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Wild Summer Fling

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Christina ends up having a summer fling with one of the members she meets at the country club she works at for the summer.


My freshman year of college ended in early May and I decided to stay at school since I’d gotten a job working as a waitress at the nearby country club. I was staying on campus since I was also taking one summer class which allowed me to remain in my dorm room for the entire summer.

Even better was I didn’t have a roommate to share the room with. I was a little sad because Megan went home for the summer and so did my roommate Jacqueline. Megan and I had had some hot sex the last couple of days of the semester but she did promise to visit me. Jacqueline knew there was something going on between Megan and me, but she didn’t say anything. I did notice that she was staring at me more when I was changing clothes. I got to where I would purposely take my towel or bathrobe off as soon as I came back to our room after a shower and I’d prance around naked in front of her. I also found a dildo in her desk drawer one day when I was searching for a pen. It was smaller than any of the ones I now owned, but it turned me on to know we both got off in that room. I just wondered if she thought about me when she masturbated like I did her on occasion.

I worked out my schedule at the country club so I could work most afternoons except for Tuesdays when I had my summer class. I enjoyed Wednesdays because the women’s group played that day and many of the women were nice to me and they were very good tippers. The rest of the week it was mostly men that played and some of them weren’t that good of tippers, but there were a few cute ones to look at. I went to work one Wednesday around 11:00 and was assigned to work the outside patio area, which was good for me as that is where most of the women had lunch. Around 12 or so the women started coming in off the golf course. They came over and ordered drinks before heading to the locker room to freshen up. As a group of women came over to the patio, I noticed one woman in particular. She was maybe 5’6″ or 5’7″ with dirty blonde hair and a gorgeous figure. I hadn’t seen her since I started working at the country club. I asked the other waitress working with me about her and she said the woman as a member but she hadn’t seen her in a while. The pretty woman walked over and put her bag down at the table I was serving. I went over to her feeling a familiar tingle in a most intimate place.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” I asked her as I noticed her nice tan legs.

She was wearing a black skirt and a pale pink sleeveless top. The top accented her tan skin. I could see through the sides of her top that she was wearing a blue bra underneath her top. The bra did a great job holding up her good size breasts.

“Oh thank you, I would like a Cosmo,” she said to me. “I’m going to head off to the locker room to change, you can charge it to account # 237 and bring me the drink there in ten minutes,” she said, although not so much as an order but a pleasant request.

“Not a problem,” I responded then watched as she walked by me towards the locker room. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of those tanned legs of hers, but was able to get to the bar and put in the order for her drink without running into anything as I gawked. When I punched in the membership number, the name on the account came up ‘Sal and Pam Reynolds’. I smiled before I went off to take a few other drink orders.

I went back to the bar and grabbed Mrs. Reynolds drink and headed towards the locker room. I wasn’t sure where Mrs. Reynolds’ locker was, so I walked up the main aisle and looked to each side for her. I as I got to the last row of lockers I heard someone.

“Mrs. Reynolds, its Christina, I have the Cosmo that you ordered.” I called out.

“I’m right over here Christina,” a woman said just as I turned the corner.

I wasn’t prepared to see the woman completely naked with just a towel wrapped around her head. I stopped and couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she stood there rubbing lotion over her body. Here entire body was tanned. I mean there were no tan lines on that curvy body anywhere. The woman had a gorgeous body for being in her late-thirties or so I figured. I also took note that she only had a little landing strip of faint blond hair, above her pussy. And what a beautiful pussy it was. I could see she had a large clit as most of it was sticking out from between the puffy pink lips. I had to wonder if she has played with herself in the shower.

I don’t know if I was in a trance or not, but the wonderfully naked woman walked over to me and took the drink off of my tray without me moving an inch or saying a word.

“Thanks Christina, I appreciate you bringing me the drink here in the locker room,” she said in a more raspy voice than before then she brought the glass to her lips and sipped.

I quickly realized that she was speaking to me and snapped out of my trance. “Uh, not a problem Mrs. Reynolds.” I said with a flustered voice.

“Oh you don’t have to call me that, please, its Pam to you.”

My eyes finally came up from her delicious looking pussy and I made eye contact with her.

“Christina, are you new here?” Pam asked me.

“Yes, I just started working here a few weeks ago. I go to school up the road and I was lucky enough to get a job here decided to work here for the summer,” I said licking my lips as I looked into her pretty green eyes.

“That would be why I haven’t seen you before, that and also the fact I just got back from Europe.”

I felt my pussy getting wet as my eyes lowered to focus on her perfect large breasts. They had to be a full C-cup or maybe a D-cup.

I swallowed hard and returned my gaze to her eyes. “Uh, were you in Europe on vacation?”

“I was there visiting my husband in Spain. He is working there for 7 months or so. I went to visit for 4 weeks,” she said as I watched her pull a black satin thong out of her bag and slipped it on.

“Sounds like a good time,” I said as she shimmed the underwear up her saying hips. I was immediately disappointed when the material hid her lovely pussy.

“It was okay, but he was so busy working. I mostly went to the beach every day. The weather was fantastic,” she said as she put on the matching bra.

