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Note: I don’t consider myself to be gay and have never experienced any sexual contact with another man, although there is an appeal that seems to draw me. I admit that I have watched men masturbate via video chat and have done so myself once or twice, I found this exciting and exhilarating. Perhaps it’s the thought of being in an erotic situation with a man for the first time that appeals to me whereas my sexual history has always been with women.

I am fascinated at the thought of undressing before a man and having him touch my body as I exploring his. Maybe it’s the feeling of doing something unknown that I like. Whatever the reason I feel compelled to write an erotic story based on one of my many fantasies that involve my first time with a man.

I’d appreciate any feedback.



Drunken Nightclub Fumble

It was almost 1.30am and I’d had more than enough to drink. I was swaying back and forth next to the bar trying to look for the friends I arrived with. A group of lads from university, some flatmates, others mere acquaintances I was on nodding terms with only. I had started to wonder if they had left without me and now searching for a fast food place before stumbling to find a taxi home.

The music was very loud, I had to shout at the barman for another Bud. Laser lights, beamed across the club illuminating everything for a split second. These were followed by another woosh of fake smoke as it poured across the dance floor. I wasn’t much of a dancer, never seemed to make the rhythm I felt in my head link up with my body. So I was a lounger, one of those guys people always see hanging around looking either seedy or desperate or both. I’m not like that, I just know that the second I step onto the dance floor I’m going to make a fool of myself and no girl is going to find that attractive.

I gulped back yet another Bud and ambled around the club. I made the decision that my flatmates were no longer here and had obviously vanished into the cold night air. I slumped onto a bar stool and glugged the last of my drink. Time to take one last piss then find my way home.

The toilets were not the sort of place I wanted to hang around. I’m not some anti-drugs pioneer at all but some of the guys dealing the stuff were low life scumbags to be avoided at all costs. Their favourite hang out was the toilets which is where I headed without enthusiasm. Having not been in the womens toilets I am unable to comment on them but the mens…Jesus what a shit hole!

They were dark, filled with smoke and people either buying drugs, smoking drugs or queuing like me for the next available toilet. For some stupid reason the nightclub owners seemed to think it a good idea to play music in the toilets too, so there was no escape from the loud thumping beat. It wasn’t as loud as the main club but loud enough to keep you dancing while you too a whiz. I stood in line, knowing sweet relief from my strained bladder could not come soon enough. I could hear some commotion behind me, it sounded like a fight so I kept my head down and avoided eye contact with people. I’m no wimp but facing up to some drug obsessed maniac who wanted to fight anyone looking at them funny was never a good idea.

A cubicle door opened and I glanced inside it in case it was still occupied. The door swung open, it was empty. Thank God. I stepped inside and was about to close the door when I felt resistance. It opened and the drunken beaming smile of a familiar face stared at me.

“Shit man, I need a piss bad!”

“What?” I said.

“Mark right?” asked the guy. “It’s Ray…hello? Anyone home?”

I recognised him then. Ray was a friend of Hugo, one of my flatmates. I didn’t know him that well, just enough to say hello to and exchange a few short pleasantries with.

“Ray,” I replied. “Yeah, where’s everyone gone?”

“Are we pissing or talking?” he asked and pushed me into the cubicle.

I locked the door and turned around to the toilet. I wasn’t thinking straight because I doubt if I would have shared a cubicle with another guy. But my full bladder told me different.

“So?” I asked him. “Has everyone left?”

“Yeah,” he replied and stumbled against the wall. “Gone to get some food.”

“Great,” I said. I unzipped my fly and popped out my dick. “Nice of them to tell me that.”

“Fuck em,” Ray said. “We’ll catch em later.”

It was sweet relief to finally feel the pressure of several bottles of Bud sluicing their way out of my body. Even the splash of urine hitting the water in the bottom of the pan was like music to my ears.

I stared at the wall and swayed slightly. I was aware that Ray was staring straight down as if amazed by the sight of piss. I glanced down to see what was so interesting and noticed he was staring at my dick. Jesus he must be wasted, I thought. I didn’t think any more of it until a moment later when he nudged me in the ribs. I glanced at his smiling face then looked back down to where he was nodding at. At first I was shocked to see his dick was erect then I was worried about his reason for thinking now was a good time to get a boner.

I looked away not wanting to see what he was doing or thinking of doing. Ray laughed in my ear and nudged me again. I didn’t look this time. But he nudged me again and I decided to see what else was wrong.

“Fuckin hell, Ray,” I said. “What the fuck are you doin?”

Rays right hand was pumping up and down his stiff dick. I couldn’t help but stare at it as if captivated by it. At a rough guess it was about 7 inches long and pretty fat. It glistened in the flickering light over head and seemed to jump as his fist stroked up and down it.

