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The landing was rough. There’s no delicate way to put it – I was scared shitless. I looked over at my associate, Lyssa, in the seat next to me and noticed that she, too, was trying to put on a brave face. I tried to give a brave smile. but I knew she wasn’t buying it.

Thunder and lightning crashed outside the window of the plane, the pitch-black skies turning the morning into night.

“Shit,” I heard her mutter as the plane dropped and our stomachs twisted.

It was the first time I had seen her breach professional decorum, and had it been any other situation I probably would have made a wisecrack. I wasn’t sure if she would have appreciated a little levity at the moment or not.

Actually, I think this plane could use some levity, I thought to myself.

Such bizarre thoughts when you feel like you’re facing death.

I took a look down the aisle at the flight attendants who had been instructed to take their seats by the pilot. You know the turbulence is bad when they tell you that they’re going to stop picking up the “cabin items” and ask you to just stuff them in the seat back pockets and put up the tables yourself.

“We’d like to ask that you check to make sure your neighbor has their tables up. We have been instructed to remain seated for the duration of the flight.”

The duration of the flight isn’t what I’m worried about, I thought. It’s the termination that I’m nervous about.

Hell, even I didn’t find that funny.

The plane dropped suddenly again, and Lyssa grabbed my hand. This was bad.

All kinds of thoughts were running through my head. My girlfriend, my dog, my ex-wife… was this the end? I looked at Lyssa and could see her eyes darting wildly from side to side, glancing out the window and then averting them just as quickly. She was taking deep breaths to calm herself.

The plane lifted into the air and we felt ourselves pushed into the seats.

My mind went blank. What, no witty remark? a thought came. Well, apparently there it was, just a little late.

Lyssa’s professionalism refused to be completely abandoned though. She was the case manager for this project; I was just the hired gun. She had arrived at the airport for the early morning flight dressed as professional as always, and even now she looked far more calm and collected than she was. It was only her eyes that gave her unadulterated fear away.

The clouds broke outside the window and we found ourselves less than a hundred feet from the ground. Panic rose in my throat as I realized that the twisting, side to side motion of the plane meant that one wing was dangerously close to the ground. Visions of the Sioux City crash whipped through my head, where the plane had cartwheeled across the runway into a cornfield.

I felt Lyssa’s hand squeeze mine in a deathgrip.

The plane righted itself just in time for the wheels to touch down on the pavement… and bounced. An updraft must have caught the plane and for a bizarre, brief moment it felt like the world was arcing from one side to the other. The pilot must have been manhandling the controls back to level because the plane struck earth once more, this time staying level.

The nose slowly lowered onto the ground and we felt the violent reverse thrust of the engines. The plane started slowing down, and I finally found my breath. I looked down to see Lyssa was looking straight ahead, her jaw taut and her breathing staccato.

She must have been taking stock of her situation and finally came to realize that she had been holding my hand with the force of heavy machinery. She let go and the blood rushed back to fill in the white fingermarks left by her hold.

She looked down at her vice grip and then back up at me. “Sorry,” she said. She opened her mouth to make some excuse, but I waved it away.

“No problem,” I said. “Completely understandable.”

“You know, James,” she said. “This is our first time working onsite together; if this is the kind of excitement that I can expect I’m not sure I’ll want to do this again.”

It was an attempt at a joke, and I smiled back at her, appreciating her effort even if the execution was understandably weak.

“I’ll try and make it more dull from here on out,” I said.

Lyssa was the project manager for major accounts for the Professional Services division of a major computer manufacturer. Her business card had the smallest type in the world just to fit her title on one side. I was an independent contractor who didn’t work for her company, but was hired when the technical jobs needed to be outsourced.

Normally the work was local, which was fine. She and I worked and lived in the same city and that made for a good working relationship. She was very good at the business side; I was good at the technical side. She had her own resources internally but from time to time they were booked or the situation was more specialized than the generalists she had on staff.

In this case we were asked by one of her major clients – a defense contractor – to go to a remote site for a troubleshooting/installation. I was looking forward to the trip, not just because of the money (which was considerable) but also because it meant working with Lyssa more closely.

Normally she and I discussed projects and then I would complete them on my own, get the client to sign off on the work, and I would submit the work report and get paid. Very clean, very simple. This time, though, the client requested a representative from Lyssa’s company and of course she was the best choice to come along and supervise.

Some techies might get defensive about this. After all, who wants their work second-guessed? I looked at it slightly differently, though. It gave me an opportunity to have Lyssa see the quality that I put into my work and prod her for more business. Plus, she was cute as hell, and not just a little flirtatious from time to time. Working as a consultant is a hard job for someone who’s social and craves some familiarity and consistency, and I appreciated the opportunity to get to know her a little better.

She had always been professional, but then again I have always had a thing for professional women. It’s sort of a grown-up librarian fantasy, I suppose, where the rigid, intelligent woman lets her guard down. Lyssa always gave me the impression that there was much, much more than underneath that professional demeanor.

Plus, she smelled nice.

“Thank you for flying with us. We know you have a choice of carriers…” the voice droned on, but the occasional quavering meant that I could swear that even for flight attendants this trip had been one for the storytelling at the bar for years to come.

We grabbed our things and headed off the plane. “I know this is only supposed to be a day trip,” she said as she and I waddled up through the cabin. “But right now the last thing I want to do is get on another plane.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” I agreed.

We grabbed a taxi and headed straight for the client’s. The rain and wind whipped around the car with incredible viciousness, and we found ourselves feeling no more safer in traffic in this weather than we did on the plane. Fortunately, arriving at the customer site was uneventful, if a little slow, but as we arrived at the reception desk we had both felt like we were run through the wringer. We had been traveling for several hours, but due to the time zone changes it was only 9 a.m., and still had to put a whole day in.

Our contact came and brought us back to the computer center that we would be working. He was very clear about needing an escort if we needed to leave the center. “We like to joke that the security guards only have one bullet between them,” he said, “but you never know who has it.”

Lyssa and I exchanged glances, and cracked a smile. It was a horrible joke, but after the morning we had it was just what we needed.

Along the way to the data center we saw that the place really was locked down tight. Multiple security cameras in every hallway, it seemed like every square inch of the floorplan was monitored.