I watched intently as she pulled the cups over the two large globes on the front of her gorgeously tanned body. They all too quickly covered those small, but fully erect dark brown nipples.

“I guess that would explain why you don’t have any tan lines and by the way you have a really great tan,” I said having made the excuse to look her up and down once again, admiring that beautiful and sexy body.

“Thanks for noticing,” Pam grinned over the top of her glass as she took another sip of her Cosmo, before putting it back on the bench and putting on her shorts.

“Well I better get back to my tables. I will see you out there Mrs. Reynolds.” I said to her as I turned to walk away.

“Pam, Christina, remember you can call me Pam,” she said and as I walked towards the locker room door I turned back to see her give me a wink and then a lingering look up and down.

I smiled back in return, feeling a very warm tingle wash over my entire body before I left the locker room. As I walked back to the patio, I could feel my thong was wet.

I made my way back to the waitress stand to pull myself together before I went out to take lunch orders. I had three tables assigned to me. By the time I got to the final table Pam emerged from the locker room wearing a flowing skirt that came down to her knees and, a sleeveless top that really those gorgeous tits I had a close-up view of earlier and a sexy pair of wedge sandals on her feet. I noticed a few other women at the table also give her a lingering glance as she sat down at another table. I took the women’s selections then headed back to put in all of the orders.

After that I went around and refilled drinks. During my little circuit I kept stealing glances at Pam. We made eye contact a few times and she smiled as she did. I felt warm all over as I headed back into the kitchen and picked up the lunches to take out to my three tables of lady golfers. When I had finished I walked back past Pam’s table. Abruptly she dropped her fork right in front of me. No sooner had I stopped than she leaned over to pick it up, which afforded me a perfect view of her large tits gaping from her top.

“It looks like I need a new fork,” Pam said looking right up into my eyes with her lovely green ones.

“Sure, I’ll get you one right away,” I said taking hold of the utensil she held up between us.

Only she didn’t let it go as I tried to take it from her. I felt the warmth as her fingers touched mine. I also felt an electric connection between the two of us before she finally released the fork to me. During this entire little interlude, that felt like it had lasted minutes rather than seconds, she never broke eye contact with me. I got lost in those gorgeous light green eyes of hers. The other women at her table were engrossed in their own meals and conversation and didn’t pay any attention to us.

I grasped the fork tightly in my hand as I returned to the waitress station. My pussy was so wet by this point I swear a squished in my thing as I walked. It was too much to handle so I asked another waitress to cover my tables while I went to the bathroom to freshen up.

But no sooner had I gotten to the bathroom and in a stall than I had my shorts down around my ankles and my damp panties pulled aside. I started rubbing my clit even before I sat. I prayed no one would come in as I continued to rub my pussy. I started moaning as I got so close so fast. With one hand I pulled my order pad out of my apron and put it in my mouth. I bit down on it hard as I stuck two fingers into my saturated love canal while my thumb kept on rubbing my clit. A few more quick strokes and I was cumming. I kept on ramming my fingers into my pussy as I felt my cum cover my fingers and start to trickle down my thighs. I huffed and puffed around that order pad between my teeth as I came hard, the whole time thinking of the gorgeous, naked Pam.

When my orgasm finally subsided I slid my fingers out of my pussy and licked them off. It took a while as nearly my whole hand was covered with wet sticky cum. I stepped out of the stall and went to wash my hands as I checked myself in the mirror. I looked flushed and splashed a little cold water on my face before I headed back out to the patio area.

I was only gone a few minutes, but it was a few minutes well spent.

I headed over to my three tables and began clearing off the dirty plates. Some of the women asked me for their tabs and others asked for the desert menu. On my way back with an arm full of plates I passed by Pam’s table and noticed the look on her face, it was than just a smiled. I also noticed that Mrs. Andrews next to her had the same look on her face. There was something behind those looks. It was then I could smell my own freshly-cummed pussy aroma. I wondered if they could smell it too. I gave each woman another quick look as I walked on by.

I had seen Mrs. Andrews at lunch several times since I started working at the golf course. She was an attractive brunette in her early forties I presumed, with a very firm body. I could tell that she worked out quite a bit. She has well toned arms and shoulders which I saw in a strapless form-fitting dress last week at the Memorial Day barbecue. I wondered if she and Pam got together outside of the club, too.

I got myself together and finished my duties clearing tables after having had taking a few more orders. Most of the women had left and it was nearing three o’clock. My shift was over at 3. I had taken over three tables of another girl’s as she ha dot leave early. One of those was the one Pam and Mrs. Andrews were sitting at. At that moment they were the only women remaining at any of my tables. I hoped they wouldn’t be much longer as I wanted to get back to my dorm room and spend some time with my new vibrator.

I glanced over at the two gorgeous women and saw they were both finishing up their drinks. I heard Mrs. Andrews say to Pam she would see her this weekend and then she got up and left. Pam remained seated, looking out onto the course. I walked over to see if there was anything else she needed.

“Is there anything else I can get for you, Mrs. Rey…I mean Pam,” I asked her.

“I am fine, Christina. Will you grab me my tab,” she said looking up at me with those piercing green eyes.

