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Tyler’s Spring Break in April Ch. 02

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*Hello all! I’m not very happy with the way I wrote the first chapter to this story. It was short, hasty, and I was inexperienced. I like to think I’ve improved greatly since then, and after many years I’ve decided to continue the story of Tyler. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. So without further ado, here is the second chapter!


Tyler groaned and yawned loudly, half-asleep and grumpy that something had just disturbed him in the middle of the best sleep he’d ever had. Despite this, he couldn’t deny the unbelievable pleasure he felt below his waist. He was soon sitting up in his bed and wide awake.

As he lifted the covers, he realized it was his aunt April sucking hungrily on his cock, which like every morning, was as hard as a rock. She looked up and released him with a *pop* from her mouth, grinning widely. She grabbed his dick with both of her hands, stroking him slowly.

“Good morning, sweetie!” April licked her lips seductively, lying on her stomach between his legs. She was wearing a tight, baby blue tank-top that struggled to contain her mammoth chest, and a skimpy, matching g-string that did nothing to hide the round globes of her large, firm ass. Tyler had been wearing only boxers, but April had managed to remove those before abruptly ending his slumber.

“I thought you’d never wake up after yesterday, stud…” She giggled and leaned back down to kiss the tip of Tyler’s penis before slowly licking down the underside of his shaft. Tyler couldn’t even believe what happened yesterday afternoon, let alone this. He’d come to live with April after his mother, Linda, insisted he keep her company after his uncle’s death, only to be seduced within minutes of arriving and swimming at her house. They’d decided to call it an early evening upon re-entering the house. Moving and unpacking all his belongings that afternoon had drained them despite their best efforts to stay up.

“Can you blame me? I had a long day yesterday, and I had no idea I had this in store for me when I arrived…” Tyler was much more relaxed now, having now shed the tension and sexual frustration his aunt had fueled in him over the past years. “Now that I’ve rested, I’m all yours as long as you want…” His cock throbbed as April dragged the flat of her tongue up and down the sides of his shaft, swirling wonderfully around his head each time she switched sides.

“That’s what I wanted to hear…you wanna fill my mouth up, babe? Blast all that hot cum down my throat?” April said lewdly, slurping loudly on his cock as she spoke before engulfing the head in her mouth. Tyler could barely manage a nod as she began to move down his shaft, slowly sucking in more and more of his cock before swallowing him down to the base, her nose buried in his abdomen and every inch of his meat lodged firmly down her throat.

She moaned loudly around his 7-inch member, the sensation driving Tyler wild. April started to bob her head up down, retreating a good few inches before expertly sliding her mouth back down to the base, her lips a perfectly suctioned ‘O’ around his shaft. She stroked his inner thighs, spreading his legs open wide as she did so. She reached up with her left hand and grabbed his balls, squeezing and rolling them gently. She bunched them up slightly and swallowed his cock again, snaking her tongue out along the underside of his shaft to lick and tickle the top of his balls. The sight was too much for young Tyler, and he knew his morning load would soon be spent much sooner than he’d like.

“April…You’re so fucking good! I’m gonna cum soon!” He groaned as her right hand squeezed the base of his cock and she slid her mouth off it, a long string of saliva and pre-cum trailing from her bottom lip. He could hardly appreciate the sight, however, as she didn’t miss a beat, her hands a blur now stroking his cock in place of her mouth.

“Don’t hold back honey, I want every drop down my throat…” April cooed. Tyler moaned, his eyes rolling back as April sucked him back into her mouth, slurping and sucking his cock to the hilt. She continued to fondle his sack and reached under Tyler to squeeze his ass, urging him to fuck her mouth. He grabbed her fiery, red hair in both his hands as his hips lifted up in response to her, his dick throbbing in her throat and his balls tightening up with impending orgasm. April could feel it and doubled her efforts, pushing Tyler over the edge as his cock exploded in her mouth. She sucked down to the base of his dick, gulping feverishly as it pumped hot jizz down her throat. She eased off it a bit to let it pump her mouth full, swallowing in loud gulps with each load from his hose. After what felt like minutes, Tyler came down from his intense orgasm, still squirting drops of cum into her mouth, his rod resting on her tongue as it pulsed. He tried to catch his breath while April licked him clean and sat up, beaming as she looked down at her spent nephew.

