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With Another Couple

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My name is Sharon and I’m 31. I’ll be 32 in just under a month. My husband’s name is Dave and he’s a year older than me. His birthday and my birthday are just two days apart. We have been married for 3 1/2 years and currently do not have any children. Our sex life was pretty good before, having sex quite often. But like so many others, it became routine, and although I usually always had an orgasm, it just wasn’t as exciting as it had been.

I found this website and kept it a secret from Dave, although reading the stories gave me ideas, ideas I shared with Dave. It also rekindled a memory I had not too long ago, before I met Dave. I was 25 and worked with three guys I became pretty good friends with. One week, though, I became their sex toy, fucking first two of them separately, then one night teasing the hell out of them all before fucking each one of them. I never went to college or sent on spring break, so for me, it was the one wild memory I could look back on. But Dave never knew about it until I showed him my story on this website. And he wasn’t disgusted in the least; rather, quite turned on. He then told me one of his fantasies was to see me with another guy and asked also if I would like to be filled in both ends at the same time again like I had been with Andy and Brett. Fuck yeah, why not?

This talk started about two months ago. I hadn’t even finished my last story and he was talking to me about it. We were talking about possible people and even pointed out various strangers in our daily lives. Then one night while I was riding Dave’s cock I asked him this. “You want to see me with another guy, right? Well, what about another woman?”

I did not know where that came from at all. But Dave did not even really understand its full meaning anyway.

He responded. “I don’t need to be with another woman.”

And I smiled back saying, “I didn’t mean you.”

Well, you should have seen his smile then. And his cock twitched inside of me, as well. It was hot to talk about. Dave had never once asked me to be with another woman or what I thought of the idea. And for the weeks prior to that, he concentrated solely on talking and fantasizing about another guy in our bed, thinking only about me, and of course, his fantasy of seeing me with another guy.

I never imagined being with another woman in that way. Sure I had thought about it but it never struck me as something I could ever do or would ever like doing. But seeing the look on Dave’s face and the way his cock was reacting to what I said, I thought not only could I do something like that, but I would love to do something like that for him, just as he would do anything for me!

He told me that would be hot, and playfully grabbed my ass and palmed my heavy boobs, all the while with his eyes closed. I figured he was imagining I was someone else and decided to give him the best fuck of his life. After we both came, I collapsed next to him and we snuggled up and kissed and hugged. After a few minutes I asked him a question that was killing me.

“Who were you imagining I was?”


“Fucking just now. Who were you imagining was riding your big, beautiful cock?”

He looked away and he knew I knew he was busted. It’s okay, I told him. But I wanted to know. I probably knew anyway, but just wanted to hear him say it.

Dave and I lived in newer townhomes. It was a mixture of owners, mostly married, some empty-nesters, others younger couples newly married and very few families. Right next door to us was a single woman whose daughter came back to live full-time with her after college. Her daughter is 22, and she’s blonde, tan and beautiful. I’m not too shabby, my husband is always complimenting me, but Brittany is every man’s dream. My boobs are bigger but not by much. I’ve teased Dave about her before, when she’s been home on break or whenever, but Dave has never said anything. She’s almost too plastic, though. And dumb as a doorknob. How she ever graduated from college, I have no clue. But she is looking for a full-time job, still. She’ll be nice eye candy wherever she ends up, no doubt.

So I was not surprised and certainly not mad when he said Brittany. I even teased him about it, saying her boobs are fake and all. Some people think the same about me. My boobs are a 36D or 36DD. I had worked out a lot in the last few years and was quite happy with the result. I am about 5’6″ and have shoulder length brown hair. Some say I have a youthful look but it is my boobs that usually get quite the eyeful. When I was 25, I still had a lot of baby fat and had a bigger ass and a tummy on me. But my workout routine has really firmed up my buttocks and my stomach. I tease Dave all the time that when I turn 40 and after we have our two kids, I’m gonna need a boob reduction or lift! So that’s what I teased him about. That Brittany’s big tits probably don’t even need a bra and mine do. Let me just tell all you guys out there right now the same thing I told Dave that night in bed. It ain’t happening with Brittany. Sorry to disappoint. Beyond the blonde and the boobs, there’s nothing there, trust me. Besides, I envisioned another couple. And even though she broke up with her boyfriend before leaving school and is already going out with someone else, when I say another couple, it had to be a serious couple, preferably married. And, I actually preferred it be someone we already knew. Not to say it had to be good friends or anything, just someone we already felt comfortable with. And not someone we would see every day. Like Brittany.