I hesitated for a moment feeling a clench in my groin, before I pulled her check out of my apron. “Here you are,” I said to her as I held out the check and she grabbed it.

It was my turn to hold on a little longer while we continued to look into one another’s eyes.

The engaged look turned very seductive when she asked, “Christina, what time does your shift get done?”

I released the check and she proceeded to sign it as I somewhat breathily replied, “I get done in ten minutes.”

“Do you have any plans for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Not really. I was just going to head back to my dorm, maybe study, have a workout later,” I said full well knowing I was going to give my clit and pussy a good workout with my new vibe first. As she handed me the check back I asked somewhat boldly, “How about you?”

“I think I might go shopping, or I might go sit by our pool and work on my tan some more,” she replied back with a broad smile before her eyes traveled down my body. “Would you like to come with me Christina?”

I know I gulped hard and felt so warm at that point I knew I was a moment away from self-combusting. “Well I don’t have any money to go shopping, but I would love to go and lay out by the pool.”

“That is fine with me, I could use the company.” she said back to me as her eyes made their way slowly back up passed my tingling tits to my face.

“Oh, I don’t have a bathing suit with me, but I can go back to my dorm real quick, if you don’t mind?”

“No that is fine,” Pam said then picked up her napkin to dab her lips.

That innocent gesture about made my insides melt as I could only imagine what those lips would feel like on my pussy. I took a breath before saying, “Okay, then let me go cash out my checks and then we can go.”

“Sounds good, I need to make a phone call first anyway,” she said and for the first time in several moments she took her eyes off me to reach for her cell.

I headed over to the waitress station and cashed out my checks and then clocked out before grabbing my purse. Pam met me over by the front door of the club and we walked out together. I told her where my car was and she pulled over to it as I was getting in.

“I’ll follow you to your dorm,” she called out with a smile from her driver’s window.

“Sure,” I replied back as I eyed Mercedes Benz 500 SL convertible. If I had not known this woman had lots of money I certainly did then. For some reason that got my pussy wetter than it was already. I swear if it had been more than 5 minutes to get back to campus I would have taken care of that arousal right there in my car.

I parked out front of my dorm and Pam pulled up in the space beside me.

“I’ll run inside and grab a bathing suit and my stuff. Be right back,” I said.

“Okay, I will be here waiting,” she said seductively and winked.

I quickly ran up the stairs and down the hall to my room. I had loosened my work clothes on the way and was completely disrobed by the time I closed the door and made it to my chest of drawers. I grabbed a pair of cut off denim shorts and a halter top threw them on and then grabbed my teal blue string bikini. I threw it into my bag along with suntan lotion and my vibrator and lube. Okay, yes, I was already thinking that far ahead. I was planning on using it on the older woman before the afternoon was out. I also grabbed my shower stuff and then looked at myself in the mirror before slipping on my wedge sandals and headed out the door.

I walked up to my car as she watched me with an obvious leer in her eyes.

“Get over here and get in Christina, I will drive,” Pam said to me.

I stopped in my tracks and looked back at her giving me that leering look again. I barely took another step however as I spun around and went to the passenger side of her expensive luxury car, got in and threw my bag in the back. She had the top down so I took my sunglasses out of my purse and put them on as she pulled away. She drove off campus and quickly was on the highway. For some reason we didn’t say anything as she drove to her house. For me it was the most simultaneously nerve-wracking and arousing fifteen minutes of my life. My heart raced doubly fast as my pussy gushed.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped as we pulled into her development of the biggest homes I had ever seen. She lived in a very secluded area in one of the most lavish of the homes. As we pulled into her driveway, Pam hit the button to open the garage door and we pulled into one of the three spaces. As I got out of the car I noticed there was a BMW and a Porsche occupying the other two garage bays.

She led me through a mud room that was twice the size of my dorm room and then into a kitchen so huge I swear my mother’s whole first floor of her house could fit inside. I couldn’t believe how amazing her house was.

“Pam you have a very nice house,” I said with full honesty.

“Thanks Christina. Please make yourself at home. Can I get you something to drink?” She asked me as she moved over to their large stainless steel Subzero fridge. That appliance looked as big as an upright king-sized bed, which I hoped she had and planned to share with me.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” I said to her as I walked on into what I assumed was her family room, which I guess in a house that size was a great room, and a rather great room it was as deep and long across it appeared.

“I’m going to have another Cosmo, is that alright with you?” Pam asked as she I heard bottles being moved and what I figured was the clinking of glasses.

“Yes, sure, that is fine with me,” I said as I walked in awe around the great room and peered at pictures of her and her husband. He is a very good looking man and from the hard build of him in a couple of pictures I’m sure Pam was a very lucky woman. I made my way over to the French doors and looked outside to see the massive and decorative pool and massive and ornately landscaped backyard. The pool area was just as nice as the rest of the house. The entire area was done in EP Henry pavers and it was complete with an outdoor kitchen and bar. I spotted the Jacuzzi attached to the far end of the pool. It looked like the Reynolds liked to entertain.

“Would you like to go outside Christina?” Pam startled me out of my overwhelming daze. She walked up behind me with the drinks in her hand.