“That was delicious, thanks for breakfast…” She winked and stood up, walking out of the room slowly to accentuate the sway of her round, shapely bottom. “I’ll be in the kitchen making yours while you recover.” And with that she closed the door behind her, snapping Tyler back to reality.

He took a few moments to compose himself and got up to walk over to his duffel bag containing all of his important, personal belongings. Pulling out his stash, Tyler sat down at the desk in his room, and within minutes had a decent joint rolled with the finest herb. Pulling his chair over to his window, he unlocked and opened it wide before lighting up and puffing away. Never a fan of cigarettes, Tyler compared this session to having a smoke after good sex and laughed to himself, doing his best to blow all the smoke out the window. As wild and inhibited as she’d truly proven to be over the last 24 hours, Tyler wasn’t about to ruin the best thing that ever happened to him over some weed. She was very close to him, but herb had never been brought up in any of their conversations, so he didn’t know for sure how she felt.

After enjoying his vice, Tyler tucked everything back into his bag and applied a bit of his body spray around the room to cover up what he could. He decided on a quick shower, both to clean up and wash the odor away. Still nude, he started up the shower and hopped in, slathering on some soap and washing up as he relaxed and lingered on everything that had occurred. When finished, he quickly toweled off and threw on some shorts with a dark blue wife-beater, eager to join his aunt downstairs.

The sight upon entering the kitchen would have dropped any man’s jaw to the floor, and Tyler was no exception. April had cooked up a feast, on the table was scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, hash browns, a large stack of pancakes, toast on the side with butter and jam, and various sliced fruits as well. It was the perfect breakfast as far as he was concerned. However the most delicious, and eye-catching thing in the whole kitchen was not the food, but his aunt April. She was making tea at the counter, and hadn’t noticed him enter the room. She faced away from Tyler, her g-string clad ass bent over slightly and aimed right at him. She had switched out her tank-top for nothing but a white apron. Tyler took a moment to fully appreciate his aunt’s beauty. Her long, red hair flowing down her neck and bare shoulders. His eyes drifted down her back, he could see the sides of her giant, perfect orbs sticking out proudly from the thin garment. His gaze trailed down her spine to her slim, athletic waist which flared out into her beautiful bubble butt and long, toned legs and bare feet. He paused to appreciate the big, round cheeks of her ass and how they were evenly tanned all over to match the rest of her light brown, smooth skin. At this point he also noticed no tan lines on her back, she must sunbathe nude regularly, he thought to himself.

“I could get used to this…” Tyler found himself saying aloud, alerting April to his presence.

“Oh! Tyler…Finally decided to join the living, I see?” She wheeled around and winked at him with the mugs of tea in her hands, placing them on the table. She pulled Tyler’s seat out for him, walking to the sink to put away all her utensils. “I was beginning to worry I may have put you to sleep again.” They both chuckled and sat across from each other at the table, Tyler was relieved that things weren’t different or weird between them, if anything she was even more bubbly than usual.

“I’d have to be the biggest idiot ever to stay asleep and pass this up…” He smiled and made up his plate with a big helping of everything, April did the same.

“Are you referring to me or the food?” She arched a brow and smirked before digging in to her plate.

“Both…You look good enough to eat!” He smiled back and locked eyes with her for a moment.

April smiled and blushed slightly at his comment. She took a sip of her tea before breaking the silence. “You okay? Your eyes are a little bloodshot and red…”

Tyler panicked a moment. “Oh…I just took a quick shower right now and I think my eyes got a little irritated under the water.”