“I’m not sure why we need an escort with all this surveillance,” Lyssa said.

Our host tried to be reassuring. “Oh, don’t worry. You’ll have freedom of movement once you’re in the office. It’s just if you need to go outside there that you’ll need an escort.”

Once inside the office he started showing us around. We were supposed to be hooking up equipment and cabling it from one room to the next. It was an ugly job, requiring squeezing under desks, behind cabinets, snaking through very small spaces. I was very glad that I wasn’t claustrophobic.

True to his word, the client left us to complete his own work. Lyssa wasn’t overly technical, so she was really acting as a representative of her company and my de facto assistant. I knew that with the work that was laid out in front of us, I could use all the help we could get.

The early morning stress had waned over the course of the morning, replaced with a very relieved banter between the two of us. Perhaps it was the extreme relief we both felt to be alive, but we seemed to be on a high and fed off each other. Within an hour the conversation was overtly flirtatious and giddy.

“Can you hand me that cable?” I asked at one point.

“The long one or the short one?” she asked.

“The short one,” I answered.

“Oh, that’s too bad,” she said, with a mischievous pout. “I kinda like the long one.”

Her playful eyes watched me carefully to see if she had crossed a line, but I encouraged her.

“Better hold on to the long one, then,” I teased. “We might need it later.”

She broke into a huge grin, lighting up her face.

The rest of the morning got worse. For the months we had known each other there had been a subtle tension between us, but it was unspoken and, quite frankly, ignored. She was married, I had a girlfriend, and that was that. There was an injection of something in our communication and relationship today, though, that I was convinced was brought on by our seemingly near-death experience.

As we approached lunch the flirting wasn’t hidden at all. As we handed each other equipment we lingered our touch unnecessarily. When we needed to speak over the loud fans of the servers in the data center, we spoke closer than we needed to. The cold refrigerated air gave me an excuse to wrap my arms around her body to “warm” her up. When I held her she pressed her breasts into me just a bit harder, squeezed me just a little tighter, just a bit more than was required.

I found myself to be semi-hard and very horny for the rest of the morning. Professionalism dictated that we focus on the task at hand, as it was supposed to be only a one-day job, and we needed to get done that afternoon to catch our evening flight back home.

Lunch was no help, however, as she made a show of eating her food in the most sexual way possible. I kept looking around to see if she was attracting attention, but seemed like we were in our own world. The drones who worked for the customer were busy with their own daily lives and failed to notice us at all. We were contractors and unworthy of attention.

“Oh my,” she said, as she began to tease her tongue over a banana. It may have been the most cliche action in the book, but it still worked on me. A few hours of flirting can go a long way for long-term blue-balls.

“You know, two can play that game,” I said.

She raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? What can you do?” There was no subtlety to her challenge.

“Oh, I’d love to show you what I can do,” I whispered conspiratorially.

She giggled. I raised a finger and told her to wait and went back to the buffet line to pick up a peach in the fruit bowl. Returning to the seat I cut the peach and half, and pitted it.

I placed the empty half of the peace down in front of her and looked at her with a devilish look. She started shaking her head, not quite believing that I was about to do what I was going to do.

“No,” she said. “You’re not…”

But I was. I picked up the peach and, looking quickly to make sure that we were unobserved, began to run my tongue around the divot where the pit had been. The metaphor was clear, and I saw her shudder.

Immediately she reached out and pulled my hand (and the peach) away from my mouth. Looking around, she couldn’t stop smiling as she scolded me, “I can’t believe you just did that!”

I feigned innocence. “Did what?” I cooed. “I’m just eating my dessert.”

“Oh, I’ve got a better dessert than that,” she said.

I raised an eyebrow and smiled.

She started making a motion to get up. “We better get back to work,” she said.

I really, really didn’t want to get up at that point. All the flirting and touching and unspoken and unpromised intentions had had their effect on me, and I had no more control over my dick than a prepubescent schoolboy.

Nevertheless, I got up, and she instantly spotted my problem. “Feeling okay?” she teased.

I winked. “I suppose that depends on your definition,” I answered. I was casual on the outside, but extremely uncomfortable.

We returned to the office where we needed to connect up the workstations. This was the part that I was dreading, because it meant crawling under desks and behind cabinets to run cable.

“I’d like to see you run your cable,” she said. It was cheesy, but coming from her I liked it.

“Any time, babe,” I said “I’ll run my cable to your port.”

The puns were atrocious, but she laughed anyway.

I realized that I was going to have to crawl under the desk and start the cabling process, and so I made my way under the desk. “Oh god!” I exclaimed.

“What is it?” she said, concerned.

“Okay, well, that came out a bit stronger than I meant it to be,” I confessed, trying to angle myself around the massive desk. “It’s just it’s a snake’s nest down here.”

It was, too. There were so many cables, so many tangles, I wasn’t sure I would be able to figure out which wire went where. Like so many customers, they hadn’t labeled anything and had just thrown the cabling behind the desk to hide it from view.

“Lyssa, I’m going to have to crawl in deeper in here,” I said.

“Deeper? she asked, her voice still teasing.

I chuckled. “Yes. When I get myself sorted out, can you hand me the tools?”

“Sure. Let me take off my jacket.”

This was a nightmare. I had to angle my body and wedge my shoulders behind the desk in order to reach the access panel. It was an awkward, uncomfortable position that was made worse when I tried to raise my arms over my head and in front to reach the patch panel.

I asked her for my tools, and felt her trying to climb under the desk as well. There wasn’t a lot of room and she had to crawl over my legs to get close enough to hand me the small toolkit.

I felt her body moving up my legs, and she was pressed close. She had to shimmy up my legs, pulling herself up with her breasts pressing against my shins, then my thighs. It would have been bad enough had we not been flirting all day, but like a lover’s slow tease I felt the unavoidable anticipation of the erection threatening to rise.

It dawned on me that the way we were angled her face was right in front of my cock at this very moment, even though I couldn’t see her. Pinned as I was there was no way for me to move out of the way, and to my horror my cock sprung back to life, reaching for the woman it knew was in front of it.

I said to myself. Does she see? Can she see?

“Why helloooooo, James!” she purred.

She saw.

And she tormented. She continued her shimmy up my body until my cock rested comfortably between her breasts. I thought I was about to burst through my trousers.

