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Standing Tall

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Gale shivered, even though she could feel the warm afternoon sun on her naked body. She pulled on the strap wrapped around one wrist and then she pulled with the other arm. Her arms were over her head and spread wide apart. Her legs were spread as wide as her arms and tied in a like manner.

The blindfold over her eyes let in no light at all. He had shown her where she would be before he put the blindfold over her head. Two tall slender trees about six feet apart, stood on the side of a hill in the back of the city park. There was a path thirty yards down the hill.

She was spread eagled naked between the trees now and scared out of her wits. No, that was not it at all. She was so excited that she was on the verge of an orgasm just standing here. She could feel the wetness on her inner thighs as a gentle cool breeze wafted across her body.

Gale wanted to squeeze her thighs tightly together. She could make herself come that way but the bindings kept her legs apart. All she could do was to tense up her thighs and inner muscles. It was not helping her get there. It was just pushing her higher and higher.

Suddenly, she heard faint voices. Two, three, maybe even four. She turned her head and listened intently. Male voices, definitely three and maybe four and they were getting closer. Gale groaned around the ball gag in her mouth as all sorts of scenarios ran through her mind in rapid succession.

The Master had taken her for a ride through the park earlier in the day. Up in the front, it was mostly families and couples. Back here there had been groups of young men and even one group of women. The Master had told her, they were from the low-income area to the south of the park.

Gale had noted the mixed ethnic groupings and even what she took as gang colors in a couple of cases. The groups looked to be from eighteen to their mid twenties. All of them were lean, muscular, and in some cases, mean looking. The latter made her shiver and whimper softly. Pain wasn’t something she wanted per say, pleasure was what she was after.

As the Master had tied her to the trees, he had whispered, “How many hands caressing and squeezing your bare breasts, how many mouths sucking on them? How many fingers in your tight sopping wet little pussy? How many mouths and tongues on and in there? How about a hard dick in your pussy and another in your ass as you are sandwiched between two young studs.”

Gale had groaned and moaned the whole time he had talked. This was her fantasy in spades. That last part had almost made her come and now she was near to coming again as the voices drew closer. Her fear jumped higher. Was she alone or was the Master nearby. Could he protect her if things got too rough?

The voices started to fade and Gale whimpered softly. She was not sure if it was in disappointment or that she was glad, they were passing her by. A hand rubbing lightly across her ass made her damned near jump out of her skin. Her yell of surprise, mixed with fear was muffled and sharp.

“Disappointed or relieved?” The Master asked from near her right ear. “They didn’t see you.”

Gale moaned loudly. As always, he seemed to be reading her mind. She did not know the answer and was thankful for the gag so she didn’t have to give him a reply. Knowing that he was nearby lessened her fear some but the unknown was still working on her mind.

A single finger touched her tailbone and then slowly traced the cleft of her ass. Shivers chased each other up and down her spine as the finger moved lower and paused touching her anus. Gale wanted to thrust her hips back and impale her asshole on the finger but knew better.

The Master would end it right then and there if she did. He would untie her and they would leave the park and never return. He had not told her as much but she knew it anyway. The finger tickled her asshole teasingly and she moaned softly.

“You want my finger in your ass?”

Gale nodded sharply and then whimpered as the fingertip moved lower and circled the opening to her vagina. The finger did not enter her sex; it just teased her slippery wetness. After a moment, the fingertip moved up the crack of her ass, again to pause at her anus.

“You would come long and hard if I did shove my finger up your ass, wouldn’t you?”

Again, Gale nodded sharply and then groaned as the finger pressed tighter to her asshole. “You want to move your hips back don’t you?” He asked in a soft hissing whisper. Gale nodded quickly several times.

The finger was suddenly gone and Gale moaned in frustration. A few seconds later, she heard voices again. There were only two of them and they were male. One was deep and the other more normally pitched. The voices were getting closer.

Gale felt her knees go weak and tremble as she heard the one with the deep voice say, “Well damn, would you look at that. Somebody’s done hung that pretty white girl out to dry.”

“No, shit!” the other guy said and then laughed. “Somebody’s done left us a present and it ain’t even Christmas yet.”