April nodded. “Yea, that happens to me a lot, too. Sorry, hon.” Good save, Tyler thought to himself. They continued eating, Tyler unable to tear his eyes away from all of her exposed flesh, but ultimately succumbing to his overwhelming munchies. He finished his food and everything left that April didn’t want.

“Well your appetite is certainly healthy for a boy your age, I’ll have to keep that in mind.” She winked again and began gathering the dishes to put into the sink. She joined him once more and they sipped their tea together, eyeing each other lustfully. “So I can’t believe you were a virgin up until yesterday…I mean, I know as of last spring you told me you hadn’t done it, but I figured the end of senior year would have been good to you,” She said earnestly, resting her hand on his. “I’m sorry you had such awful luck with those girls.”

Tyler shrugged. “Well…It was just the one girl, Angela. I’d been with her since the end of Sophomore year, and I thought things were good…We fooled around a lot, but she kept saying she wanted to wait until she was married to have sex. She gave me a bj on prom night, but more and more before graduation she became distant until she finally broke up with me. Then my friend Aaron told me he’d been banging her on the side for most of senior year, which explained her growing disinterest in me…”

“Oh my god! What did you do?” She squeezed his hand tightly, setting her tea down for the moment.

Tyler cleared his throat. “Well I was furious and confused as to what I had done wrong, and why she had lied to me about wanting to wait…Needless to say I broke Aaron’s nose and haven’t talked to either of them since.”

April chuckled at this. “You punched someone?! Well I guess I underestimated you. You can be a real dork sometimes, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a big, strong man underneath.” She lightly traced her fingers up the top of his hand and wrist “Despite your hardship, I’m glad she was stupid enough to leave you…Because now I have you all to myself.” She smirked again.

He blushed slightly and decided to turn the conversation in her direction. “Thanks…” He paused, thinking how best to phrase the question he wanted to ask. “So, you really asked my Mom to have me come here just so we could do this?” It was his turn to grin now, as he leaned back in his chair and drank his tea.

“Of course,” She said matter-of-factly as she reached for her mug again. “In fact I’ve wanted you since last year when you stayed here with your mom. You’ve grown into such a handsome, young man, but I wanted to wait until you were at least out of High School. I’ve always noticed you looking at me, and it feels good… I didn’t give you much of a choice yesterday, so I’m sorry if I was selfish, but I’m pretty sure you would have done the same thing if given the chance. It’s been hard for me the past few years with your uncle. I was only 16 when I got pregnant and we got married, but he seemed so mature and wonderful. We were so in love then, when we had your cousin Cindy 20 years ago. But as the years went on I feel that I seemed to grow more horny and open with my sexuality, and it seemed he had completely deflated and began to leave town more and more. It turns out I was wrong and I found out he had been cheating on me at work and on his business trips. I was planning the divorce when he died… None of that really matters or affects how I feel about you, but I’ll admit I couldn’t wait til he was gone so that I could do this. I’ve been on the pill for years now, so we’ll be safe, and we can stop any time you want, but I hope you don’t…” She bit her bottom lip a little and leaned in closer, exposing more of the deep cleavage caused by her tight apron. Tyler gulped and couldn’t help but stare at her chest, feeling a stirring again in his crotch, but he knew he had to speak and relieve her doubts.

“April…You know you’re my best friend, and you know I love you, nothing can change that. But the fact is I’ve wanted you since I first started looking at women. I’d sooner kill myself then go back to lusting after you. I want to fuck you every minute you’ll let me…” Tyler was surprised by the bold words coming from his mouth and the confidence in which they were spoken. April could hardly believe it either, she was both touched and turned on. Tyler was also aroused, and the tent forming in his shorts was becoming painfully obvious.