Her voice was smooth as silk. “I brought you the kit,” she said. “I see you brought your kit too.”

I felt her breasts move as she breathed; it was that tight an enclosed space. “Yeah,” I said. “I always come prepared.”

Professionalism? What professionalism?

I tried to bring an arm back around the desk post to reach the kit she was handing me, but I found that my shoulders locked me in place. I was trapped with my arms straight up over my head. The only way I would be able to get out was to exit the way I came in. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to move backwards at all, especially with Lyssa there.

“Uh oh,” I said. “I”m stuck.”

“What?” Lyssa asked, an amused tone to her voice.

I sighed. “I said I’m stuck. I can’t bring my arms down.”

A pause. “Oh really!”

It was a very odd thing to hear her say, and then there was silence. I couldn’t see anything except for the mass of cables and networking equipment in front of me, so I didn’t know what she was doing. Then I felt her start to move down and I realized I was going to have to slide out of my situation, grab what I needed, and then slide back. I’d have to wait for Lyssa to extract herself from under the desk before I could do it, and I felt a mild annoyance of how much effort this was going to have to take.

But then she stopped. She hadn’t moved more than a couple of inches.

“Lyssa?” I called. “Everything okay?”

I felt her hands press against my cock and my zipper being let down.

“Lyssa!” I hissed. “What are you doing?!”

She giggled. “Wow, James. How long has it been? I mean, if you have to ask…”

Her mouth engulfed my cock, and I was helpless to stop her. I was completely trapped under the desk and my arms were pinned above my head. I couldn’t see a thing other than the mass of cabling and wiring. Well, that and all the funny lights going off inside my head from what she was doing.

“Lyssa, the cameras!” I warned.

I felt her mouth leave my cock for an instant. “I don’t think they can see down here,” she said, and went back to sucking me.

And oh, she was good. This was a woman who knew her way around the male anatomy and had an extra special talent for it. Her hands caressed my balls and she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock with each bob of her head.

Now, I’ve enjoyed light bondage before, but this was new. It was like my lower half of my body was inaccessible from my upper half, and I had no control. All the merciless teasing from the morning and lunchtime had left me primed and ready.

And she was phenomenal.

She had me to the boiling point in no time, and she wasn’t messing around. She was all business as she sucked my cock with a single-minded purpose. Who knew when someone would check up on us?

I wasn’t thinking about that, though. All I could think about was how good it felt to be in her mouth, her hands caressing my shaft and balls and her wonderful mouth, oh, her wonderful mouth.

Being constrained as I was, and not being able to see what she was doing, meant that I was in sensory overload. She sucked me hard, commanding the come out of me. And it obeyed.

My hips bucked against her and I emptied myself onto her tongue. She didn’t stop what she was doing, and I got hypersensitive very quickly. My body took on a mind of its own as it bucked and convulsed against her. Finally she stopped and let my cock rest in her mouth, but it wouldn’t go soft. It just throbbed and pulsed against her tongue and cheeks. Finally, she released me and tucked me back into my underwear and zipped me back up as best she could (always difficult with an erection).

“You have a nice banana, James,” she said. I could hear the self-satisfied glee in her voice. I couldn’t believe she had done what she did. I don’t think she could believe it either.

“Let’s trade places and show me your peach,” I said.

“I’d love to,” she said, “But we gotta finish this. We have a flight to catch, remember?”

Oh, shit! I had forgotten. We needed to catch that flight home.

“Well, now I do,” I said, dejectedly. She giggled.

“Maybe you can go fruit picking some other time,” she said.

I sighed. I was disappointed, and not sure when that time would ever come, but I did feel considerably more relaxed.

That didn’t stop either one of us from upping the flirtation ante, though. I got my chance to do some groping out of the ever-watchful gaze of the security cameras, and on a couple of occasions I managed to get close enough to press my face against her pelvis (I’ll never criticize tight spaces ever again!).

By some miracle we managed to finish the job on time, had the paperwork signed off on by the customer, and managed to grab a taxi back to the airport. While we were indoors the weather hadn’t improved, and our mood turned a bit more somber as the memory of this morning’s flight came back to us. Neither one of us wanted to go through that again, but we didn’t have much of a choice.

When we arrived at the counter to check in we saw a bunch of people staring up at the display monitors. Our flight – in fact, every flight – showed “Delayed.” I looked at Lyssa, and then turned back to watch the monitors. As we were watching the “Delayed” status turned to “Cancelled.”

This was no surprise, as the weather was atrocious, bordering on hurricane-like winds and rain. Both of us felt a sigh of relief at not having to fly in this weather. We were, however, left with the prospect of what to do next.

The airline provided us with a new flight the following day at the same time.

One guy wasn’t happy about the situation, though. “Great. Now I get to spend my Saturday waiting around for nothing.”

It was true, the next day was Saturday, but I would gladly waste a weekend day rather than risk the rest of my life. One look at Lyssa showed me that she was on the exact same wavelength.

The airline refused to pay for a hotel, though, as this was an “act of God,” a convenient little excuse. Lyssa’s company would expense her room, but as an independent contractor, I would have to pay for the hotel room myself. Lyssa gave me a wink and said that I could share her room. Her company wouldn’t have to know.

On the taxi back to the hotel we called our respective significant others to tell them the news. I felt a twinge of regret about what happened earlier in the day, but I rationalized that I didn’t have a choice in the matter, that i was trapped and confined. In truth, I just pushed the guilty thoughts out of my head.

Lyssa was gushing to her husband about how much she missed him and how upset she was about not being able to come home, and I started to realize that what happened at the clients was going to remain there. Overall, that was okay. I had had more than just my ego stroked by this beautiful woman and I was okay with letting it go at that.

She snapped her phone shut and then was on me like white on rice. She was kissing me deeply and with extreme fervor, taking me completely by surprise. Instantly my cock was hard again in anticipation of what was going to happen back at the hotel room.

“Ready to pick some fruit?” she asked, a gleam in her eye.

The rest of the taxi ride found our hands in each other’s crotches, feeling each other up and trying to look nonchalant to the cabbie. I’m convinced he wasn’t fooled, but then again I didn’t really care what he thought.

We checked in and went up to the room. Within moments upon entering the room she lay atop me in a 69 allowing me to lick her bald pussy. Not so much a peach as a nectarine, she had joked.

