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So Graceful And Yet So Dirty!

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Her name was Allegra. She was a dancer and the most beautiful nineteen year old you could ever imagine. Sleek as a cat, her rich, strawberry blonde hair piled up in a bun revealing her long, graceful neck, she smiled the most radiant of smiles, her big green eyes sparkling with curiosity and excitement. And that face! Perfection! Her body, befitting a dancer’s, was slender and lithe but firm and agile, petite and feminine, more girlish than womanly.

And I’d never felt or seen smoother skin on a woman. Caressing her was like caressing warm silk. And when it came to sex, this same lovely teen, like myself a lesbian to the core, turned out to be a raving lust freak, panting with desire and eager for it all.

I’d met her one night after a performance. She had moved from Oregon to San Francisco only a year ago, and was already a top dancer with one of the Bay area’s major dance companies. She’d begun to get a name for herself and word got around the lesbian community that she was a dyke.

Soon we started fooling around and quickly I discovered that she was quite the sex freak, an orgasm junkie who just couldn’t wait to strip off her clothes and start fooling around. She thought I was beautiful and knew I had once been an Olympic diver. That seemed to turn her on as much as her being a young graceful dancer aroused me.

We soon worked it up into a torrid fling that got wilder and wilder. Of course it began with eager lips, caressing hands and hungry tongues, but pretty soon I brought out my toys, which she loved, especially my strap-ons. And one thing pretty Allegra seemed to especially crave was having me dig my tongue in her ass. She was always eager to flip over and show off that bottom of hers for me. And whenever I spread her perfect cheeks wide open and pressed my tongue against her pretty little bud she purred like a kitten in heat.

I was licking her ass today, and as usual, she was moaning and sighing, reaching back with an arm to press my head in place, just loving it as I wormed my tongue into her little hole, something she just absolutely craved.

“That’s it, that’s it!” she gasped, “get your tongue in there, you know much I love that. I just love it there, I can’t get enough!”

I worked my tongue in as far as I could, then replaced it with my finger. She carved my fingers in her ass almost as much as my tongue. But this time when I slid in my finger I soon encountered resistance. The sexy young dancer had obviously forgotten to shit before we began to play!

“Uh oh,” I teased, “I think I found something up inside there.”

Allegra whipped her head around to look at me, her eyes wide, blushing when she heard that.

“I tried to go to the bathroom before we started to play. I mean, I know we always play anally, and I was feeling kind of full inside so I knew I had better go. But I just couldn’t. I feel so embarrassed!”

“Couldn’t? Couldn’t what?” I teased, “Feeling full? Full of what?”

“C’mon, you know!” she said as she smiled coyly, blushing even more deeply. “Full of you know what. What the hell else would you expect to find up in my rectum?”

“You mean, full of shit?” I teased.

“Yes, exactly, full of shit,” she laughed, still blushing but somehow enjoying the repartee.

My finger was still deep inside her ass.

“Push out a little, like you were trying to shit,” I told her.

“With your finger inside me?”

“Yes, with my finger inside you,” I told her, as she pushed now and I could feel it inside her, feel my finger now digging into what felt like clay.

She was still looking over her shoulder at me, still blushing, but doing it, pushing out. This sexy young dancer had proven to me she was game, and was anything but shy. I dug in and probed, then slowly pulled out my finger. I wasn’t surprised to find the finger ‘soiled.’

“Take a look,” I said, with a wicked smile, showing her the finger.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, blushing and even deeper shade of red as she looked down at my finger, the tip topped with a little clump of her shit.

“Maybe what you need is an enema,” I said.

“Yes, an enema,” she repeated, almost entranced now. Just last week I had told her that I had an old lover who loved enemas, taught me all about them, how they could be sexy and kinky and not just cleansing. Allegra had been very intrigued hearing all this, saying maybe we’d have to try that sometime, game for anything as she was. Especially anything anal.

“But first I better clean off this finger,” I said and then did something shocking, rubbing the dirty finger over her nipples, then my own, dappling all four nipples with Allegra’s shit, painting them brown.

