it had been on his mind all day; and whatever decisions he had reached in his self reflection suddenly became irrelevant as he approached the bed hesitantly – mounting it quickly to kiss me.

It felt so good. His lips consuming mine; that soft squirmy tongue spreading my mouth and delving inside; like a small hungry penis. His hands travelled all over my bare chest sending thousands of jolts of sexual electric energy through my goose-bumped skin and into my nervous system. I wanted him then, so badly that my insides hurt with longing. Amongst the frenzy of passion I had managed to remove his shirt and began exploring his skin with my hands – as he worked his way onto me sitting on top of my sprayed out legs; my hands clasped at his firm masculine chest and slid smoothly down his stomach.

The long kiss had ended and I had decided that I wanted to taste his chest. I brought my face down to his nipples and took one in my mouth; my hands still wrapped around his waste. Meanwhile one of his own hands gracefully slid the length of my upper body, and came to rest between my thighs. The fingers spread out wide and fanned through my pubic area; until they rested on my strongly erect cock. A brief second of tingling before he wrapped his fingers around it; and began to sensually pump. I allowed a soft moan to escape my throat; as his strong hand slowly pleasured me.

He immediately found he enjoyed the control, and I was happy to relinquish it to him. I had been the one to dictate ‘what’ and ‘when’ in so many sexual relationships; that it felt good to just let go and be the submissive one for once. Most people, I imagine, would be terrified towards the idea of submitting to another man – would be way too scared it would de-masculinise them; turn them permanently into some sissy or coward; or a girl – I had no such misconceptions. Nothing here would make me less of a man, as if it could somehow be quantified? I still hooked up with my on-and-off girlfriend whenever she was in town; still urinated standing up; still looked at a pair of nice tits with desire; would still tell a girl or a guy to get down on their knees, if I knew they would comply. I was still a normal dude – I just allowed myself the joys of something different once in a while. So while it was not in my nature to be so submissive – I certainly found a lot of pleasure in indulging it.

He pushed my upper half down onto the bed and lay there now on top of me; our two male bodies entwined in animal lust. He kissed my chest all over; and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling – One hand stroking my inner thigh and the other hand pumping my shaft in long strokes. I could have shot everything I had right there; stream after stream of molten cum all over our mid sections, like glue to hold us together. But I held back; I had one more surprise to offer him.

It had seemed risky an hour or two before; I never expected him to agree to it. But now; his hands all over my body, my pulsing cock held firm by his might, the taste of his tongue still fresh in my mouth – now I had him. All I had to do was offer, and he would claim.

I pushed him gently off him, and ignored his smile of confusion. I grabbed the condom pack that sat on the bedside table and threw it into his lap him – he had failed to notice it until now, his eyes lost in mine I thought proudly. I quickly removed my shirt as the anticipation built snake pits in my stomach. Now completely naked, I turned over and crouched on all fours; my backside pointed towards him. If he hadn’t worked it out by now then he soon would. I rested my head on the silky covers of the bed and used my now free hands to reach back. I grabbed each of my ass cheeks with a hand and spread them apart; revealing my gaping anus.

In conversation last night, whilst drunk we had talked about sex with our girlfriends; and he had mentioned that all of his attempts to try anal with his gf had been met with swift refusals. I had known right then that eventual he would claim my ass; and after the awkward drunken blow job this morning he had gone out to get some distance between us; meanwhile I had taken the initiative and shaved my behind – smoothing it up for him in case this moment should occur.

I lay there on my knees my ass pointing up towards him; whilst he just sat there staring unsure what to do. So I told him. Without looking back I wiggled my bum a little and said

“I want you to take me.”

He still sat there, and murmured something like ‘what?’ so I asked again,

“I want you inside me,” practically begging now

“Please, take me.”

The desire was cleanly written on his face – he may not have considered it – but it was clear he now that he wanted it. If he couldn’t have his girlfriend’s ass he would have mine.