The very next day Dave received a call from his college buddy, Nick. This was mid-October and Nick was calling Dave to let him know that he and his wife, Tina, were coming into town for Thanksgiving weekend. Dave immediately asked him if he would like to stay with us, as we did have the extra room to accommodate them. Even though Nick’s parents lived in town, Nick immediately accepted. As soon as Dave told me, I thought of our fantasy. They would be perfect! Dave smiled and I knew he wasn’t even thinking that way. Really? he asked. I nodded.

Nick was a hunk. He stood 6′ tall, about an inch taller than Dave. He was lean and wiry, but had the cutest little ass. His dimples were deep and his ocean blue eyes sparkled when he spoke to you. I had only met him on a few occasions: once when Dave and I were dating, then at our wedding, then a few months later at their first 10-year high school reunion, and then the next year at his and Tina’s wedding. We had not seen them since. Almost two years!

Dave said Nick was lucky to meet someone as nice and sweet as Tina. Nick was always pretty demanding when it came to girlfriends. He nit-picked about the stupidest things. He was also pretty self-absorbed in looks. Dave once told me that Nick broke up with a serious girlfriend back in college because she gained 5 pounds. Tina was tiny, though. I don’t think she’d ever gain an ounce. She was pretty cute, too, I remember. She had long, wavy dark brown hair. The one thing not tiny about her were her boobs. (They are 32C, I’m happy to report.)

When I first met Nick, I thought he was pretty cute but I knew he didn’t think much of me. I still had some “body issues” back then I was dealing with. The last time he saw me, though, I was quite fit and he took a lot of interest in me then, even though it was his wedding day. I knew he approved. I wore a low-cut dress that was a few inches above my knee. My cleavage was very tight, deep and sexy. Dave still talks about that dress. Anyway, Nick openly gawked at me and I loved the attention, actually attention I got all day. Tina and I always got along great, too. She was nice and funny and it was a blast to hang out with her. She would be perfect, I told Dave. And then he nudged me saying I’m sure it was Nick I was more interested in. He was right, too.

We talked about it a lot for the last couple of weeks. And we finally decided to explore the interest. Dave called Nick on his cell the Monday before to firm up plans. They were going to leave early Wednesday and get in around 9:00 that night but because Tina couldn’t get off work, they left at 5:00 and were going to drive for a few hours and then drive the rest of the way on Thursday morning. They were spending Thanksgiving at his parent’s house and we were going to be at my parent’s house. The idea was they would get there by noon and drop off their stuff and then we would all meet back at our town home by six. I knew we would all be too tired and full to do anything that night. They were staying until Sunday morning, no need to rush anything. But the real purpose of Dave’s call was to “feel him” out. He told him about our recent “spike” in our sex life and told him he attributed it to him and I talking about our fantasies.

Nick fell into the trap telling him that Tina and him were doing more than talking about them, they experienced one of theirs. Well Dave just had to press a little, asking him what they did. All Nick told him was he received a blowjob from both Tina and one of her friends. Dave was shocked! Tina AND one of her friends? At the same fucking time! When Dave told me that, I immediately got hot and horny thinking about the same thing for Nick. Me and maybe Tina? Or, a repeat performance for Nick, me and Tina sucking him off? That night I simply told Dave he was going to get a blowjob and to imagine it was Tina. I don’t think he ever came so much. It was all over my face and tits!

We didn’t talk about it at all for the next two days. On Thanksgiving, we had to leave for my parent’s house before Nick and Tina arrived. They had called from the road on their cell and told us they were running behind. We left a key in the mailbox and told them they could drop off their stuff and freshen up before heading on over to his parents. At 5:30, we were back at home and saw that they had been there. I was really hoping that Dave’s conversation with Nick would result in a some fun, uninhibited sex among two loving couples.