April noticed and grinned widely, letting go of his hand to reach down and squeeze his bulge. “I love you too, babe. And I’ll let you fuck me every minute we can!” Tyler and April both leaned in closer to each other. He grabbed April’s hair and neck and pulled her in, kissing her deeply. April was breathless and lost in her lust, kissing him back with wanton abandon, sucking in his tongue. She broke the kiss reluctantly and stood, pressing Tyler’s face into her bosom, her breasts bulging further out of the top and sides of the apron. He reached up to cup her exposed tit-flesh, and April cooed and murmured softly as she played with his hair.

She pulled Tyler’s head away for a moment, and with one hand she reached back and untied the strap at her neck, letting it fall to reveal her glorious melons. Despite their DDD-cup size they remained round and fairly pert, defying gravity and age. She pushed his face into her right breast, letting him suck her stiff nipple into his mouth. He slurped away hungrily, cupping the bottom of her left tit. Reaching forward with his right hand he grabbed April’s succulent ass, squeezing it roughly as he pulled her into his lap and onto his rigid bulge. April giggled and ground her barely covered pussy against Tyler’s hardness, he moaned and continued to suck away, his fingers toying with her g-string and sliding down the crack of her ass.

April whispered hotly into Tyler’s ear “This is unfair, let’s get you out of these clothes…” She leaned back suddenly, grinning as she reached down and began tugging up the bottom of Tyler’s wife beater. Tyler was happy to help as he lifted his arms and removed the top. April tossed it onto the kitchen counter and traced her fingers down Tyler’s strong chest and abs, stopping to deftly unbutton his shorts and begin unzipping them as she stood up from his lap. She kneeled down before him as he lifted his butt off the chair and they both pulled down his shorts. He’d not bothered with any boxers and his long, hard meat sprang forward, slapping obscenely against his aunt’s cheek.

April sucked in a breath through her teeth, dropping his shorts to his ankles as she reached up to squeeze his shaft and cup his already swollen balls in her hands. She thought she had drained him earlier, but clearly Tyler was going to be able to keep up with her recently unleashed libido. She rubbed his dick down her cheek and ran her lips up the shaft, snaking her tongue out to snatch up the bit of pre-cum drooling out of the tip. She could tell he was excited, and was eager to mount him already, her oral performance earlier leaving her horny and antsy all throughout breakfast. April pursed her lips around his cock head and suckled it into her warm mouth, slowly moving down his shaft until her nose nuzzled up to his pubic hair and his cock filled her throat once more.

Tyler grabbed a handful of her long hair and sat back comfortably, luxuriating in his second blow job of the day. April sucked up his shaft and back down again, beginning a steady pace as she expertly deep throated his cock. This continued for quite a few minutes, Tyler sometimes reaching out to cup her tits or rub her shoulders and back, April stopping every once in a while to slide her mouth lewdly up and down the sides of his shaft and give his balls a thorough licking and sucking. April could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing in her throat, and she couldn’t wait to jump onto it. She released his tool, rose to her feet again, and untied the back of her apron, tossing it aside. She now stood before him in just her g-string, and Tyler noticed how wet the slim crotch of her garment was.

He could tell she couldn’t wait to fuck, but Tyler had something else in mind “Turn around…I want to eat you!” April slowly grinned from ear to ear, her hands sliding down her sexy hips to stop at the string ties of at the side of her skimpy panties. She spun around and took a step backwards, bending over to shove her bubble butt just inches in front of her nephew’s face. She could feel his hot breath against her crotch, and untied the sides of her g-string, letting it fall off her round cheeks and down to her feet. Tyler was in heaven and reached out to squeeze the beautiful buns in his hands. Though large, round, and pliable, her ass was still athletic and firm to the touch, and Tyler slid his palms all over her rump.

He slipped his thumbs into the crack of her bum, spreading the cheeks open wide as he admired her bald pussy and asshole. He licked his lips and buried his face into her crack, causing April to giggle and shake her ass around. Tyler stuck his tongue out and ran it from her clit, up her slit, and over her anus in one smooth motion, causing a shocked moan from April. He didn’t know why, but Tyler decided to start there, licking all around her virgin asshole.