He practically ripped off his pants and boxers and slipped the condom onto his wickedly nice sized dick; I snuck a peak behind me to try and see and saw its thick mass dwarfing his hands. I shivered intensely at the sight as it made my own stiffness hurt with wild desire. I had played with toys and fingers to prepare before; but I had never actually had anal before. So the sight of his glorious manhood ready to fill my insides promised to send me over the edge.

“Hurry” I begged him.

He nodded, and on his knees approached me. His breaths were loud and unsure as his hands found my cheeks and felt their eager tenderness. His thumbs tracing lines inside my crack, passing within millimetres of my ready hole; he brought them to either side and opened the gap up.

“Are you- ” he paused and stared between me and my butt,

“Are you sure?”

By now I could wait no longer. I needed him – needed him inside.

“Claim my ass; its yours,” I called out

“You can do whatever you want to it; to me. Just fuck me! Please. Be inside me.”

It was all the permission he needed.

He grabbed my waist with both hands and let me stretch my cheeks open for him. I felt the bell of his cock press against my asshole – I could feel the curved tip of his shaft fit as if perfectly moulded for it into the opening of my behind; and took a brief moment to appreciate just how much it felt like it belonged there.

He stayed there hesitantly; he had never done this before; I knew. But I could wait no longer. I pushed my body down onto him, and flinched. He responded to the movement and held my body firmly as my movement pushed his shaft slowly inside me. I felt the uncomfortable ache of my fuckhole spreading wider and wider; until it allowed him in. And then with a slow elongated thrust he pushed his manhood fully inside me.

I let out an audible moan of joy as the pain of my anus stretching apart gave way to the amazing feeling of the cock reaching my very depths. He pushed it as far in as it would go and slowly sent me to Elysium.


Aiden had been told, by his unfortunate master simply, no. And free will was a luxury reserved for special occasions in a long term relationship that serious. So what was intended to be a short reprieve from the stresses and full time nature of commitment ,and girlfriends, for three guys. Had turned into just two mates hanging out, as usual, but with slightly more alcohol and a sandy beach on one side.

I had only known Will for a short time, hardly best friends, but we got along pretty alright and I had no problems about spending a weekend in a beach cabin with him. Nor did I have any problems with the arousal that circled me the entire first day. He walked around shirtless enjoying the summer sun and ocean breeze. He wasn’t athletic, but he worked out and looked after his body and presented a brilliant portrait of how a man could be sexy – whilst I enjoyed the eroticism of the occasional homosexual or bisexual engagement or daydream; I rarely met a man who was actually all that sexy; at least when compared to some of young woman you would find out and about town. Will though, was a pinnacle of masculine yet sensual sex appeal. After swimming, his wet shorts would cling tightly to his buttocks and groin and I could see the form of a perfect outline, and needed no further imagination.

That first night we got drunk and talked about girls and sex and the craziest stuff we had done. He asked me if I had ever done anything with a guy and I said no; then he asked me if I ever would; and I said ‘yeh’ in as casual a tone as I could muster. He mentioned fellatio and how infrequent the girls he dated would do it; I asked him how long it had been and he simply replied: ‘too long’. I joked that I could fix that for him; and he had a laugh and spun an empty bottle.

“If it lands on me you have to suck me off.”

“Fuck off” I replied as it spun.

Though as it spun each rotation flashing images of perversion and dark lit ecstasy. I hid the disappointment when the bottle ceased and pointed to nowhere.

The next morning started as normal and I hadn’t expected otherwise. We had swam in the cold foam of the ocean and returned for similar sipped beers. We hung our swim-trunks on the porch to dry and wrapped towels around our wastes to cover our nudity. We weren’t embarrassed so I got a look at Will nude while he changed; It did did not take long for me to start imagining his body in other scenarios. I showered the salt water off and returned to the main room in my towel while we waited for the hot water to recharge.

