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“B” is also for Barbie Doll

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It is 4.08pm, Sunday afternoon and I have finished reading this week’s email from my master, Mr Butt. I am, as ever, extremely aroused by what he has prepared for me tomorrow. My right hand is inside my tight white panties and I am opening my lips and rubbing my engorged clit as I muse on my next move.

As you shall soon find out (in another story!), it promises to be quite a day!

But I am also determined to ask my master for a favour, a favour which will help me plan my revenge for an incident which is yet to happen, 11 years in the future to be exact. How I know that is not important right now, but know I do.

(What are the details of the incident? For that I must direct you to another story, yet to be approved called ‘Superstore’ by XXXerxes37 if you would like to look it up. And what is my plan for revenge? That too is for another day, I expect to call that one ‘Superstore Revenge’)

I am troubled because, although I know the details of the incident to come in my future life, I do not know if Mr Butt will still be part of that future life and the thought of losing my perfect master (who can also be my perfect slave) has cooled my passion just a little.

So, no point in brooding, but instead ‘grasp the day’ and so I quickly type the email response within which I ask Mr Butt now to help me plan my revenge. I know he will need something extra to please him so I must ‘bribe’ him with that which I know he craves from me. And, yes, I know what you are thinking, and yes, he can have anything I have to offer just by demanding it, but he does have a gentle side and I know he receives extra pleasure if I suggest or offer myself to him without him needing to command.

So this is what I write to him.

“Dear Master, may it please you if I respectfully suggest an alternative for our day tomorrow? If you agree, we can do as you have instructed on Tuesday? Master, I would dearly like to ask a favour of you and in order to please you enough to deserve that favour, I feel I must work extra hard to please you tomorrow.”

“May I go on? If you are displeased with what I suggest, then I will deserve your ‘special punishment’ like you gave me last July, only this time I will enjoy it and give you so much more pleasure in punishing me? But if you like what I suggest, grant me one favour, and I will promise you tomorrow will be our greatest day together ever!”

“Tomorrow, Master, at 7.00am sharp, I will be waiting for you inside the disabled toilets in the shopping centre. I will be your Barbie Doll and will answer to the name of Barbie. My hair will be tied back severely into a high pleated pony tail just the way you like it; my face will be pale with makeup, my eyes dark and my lips a full ruby red.”

“Round my neck I will wear the red leather studded choker. I will wear my tight white sleeveless crop top with “Fuck my Tits” written in red lipstick on the front, and “My name is Barbie, Spank Me!” on the back.”

“Round my waist will be the wide leather studded belt that you use to thrash me when I am a naughty girl. I will wear the tightest white panties I can find, two sizes too small, pulled up tight to press the dildos that I will have inserted in my two holes, deep up inside me. On my hands will be my long red satin gloves pulled up to my armpits for you the way you like them and on my feet, my 6.5″ steel heeled red patent stilettos in which I can hardly walk.”

“In my right hand I will hold the rope which you will use to tie my wrists behind my back before we go for walk through the shopping centre and in my left hand I will hold the ball gag that you will strap into my mouth after you have fucked my face and drained your weekend build up of semen deep down my throat.”

“In my mouth, master? Yes, of course.”

“And right down my throat?”

That would be a special privilege, master, if you would do that to me.

“Spunk your enormous white load right down the back of my throat.”

“Please master, my only desire is for you to fill me with your hot sticky semen. Yes, please master, deep inside my asshole would be wonderful if that is what you want, when we return to the disabled toilet after our walk.”

“I can imagine you forcing me to bend over the toilet and spread my legs, toes pointed inwards in the ultra high heels. You will rip the white panties aside and pull out the anal dildo and kneel to spit several gobs into my asshole. Standing, you will remove your clothes and release your enormous fat cock from your pants. Spitting on my back you will thrash my buttocks, then grab my tits and guide your massive tool into the wet entrance to my asshole.”

“Now thrust it in hard, master. Fuck my tight little asshole as deep as you can!”

“Make me scream with pain and pleasure like the dirty little Barbie doll slut that I am, dressed to make you erect and all my holes wet and waiting for you.”

“Thrust in deep and as I know I will be coming almost immediately, then please empty all that hot spunk deep into my ass!”

“I know your sack will be a little drained from having filled my neck with your cum earlier, but I’m sure you will save a good load for my asshole too?”

You will be pleased to know that my Master was delighted at my suggestion and all went off according to plan. I got a neck full and an ass full of spunk the next day and my Master’s input to my revenge plans!

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Shirley wrote

You really found a way to make this whole prcesos easier.