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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 09

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Thanks to all those readers who have asked for more chapters in this series. I never thought of writing a series but because you have continuously asked for more from this story, I have done my best to comply. We all live multi-faceted lives (I don’t have time to write but once or twice every other week) but I will try to write new chapters and follow-ups to my other stories too. Thanks again to all those readers who have emailed with kudos, I live and write for them. For those who write saying they don’t like something, thanks too but only when it is constructive criticism. I’m learning to be a better writer. That being said, lets move on to Jenny and her pretty mouth.


Funny but I don’t know etiquette for boning your step mom. She seemed pissed when I didn’t kiss her afterward. Apparently because I wasn’t going to cuddle with her either she retreated to her room in a huff. I did likewise without the huff and went downstairs to relax and check my emails. I had to laugh as I watched her saunter off bare assed and furious. She has a lovely ass especially when it is stuck up in the air. Once downstairs, I heard the phone ring and overheard my step mom telling my dad she’d love to go with him to some formal dinner. She told him, she’d write a note for Jenny and I telling us we were on our own for dinner tonight. I figured dad had some new clients he wanted to impress so he wanted Maureen on his arm. The thought of Jenny and I alone was a turn-on even in my satisfied sexual state. I decided to grab a nap and await Jenny’s return home.

A good night’s sleep is great but a restful nap can be so energizing. A restful nap with lurid sex dreams can be even more vitalizing. I replayed my sexual tryst with Mo and dreamed of her with my dad at the dinner tonight. She was such a sexual dynamo, I dreamt her stealing off with one of my dad’s clients. For some reason, he was a Texan with a big cowboy hat and white snakeskin boots. She started blowing him in a back hallway at the restaurant and when discovered by a cook, he ushered them to a back storeroom. Maureen being the exhibitionist slut she is, asked the cook to stick around and began servicing them both. As mercurial as dreams can be, I ended up outside looking into the storeroom when Mandi, Jenny’s friend/adversary showed up complaining about her salad. She saw me and in a flash we were on her couch in her living room doing the nasty as her disapproving mom looked on. As I bent Mandi over the couch and began fucking her doggy style, Mandi’s mom changed into Jenny, then into Mo, and soon all three were watching me and they were all pissed.

Mo seemed the most pissed and vocal about it. She said she’d never fuck me again and that she was going to tell my dad. I laughed out loud as I knew she’d have as much to lose as I did. But she seemed undeterred and began smacking at me. Funny, dreams always seem so surreal and Mo began smacking me with a ruler like a deranged nun and she wasn’t trying to hit me as much as she was trying to hit my cock with it. I still had it in Mandi as I tried to turn my body away from her.

That is when I woke up. My cock was so engorged from my sexual dreams it nearly snapped as I rolled on my stomach to avoid Mo’s ruler. I ran my right hand through my hair as I realized it was all a silly demented dream. Rolling on my back, I stroked my cock and wondered what time it was. Glancing out the windows above me I figured it was after 6:30 as it was dark outside. Giving my cock another good tug, I climbed out of bed and decided to go see if Jenny was home. I only had on a pair of boxers as I emerged from the basement. I swung open the door and looked both ways down the hallway. I didn’t see anyone to my right but as I looked to my left I was pleasantly surprised to find my step mom still home if only for a few minutes. She heard me but didn’t turn as she was standing at the doorway looking in the mirror there. She was apparently taking one last look at herself before going out the door to meet up with my dad.

I stood and looked at her as I drank in her incredible body. She was wearing a slinky, black evening gown, black high heels, and had a thin black, felt collar around her neck. The dress clung to her body and accented every curve. She wiped at the corners of her mouth trying to fix her glossy pink lipstick and dissatisfied pulled out her tube from her slinky black purse. She began reapplying it and smiled.

“What are you looking at?” she asked, not taking her eyes off her mouth in the mirror.

I didn’t say anything but walked slowly towards her. She giggled as she sensed me getting closer. Moving behind her, I allowed my cock to rub against her ass. The thin fabric that we both had on did little to mute the sensation.

“Ooh, seems someone needs some attention,” Mo murmured with a smile.

I smiled and sniffed the air. Her perfume was intoxicating. I leaned my head forward to bite her neck and shoulder and watched as the tiny hairs there rose. She was getting goose bumps just from me standing there. “You’re going to make me mess up my lipstick,” Mo giggled, as she tried to move from being in front of me and my cock. I grabbed her hips and held her there and moved my hips so my cock was running up her ass crack.

“I’d love to mess up your lipstick,” I whispered in her ear and she cooed.

“Maybe later,” Mo moaned as her eyes looked into the mirror and sought my eyes. She wanted to see if I was interested in a midnight tryst.

“Maybe,” I said as I looked back at her and brought my hands up to cup her breasts. I squeezed them and tugged at her dress so the front sunk down and her tits popped out of the fabric. She was braless and our little game playing had her nipples rock hard. I reached up and took each nipple between my forefinger and thumb and gave them a gentle tweak. “Maybe at the glory holes,” I hinted and looked in the mirror to see her reaction.

“Oh fuck!” Mo moaned at my fingers’ manipulations and my suggestion. Feeling my cock’s warmth on her ass, she pushed herself back against me. I pinched her nipples a little harder and she groaned, “Ahh fuck, I got to go or your dad is going to get pissed,” she stammered out. Turning quickly, she kissed me on the lips and ran her right hand down between my legs and gave my cock a knowing squeeze. “Bye,” she added with regrettable tone.

I smiled as she strutted herself out of the front door and to her car. She looked over her shoulder at me at the door and smiled. She got in the car and back out of the driveway as I closed the door and locked up. My cock was rock hard and I resumed my original mission to find Jenny. I walked up our steps to the kitchen and looked inside. She wasn’t there so I went to the living room and then the family room without any success. Mischievously, I peered up the stairs to where her room and my dad and step mom’s room where. I could see Jenny’s door was closed so if she was home she was inside her room. I decided to sneak up on her so I took the steps slowly and deliberately. Our stairs can creak being we have an older home, so made pains to walk on them closest to the wall. I probably looked silly straddling the stairs but I wanted to surprise Jenny if I could. I did the same thing in the hallway as I inched my way towards her doorway. As I got closer, I could see light sneaking out from under the door. I could hear a faint noise from either her tv or radio so I was almost sure she was in there.

