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Mrs. Green

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My best friend Nick had gotten me a job with him working at a local, Mom and Pop Grocery store. It was small, but then again, so was the town. One of those places with a population that hadn’t as yet reached a thousand, though there was hope of that happening sometime during the year.

I had just turned 18, and didn’t as yet own my own car. Which was one of the reasons I had taken on a near full-time job while still attending school.

I was in hopes of eventually saving up enough money to buy one, even though I knew it wouldn’t be anything even near what I really wanted to own. Still, ‘wheels’ meant a certain amount of freedom and independence from having to rely upon friends. Though Nick was never one to complain as he more than willingly took us everywhere we, or I needed to go in his car.

One of the nice things about living in a small-sized community, was you pretty much knew everyone who lived there. Especially as most if not all, eventually made their way into “Ernie’s & Eva’s” Grocery store as everyone knew it to be called.

Most of the time, Nick and I were the only night-clerks available, along with Denise the checker, and Eva herself who helped out if things ever got busy. Which they rarely if ever did. There was one other younger guy who generally worked during the days, though he sometimes worked nights if either Nick or I had the night off for whatever reason. I didn’t mind working there either. I made pretty good wages for what I did, and the work wasn’t all that bad. Stocking shelves, sweeping up the occasional mess, and helping most people out to their cars with their groceries wasn’t a bad way to make a living, especially for a young kid with a goal in mind for himself.

Another part of our jobs was keeping an eye on things of course. Especially whenever other kids, most of which Nick and I knew, who came into the store. Mr. Slater, or Ernie had had a number of petty thefts take place. All of which we knew had been from most of the kids that came in and never bought anything. The difficult thing, was having to rat on them. But rat on them we did whenever Nick or I caught someone trying to make off with this thing or that. We had plenty of secret little places to go and spy on people whenever they came into the store. Though thankfully, for the most part, we didn’t need to go and do that very often.

I had just signed for a delivery of produce at the back dock when Nick came running up to me. He’d been working there for well over a year now, which is how he’d saved up enough money for his car.

“Rick! Rick!” You gotta come see this!” he told me.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Mrs. Green. She’s here!” he said excitedly.

Like I said, I pretty much knew everyone who lived in our area. And I didn’t recall ever hearing of anyone with the last name of Green.


“Mavis Bumgirgle, or whatever the hell her name is,” Nick stated.

“You mean Mrs. Boregard,” I said correcting him. Now that name, I had heard. Though I hadn’t as yet ever seen her. The only thing I knew about her was from the bits and pieces of gossip I had heard on and off during the course of the last few month’s since she had moved here with her husband. They had purchased the one true piece of really expensive property that encompassed several acres. Mr. Boregard was some sort of business tycoon who had recently purchased the bank. Mrs. Boregard was supposedly a real “looker” from what I’d heard. Though again, I had never seen her personally myself.

Still, interested in what she did look like, I figured she wasn’t going anywhere at the moment and decided to finish putting away the fresh lettuce that had just arrived.

“Come on dude!” Nick pressed. “You’re gonna miss it!”

“Miss what?” I asked in exasperation. “She can’t look that good.”

“It’s not just the way she looks my friend,” Nick said evilly. “But what she sometimes does when she thinks no one is looking.”

Now that did grab my attention. “What do you mean…what she sometimes does?”

“Bob told me about it once. I didn’t believe him until I saw it myself. Bob’s the one who nicknamed her Mrs. Green, because of her fondness for vegetables!”

Bob was the daytime guy, and all around decent sort of a fellow. Though several years older than either Nick or myself, he’d grown up in this town like everyone else and had a bit of a reputation for being a wild one back in his high-school days.

“Come on, there’s a perfect place to watch and keep and eye on her without her knowing we are.”

I followed him along the backside of the store until we’d entered into the refrigeration area just behind the fresh fruits and vegetable section. Peering through several gallons of milk containers, I could indeed see the entire isle where she was standing. “Mrs. Green” as I now began to think of her myself, really was a very attractive looking woman, easily twice my age perhaps, and certainly worth a whole hell of a lot of money. I watched as she stood there fingering and pawing through several fruits and veggies, finally arriving closer to the cucumber bin.