“Sure that would be great,” I said as I opened the door and we walked outside towards the pool. Pam handed me my drink and I took a sip of the Cosmo. “Very good Pam, much better than I get at any of the parties at school.” I said to her with a smile as I looked out over the expanse of the grounds. “Nice pool you have here. I really like it a lot.” I said to her before taking another sip of the delicious drink.

“Do you want to go for a swim or just lay out.” she asked me.

“Let’s lay out and then take a quick dip if it gets too hot,” I said already feeling the early buzz of the alcohol in the drink.

“Okay let’s go and get into our bikinis. I will show you where you can get changed,” she said taking my free hand and leading me back inside the house. We walked back to the kitchen so I could get my bag and then we went back through the great room and down the hall to a bathroom. “You can get changed in here. There are towels if the closet. I will be down in a few minutes,” she said to me before she went on down the hall.

I closed the bathroom door; put my bag on the toilet lid and my half-finished drink on the counter. As I started to take off my halter top I looked around. The bathroom was incredibly large for being only a half bath. Everything was large in this Reynolds house. I had plenty of room to spread out as I tossed my top over by my bag and then removed my bra. That was refreshing and exhilarating in itself. So much so I took a minute to stare at my tingling tits in the mirror. I hoped Pam would get to play with them today. My nipples turned hard right before my eyes at the thought of her sucking on them. I reached up and played with them a little bit which only made my pussy get that much wetter. I shivered warmly as I slipped out of my shorts and looking down could see my thong was visibly wet. I quickly pulled my underwear down figuring I should hurry up so Pam wouldn’t think I was playing with myself. Of course why would she? Because she had smelled my hot pussy aroma from after my little adventure in the bathroom at the club?

I pulled my string bikini out of my bag and put on the bottoms. I tied the string on the side and then fixed the back so it covered part of my ass cheeks. I pulled the bikini tight in the front, up over my glistening pussy, until it created a nice camel toe effect. I licked my lips having the desire to lick my own pussy. If only a girl could do that!

I then grabbed the top and put it on over my head and then tied the back. The top did very little to cover my breasts. I wasn’t necessarily that huge up top, nothing like Pam, but still the fabric was stretched trying to cover each one of my oh so stimulated globes. As I admired myself again in the mirror I began to picture my new friend in her bathing suit. I couldn’t wait to see Pam in her expensive sexy bikini.

I picked my other clothes and threw them into my bag, put my sandals back on then headed back out to the pool.

Pam wasn’t down yet so I found a spot on one of the chaise lounges and plopped my butt down and sipped some more of my drink. But the longer I had to wait the hornier I got in anticipation. Almost before I realized what I was doing I began to rub my hard nipples through my top. They really were hard! The sensation made my breathing quicken. Then as if it was natural to masturbate at a stranger’s house slipped a hand down into my bottoms and touched my clit.

“Ohhhh!” I gasped almost losing control.

Then I heard Pam come out through the French doors. I pulled the hand from out of my bottoms, wiped them on the lounger and watched as she walked over to me. She looked absolutely stunning in a yellow bikini with a blue flower print. Her bikini top struggled more than mine did to cover her full, heavy breasts beneath it. She had on a different pair of sandals as she looked taller as she walked up to me with two towels in her hand.

“Nice bathing suit Christina,” Pam said looking down at me and handed me a towel. “You look fantastic. You really do a great job at taking care of your body.”

“Thanks, I workout 4 or 5 times a week,” I stood and blushed. “But I think I still have much work to catch up with you and your tan.” I bent over and reached into my bag to pull out a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion. My back was to her so I lingered hoping she got a nice view of my ass and maybe even my puffy pussy lips as I bent over so far. I then turned around and moved over to the chaise lounge next to her.

But she turned away rather quickly. Before she did I noticed that her nipples were sticking out through her bikini top.

“Pam, are you okay?” I asked as I opened up the lid to the suntan lotion.

“Oh yes, I am. I just need to get something from inside. Do you want another drink?” she said without looking back at me.

“Sure, if you are getting one for yourself,” I said as she walked away.

I had to wonder if I had done something to offend her. I rather hoped she had just gotten excited by me practically sticking my ass in her face. I sat there for another moment and she still didn’t come out, so I reached for my Cosmo magazine from my bag. I leafed through it, not really paying attention but trying to keep myself from staring at the patio doors.

Pam finally came back outside a couple minutes later with two glasses in one hand and a pitcher in the other.

“I decided to make us a pitcher of margaritas so we don’t have to keep going back into the house each time we get thirsty,” she said as she put the glasses down on the table and began to fill mine.

“Perfect,” was all I could think of to say before I lifted my glass and took a sip. I watched Pam sit down and take a sip of her drink.

I put my glass down and poured some of the suntan lotion into my hand and started to spread it on my legs. This immediately got Pam’s attention and she seemed to be mesmerized as my hands glided up and down my legs, her eyes over the rim of her upturned glass. I purposely spread the lotion slowly and eased my fingers further up inside of my thighs. I reached over and squirted more lotion into my hands and then rubbed it on my stomach, arms and the tops of my tits. Pam had her eyes on me the whole time. I felt like I was putting on a show for her and I loved it. So I kept on doing it, turned around and rubbed the lotion up the back of my legs and around the edges of my bikini bottoms. I thought sure she would offer to rub lotion on my back for me, but she just sat there with a smile on her lips as my hands slowly glided across my body.

