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Ever since congress passed the twenty-eighth amendment legalizing prostitution and other sexual services, there has been a rising and more predominant sub-culture of professional and recreational sexual slavery. Whether men and women would sign away their bodies for love or money, the contract was legally binding and would hold up in any court. A number of BDSM dens arose where like-minded people could gather;

dominants would share drinks and stories as their slaves toiled at their loins satisfying them. Some even traded slaves like baseball cards with each other as there were many loopholes in the verbiage of the paperwork between who could own whom.

Mistress Sasha was the head domme of The Snake Pit, one of the most prestigious dens in the city. There were around 30 members, and a rule that you could only bring in two slaves at a time, with a full house every night there were around 100 people at any given time.

The Snake Pit was a lot like any other night club, except there were various BDSM peripherals and accoutrements on the wall and scattered throughout the floor. One area had a dungeon motif, while another had a medical fetish appeal; there were about 8 different sects to choose from. In the very center of the main floor was what was known as the indoctrination throne, a modified gyno-chair where new slaves were strapped in to be marked and prepared for service.

There were a number of subtle unwritten rules in the world of sexual slavery, if a new comer didn’t know what they were getting into they could sink deep into ‘sub-space’ and never come out. Wearing pubic hair is a sign of a domme, and all dommes kept their slaves shaved or waxed. Piercings around the body are also a sign of a slave. And most important of all, if a slave gets a tattoo of their master’s name or symbol, they have agreed to a lifetime commitment of servitude, but tattoos cannot be forced, and must be consented upon by the slave outside of the contract.

Usually the best dommes start as slaves, work their way through their contracts and then become dommes by signing slaves of there own, however dommes can return to slavery if they volunteer to do so under another domme, their slaves in turn become property of that domme as well.

Mistress Sasha was doing the rounds, greeting the regulars; she had in tow her number one slave Roxi, who served in somewhat of a personal assistant capacity as well as Sasha’s sexual plaything. As she was saying hello to a member the door burst open and a familiar male dominant Chad stumbled in, physically restraining what was obviously a new and reluctant slave, “Can someone please help me with this?!” Chad asked desperately.

His submissive, if you could call her that considering how she was resisting was a tall, tan beauty. Slender and toned, when she bucked and flexed a six pack was apparent; her breasts were on the smaller side but perfectly perky. She had short chestnut brown hair and a beautiful face. Any domme would jump at the chance to put their hands on her, and they did coming to Chad’s aid three dommes left their seat to calm the wild girl.

“I just won her the other day, I tried to break her myself but she’s too defiant!” Nude except the restraints, four dommes lead her to the indoctrination throne. Even with her hands tied behind her back and shackles on her feet she bucked and jostled so much a fifth man had to come help. She wore a ball gag, but was quite audible with her resistance as they undid her hands and feet and forced her into the chair. Only after she was secured in tightly did she stop fighting. With straps across her ankles, thighs, abdomen, chest, and forehead, as well her arms secured to the arm rests at the side of the table she could not move an inch.

“Honestly Chad,” Sasha began to inquire, “where did you get this one?” insinuating that Chad had many times before acquired a slave and gotten in over his head.

Chad explained, “I was playing poker on the Marine base near here, some officer put her contract in the pot, I guess she was some grunt named Marnie who agreed to be his slave in exchange for an honorable discharge, I guess she didn’t know what she was getting herself into.”

“Well, she’s certainly in it now, isn’t she?” Sasha said as she encircled the attenuated girl in the chair, when she got between her legs she noticed pubic hair growing. “Oh my, this won’t do at all,” Sasha said rubbing her hand on the captive girl’s vagina feeling the somewhat longer than stubble present. “Roxi, have the ‘barber’ come out and take care of this, I have to retrieve some things and remind Chad the meaning of the word dominant, come Chad.”

“Yes ma’am,” Roxi said lowering her head as she spoke to her mistress, “Shall I have her fitted for a chastity belt as well?”

Sasha shook her head, “No no, I have something else in mind for her before we worry about that.”

Sasha and Chad walked off into a back room, as a beautiful women dressed in what could only be described as a ‘slutty barber’ Halloween costume came front and center, laying out her tools on a small table next to the throne as she pulled up a stool between the girl’s restrained legs.