“Oh! This is gonna be good!” Nick exclaimed expectantly. But I still had no idea what he was talking about.

“What is?” I whispered back, even though I was fairly certain at this distance she couldn’t have heard either one of us talking.

Mrs. Green might have been twice our age, but she certainly looked a lot younger, and was far better looking than any of the cheerleader types at the high school we attended. Her nearly coal-black hair settled just below her shoulders giving her a sultry look, even from behind when you stared at her. Her eyes were equally as dark, and though I couldn’t see what color they were at this distance, I assumed they were either a very dark brown, or a cobalt blue. But at my age, it was the pair of boobs that she was sporting that first caught my attention when she finally turned around facing in our direction.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed almost a little too loudly. “Man, is she built!”

“Shhh!” Nick cautioned me. “She might hear you. And you don’t want to miss this, if she does what I’m hoping she’ll do,” he added.

We continued to watch Mrs. Green fondling the cucumber pile, which is the only way I could describe it.

“Ok Nick. I admit, she’s good looking. But you really getting off on watching her fondle a few veggies?”

“No, but with luck, she might,” he answered giddily. “Look! Look!” He said a second later.

Turning back around in her direction, I saw that she was carefully scanning the store to ensure that no one was close enough to see her. In the next instant, she picked up one of the cucumbers she’d been handling. In a state of shock, I saw Mavis lift up the front of the skirt she was wearing. Even at this distance, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing any panties. We both watched as Mrs. Green, whom I would fondly and forever now call her, positioned that long fat cucumber at the opening of her sex.


“Jesus!” Nick finished for me.

Inserting the dark green naturally shaped toy inside the opening of her pussy, we sat mesmerized as she slowly managed to slip a great deal of it inside her. Taking another look or two around the store, she stood there, fucking herself with the cucumber, a rapturous look of pleasure clearly outlined in her face. Finally pushing most of it inside herself, she lowered her dress, and then pushed off with her grocery cart to finish doing her shopping.

“What the hell?” I asked to no one in particular.

Nick punched me in the arm however. “Yep. Just like last time,” he told me. “Only then, it was a yellow banana.”

“So now what’s she going to do?” I wondered aloud.

“Finish her shopping. And get off like she did last time,” Nick stated.

“Did you see her do that?”

“No damn it. Too hard to follow her without being obvious about it.”

I laughed, wondering. “So, does she shoplift her veggies?”

“No. In fact she really does take them out at some point. I saw her last time, and she really did pay for one single banana!”

Nick and I both made our way up front, trying as carefully as we dared to keep an eye on Mrs. Green as she continued pushing her shopping cart up one isle and down the other. It was soon obvious that she was just about finished as she reached the last isle, and turned.

Nick and I all but sprinted towards that last isle, hoping to catch a glimpse of her as she removed the cucumber from her pussy. But she was too careful for that, obviously stopping at the end of the isle to do so before continuing on.

“Nick?” We both heard Denise calling out. “Would you mind bagging please?”

An older woman had reached the checkout line well ahead of Mrs. Green. And as luck would have it, Denise spotted Nick first.

“Shit!” he exclaimed under his breath, already heading off to help bag her groceries. Catching a slight movement out of the corner of my eye, I knew it had to be Mrs. Green. As it happened, there were several items on the shelf that needed straightening, so I made some pretense of doing that as she passed behind me. Turning, I looked directly at her and smiled. She smiled back.

“Hello,” I said with a smile that split my face open wide. And worse, I felt my cheeks blushing crimson. “Find everything you need?” I asked hoping the tone of my voice wasn’t giving anything away.

“Yes. Thank you,” she replied. “You going to bag me?”

I swallowed. Not sure I had heard her correctly. “Excuse me?”

“You going to help check me out?” she asked again. I felt like telling her I already had.

“Yes, yes of course,” I said now following her up front. And as I did, I noticed a single large green cucumber lying in the bottom of her cart. I caught myself staring at it…as she did. My face exploded into a beet red, and I felt like running off into the night with embarrassment.