She tasted musky, tangy. The day had been stressful and long, and yet I found her intoxicating. She went more slowly with my cock now than she had before, no pressing time concerns to worry about. I grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands while I tongued her clit, reaching inside every once in a while and occasionally dipping a finger into her ass. She squirmed, but she liked it.

Before we got too far, however, she suggested a shower.

I soaped up her body and cleaned her off, getting on my knees to get her calves and feet. It also placed me square in front of her shaven pussy, which I took the opportunity to lick and held onto her hips to keep her in place as I attacked her with my tongue.

She seemed like she was about to come when she pulled me up to a standing position. “Damn,” she said, “You’re good.”

“So are you,” I replied. “But why did you stop me?”

“Because I want you do whatever you want to me. That will make me come.”

I was confused. “Okay, but I want to suck you until you come.”

She smiled. “Good! Then I want you to do that. But I want to be clear here. This is the only time we’re going to do this, you understand that right?”

I nodded slowly. It made sense.

She smiled. “Right. So we better make it worth it.” She pressed her body up against me, and started stroking my cock against her stomach. “I want you to do everything that you can think of to do to me before we have to leave here tomorrow.”

My cock jumped in her hand. “Oh yes, James,” she continued, purring and she watched it bob and jump in her palm. “I mean everything.”

I knew it was going to be a long night.

I turned her around in the shower and bent her forward. I pushed her foot outward with my own, spreading her legs a bit. Taking my cock in my hand I placed the head straight at her entrance and held it there.

“You know that I have to do this first,” I said, my voice almost getting lost in the sound of the shower.

She just nodded. “Do me,” she said.

I placed one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder and pressed her back onto me. My cock sank into her body and bumped gently against her cervix. I stayed rooted to the spot just enjoying the sensation.

“Oh god, yes,” she said. I understood what she meant. After all, she had gotten me off earlier in the day while she had been constantly teased and tortured without release. Hell, if she had been even half as horny as I had been she still would have been climbing the walls.

I started to fuck her slowly, and she began moving back against me. In order to keep the leverage I had I grabbed onto her hair.

Boy, did she like that!

“Yes!” she cried. “Pull my hair!”

I’ve always been curious about the hair-pulling thing, but I suppose it has something to do with feeling the raw, animalistic passion of being truly taken. Not being a woman, I suppose I’ll never know. Nevertheless, it was at that point she kicked into high gear. I wrapped her hair around my fist and pulled her head back as I pounded her from behind. Her ass slapped against my hips with each thrust, my balls colliding with her clit, the noise amplified by the shower stall.

My free hand had been resting on her hip but now I moved it to the center and started to play with her ass. She stopped fucking me and started rotating her hips around my thumbtip, teasing herself. Inside her pussy my cock rotated with her, brushing against her cervix with each rotation.

I worked my thumb into her ass slowly, and then started fucking her in more of a piston motion again. Each thrust pushed my thumb deeper into her anal cavity just a bit further, until the entire digit was soon embedded in her. I still had her hair in a tight grip and she must have felt as if she was being ravaged.

She placed one hand up against the wall for balance but took the other one between her legs. With each slap of my balls I could feel her fingers working frantically at her clit. She started a slow clench-and-release that seemed to indicate to me that she was priming herself for one hell of an orgasm.

Each clench was accompanied by a long moan, each time the pressure in her pussy getting stronger and the moans getting louder. I worked my thumb in and out of her ass in time with my cock so that she was getting double-fucked, and she continued to back up against me. I renewed my grip on her hair and yanked her backwards until I impaled her completely. She screamed in pleasure and whisked away at her pussy, bringing her orgasm ever closer.

I fucked her long and hard, but steady so that she could build her own orgasm and count on my rhythm. Her squeezing became erratic and forceful, her moans becoming screams. I worked my cock and my thumb in my double-penetration tango until she literally started trying to climb the walls. Her hands scratched at the tile in the shower, desperately trying to grab onto something.

It was an orgasm I’d never seen before, as she tried to get away from my insistent probing cock. Her hand still played at her clit through the orgasm, but she was held back onto me by my tight grip on her hair. Her orgasm left her weak and completely devoid of strength, and I slowly let her hair go and straightened her up on her feet.

My cock slipped out of her but remained hard and erect. She grabbed it and started stroking it. “Mmm,” she hummed. “This is a wonderful toy.”

She looked up at me, not letting me go. “How would you like to put it into another toybox?”

Wait. What?!

“What do you mean?” I asked. I wasn’t sure I was prepared to allow myself to dare to think I understood what she meant. I wanted it explained out in very careful detail.

“Well,” she said, looking back down at my cock, but now caressing my balls with her other hand at the same time, “My husband doesn’t let me play with other women any more.”

Any more? There was apparently a lot about this woman that I never imagined.

“So, if I’m going to have a once-in-a-lifetime night, I better make the most of it, right?”

I smiled, and nodded.

We got our clothes back on and headed down to the hotel bar. It was one of those hotels where the bar was pretty popular. As it was a Friday night so there was no shortage of choices.

“You should let me do this,” she said. “We’ll have better luck this way.”

I couldn’t have agreed more. I’ve never picked up a woman in a bar before in my life, so I sure as hell doubted that I could convince one to come back for a threesome. We sat for a while, talking about the pros and cons of different women, when our prime target walked in.

She was short, cute, a black-haired beauty in a blue dress. She was remarkably similar in build to Lyssa, and I wondered if that meant anything. I shrugged it off – I didn’t want to psychoanalyze her, I just wanted to fuck her.

sigh. Testosterone poisoning. Gotta love it.

Lyssa went up to her and struck up a conversation, but soon came back alone.

“She’s waiting for someone,” she said. “But let’s see what happens.”

The woman sat at the edge of the bar and kept looking at the front door for her companion, who never showed. I made a mental note that I couldn’t understand some guys. This girl was beautiful – how could you make someone like this wait?

We watched her from our booth. “What’s her name?” I asked.

“Jennifer,” she said. After a moment, she said, “I think she’s getting frustrated about her no-show.”

Sure enough, Jennifer stood up and walked over to our booth. “Do you mind if I take you up on your offer to join you?”