It was unseasonably warm so I changed into a short-sleeve sweater with a low-sweeping neckline. Dave thought it was too revealing but I didn’t care. I was hot. From the warm weather, yes, but mostly at the thought of what might lie ahead. I was leaving it totally up to Dave. He was running things. It was his friend and his friend’s wife. I told him I was up for anything, even if it just turned out to be Tina and I putting on a show for him and Nick. At this point, I did not care if I had a piece of Nick or not. I was horny for sex, and knew regardless of what happened or didn’t happen, Dave and I would have some lusty sex later on in our bedroom.

Nick and Tina arrived at 6:30. If they didn’t show up soon, I was going to give Dave a blowjob. Told him that, too. I think he was pissed they showed up five minutes later. Nick couldn’t keep his eyes off my tits! Tina, too. I think she got a little jealous and went into the bedroom to get more comfortable. She put on a T-shirt and despite it not being a dark color, took off her bra. I could tell and knew Dave could as well, that she wasn’t wearing one. We talked and hung out and relived some memories, mostly of course, Nick and Dave, their high school and crazy college days. Sex talk was on the back burner. We played Scrabble and then played euchre most of the night. At 1:00 AM, we called it a night. Dave and I had great sex that night and I thought I heard Nick and Tina going at it, too.

I don’t want this story to be too long, so suffice it to say Friday was a nice, relaxing day. The guys stayed home, watched some obscure football games on TV while Tina and I went out shopping. We planned on going out to dinner around 5:00 and did so at a little Italian restaurant at the end of our street right on the corner. Dave and I went there or got take-out about once a week. We then went out to a couple bars and hung out, mostly Tina and I sat talking while Dave and Nick either played pool or talked between themselves. I think there was a basketball game on, too, they were watching. It was almost 10:30 PM when we went home. I was tingling. I was definitely horny and knew Dave was, too. Aw fuck, he’s always horny.

Because it was still warm for this time of year, I wore a skirt. I don’t wear skirts a lot, preferring jeans or shorts, but thought I wanted to look especially sultry and just a little bit slutty. I did wear bikini cut panties, though, ignoring pleas from my husband to wear a thong. The skirt was not too short but did show off my legs nicely. It also was quite snug in the back. I think my ass looked great in it, but especially my thighs and tone legs. And I wore a gray top with long sleeves and it was not low cut, but rather hiding my breasts as well as it could. I wanted to Dave (and Nick, too) in not showing much of them. Dave, I knew, always loved him when I teased him like that. Tina bought a new skirt that day and even went into Victoria’s Secret to buy a few bras and panty sets. She and I did not talk one bit about anything out of the ordinary going on that evening, though.

We walked home from the last bar, Tina and I in front of our husbands. Everywhere we went that night was within walking distance. Tina wore high heels and I wore pumps but we were both comfortable enough. Tina and I both drank wine all night. The boys went from wine at dinner to beer at the bars. I had no earthly idea what would happen next or how anything would start up, if anything. Then it started.

Nick said out loud enough for us to hear. Hey Dave, look at those girls up ahead…they look like a couple of whores. I instantly smiled. When I looked over at Tina, she was smiling, too.

Yeah, just two sluts looking for their next fuck. I couldn’t believe Dave said that. I looked over my shoulder at them and smiled and then looked back at Tina, and she was trying to walk even more like a prostitute in her high heels and in her little drunken state. High-class whores, I teased back. Yeah, but whores all the same, Nick said.

When I looked back again, Nick was looking right at me. Not at his wife, but at me. And I knew instantly that he accepted me, that I would be an acceptable partner. And as strange as it sounds, I was elated. And becoming wetter by the moment. But even with all that talk, nothing was guaranteed. We could have just gotten home and gone off our separate ways into our separate bedrooms. Luckily that didn’t happen.

When we walked into the house, I turned around and looked at Dave. He was just smiling, then Nick told me neither he nor Dave said I could turn around. I was shocked. But when I looked at Tina, she was already turned back around and her eyes told me she was excited. She knew what was coming. So I was now excited, too. I felt their eyes, either or both of them, pasted to the back of my legs and ass. Which one do you want, Dave? The short one with the tight little ass or the one with the really big tits? It was like a switch to my nipples was turned on. My nipples hardened and were visible through my top. What about my tight little ass? I wondered. It wasn’t as small as Tina’s but still pretty nice, I thought.