“Havin a wank,” he said. “Wanna join me?”

I stared at him. What the hell was he up to? He wasn’t gay, he had a girlfriend, well a string of girlfriends actually. He was always with some tasty girl or other around campus. What was he showing me this for? I admit I was a bit intrigued, I recon most guys would be if they’re honest, but I had to question my reasons.

I’m quite an open sort of person, willing to look at anyone’s views or ideas about any topic without blocking them out for fear of their content or not liking them. I admit that I have allowed my eyes to glance about in the shower room at the gym now and then, I bet there’s not a guy in the world who hasn’t done the same. But that never made me interested in jumping on anyone and having wild gay sex with them.

I’d had a girlfriend, we split up, no big deal now but at the time it was heart wrenching. I thought she was a bitch and hated her, now I don’t have any feelings either way. I knew I was straight. I loved women. Simple. So why was I still staring at Ray’s dick?

It was then that I realised that not only had I finished pissing but I was starting to get an erection myself. Oh great. Just what I wanted right then. All I planned to do was take a piss, get a taxi and head home, not too much to ask was it? But no, I was starting to get aroused watching a virtual stranger wanking off next to me.

“Lookin good Mark,” Ray said with a chuckle.

I was fully erect by then. My dick stood to attention. It was a bit shorter than Ray’s. I’m not going to say I don’t know long my dick it, we’ve all done it so why deny it? I’ve had mine alongside a rule a few times. Big deal. I’m just under 6inches long, not a vast length there really but I’m happy with it. I think most guys have hang ups over the size/look/girth of their equipment and I guess mine is the fact that when I’m floppy it looks like there’s nothing there, as if my dick has shrunk back inside my body. Everything’s fine when I’m hard. I’ve never been very happy about the difference in size from one state to another, although I suppose it does look like it gets really big because it grows from tiny to large.

Anyway, I was staring at Ray who was rubbing his dick hard. I was just holding onto mine like it was some sort of alien creature I’d never seen before. I was aroused at the sight next to me and I was going to start masturbating, I knew I was before I did it.

I moved my hand up and down my dick kind of slow as if in a daze. I don’t recall having ever masturbated in front of my ex even once and here I was doing it before another guy. Jesus I must have been insane.

“Nice one Mark,” Ray said. “Join the club!”

The club had started to empty before I arrived at the toilets and now there were less voices the other side of the door. Even so someone did bang on the door.

“Piss off!” Ray shouted over the music. “I’m busy!”

“You got a nice dick there,” Ray told me. His voice was loud enough for me to hear but not too loud for anyone else in the toilets to listen in.

“Um…thanks,” I said. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“We’re only havin a wank Mark!” said Ray. “Lighten up!”

“Yeah, I suppose,” I said unconvinced yet not willing to stop.

I was getting into it more, my hand sliding along my dick faster now. We watched each other, the excitement for me was seeing another guy masturbate while he watched me do the same thing, it was weird and erotic.

Someone else banged on the door.

“For fucks sake!” shouted Ray. “Piss off will you!”

“Clubs closing, everyone out,” said a loud voice.

I realised that was one of the security guards making sure no one was left inside. Just then the music died and the lights overhead came on blinding us with dazzling white light. I stared at Ray who started to laugh. I didn’t find it funny. What the hell were we going to do?

My hardon lost interest and I tucked it back inside my jeans. Ray did the same and we moved to open the door where a huge black security guard scowled at us. I instantly jumped into action and pulled Ray against me.

“Sorry about that,” I said. “He’s sick, stupid twat can’t handle his beer.”

The security guard eyed us suspiciously for a moment. “Come on you two.”

Ray played his part well pretending to be ill, slouching against me as I guided him out of the club which was now almost empty. A few people still collecting their coats here and there. The sounds of barmen clinking bottles together drifted through the air. We grabbed our coats and headed outside.

The cold air hit us like a wall. It was freezing. I tugged my coat around me and started walking. Ray on the other hand decided that jumping in front of a taxi was a great idea. It worked too. The taxi stopped and Ray climbed inside. He waved his hand and I reluctantly followed him, now even more unsure of his intentions.


Bedroom Visitor

Back at the flat I was glad to be indoors. Ray had followed me back, intent on waking up my flatmates and farting in their faces for leaving us at the club. There was music coming from the kitchen and I found the rest of my flatmates playing a drinking game. They looked up and all started apologising to me for ditching me, they assumed I was the one who had left and went looking for me.