She was enjoying the show.

But I wanted and needed more.

“Pam do you want me to rub lotion on you?” I asked deciding I would take a different more bold tact.

“Yes, I would like that,” she said in a surprisingly nervous tone. She even blushed before she turned her back to me and pulled her dirty blond hair over her shoulder baring her smooth back and neck. I move from my chaise to hers and sat down behind her as I squirted some more suntan lotion into my palm. I rubbed the creamy substance in my hands, warming it up some then started to spread it on her back just above where her bikini top tied. I slowly rubbed the lotion in on working my way up to her shoulders and then down back towards the middle of her back. I only got bolder and Pam seemed to get ever more nervous. But I decided to see how far I could go with this. I slid my hands towards her armpits as Pam lifted up her arms to fix her hair. This allowed me to slide my hands along her sides further until my fingertips rubbed over the sides of her lovely, full tits. She let out a breathy, almost cooing moan and figured unless she said to I wasn’t going to stop. I rubbed my greasy palms all over the sides of her tits. Her skimpy bikini top didn’t really contain them and the more I rubbed and caressed the more Pam continued to moan. I finally slid my hands up under her breasts and grasped them firmly.

“Ohhhh!” Pam practically whimpered.

Looking over her shoulder I could see her nipples poking up through the thin bikini fabric. I squeezed a little harder. Then she tilted her head back at which point I took the opportunity to kiss her on the lips.

“Mmmmmm,” the woman moaned into my mouth.

We shared a pleasant kiss as I continued to grope her tit with one hand while I reached down with the other and untied her top. When I slid both hands back up under her breasts, the top fell off them and my fingers pinched both nipples.

“Ahhhh! Oh…yesss!” Pam nearly wailed as her back arched and her tit pressed into my hands.

My pussy clenched and leaked as I continued to feel up this gorgeous older woman.

I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears as I listened to the erotic sounds of her moans and whimpers. I was getting turned on just making her hot. Then abruptly Pam broke from my grasp, turned and fell back onto the chaise, pulling me on top of her as she did. I fell right into her arms and we kissing each other even more passionately than before. I felt her hands reach around back and untie my top which she quickly pulled away from my tits and tossed aside. Her warm hands were all over my sensitive tits in a second and I relished the feeling she gave me. We continued to kiss only now our tongues danced around in one another’s mouth as our hands eagerly explored each other’s half-naked bodies. I could feel my bikini bottoms were soaked already.

I needed more and quick.

I broke our lip lock and began kissing my way down her neck until I got to her tits. I slowly licked every inch of her large tits while she moaned her heart out. I didn’t stop to see if she was okay with me going further, I just assumed she did.

I did hear and feel Pam take a huge breath.

“My, you are very talented Christina,” she said with a very breathy voice.

“This?” I said then swiped my tongue up over her huge erect nipple. “Wait until you see what else I can do. By the way, what size are these beauties of yours?” I said cupping and lifting her tit in my palms.

“They are 36Cs,” she replied putting a hand on the back of my head, slightly tugging back to her chest. “Do you really like them?”

“They are wonderful, but there is much more of you to play with,” I said to her as I slid down the chaise and kissed her sexy stomach.

“Oh!” That sexy whimper came again.

I slowly kissed and licked around her belly button, feeling her quiver, before I moved over to her hip and gave it a nibble. That was only the starting point as I planted little kisses on her all the way across her waist kissing just above the top of her bikini. She continued to moan again and again as she also ran her fingers up through my hair. Her bikini bottom was held together by strings so when I made my way over to her left hip bone, I took the opportunity to pull one string with my teeth until it came loose. I then kissed my way back up to her belly button, swirled my tongue down inside making her squeal and squirm, before trailing kissing back down to the top of her bikini then back over to her right hip where I pulled those strings loose. I could smell the distinctly aroused aroma of her pussy. It actually made me think of the last time I had gone down on Megan and her musky scent. My mouth watered as I took in Pam’s sexy aroma. As I looked up her body passed her gorgeous mounds of beautiful tits to her scrunched up face looking down at me my lips captured her bottoms and I peeled the fabric back from her pussy. She instinctively lifted her hips and I pulled bikini bottom completely from under her. I tossed them aside having them land near my top she had discarded.

I then stared upon the most gorgeous pussy ever. Okay, yes, it was even sexier looking than Megan’s, at least in that moment it did. She had the most perfectly trimmed little landing strip just above her pussy that pointed right down to bare pink lips that glistened so wetly and invitingly in the afternoon sun. They were nice and plump and her clit, oh my, it was much larger than mine or Megan’s. It stuck up from between those lovely lips begging to be teased. There was no decision to make as I went for her clit as the starting point for my sexual assault on the delicious view there below my chin.

I dove right onto it and started to lick the massive reddish bead. The second my tongue made contact Pam went from a tame moaning to a guttural groaning.