I raised an eyebrow and looked at Lyssa. She offered Jennifer a chair, but shook her head at me. No, she hadn’t mentioned anything to her about our goals yet.

While she may have been upset over having been stood up, she warmed up to us quickly as Lyssa and I kept up the playful banter amongst ourselves and included Jennifer as well.

“So,” Jennifer said, taking a drink of her gin and tonic, “Are you guys married?”

We looked at each other and laughed. “No,” Lyssa said, and then leaned in to Jennifer as if to share a secret. “In fact, we work together, but I’m married to someone else and he has a girlfriend. We got stranded here because of the weather and decided to fuck ourselves silly waiting for the next flight.”

I nearly spit out my drink. I came up for air, sputtering, not believing that I had heard what I had heard.

Jennifer looked at us wide-eyed. “Really?” She wasn’t turned off, she was intrigued!

I stared at Lyssa. I made a mental note that I could learn a few things from this woman. She obviously could read women much better than I.

“Yes, really.” she said. “We figured that this is something that would never be able to happen again, so we decided to pull out all the stops.”

Jennifer looked at Lyssa, then at me. I didn’t know what to add, so I kept my mouth shut.

“Wow,” was all that Jennifer could think of to say.

Lyssa placed her chin on one hand and reached out to stroke Jennifer’s hand. “Have you ever done that?” she asked.

Jennifer looked confused. “Done what?” But she didn’t pull her hand away from Lyssa’s.

“Have you ever had an opportunity fall in your lap,” Lyssa continued, looking down at Jen’s lap as if to say and what a nice lap you have, too, “and just grab it before it slips away, not knowing whether or not it would ever happen again?”

Jennifer gulped. “I’ve missed opportunities like that,” she said, wistfully.

Lyssa looked hurt. “Don’t you just hate that? Then you spend the rest of your life wishing you had grabbed that moment -” she clenched a fist in emphasis – “and then… it’s gone for good.” She opened her hand as if she were releasing life’s chances into the wild.

Jennifer just nodded.

I looked at Lyssa. I had a new hero.

“I bet you didn’t know that you were going to be given one of those opportunities tonight, did you Jen?” Lyssa was smooth.

Jennifer shook her head. She had bought into this hook line and sinker.

“They’re so rare, aren’t they?”

Jennifer nodded, mesmerized by Lyssa’s crystal clear logic.

“Well, then!” Lyssa exclaimed, sitting bolt upright and looking back and forth between me and Jen. “Let’s not waste it!”

To my surprise, Jennifer stood up first. I looked at Lyssa with probably the most dumbstruck look on my face. She patted my cheek and kissed me briefly on the lips. “Watch and learn, sweetie,” she said, coyly. “Watch and learn.”

To this day I have no idea how she did it, how she managed to let Jen know what was going to happen without actually saying what was going to happen or even what she wanted. But we were up in the elevator we back to the room within minutes. The whole way Lyssa was talking with Jen and the two of them were laughing and conspiring like high school best friends. I knew that Lyssa was continuing to work her magic on Jen just in case she had a change of heart, but either she was too good or she needn’t have worried. Jen was completely sold on the idea.

As we walked through the corridor back to the room, I flashed back to the Lyssa that I thought I knew just twelve hours earlier. She had always been task-oriented with me, always focused on the next job order. The closest we had come to breaching that had been one day when, on an escalator, she had caught me looking at her fantastic breasts. Embarrassed, I mumbled an apology but did happen to see a twinge of a smile at the corner of her mouth.

Now, though, I had watched her masterfully play this other woman back to our room (our room? how bizarre that sounded!). She had made me come and I had returned the favor, and this was just the beginning of this evening.

Before the door had completely shut Lyssa turned to kiss me deep, making a show of rubbing my cock through my pants. I wasn’t sure if it was for my benefit or Jen’s, but it worked on both of us.

She looked at Jen, smiling, but then had a shocked look on her face. “Oh my!” she exclaimed, surprising both Jen and myself. “That was really selfish of me.”

She reached out for Jen’s hand and pulled her to me. “I’m so sorry, doll,” she said. “You really should be doing this.”

Jen seemed a little bit hesitant at first, and tentatively pecked at my lips, her mouth slightly open. She smelled of an intoxicating perfume that I hadn’t smelled before, and it was wonderful. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me, and she fell into the kiss with increasing passion.

Lyssa came up behind Jen and pressed herself against the brunette, pushing her into me. I lost my balance a little, but as I regained my footing I felt a hand cupping my cock and balls through my trousers again. Breaking the kiss I saw that Lyssa had reached around Jen and taken her hand to press it against me. Jen was rubbing me, and Lyssa’s hand was caressing the back of Jen’s hand.

I went back to kissing and felt Jen’s pussy start to grind against my leg, encouraged in no small part by Lyssa’s grinding against her from behind.

Lyssa moved around to tilt Jen’s head back towards her, and I stepped away to give them some additional room. Plus, voyeur that I am, I really wanted to watch.

It’s a giddy feeling, wanting to watch and participate at the same time, knowing that you can do either if you so choose. I circled the two women who were starting to use their hands on each other more, and started touching each of them, pulling their hair aside from the back of their necks to kiss them, relishing the chills I sent through each of them.

Lyssa started removing Jen’s skirt, and brought down her panties with it. A little blonde, tightly trimmed fuzz surprised us both – this was an unusual twist to see a brunette that was actually a natural blonde! – and lay her down on the bed.

Jen scooted up to the top of the bed and started spreading her legs, running her finger through her pussy lips. It was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Lyssa, her blouse open and trousers not even completely removed, moved on the bed and started kissing up Jen’s inner thigh.

“It’s been such a long time since I’ve done this,” she said.

Jen just smiled, and watched as I started to finish removing my clothing. Completely nude, and the only one who was, I sat next to Jen on the bed and started kissing her.

“Oh!” she said, suddenly, her eyes widening. I looked down to see that Lyssa had taken Jen’s clit in her mouth and sucked just a bit harder than Jen was expecting.

I kissed Jen again, and felt her closest hand wrap around my cock and start stroking me. Her concentration was completely fucked, however, as Lyssa worked her magic between her legs. Her free hand went to Lyssa’s head and she began to run her fingers through Lyssa’s hair.