It was cool. I was still feeling drunk and happy and happily knocked back several shots of Tequila offered to me. I stumbled into my bedroom forgetting the light and curtains and sat heavily on my bed. The window was open letting in a cold draft. I stood and fumbled with the latch but my fingers were obviously not in the mood to listen to my brain so I left the window open. Across the square the other block of flats was illuminated by light pouring out of windows. Lots of people back from clubs and happily continuing to party. Different music drifted around and I could see people gathering in their kitchens, drinking, laughing and talking.

I was wasted but not really tired. I flipped on the TV and stared at some program about fishing. I don’t know how long I sat on my bed for but a loud noise stirred my from my day dream. Someone was shouting out in the corridor.

I opened the door to see Ray dash toward me.

“Bastard farted in my face!” someone yelled.

“Let me in, quick!” Ray hissed.

I opened the door and he slipped in. Hugo appeared through his door looking very angry. I pointed down the corridor at the front door. “He’s outside, man. Let him freeze!”

Hugo grumbled to himself and went back to bed. I turned and stared at Ray who obviously found it highly amusing to have pulled his prank. I wasn’t sure what to do with Ray. He didn’t even live in our flat, he needed to get back to his own place on the other side of the square.

“What you watchin?” he asked and slumped on my bed.

“No idea,” I replied and turned off the TV.

“You mind if I crash here tonight?” Ray asked. “I’m never going to get back to mine tonight.”

“Sure,” I said. “If you like. How’s the floor looking?” I asked him.

Ray glanced at the floor. “Looks good,” he said. “Spare a pillow?”

I chucked him a pillow. He lay on the floor and pulled his coat over him. I wasn’t exactly being nice but then he wasn’t exactly being fair. I pulled off my clothes, leaving my boxers in place, then climbed under my duvet and closed my eyes.

I don’t know what time it was that I awoke. It was still dark. I couldn’t work out why I had woken up at first but I realised I was cold. My head was pounding and I felt woozy, alcohol was a bitch for hanging around in your system when you didn’t want it to.

I glanced around in the darkness and saw Ray on the floor. I sighed and pulled the duvet back over me. I ran through the events in the toilet and couldn’t believe what had happened. I must have been mad. Nevertheless I was aroused watching Ray wank and I started to get an erection. I grew to full mast in a few seconds and strained against my boxers.

I was awake now and decided to have a crafty wank in order to get off to sleep. I tugged on my dick for a moment, then images of Ray came into my mind, him stroking his dick next to me just wouldn’t leave me alone. Right then I wasn’t interested in what fantasy got me off so long as it did the job.

I was enjoying my hand when Ray moved on the floor. I stopped breathing. Was he awake? Had he heard me? I decided to carry on when he spoke.

“Finishing yourself off eh?” he asked.

Shit! “Huh? Oh yeah…something like that.”

“Cool, mind if I join you?” he asked.

Before I could say anything he hopped off the floor and sat on my bed. He unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles then pushed his dick out through his boxers and started masturbating. I couldn’t believe it! What was wrong with this guy? I stared at his dick…what was wrong with me?

After a few moments Ray looked over at me. “You’re not being fair.”

“What?” I said.

“Well you’re staring at my knob but you’re under the covers!” he said. “I don’t think that’s very fair.”

“Tough,” I said. “It’s my room.”

“Come on man,” said Ray. “Fair’s fair. Let’s watch each other?”

I sighed. He had a point. I pushed the duvet down along with my boxers which were in the way anyway. I kicked them off my feet and carried on wanking. I became aware that I was naked while Ray was still almost fully clothed.

“Now who’s not being fair?” I asked him. “I’m butt naked here!”

Ray looked at his clothes. “Oh,” he said. “One second.”

And that was really all it took for him to get undressed. What the hell was I thinking? Why did I open my mouth? Now Ray and I were both naked. I was laid out along my bed, thighs wide open, hand rubbing my dick for Ray to watch. Meanwhile Ray was leaning against the wall, feet over the edge of the bed. We openly masturbated for each other, both taking pleasure in watching each other getting off.

I was starting to enjoy the whole thing even though it felt weird and alien to me. I didn’t take my eyes off his dick for one second. At that moment in time I didn’t care if I was gay or bi or anything so long as we continued to enjoy the moment.

“You ever do this before?” Ray asked me.

“Are you taking the piss?” I replied. “Of course not, man. I’m not gay!”

Ray said nothing.

“Have you?” I asked him a second later.

“No. First time for me too. Fun huh?”

“Um…yeah,” I said.

“I like your dick,” said Ray. “It’s pretty hot.”

“Thanks,” I said. What was I supposed to say to that. “You got a nice one too, longer than mine.”

“Feels good,” said Ray. “Hey, you want to feel it?”