Suddenly I felt one of them upon me. A hand was on the bottom of my thigh right below my skirt and I tensed. It was Dave. I returned to breathing normally, or at least tried to. He cupped my ass, showing Nick a little piece of it, I’m sure. He put his mouth near the back of my ear and inhaled. His finger wedged underneath and ran near my pussy lips on the outside of my panties before slipping it back out, never even saying a word. I looked to the side and saw as he approached Tina. Tina’s nipples were very prominent on her top and I instantly felt jealous. No way, though, Dave would do the same to Tina that he did to me. But he did! She even moaned when he felt up her pussy. I wasn’t mad but was a little confused. I guess I didn’t plan on it being played out quite this way. When I had my funtime with Andy, Brett and Cory years ago, I was in charge. Now, I was being played along with Tina. She looked comfortable in the role, though.

Maybe I’ll take both, Dave said. How much whores for a dual blowjob? Just as I was about to answer, Nick walked up behind me and reached around and grabbed my left boob. He was feeling me up pretty good. Tina answered what I was already going to say. You two couldn’t afford us.

Two cheap sluts like you two, Nick barked. I doubt it. And then he pinched my nipple through my top and bra. It sent an electric shock through my whole body. Even though I dreamed up different scenarios for something like this to occur, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening so quickly, and like this, too.

If the man wants a blowjob from both of you bitches, then you better get busy. Dave went to the couch and started to take his belt off. Nick slipped his hand underneath my skirt and ran his finger along my asscrack before cupping and squeezing my ass in his hand. That’s a pretty nice tight ass, too, he smirked. I was wet. If I wasn’t wearing panties, it would have been streaming down my leg. Tina and I walked over to the couch next to each other. Dave had unzipped his jeans and was pulling them down and off his legs. I couldn’t believe Tina in seconds would be eyeing up my husband’s long, 7 inch cock. Nick had slipped into the kitchen for whatever reason. I looked at Tina to see her reaction to Dave’s cock. She was smiling as she started to get on her knees. I slipped out of my pumps and got onto my knees as well.

I looked at Dave and asked him if he wanted my shirt to come off, and it was Tina that said no, the guys didn’t ask us to. And she told me I should put my shoes back on, but I just shrugged my shoulders. Dave was stroking my shoulder and Tina’s and was pushing us toward his cock. I noticed his pubic hair was scarce and figured he must have shaved a bit down there, especially his balls. He did that every once in awhile. And then he whispered to me that I am not to call him or Nick by their names, that they don’t know us, and that he and Nick will not call us by our names, either. Only slut, whore, bitch or whatever else they wanted. Got it? Tina nodded, she already knew the game that was being played. I nodded, too, and started stroking my husband’s cock and licking the top. I handed it off to Tina who did the same.

Nick walked back into the room and smiled as he noted both of us girls still clothed and greedily sucking Dave’s cock. I noted this when I looked up at him carrying a bottle of wine and a few glasses. He then scolded me for taking off my pumps and demanded I put them back on. Tina continued her masterful blowjob of my husband while I stood and put the pumps back on. But before I could kneel again, Nick was standing next to me and leaned in, put a hand on my hip and kissed me. And right in front of Dave! But that was nothing compared to his own wife kneeling demurely in front of my husband’s lap with his cock stuffed into her little mouth.

He announced to all of us he was leaving to take a piss but then leaned in and whispered in my ear that when he gets out, my top better be off. So when I got back down on my knees, I looked into Dave’s eyes and started to take off my top, slowly pulling my arms inside the shirt before slipping it over my head. When it was off, Tina took her mouth of his cock and licked her lips. I’m not sure but she was looking right at my tits when she did it. She gave it back to me and resumed sucking his cock, which was desperately wanting to unload, I knew. When Nick re-entered the room, I knew he was checking me out. He walked around me and I knew was looking to see how tight my body was. I leaned back and never even wondered how Dave felt having his wet cock sticking straight up for his friend to see. Of course, his friend was hardly looking at him.