April pressed her ass harder into Tyler’s face, moaning lustfully. “Oh my god baby, that’s so dirty…No one’s ever touched me there!” This excited Tyler even further, and he lapped all around her tightly puckered hole, prodding at it with the tip of his tongue. She finally relaxed and he shoved his tongue in as far as it would go into his aunt’s only untouched orifice. She couldn’t suppress her moans or the pleasure she was feeling, and leaned forward to hold onto the kitchen table for balance, squashing her ample bosom against it.

After worshipping her ass for another minute or so, Tyler began to make his way south, licking down her crack and all around the lips of her smooth, naked pussy. She tasted wonderful and he dove in to lick deep into her folds, smothering his face in her wetness. After licking around blindly, but with much enthusiasm, Tyler felt her clit against his tongue and noticed how wild it drove his aunt when he focused his attention there. He tried flicking his tongue from side to side quickly across the top of her clit, and April reacted with even louder moans as she bounced her ass up and down a little on his face.

Tyler continued to squeeze her amazing ass in his palms, and slid a finger into her crack, rubbing around her flexing asshole. With a little pressure his finger began to slide into her saliva-lubricated anus, and April groaned, closing her eyes and burying her face into her crossed arms on the table. Tyler worked his tongue even faster around her clit, and pushed his finger all the way into her ass. After only a few minutes, April was writhing on the table, unable to restrain her impending orgasm as Tyler began slamming two fingers in and out of her tight ass. His tongue was a blur on her clit and upper labia and she could have sworn he had done this before, but decided he was just a quick learner.

“Ty…Honey…You’re making me cum!” April exclaimed as her thighs clamped together and she creamed all over her nephew’s face, Tyler not stopping as she humped back at him and shivered with delight on the table. He slowed his ministrations as she calmed down, and licked all over her drenched cunt, cleaning up all her sopping juices. “Baby…That was unbelievable! I can’t remember a time I’ve ever, ever cum like that!”

“Glad I could be of service…You taste delicious!” Tyler said as he licked his lips clean. He stood up from the chair, squeezing her ample cheeks in his hands as he lined his cock up with her bottom.

“Now we’re getting somewhere! I’ve been aching for you since yesterday.” April responded as she maintained her position and lifted her ass up as high as she could, looking back at her nephew as she reached between her legs and began to rub her clit with her right hand.

Tyler pressed his throbbing cock into April’s crack, sliding it up down between the slippery mounds of her ass. The tip of his member prodded now and then against her anus as he humped her, but Tyler soon slid his dick down to meet the opening of her warm slit. Tyler was well lubricated from his aunt’s mouth, and April was now dripping from her recent orgasm. With one hand on her ass and the other taking a hold of her hip, he slid the head in and began to fill her in one smooth motion.

After sinking in to the hilt, he immediately pulled away and began a steady rhythm of humping, sawing in and out of her tight, wet folds. April moaned loudly and buried her face again in her free arm as her nephew pounded her cunt. His hips slammed against her, causing her firm, round ass to shake and slap back against him. After a good while, Tyler decided that this was his favorite position as he doggy-fucked his gorgeous aunt. Not only did it feel absolutely amazing, but the sight of her like this was equally stunning. Her big ass rocking back against him, swallowing his cock again and again, her shapely hips and sexy back, her bulging tits squished beneath her all while she rubbed herself to another pending orgasm.

“Fuck me harder! You’re going to make me cum again!! Fuck me!” April managed to scream out as her fingers continued to quickly stroke across her clit. Tyler lifted his right leg up and planted his foot on the table. He firmly squeezed each of April’s ass cheeks in his hands and used the new leverage to brutally plow into her with greater force. It didn’t take long for this to drive April over the edge again, and she moaned loudly as she writhed and shook on Tyler’s pole.