“Ohh yes! Oh…Christina, oh yes…that feels good,” she uttered as I licked on her.

My tongue, at first, made long swipes across her clit as I moved my head back and forth. She squirmed and bucked below me smacking her pussy against my lips. That only caused me to taste her womanly juices and they tasted really good. Before I knew it my tongue slipped down to that soaked slit and I dove in deeply there until I was licking and sucking her out in a mad frenzy. Bother her hands were in my hair again as she groaned and grunted in pleasure. I couldn’t get enough of her pussy.

I kept on licking her inside and out while my thumb rubbed her very erect clit. I could tell this was driving her wild so I kept on doing it for a few more minutes. Pam continued to moan my name with some dirty expletives mixed in as she pulled on my hair and squeezed her thighs around my head. This high-class lady was a very naughty woman down deep.

I decided to see just how dirty and naughty she’d allow me to get and slipped a finger down between her by then wet ass crack and up to her puckered little asshole. I teased there pushing in and pulling out just a little.

“Oh Christina! Oh no, yes, I mean…oh!”

My middle finger slid on into that tighter passage with little resistance. She called out my name with curse words attached again and I smiled into her pussy as I sped up the flicking of my tongue. I then was able to get a second finger into her asshole.

“Oh fuckkkk, yesss!” Pam yelled out and bucked her hips up onto my tongue as it buried the furthest yet into her hot pussy. She was going nuts as I licked her wonderful pussy and finger fucked her asshole. I just knew it wouldn’t be long before my face was covered with her cum. I couldn’t wait for it and I licked her faster as my fingers were flying in and out of her asshole and my tongue stabbing furiously into her pussy all the while my thumb tapped rapidly on her clit.

Then I could feel Pam’s body tense around me. She stopped moaning and groaning for a few seconds, I think she even held her breath. Then all of a sudden, everything exploded. Her body jerked violently she practically screamed and her lady cum juices literally splattered all over my face.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Pam wailed and squeezed her thighs hard against my ears as she pulled on my hair until it actually hurt. But I didn’t stopped, my fingers in her contracting asshole, my tongue in her quivering pussy and my thumb on her ripe and now assuredly sensitive clit all continued to work her over as my face became soaked with her wetness.

“Ohhh God Christina, stop, please stop!” the older woman called out as my tongue feverishly tried to lick up all the sweet nectar from her love canal. “Ohhh fuck that felt sooooo good sweetie, you’re amazing.”

I could only smile and feel my own pussy clenching in pride as I kept on licking her drenched pussy for another minute or so as she calmed down from what I had to assume was a very massive and satisfying orgasm. My face was covered in her cum as I pulled my head up from between her legs still proudly smiling. I looked up at her face but with her back still arched up I could only see her breasts rising and falling as she took deep breaths. I withdrew my two fingers from her still contracting asshole and saw how much her juices had run down between her ass cheeks and helped lubricate that not so small looking hole at the moment. There was a huge wet spot on the chaise cushion right between her legs. I leaned down and licked up what I could of her cum juices from there and between her ass cheeks before I climbed up and laid on top of her.

My wet face hovered just over her smiling one, her eyes appearing to just then come back into focus as she stared up at me.

“Christina, that was more than amazing. Your really know how to make a woman cum,” she said as she raised her head and kissed me on the lips. I know she tasted her own juices and couldn’t tell if that excited her as she forced her tongue into my mouth and put her arms around me and pulled me close. She kissed me more passionately than before I had made her cum. We kissed for a few minutes out near the pool under a bright sun our skin sweaty and slick also from the suntan lotion.

Which she obviously acknowledged, too as she broke our kiss and asked. “Pam, would you like to hop in the pool for a minute since we are both sweaty and covered with lotion?”

“Sure Christina, that sounds like a good idea.”

We got up together and hand in hand, grabbed our margaritas and walked into the shallow end of the pool. I put my drink down and pulled my hair tie out before going underwater to get wet. It was very refreshing and actually exhilarating to feel the water cleanse and soothe my heated body. Of course, I was hot from more than the sun. When I rose back up out of the water I saw Pam had done the same thing as her hoar was all wet and slicked back. She was already taking a sip of her drink. She looked her prim and proper self again, but I was determined to change that. As she put her drink down I rose up and splashed her with water.

“Hey!” she squealed with a frown that quickly turned to a broad, playful smile and she splashed me back.

We went back and forth several times like that, both squealing like little school girls before Pam suddenly reached out and grabbed me by the shoulders to pull me to her and kissed me hard. She took my breath away as her arms enveloped me and hugged me tightly as her tongue probed my mouth. Just as I was getting into the lust filled kiss she broke away again to kiss my neck and ears before making her way down to my tits. She squeezed the two of them together before licking both my nipples. I sucked in a deep breath at the hot contact and leaned back towards the pool wall where I was able to rest as she fervently played with my tits.

“You’ve got a great set of tits Christina,” Pam said to me in between planting kisses on my newly tingling firm melons.

“Thanks, yours are pretty nice as well.” I said to her as I wrapped my legs around her body underwater.