Gale whimpered and then moaned as she realized the voices were getting louder, the two men were coming closer. Her mind was going crazy to put faces and bodies with the voices. These were complete strangers and… and… they were going to have their way with her.

“Man, this is to good to be true,” deep voice said.

“Ain’t it though.” His partner replied.

“I don’t know about this. This looks like a set up of some kind. Things that look to easy and simple usually have strings attached, if ya know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do but I don’t understand who would do this or why. She’s pretty bait but what’s to be gained by it,” normal voice said.

“Thrills, sex, revenge, the answers are too many to count.”

They were only a few yards away from Gale now and she trembled but was it fear or anticipation. From the pounding of her heart, it could go either way but from the heat in her sex and the tightness of her inner muscles and thighs, it was anticipation.

“To tell ya the truth,” Normal Voice said, “I really don’t care what the reason is. My dicks hard and it don’t care either. Hey lady, are you a trap of something?”

Gale realized that last part was directed toward her and she shook her head. Her mind was waiting for the first touch and she was going crazy from anticipation. She tried to hold it back but she moaned around the ball as her hips jerked and twitched.

“Will ya look at that, I think she’s coming,” Deep voice said.

A big hand slipped between Gale’s legs and a finger explored her soaked vagina. Gale tried to yell around the ball gag as her orgasm shot up a hundred fold. She lost all control and her hips flexed as she fucked herself on the finger.

Deep voice laughed and then said, “She’s coming her fucking brains out.”

Two hands cupped Gale’s breasts and squeezed them firmly. From behind her, Normal voice said, “Man, she’s got some firm tits and one hell of a nice ass.” His hands caressed her breasts and then he pinched her nipples and twisted them.

Gale was getting everything she had ever dreamed of, including one hell of an orgasm. An orgasm that didn’t seem to want to stop. Every time it started to decrease in intensity, the two men would do something to push it back up. Her legs were shaking so bad they didn’t want to hold her up, so more and more weight was going onto her arms.

“I’ve just got to try me some of this,” Deep voice said. His voice came from down below her waist and a few seconds later his hot strong tongue licked at her slit.

Gale jerked and gave out with a muffled yell as Deep voice’s tongue flicked and lapped at her clit. Gale’s orgasm was back in full song. Something hot and hard pressed between her ass cheeks and Gale pushed back against Normal voices, hard dick.

“I’ve never fucked a girl that was tied up before,” the guy behind Gale said.

The one in front stopped licking her pussy and asked, “Have you ever shared a woman? You know, fucked her ass while another guy fucked her pussy.”

“Uh, no, I haven’t but my brothers girlfriend gave me a blowjob once while he fucked her from behind. Talk about your horny goings on. I came way to fast that day.” Normal voice laughed and rubbed his dick up and down between Gale’s ass cheeks.

The hot tongue was now in Gale’s pussy and she was now between pure pleasure in the front and anticipation in the rear. No pun intended. The long thin dick between her ass cheeks would feel awesome up her ass. The Master had used a butt plug and dildo on her earlier to loosen her up, just in case.

“I ain’t never fucked no ass before,” the guy behind her said.

The guy in front chuckled and took his tongue out of her pussy. “Just stick it in her pussy and slick it up. Then you slowly push it up her ass. I figure she’ll go nuts when you do and you’ll go nuts when you find out how tight and hot it is in there.”

“Tighter and hotter than a pussy? Man, it’ll be another short day today,” Normal voice said with a laugh.

“As hot and wet as she is, it won’t take much to get her to coming her brains out again. My dick in her pussy at the same time will blow her mind, not to mention what you and I will feel like together.”

“What do you mean together?” The guy in back asked suddenly with suspicion in his voice.

The guy in front chuckled and said, “Don’t worry little brother, it’s cool, you’ll see.”

Gale was shaking and moaning as they talked. She had always wanted two men at once but had never had the chance. Now she was go to get it from two total strangers. Her mind jumped to condoms and diseases. She tried to say something but the ball gag prevented her.

From somewhere behind her, she heard the Master say, “Gentlemen, if you don’t mind, the lady would prefer if you used these.”

“Who the fuck?” Normal voice asked sharply.

“And if I don’t want to?” Deep voice asked.

“Then I’ll untie the young lady and we’ll leave,” the Master said softly but with an iron overtone to his voice.