I struggled to avoid looking at Will’s chest, or the bulge in his towel as he sat, legs open on the couch. The telly on, some M rated movie playing. I sat next to him and watched along. The movie seemed crap, but a sex scene came along, and though you didn’t see it because the whole thing was practically PG; some fellatio was implied.

The scene seemed to illicit a reaction from Will. I could see interest sparking; and looked down to see an erection build beneath the thin fluffy cotton of the towel. He saw me notice and I joked that the film was far too tame for that sort of eagerness.

“You really want a blow job don’t you?”

“God. Yes!” he replied

“You have no idea. I’m not even lying there is nothing I want more right now than a pair of lips around this baby.”

We were guys, we got crude sometimes; it was nothing unusual.

“Well” I joked. again. “My offer still stands”

I cringed inside after saying that – there was no amount of light hearted jokin-around-mate tone that could have made that sound not invitational and creepy. There was a pause; and I went through at least a hundred different options on how to ease the silence or change the direction of the conversation. But could decide on none. Then Will broke it, hesitantly,

“Would you actually? do that?”

My brain stopped.

“What?” I paused

“Do what?”

He didn’t reply immediately and no doubt considered bailing out of it. But his sexual fervour got the best of him.

“Last night you offered. And you said you would try it? You know with a guy.”

I still refused to hear what I wanted to hear; there had to be some miscommunication going on.

“What do you mean?” I stopped,

“as in?” I didn’t mean to but I looked down as his erection.

“Yeh. Would you? You know, suck…?”

“Do you want me to?” I replied way too quickly and waited; dying to hear him say yes.

I watched porn with just guys in it some times, if they were attractive. And at a couple of parties I had made out with a guy or two; and an exchange of blowjobs here or there. But it had always been at a party, with alcohol involved and lacked the personal touch to really call it a homosexual encounter. I had never had sex with a guy before; and found myself thinking that Will could be the perfect guy to pop my cherry. He wasn’t some stranger I didn’t trust – nor a really close friend that I could never sexuallise. But I hadn’t actually thought he would be open to it – I guess a little beer had gotten the best of him.

“I mean, would it be weird for you? to have a guy suck you?” I asked, though I guess at this point he was so hard he didn’t care what genitals I had; he just wanted a mouth. I could hear his breathing, or my own, as he replied with a no.

“I don’t mind. I just can’t shake this need. And you offered and all, and I thought you might be serious.”

“If you want, I mean; yeh, sure” way too fast a reply again, but I could tell he didn’t notice my eagerness.

I was still reluctant to take any physical action and just sat there for a few confusing seconds. Eventual I forced my hand over fearing a missed moment; and rested it on his erection. He had not moved away so my luck had held. I grabbed softly at the lump beneath the towel as I sat beside him; and heard his breath intensify as I rubbed. As if to validate my continued daring; Will grabbed the tucked-in folds of his towel and removed the whole thing from his waist. I was left staring at the large tower of masculine beauty that rose from the trimmed neat plains of his pubic area.

My hand grasped the head and slid down the mass of the shaft, a slick stream of pre-cum following and sliding in-between the gaps in my fingers. I had him, in my hands, his glorious dick radiating from between my eager limbs. But that’s not what he wanted – or what I wanted. I slid off the couch and placed myself between his legs. On my knees as a dozen girls had done so for me.

I was so eager to gorge on the greatness that was in front of my face; I could smell the taste and the salty prickle of sex right before me. But I could not let this opportunity go to waste. I wanted more from Will. More than a once off blow; and if that was going to happen then this needed to be the best cock sucking he had ever experienced. I was up for the task; I had some experience in giving; and plenty in receiving.