When she finally came down from her orgasm, April reluctantly pulled herself off of his dick. She turned and smiled wickedly to her curious nephew, and proceeded to crawl up onto the table. She laid back facing him, with her head hanging off the edge of the table, her legs folded up with her thighs pressed together tightly, and her hands reaching up to pinch the hard nipples of her large, round breasts.

April licked her lips “Why don’t you come over here and let me get you wet so you can fuck these big, soft titties until you cum all over me?” She said it so sweetly as she stuck her tongue out for him, it almost made Tyler want to cry with joy. Instead, he took a step forward and easily pushed all of his hardness past her juicy lips, and deep into her throat again. April was extra sloppy as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth, using her tongue to slobber all over his shaft.

As much as he was beginning to enjoy his aunt’s oral expertise again, Tyler was eager to fuck those mountains on her chest and pulled his dripping wet cock out from between her lips. She squeezed her orbs together invitingly, and Tyler took another step forward, careful when positioning himself with April’s face between his legs. He rubbed the saliva on his throbbing cock all over her tits, and forcefully shoved it in between the warm, soft valley of her jugs. Tyler was well lubricated, and easily humped the tight sheath of her cleavage, the tip of his cock barely poking out the other side with each thrust.

April held her chest up for Tyler’s enjoyment, and decided to suck in his balls as they slapped against her chin. The amazing feeling of his first tit-fuck with his beautiful, busty aunt, and the added sensation of her licking and sucking his sack soon sent Tyler reeling on the way to another orgasm this morning. April could sense he was close, and rubbed her massive breasts up and down as Tyler fucked them eagerly.

Tyler reached down and pushed away his aunt’s hands, squeezing her boobs together harder as he increased the tempo of his tit-fucking. April reached up and grabbed Tyler’s ass, squeezing it and spreading his cheeks open. She slithered her tongue up to his crack and gently pressed the tip of her tongue against Tyler’s asshole, licking around it slowly. He gasped at this and began to hump her chest with added urgency. Tyler’s balls tightened up and he soon lost control, groaning loudly as his cock pumped his hot seed out.

A few spurts exploded between April’s cleavage and splattered out all over her tits, the rest Tyler managed to thrust out and shoot all over her smooth tummy and sexy thighs. April guided Tyler in front of her and took his dick into her mouth again, suckling out the last shots of his climax.

“God that was hot, baby…You have so much cum!” She wiped her lips and bust clean and licked the cum off her fingers, absent-mindedly stroking Tyler’s deflating cock.

Tyler had to grip the table to keep himself steady, and luxuriated in the aftermath of the intense pleasure he’d just experienced. April rolled off of the table and reached for some paper towels off the counter, wiping the rest of her body clean of her nephew’s fluids. She then walked over to him and hugged him from behind, caressing his chest momentarily.

“You know, the weather’s cooled down a bit since yesterday. So how does a dip with me in the jacuzzi sound?” She seductively dragged her fingers along Tyler’s shoulders and arm as she slid past him towards the door.

“Yea, I did see that hot tub yesterday…You have it put in since my last visit?” Tyler asked as he followed her, unable to tear his eyes from her nude, swaying ass.

“Yea, it’s been covered a while though, it’s so nice after a dip in the pool or to just hang out and have drinks…I just haven’t had anyone to share it with,” she said as they stepped into the backyard. Tyler was led to the large, 6-person hot tub near the pool that April had covered with a green tarp. He removed the cover and put it away for her, and April turned on the jets. They both stepped in with relaxed sighs, and settled into the hot tub.

Tyler leaned back comfortably and April did the same, her chest barely below the surface as she stretched her legs out to rest in his lap. Tyler squeezed her toned calves and ran his hands up along her thick, athletic thighs. They stayed like this for a while, enjoying the mild afternoon weather and the warm, bubbling jets of the jacuzzi.