My nipples were sticking out like pebbles as she twisted, pinched and bit them. I tossed my head back and began moaning a sweet tune enjoying the attention from this older woman as well as the pleasure. It was funny as I again thought of Megan and how she played at my tits, she was definitely better at it than Pam, but Pam was eager and it still felt good.

But I had been aroused for so long I needed more and needed it soon. I stopped her from playing with my tits, released my legs from around her body and put my hands on the pool deck to hoist myself up onto the edge. My throbbing wet pussy was right at her eye level now. Pam locked her gaze on me down there immediately. As she stared I put my feet out and hooked them behind her back to pull her right in between my legs to my waiting pussy. I didn’t have to tell her a thing as her already broad smile seemed to grow bigger yet right before she inhaled sharply and planted her face right into my crotch.

“Oh yesss!” I felt a jolt go through my entire body as her tongue made first contact with my enlarged clit. My hands plopped down behind me as I supported myself as went to town.

Pam made slow deliberate tongue strokes across my clit and pussy. I could tell as much as she may have seemed a bit nervous earlier she really was very well experienced in eating pussy. She seemed to devour mine. She was also not in a rush to make me cum as Megan usually was, as instead she took her time savoring my womanly delight. With each stroke of her tongue it drew me closer to my second orgasm of the day. She added her fingers into the mix with her tongue. This caused me to moan louder as her three fingers were fucking me at a pretty good pace while her tongue continued to tantalize my clit.

I expected to sit there and enjoying the thrilling sensations for a few minutes, building up to what I knew would be a very satisfying orgasm. But something she did inside me with her fingers triggered and almost immediate response and before I consciously recognized it, my hips were bucking into her face and my wetness was erupting from my pussy.

“Oh yesssss!” I wailed as I threw my head back.

Pam shoved her head down tight against my pussy as I jerked into her face and came and came. I wasn’t sure if she could breathe I was squeezing her head so hard, but honestly I didn’t care as what had to be the most explosive orgasm of my life swept through my body.

“Ohhhh Pam, Ohhhhhh yesss…yesss…yesss! That’s it! Right there! Don’t stop Pam, please don’t stop,” I nearly screamed at her she kept up her assault on my womanhood.

Pam complied with my wishes as her tongue and fingers worked their magic. I don’t know if it was one long deeply intense orgasm she had given me or a quick series of two or three back-to-back, but the sensation was deep and lasted longer than any cum I had ever experienced before. She kept at it as if she also didn’t want to let any of my cum go to waste.

My extended orgasm finally subsided and I looked down between my legs to see Pam with a big smile on her absolutely cum smeared face. She licked her lips and then bent down to kiss my sensitive pussy lips once more. I nearly jumped tight up off that pool deck I was so sensitive. But before I could do anything else Pam pulled me down into the pool and into her arms. We held each other like two young women having hooked up for the very first time.

Of course, I suppose it was the first time for the two of us together this afternoon.

“Christina, I really like eating your pussy. Do you think we could do this again sometime?” she asked me with a somewhat subdued, almost pleading tone.

“Oh yeah, I would love to Pam. I loved the way you did me and I really love the taste of your pussy. Besides I think I like playing with your really nice asshole, too. I might have to give it a good lick next time.” I winked at her as I reached around to squeeze one of her ass cheeks.

“Do you like my asshole because your fingers slid right in there with very little resistance?” Pam asked me with a lip nibbling grin.

“Uh yes, I liked how I could get two fingers in there with only a couple of strokes,” I said as I grabbed both her ass cheeks underwater and squeezed hard.

“It’s because my husband fucks me up the ass almost every time we make love. He knows how much I enjoy it and he isn’t one to deprive me of things. I also love getting fucked up there with a nice big strap-on and other things,” she narrowed her eyes as she looked at still nibbling on her lower lip.

“Oh! That’s interesting to know,” I said, feeling my own asshole clench at the thought of the two of us fucking one another in the ass someday.

“I’m thirsty, let’s go refill our drinks,” Pam said taking my hand leading me up the steps and out of the pool. We didn’t bother with towels but after she refilled out glasses we sat down on adjacent loungers and sipped our drinks while staring at one another over the rims of the glasses.

After only a couple of sips I couldn’t resist. I put my glass down, reached for hers and put it next to mine then sat next to her on her chaise and went right for her ripe tits. The softer nipples felt wonderful in my mouth and feeling them harden as I sucked on them made me instantly horny again.

“You can’t get enough of me, can you girl?” Pam asked as she put her hand to the back of my head and pulled me in tighter as I suckled on her tit.

I backed away only slightly and with her now newly hard stuck between my teeth mumbled, “No I can’t, with the way you eat pussy, I might never leave.”

I suckled hard on that nipple until I had Pam groaning again then quickly stopped and pushed her onto her back before I lay on top of her and taking the other nipple between my lips and sucking hard. As she moaned that delicious moan again I a hand down and started to rub her clit. She let out a little squeal as I did. And so I sucked and fingered her for another couple of minutes that is until I eyed my bag. Without missing a beat on her nipple or her clit, I reached out my hand fished around inside my bag until my hand grasped what I was looking for. While I sucked on her right nipple and rubbing her pussy from top to bottom and occasionally shoving a finger inside I laid the toy, my newest seen inch dildo, I had thought to bring with me in my lap. It didn’t take long before her pussy wet as my fingers were once again coated with her juices. I kept on working on her tits, one then the other while I fingered her pussy until it got even wetter. After I pinched her clit once and she gave out another pleasing squeal I then felt her juices start to run over my fingers and down between her ass cheeks.