First the barber placed a hot towel over Marnie’s pussy for a few moments, after removing it; she built up some lather and slathered it on her crotch with a badger hair brush, lifting her delicate hairs. The barber flashed her straight razor to the on looking crowd which had gathered, then to Marnie as a way of saying, “You might want to hold still.” With a few skillful swipes in a short time, Marnie was a smooth as marble, a sure indicator of her station in the world of dommes and subs. Sasha and Chad returned just as the barber was massaging a little after shave ointment onto Marnie, whose pussy could help but respond from the attention.

“…500, that’s a rock bottom price, please I just want her off my hands.” Chad was pleading with Sasha to take Marnie as her slave.

“Honestly Chad, show some backbone. I will break her for you, right here, and then she will be putty in your hands. It’s been awhile since I have gotten to shown off for a group this size.”

Another addition to the new modern culture with the legalization was a flood of niche market BDSM tools and toys. Some were just fancy rehashing of the old stuff, but if you had the bucks for the newer tech, you could really show a sub who is boss.

Sasha brought a collar to Marnie’s neck and was just barely able to slip it on with her restraints and adjust it to the appropriate tightness. The collar was thick and wide made of some kind of leather with metal inlays. There was a small red light in the center of the neck and when Sasha pressed it the light became blue, activating the collar.

“We don’t need this anymore.” Sasha said undoing Marnie’s ball gag and removing it. As soon as it was off Marnie worked her jaw once and then went to unleash a torrent of curse words and threats, but as she moved her lips and tongue no sound was produced. The collar had a special sounds wave manipulator that deactivated the wearer’s vocal chords as long as it was worn. “Besides,” Sasha went on, “I much prefer these.” Sasha dangled in front of Marnie’s face an O-ring, it was steel wrapped in red leather with matching red leather straps.

As Sasha brought the ‘O’ to Marnie’s face she closed her mouth with a deviant look in her eye. Sasha just smiled, reached down between her restrained legs; Sasha gave Marnie’s freshly shaved pussy a hard slap. Marnie’s mouth shot open, as she screamed silently Sasha slipped in the ‘O’ by the time Marnie could close her mouth her teeth sunk into the leather around the metal as Sasha secured the strap behind her head.

“Now, let’s let the fun begin,” Sasha addressed the crowd gathered to watch her break this willful slave. She had collected a few devices in a black medical bag she rested on the near by table, first from it she retrieved two small plastic tubes, open at one end, about ¾ inch in diameter and some sort of nozzle at the other, with it a small gun looking device.

“Roxi,” Sasha said to her slave, at the sight of those tubes Roxi knew just what to do. Roxi came to Marnie’s chest and began to suck on her left nipple, almost like a sloppy French kiss she ran her tongue around it several times before giving the right nipple to the attention. “Good girl,” Sasha told her slave stepping past her, “I’ll be using a third.” She said to her, Roxi again knowing just what to do.

As she lay there immobilized Sasha placed the first tube over her exposed wet nipple, placing the gun looking devices against the nozzle end. At the same time Roxi stationed herself between Marnie’s legs and was eating her pussy gently, giving her clit special attention with her tongue. Sasha pulled the trigger as the small motor whirred, sucking the air out of the tube as Marnie’s nipple was sucked up into it. Marnie bit into her gag as Sasha sucked up the other nipple as well before gently flicking the two tubes with her fingers, exciting Marnie’s nipples in a way she had never felt, all while Roxi ate her out.

Retrieving a third slightly wider tube from her bag, Sasha pushed Roxi’s head from Marnie’s crotch as if she was a docile feeding dog. As she placed the tube on Marnie’s pussy surrounding her clit, Roxi used her hands to part her lips and lift her hood, making her clit more available and a tighter seal. Marnie’s body took a noticeable quiver as her clit was sucked up into the tube.

Sasha returned to Marnie’s head running a finger down her cheek, “You see sweetie,” she began to taunt her, “I have the tools and the experience, and you just don’t stand a just.” Marnie unable to speak attempted to give her head a deviant shake, though slight her dissonance did not go unnoticed by Sasha, who returned to her bag for one final tool.