“I really do enjoy a nice big cucumber,” she said innocently.

“Yes mam,” I said, watching as she rolled her eyes.

“Please. Don’t call me mam. Makes me feel like an old woman. You don’t think of me as an old woman now do you, uh…what is your name anyway?”

“Ah…no ma…miss.” I corrected quickly. Then she re-corrected me.

“Call me Mrs. Boregard.” She stated. “Or, if we’re ever alone, you can all me May. Which is short for Mavis.”

I didn’t know what to call her. So I simply nodded my head and followed her up to the checkout line. Nick was already heading out the door with the cart full of groceries he’d just bagged. Throwing me a knowing look, as well as a teasingly angry one, he soon disappeared just as Mrs. Green and I reached the counter.

“How are you today?” Denise asked in a less than friendly tone of voice. “Find everything?”

“Yes. Thank you,” May responded. “And by the way. You never did tell me your name,” she said talking to me directly.

Once again I blushed, feeling more and more stupid all the time. “Rick,” I said simply.

“Well Rick,” she said emphasizing my name. “Would you mind carrying out these bags for me after I’m done here?”

“Ah, sure,” I responded, still uncomfortable in calling her anything, though I’d nearly called her Mrs. Green. Especially after watching Denise reach down inside the shopping cart, retrieving the cucumber. After weighing it, she tossed it inside a plastic bag. I watched as it traveled the short distance down the conveyer to where I was standing…waiting for it. Even thought it was wrapped. I knew secretly where it had just been. I ensured that I grabbed nothing but plastic before tossing it into one of the other sacks. Glancing up, May was grinning at me.

“What? Don’t like cucumbers?” she asked innocently.

“Yeah, matter of fact I do,” I said finding my voice. Denise was looking at the two of us as though we’d both gone goofy. Mrs. Green stood there waiting, without saying a word.

“Rick? You going to help her outside with these? Or not?” Denise questioned.

Relocating my wits, I snatched up both bags of groceries and followed Mrs. Green outside to her car, passing Nick as he walked past us on his way back in.

“Need any help?” he snickered just under his breath.

“No thanks. I’ve got it,” I retorted back.

“Lucky fucker,” he mouthed at me. I was glad that May had walked on slightly faster ahead of me. She was already opening the door of her car and couldn’t have possibly heard Nick’s comments or see his silent statement to me either.

“This isn’t my big shopping,” she informed me as I placed both bags on the back seat of her car. “I usually do that on the weekends. But it also happens that I have a lot going on this weekend too. I don’t suppose if I sent over a list of things, that you could do the shopping for me and bring them over later would you?” she asked. “There would be a nice tip in it for you if you did.”

I knew that we sometimes did that for customers from time to time. But it all depended on how busy things got at the store. “I can check with Mr. Slater if you’d like. If it’s ok with him, then sure. I can do that.”

Mrs. Green pressed a five-dollar bill in my hand. I immediately handed it back to her. “No reason to tip me,” I said. “It’s all a part of the service.”

“Keep it. And there will be a lot more for you than that for doing my shopping for me,” she said with a wink.

I stood there watching her drive off in her silver BMW. Now I was lusting after two things. Her, and her car.


I’d arrived at work as usual early Saturday morning before the store even opened. Denise met me moments after I had clocked in.

“Mr. Slater wants to see you in his office,” she said smugly. Denise seemed to get a twisted kick out of seeing either Nick or I get called on the carpet for anything. Which really was rare. Obviously, she was dying to know why too.

“If I can do anything,” she left off bating her eyelashes at me. One thing Denise wasn’t…was attractive.

“Thanks. I’m sure everything’s fine,” I told her. And immediately headed upstairs to his office.

Mr. Slater was busy working at his paper-covered desk when I first knocked before entering. It was a wonder he knew where everything was, though he always seemed to.

“Come in, come in!” he announced without even looking up at me. Holding out a sheet of paper, he waved it at me. “Mrs. Boregard would greatly appreciate it if I would have someone do her shopping for her,” he said somewhat disgustedly. “Like I have time to spare anyone to do it. Here, get what she needs and hurry back to the store as quick as you can. You won’t get paid for anytime you’re away from the store mind you, but I will let you keep whatever tip you get out of it.” Only then did he look up in my direction, “Now go! And be quick about it!”