I knew that slut had some nice tits on her, but geezus, those are huge, he said. The bra I wore was especially revealing. It was sheer and tight against my chest. My boobs were three-fourths spilling out of it. It was one of Dave’s favorite, if not the favorite. Nick then asked Dave if he was ready to come and if so, where did he want to. He looked at me and I smiled. I loved swallowing my husband’s thick, gooey come and relished the opportunity to do so in front of his friend and sexy little wife. Then Nick asked Dave who gave the better blowjob and Dave pointed to me. Awwww, I was in heaven. Then shock. Because right after he said that, Nick said then that’s who he wanted his blowjob from. He only wanted one of the sluts to suck him off and he picked me because Dave said I was the best.

Nick was definitely running the whole show up to this point. I was still digesting the fact I would be sucking Nick soon by myself when Dave pulled my mouth off his dick and ordered Tina to resume. Tina was still completely dressed and I was beginning to feel just a little self-conscious of being practically topless, even though my husband had his cock out for the last 15 minutes. Then he told Tina to lick his balls and suck on them like a good little slut would. I don’t know what I was more surprised at, the tone in my husband’s voice telling his friend’s hot little wife to kiss his balls or the vigor she did in undertaking the task. Dave then took hold of his cock and pointed it toward my tits and started discharging, shooting his spunk all over my neck and chest, giving me a pearl necklace. I didn’t know then but Dave told me later that Tina’s tongue worked underneath his balls and came very close, if not in actual contact, to his asshole. No wonder he shot as much as he did. I doubt I would have been able to swallow it all anyway.

The next step I should have expected but was totally blown away by it. I knew I was going to blow Nick next but there was the dilemma of my chest soaked in my husband’s come. Nick told Tina to lick it off of me. I tensed up, pushing my chest out, although I didn’t do it for effect. I couldn’t believe I was soon going to have a woman’s mouth and tongue on my body. But actually, I realized I couldn’t wait for her to start. Furthermore, I couldn’t wait to see her body, at least her in her bra. I wanted to ask her or Nick when she was going to take off her top but knew I should not. She reached out with her hands and held both of my breasts lightly and leaned in to start licking off Dave’s come. It took her about five minutes but she did so, and it felt incredible. When she reached my neck and was starting to kiss me there, I felt someone reach for my hand and put it on the outside of his pants. I opened my eyes and saw that I was now rubbing Nick’s cock. It felt wide and huge, possibly bigger than my Dave.

I noticed Dave had put his boxers back on and he reached for Tina who stood up in her high heels and wobbled a bit on her knees before being helped by Dave with his arms around her waist. Dave and Tina sat on the couch, Tina fully dressed and my husband with boxers and his shirt still on. Nick, like Dave earlier, now had his pants unzipped and he pulled them down his legs and I helped taking them off the rest of the way. He was rubbing my tits, lightly grazing my nipples almost poking out with his fingertips.

I reached into his boxers and pulled out his big, fat cock. It was probably just a shade shorter than my Dave but much wider. I was wondering how a big cock like that could fit into Tina’s pussy. I was so horny, couldn’t wait to suck it, but even more so to get fucked. Fucked by either Nick or Dave or both. But then he brought me back to the reality of the situation. Tina and I were their whores, to be talked to and treated as such.

Start sucking my cock, cunt. I looked up at Nick with a surprised look and then over at Tina and Dave. Tina didn’t seem fazed by it in the least. Dave at least looked sympathetic, but then when I just stared at him and held Nick’s cock, Dave was the next to speak. You heard the man. Suck his cock. Cunt.

And suck his cock I did indeed! I greedily sucked, licked and kissed his cock with my mouth and tongue. I slid my hand up and down his beautiful organ as I, too, mimicked Tina as I licked and kissed Nick’s hairless balls.

What a good cocksucking slut, he said over and over. At one point, I don’t even remember, my bra was unsnapped in the back and it fell loosely away from my tits. I was pumping his cock slowly and looked over at Dave and Tina. His hands were underneath her shirt which was still on. I was fucking topless and the little slut, Tina, was still clothed. Nick then announced he wanted me to put his cock between my tits. The next time I looked over at Tina and Dave, his one hand was underneath her skirt and I knew he was fingering her real good but not long after, Dave was telling Tina to stand up and take off her thong so he could have easier access to her wet cunt. I was fingering my own pussy earlier but Nick didn’t see me. When I resumed he ordered me not to touch myself. I just wanted to swallow his come and then get off myself more than anything, but Nick made it clear he was not going to be touching me there and I couldn’t do so myself. It was very frustrating. Hot, but frustrating.

