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Accounting For More

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Her heart pounded in her ears as she listened to the sound of her black Chanel pumps clicking on the floor. They were a constant sound, one of comfort, to one who was about to do the unthinkable. At least to her.

She felt dampness on her upper lip and stopped at the Ladies Room before making her appointment. Once inside she dabbed at her face with blotting tissue and looked herself up and down in the mirror.

Her hair was tied in a loose chignon held together by black lacquered chopsticks. It gave her the look of neat elegance but not one of severity. She had also opted for her small rimless glasses today rather than the contacts. She knew the librarian look tended to make men sweat at the thought of them letting down the hair and taking off the glasses. She also wore a black camisole top with a jacket over it. Black Dolce & Gabbana skirt with little silk stockings. There was no garter, these babies stayed up all by themselves and looked yummy with those little Chanel pumps that said “Fuck me.”

As she looked in the mirror she remembered the first time meeting him. It was at a dinner party at a cousin’s house. She knew from her cousin that he was at least 18 years older than her and having marital trouble because his wife was her cousin’s friend. She expected to meet a bastard from the second-hand stories she had heard. Instead she met a man who seemed trapped in his skin. A man who, given the right push of a button, could be propelled into overdrive.

She’d caught him more than once that night looking at the swell of her breasts and the line that was created by her bra. Throughout the night she entertained fantasies of them secretly abusing each other’s bodies in the most erotic way. When he hugged her a friendly good night her body was rocked with electricity and she longed to have him inside of her.

Through conversation she had learned where he worked and for what firm he worked for. She had been looking for an accountant she said and would he be interested in taking her on as a client. She had asked innocently enough and she could tell that he could not read her. He could not tell if she was really interested in his number capabilities or far more than that. Either way, she was given the business card for later use.

Now, as she looked herself up and down in the mirror, her chest felt like it would explode. She’d never hunted anyone like this before and certainly never anyone’s husband. Then again, she had never met anyone who on first contact had sparked every nerve ending in her body. He wasn’t the most attractive man in the world, but he was handsome. Whatever it was that made her feel this way, it wasn’t the look of him. It was the feel of his presence.

Looking one last time in the mirror, she took a deep breath and opened the door.

She continued her walk down the hall to his office. She opened the door and found no one in the waiting room, no secretary either. Probably out to lunch.

She saw the wooden door with his gold embossed name on it and knocked. The door opened and there he was opening it to an office of dark green leather and cherry wood. The type of office where a man could kick back, smoke his cigar and have a scotch. The walls were lined with leather bound books, most for business some for pleasure all for show.

“Hello, glad to see you found the place all right. Sorry there was no one to greet you but my secretary is on vacation and I had to dismiss the temp today. She just didn’t know what the hell she was doing. Can I offer you a drink?”

“Yes, please. What have you got?”

“Scotch, gin and whiskey.”

“I’ll take the scotch.”


“Yes, please.” She took her jacket off as she watched him open a shelf in the wall that displayed a mini bar. She saw that the bottle was Johnny Walker Blue. Nice.

“I see you like the finer things.” She said, still not exactly letting him know her intendment. She did need an accountant and would at least let him go over her finances before she made her intentions known.

“I find that my clients appreciate the treatment after they see what I charge.” He smiled at her and she thought she was going to fall right then and there.

He handed her a healthy rock glass of scotch and they sat down at his desk. She put her briefcase down and they began going through her papers…

Not too long after and on her second scotch they had ascertained what she could itemize with the taxes and loved learning how much money he was going to save her even after he was paid.

“I guess it pays to leave H&R Block.” She laughed. He smiled at her and said “Well, you have your own business and really need someone’s personal attention.”

“I certainly do.” She was painfully aware of how close he was to her and that he was inhaling her scent. Her body trembled as she leaned on his desk for balance.

“Are you all right?” He said holding out a hand to steady her. He left her arm burning where he touched her.

She turned to him and looked up into his face. His brown eyes were on fire. “Just…fine.”

There was silence for a moment as she felt the heat of his body close to hers. He was so close she could smell him. She picked up her scotch and downed the last of it. He just looked at her not having any doubts anymore as she suddenly grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head and pulled his lips to hers.

The kiss felt like they had both been starved for years and were only just now being fed by each other. He pulled the chopsticks from her hair and let her curls spill down her back. He pulled her head back hard by her hair and bit down on her neck.

“I’ve wanted to taste you since the moment I saw you.” He rasped into her ear. “Once I’m done with that, I’m going to fuck every hole in your body.”

He picked her up then and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He set her down on the green leather couch and pushed her skirt up. She wore no panties today.

“You didn’t care about your finances did you? You just came here for my cock.”