Stopping at the door, I listened closely and couldn’t hear her moving around inside. Carefully, I grabbed her doorknob and twisted it slowly to open the door. Her door didn’t stick so it opened slightly for me. Leaning in, I peered through the slight crack I made and looked for Jenny. Smiling to myself, I spotted her on her bed. She was doing her makeup and watching a tv show. Her bed is situated across the room so she was almost facing me as she looked at the tv behind the door. She must have just showered as her hair was wrapped in a towel. She was wearing only a black bra and thong as she went to work on her face. She was kneeling before a small mirror with her knees spread wide so that her little pussy was covered by only a thin, fabric pouch. My eyes spied her wonderful little pouch as I licked my lips.

Like her mom before she was making sure her lips were done right and highlighting her beautiful eyes. Something about a woman getting her face all dolled up that makes my cock hard. It was already hard from my nap and Mo but it was now poking out of my boxers in anticipation. I playfully eased the door wider trying to see how far I could open it without her noticing me. She was so engrossed in her makeup and the tv show that she didn’t notice the door or me. I laughed as I opened it a little wider and her peripheral vision caught sight of me. When she got over the fright of me sneaking up on her, she excitedly waved me in.

“Come on in,” Jenny stammered as she swung her left hand to usher me in quicker.

I stepped in and closed the door and she caught sight of me in only my boxers with my hard on prominently displayed.

“Ooh,” she quipped as she stared at it. “Come here,” she said and she seemed to have a secret she couldn’t wait t tell me. I walked over to her bed and sat on the edge and awaited the big news. My eyes took a long gander at her heavenly pouch before arriving back at her face.

“You won’t believe who I saw today?” Jenny squealed through her glossy wet lips.

I looked at her quizzically as I tried to think of whom she could be hinting at.

“COME ON! Think!” she shouted excitedly. She rose up on her knees and fell back down on her butt. Her little twat pouch caught my attention as it rose and fell. I was thoroughly perplexed, we didn’t have that many people we knew in common.

I sat down on the bed and shrugged my shoulders as I looked back at her face. Jenny was beaming ear-to-ear and bouncing up and down.

“I give!” I said taking my right hand and adjusting my cock in my boxers. My cock was semi-hard now.

“Aww, Come on, you got to guess,” she exclaimed.

“I don’t have a clue, Mandi?” I quipped. Other than her mom, my dad, Mandi, Mandi’s mom, and a couple of her other friends and my friends we had no one else in common. I knew Mandi wouldn’t produce this level of excitement but neither would the others.

“You got Mandi on the brain,” Jenny deadpanned than recovered her excitement. “Well I was walking home alone like I do a lot and I was wearing my cheerleader outfit. I was walking down the left side of the road and this black pick up truck pulled up from the other side of the road,” she began telling the story and my mind wondered between her taut legs to her little honey pot.

As I locked on her black pouch, I heard ‘pick up’ and looked up at her eyes and her smiling face as she told her story.

“Yes,” Jenny said as she could see I knew what who she was referring to now. “It was that guy who yelled, “You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth” and his friend,” she added. She put her right hand on her hip and seemed proud of something she did. My mind reeled as I pictured the street she always walked along. It is paved but runs through the Putnam Hutchinson II woods. Two or three steps off the road and you are in the woods and surrounded by trees. I thought of Jenny in her cute little cheerleading outfit, her tight little body sauntering along.

“And you know what he said?” she exclaimed with a knowing head bob.

I shook my head ‘no’. I was really interested now.

“Hey little lady, don’t you look good enough to eat,” she quipped shaking her head as if his words were so unbelievable. I could believe them but hearing Jenny say them and act so indignant was hilarious.

“What a charmer!” I joked and felt my cock throb.

“Yeah,” Jenny exclaimed but the way she reacted, I don’t know if she knew what I meant. “Anyway, anyway,” she continued her story excitedly. “I told him…”


“I know what you said to me the other day and I know what it means!” Jenny told the older guy in the black pick up as it idled beside her on the wrong side of the road. He was driving with a friend who looked to be about his age. The pick up truck had pool-cleaning equipment in the bed and had metallic white signs on the doors that read, “Ronnie’s Pool Service.” Along with his business name, in smaller letters and numbers, he included his office phone number and his license number. He dressed it up with two blue dolphins in each top corner. A call to his office number was actually a call to his home. His mom would usually answer the calls and if it wasn’t for her, Ole Ronnie would have been out of business.

Ronnie Hartman was 34 years old and still lived with his mom. Ronnie had graduated from the same high school Jenny was attending. He still had his boyish good looks from when he was one of the counties top water polo players. At 6’2 and 205 pounds, he cut a handsome figure that made some of the mom’s and daughters along his pool route swoon until they knew how much of a ‘heel’ he was. Ronnie’s sidekick, Peter ‘Petey’ Paulson went to school with him but wasn’t the athlete Ronnie was and instead excelled in stealing stereos and selling ‘pot’. Petey was 34 but stood only 5’8 and 175 pounds.

Jenny stood her ground, with her right hand on her hip. She was doing her best to look perturbed and tough at the same time.

“What?” Ronnie played dumb. “Me?” he asked, pointing at himself with his left hand and looking at Jenny, Petey, and then to the front and back of the truck.

Jenny smiled but recovered her edge. She shook her head lightly as if his deception wasn’t going to work on her. She glared at Ronnie and looked past him at Petey. He was trying his best to look her up and down from his spot on the truck’s bench seat. Rising up on his left hand, he looked past Ronnie down at her feet and slowly lowered himself to allow his eyes to move up her body to her face. Jenny didn’t remember if there was anyone riding with him the other day so she didn’t plan to light into him.

“Yeah, it was you,” she said and looked over the truck another time just to be sure it was the right vehicle.

“What?” Ronnie said again incredulously. He looked Jenny over and couldn’t believe how hot this little number was. He loved to plan his day around the high school letting out so Petey and him could get an eyeful. When they were lucky, they got a whole lot more than their eyes serviced.

“You remember?” Jenny held steadfast to her assertion.

Ronnie shrugged and smiled as if he couldn’t possibly have said anything that could anger her.

“Yeah, you remember,” she said, studying his face and beginning to wonder if it was him.

“I don’t,” Ronnie smiled widely. It was the smile that he used to talk countless ladies, high school girls to lonely housewives, out of their moist panties. His cock grew in his pants as he thought of how much fun he could have with this young high school student.