“So I kind of needed to talk to you about something…” April suddenly said, a little uneasily. “I know you just got here and I rushed us into this new relationship, but I failed to consider telling you that your cousin Cindy is coming home from college as well. I know yours is close by, but she’s been attending in New York as you know, and her plane arrives tonight…”

“Wow, so she’s gonna stay for Spring Break?” Tyler was stunned, he hadn’t seen Cindy in a couple of years, but this might mean things would have to be put on hold between him and his aunt while she was there.

“Actually, she’s been really home-sick, and she’s considering moving back in with me and transferring to your college here. We were going to talk about it over the next few days, so I don’t know how things will work out. Of course I definitely have the room and the means to take care of both of you as long as you desire, but I don’t know how we’re going to sneak around with her in the house,” April said thoughtfully, leaning back further which caused her wet tits to jut out of the water.

“Well, I guess we’ll play it by ear. For now we should enjoy the afternoon until we have to go pick her up at the airport,” Tyler said as he reached out to squeeze one of the inviting mounds, tweaking her nipple lightly between his fingers.

“That sounds good to me,” April cooed and moved closer to Tyler, spreading her legs around him to sit up in his lap facing him. She gave him a long, lingering kiss before pressing her chest into his face. He sucked one of her erect nipples into his mouth hungrily, and remarkably felt his loins stirring once again as April ground her pussy against his crotch.

It wasn’t long before Tyler was hard and throbbing again, and April reached beneath the water to guide him into her waiting snatch. She bottomed out and began bouncing up and down on his lap as best she could in the water. Tyler firmly squeezed her ass in his hands, and busied himself with keeping her tit in his mouth as his aunt rode him with reckless abandon. He switched to her other breast and helped to pull April down hard onto his cock.

After a little while, she dismounted him and stood to turn around in front of him. Giggling, she pressed her wet booty into his face for a moment, jiggling it around playfully before lowering herself onto him again. She grabbed his meat once more and sat back into Tyler’s lap, impaling herself on his rigid dick. Tyler kissed her neck and shoulders as he reached up to cup and play with her huge tits. She humped and bounced on his cock with greater intensity, the water splashing all around them.

It didn’t take long for April’s intense ride to have it’s desired effect on Tyler “April…I’m going to cum again!” They both moaned as he thrust up into his humping aunt. She leaned back against him and continued to slam her round ass on his cock. Tyler squeezed her tits hard and held onto April as blasted his third load up into her. She continued to grind against him as he rode out his orgasm.

After catching their breaths, April pulled away and laid back once more. “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to stay away from you while Cindy’s here…”

Tyler sighed and spread his arms out on the edge of the hot tub. “I don’t think you’ll have to for too long.”

They both stayed there for a while and enjoyed the hot tub until it was time to get ready to leave. When they got out, Tyler redressed in the kitchen, and April took her few articles of clothing upstairs and changed into a sexy green halter top with a short black skirt and matching black high heels. Tyler ogled her on the way down the stairs, and he gave her a playful slap on her ass as she walked past him to the garage, squeezing her bare ass cheek roughly beneath her scant skirt.

“Oh! Naughty boy…You’d better watch those hands of yours while my daughter’s around!” April exclaimed and Tyler chuckled as he opened his car and they hopped in, driving off soon after. The ride was short and uneventful until they parked at the airport and made their way to Cindy’s terminal.

Luckily, her flight wasn’t delayed, and the pair had arrived just in time as the passengers of Cindy’s trip had already picked up their luggage and were pouring out of the terminal.

“There she is! CINDY!!” April called out as she ran away from Tyler in excitement. It had been at least 2 years since Tyler had seen her, and the sight before him nearly knocked him on his ass. April crashed into her daughter, who hardly had time to drop her bags, and smothered her with hugs and kisses.