I glanced at the list he’d handed me the moment I left his office. Most everything was easy enough. And then I spotted an item half way down her list. It said: “Two not quite ripe, large-sized banana’s.” She’d even placed a ‘smiley-face’ next to that entry. I wondered briefly if she knew, that I knew. After our past encounter, I had my suspicions, and especially now. I quickly located everything. Luckily, I had plenty of room for the things she had asked for so they would fit in both of the baskets I had mounted on my bike. I hated riding it, but as I really had no other means of transportation, I had little if any choice. And Nick wasn’t due in to work until later than afternoon. As it was easily a three-mile ride to her home, I headed off pedaling as fast as my legs would go. A reasonably short time later, I pulled up into the circular drive-way of their expansive looking home, and began looking for the back door as I expected that’s where she’d prefer for me to go. I located it a few moments later and knocked.

“Come in!” I heard her calling out.

The doorknob twisted easily in my hand. I opened the door, stepping into the kitchen/pantry area. Walking over to the kitchen counter, I put the first two bags down and headed back outside to grab the other two. When I returned, she was waiting for me.

“Did you get everything I asked for?” she said.

I noticed she hadn’t as yet gotten dressed. Still wearing some sort of silky looking bathrobe, she otherwise looked like she’d showered, put on her make-up and made herself ready for the day. All except for dressing of course. She looked spectacular.

“I think so,” I commented.

“Did you get the bananas I asked for?”

Once again we locked eyes. “I’m pretty sure they’re in one of the two bags I just brought in,” I stated. I watched as she quickly rummaged through one, locating them a moment later.

“Would you like one?” she offered.

“Oh. No thanks.” I said feeling more than a little weird at the moment. I had no doubt at all now that we were playing some sort of “trippy” little head-game with one another. And I was becoming more than a little curious to see just exactly how far she was willing to push this.

“But if you want one, help your self,” I challenged, hoping I had said just enough to let her know I wasn’t as dumb as she seemed to be taking me for. I watched as she began putting things away. Opening one of the kitchen cupboards, she made some pretense of trying to reach the upper shelf where several other can goods were stored. As she did, her bathrobe parted, revealing a goodly portion of one of her obviously bare breasts.

“Can’t reach,” she said simply. “Do you mind?” Handing me the canned goods, I easily placed them on the upper shelf. When I had finished, I turned around to find her sitting down at her kitchen table, peeling one of the bananas. “Sure you don’t want to share one?”

The way she peeled it, slowly, then inserting just the tip of it inside her mouth before nipping it off was the most sensual, erotic thing I had ever witnessed. Her robe was still parted, still concealing her breasts, though not by much. When she crossed her legs, my eyes immediately followed that movement. I’d seen the movie ‘Basic Instinct’ with Sharon Stone in it. It was one of the few sex movies as we called them that our local video store actually carried and rented. I had paused that particular scene over and over, watching Sharon spreading her legs, actually baring her pussy. But even that was nothing in comparison to the way Mrs. Green did it. When she first uncrossed her leg, she literally spread them apart for a much longer moment, before lifting it up, giving me an even wider panoramic view of her blushing split. And, there was absolutely no doubt where my eyes were still focused when she finished doing that either. Looking up, she licked her lips, and then inserted the banana deep within her mouth without taking a bite, obviously sucking it.

“Ever had a woman do that to you?” she asked bluntly.

The fact of the matter was, I really was still a virgin. I’d gotten to second base a time or two with a few girls, but never past that.

“No. Never have,” I said surprising myself, though my voice sounded a whole octave higher. I wondered if she could detect the nervousness in my voice.

Taking the second, as yet unpeeled banana, she playfully passed it back and forth between her hands.

“So, did you see me in the store the other day with the cucumber?” she asked pointedly.

Admittedly, I was excited as hell. I began to wonder if she was actually going to shove that second banana inside herself for me. Something I now found myself desperately wanting to see. Her question had also made it obvious. She wasn’t just fishing here. She knew I had seen her of course. What she was doing, or so it appeared, was an attempt to find out if I was brave enough, bold enough, to tell her that I had.