Petey laughed from his side of the truck as Ronnie worked his magic. The cheerleader was an incredible looking brunette with the sweetest little body. She was carrying her backpack and looked the part of a schoolgirl, with a cheerleader’s outfit on, knee-high white socks, tennis shoes, and red ribbons in her pigtails. He had heard him spin a ton of yarns but this was a great one. She had a real pretty mouth with full lips and Ronnie had yelled to her as they passed her earlier in the week. He ran his hand over his blue jeans and adjusted his thickening cock from the right side of his pant leg so it was sticking upward.

“Wasn’t it you, who yelled ‘You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth’?” Jenny bellowed, trying to imitate a belligerent guy. She suddenly seemed unsure of herself. She studied the pick up driver’s face for something that would tell her if he was the one. He had a great smile and seemed sincere. She thought he looked really cute and wondered if she could really get that mad at him. His friend wasn’t very cute and actually had a weird and creepy vibe to him, especially as he eyed her up and down from his seat.

“Naw,” Ronnie kidded, as he looked her back in the eyes. He was good at lying and playing with a chick’s head. Breaking into a smile, he relented, as he knew she’d accept his confession and apology, “Yeah, it was me, can you forgive me?” He pouted playfully as he asked forgiveness and played hurt.

“I knew it,” Jenny said proudly, glad she was able to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Ronnie looked at Petey and winked and turned back to the smoking brunette cheerleader. He regained his pitiful look and asked again, “Can you forgive me?”

Jenny shook her head and leered at him. She wanted to be mad but he was funny and nice to her and was asking her for forgiveness. Her furrowed brow slipped away as she smiled and bit her lip. She looked up and down the road nervously and giggled, “Yeah, I guess, but that’s not a nice thing to say to a girl!” She gave him a scolding look and then smiled.

Ronnie smiled back and said, “Sorry, you are so right, my apology, I’ll make sure I never say it again to any pretty girls walking down the road.”

“Good!” Jenny said proud of her ability to straighten him out. She smiled at him and began to fidget as she wondered if she should walk away or keep talking to him.

There was an awkward silence between them and Ronnie did nothing to break it. He loved to allow the girl to break it; it put her on the spot. Petey had broken it quite a few times and been reprimanded by Ronnie for it. Petey’s job was to shut up and allow him to do all the talking.

“Well, bye,” Jenny said as she twisted her right heel in the dirt beside the road. She moved to walk away and hesitated. She liked talking to the driver now that he was politer.

“You a cheerleader?” Ronnie asked as he quickly shifted the truck in reverse to follow her backwards up the road. It was an inane question meant to get a laugh but Jenny was so earnest, she turned to say ‘yes’ and ‘how did you know?’ when she realized she was in her outfit. Breaking into a laugh, she giggled at her stupidity.

“Yeah, I’m a cheerleader at the high school,” Jenny stammered out, feeling dumb and gullible.

“You’re a ‘Fightin’ Beaver’, aye,” Ronnie commented and winked at Petey. He turned and smiled as he watched her slowly walk along the road.

“Yeah,” she said as she looked at him and smiled, then looked up the road at the way she was headed.

“What’s your name, I’m Donnie Perkins and this is Pete-Ralph Minkins,” Ronnie lied.

“I’m…my name is Jenny,” Jenny corrected her grammar and answered. She smiled at Donnie and hoped she didn’t look or sound too foolish.

“How old are you?” Ronnie asked and looked at Petey as he crossed his index and middle fingers on his right hand.

“I’m 18, I’m a senior at,” she started and stopped as she had already told him she went to the high school.

“Beautiful,” Ronnie exhorted as he glanced down the road in front of him and then behind him. The road through the woods usually was busier during this time of day and he thanked his lucky stars that no other cars were around so he could talk with ‘Jenny’ as she walked home alone.


“So you told him, hunh?” I asked Jenny. Sitting on her bed and hearing her tell me her tale had me rolling with laughter and hard as a rock.

“Yeah,” Jenny said, smiling.

“So you told him off and walked home, right?” I said, thinking about exploring her little pouch.

“Well yeah,” she said and her eyes averted mine. She was holding back something and I looked at her sideways.

“Well yeah what?” I said and smiled. She blushed and she tried to change the subject.

“So my mom and your dad are going out of town next week,” Jenny said. She was twitching and avoiding my eyes.

“Well Yeah Whaaaat?” I kidded. I looked at her sideways and brought my right hand above her left knee and tickled her by squeezing there. Her hips bucked and she giggled and I smelled a faint whiff of her womanliness. I looked at her pouch and thought I detected a growing wet spot.

“Well what?’ Jenny said and smiled and I looked at her face and I could tell she knew she was trying to play me like Ronnie played her. “Well, I was going to but he asked me…”

* * * * *

“Hey darling, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for being so crass. I don’t know what comes over me when I see a pretty girl like you. Why don’t you let me make it up to you?” Ronnie offered, laying it on thick. He spotted a car coming in his rear view mirror. Being on the other side of the road, he knew the car could pass and looked back at Jenny. Her soft, taut legs were driving him nuts.

“How?” Jenny said continuing to walk the side of the road but very interested in what cute looking ‘Donnie’ had to say.

“Well,” Ronnie said, as he smiled at her. He was enjoying this little tit for tat with Jenny. He had scored plenty of beautiful women before in his life but Jenny was something special. She had a little body to die for and her cute little mouth and personality set her off from the rest. Add to all that, she was in her cute little cheerleading outfit.

A car came around the bend in his direction and he knew the driver saw him so he just smiled when the driver laid on the horn and passed him on the wrong side of the road. Petey muttered something about the guy being a ‘jerk’ and quipped, ‘can’t you see we are trying to get laid’.

“Well, seeing that you still have a long walk ahead of you and that backpack looks ‘mighty’ heavy,” Ronnie said and let the words hang for effect. He watched Jenny’s face for reaction and smiled as he could see her thinking about it.

Jenny stopped and smiled at ‘Donnie’ and looked back down the road from where she had come and up the road to where she was headed. She was over half the way home and made this walk regularly but it was Thursday and she was feeling tired from a long week of school, cheerleading practice and the trysts she had been having with her step-brother. She looked at Donnie and smiled but said, “Thanks but I can walk the rest of the way.”

Ronnie smiled until her words registered in his brain. They had been getting along just fine and Jenny said, ‘no’. He reclaimed his smile and played a little hurt and asked why? Petey frowned from his side as his pecker went soft in his pants.

“Aww, and we were getting along so great,” Ronnie said and frowned, “I’m trying to make it up to you and you turn me down.”