“Uh huh. You and who else?” The guy behind Gale asked.

“You have your choice, Smith and Wesson on one hand, or a Glock 10mm on the other. I’m not here to break up your fun. I’m here to see that the lady is safe and that also means from STD’s.”

“So you’re just going to watch, is that it? That sounds awfully perverted to me,” Deep voice said slowly.

“I’ll be around, this is the ladies fantasy and I’m giving it to her. So, are you in or out? It’s both or no deal. Condoms or no deal.”

“I told you there were always strings attached,” Deep voice said and then laughed. “Or in this case, condoms.”

“I don’t have no damned STD’s,” Normal voice protested.

Deep voice turned slightly so the big man up the hill could see his back pocket and hand. He reached in and fished out a flat, narrow condom case. Flipping it open, he said to his partner, “Man, the way things are these days, I wouldn’t even fuck your mama without my protection.”

“Hey man, that’s cold,” Normal voice said and then laughed. “True but still it’s cold.”

“So you see Mister—” Deep voice started to say and then asked, “Where the fuck did he go?”

A moment later, Normal voice said, “The hell if I know where he went but I’ll bet he’s around and watching.”

“Then put this thing on facing up hill and lets get back to business,” the man in front of Gale said.

Gale had felt relieved when the Master had said what she was trying to and then she got worried when the two men seemed reluctant to go along with it. The mention of guns made her nervous and worried that the Master might get hurt or worse. When things appeared to get back on track, Gale shivered.

“These things never fit tight enough,” the guy behind Gale said.

The man in front laughed and said, “Mine are always to tight so it evens out.”

Gale shivered as she wondered just how big he was. His hand had felt big earlier when her cupped and fingered her pussy. His finger had felt large also. She shivered and then whimpered softly as his hand touched her sex again. His finger rubbed over her opening and then back to tease her anus.

When Gale moaned the man in front chuckled. “She still wants it up the ass,” he said to his friend. “I’ll play with her tits while you get all lubed up in her pussy. It’s still dripping wet.”

She felt a big hand on her right breast and then a moment later, another on her left breast. When he squeezed her breasts, Gale gasped from the pressure and how much of her breasts were in his hand. He massaged them roughly but not too rough. His rough palms scrapped on her nipples and she moaned around the ball gag. Part of her mind waited for the other man’s dick at her pussy.

It was not long before she felt someone in front of her and then something hot was pressing its way between her thighs, rubbing across her sex as it went. It felt long but not very wide. Then the man in front of her touched her hips with his.

“Man, she is slippery and I ain’t even got it in yet,” he said as he worked his hips back and forth.

“Well, get it in so I can rub in that ass crack. She has one of those nice round asses I love so much.”

Gale trembled as the man in front shifted his hips and the head of his dick touched and then slowly entered her pussy. She whimpered softly and then moaned as it slipped deeper and deeper. It wasn’t stretching her but it was going deeper than she remembered a dick going before.

Then the dick of the man behind her touched the cleft of her ass and pressed tightly to it. It was hot, long, and very thick feeling. The dick in her pussy finally stopped going in and slowly withdrew. Gale groaned as she thought about how it would feel up her ass. Her inner muscles tried to clamp down on it.

“Oh man, she’s go one of those grabbing pussies,” the man in front said. “Oh yeah, grab it again baby, grab it hard.”

Gale groaned and rocked her hips slightly as she tried to grab and hold his slender dick. The big dick between her ass cheeks spread them wider as it settled in deeper. Gale whimpered at the thought of it trying to spread her pussy wide enough to get in.

“Oh man, let me get back there and check that ass out,” the man in front said excitedly.

The big dick and big hands disappeared from her body as deep voice said, “Just take it slow and easy or you’ll hurt her.”

“I ain’t going to hurt her, I’m just going to fuck the hell out of that ass if it’s as tight and hot as you say. Her pussy was great but I need something tighter.”

“Just don’t hurt her. Remember the big guy with the guns is still watching. I’d hate to see one of those stuck up your ass because you hurt her,” Deep voice said from in front of Gale.