I knew she was ready for what I had in my naughty little mind.

I let my fingers wander down in between her warm moist cheeks, spreading them to allow her juices to reach her rosebud. I rubbed her down there and spread her juices around all over, before I reached for my dildo. Without taking my mouth from her tit I positioned head of the toy against her asshole. I heard a yelp above me and in the next second I slid the thick fake cock right in without a problem. I took a moment to look up at her face and found her smiling at me as she arched her sliding her body down onto the chaise to accept more of the dildo. Within seconds I had most of the rubber cock into her asshole. I started to work it in and out of her slowly at first.

“No Christina, fuck me, really fuck with that thing!” Pam harshly ordered.

I didn’t hesitate, but shoved the dildo in deep and fast over and over again. Pam groaned with each inward stroke. I slid my other hand down and rubbed her clit while I continued to fuck her. I was really fucking this older woman’s ass, just like her husband did. Well, maybe not exactly like that but I felt like it was, as well as feeling my own asshole clenching at the thought of her husband doing me as I did his wife.

Damn if my ass and pussy weren’t on fire!

I then looked down to see her delicious pussy staring up at me so I decided to dive in for another feast. But before I could, Pam sat up, holding the dildo in her ass.

“Wait, I have a better idea,” she said. She pushed me back onto the chaise and got on all fours above me putting her dripping wet pussy right in my face. “Okay, now you can fuck my ass and lick my pussy, baby.”

With that she put my hand back on the end of the dildo and lowered her hot pussy onto my face. I didn’t need any coaxing or lessons here as I really started to fuck her hard with both my tongue and the toy. She dove right into my pussy. I yelped into her quivering wet pussy as she attacked my clit like a fiend. I licked at hers match the speed of her tongue all the while ramming the dildo into her ass. I know we both groaned and grunted like mad and even with our mouths being muffled by hot wet pussy I started to wonder if her neighbors where going to hear us. I didn’t care as the only thing that I wanted to do was make her cum her brains out all over my face while I fucked her face with my pussy.

And damn if we weren’t both doing it well.

My body began to sense the coming of another explosive orgasm and the tensing of Pam’s body above me told me she was close again, too. I tongue fucked her just as fast and deep as she tongue fucked me while the fake cock slid in and out of her sweet ass. She hunched back at it hard until all of a sudden her whole body shook. Her tongue waggled on my clit and I got ready to feel the bliss of another cum when she practically screamed into my pussy. She started to squirt cum all over my face and not sooner than she had than I got off and squirted in her face.

We were both cumming and cumming hard and fast.

I shook hard underneath Pam’s jerking body moaning into her hot pussy as she spilled more hot liquid onto my face.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssss Christina!” Pam finally yelled out having lifted her head from between my thighs as another squirt of her wetness splashed down onto my face. I buried the dildo in her ass one last time and heard her grunt. And still she was cumming. The woman could cum like there was no tomorrow. I did my best to keep licking it, but I could feel it dripping down my cheeks and into my hair.

“Ohhhhhhhhh godddddddd Christina, I’m cumming again,” she moaned and she did, with another wave of cum coming from her pussy which I swallowed down eagerly. “Ohhh Christina, I’m never letting you leave, baby,” called out as I kept on licking her pussy all the while feeling my quiver from the remnants of my last satisfying orgasm.

But as she squirmed and quivered with her latest orgasm I didn’t know if I could keep up with this overly sexual older woman. As I laid there with her pussy in my face I considered that I may have bitten off more than I could handle with Pam.

Finally the woman stopped cumming. But I kept licking her to clean her up the best I could. She reached back and took hold of my hand and we pulled the dildo from her ass. Slowly and hesitantly she then climbed off of me. As she turned back to me she reached down between her thighs and scooped up her thick wetness I had missed and fed it to me as if she knew I was still hungry for more.

I don’t think I could ever get enough of this woman.

I sucked on her fingers hard and then when she pulled them out I licked my lips.

“You really do like my pussy and cum, don’t you baby?”

“Mmm-hmm,” I muttered as I licked my lips and swallowed.

Pam leaned down and kissed me on the lips. No tongues this time, just a very soft, loving kiss.

After a few moments of post-orgasmic blissful kissing Pam helped me sit up on the chaise next to her.

“Do you want to head inside, maybe grab a shower and a bit to eat?”

“Sure that would be great. I could use something to eat. Even though I loved your cum, I think you helped me work up an even bigger appetite here.”

Pam looked at me with her lovely green eyes and reached up to push my straying wet hair back behind my ears.

“You know Christina, we can have a great little summer fling, if you want too. My husband is going to be away most of the summer on business,” she said boring a hot into my eyes.

I could feel my body reacting again already. This woman had me good.

“I would love to have a fling with you Pam,” I said to her before leaning in and kissing her on those luscious soft lips.

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