“It’s not that, I don’t have that much further to go and you don’t seem to have anymore room in there,” Jenny stated with a smile. Her backpack was getting heavy and she would otherwise love a ride.

“Oh we’ve got plenty of room,” Ronnie said, looking at the area between him and Petey. Not wanting to lose out at giving Jenny a ride, he added, “Or Petey, I mean Ralph could climb in the back.” He spotted Petey out of the corner of his eye give him a look and smiled.

“It’s okay,” Jenny said, adjusting her backpack so it wasn’t rubbing on her bra strap on her shoulder and back.

“Aww Darling please, I said I was sorry, let me make it up to you and give you a lift home,” Ronnie pleaded as he backed over the dirt beside the road, cutting off Jenny. She laughed as his truck blocked her way. His left arm reached out and gently grasped her hand. “I’m sorry what more can I do, let me make it up to you and give you a ride,” he added as he gently squeezed her soft little hand.

“Okay, I guess,” Jenny relented. She smiled at him and took one more look at his weird looking sidekick Ralph. She thought he looked like a real pervert. But getting a ride from Donnie sounded great. He had a lot of charm to him and she dug his smile. Talking to him had really turned her on and she felt safe enough to except a ride.

“What? Well hop in,” Ronnie said as he smiled at his good fortune. He shifted his gear stick into ‘park’ and swung open the door. Not wanting to lose Jenny he held her hand until he could put his feet on the ground. Awkwardly, he released her hand o retake it with his other hand around the door.

He smiled at Petey as he helped Jenny relieve herself of her backpack. Petey couldn’t seem to take his eye off the hem of Jenny’s skirt. He couldn’t wait to see under her skirt. Jenny smiled at ‘Donnie’ and allowed him to help her. Once the backpack was off, she hesitated at the driver’s door to climb in. She looked at Ralph and smiled. It was an uneven smile and conveyed her uneasiness with him and the vibe she got from him. She thought about asking ‘Donnie’ for him to climb in the back but felt she was probably just being silly. She climbed in and slid her ass across the bench seat until she was in the middle. Petey didn’t move but seemed to watch her every move. His smile was more like a devilish grin.

Ronnie tossed her backpack into the back of the pick up and climbed in behind her and smiled at her. He shifted the truck into gear and sped off. The truck struggled to grab solid ground and spun out in the dirt beside the road and lurched right, then left before catching hard ground and rock and bolted forward.

Jenny thought it was thrilling but questioned her decision just the same. Her legs were cramped in the middle of the seat with her feet resting on the hump for the axle. It put her knees up high and exposed the back of her thighs and bottom of her ass to the truck’s fan.

“You want a taste?” Petey asked from her right side. He was holding a pint bottle of whiskey. Jenny looked at him and smiled but declined. He shrugged and took a swig.

“Put that away Ralph or a cop will see you,” Ronnie reprimanded him. He had the truck going in the wrong direction for Jenny’s house but was looking for a spot to turn around. “You got a lot of homework?” he asked her as her looked at her knees and he back of her thighs beside him.

“No not really, just got to read,” Jenny said matter-of-factly. She suddenly felt at ease with ‘Donnie’ beside her. He was cute and he smelled great beside her. She guessed he was wearing ‘Polo’ or at least a quality knockoff.

Ronnie smiled and looked as Jenny put her hands on the top of her skirt to try to cover up her legs and hold down her skirt. He reached forward and across her lap to adjust the radio, “Slow Ride” was just starting on K-Hop, the station with the perverted looking little green frog, and he turned it up. The bass boomed and he flipped the fan on high to see what it did to her little cheerleader skirt. It didn’t do much to move the skirt but the coolness blew under it and made Jenny shift in her seat.

“Yeahha,” Ralph uttered beside her as he pounded the dashboard to the song. It was half for the song and half for her little wiggle.

Jenny thought of it as ‘Oldies Music’ but as she listened to it, she liked it. Tapping on her knee with her right hand, she smiled at ‘Donnie’ and giggled at ‘Ralph’s spastic drum playing’.

Ronnie smiled back at her and seeing a spot to turn around, he veered off the road and onto the dirt patch there. Showing off the strength and power of his mom’s pick truck, he spun the tires hard in the dirt and whipped around hard to the left causing Petey to slam into his door and young Jenny to fall over into him, practically bury her face in Petey’s lap. As her body tilted away from him, Ronnie saw up under Jenny’s skirt and spotted her peach thong. Jenny’s ass was tight as the rest of her body and looked silky smooth.

Ronnie laughed at Jenny’s predicament as she tried to right herself. Petey winked at Ronnie across the seat and helped Jenny sit back up. Jenny giggled as she looked up at ‘Donnie’ and realized he was just goofing off. She smoothed down her skirt and repositioned her legs to block the cool air from blowing directly between her legs. After a car passed, Ronnie turned back on the road and headed the other way. Taking his right arm off the wheel he patted Jenny on her right shoulder to make sure everything was all right. Jenny smiled and leaned into him. His arm felt reassuring and he smelled nice and his arm felt strong on her back and shoulders. Sensing no objections, Ronnie kept his arm around her and drove on through the woods. They passed the spot where Jenny had hopped in and about a 1/2 mile further slowed so Ronnie could turn the truck down a dirt road on the left side. Jenny smiled at him but then looked quizzically at him.

“The park’s heads are back up here and I’ve got to go,” Ronnie told her. He smiled at her and added, “Nature calling!” Jenny giggled and looked over at Petey who seemed to be always looking her up and down. She didn’t want to say anything but she sensed when she fell into his lap that he had a hard-on. It felt pretty big when her cheek bumped it. She laughed to herself that she never would have known what it was if she hadn’t struck up the sexual relationship with her stepbrother. She smiled to herself when she thought how the relationship started because of ‘Donnie’s’ catcall. Between her legs she felt a little twinge and she repositioned her legs. Since she had started sucking off her stepbrother, her body had become very responsive, almost hypersensitive, and her mind was seemed to always stuck on sex.

The truck bounced and tossed from side to side as the dirt road was a single lane and narrow. The vibration of the truck from the holes and bumps of the road transferred to the seat below Jenny and onto her young ass and pussy. She smiled to herself and wiggled onto her left cheek to mute it. She looked at Donnie and he didn’t notice her situation. She didn’t look at Ralph because she figured he would just be leering at her.