“Oh my God!” she gasped when she saw, felt me do this, but she didn’t resist or recoil. Something about it intrigued and aroused her, as it intrigued and aroused me.

“And now for your enema,” I said, leading her to the bathroom. I’d told her how very erotic enemas could be, especially to anally-inclined women such as ourselves. Allegra had never taken one, she said, and made me promise that someday we’d try it. Well with her rectum full as it was, today seemed like the perfect day.

I took out a red rubber enema bag as Allegra watched everything with awed, unblinking eyes. I made sure to clamp the hose. Then took out a one quart beaker and filled it with warm water to the brim. I hung the bag from a towel hook on the wall, then picked up the beaker and poured the water into the bag. And then refilled the beaker.

“More?” she said, a little stunned, “you’re going to give me more?”

I slowly poured the second quart into the bag, and then refilled the beaker yet again.

“Oh my God! How will I be able to take all that!” she gasped

“You will, Allegra, you will,” I assured her, a trace of insistence to my voice. I knew this was a massive enema to give to a first timer, but I sensed Allegra had a submissive streak and liked to test the extremes. I was going to test her endurance, and she knew it.

“You must take it,” I said, adding the third quart to the bag as we both watched the red bag bloat and sag, heavy with its contents, its enema.

Then I opened a drawer and pulled out the largest of my nozzles, a sleek but menacing black number which I screwed on to the end of the hose, Allegra watching all this with fascination, fascination mixed with just a trace of horror. I was going to make this an ordeal for her. Three full quarts. And they wouldn’t just be pumped up into an empty rectum; no, that rectum of Allegra’s was already packed with shit!

I laid out a bath mat and told Allegra to get down on all fours and stick out her pretty little ass for me. Almost meekly, she did as asked. Then I reached for some lubricant, slapped a dab into her crack, spreading it over her asshole, and added a bit more to the nozzle.

“Ready for your enema?” I said, standing in front of her, slick, lubed nozzle in hand, as she looked up at me with soulful eyes, her nipples sharp and aroused, looking even more so now, topped with a little brown.

“Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess,” she sighed as I now got behind her, reached down and slid the nozzle into her ass. Then immediately unclamped the hose so the enema would begin to gush into her bowels. I held the nozzle in place as she began to take her enema, reaching down to caress her beautiful smooth skin, those perfect dancer’s buttocks. After a few minutes she began to breathe more deeply and I knew she was beginning to feel it.

“Oh god, it’s really beginning to fill me up,” she whispered as I looked up at the bag and saw she’d barely taken a quart so far. I smiled to myself, a tad wickedly. Pretty Allegra was yet to learn what ‘filled up’ could really mean.

Now I let go of the nozzle and got down on the mat with her as she turned to look at me, an amazing look of almost wanton surrender on her lovely face. I had pulled a shit-tipped finger out of her ass and that was my excuse for giving her a big enema. She was helpless, embarrassed and somehow she really craved all that. The sweet, almost meek smile on her face now was so beguiling as she blushed again, glancing down to see my nipples, to see her own shit on them.

“Oooooooooh!” she gasped as she grimaced, and I knew she was beginning to feel the fullness, the cramping. I reached down and began to gently caress her tummy, starting to feel slightly round now as the enema continued to flow inside and fill her. Her lips were open and she was breathing deeply; she had reached the point where taking the enema had become an act of real endurance. But she was a brave soldier, or was she merely timid and obedient. Either way, the lovely nineteen year old dancer, this new playmate with whom I was utterly infatuated, was down on her knees taking a three quart enema.

Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead as she breathed deeply, biting her lip, flailing her head, rolling her eyes, doing her best to endure the stunning rectal invasion. Imagine three quarts of milk side by side next to each other; that’s how much this new young lover of mine was being forced to take inside her.

“Oh my god!” she hissed as another wave of cramps overwhelmed her, the bag more than half empty now, the enema flowing. I caressed her tummy, warm and round and taut against my hand as she was filling up.

“Good girl,” I whispered, kissing her gently on the lips, gazing into her big beautiful green eyes. She looked both pained and radiant, enduring the sublime agony, craving her helplessness, I knew, savoring the newness of it all, the mix of humiliation and raw erotic novelty.