When she pulled on Lyssa’s hair to suck harder, Lyssa moaned, encouraging her for more.

“Apparently she likes having her hair pulled,” I told Jen.

“Oh really?” she replied. She took more of Lyssa’s hair in her hand and started pulling Lyssa’s face tighter into her pussy. Lyssa responded with increased vigor of her pussy lapping. Jen released my cock and put both hands on Lyssa’s head and began bucking her hips up against Lyssa’s mouth. There was no delicate way to put it – Jen was holding Lyssa’s head in place by grabbing onto her hair and fucking her mouth as hard as she could.

I don’t recall ever seeing anything so amazing in my life. The situation I was in, the way it had unfolded, and now what was actually happening, I wished I could have recorded it to replay over and over again later. I tried to turn my mental recorder on so that I would ever forget this night… ever.

Lyssa came up for air, the wetness of Jen’s body mixing in with the red smear of Lyssa’s lipstick-that-had-once-been. There was something extremely erotic about seeing her like that, this woman that I had worked with for all this time without knowing this side of her.

“God, it’s been so long,” she said, mostly to herself.

Lyssa reached over Jen’s leg to take me in her mouth again, and she started sucking me hard and fast. She knew she wouldn’t make me come this way, but I could see that Jen was riveted to the scene as well. I kissed Jen again and slid my hands down her tummy to her sopping pussy. It was blisteringly hot, and my fingers slid inside of her body so easily I could fit three fingers in without too much effort. she grabbed ahold of my wrist and started fucking my hand the same way she had fucked Lyssa’s mouth.

Lyssa lifted herself off my cock in order to get her breath. She sat up and wiped off her chin, probably one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. She crawled up between Jen and myself and gave each of us a kiss in turn. She kneeled between us and grabbed my cock with one hand and used her other hand to play with Jen’s pussy. The two of us lay back on the bed while Lyssa got off on having us both in her hands.

Jen and I leaned over and kissed while Lyssa was molesting us, but out of the corner of my eye I could see Lyssa was like a kid in a candy store having all the toys she wanted to play with at her disposal.

My cock was throbbing. Each tug of her hand seemed to make me even more turgid. I could hear the slopping noises coming from Jen’s pussy as Lyssa’s fingers worked their way in deeper and deeper. I looked down and saw that Lyssa’s hand was completely soaked.

It was time for me to drive my cock inside of someone’s body; I didn’t really care who’s. I rolled onto my side to face Jen, and Lyssa aimed me at Jen’s drenched opening. I slid in so easily and so fast that Lyssa almost didn’t have time to move her fingers out of the way.

It was like dipping my cock in a vat of hot liquid. Jen’s pussy seared my flesh and yet coated it completely. When I withdrew there were beads of Jen’s liquid running down my cock, which Lyssa immediately licked off before shoving me back inside Jen’s body. Watching the process repeat itself a few times gave me an idea.

I pulled Lyssa up beside me and then pulled Jen on top of me. Jen bottomed out on my cock riding cowgirl, and then I pulled her off me. My cock looked shellacked with all of Jen’s wetness coating me. I pulled Lyssa onto me, having her straddle me. She took me in her hands, but I pushed them away.

I leaned her back, and caught her surprised look. She leaned back on her arms and balanced herself as I grabbed my slick cock and aimed it farther back along her ass crack. I saw a look of surprised excitement cross her face.

“Oh, you naughty boy!” she cooed. “Yes, do that.”

Jen watched in amazement as I pressed my oiled cock between Lyssa’s ass cheeks and found its mark. Lyssa began rotating her hips in tiny circles, and I felt the head begin to ease its way into her ass. Neither I nor Jen could watch it go in, so Jen moved around to get a better look.

Lyssa closed her eyes and bit her lip, bearing down a little more but trying to work me into her ass with her tiny movements. She was, quite literally, attempting to screw me into her ass.

“That’s so hot!” Jen whispered. I pulled Jen closer to the joining between me and Lyssa to get a better look, and swing her leg over my face. From this position I got a stellar view of Jen’s pussy and grabbed her ass with my hands so that I could slither my tongue inside her.

The tip of my tongue found its mark on Jen’s clit about the same time as the head popped past Lyssa’s sphincter ring, causing both of them to moan at the same time. This was followed by giggling by all three of us, the levity breaking some invisible ice barrier and let all inhibitions fall away. We were now just three friends fucking around.

Lyssa’s giggling managed to push her ass down farther on my cock and Jen settled herself against my face. From my position, looking up over the half-moon curves of Jen’s ass, I could see Lyssa’s face warped into an exquisite “O” as she adjusted herself around me.

A moment later I felt an odd sensation, one that I had never felt before. The tightness of Lyssa’s body gripping mine was suddenly accompanied by the hot gust of Jen’s breathing. This was followed by a probing tongue around my pelvis. I felt Jen lick and kiss the base sucking gently on the skin, and then licking up towards my cock.

Her tongue disappeared and I knew she must be working her way up Lyssa’s pussy, confirmed a split second later by Lyssa’s eyes shooting open wide in shock. Her ass gripped my cock with a ferocious clench, and I couldn’t help but smile as Jen pressed her pussy down upon my face.

My mouth and chin were soaked in no time. Jen produced such copious amounts of fluid that I had the crazy notion that I needed to be careful, lest I drown.

Death by pussy, I chuckled to myself.

I worked my tongue into Jen’s pussy and pulled her ass cheeks apart with my hands. This had the benefit of not only getting a positive response from Jen, but also allowed me to see Lyssa’s body better. Her breasts moved up and down with each deep breath as she rocked up and down on my cock, obviously pressing against Jen’s mouth.

I felt Jen’s lips and tongue every once in a while upon my pelvis, and when Lyssa rose so that just the head was captured inside her, I occasionally felt Jen licking along the shaft. Jen was very good at what she was doing, so much so that for a moment I wondered if she had had this kind of experience before or was just very good at improvising.

With her ass cheeks in my hands, it took no effort for me to slide my fingers across her slick labia, getting Jen’s natural lubricant all over my fingers. I played with her ass with my fingertips, and a moan and booty shake told me that I was being encouraged.

