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Video Store Gal Pal

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Hi, it’s me again…Crista. Well if you read my last post “Thru The Window”, you remember how at 19 I caught my next door neighbor masturbating in her back yard and how that completely changed my entire sexual persona. From that point on I fantasized constantly about being with another girl. I had boyfriends yes and loved sex with them, but I just couldn’t shake this fantasy.

I finally got my wish…only took me four years. I was working in a video store while in college and one day this girl walks in, answering the “Help Wanted” sign that was on the door. I was instantly impressed. She looked to be about my age, mid-20’s and Hispanic (found out later, Cuban). She had this frizzy mane of black hair and these drop dead gorgeous dark eyes. She wasn’t real tall, a little shorter than my 5’6″. She was wearing jeans and a white tee shirt. As she was talking to the store manager and filling out her application I couldn’t help but take notice of her breasts; they must have been a d-cup and just looked so good under the white tucked in shirt. Her lower half was hidden behind the other side of the counter so I took the opportunity to put away some films that had been returned. Once out in the store, behind her now, I was able to check out her ass; it was just as I hoped it would be, nice and round. Her body was perfect, not real skinny, but in no way heavy either. She had a real feminine curvy figure. I was praying Julie would see fit to hire her. My wishes were answered. Julie had the time to interview her right then, they went into the office and fifteen minutes later they came out and Julie introduced me to Nancy, who she said was applying for the job. Nancy extended her hand and I said it was nice to meet her. Julie told her she would call her within two days to let her know if she was hired and Nancy left. Once she was gone Julie said she was definitely going to hire her but she just didn’t want to look to anxious to fill the spot. I was relieved, I was anxious for Nancy to get hired.

Well within the week Nancy was hired and we ended up working together a lot. Because I helped Julie do the schedule, I saw to that. Nancy and I became fast friends and found that we had some of the same interests; we liked the same movies, books and even a lot of the same bands. What was strange though was that for the first couple of months we worked together she seemed to avoid any talk about relationships or guys that she was dating. I would give her the daily boyfriend updates and she wouldn’t ever contribute anything. One day I asked her if she was seeing someone and she hesitated and said yes, off and on, but left it at that. Then about a month later as we were closing and counting out the drawers and the subject of relationships came up again, she said, “Crista I need to tell you something…” and then she told me she was gay.

I tried to remain cool about it, I really did, but inside my chest my heart began to pound and I started to get that nervous/excited (almost sick) feeling. Once I had gotten to know her as a friend, I tried to put that initial lust I felt behind me but now three months of repressed desire hit me like a ton of bricks. This was the first openly gay girl that I’d ever come into contact with, and she was my friend. Could this finally be my chance?

She told me she hoped I would be ok with that and it wouldn’t affect our friendship. I of course said it would not. I was so turned on when I left her, that I couldn’t wait until I got home. During the car ride I rubbed my pussy hard through my jeans. I ran upstairs to my room, shut the door and was out of my clothes in seconds. My panties were soaked and I laid down and fucked myself furiously into an orgasm, the image of my body pressed against Nancy’s was all I could see. I licked the juices off my fingers, pretending it was hers.

From that point on my desire for her increased every time I was with her. I began to notice little things about her which would drive me insane with lust; the way her full lips looked when she pouted over something; her gorgeous round dark-complected shoulders when she wore a tank top; the backs of her knees; her smooth under arms…God, sometimes it was pure torture. Sometimes I was so turned on by the end of the night I would disappear into the “Adult Section” and select a movie to take home with me. I’d always look for one with an actress who had the some of Nancy’s features. I would get movies with Hyapatia Lee or Tori Wells in them, because they had Nancy’s long black hair, dark eyes and dark skin. I would race home with them and end up cumming two or three times before finally falling asleep.

Then one night, about seven months into our friendship, IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!! I got to make love to Nancy. After closing we decided that neither of us were tired and that we wanted to go out and get a few drinks. It was after midnight and we didn’t want to go far so we stopped by the neighborhood pub in the same shopping center as the store. We had a couple of frozen mudslides apiece and had a lot of good laughs about various things that happen at work and about a lot of the goofy customers that come in. The topic turned to the “porno kings” as we liked to call them; these were the old guys that come in every night and rent porno movies. “They must have some kind of appeal.” I said, faking ignorance. Nancy laughed, “you’re so full of shit, I see you try and sneak them past me at night, into your bag.”

