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The Housewife

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They had been married for several years and their sex life had been wonderful, although less frequent since the children had arrived. Candace loved to fuck, there was no question about that, she enjoyed every kind of sex her husband and she had shared, but it had become insufficient because of the infrequency.

Donald worked a lot to support them and she found herself having to masturbate to make up for her lost lover, she needed to cum at least 5 times a day and she felt insatiable.

One day, as she sat at the computer, she received a link to a site and when she clicked on it, she was presented with pictures of women tied up and being fucked, it made her pussy throb, Donald had never done that to her and the thoughts of submission made her very wet. Before she knew it, her hand was between her legs and her juices flowed almost like a garden hose as she looked at the image and masturbated herself to an earth shattering orgasm. She book marked the site and returned to it daily as the children took their naps and Donald worked, she could see herself as one of the pictures on the screen.

She noticed a chat room in the sight and got a user id and logged in, “I’d like to hog tie you and fuck you like the pig you are,” she saw one guy say to a woman online and she felt her juices flow at the thought. She just sat and read the responses, her hand drifting to her pussy and massaging her clit as she thought about actually doing what was being talked about on the screen, “Yeah, I’d put clamps on the inner lips of your pussy with weights and fuck your ass hard while I held onto your bound hands behind your back,” she read and she came, her body convulsing on her hand as she yelped out her pleasure.

She had chosen the user name of CandyAss and she jumped as someone spoke to her, “How would you like me to mount that candy ass of yours baby?” and she freaked out, unsure of what to say, although the thoughts aroused her deeply. ‘What the hell,’ she thought, no one would ever know, so she started talking to him, “Yes, I would like that very much, do you have a large cock?’ and she waited for her answer as she read the other conversations, “It’s 8 inches baby, big enough for you?” and she felt herself getting wet again as she thought about taking 8 inches inside of her, “MMMM yes, that would do nicely,” and her hand was coated with her juices at the thought of an 8 inch cock buried deep inside of her, while she was bound and unable to resist.

“Give me your number baby, and we’ll make arrangements to get together,” was the reply that appeared in the chat and she froze, not wanting her husband to find out about it, “Give me yours instead,” she typed back and after a moment he wrote it out and she copied it down, “I will call you in about an hour,” she typed wanting to be sure the kids were still napping first.

“Ok CandyAss, can’t wait to get hold of that sweet ass of yours, I’ll be waiting,” and she signed off, her juices dribbling down her thighs as she went to check on the kids. The kids were fast asleep and she retreated to her bedroom, locking the door as she pulled her clothes off and climbed onto the bed, her hands roaming her naked body as she lay there, her nipples hard and proud as they jutted from her chest and her pussy still glistening from her previous orgasm and she reached over and grabbed the cordless phone, nervously dialing his number.

“Hello,” his voice was deep and sexy, “Hi,” she managed to get out, “Is this my CandyAss?” he asked and she nervously replied that it was and his voice got ever so sexy, “So, you want to be tied up and fucked, my hard cock exploring every orifice on your body, eh?” and she felt herself get wet once more, “Oh, yes,” she blurted out as her finger stroked her clit, “Well baby, you got the right man for the job. I will make you cum so many times, you will think it is one big orgasm,” and her eyes closed as she imagined being taken and used and her pussy began to spurt out her juices as she orgasmed at just the thought of it.

“Why don’t you tell me where you are, and I can come over and take your ripe little candy ass,” and she froze, knowing that as much as she wanted it, there was no way she could do it right now. “I’ll have to get to know you better first,” she told him, “I am a married woman with a family, can’t afford to slip up,” and she heard him laugh.

“Oh yes, I love the married ones. Husband too busy at work or just lost the urge or even too afraid to get into dominance and discipline. It will wait until you are able baby, but first, lets give you a little preview of things to come,” and she felt her body twitch as he talked, “Do you have some twine or string?” and she remembered her heavy cross stitch thread, “Yes,” she replied. “Go get it and bring it back to wherever you are,” and she rummaged through her sewing basket and pulled it out, noticing the wet spot on the bedspread where she had been sitting, “I have it,” she eagerly told him. “Play with your nipples, get them rock hard and cut off a strip and tie it around each one, nice and tight,” and she laid the phone down as she did this, her nipples feeling like they would drop off at any moment as she tightened the noose around them and they throbbed. “I have it done, it hurts,” she told him, “Good, now flick your nipples with your fingers,” and she let out a yelp at the pain it caused, but also thought how erotic it felt and she soon was rubbing them after each flick, her whole body felt like it was on fire.