Cindy had always been graced with her mother’s good looks, and she was often confused for April’s younger, identical sister. They also shared each other’s passion for physical fitness, and Cindy sported a smooth, toned body that any woman would kill for, including the same healthy, round bubble butt as her mother. There were only few notable differences Tyler could discern between the two. Cindy was a few inches shorter than his aunt, she had short, strawberry blonde curls contrasting her mother’s long, stark red hair, and her previously lacking chest had blossomed into a stacked DD-cup, just short of challenging April’s slightly bigger bust.

Tyler was frozen staring at the pair as they hugged and squealed. He started at Cindy’s cute feet clad only in casual black sandals and worked his way up. She wore tight, black hip-hugger jeans that hung low on her waist, the sides of her white g-string poking out over her belt. This led to her toned, flat tummy and belly-button piercing exposed because of her short baby-tee. The white shirt did nothing to cover her stomach and the hem stopped only inches below the bulge of her protruding rack. As she turned and noticed Tyler, her face lit up and she came sprinting over to him, her breasts wobbling slightly around her straining bra.

“TYLER!!!” Cindy screamed as she caught him off guard and leapt onto to him, wrapping her arms and legs around him in a tight embrace. Her huge breasts were smashed against Tyler’s chest and he had hastily grabbed onto Cindy’s ass to hold onto her and keep her from falling. She didn’t notice or care, however, as she giggled and bounced up and down on him, planting a kiss on his cheek before hopping down off her little cousin. She actually took a moment to check him out and gave him a wide-eyed look of approval.

“Damn cuz! When did you start packing heat?” She smirked, planting her hands on her shapely hips.

“What are you talking about Cin?” Tyler asked as he arched a brow.

“I’m talking about these guns you’re carrying around!” She laughed and squeezed his bare bicep for emphasis. “You could do some serious damage with those things! When did you start working out?”

Tyler blushed slightly and smiled. “Well I tried out for football Junior year and didn’t make it, but I decided to stay in shape since I had worked so hard to get fit. Certainly can’t hurt, right?”

“Not at all, you look amazing…” Cindy trailed off, staring at his chest for a moment as her hand lingered on his arm. She bit her bottom lip and Tyler could swear he saw her blushing when his aunt suddenly yelled at them.

“Is someone gonna help me with these fucking bags or are you two gonna stand there chat-chitting all day?” April approached them slowly, carrying Cindy’s bags over.

“Chat-chitting?” Tyler asked, taking the heavy bags from her load.

“Yea, I flipped that shit…” She huffed as she planted the last bag back into Cindy’s hands. They all laughed and began walking out of the terminal to Tyler’s car. After packing in the bags, they piled in and took off towards home. The ride was again uneventful except for the loud chatter that now filled the car as Cindy informed her mother all about the last few days and her flight over from New York.

After arriving home, April announced she was going to prepare dinner for the three of them while Tyler led Cindy upstairs to her old room, carrying her bags for her. After dropping them all by her bed, Cindy surprised Tyler with another hug.

“Thanks cuz! I hope you’ll actually be this useful all the time…” She giggled, planting another kiss on his cheek.

Tyler found himself blushing again, he hadn’t been this nervous since the day before with his aunt. “No prob, Cin. It’s just good to see you…It’s been too long.”

“Yeah, same here. I’ve hated being away from family and old friends. I’m thinking about transferring over here, figured I’d use Spring Break to decide for sure, see if it’s worth it.” She said and winked, toying with one of her curls.

“Well, I’ll try not to hinder your decision too much…” He said laughing, oblivious to his cousin’s flirting. He made his way out of her room and headed down the staircase. “Meet ya downstairs for dinner once you’re ready, and don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of good reasons to stick around soon enough.”

Cindy bit her bottom lip again, leaning over the railing as she watched Tyler stroll off into the den. “Maybe sooner than you think…”


*Again, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I’m already writing the next installment, and any feedback would be great before I release it. Much love, Sama

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I can’t wait to hear how the 3sum’s going to go!!! Loved the two stories so far!! Keep writing incest is best!!!!