I wanted to die of embarrassment. I didn’t know what to say. “well, once in a while… they’ll serve their purpose.”

“Oh I know they do,” she said, “sometimes you’re wired after work, and can’t sleep till you get off, right?” I kind of nodded, still embarrassed, but also slightly turned on, since we were on the subject of sex.

After our second drink we decided we should leave or we wouldn’t be fit to drive. Nancy said she wasn’t tired though and asked if I wanted to come back to her apartment for another drink. She said that if I drank too much I could crash on her couch. I accepted the offer and we went back to her place and she broke open a bottle of Zinfandel and we started drinking again. After the second or third glass of wine, she brought the adult video subject up again. “So which one is your favorite porno star?” Now after two mudslides and a few glasses of wine, I was nice and buzzed and very giddy and not so embarrassed. “Tom Byron,” I lied big time.

“You know what I mean…favorite girl?” she slapped my hand. I hesitated a minute, then said, “Hyapatia Lee.”

She laughed “mmmm me too.” Then she got an evil little smirk, “but I probably like her for different reasons, huh?” She asked. I couldn’t say anything in response to that, part of me was afraid to answer, but the aroused part of me liked very much where the conversation was heading. “Oh….um….or maybe we do.” I kind of mumbled, looking away from her. She inched closer to me on the couch and took another sip of her wine. “Do you like the girl/girl scenes?” Her voice was very soft, almost whispering. My heart started racing, the alcohol and the growing lust was starting to make me dizzy. “Yeah……sometimes” I swallowed the words but they had escaped.

She put her hand on mine, just the feeling of her skin touching mine was driving me insane. I just knew that this was headed down a road I wanted for so long, but one I was terrified of. “Do you fantasize about girls……..when you masturbate” again with that sexy whisper.

“Sometimes.” I was damn near shivering.

“What do you think about?” She was stroking my arm with her nails, very lightly. I couldn’t stand it, my chest and my pussy were throbbing.

“Sometimes…” As buzzed as I was, I knew I wanted to take that response back. I’d gone waaaay over the top. But the look on her face told me that I had just made her night.

“Oh God, me too Crista. I’ve thought about you too.” She squeezed my hand. “Oh please show me how you do it.” She must have seen the look of terror on my face but it didn’t change the look of desperation on hers. She lifted the hand she was holding and placed it on my breast, she began to guide my hand in massaging my own breast. Aided by the alcohol, I just abandoned all inhibition and soon took control of my own hand and started gently rubbing my breast. Once Nancy saw I was into it, she let go of my hand and started to mirror my movements. Her hands went to her own breast and she rubbed along with me through her shirt. Our eyes were locked together and we both knew we were committed to this happening.

My tee shirt was low cut so I slipped my hand down the front and into my bra. I slipped my nipple between two fingers and pinched lightly. Nancy’s top was high cut so she took it off and I got to see those gorgeous tits of hers enclosed only in her bra. My God that cleavage was perfect. I couldn’t resist, I reached out and cupped her breasts in my hands. I had to force myself not cum right then. I could feel my pussy soaking. Her bra was a front snap and I needed to see them uncovered. I unsnapped the bra and her tits fell free. She had large areola and beautiful brown nipples that were nice and hard already. I reached out and lowered my face to her chest and kissed in her cleavage. I was shaking and my breathing was rapid and heavy. I was so nervous and so turned on.

She lifted my head and she took my face between her hands and she moved her lips close to mine. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said. And she slowly brought our lips together. Oh fuck, I can’t explain what that kiss felt like, how much different it was then kissing a guy. Our lips parted and soon our tongues were in each other’s mouths, the taste of wine on our breaths only added to the passion. We were holding each other tightly while we kissed; my hands explored her bare back and my fingers slipped down into the elastic band of the top of her skirt.