“Now, reach down and tug at the inner lips of your pussy, harder with each tug,” and she did, her pussy hurt at first, but soon the fire began below as her tits strained against their bindings and her pussy lips got ever longer at her tugging. The phone dropped onto the bed as she came, her whole body arching as her orgasm swept through her, she loved it! She picked up the phone again, her breath ragged as she put it to her ear, “Yeah, I think you’ll do nicely,” he said and laughed, “Oh yeah,” she said as she heard one of the kids stir, “I have to go, we’ll talk again soon,” and she hung up. She jerked on her panties and shorts, trying desperately to cut the string off of her blood red nipples, but she couldn’t and the kids were calling for her, so she just left it for now, pulling a t shirt over her engorged tits as she unlocked the bedroom door.

“Are you ok mommy?” Timmy asked, noticing the flushed look on her face.

“Yes baby, mommy’s fine,” and she took them out into the back yard to play before supper. She went into the kitchen and jerked her shirt up, frantically trying to get the bindings off before her touch caused her another orgasm, and her nipples tingled at the rush of blood pouring into them at last, making her so hot. She put cold water on her nipples, trying to soothe them, but most of all, trying to quell this desire to bury her hand down her shorts, she had become so aroused and she liked it. She made supper and they all sat at the table eating, her thoughts going to her phone call and her pussy beginning to moisten once more. She bathed them and put them to bed, Donald wouldn’t be home for 4 more hours, oh how she needed a real cock right now.

She checked on them, all fast asleep, as she closed their doors and went into her bedroom and closed and locked hers, she needed release again. She rummaged through her underwear drawer, fishing out her dildo as she undressed and lay on her back, stroking her slit with the fake cock while her other hand ran over her sensitive tits, their nipples quite pink, as she licked her finger and toyed with them. She played with her clit with the head of the dildo, feeling the electricity build as she did, until she couldn’t take it anymore and drove it inside of her, her pussy swallowing it up as her back arched to receive it.

She twisted and pulled her nipples as she fucked herself, the hard cock being buried until all that was exposed were the fake balls and she hammered it in and out as she shook and came, her juices coating it. She loved to cum so much and she just had to make herself cum or go insane. She lay there, basking in her moment of pleasure before getting up to shower, her hands once again exciting her as she showered and she imagined they were her new phone lover as she stroked herself, getting off yet again in the shower, her cum soaked hand buried within herself. She dried off and put on her nightgown before heading to check on the kids once more.

They were all still asleep and she turned down the bed, the soft cool sheets felt good as they pushed her nightgown up her thighs as she settled in. She woke up as Donald got into bed, her hands moving to his crotch before he even got settled, “Jesus Candy, I’m whipped honey, not tonight,” and he rolled away from her and quickly went to sleep, her body yearning for the feel of his cock.

At breakfast, they sat almost in silence as everyone ate and the kids teased each other, “I have to go to Phoenix for the weekend,” Donald said and she looked at his tired face, he worked entirely too much, “Mom wants the kids this weekend, so you’ll have the weekend to yourself,” he managed a small smile. Right then and there she decided that she would take care of her own needs this weekend and it would be great, no one to worry about but herself. Friday came and Donald loaded the kids into the car to drop them off at his mom’s on his way to Phoenix and she kissed them all goodbye and went into the house. She signed on to the computer and hit the bookmark for the bondage site and signed into the chat room, he was there!

“Welcome back CandyAss,” the message said as she decided that this was her chance, “I want to get together with you,” she typed out and he sent back a smiley face, “Call me sweets,” and she signed off and grabbed the phone, dialing his number.

“Hello CandyAss,” he answered and she felt her heart jump as well as her pussy, “Give me directions baby and let the fun begin,” he said and she thought about it, she had some nosy neighbors and she couldn’t let Donald find out, “No, give me directions to your place,” she answered back and she heard him sigh. She copied the directions and he told her to wear something old to his place but to bring something else to wear as well which kind of puzzled her, but she agreed, “About an hour,” she told him and hung up, her pussy already beginning to ooze.

She pulled up to his place, an old warehouse on the far side of town that had been converted to apartments and she went inside, her bag in hand as she looked for his apartment and finally knocked on the door, her heart fluttering at her nervousness. The door opened and there stood a tall man, over 6 feet with a moustache and nice build, “CandyAss, I presume. Come in darling,” and she shuffled through the door as he took her bag from her hands and placed it on a chair, “Care for a drink?” he asked and she hadn’t noticed how dry her mouth had gotten, “Yes,” and he sauntered off to the kitchen and she heard ice dropping into glasses. She settled into the sofa, trying to hide her nervousness as he handed her some iced tea and she sipped it, trying to quell the butterflies in her stomach.