Gale felt the slender dick slide between her legs from the rear and then she groaned as Deep voice tried to and damn near did, swallow her left breast. No one had ever had that much of her breast in their mouth before. It felt so good and his tongue rolling her nipple around and bathing her skin made her weak in the knees.

Her mind was floating on the pleasure from her breast. Suddenly, something hot pressed against her anus and just as suddenly, it popped through the ring of muscles and slowly slid deeper. Gale gasped loudly and then moaned even louder as it kept right on going deeper.

“Holy shit!” the man behind Gale almost yelled.

Gale could not agree with him more. His dick was deeper than anything had ever been in her ass and his hips still hadn’t touched her ass cheeks. She shivered as her ass clamped down on him.

“Oh fuck, a snapping ass. Her ass just grabbed me tighter than fuck.”

The big man in front of Gale was laughing as he released her breast. She shivered as the air felt cool on her moist skin after his warm sucking mouth.

“I told you man, I told you. With that long skinny dick, you’re the perfect ass man. Back it out a little and fuck it slow a few times until she gets used to it. Do it right and she’ll try and crush that thing when she comes.”

Gale felt the dick in her ass move out slowly and then back in, going a little deeper yet. She moaned loudly and felt her ass grab him. She heard him groan from right next to her ear as he pulled out slowly again.

His dick went back in a little deeper and then Gale finally felt his hips bump her ass. She wanted to yell “Oh God,” herself but the gag prevented it. He was in deeper than anything had ever been and she could feel the head throbbing and pulsing.

Gale wiggled her hips from side to side, as he pulled out again and froze as he slammed back into her ass. She could not breath for a moment and then she gasped through her nose and around the ball. It hadn’t hurt much at all but it felt astonishingly good.

The man started to fuck her ass with slow, smooth, deep strokes. Gale felt her ass press back against his hips each time he paused with his dick as deep as it would go. This was an ass fucking like she had always dreamed about. It could have been anywhere and it still would have been good. Here between these trees just made it even more intense.

Gale was so into the ass fuck that she forgot about the man in front of her. That is, until the plum sized head of his dick bumped her clit. Then it was spreading her outer lips as her hips flexed from fucking the dick behind her. It felt hot and massive as it spread her lips even wider.

It moved lower and rubbed against her opening as her hips moved. Then the man in front whispered in her left ear, “This is going to hurt so good for both of us.”

Before Gale could even think about replying, she felt his big dick press upward and she came up on her toes. The head of his dick slowly spread her wet slippery opening. It felt like the biggest toy the Master had ever used on her and then some. She pulled with her arms and felt her toes leave the ground.

The dick in her ass kept fucking her with long full strokes as the head of the one in her pussy slowly slipped inside. Gale could not breath. She had never felt so stretched and full before. Her hips jerked and twitched from the two assaults. As her arms gave out, she settled slowly down onto the big dick in her pussy.

Gale was coming even before she knew it. Her hips jerked and twitched even harder. She caught her breath sharply and tried to yell as she had never yelled before. It wasn’t pain exactly but more a pressure and stretched feeling. It was a full feeling like she had never experienced. He did not move. He didn’t have to, she was moving enough at the moment, for both of them.

When he did move, it was a slow rotation of his hips. Gale felt her clit trapped and rubbing against the shaft of his dick and went ballistic again. The dick in her ass seemed bigger and somewhere in the back of her mind, she wondered what he thought of her tight ass now.

The moaning and groaning that filtered into her brain from her right ear left no doubt in her mind that she was crushing him. He fucked her harder, which rocked her on the dick in front. Gale came even harder and wondered when she was going to die.

Either one of these two dicks would be outstanding in normal times. Together, they were too much, way too much but there was nothing she could do about it now. She was between a hard place and a harder place. Any movement on her part just feed more dick into her over stretched pussy and she came again and again.

There wasn’t really any pain, not of the bad sort anyway. She was just stuffed and on overload. Her twitching hips rubbed her clit against his massive shaft and that just added to the rolling pleasure she felt throughout her body. The long dick in her ass felt like a dream come true.

Suddenly Gale felt the dick in her pussy moving out of her. She gasped at the empty feeling as it did and then gasped again as it started back in slowly. That filling feeling and the rub on her clit made her try to scream around the ball gag. She felt her inner muscles clamping down on both dicks.