She lifted my shirt off and removed my bra, now our breasts were rubbing together. Smooth bodies brushing against each other Each time our nipples connected it was like electric shocks into my pussy. While kissing, I pushed her skirt up until I could feel the silky panties…oh God the crotch of her panties was wet. This was fucking incredible. I needed to see her pussy. I had been wondering for months what she looked like there, how much hair she had, how full were her pussy lips, all those things. Almost as if she was reading my mind she leaned back against the pillow and pulled the skirt farther up. “ me please. Do everything to me.”

That was all I needed. I moved back to her face and kissed her full on the mouth, forcing my tongue into her mouth. I moved to her shoulders, those I bathed in kisses, relishing in the aroma of my wine-tainted saliva mixed with the lingering scent of her perfume. I worked my way down to her tits and darted my tongue in circles around her nipples, just flicking at the sides of them…to tease her…then I kissed down to her stomach, skipping over the clumped up skirt and barely making contact with her skin, I was shaking she was shivering under my kisses and her breath was heaving. I kissed circles around her navel and I came to the elastic band of her red panties. I could already smell the delicious scent of her moist pussy through the material. So many nights I had licked and smelled my own fingers while masturbating, pretending it was hers and now I was actually going to taste her. My tongue slid under the elastic and lightly brushed her abdomen. She shook, I couldn’t wait another second, I pulled the panties down and got my first glimpse of her mound of black pubic hair. It was gorgeous.. a neatly trimmed patch covering the top of her pussy. It was just as I’d imagined it. I brushed my lips into the soft hair and inhaled her scent which was making me drunker than any of the alcohol I’d consumed.

I couldn’t wait another second; I attacked her wetness with an intense frenzy that I’ve never felt before. Her delicious smell and taste was the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced. My tongue sank into her hole and I lapped at her juice as fast as I could to satisfy this hunger that had been building for so long. I was so concerned with my own need to devour her at first that it took me a few seconds to consider Nancy’s needs. Her quickening shallow breaths and moans started to fill my ears and I stopped and looked up at her beautiful face. Those dark eyes were staring at me with an absolute begging lust. Her needy expression was almost pained.

I smiled at her and reached up to caress her cheek, “I’ve never wanted anyone this much in my life,” I told her. I looked back down at her pussy and this time slowly began making love to her with my mouth. I lowered my tongue and gently began licking her lips open, one at a time, until they spread like the petals of a flower. My God, it was so hot. Her moans went right through my body. I loved the sound of her so turned on; her quick breathing and her shallow cries of “yes” and “oh God”.

My tongue now slid inside her again, licking upwards and then out to brush her clit. She kept repositioning her body to give me more access. I put my finger inside her and she was absolutely soaked. I don’t think I’ve ever been as wet as she was but I hoped I would be that night.. Her juice was pouring out of her and I was licking it up as fast as I could.

I wanted more of her, I wanted to make love to every part of her. I moved to the floor in front of the couch and I slid Nancy down a bit. I opened her legs a little wider and again dove into her cunt. This time I slid down instead of up and I traced down to her tight little asshole. I just had to taste her there, I had to tongue fuck her. God, she was so hot and her moans got so loud when I licked her there. Now my saliva mixed with her pussy juice making her asshole nice and lubed. I hesitated putting my finger in there because I was afraid she wouldn’t like it. I didn’t want anything to ruin this mood, or hurt her. I went back to work on her clit, but held my index finger just within the crack of her ass, resting against her hole. I sensed she was close to orgasm and her body was rocking as my tongue danced on her clit. She did just what I hoped she would; in her writhing she lowered her asshole right onto my finger. She was so lubed it slid right in. It was so fucking hot feeling her tight ass around my finger. “Come for me honey,” I begged her. And she did….she screamed out my name and I could feel her muscles spasming around my finger as she exploded. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy and felt the warm liquid surround it. I couldn’t believe it, but I came right there with her…it had never happened before, I wasn’t even touching myself…just feeling her cum sent me over the edge and I screamed out.. I climbed back up and collapsed onto her, grabbing her face and kissing it. Sex and lovemaking couldn’t possibly get any better than this….but she would later show me that it could.

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