I put my hands on either of Will’s knees and slid them up his thighs to wrap around his balls. He leaned back onto the couch and relaxed as I brought my mouth in close and gave a slow long lick down the length of his dick. I tasted the pre-cum and knew instantly that I would let him cum in my mouth. I grabbed his balls and licked the underside while slowly pumping his shaft – the whole time I could hear his staggered breaths and gasps of excitement and longing. I knew it felt great, but also knew it teased him. I planted a series of kisses to his pubes and balls, and then more to his cock and his head; and wondered if he now realised just how much I had wanted to suck him off.

I started to lick the bell of his penis, whilst fondling his sack; but the sexual energy was too much. He placed his hands on either side of my head; he made no attempt to force me or lead me anywhere; but I knew he could take no more of the half measures. I slid my arms underneath his legs and back around to grab his thighs and then pushed forward taking his cock inside my mouth.

I heard the sigh of relief and ecstasy from above and wasted no time building up a steady pace. Back and forth my head bobbed; taking more and more of the cock deeper and deeper inside; slamming at the back of my throat. My tongue dancing with elegance and joy. Dick tasted like nothing else – there was a reason that so many women enjoyed it such; and it had nothing to do with the one different chromosome. The aphrodisiac of the taste of savoury skin and sweet musked semen is undeniable; and it made my own genitals solid with fury.

“Fuck yes” He moaned as the sound of sucking and slurping echoed around the room; anything else fading from our minds and becoming irrellivent. I thought about all the girls he had enjoyed down here. How many had blown him out of expectation or relationship requirement? how many had truly enjoyed it? as much as I did? This wasn’t some reluctant chore to please my boyfriend; I loved his cock inside my mouth; and I could tell from his head arched back and heavy breaths that he loved it to. I felt proud of the pleasure I instilled as I stayed there, down on my knees, worshipping his cock.

He moaned again as his hands started to guide me down, forcing me down deeper on him, his eyes shut and body completely relaxed in pleasure – he had forgotten it was a guy sucking him off. The dance of sex we both now entangled ourselves in was no longer one of sexual orientation or gender. It now existed outside the rules and opinions of social constructs; girlfriends; boyfriends; gay; cheating; wrong; friends – It was just an intimate connection; lust manifested in the slow mindless sways of relaxing tender pleasure. At least that’s how I felt.

‘Damn your cock feels so hot filling my mouth’ I thought ‘I want to taste the cum, I want it all down my throat, like some hungry cum slut. Oh god, fucking fill me you stud.’

Will let loose a wild deep moan; almost in response to my thoughts.

‘Fuck, this is one hell of a blowjob; my lips were made for this.’

Will moaned again, comfortable with the rhythm of slurping joy I set for him. But I had another surprise for him. Something I doubted most girls would bother with. I slowed my pace and focused on tonguing and pumping him; until eventually I felt the time was right to take the whole length of his tasty dick inside. I grabbed at his body tightly and slowly forced my head towards his chest; the cock sliding up into the back of my mouth and hitting the entrance of my throat; before the force of my movement opened up my oral tube and pushed his dick inside.

I let out a muffled choke and quickly eased myself back. And then with a quick shove impaled my throat again; and again; and again; until I could build a barbaric rhythm of aggressive deepthroat chokes from me and joyous groans from Will.

“Oh my god” he cried as I forced myself down on him over and over. There was no greater compliment in sex than the unrestrained sound of ‘oh my god!’ as you suck a guys dick or eat a girls pussy. He loved it. Probably could have stayed here all day. But male libido isn’t like that – he needed release. He began shoving his hips up into me and his hands down; fucking my throat like an animal. If I could have spoken I would have been shouting.

‘Fuck me, Fuck me; Fuck my mouth baby’ my brain screamed in gay lust; ‘I’m yours you fucking god; shoot your hot sticky cum down my throat. Fill my fucking belly; Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

It didn’t take long; he had been so aroused before we even started. His back arched in spasm and the skin of his cock bulged as he shot his load inside me. I had taken the head out of my throat; I wanted the cum in my mouth; wanted to taste it; wanted it to coat the walls of my jaw.