Sasha began lubing up a small butt plug that had a hole in the center of the base, as the crowd murmured. Such a small device could barely be seen as a punishment though a hush fell over the crowd as Sasha placed the device at Marnie’s asshole. Marnie did her best to clench but the plug was so small and so well lubricated it slipped right in as the bulbous end disappeared into her ass and only the base with its small hole was visible.

Roxi brought to Sasha a length of rubber tubing, it was some sort of rubber hour glass nozzle at one end and the other was a pump bulb with a metal valve, similar to a doctor’s blood pressure measuring device. Sasha took hold of the plug’s base and inserted the hour glass nozzle into the hole, locking it into place when it was inserted halfway.

Revealing its true nature, she looked into Marnie’s eyes with a devilish grin as she gave a squeeze to the pump bulb and all could see from the base that the entire plug grew. She slowly and methodically gave the bulb a few more squeezes, with each one the plug began to swell inside Marnie who squirmed in her bonds as the plug invaded deeper into her and stretched her asshole wider.

The tube was long enough that Sasha returned to Marnie’s side, and began to address her, every few words or so she would squeeze the bulb forcing more air into the ever expanding plug, she delighted in gently stroking Marnie’s face with her finger as her resolve washed away with each expansion.

“You see (pump), I am not you’re average mistress. I never had to be a slave to ascend to where I am today (pump). When I got here Roxi was the head mistress, after a few (pump), let’s say persuasive confessions, Roxi decided it would be best if she served under me (pump). I auctioned off all of her slaves to build my fortune, but not before I had her publically service each one orally in front of the whole club (pump), not unlike you are on display. I thought it was important (pump) to make sure everyone saw her as the slave she was meant to be (pump) instead of the domme was pretending to be.” Sasha explained.

Roxi’s head sunk as Sasha told this to Marnie. It was true, Roxi was once the head mistress of the Snake Pit, and she actually started the club and owned it until she met Sasha. She couldn’t explain it, but Sasha had this hypnotizing effect on her that made her powerless. Sasha convinced Roxi to let her domme her once in private just for fun, and then their private sessions became somewhat of a routine.

Roxi was able to keep her sub desires a secret until Sasha showed up to the club one day with a leash and collar in hand. She approached Roxi and placed it around her neck in front of everyone; Roxi instead of fighting back got down on all fours and ate out Sasha’s hairy pussy as she stood there laughing, until Sasha threaded the leash through her legs she gave it a tug, pulling Roxi’s face between her cheeks and forcing her to eat her asshole out as well, one of the ultimate submissive acts.

That same night, Sasha had Roxi publically waxed, full Brazilian, in the indoctrination throne, no straps were necessary as Roxi willingly submitted to her pubic hair being removed marking her as a submissive. Just for kicks, Sasha administered an enema and made Roxi cum as she released the water from her ass, and then made her service all of her slaves one by one as the other members looked on, finally she had Roxi nipples and clitoral hood pierced. There would be no question that she was a slave. The following day, everything was made legal when Roxi signed herself into Sasha’s indefinite servitude, as well as ownership of the club and all of her slaves. Sasha kept the excess slaves around for a time, but ultimately auctioned and sold them off to mass quite a large fortune for herself off of Roxi’s empire.

Roxi’s attention was brought back to the present as Sasha snapped at her, “ROXI! What is wrong with you?! How many times do I have to say your name?” Sasha was aggravated, any other time she would let it go, but with a crowd watching her she couldn’t let disobedience go unpunished. Momentarily she turned her attention away from Marnie who was struggling enough as her ass adjusted to the plug which had grown four times its original size. “On your knees! Keep those legs spread” Sasha barked as Roxi did as she was told. Sasha reached in her bag, not for anything in particular, what ever she pulled out is what she was going to use on Roxi.

Sasha pulled a Y-chain, which had a clamp at each end and a mechanism in the center. She clamped one clamp on each of her labia and put the odd clamp on her tongue, around another piercing Roxi had at Sasha’s instruction. Sasha then twisted the mechanism is the center which drew in and shortened each length of chain forcing Roxi to bend in further. When she was satisfied she left Roxi on the floor, who fell over to her side, forced to keep her body bent as the clamps tugged at her sensitive parts. As she returned her attention to Marnie there was a gleeful murmur from the on-looking crowd, agreeing what a powerful mistress Sasha was as she simultaneously punished two slaves so effectively in a public forum.