“I take it you’ve never done this before,” he said and she shook her head as she drank more tea, “I’ll make your fantasies come true baby,” he smiled back as she finished her tea and sat the glass on the coffee table. “Shall we get started?” he asked as he held his hand out to her and she got up and he led her to a back room where she saw a lot of things she had seen used on the web site where she found him. He stood her under some ropes dangling from the ceiling and attached them to her wrists, his touch along with the knowledge of what she was about to endure, made her pussy tingle.

After she was secured, he grabbed her head and planted a hard wet kiss on her mouth, gently tugging her hair as he did, and pain mixing with pleasure. His hands massaged her tits through her clothes, her nipples growing at his touch and suddenly he ripped open the front of her shirt, her buttons making a plinking noise as they hit the floor and his hands now roamed her bra covered tits, her nipples quite prominent through her bra. He kissed and sucked the exposed upper flesh of her tits before pulling the bra cups up to expose her bright pink nipples, his mouth sucking each one greedily as she whimpered at the feelings.

He produced a large pair of scissors and began to cut her shirt off and then her bra, as her tits danced in the cool air of the room and he once again assaulted her hard nipples, sucking even harder this time, almost making her cry out in pain. The scissors now worked to cut her shorts off and they fell to the floor as her panties were all that cloaked her now and he smiled at the wet spot in the front of them before his hand covered her pussy mound and he outlined the length of her slit with his finger, making her moan even more.

He began to push the fabric of her panties inside of her with his finger, the cotton material and the finger combining to push her into ecstasy as he began to thrust in and out and she felt herself getting very hot and close to cumming, “Oh no, sweets, you can’t cum until I want you too,” and he withdrew his finger, drawing it to his mouth and sucking her juices off of it. He cut her panties off and the cool air over her wet pussy made her shiver as he went over and got a length of rope and returned.

He draped the rope over her shoulders and began to snake it around her body, causing her tits to stand out as they were laced with it and a strand of it was placed against her slit and worked inside until it rubbed her clit and she shuddered at the sensations. He attached two more ropes to her ankles and she felt herself drawn up into the air, her wrists hurting as the weight was placed on them and when she was perpendicular to the floor, he placed a small stool under her stomach to take the weight off of her wrists and ankles, but she felt like she would fall off of it if she moved too much.

She could feel her legs gapped wide and the rope teased her hard clit as she moved slightly to enhance the feelings, he appeared at her head and got down on the floor in front of her and she felt him attaching nipple clamps to her and she gasped at the pain, but he just smiled at her agony. Next, fishing weights were attached to the clamps and she let out a yelp as they dragged her nipples towards the floor, setting her whole body on fire.

She watched as he removed his clothes and she got so excited when his large cock was exposed, oh how she needed that cock, and he walked up to her and rubbed it across her lips and she opened her mouth to take him inside, his smooth shaft rubbing the roof of her mouth as it sought out the deepest part of her mouth and finally lodged against her throat opening, making her gag slightly. He grabbed her hair with one hand and pistoned in and out of her mouth, each thrust puncturing her throat slightly more as his other hand grasped the rope across her back and he tugged at it, making it rub her clit and sending her into a frenzy.

His cock now hit her throat with every thrust and she gladly took it there as the rope drove her crazy on her clit and she felt him swell and she struggled to swallow his hot jism down and he moaned loudly. He released the rope before she got to cum and the need was driving her mad, she needed to cum so bad, and he moved out of sight and she felt his jism dribble down her chin as she sought to capture it with her tongue. She felt the rope being removed from her pussy and then felt it draped across her back and her mind reeled that she was going to get fucked, but then she jumped as something struck her bare ass cheeks and she whipped her head around as far as she could and saw the riding crop in his hand, just as it was brought to bear on her tender ass again and she screamed out in pain.

She could feel the fire in her ass cheeks as he whipped her with the crop and she hoped that the marks would be gone before she had sex with Donald again, that would be hard to explain. Her pain turned to passion as his whipping continued and she found herself wanting the whips, her ass thrust upward to meet them as her pussy grew even wetter. He suddenly stopped and she almost wished he hadn’t, but then she felt a soothing lotion being applied to her ass cheeks and the fire was replaced with his hands rubbing the lotion in. Her mind had focused on so many things, she had even forgotten about the nipple clamps and weights, but now that sensation returned as she felt like her nipples were a foot long and his hands now sought out her pussy and ass as they probed fingers inside of each and she jumped, Donald only having fucked her ass once or twice and she struggled to relax, knowing that had been the key to anal sex. He had big hands and big fingers and they seemed to torment her as well as please her and with each time that she jumped, her nipples were jerked downward, making her acutely aware of their predicament too.