He was also roughly playing with my boobs, too. He told me to put his cock back into his mouth at this time, too. He was watching Tina about to get off from my husband’s mastery at fingering her and yet she was still covered up.

Slut, he said, looking at me. You want to see your slut friend show us her tits? With my mouth stuffed with his cock, I moaned yes and nodded my head. Louder, he told me. Do you want to see that hot, little bitch’s tits? Oh god, yes, I answered. So Nick then nodded to Dave who told Tina to take her shirt off, and then helped her with her bra. So there we were, both women with our shirt and bras off. Nick was about to come while feeling me up and his cock sliding in and out my mouth. Meanwhile, Dave was still fingering Tina while pinching her nipples with his other hand. When Tina announced she was coming, Nick unleashed his boiling goo inside my aching mouth. Better not miss any, whore, he said. I sucked and licked his cock for at least two minutes after he began. It was softening but he told me not to stop until he said so. I would have sucked it for hours, I was so hot.

I figured my pussy was about to get some action now, either by a finger, mouth or cock. And I couldn’t wait. I was wondering who, Nick or Dave, but it didn’t matter. I needed cock!!!

Nick made a comment about his wife’s tits, which was pretty funny. He said the way they would distinguish us, other than being whores, was to call her big tits and me bigger tits. It was true. Her tits did look pretty big on her small frame, but my tits were huge. I loved my tits and the excitement it builds in my man. I could tell Dave was awfully proud of his woman and that made me all the more warm and fuzzy inside.

Then Dave took the lead a bit. He was pretty hard again, a tent forming in his boxers. He then said he bet bigger tits (me) needed to come and I nodded. But when he announced that neither he nor his friend would be going down on any pussy tonight, I frowned. But then he added, it doesn’t stop you two from going down on each other. I tensed again. Would Tina want to go down on me? At that point, I could care less. If that was the only way to get eaten, so be it. I looked over at Tina and she not only looked willing, she actually seemed anxious to do it.

So we both stood up. I kicked off my pumps (they said I could) but Tina kept her high heels on. We were just about the same height now. We faced each other and both topless but with our skirts on. I still had my bikinis on but Tina we all knew had taken off her thong. She had kissed my tits and neck before but my eyes were closed most of the time. I knew this was the moment of truth. We were going to kiss and do much, much more.

Nick was the first to speak. Kiss already, sluts. I know the little one wants to. We stepped toward each other and I glanced over at my husband. He was hard and rubbing his cock through his boxers. That made me so hot and I desperately wanted to make him happy. She reached for me and I did for her, our hands on each other’s hips. My hands stayed still but hers were running up and down my sides. She was looking not in my eyes but right at my tits. Fucking kiss already, you two. So we did. And it was so hot and sexy. My insides were screaming…I wanted her so bad. I took off her skirt and she took off mine. Our tits were pressed up against each other and I didn’t know what to do next. She pulled me down with all her strength, but it didn’t take much convincing. She told me to lie down and whipped off my panties in no time.

Tina was completely devouring my pussy. It was so good, I didn’t even want to compare it to Dave. Let’s just say both are excellent! Only Dave could ever get me off faster. Her small, delicate tongue was quickly rolling around my clit and her fingers were dancing along my folds. She made me come twice in only a few minutes. I knew it couldn’t be her first time doing so. I tried to watch her but my head wasn’t propped up and I could hardly see over my boobs pushed up by my hands. I was not even aware of our husbands in the room but I knew there was no way Dave left the room. Then not long after, she got up and looked down at me and I must have uttered “thanks” because she said “you’re welcome, babe.”

I looked over at Dave and he was smiling. He was also stroking his cock. He had it out again and it was very hard. Then Nick called Tina over, calling her “little big tits”. She went to stand in front of him and then seemingly by his direction, straddled his lap and put her legs over his and lowered herself onto him. They were fucking and he seemed to be talking to her. I started to get up because I wanted to go to Dave and do the same, but Dave told me no and to stay there on the floor. Nick even added I should keep my legs spread and I couldn’t touch my pussy. I felt like such a slut but then again, that night I was.