I sank my finger into Jen’s ass slowly, but deliberately. By the time I got to the first knuckle she was pounding my face hard with her hips, and I clasped my lips around her clit and suckled. Jen attacked Lyssa’s clit in return, and I watched Lyssa try to scream but find it impossible to do so while breathing so hard.

Inwardly I chuckled to myself. “I start something here,” I thought, “And it comes out there.” I began to play with Jen even more to see if I could get her to attack Lyssa more vigorously.

My game was short lived, however, as Lyssa was reaching the point of no return. She was bucking against Jen’s face, holding her hair in her hand, and fucking my cock with her ass as fast as she could go. Her voice started rising and I could tell – as I’m sure could Jen – that she was going to come and come hard.

I started fucking Jen’s ass with my finger and sucked on her clit at the same time, trying to match Lyssa. Jen was concentrating on Lyssa’s orgasm and wouldn’t be able to come right away, but I wanted to provide my own encouragement.

“Yes!” Lyssa cried out. “Lick me! Lick my clit you slut! Make me come!”

Jen never missed a beat. I could feel her ass and legs shaking with effort as she worked away at Lyssa’s clit, and felt my cock rubbed nearly raw by Lyssa’s pounding.

A scream pierced the room as Lyssa’s eyes and mouth opened wider than I ever believed possible. Her arms flailed around trying to grab something to hold on to, and her ass sank down on my cock completely, fully burying me inside her body. I could feel her ass and pussy squeezing in convulsion, and she clutched her breasts with one hand, Jen’s hair in the other.

I never let up on Jen’s pussy, though, nor her ass. She finally was able to take her mouth off of Lyssa and allowed herself to find her own breathing rhythm. One hand reached behind her and grabbed my hand, forcing it deeper into her ass and more forcefully.

“Fuck me,” she cried. “Fuck my ass hard!”

I started stroking my finger in and out of her ass, but it wasn’t enough. “Harder!” she pleaded.

I inserted a second finger and started vibrating my hand in and out.

Still, it wasn’t enough. She grabbed my wrist and tried to get me to pound her even more. I got the hint and started to jackhammer my hand in and out of her ass while holding her hips down so that her pussy crushed my mouth.

It was hard to breathe, and my wrist was screaming in pain. The angle was all wrong, the exhaustion was mounting. I all but forgot my cock in Lyssa’s ass as I just tried to bring Jen to the orgasm she so desperately needed.

She shifted her rhythm a little but I did not. I continued in the same strength and pace as she seemed to like it, but her hips seemed to regroup. Her legs shot out in a straight, rigid line and she started to clench her ass muscles slowly, then relaxed as I pounded in to her. They gradually grew tighter and tighter and then relaxed again, allowing me to own her ass and pussy with my fingers and tongue.

The clenching grew stronger and tighter, the relaxing shorter and fewer. I felt the bedsheets move as she clenched them between her fists, gaining leverage. She was clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing, and I needed to work through this.

Any time now, I thought. I was in pain, my wrist aching with a dull throb, my fingers starting to become numb. My cock remained hard only because it was trapped inside Lyssa’s body, but she hadn’t moved for several moments, fixated by Jen’s whole-body ravaging.

Jen began rocking her body back and forth, sliding up and down my body.

Soon, soon, I told myself. Soon it will be worth it…

Jen raised her head and leaned against Lyssa for support. Lyssa cradled Jen’s head in-between her breasts as Jen’s orgasm approached. We’ve heard the cliche about a woman’s orgasm approaching like an oncoming freight train, but never had I actually witnessed so close a description.

Jen’s body was rotating in rhythm, the cadence picking up the pace, accepting and using my steady pounding and licking. Her body oscillated very much like the wheels of a locomotive.

Without warning, she suddenly jumped gears, and gripped my wrist holding it still, screaming into Lyssa’s chest. A gush of fluid covered my face and neck as Jen came. I felt a pool of liquid gather in the divot of my collarbone.

The three of us lay there, waiting for Jen’s body to calm down, when we heard Jen sobbing softly. Slightly alarmed, Lyssa tilted up her head to ensure Jen was okay.

“No, no,” Jen reassured us, tears in her eyes. “That was so good! I guess it was more of a release than I realized.”

Jen got up, and Lyssa extricated herself from me. We moved into the bathroom and ran the water, then all three of us jumped in. I managed to find myself with four hands all over my body, soaping me up and cleaning me off.

The water felt good over my body, but was nothing compared to the exquisite touch of these two women. They had teased, tortured, fondled, and molested me but didn’t let me come. Now they were going to make up for it.

They took turns sucking me, sharing me back and forth in the shower stall the way that friends might share a bottle at a beach bonfire. They each played with me, keeping a playful competition between them, each trying to outdo the other in various tongue flicks and deep-throating.

I finally had had enough. I pulled them both up and turned them around to face the wall of the shower. With the water beating down upon my back, I took my cock in my hand and aimed it at Jen’s pussy. I slid inside and felt her wetness hadn’t diminished at all. This girl was obviously good to go for many more hours. I slid my cock in and out of her pussy for a few more strokes, and then withdrew.

I replaced my cock with my hand as I guided myself into Lyssa’s pussy. Unlike Jen, Lyssa’s pussy was contoured slightly different, and not as wet. For me, this turned out to be a good thing as Jen’s lubrication made it easy for me to invade Lyssa, but gave me the friction I needed.

I suddenly took a sobering look at what was happening. I looked down at my fingers in Jen’s pussy, but the real eye-opener was Lyssa. Here I was, with my cock deeply embedded in my work colleague. I realized how much I had wanted this, wanted her and how this was going to be the only time I would get the chance to do this.

I had toyed with the idea of shifting back and forth, fucking each of them a few strokes at a time, but this thought sobered me up. After tonight, I wouldn’t be able to do this ever again, and I wanted to enjoy every single moment.

“I’m sorry, Jen,” I said. “But I’ve got to fuck Lyssa right now. Would you mind?”

Jen stood up and smiled. Lyssa looked up at Jen. “I want you to watch us,” Lyssa said. Jen smiled even brighter.

Lyssa turned back at me as far as she could, and smiled at me. “Fuck me, James,” she said. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for ages. Empty yourself inside me.”

I didn’t need any additional prompting. I grabbed onto Lyssa’s hips and started fucking her pussy hard. I looked over and saw Jen was cupping her breast with one hand and playing with herself with the other.