“There they are,” Ronnie said, as the road opened into a small picnic area. The rest rooms were housed in a small building, men’s on the right, women’s on the left. Two picnic tables sat on either side of the clearing with matching barbeques. Ronnie parked under a shady tree and got out. He stretched his legs before reaching in and helping Jenny slide out. He could play the perfect gentleman when it fit his needs. Jenny followed him towards the rest rooms. On the other side of the truck, Petey got out and lit up a smoke. He watched Jenny walked and smiled.

“Race you to the john,” Ronnie kidded and Jenny laughed. They both faked breaking into a run and walked the rest of the way. Ronnie went in the men’s room and relieved himself. His cock was only semi-hard from Jenny because of his full bladder. Once relieved, his cock throbbed from the thought of her tight little body and pretty face.

He emerged from the john and motioned to Petey to disappear. Petey already knew his role and headed off into the woods. Ronnie headed back to the truck and leaned on the front grill. He waited in anticipation for Jenny to come back.

Jenny found the rest rooms to be disgusting. Park ones were always that way. She really didn’t have to go but liked walking with ‘Donnie’. Her body was a twitter especially between her legs and around her nipples. Her legs felt creamy and she glanced around to make sure she was alone and no one was peeking into the woman’s rest room. Satisfied, she leaned against a clean wall and pulled her skirt up. She smiled as she spotted a small wet spot on her peach-colored thong. Pulling the fabric aside with her left hand, she patted then rubbed her engorged pussy lips and aching clit. The sensation was so incredible and she thought about getting herself off right on the spot. Looking down at the floor of the rest room and knowing cute ‘Donnie’ was next door and perverted looking, Ralph was around, she gave her pussy one last rub and covered herself up. She knew she’d have time at home to take of the yearning and twinge in her hot little love box. She quickly washed her hands and went outside.

She spotted “Donnie’ by the truck and walked toward him. She didn’t see Ralph around and was glad. He seemed to creep her out. She smiled as she walked up to the front of the truck where ‘Donnie’ stood.

“Petey took off and told us to wait for him,” Ronnie said with a smile and pulled a skinny cigarette from his pocket. He licked both ends and lit it up. He took a long drag on it. Holding the smoke in, he allowed it to fill his lungs before exhaling. Jenny wasn’t sure but she figured it was marijuana. She had learned about it in Health Class. She laughed as he let it out in one steady stream, then made smoke rings with the last tuffs of smoke.

“Want some?” Ronnie asked with a smile. His eyes sparked and Jenny thought he was one of the cutest old guys she had ever seen.

‘I don’t smoke,” she said and nervously pivoted in the dirt under her feet.

“Me neither, this isn’t a cigarette,” he said. He took another puff and held it out to her.

Jenny smiled and watched him hold the air in. She didn’t take the joint from him but instead studied it in his hand. She shook her head ‘no’ as she had heard horror stories about it in school.

“Cigarettes are bad for you, this is good for you, mellows you out and allows you to see everything in a different light,” Ronnie said as he made smoke rings and tried to stick his finger in the hole before they disappeared.

“Really,” Jenny said, having never heard anything good about the drug.

“Sure, you don’t believe everything you hear in school do you?” Ronnie asked her with a laugh.

“No,” Jenny protested. She flipped her bangs up in front of her face and wiggled her hips back and forth.

“Take a little toke, if you don’t like it, don’t do it anymore,” Ronnie offered. It seemed like a fair offer to Jenny. She smiled, as she still wasn’t sure.

“Go ahead, just a little toke,” he suggested.

Jenny giggled as she decided she would take him up on his offer but realized she didn’t really know how to do it. She grinned and bit her lip as she thought of how to ask with looking like a total dunce.

Taking another toke, Ronnie couldn’t how unbelievable young Jenny really looked. The more he talked and looked at her, the more she turned him on. Expelling the air in his lungs, he felt his cock throb in his pants. Funny but usually when he smoked pot, he couldn’t get it hard, but since it was hard before he smoked it seemed to be harder and more sensitive than usual.

“Show me how to do it,” Jenny giggled as she looked at the dwindling joint in his fingers.

“Sure,” Ronnie said and stepped beside her. He held it to his lips and then showed her how to suck in the air. “Don’t suck too hard or the smoke with burn your throat and you’ll cough,” he pointed out. Putting his left arm around her shoulders and put the joint to her lips. Jenny giggled as she put the moistened tip of the joint to her mouth. Drawing in lightly, she felt her lungs pull in the air. She didn’t think it was any big deal.

“That’s it,” Ronnie said and smiled as her full, little lips pursed together to hold the white little tube. His cock throbbed as he watched her lip it.

“I don’t feel anything,” Jenny said suddenly serious. Ronnie laughed as she hadn’t sucked in much and it wasn’t but 5-10 seconds since then.

“It doesn’t happen that fast,” Ronnie laughed. He held the joint to her lips and she took another drag. Since it hadn’t had any effect and she hadn’t burned her throat she felt she could suck in a lot more this time. She inhaled harder and got a whole lot more than she was ready for.

“Hhhutt, huuugh,” Jenny coughed and her eyes watered a little. “Wow,” she said as she held her hand to her throat.

“You little lightweight, be careful, go slow,” Ronnie kidded her and advised her. “Just draw in the air and hold it, not too fast, not too much, just enough to fill your lungs.” He added as he looked at her cheerleader sweater and wondered what her young perky titties looked like.

Jenny took it as a challenge and this time took her time and drew on the joint slowly and sucked the smoke into her lung. Her young chest pushed forward and she held it as best she could. After about twenty-five seconds the lack of oxygen and the powerful smoke made her exhale abruptly.

“Yeahha,” Ronnie saluted her and squeezed her close to him. She smiled, as she suddenly felt proud of herself. She looked up at ‘Donnie’ and giggled. She felt lightheaded and knew she was ‘high’ for the first time. Ronnie looked at her glassy eyes and laughed. Leaning forward, he kissed her tender lips and was surprised when she responded by kissing him back. Jenny’s tongue was responsive and entwined with his. Lowering his left arm, he let it slide down her side, past her hip until it was on her skirt above her left ass cheek. He squeezed her there and felt how firm her ass was.

“How about we finish this in the truck,” Ronnie offered, begrudgingly breaking their kiss. Jenny giggled at his double meaning and allowed him to take her hand and lead her around the front of the truck to the driver’s side door.

Ronnie swung the door open and pulled Jenny in front of him to help her in. With her back turned to him, he brought up his hands around her waist and began to help her in but paused. Jenny giggled as she felt him pull her back to his body. Looking over her right shoulder, she smiled at him and he kissed her hard. His long, strong body enveloping her tiny frame and he rubbed his pelvis and hard cock against the small of her back and upper half of her ass cheeks.