One; two; three jets blasted out with sticky liquid force – the taste of pure sex and primal pleasure assaulting my taste buds. It tasted like the shivering electric glees of an orgasm. I took it all in and swallowed gulp after gulp as Will collapsed back onto the couch; spent. I on the other hand could feel my own cum ready to burst. I ripped my towel off not even bothering to move and starting jacking off furiously. My blood pumping like a machine; I needed to ejaculate so badly. I stared at Will’s cock and tasted his fresh cum on my tongue as I pumped my dick harder than I thought I ever had – Will simply watched on.

I took his now limp cock back in my mouth and swirled the cum around and around while I continued pumping. In only seconds my loins erupted and shot three jets of my own cum onto the ground; I leaned back and slunk against the foot of the couch and bathed in oblivion.

Ages passed. I’m not sure how long it was; but when I returned to the present Will was gone and the sounds of the shower running was all I heard of him. My spunk still sat oddly on the ground so I wiped it up and got dressed; and already began imaging Will and I again.


It started so slowly that I could not be sure he was fucking me at all; the turtle paced retreat felt like minutes as the walls of my anal sphincter clung desperately to the intruder. It felt almost as if my ass refused to let him leave; and as a heat radiated with such vitality and intensity from his impaling cock; I almost agreed to leave it there and struggled to control the muscles of my tunnel to do either. And then the awkward feeling of re-entry would come; as the hole sealed itself as shut as it could go and had to be forced open one more.

That part – re-entry – was the worse; but once that passed it was pure elation. It was not the most graceful sex I had enjoyed; but it was the most exciting. A new experience. Beneath the staggered thrusts and the clumsy stack of flesh; there was two people embarking on something new and engaging. The penetration from behind became less and less awkward and uncomfortable; and more and more sensual and pleasurable; Will’s hands held my waist, his hold both gentle and firm and it tingled my core with the faintest of electric energy.

It had really only just started when I felt the hot splurge of cum inside me; the condom did well to keep the liquid from escaping; but did little to halt the warmth. Will fell on to the bed beside me and I wanked myself yet again; spraying cum all over my chest as I lay back on the smooth sheets. I lay flat on the bed; Will’s bed; naked and fulfilled. It had been a perfect ending to the day and more than I ever could have hoped for; and that thought cradled me to sleep.


I awoke in the morning; the sun massaging my nude form and bringing the room to a lazy warmth. I didn’t ever wanted to move. But I did. There was no Will beside me; the bed was empty but for me. I sighed and fell back into a warm sleep.

I walked to the kitchen some time later for some breakfast. Will was around; on the phone chatting to his girlfriend – I felt shadows of guilt about last night; I hadn’t even thought about the effect on Will’s relationship. He had just cheated on his girlfriend. The homosexual element aside; he was probably feeling a little uncertain and guilty.

If he had any misgivings about what had taken place, then he hid it well – The day proceeded as any day would; and no mention was made of the sex the night before. I thought about bringing it up; but never found an opportune moment. Surfing was cut short by wind and rain; so I lazed away in my room with my laptop; the wireless trickling away. Will appeared in the open doorway. I glanced over and waited to see what he wanted.

“I’m not gay.” he started awkwardly; before pausing.

There was a few moments of silence before I responded.

“Nah, me neither,” I replied earnestly “I like pussy too much to give it up.”

Will chuckled softly.

“Yeh, no doubt.” He waited a few seconds before he turned to leave.

“Just wanted to make sure you didn’t get the wrong impression.”

“Don’t fret” I responded as he left, “I know.”

The day rambled on and the rain continued in a steady pace; we had known the weather would eventually turn to the worst but had hoped to finish the trip before. The clouds however had other ideas. As night came I lay beneath the thin smooth sheets of my bed and let the moonlight illuminate the curves and folds through the open curtains. I didn’t usually sleep naked; but my mind was stuck re-playing the strange and wonderful sex I had experienced yesterday; and I knew the obsession could only end in masturbation.