“Yes. I did,” I said smiling, even grinning a moment later. “But not as good as I would have liked too,” I added, surprised at my sudden newfound courage. I saw both of her eyebrows raise over that one. Obviously, I’d scored a few points.

“Oh really? You liked seeing that did you?” she asked me, once again doing her Sharon Stone routine.

“I liked it a lot,” I said, trying to give her a Michael Douglas look, though at the moment, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what he even looked like. I finally decided to throw caution to the wind, swallowing hard as I screwed up my courage. “I’d enjoy seeing you do that with your banana.”

I had to find some moisture inside my mouth to say that one however. Nearly choking over my own statement as I wasn’t sure how far she was willing to let me push this with her. By way of an answer however, she then lowered her crossed leg, lifting the other, where she placed the flat of her foot directly upon the seat of the chair. In so doing, she spread herself far more than lusty old Sharon had done. I then watched as she lowered the banana, licking her lips, and ran just the tip of it up and down the furrow of her near hairless mound.

“Was that more along the lines of what you had in mind?”

I felt my prick lengthening. As I tended to wear fairly tight Levi jeans anyway, I knew it was pointless to cover my rapidly growing condition. And May picked up on that as well, seeing the sudden bulge in my jeans as it continued to develop. She began to slowly insert the green-tinged banana inside her pussy. Moaning softly as she did.

“Bet you’ve never fucked a woman before either. Have you?” she stated as she slid nearly the entire length of that banana inside her wet quim. It wasn’t necessary for me to answer her either, as she did for me. “No. I’m sure not. But I bet you’ve wondered about it plenty of times. Probably played with yourself a number of times too, just thinking about it. You have…haven’t you.”

It wasn’t really a question, more of a direct accusation. I merely nodded my head in acknowledgement of that fact. Mrs. Green continued to slip the banana in and out of herself until I began hearing a real moist ‘squishy-wet’ sound emanating from within her pussy.

“You like the way that sounds?” she asked, making it even louder somehow as she did it.

My prick was painfully wedged against the front of my Levi’s now. “Awesome,” I commented. Which made her laugh out loud.

“Feeling a little uncomfortable are we?”

She was glancing at the front of my jeans again. It really was painfully obvious the condition I was in. “Would you like me to take care of that for you?”

My moment of truth had arrived. I’d wondered on and off all the way over if something like this might actually happen. And up until that very moment, I truly had no idea how I’d respond, or what I’d do if it did.

“Yes,” I said meekly.

“Yes what?” she demanded. “Tell me exactly what you’d like me to do for you.”

“I’d like you…to, to touch me,” I said somewhat hesitantly.

“Is that all? Just touch you? I can certainly do that. But if that’s all you really want, then I must say, I’m very, very disappointed in you.”

Finding my courage once again, I drew in a deep breath, though I blurted more than told her what it was I really wanted.

“I want to fuck your pussy!” I said.

“Oh? You would huh? In other words, you’re offering me your virginity. Is that right? Is that what I’m hearing you asking me?”

“Yes. I want you to take my virginity!” I retorted. “And, I want you to suck me. And, I want to lick your pussy. And…”

Now she really was laughing. “Whoa there boy. Hold on for a moment, one thing at a time. Why don’t we both go upstairs to the bedroom where we can get a lot more comfortable?” she asked coquettishly. Which reminded me almost immediately, just where the hell was her husband at anyway? I almost lost my erection when I thought about that.

“Aren’t you worried someone might catch us?” I asked.

“He’s out of town on business. And, not that it’s really any of your business, but he and I don’t have sex anymore. He can’t. So he knows about my tiny little indulgences. Including my ‘veggie-fetish’. As long as I provide him with a good home-cooked meal, look good hanging on his arm at dinner parties, he looks the other way, and could care less about what it is I do in order to satisfy myself sexually.

I still thought that was pretty weird, but I followed her upstairs to the bedroom anyway.

“Nick’s never going to believe this!” I thought to myself.