Jenny reached up with both her arms and cupped the back of Ronnie’s head and held it to her mouth. He was a great kisser and she felt really turned on wrapped in his arms. Ronnie brought his strong hands up under her sweater and slid them along her taut stomach muscles to the bottom of her bra and young breasts. Jenny moaned into his mouth and he sensed she wanted him to go further. Sliding the fabric up, her young tits filled his hands and he clutched them gently at first and rougher as her felt her hard nipples aching for his touch.

“Aww fuck,” Jenny exclaimed as she broke their kiss and bit her lip. Keeping his left hand on her left breast, Ronnie dropped his right hand to the front of her skirt and pulled the fabric up and exposed the front of her peach thong.

‘Spread you legs,” Ronnie told her and dropping his hand cupped her young pouch in his palm. The sensation was almost too much for Jenny who had wiggled her legs wider for him.

“Oh god, yes,” she groaned as she watched his hand gently cup and squeeze her aching twat.

“Fuckin’ A,” Ronnie said as he felt young Jenny push her ass back into his cock. Her muff was warm and moist in his hand even through the thong’s fabric. Taking his hand away from her twat he patted quickly on her little pouch and made Jenny jump and wiggle beneath him.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Jenny squealed as Ronnie teased her engorged clit and lips. Seeing her jump, Ronnie patted harder and quicker. Jenny’s legs swung out from under her as she kicked and squirmed.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Ronnie quipped as he held Jenny up with his left arm. “Your little pussy is on fire, little lady,” he told her as he delighted in her predicament.

“Oh god, stop, stop,” Jenny begged. The quick, firm pats were driving her crazy and she felt like she could cum on the spot if he didn’t stop.

“No, I want you to cum for me,” Ronnie told her as he could see the effect his manipulations were having. Stopping his hand, he cupped her warm pouch again and rubbed her clit and lips through her thong. Jenny was beside herself. She squirmed and pushed her pelvis into his strong hand. She knew he had to have done this before as he way about him. He was gentle but just rough enough to drive her up a wall. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she came for the first time.

“Aww fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she begged him. Her legs grew weak and she leaned back into Ronnie as he helped her get off. Her breathing was sporadic and she struggled to catch her breath.

‘Come on fuck my hand, fuck my hand,” Ronnie egged her on as her felt her grinding her little mound and twat into his hand. He laughed to himself to see her so far beside herself. She was in a secluded park but had thrown all caution to the wind that she was doing a bump and grind on a pure strangers’ hand to get herself off.

Jenny’s legs were slowly regaining their strength as Jenny brought her hands down to grab a hold of ‘Donnie’s’. She caressed his left hand on her boob as her right hand moved to take his right hand off her hypersensitive pussy. Ronnie allowed her to remove his hands because his cock needed her attention. He was rock hard and the feeling of her wonderful backside pushing against had him ready to explode. He took Jenny’s head and turned it to him. She saw his eyes and lust and kissed him hungrily.

“Bend over,” Ronnie ordered her after breaking their kiss. He fumbled for his belt and unzipped his zipper as Jenny leaned forward and put her hands on the seat of the truck. Looking over her shoulder, she watched as ‘Donnie’ dropped his pants and pulled out his cock. Pre-cum glistened on the head as he grabbed it and stroked it roughly. It looked to be a good seven inches long. It was probably shorter than her brother’s but not by much. She pushed her ass out and waited for him to enter her.

“You’ve got a lovely ass,” Ronnie said as his left hand pulled her skirt up and laid it on her back. Reaching down, he pulled her thong out of the crack of her ass. Moving his hands to her hips, he quickly untied her thong and pulled it from between her legs. Once in his hand he stuffed them in his pocket and turned his attention to her lovely backside. Using his index finger and thumb, he spread her ass cheeks to check out her cute little asshole and pussy lips. He was amazed to see she was clean-shaven. Her lips glistened from her juices and he knew he’d have little trouble sliding it in with all that natural lube. “Put you face on the seat,” he told her, pushing her head down with his left hand. Jenny did as he said and giggled at his domineering style. She loved sex and found ‘Donnie’ very attractive so she didn’t need to be asked twice. Ronnie poised his cock at her delicious opening and leaned forward. With all the juices, his cock slid along her lips but had trouble entering her warm cooter.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” Ronnie exclaimed excitedly and Jenny giggled and brought her left hand up to her mouth and bit on her index finger. ‘Take you hands and spread your ass for me,” he said leaning back and withdrawing his rod. His cock was standing straight up at attention and he watched as Jenny put both hands on either side of her ass cheeks and spread herself open for him. ‘Oh fuck,” Ronnie said as he fell in love with her lovely backside. “Little wider,” Ronnie said, sliding her hands down her cheeks to above her thighs. Her gorgeous little twat was spread open so her tiny hole gaped for his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s more like it,” he said as he kneeled down behind her and buried his face in her little pussy.

“Uuwww,” Jenny groaned as his tongue fucked her pussy and lapped at her clit. “Oh yeah, oh yeah,” she moaned, lost in the moment. She slid herself back into his face to bury his face deeper, her little pussy muscles trying desperately to catch his tongue and hold it to her aching pussy. Sensing her urgency, Ronnie flicked her little clit with his tongue and her button responded, juices filling his mouth as she neared climax, than came on his face. Her young body began bucking his face as she rode his tongue and mouth to another orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jenny cried, as she couldn’t control her spasms.

Ronnie quickly stood, Jenny’s body still squirming and slid his cock against her tender opening. Reaching forward to cup both shoulders slow entered her from behind. Her warm and juicy twat spread to accommodate his hard cock. It slipped slowly and steadily as her juices paved the way and his force pushed it inside the tightest pussy he’d enjoyed in a while.

‘Yes,” Jenny moaned as she hugged Ronnie’ front seat and felt his cock begin to pound her young pussy.

“Oh fuck, you got a tight pussy,” Ronnie muttered as his cock slipped in and out, her tightness getting him off. Rocking his hips, he picked up a rhythm and began going to town. Leaning back up, he took Jenny’s shoulders with him and turned her young face to his. “Oh god you got a hot fucking pussy,” he told her and kissed her hard. Their tongues intertwined as they frenched.

Feeling his own orgasm coming like a freight train out of control, Ronnie broke their kiss and slid his hands under Jenny’s sweater and cupped her young breasts and began thrusting hard at her tight ass.