His hands worked her pussy and ass bringing her great pleasure as she worked towards the orgasm she desperately needed, but just as it approached he stopped again and she felt his hands withdraw and he stepped in front of her, pulling her head up to look at the frustration on her face, “Patience CandyAss, patience,” and he went out and returned with another glass of tea and held her head up by the hair, giving her a drink. The sweet tea and the salty cum remaining in her mouth tasted delicious together and she swirled the tea around her tongue as her taste buds savored it.

She heard a knock at the door and he pulled a robe on before leaving to answer it and she heard muffled talking from the other room and then he returned with another young boy and girl following him. She felt totally embarrassed trussed up before them, but they both drank in her predicament with large smiles on their faces, “These are friends of mine, they are going to help in your quest for pleasure,” and he grinned. The young boy came over to her and looked her over, an obvious hard on in his pants as he stroked her smooth skin and nodded his approval to his cohorts.

He opened his pants and began to stroke his cock, it looked to be about 6 inches, and brought it to her lips, “How about it bitch?” and she opened her mouth as he inched forward burying it in her mouth as she sucked on it and he moaned. His body blocked her view and she couldn’t see what the others were doing, but she felt something warm and wet on her pussy and she figure out it was a tongue as it lapped and plunged inside of her, pausing occasionally to lick her ass.

The boy picked up his pace and soon, she felt his balls slapping her chin as his cock glided in and his moans deepened. She felt long fingernails pry her pussy open and knew it was the young girl who was eating her so well as she struggled to accept all the feelings her body was receiving at once. His young cock exploded in her mouth as his hand gripped her hair and the girl ate her wet pussy. She struggled to swallow his cum as he slowly released his grip on her head and withdrew, hot cum drooling out of her mouth.

The girl stopped eating her just shy of her own orgasm and this was really frustrating her, she needed to cum so bad! The boy backed up and began removing his clothes and he was replaced by the girl, who grabbed her hair and locked her mouth onto her, the boy’s cum and her own juices making a wonderful taste in her mouth as the girl’s tongue sought out her own. She felt a cock penetrate her as the girl’s kiss overwhelmed her and she strove to devour her tongue as well as the cock inside of her. The girl reached down and tugged at her nipple clamps as she kissed her and Candy went wild with passion, this time she was allowed to cum and she nearly passed out from the pleasure running through her body.

Then, whoever was inside of her exploded too, their cum squirting deep into her as he grabbed her waist and held on and the girl withdrew her mouth and stood up, her chin glistening from their kiss, and began to remove her clothes as well. Candy watched as the girl attached nipple clamps to herself and took the fishing weights and pushed them inside of her pussy one at a time and then attached them to the clamps, pulling her erect little nipples towards her waist, the sight made Candy hot all over again and then the girl walked over and put the weights in Candy’s mouth and backed up until the line was taut, “Suck them,” she said and Candy began to suck, the taste of the girl’s pussy on the weights exciting her, she had tasted her own pussy but not anyone else’s.

She sucked on the weights as the girl moaned in pleasure and she felt a cock poised at her ass, her whole body seemed to relax now, as the cock entered without hardly any resistance and quickly was buried in her, it’s balls contacting her wet pussy as it did. The girl frantically fingered herself as Candy sucked on the weights, loving how she could control the girls orgasm as it approached and then sucking ever so hard as she made the girl explode and the cock rammed her own ass.

The girl removed the weights from her mouth and she saw the boy approach again, now knowing which one was fucking her ass, and he offered her his cock once more and she greedily took it in her mouth and sucked it with all she had, lost in being filled at both ends at once. She felt a tongue on her pussy once again as the girl settled beneath her and ate her while her ass was fucked and her mouth too. She felt the girl spread her pussy and concentrate on her clit as the three of them came together, her mouth and ass filled with cum while she filled the girls mouth with her own. She watched as the two guys gave the girl a good fucking, filling her mouth and pussy with their cocks as she humped from both ends at once and it made Candy hot to watch them cum again, wishing she could have joined them.

After they rested, Candy was untied and laid on the floor, her wrists and ankles so sore from their ordeal and the young couple massaged her, making her body feel much better. The nipple clamps were removed and she stared at her distended nipples, all red and swollen and the girl suckled them, making them hurt at first, but feeling so much better as she continued. Candy made many trips to that apartment over the weekend and any other time she could get away, her body always longed for their special treatment and they never let her down, although sometimes it got a little hard to explain bruises to Donald.

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