“No, I needed done what you did, your cock was just an added bonus.”

“You just want me to fuck you like a little slut, don’t you?”

“That’s exactly what I want.”

With his left hand he took a breast and then pinched the nipple until she felt the blood swell into it making it hard as a rock. With his right hand he inserted two fingers in her pussy and began to lick and suck on her clit.

All of the anticipation she had felt in the past few weeks was exploding inside of her.

She clasped his head by his hair and pulled him closer to her pussy and she felt his fingers swirling around inside of her. “I’m gonna cum all over you.”

“You’re going to cum if I let you.” He said between laps.

She whimpered in response as his licking became more frenzied and she felt his thumb enter her ass.

“I’m just getting you ready for what I have in store for you. I told you, I’m going to fuck you in every hole you have today, whether you like it or not.” He continued his oral escapade and felt her body seizing as every nerve ending became inflamed. She was dripping all over him as she quivered. He knew she was cumming, not just from her screams, but from the response he was getting from her body.

He took his fingers from her pussy and inserted them in her ass as the orgasms rocked her body. It hurt her a little, but that kind of pain only added to her pleasure. She felt a third finger slide in and felt like he was going to break her.

“No more, please, I can’t take anymore.” She was gasping for breath.

“Oh, but there’s so much more in store for you. Now, it’s my turn.” He let her catch her breath as he took off his slacks and got on his knees on the couch and straddled her face.

He grabbed the sides of her head by her hair as he shoved his dick in her mouth and drove it deep into her throat. She sucked on him greedily as he grew bigger than he was just a moment ago.

‘This man is hung’ she thought. She had hoped for something substantial, but never dreamed she’d get this monster. And he was going to put this in her ass?

As if he read her thoughts he pulled away and made her lay down long ways on the couch. He got over her 69 style and dove back into her mouth as he started finger fucking her ass again while licking her clit.

He had three thick fingers pistoning in and out of her ass stretching her and she knew it still wasn’t as big as that cock. She continued to suck his cock and figured she would cross that bridge when he made her.

He really started to shove his cock deep into her throat and she thought she would choke when he just stopped and his hot cum poured down her throat. She swallowed every bit of it. Relieved she may not have to take him in her ass, but disappointed if this was all there was.

He pulled out of her mouth and rested a moment. He got up and poured 2 glasses of cold water and handed her one.

“Drink up; you’re going to need this.” He sat on the couch next to her as she drank the water looking at him over the rim of the glass.

He gasped for some air himself and then downed his water and set it down on the table next to the couch.

“Now, get down on your fucking knees and get my cock hard again or I won’t be so nice.”

She set her water down and quickly got on her knees. He was making her hot just by the way he was treating her. Dominating her. Making her his even though she took him.

It wasn’t long before her sucking and licking had him hard as iron. She felt his hands on her cheeks holding her face as she went up and down on his shaft.

“Stand up.” He said. She did. “Take your top off.” She did revealing that there was no bra there, though he already knew that. “Take off your skirt, but leave on those shoes.” She did as she was told. He then took off his shirt and just looked at her body.

“Walk over to my desk and face away from me.” As she did so, slowly and deliberately, he watched the way her ass lifted and fell with each step. The way her stockings stopped just below the curves of her ass. ‘My God’ he thought, ‘It’s like watching the Underall commercial.’

He watched her for a minute and then stood up. He walked up behind her and cupped her breasts. He pulled her close to him. She felt his cock poking at her ass as he whispered in her ear: “I hope you are ready to get fucked, because I am going to fuck you like no one ever has.”

He hastily pushed her down on the desk and held her there by her neck. With his other hand he smacked her ass, hard. She cried out from the unexpected sting. Her ass on fire she pushed toward him, hungry to have his cock inside of her.

He smacked her on the ass again, harder this time. “You be patient my little slut or I won’t give you anything.” Her ass was really stinging now as she felt the head of his cock stretching her pussy open. He stayed there for a minute letting her get used to his girth. He started fucking her with just his head, teasing her really. Then when she least expected it he drove the length of his cock all the way into her causing her a great sharp pain that made her cry out.

“Did I hurt you? Well, sometimes a man like me is going to hurt a little girl like you.” And he pounded into her again. He stayed buried deep inside her enjoying the feeling of her pussy contracting around him and then relaxing as she got used to his size.

Slowly, he started to slide in and out of her. Each time working his cock in deeper within the folds of her pussy. She didn’t think it could go any further but he seemed to make her pussy deeper. She tried to close her legs a little because he really went deep into her and though it was good, it was also painful. She was rewarded by his legs spreading hers wider. His hand wrapped around her hair and he pulled her onto his dick as he pounded really hard and slapped her on the ass. The sounds of his pelvis crashing into her ass and the spanking he was giving her filled the room. As he grunted she whimpered in a mixture of both pain and pleasure.