“Fuck, fuck” Ronnie groaned as her butt rubbed against his pelvis and his cock pistoned in and out of her. Getting so close he didn’t know if he could stop if he wanted to he grunted at Jenny, “Rub my fucking balls.” Jenny giggled at his urgency and reached down between her legs to tickle his sack. Ronnie had big hairy balls and she kneaded them in her thin fingers of her left hand.

‘Oh shit, oh shit,” Ronnie moaned almost out of control as the sweet little cheerleader in front of him really knew what she was doing as her index finger caressed just below his nut sack.

“Turn around,” he groaned so guttural Jenny couldn’t make out what he said until groaned it a second and third time and pulled his cock out abruptly from her pussy. She didn’t turn around quick enough for him as Ronnie grabbed her shoulder and spun her so she faced him. She giggled as she saw him clutching his cock tightly and smiled.

“Fucking get on your knees,” he groaned as he held back his ejaculate and placed his right hand on the top of her head. He pushed against very little resistance, as Jenny knew what he wanted and slipped to her knees and tried to take his cock in her mouth.

“No, no just lean your head back and open your mouth,” Ronnie shouted as he laughed enjoying Jenny’s eagerness. Jenny did as she was told and giggling watched him lean forward almost on his tippy-toes, stroking his cock. It amazed her how her brother and ‘Donnie’ could pull on it so hard without it hurting.

“Fuck, fuck,” Ronnie groaned as he pumped his hard cock up and down and felt his balls boil over. He was beside himself as he poked his cock at Jenny’s bright eyes and pretty face and pounded himself. He didn’t know why he got off so hard cumming on a woman’s face and in her open mouth but he did. Jenny’s face was young and so incredible it drove him to new heights and his balls tightened and he came. His cock spurted three, four and five times. His jism flew everywhere as he blasted her pretty mug. A big spurt landed on her forehead and laid there like a glob of Elmer’s glue, Another streamed through her bangs and clung there. A third hit her cheek and ear on the left side of her face, while the last two hit her mouth. The first one hit her upper lip, front teeth and roof of her mouth, while the second blast was a straight shot and hit her in the back of her lovely throat.

Giggling at his being so out of control and being painted with his cum, Jenny swallowed the seed that got in her mouth. Ronnie tasted different than her brother but she liked it just the same. Running her tongue across her lips she caught the rest of his spew and swallowed it.

Ronnie stood before her panting and quiet, trying to catch his breath and composure. The lovely sight of Jenny on her knees, with his cum on her face, and her swallowing his seed made his hips lurch one last time as he leaned against his open door.

“Fuck, you are incredible,” Ronnie said as he offered her a hand. Jenny laughed as she got up from the ground. She was proud to know her oral skills could please other guys as well as her stepbrother.

“Let me clean you up,” Ronnie offered as he got a clean towel from the back of his truck and dabbed his spunk from her face and hair. Once wiped clean, he leaned forward to kiss her on the mouth. Jenny responded by kissing him back.

“How about we get in the truck and wait for Ralph,” Ronnie offered after they broke their kiss. Jenny nodded in agreement and climbed in. She slid across the seat and after pulling up and zipping his pants, he climbed in after her. Once behind the wheel, he turned on the radio and lit up the rest of the joint.

“Ere,” Ronnie said after taking a long toke on his weed stick and offered it to Jenny. She smiled and moved to take it but since it was so short she was afraid to drop it. Leaning forward, she took a long drag and tried to hold the smoke in. She had overdone it again and began coughing and retching.

“You rookie,” Ronnie kidded her as she covered her mouth and coughed hard a couple of times. Jenny laughed at her naiveté and moved to close the passenger door.

“You can leave it open,” He told her as he offered he the joint again. “Suck a little slower this time and stop before your lungs are full,” he advised her. Watching her, Jenny leaned forward and pursed her lips to drag again on the joint. Her pretty lips touching his hand as she tried to suck on the very short stick.

“Fuck,” Ronnie exclaimed and Jenny giggled. She didn’t know why he was swearing but it sounded hilarious nonetheless. Ronnie watched her lean back and allow the smoke to escape her moth and nose. She was driving him wild even now after he had just emptied his nuts. He drew on the joint again and filled his lungs. He motioned for her to lean towards him and as she did, he exhaled into her mouth, throat, and lungs. Jenny knew what he was doing for some reason she couldn’t explain and held the kiss and the smoke. The eroticism of the moment had Ronnie rock hard again and he grabbed his crotch.

“How about you show me how you suck dick,” Ronnie said and started unzipping his pants. Jenny giggled as the weed had her head spinning and seeing Ronnie fumble with his zipper like it was the first time was cracking her up. Once unzipped, he tore his pants down around his ankles and sat bare assed in the front seat.

“Come on over here,” Ronnie toyed with her, using his index finger to gesture her to him. Jenny climbed up and the seat and while on her knees and elbows dropped her head into his lap. His cock was rock and his head looked almost purple with anticipation of her mouth.

“Yeah honey, show me how you suck a dick,” Ronnie said and leaned his head back on the back of the seat. She took his cock into her mouth and starting slowly allowed her mouth to slide two or three inches and then pulled her head of of his cock with a pop.

“Hey no teasing,” Ronnie said at first as she was taking her cock off his pride and joy but the sound of the pop registered in his brain and he laughed. ‘Oh fuck, make it pop like that again,” he urged her and brought his head off the seat to watch the young nympho do her thing.

“Oh yeah,” he egged her on as she squeezed her mouth tighter around his cock and made the popping sound louder and louder each time she came up. ‘Fuck, where’d you learn that?” he asked, and bit his lip and brought his hand behind her head to cup it and pull it to his face. “Kiss me, my little cocksucker you,” he said and laughed at his words. Jenny kissed him hard back and looked into his eyes. He was high too and she was having fun blowing him and watching and hearing his impressions.

“Oh fuck, get back to blowing me,” Ronnie said and pushed her head back on his cock. His hand pushed her mouth to his cock and when Jenny opened her mouth, he pushed it down on it and pushed his hips up to fill her mouth. ‘Yeah, that’s it, get it all,” he said as his cock slipped into her throat and she nearly got all of him in her mouth.

“Gggghhh,” Jenny choked a little and backed her head off and took him in her throat again. She was learning to relax her throat better and loved the feeling and texture of a man’s cock in her throat.