Tina and Nick didn’t fuck for long but when she got up, she walked right over to me again and told me it was my turn. My turn for what? When I saw her stand over me and then start to crouch, I saw her pussy and knew what was expected of me. I would have thought I would have been reluctant, but the closer she got to me, the more I craved pussy. I couldn’t believe it! I was going to eat out another woman!

I tried to do to her exactly what she did to me. Having it right above me, though, was different. Tina kinda of guided me and where my tongue was supposed to go. The taste was intoxicating! She was controlling all the movements and then she sort of sat down on me, and my tongue was shoved right up into her. Then I felt fingers sliding in and out of my pussy and then hair fall over onto my stomach and thighs. I knew we were going to be in a tight 69. Dave was really talking a lot now, too. He was saying he couldn’t believe how hot it was, how sexy the two of us were and that he was so hard and wanted to fuck so bad. Then fuck me, I thought. I was being a good slut and he could have done anything he wanted.

I was surprised then when I heard Nick say to Dave, well fuck her, if you want. But it wasn’t me he was suggesting he fuck. He said, fuck the one on top. And maybe the one on bottom with the really big tits will slide her tongue over your cock as you fuck the slut on top. Of course, I was taken aback somewhat. Dave and I had talked about this possibility, fucking the other, but I was jealous because she was about to get fucked by my Dave and Nick did not appear close to fucking me. Between dating, engagement and marriage, Dave nor I had ever been with anyone else in the last five years. And now Dave was behind Tina getting ready to enter her. I knew this because his cock was right by my forehead. I took my hands off Tina’s back and hips and reached for his cock. I slid my hands up and down it and moaned. Fuck her, babe! Fuck her good and hard, I told him.

When he entered her, my tongue did slide over it and I knew he probably wouldn’t last long. The combination of my tongue on her clit and Dave’s cock inside her did make her come, and it was absolutely sexy, drenching my face and neck. Dave was probably only inside her for two minutes and just like when Nick was fucking Tina, it was soon over. I knew Dave did not come inside her so I was a little confused, what was going on?

Nick told me now I was going to have to do a little work. He got down on his back and told me to lick his cock again. I was kneeling next to him and had my ass pointed at Dave. Hopefully Dave would slip in behind me, but as soon as Nick’s cock was coated, he told me to get on top of him. I looked back at Dave and he just nodded. After getting it all the way in there, Nick and I settled into a comfortable fucking motion. His hands were all over my tits and I loved the feeling his cock and hands were doing to my body. When I next looked at Dave, Tina was on her knees in front of him and sucking his cock again, this time tasting her own pussy juice covering it. Nick kept up the names, calling Tina and I sluts and whores; it was so hot. Then he said, okay man, this bitch is ready. She’s gonna love it, I can tell.

Before I knew what was happening, Nick had his hands on my asscheeks and was pulling them apart roughly. No, I wanted to say, but then Dave was lining up behind me and I couldn’t even say the word. I wanted to say no, but truth was, I wanted to be fucked in the ass so bad! Dave and I do it every once in awhile. And of course, there was the one time I was double-penetrated by my friends, Andy and Brett, six years ago. Tina had a tube of lubricant, squirted some on her hand and put a dollop on Dave’s cock. Then she took some more and I couldn’t believe her fingers were in my crack, and then running her fingers around my asshole, sliding one then two fingers into me. I couldn’t take it anymore! Fuck me, I shouted. Fucking fuck my ass!!!

My tits were crushed against Nick’s chest as Dave moved in my ass slowly. Then Nick and I started kissing. The combination of two huge cocks in me had me feeling incredible. Hot, wet and very slutty. I could hear Dave and Tina kissing, like Nick and I were. I could also feel Tina’s hands on my ass, squeezing and lightly slapping it, too. I came a few times in quick succession and then felt a long stream of pleasure ripping through me as first Nick and then Dave pumped my pussy and ass full of come.

The last thing I remember Nick saying before we went to our own bedroom was “God Dave, your wife really is a fucking whore” and Dave saying “And thank God she is, too.”

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