I could feel his touch on my chest; smell his musk and sweat; taste his skin; as he pumped and pumped; each thrust moulding kinetic energy into muscular ecstasy – I had taken a dick into my ass; and loved it.

I was proper gay now; or bi; or whatever – and I wanted more. I wanted more cocks inside me; for longer next time. I wanted to feel a man’s love spread through his sensual thrusts into my accepting hole. Wanted to feel the warm eruptions of blissful cum inside. I wanted to kiss a man. Taste his tongue; feed on his desire for me. My hands slid to my pelvis; grasping at my eager shaft. Slick with pre-cum I spread my hands all over; covering them in juice. One I brought up to my mouth to gorge on my salty arousing spunk; imagining it to be Wills. The other I slid down to my asshole spreading the natural lubricant around the puckering.

There was a knock at the door. The rain poured onwards; loud and steady. I had misheard; obviously. I returned one hand to my dick. A second series of knocks. No mistaking it now.

“It’s Will”

A long pause.

“Can I come in?”

I almost jumped from surprise. Removing my hands from my parts.

“Um; oh. Sure, yeh – okay.”

The door creaked open and then slowly shut and Will’s form loomed over. I felt awkward and weird lying naked and wet , with nothing but a thin sheet to cover me. I tried to hide my erection. And hoped the moonlight was not enough to illuminate the wet stains on the white sheet where my penis slowly oozed.

“Can I sit?”

Crap; this was about to become embarrassing. He sat on the bed, beside me, before I could reply.

“I feel real bad.” Will started. “About last night.”

“Oh” I said, quietly.

Will continued.

“I mean; I pretty much cheated on her.”

“Oh,” again.

“I’m sorry, I hadn’t even thought about it at the time. I just, sort of got carried away.”

“Yeh. I know.”

Will took a glance out the window at the bright nights sky. Whatever he was feeling or thinking; he hid it from me. Maybe it was the same things I had gone through when first considering an attraction to the same sex.

“It’s not the first time either. It happened once before. With another girl,” he added.

“I said I wouldn’t again”

I was completely out of my depth here and had no idea what to say to make it okay.

“You acted on what YOU wanted. I’m not going to lie and say that makes it okay – but I understand why. You still want to be with her right?”

“Yeh of course” he replied. “I just…”

“Wanted something different” I finished. Though I wasn’t sure if I was speaking for him or for me. Will sat silent for un-counted moments. I was still not sure what he was thinking or how he got to his decision; but I quickly decided not to care.

Will slid to the foot of the bed, and lifted the sheet covering me. As if he knew I was already naked; he snuck his head beneath the folds and up my legs. I let out a deep and thankful sigh as I felt the warmth of Will’s breath trace its way up my inner thighs. Goosebumps spread like an epidemic across my raw artful form and I shivered for endless seconds as He brought his mouth to my crotch. Being his first time sucking cock he wasted no time with teasing or foreplay. He just shoved his lips around it and took my manhood in.

His pace was fast and sloppy; and I couldn’t tell if he enjoyed it or not; but he did not stop and that was enough for me. His hands grasped around my balls and held my loins. I spread my legs as wide and gaping as I could, to make it all the better. And grabbed the top of his head shoving him down gentle but suggestive. It took a mere few minutes to reach my climax; and without realising I was still forcing his head down; I shivered and spasmed an ejaculation; shooting my eager load into Will’s mouth and spraying his throat.

My head span and all I heard was ringing, for those brief but beautiful seconds after my orgasm. Now I was sleepy and endlessly relaxed.

“Kiss me.” I said as my head delved deep into the pillow. Will was obliged. He undressed and slid himself up, our bodies spread beneath the sheet. As he wrapped his legs around me; his stone hard chiselled dick rubbing against my flaccid cum drenched cock; he brought his mouth to mine and delivered a long and sensual kiss. Drowsy though I was, I could still taste the cum and passion – Will hadn’t come to get his rocks off. He had come to have sex with me. Sex; with another man; not fucking, or a quicky; but slow sensual gay sex.