Sasha jostled the anal plug reminding Marnie of its new size and depth before tugging a bit on the tube sucking up her clit. “I think this is ready,” Sasha said and she pushed the button releasing the suction. Marnie’s eyes fluttered with great relief, unaware of the mechanisms effect. Her clit was swollen and engorged with fresh blood supply, increasing its sensitivity vastly.

After dabbing a bit of peppermint oil on her fingers, Sasha began to run her finger in a little circle of her captive’s clit. Marnie, still unable to move with the restraints, could only squirm slightly as her muscles tensed and teeth again bit into the red leather of her gag. Sasha knew exactly what she was doing, playing with Marnie’s clit, lightly tracing her labia with the peppermint oil and only slightly darting her fingers into her pussy. It was not long before Marnie against her will was approaching an orgasm, Sasha could see this, and was ready for the coup de gras.

She bent down to grasp the pump bulb dangling from the tube of the plug jutting out of Marnie’s asshole. While there she took an opportunity to check in on Roxi who lying on her side bent in two struggling to hold still as every little movement tugged on her labia and tongue. “Having fun Honey?” Sasha mocked Roxi as, with one finger, she plucked on of the segments of the Y-chain like a guitar string, causing Roxi to groan and shiver.

With pump bulb in hand she returned her attention to Marnie’s pussy, as she excited her captive to the point of no return she opened the small metal valve, releasing trapped air of the plug as it quickly shrunk all the way down to it’s original size. The sensation her clit was receiving in combination with the feeling of her asshole returning to its ground state pushed Marnie over the edge. Her entire body tensed as she bit hard into her gag as she had a squirting orgasm. The fluid she produced spilled down on to Roxi causing her to flinch and pull on her Y-Chain which gave her a turn to moan.

The on looking crowd applauded loudly as the two slaves writhed in their binds under the control of a single mistress. Sasha confident in her victory ran her fingers through Marnie’s labia and brought her hand just above Marnie’s head who attempted to turn away but the strap held her tightly in place. A few drops dribbled off of Sasha’s fingers into Marnie’s mouth.

Marnie responded by slowly slide her tongue the center of the O-ring gag, accepting more of her juices into her mouth. Sasha acknowledged this, leaning in close to Marnie, “There’s a good pet, you won’t be giving anyone trouble now, will you?”

Marnie brought her tongue in before sharply sticking it out again accompanied by a forceful exhale, effectively spitting saliva and her pussy juice into Sasha’s face.

Sasha quickly recoiled, shouting “You little bitch!” as she raised her hand and wrapped her fingers into a fist. She immediately halted at the collective gasp of the crowd which was extremely audible. Even with all the spankings, whippings, and floggings it was considered in very bad taste to actually punch of submissive in the face, especially if they were completely restrained.

Sasha inhaled sharply through her nose, and calmly exhaled through her mouth, lowering her fist. There was no way of expressing it, but as she looked down at Marnie, she could tell this completely restrained girl was proud of herself for her little ‘fuck you’ to Sasha.

“I believe you said 500, correct Chad?” Sasha said to the room. Chad wormed his way through the crowd to her.

“Uh yeah, oh Yeah! You’ll take her?! Great.” Chad excitedly agreed, he probably could’ve haggled a bit as it was clear Sasha now wanted Marnie for her own for revenge. But more than anything he just wanted her off his hands.

Sasha announced to the crowd, “I have needed some R&R anyway; I am going to take this willful girl back to my private dungeon and will return with her in one month, she will march in here of her own accord, unrestrained, and wear nothing but a collar, leash, and a tattoo of my devising, securing her as my life long slave.”

After her declaration Sasha looked into Marnie’s eye who only stared defiantly right back at her. Neither knew what they were in store for in the next few weeks. As she walked off with Chad to make legal arrangements, she made a request to whomever was willing, “can someone prepare her for transport?” and then as almost an after thought, “oh, and someone untie Roxi please.”

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