I grew selfish, focusing only on what I was feeling. I began thinking of all the times Lyssa and I had been together, all the times we had hidden this desire that we both felt and didn’t know the other felt it as well. My mind replayed the moment under the desk earlier, and I felt my cock twitch and grow even harder.

I reached for Lyssa’s breasts but given the angle it was too difficult, so I put my hands back on her hips. Jen reached over with one hand and began massaging Lyssa’s dangling breasts with one hand on my behalf, and Lyssa’s moan echoed in the shower.

My mind reflected on all the times I had wondered about Lyssa’s body, about what her professional demeanor hid. I had wondered, and hoped, that underneath it all there was a nymphomaniac slut, at least that’s what I fantasized about whenever I allowed myself the luxury of thinking about her outside of a work context.

Take me any way you want, she had said, and I had. Tomorrow things would go back to the way they were, and if I knew her like I thought I knew her, we would likely never speak of this ever again. This was truly a one-time-only deal. But for now, I had my cock buried balls-deep inside her pussy, and I was going to savor the moment.

I felt Lyssa’s hands between her legs, rubbing her clit at first, and I felt her fingernails as they reached down around my cock. She reached a little further and held my balls, coaxing them with gentle squeezing movements. A less experienced woman would have squeezed too hard and caused pain, but Lyssa was masterful with her stroking.

I was well on my way to an orgasm when she started doing this, but with her skillful ministrations I jumped to the head of the queue. I felt a tingling in my ass and hips, a familiar pressure of an orgasm that originated all over my body, that told me that the point of no return was mere seconds away.

Gripping her hips in my hands, I started pounding away at her body. The air hissed through my clenched teeth, and each thrust was accompanied by a grunt. Sweat mixed with the shower’s water, and I looked up to see Jen watching me with unbridled amazement and arousal.

I looked her straight in the eye and never blinked as I shouted that I was going to shoot my come deep inside Lyssa’s body. Jen opened her mouth as if to speak, but didn’t say anything. Her hand was whisking away at her own clit in unashamed fervor.

My come rocketed out of my balls, prompted in no small part by Lyssa’s deftness with her fingers, and I felt my cockhead expand in her grasping pussy. The fluid shot through the shaft like a bullet through the barrel of a gun, and launched itself deep into Lyssa’s womb.

My eyes never left Jen’s as I cried out with my orgasm. Jen’s eyes opened wide as she watched me, and her legs gave out. She collapsed onto the floor of the shower but her fingers never left her pussy, She brought herself to a second orgasm and clamped her legs tightly around her own wrists.

She lay gasping in a heap, her breathing shallow and ragged. Turning my head slightly I could see that Lyssa was watching her closely as well. Jen apparently was a woman who had very powerful orgasms, and neither I nor Lyssa were used to such power in such a small woman.

I withdrew my cock from Lyssa’s body, and she straightened up, smiling broadly. I leaned against the wall for support, and saw both Jen and Lyssa’s eyes divert to my half-erect yet still throbbing penis, the water falling from the shower down across the head and my balls onto Jen’s legs on the floor.

Suddenly, for no particular reason, the giggles started. I don’t know who started it, but pretty soon the three of us were struggling to breathe through fits of laughter.

The rest of the shower was playtime for us, with hands and soap everywhere. There wasn’t a nipple or mouth or genitalia that wasn’t molested or caressed at some point, but the mood was light and goofy. In retrospect I suppose that awkwardness would have been far more common and usual but instead there was nothing more natural than the three of us playing in the water.

We collapsed on the bed, all three of us, and fell asleep in a tangle of naked limbs and body parts.

I awoke to find my cock being sucked by Lyssa as Jen was getting dressed. She was watching us as she put on her jacket and shoes.

“Oh, look who’s finally awake!” she said, cheerfully. She came over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips, her tongue dancing across mine. “I’m sorry, but I have to get home and change into more appropriate clothes for work.”

She leaned over the bed towards Lyssa. “Thank you so much,” she said to Lyssa, “That was the most incredible night of my life.”

Lyssa smiled, and they kissed deeply. Jen’s hand snaked around my cock. “And you,” she said to me, grinning broadly. “Next time, you’re going to have to save some of this for me!”

With that, she deep-throated my cock and sucked me hard. It was the most excruciatingly wonderful feeling I’d ever had, and instantly regretted not exploring Jen further last night.

She let my cock go and stood up, immensely proud of herself. She looked me square in the eye and gave me a smile that told me that I had missed something extremely powerful.

She reached into her purse and took out two cards and slid it onto the desk. She didn’t say anything more, but winked at both of us before blowing us a kiss and walking out the door.

Jen started placing little kisses around my cock. “Are you going to take the card?” she asked.

“I’m tempted,” I admitted.

“So am I,” she agreed.

I said nothing, and she went back to sucking me off. She worked her way up and down my cock just as expertly as before; if anything, she was even better.

I came in her mouth, and sighed wistfully.

“Oh,” she said, feigning hurt. “Was I not as good as before?”

I smiled at her. She knew damn well how good she was. “I’m only sad because we’ll not be able to have moments like this again.”

She nodded, and then smiled reassuringly. “That’s true. This was a one-time thing.”

She kept rubbing my cock gently. “At least,” she added slowly, her gaze returning thoughtfully at my cock, “we now have some very important questions answered.” As she played with me a bead of come started to drip from the head, which she made a show of sticking out her tongue and lapping up.

“True,” I said. But now I’m not sure whether or not it’s better or worse. “At the very least I don’t have to feel guilty about fantasizing about you.”

She grinned broadly. “Oh, James,” she said in a mock scold. “If you had to feel guilty, then I would have to feel guilty. And I’m just not that type of girl.”

My cock twitched at the notion of her masturbating to fantasies about me, and I found her encouraging me to stay hard.

“How much time before we have to get to the airport?” I asked.

She looked at the clock, then back at me. “Long enough,” she said. She climbed on top of me and eased herself onto my dick.

Sighing in contentment, or at the least a moment of wistful longing, she rotated her hips until she was settled on the base. I felt her body squeeze me from the inside. “One last time,” she said, her eyes closing as she rested her hands onto my chest for balance and leverage. “One last time.”

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