I tore my eyes from his dick and looked at his face. “Are you joking?”

He shook his head. “You can if you want you know.”

“Well I…isn’t that a bit weird?”

Ray took his hand away as if offering it to me. I swallowed nervously. Wanking in the company of another guy was one thing but touching his stiff dick was crossing a line I never even considered, but then again tonight had been about crossing many lines already.

I inched my way down the bed and reached out. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing or not. I touched his dick gently at first, feeling it hot and hard under my fingers. It was weird but felt very nice.

“Hold it,” Ray said. “Wank it a little.”

I did as he asked, stroking it up and down slowly, feeling his foreskin roll over the tip of his dick and then back again watching his bell end appear as my hand travelled to the base.

“Man, that’s nice,” Ray said. He was looking down watching me wank him.

I felt a bit guilty all of a sudden and left out too. “Do you want to wank me?”

Ray nodded. I shuffled around so we were sat next to each other and he placed his hand on my dick. He started stroking it, like me slowly at first then increasing his speed until my foreskin rolled on and off my bell end in a nice rhythm. I reached out for his dick and carried on masturbating him.

It seemed like the line I wasn’t sure I wanted to cross was nothing to worry about. I was enjoying myself feeling another guy play with my dick.

“This is so hot,” Ray said.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Cool,” Ray said. “Me too.”

We rubbed each others dicks harder and faster, I could feel myself approaching my limit and my body was starting to tense up.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed. “I’m gonna cum Ray!”

“Yeah Mark,” Ray said. “Do it…I wanna see you spunk!”

His hand was like a blur on my dick moving up and down it faster and faster. I was leaking precum and my dick was getting wet. His hand slipped along my dick, stroking the length of it without moving my foreskin, his fingers using my own precum as a lube.

“Shit! Oh yeah….fuck Ray…that’s fuckin hot…” I panted. “Fuckin hell…I’m close man…so close…do it faster….yeah…wank me…yesyesyesyes…Urgh…fuck I’m cuming….”

My dick went rigid. Jets of spunk jumped out and splashed against my stomach, dripping over Ray’s fingers. I grunted as he kept rubbing me, pumping out my jism until I was empty. I slouched back, catching my breath feeling Rays hand slowly stroke my dick.

He took his hand away and I sighed. I took a moment to gather my thoughts and suddenly felt ashamed and stupid for doing this with him. He glanced at me and smiled weakly.

“Shit Mark,” he said. “That was so cool.”

“Yeah…um…you want me to do you?”

We looked at Ray’s dick. My hand was still wrapped around it.

“Would you?” he asked. “I’m desperate to cum.”

I wasn’t sure I could go through with it but it didn’t seem fair that I had had my fun and Ray was left out. I turned him around to face me and I knelt before him as he leaned against the wall. I continued to stroke his dick which was starting to get slick with his precum. I slid my fingers through it, coating the entire length of his dick with the sticky substance.

“Fuck me…” he gasped. “…fuckin hell…you’re good!”

“Are you going to cum soon?” I asked him.

“Any second,” he replied, his breath ragged.

“Do it…” I said. “Cum for me.”

“Keep talking!”

“Come on,” I said as my hand slid on his dick. “I want to see you cum. I want you to cum all over yourself.”

“Oh shit…shitshitshit…you do this fuckin good Mark…”

His face was red. I watched him staring down at his dick as my hand pumped it harder and faster just as he had done to me.

“That’s it…” he gasped. “Here it comes….oh yeah…I’m shootin…FUCK!”

His dick jumped in my hand. A huge blast of spunk shot out of the end and splashed on his stomach, the second one landed on his chest. The rest jumped into the air and then landed over my fingers, coating them with thick hot sperm.

Ray relaxed and breathed deeply. “Phew…oh man that was amazing!”

I lay down next to him. “Pretty cool huh?” I said.

Ray nodded. “Awesome.”

I wasn’t feeling so bad now as I had when I came. I didn’t feel guilty or wrong. It had been amazing in fact. In the darkness of my room I watched Ray as he stared at me.

“Is this too weird?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Honestly? I would have said yes earlier but now…I don’t think so. I mean university life is supposed to be about new things right?”

“Yeah,” said Ray with a smile. “All sorts of new things.”

We sat in silence for a moment. Then I said: “I don’t think women know mens bodies like men do. No woman ever wanked me off like that.”

“True. But they seem to be good at blowjobs,” said Ray.

Silence again as we both digested what he had just said. We looked at each other and then smiled. I was starting to get hard again. I reached out and placed my fingers around Rays dick. It was wet and sticky and already hard.

“Me first this time,” I said.

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