We kissed and cuddled for hours probably. After a while of rubbing our shafts together, he came all over my chest. We wandered in and out of slumber – back and forth between sex and sleep. Eventually our libidos returned for a second round, and after hours slowly building them our slow eroticism turned to lust. He began to rub and pump against me more; and I responded by grinding my pelvis against him. Grasping at his back I held him into me – The slow elegant sex turned to passion as we built up speed and sexual desire. My tongue left his mouth and found his ear, “Fuck me” I whispered, squeezing his solid ass cheeks.

My hand reached for the bedside table; stumbling about in the darkness I managed to find a condom and somehow wrap it around Will’s lustful dick. He pressed his staff against my anus, and without removing his entwined body from mine, began pumping into me.

“Ughhhh, Ohhh Will! It feels so good inside.”

I held his shoulders and waist, pressing his body into mine as he made love to me, my breath heavy and echoing throughout the room. He kissed me again, long and sensual; his tongue massaging my throat as we fucked each other. It was the best sex I’ve had.


When I awoke Will was still entwined around me; dried musky cum staining our bodies and the sheets. He noticed my consciousness and traced his hand up my chest.


He kissed me. He was not ashamed of last night.

We lay for an hour spooning more; kissing all parts of our bodies. We were not aroused; it was more an acceptance of the sex we had shared and a sensual enjoyment of each others naked gentle company.

We eventually left the bed. Will made us breakfast and after that we lazed around watching movies and doing nothing at all.

“Can I suck you again?”

It had surprised me little; that he had asked.

“I enjoyed the taste actually; it was fun… pleasuring you”

I smiled kindly and jovial; removing my shorts. I was bare underneath; we had an unspoken agreement that the last two days of the holiday would involve a fair bit more sex. We both wanted more; it was clear. I didn’t realise he had enjoyed sucking so much. But it was natural.

“Do you mind being on your knees?” I teased; wickedly.

He obviously did not because he took his shorts off as well and descended to his knees. This time the blow was slow and purposeful – he had learned; and used all the skills I had shown him the night before.

“God that’s good.” I whispered. “I cant wait to cum on that gorgeous face of yours”

His bobbing halted when he heard me. He took my shaft out of his mouth and proceeded to slowly lick the base. I smiled. Then moaned. Will’s hand jerked me off as he licked and continued to do so as he moved his body under my legs and took my ballsack in his mouth.

“Oh. Ohhh fuck yeh.

He had no need to suck my balls. It would not speed my ejaculation. He just wanted to.

“Oh man, i’m gonna cum soon. In your mouth?”

He wasted no time responding. Taking my rod back in his mouth and slamming his throat down on it; over and over. I panted heavily nearing my climax. Sensing my imminent explosion Will grabbed an ass cheeks with one hand and shoved a finger deep into my ass.

“Oh what the fuck I almost yelled” Shaking where I stood; as my ballsack burst, shooting kinetic jolt after jolt of cum into Will’s mouth.

“Oh baby yes. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I moaned as his throat sucked up all I had too offer like a giant vacuum. His finger meanwhile thrusting my fuck hole.

I fell onto the couch and lay there still shivering; cum drenching my thighs. Will stood over me wanking his manhood until he came as well; shooting a modest load onto my face and chest. When finished he crawled on top of me and lay; silent and weary – Our warmth was cosy. I laughed an earnest laugh. Will joined me – and there we lay for the remainder of the afternoon.


That night was warm and still; the moon low and large in its orbit. I took Will down to the beach and lay beside him under the glow of endless stars. He fucked me again; there in the vast open world – excited by the exhibitionist element I let my moans run loose and loud for all to see or hear. But of course none did. Here on the lonesome beach in the furthest hours of the night – None but the glowing moon above bore witness.

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