“Undress,” she said the moment we stepped into her room. She began doing so, which didn’t take much as she merely finished undoing one or two button’s on her silk gown before allowing it to drop to the floor revealing her nakedness. As I began removing my shirt, unzipping my jeans, hopping up and down on one leg while attempting to remove them, I continued to eye her as she moved over to sit down on the edge of the bed, watching me. She began toying with her split while I stripped off my socks, finally pulling down my briefs revealing my erection to her for the first time.

“Oh my. That really is a nice specimen of a cock Rick. Why don’t you bring it over here so I can kiss it?”

Like one magnet drawn to another, I followed my erection the short distance across the room until I was standing before her at the foot of the bed. I was enjoying the sight of those incredible knockers of hers, wanting badly to reach down and play with one. But the sensation of her mouth as she surrounded the head of my prick put that last thought on hold for the time being.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed. “Shit that feels good!”

May continued mouthing my prick and I began to worry that I was going to give her an unexpected mouthful if she continued. “Enough of that for now,” she said removing it. Obviously, she was very well aware of a ‘first-time’ experience, especially for someone as naïve as I was.

“Why don’t I show you how to lick pussy?” she stated, already sliding back up on the bed, spreading her legs apart as she did. “After you give me an orgasm, we’ll see what we can do about your virginity.”

Like a duck to water, I moved up between her legs, extending out my tongue tentatively, totally unaware of what to expect, and unprepared for what awaited me as well. Locating her nubbin of pleasure without any help or direction, I began flicking it with the tip of my tongue. May grabbed a hand full of my hair, pressing me even more firmly against herself, nearly suffocating me. But I latched onto her clit, sucking it.

“Damn Rick. You’re a natural borne pussy-eater!” she exclaimed joyously.

What I lacked in experience, I certainly made up for in enthusiasm. I continued to suck her clitoris, alternating between doing that and tonguing her split.

“Stick a finger in. Finger-fuck me!” she now demanded. Slipping in my middle finger, I palmed her, slipping my finger in and out of her cunt rapidly, matching the tempo with the continued assault upon her clit with my tongue and lips.

“That’s it! That’s it! Make me cum!” she wailed. “Oh…fuck yes. Make me cum Rick! Make…me…CUM!” she cried out in pleasure as she certainly did.

My face was drenched, slick with her pussy juices. Rolling over onto the bed next to her, I fought briefly trying to catch my breath. She however, had other ideas, immediately rolling over, and then sitting on top of me. Before I even knew what had happened, I felt my penis slip far more easily inside of her than I would have ever expected. But then again, she was extremely well lubricated.

With her positioned as she was, I finally got to place my hands on both of her luscious looking tits. I began playing with them to my hearts content, all the while she slowly fucked herself up and down against me. The feel of that succulent silken passage was already threatening to unleash a torrent of cum-cream from my balls. But…she knew that too. Expertly, she stopped, biding her time, waiting patiently for the sensation to pass before starting up all over again.

“Don’t worry. After you cum the first time, you won’t come nearly as fast, or as soon the second time.”

“The…the second time?” I asked.

“Yeah, you would like to know what it’s like to cum in a woman’s mouth wouldn’t you?” she asked me.

A very short time after that, I was filling a woman’s pussy with my cum-juice for the very first time. Twenty minutes later, I was squirting another heart-felt delicious load inside her mouth too. I was way past the time where I knew I was expected back. And figured I would indeed be in a hell of a lot of trouble with Mr. Slater. Denise would certainly enjoy knowing that. But as Mrs. Green lovingly fondled my prick, once again bringing life back in to it, I figured it was certainly well worth it. That, and the fifty-dollar tip I got for making the trip out to her place.

Every Saturday thereafter, I shopped, and delivered her groceries. The only thing I did differently, was ensuring I did so after putting in my regular shift. That way, Mrs. Green and I had all the time in the world to explore our sensuality with one another. That, and whatever selection of ‘veggies’ that I had decided to bring with me.

“By the way Rick? Tell your friend Nick, that if he still wants to see me use another one of those cucumbers again sometime, that he should pick out something special and bring it along with him.”

I told him that. But he didn’t believe that one either.

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