The guy behind her gave out with a yell and there was a surging warmth deep in her ass. He was coming and bumping his hips against her ass cheeks wildly as he did. This rocked Gale on the big dick in the front and made her yell also as it went in even deeper than before.

The big man in front groaned and whispered, “You are so fucking hot and tight.”

Gale wanted to yell that she had never been fucked with a baseball bat before, but couldn’t.

From behind her, gale heard, “Oh man, that was way too fast. I wanted it to last a lot longer.” Gale wanted the same thing but right now, she had a much bigger problem. No pun intended. That big dick in her pussy was making her light headed from the pressure and her trapped clit.

Gale wondered what it was going to be like if he ever started to really fuck her. This wasn’t the best position for a really big dick but it was the only one available or was it? When the guy in her ass pulled out then….” As she thought it, the guy did pull out of her ass slowly.

“Man, you had it right about ass fucking. I’ve got to get me some more of that stuff,” the guy said and then he sighed as his dick came free of Gale’s ass. “I’ve never felt anything so tight in my life.”

“I’m about the same way with her pussy. I can’t get the angle right to fuck her,” the man in front said.

“Hey, move around on this side and pull her hips back. Her pussy is low down so this should work better.”

Gale heard the conversation from somewhere far away and then groaned as the big dick came out of her pussy. Her hips quivered as an empty feeling flowed over her and for the first time in a long while, she wasn’t in the middle of one orgasm or another. Without the men’s support her legs felt weak and wobble and she hung by her arms.

A moment later, she felt that big dick slid between her upper thighs and rub across her opening from the rear. It felt even bigger now and that was scary. A massive arm across her lower rib cage lifted her off her feet. His other arm across her hips pulled them backwards.

Now the ropes attached to her ankles were tight. She was off the ground and angled back enough that just the head of his massive dick rubbed her slit and bumped over her clit. His hips rubbed her ass for a moment and then they dropped lower. The head of his dick pressed firmly to her opening and slowly entered. Gale gasped around the ball gag and let out a wailing moan as the big head went deeper and deeper, stretching her wider and wider.

When he finally paused that first thrust, Gale was a rag doll in his massive arms. She had never been so full and her clit rubbing along that thick shaft had taken her breath away. The four ropes had her arms and legs spread tightly as he pulled out until just the head remained inside her.

He started to fuck her with slow steady strokes. Gale came totally unglued as that huge dick ran in and out of her soaking wet pussy. She couldn’t breath, she couldn’t see, she couldn’t hear. The only thing in the world was the rolling, boiling pleasure her pussy and clit generated. Sparks flew along her nervous system to the very tips of her fingers and toes.

Somewhere along the line, she caught her breath and then marveled at the fact that his hips were touching her ass on each inward stroke. His whole dick was inside her pussy. The steady filling and emptying of her sex was beyond comprehension. The drag of her clit along that thick shaft in both directions sent sizzling jolts throughout her body.

Gale was in another universe by the time she heard the man grunt softly, plant his hips against her ass, and rock back and forth. The swelling pulse of the large dick planted so deep in her tightly stretched pussy announced his orgasm. It also pushed her even higher in her own.


Gale came back to her senses in her Master’s arms. He was carrying her through the trees on the opposite side of the hill from where she had been tied. She still had her cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Short pieces of rope were still attached to the two cuffs she could see.

Her head was still swimming as he loaded her in the car and covered her with a soft silky blanket. He got into the car next to her and smiled down at her. “Did reality come close to your fantasy?”

Gale moaned softly and whispered, “It was all I imagined and then some.”

“Would you do it again?”

Gale moaned even louder as shivers ran up and down her body. That long thin dick up her ass. That huge dick in her pussy. Both together while she was tied and blindfolded outdoors. “Yes,” she whispered with a drawn out hissing sound.

“Good, because I gave your two friends a phone number to contact. Next time, they promised to bring a few friends along. How would you like that?”

Gale turned on her side and curled up. She rocked on the seat and moaned. That was all the answer the Master needed. With a grin, he started the car and slowly drove toward the exit to the park. As they passed under the arched gate he said, “How does next weekend sound?”

There was no answer from Gale, who was fast asleep.

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