“Yeah,” Ronnie said as he bounced her little head in his lap and fucked up into her throat. Moving his left hand to the top of her head, he put his right hand on the small of her back and pulled up her skirt. Her bare ass came into view and her caressed it. Jenny felt the cool air on her backside and moaned as she felt Ronnie’s hands play with her ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” Ronnie said as Jenny got into a rhythm and her mouth slid up and down his aching cock. “Play with my balls you little slut,” he told her, his words sounding like they came from miles away. Jenny cupped his balls in her right hand and gently stroked them.

Out of the corner of his eye Ronnie spotted Ralph emerging from the woods. Taking his hand away from Jenny’s ass, he waved him over quickly before smacking her left ass cheek.

“Keep sucking me off,” he told her and spread his legs so Jenny could play between his legs. Petey didn’t have to be waved over twice as he came running. His cock was rock hard from watching Ronnie bang the hot little teenager. Slowing down as he neared the truck so as to not alert Jenny, he snuck up on them the last twenty or so feet. From his angle, he was looking at the bottom of her shoes as well as her lovely ass and pussy. He and Ronnie had a system, Ronnie got the girls and after loosening them up, they shared them. Undoing his pants, his short fat cock poked out of his jeans as he stroked and poked his head in the door of the truck. The whiff of sex hit his nose and he wanted to just bury his face in Jenny’s lovely backside but he contained himself. He didn’t want to startle her. Leaning his head forward, he ran his tongue along her puffy slit. Her juices were sweet and he lapped them up. He loved the taste of pussy.

Jenny felt the sensation of a tongue on her pussy and it took a few seconds to register who it was. She initially felt disgust but the sensation was too good for her to protest. Besides she was blowing the guy she was interested in and she went with the feeling as long as they were pleasurable.

“Oh god, suck that dick,” Ronnie exclaimed as Jenny’s mouth was sliding up and down his shaft and driving his cock wild. Using both hands, he bounced her young face in his lap and pumped his hips at her mouth.

Petey smiled to himself as he felt Jenny’s ass and pussy respond. She initially bolted upward and her muscles tightened but now she was spreading her legs wider and rolling her hips to accommodate his tongue and mouth. Using his hands, Petey spread her as cheeks and twat and he ran his long, rigid tongue upward from her clit to above her asshole. Jenny responded by rolling her hips and pushing her ass back toward him.

“Oh Jeeezz,” Jenny said as she suddenly allowed Ronnie’s cock to fall from her mouth. She was moaning in appreciation of Petey’s talented tongue as he licked and sucked on her tender pussy lips and clit. She reached her right hand behind her back to cup and pull at Petey’s head and hair.

Ronnie laughed as he watched her reaction, taking his cock in his left hand, he stroked it and rubbed it on her face and lips. Reaching under Jenny’s belly, he slid his right hand back to rub her mound and clit.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Jenny exclaimed as she was about to orgasm. Her young body shook as Ronnie rubbed her tender throbbing clit and Petey eat her pussy and asshole. Jenny’s young hips and ass sunk and rose uncontrollably to their manipulations.

‘Yeahhha,” Ronnie exclaimed as he leaned forward and kissed her hungry mouth. His fingers sliding lower to finger her juicy twat. “Come on, cum for me,” he urged her as he tossled her hair and kissed her lips.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” Jenny moaned as her pussy muscles tightened and loosed around ‘Donnie’s’ fingers. She tried to kiss back at ‘Donnie’ but he pushed her head back in his lap. “Put my cock back in your mouth,” Ronnie told her and she obliged. Her moans were only slightly muffled by his cock. ‘That’s it, that’s it,” Ronnie cajoled her as she came hard on his fingers and her mouth squeezed his cock.

“Fuck,” Jenny exclaimed allowing his cock to slip from her mouth as she spasmed hard.

Petey was a glow behind her, his tongue had lapped at her asshole and pussy lips and now he was ready to fuck this young teenager’s beautiful backside. Climbing in behind her, he poked his cock at her pussy. Seeing he was ready, Ronnie allowed his fingers to slip from her and cupped her left breast. As Ronnie’s cock entered her, Jenny tried to pull away but Ronnie held her to him so Petey could fuck her from behind.

“Oh god,” Jenny squealed as Petey’s fat cock spread her lips and slipped into her moist hole. She leaned up and kissed Ronnie on the mouth and moaned as ‘Ralph’s’ cock split her open.

“Come on let him fuck you good,” Ronnie told her as he kissed her back. He reached for Jenny’s right hand and brought it to his cock and she responded by jacking on it. “Yeah, that’s it,” Ronnie said as he smiled at her anguished face. She was enjoying the pounding of her young snatch.

“Oh god, oh god,” Petey swore as is cock split her pussy lips open. Using his hands, he spread her ass cheeks and pushed and pulled her hips onto and off of his cock. Her pretty asshole spread before him and he playfully teased it with his right thumb. The sensation was too much for Jenny and she groaned and felt herself cumming again, her juices bathing Petey’s cock. He felt her warmth and her hips undulate and he was ready to explode.

“Turn her around, turn her around,” Petey groaned as he reached to clutch his cock. He wanted to cum on her face and he was beyond controlling it. He squeezed his cock hard and watched as Ronnie pivoted Jenny around for him. Jenny felt like a rag doll being thrown around the cab of the truck and as she spun she saw Petey’s face and his pussy juice covered cock head sticking threw his fingers.

“Suck on it,” Ronnie told her and grabbed her head and pushed it towards Petey’s lap. Jenny didn’t fight him. She really didn’t want to fuck or suck ‘Ralph’ but was willing to do anything for ‘Donnie.’

“Oh god, oh god,” Petey moaned as he let loose a geyser into her pretty mouth. He brought his left hand to the back of Jenny’s head and held it there as he jacked off with his right. The sensation was incredible and his legs ached and weakened as he finished off down her throat.

Jenny turned her attention back to Ronnie as Petey retreated from the truck to zip up, catch his breath and have a smoke. It left Jenny to finish off Ronnie’s cock, as it stood straight up in his lap. She didn’t have to do much as Ronnie was still reeling from watching her devour Petey. He was amazed by this little nymph and was going to make sure he traveled through the woods more often.


I swallowed hard as my cock fought its way out of my boxers. Jenny was kneeling sheepishly on the bed in front of me as she watched her story sink in. I didn’t know what to say. I had created a monster, I laughed to myself. She bit her lower lip as she looked at the front of my shorts and grinned.

“Someone needs a spanking,” I stated firmly as I sat up and reached for her left arm.

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