He let go of her hair after a few minutes and then grasped her by the hips. He was fucking her with long and fast strokes now. She clenched so hard in an effort to keep him from going so deep, but that only facilitated his pleasure. There was no going back now. He was fucking her like she’d never been fucked before, just like he’d promised.

He pulled her upright and lifted one leg up with one hand as the other started rubbing her clit. He stretched her pussy open in this position and it squeezed his dick even harder. It was his turn to moan this time.

“Your pussy’s so tight; it’s so hot I could cum in you right now.” He grunted again as he pounded into her. “Only I’m not going to. I’m not finished with you yet.” He slowed his pumping and then pulled out his cock. He rubbed her juices all over her asshole as he got it really wet. “You know what comes next don’t you?”

His only answer was a strangled cry from somewhere deep in her throat.

“Oh baby, I promised you I was going to fuck you in every hole today. That’s a promise I intend to keep. You just try to relax.” He said as he rubbed her swollen clitty. “You like when I rub your little clit don’t you, Slut?”

“Mmmmhmmm.” Was all she could manage.

The next sensation she felt was the head of his cock opening the tiny aperture of her ass. It felt like a thousand needles pricking her sphincter all at once. She bit her lip to keep from crying. Small screams escaped her lips.

“Easy, easy. Relax. Breathe. Get used to me.” He stroked her hair and rubbed small deliberate circles around her clitoris. “I promise you once it is inside you all the way, you will love it like nothing before.”

As he said this he pushed in another half an inch and he was rewarded with a sharp short scream. He pulled out to the tip and pushed back in as far as he had been. He pulled out again and pushed it in a little farther.

There were tears stinging her eyes as she thought she couldn’t take anymore. But she wasn’t willing to stop either. She didn’t care if he ripped her open, she might never have him again, and she was going to have all of him today.

Slowly he worked himself in and out and with every other stroke he made it in her ass a little deeper until he had most of it inside of her.

“There, you have it now. I’m just going to soak inside you a minute and let you adjust.” He put her leg down and reached in front of her. One hand had fingers working in her pussy now while the other hand started to rub her bursting clitty again. Her breath started to come in rasps and he knew now was the moment to mark her as his.

He started slowly pushing in and out of her, sometimes hilting her, getting little whimpery screams from her when he drove it all the way in. Her pussy was flowing all over his hands. He took hold of her legs and lifted her.

“Put your feet on my desk and keep your legs apart. Ride me while I fuck you.” He put one hand under her body as he dipped his fingers inside of her. His other hand went around the front of her and claimed her clit again. “I want you to cum. I want you to cum when I cum.” He bit her ear as he sucked it into his mouth. He pistoned in and out of her ass faster and faster as she rode against him.

“You like this baby. You like getting fucked in your ass?”

“I like when you fuck me in my ass.” She breathed.

He lifted her again and set her down on her feet.

“Turn around.” He said as he slipped from her ass.

As she did he pushed her back onto the desk. He suckled her nipples a moment, alternating them and then lifted her legs up and rested them on his shoulders.

“I want you to play with yourself while I fuck your ass. I want to see you make yourself cum while I cum in your ass.” He grasped her hair by the back of her head and lifted her in a kiss. She took his breath away. The sweetness of her breath and the heat of her body had him intoxicated. The sensations her body treated him to had him dizzy with pleasure. He didn’t want any of this to end.

He pulled back and started fucking her ass again. He watched as she played with her pussy with her blood red nails. He looked at her belly and the swell of her breasts, up to her face and finally rested on her blue eyes. They stayed there as their eyes locked and they were trapped in the moment.

He grabbed her breasts and picked up speed.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Yes. I want you to cum in my ass.”

“I want you to cum for me. Come on baby, cum for me.”

He grabbed her thighs now and started pounding her ass. She started screaming out with every stroke. She circled her pussy over and over bringing herself closer with every one of each of his strokes. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps as she felt herself cumming in torrents.

“I’m going to cum in you now.”

“Yeah, cum in my ass. Come in my ass and cum all over me.”

As she said this he slammed inside of her and she felt him swell and thought she would break. She felt heat flood her bowels as the heat of her own orgasms spread through her whole body. He pulled out of her body and came on her belly as well. She rubbed it in as he fell on top of her and hugged her to him.

“Oh you feel so good I don’t want you to ever leave.”

“But we both know I have to. I can’t stay. You have to go home to your wife at the end of this day.”

“Well then, there’s always tax season…”

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