“I don’t know If I can take anymore!” she gasped breathlessly, sweating and squirming in desperation as the enema began to really bloat her.

“Yes you can” I said in a measured, soothing tone, kissing and caressing her as she continued to take the enema.

I looked up and, finally, saw that the bag was nearly empty, the full three quarts having nearly drained into Allegra’s bowels. The last of the enema was the most agonizing as her bowels were distended beyond belief, the young dancer groaning and sweating and gasping, clutching her tummy, as waves of cramps overwhelmed her. Somehow, her agonizing desperation aroused me deeply.

“Soon you’ll be expelling, and it’ll feel so good,” I told her, my voice soft, my words tender.

“I hope so, I pray!” she whispered, such need in her eyes. “I need to go now, I need to go so bad!”

“Yes, soon you’ll be shitting,” I said, a sly smile curling up on my face.

“Yes, shitting!” she gasped, imagining the instant relief that would bring.

The bag finally emptied, I pulled the nozzle out of her ass.

“Clench your cute little asshole for me, Allegra, don’t let any spill out,” I said, “I think we’ll go out into my backyard and you can expel there, on the grass.”

I had a very private and secluded backyard behind my rustic house, surrounded by woods. I took Allegra by the hand and slowly led her out the back door, to the yard. This normally graceful and lithe dancer now waddled awkwardly beside me, the intensity of her burden so apparent on her face, screwed up in a grimace of excruciating effort as she strained heroically to hold in the massive enema

“Oh god, oh god!” she cried out desperately, suddenly clutching her obscenely swollen tummy.

“Soon, very soon,” I said as I led her out to the grass, telling her to bend over and put her hands on her knees, feed wide apart.

There she was, hands on her knees, bending at the waist, her normally flat, taut tummy now even more taut, but so rounded, sticking out as though she were pregnant, all swollen and bloated from what she was holding inside. I massaged that rounded belly, looking into her eyes.

“Mmmmmh, that tummy of yours is so big; you’re so full”

“Oh no!” she groaned, a pained look on her face, “I must look like such a freak”

“Such a beautiful freak,” I purred kissing her, giving that tummy of hers a wicked push as she groaned, feeling the cramp.

I’d endured just this quite a few times, been given very large enemas and made to hold them. Then, finally, being allowed to expel. The ecstasy of relief, the pleasure of relieving that terrible pressure, of expelling, of shitting, a sense of relief mixed with deep embarrassment, of shame. Infants do this, do what Allegra was about to do — freely empty their bowels in front of others — not stunningly beautiful, self-conscious nineteen year olds!

“Okay, you can expel now. Shit! Shit! Shit for me!” I hissed, urging her.

Suddenly an explosive jet shot out of her anus as she sighed a sigh of ecstatic relief. I looked down to watch her expel, then looked at her pretty face, Allegra turning to look at me, blushing fiercely again as I now witnessed her expulsion. Another big jet of water shot out of her and then a turd, a log of shit, and then another.

“I’m shitting! I’m shitting!” she gasped, relief mixed with lust, mixed with embarrassment at being watched as she emptied her ass.

And then yet another explosive burst shot out of the beautiful dancer-waif’s still bloated rectum, the water muddier now, mixed with more turds.

As a new, strong jet gushed out of her ass along with a fat brown log, Allegra blushed an even deeper shade of red, looking right at me, appearing so exposed now, so vulnerable. And yet she looked strangely aroused. That special sparkle in her eyes, a sparkle I knew well, told me as much.

How humiliating was the gorgeous young dancer finding all this? Probably quite humiliating, judging by the deep pink hue of her face, blushing with embarrassment now. But that feeling of humiliation, of embarrassment would soon melt as I joined her and showed her just how much all of this was arousing me. It all began when I had licked her lovely young ass. Then, with my finger probing deeply, I felt the shit inside that ass and showed it to her, dappled her own nipples brown with it, and my own too. Then gave the lovely graceful waif a huge enema, watching her struggle to take and retain it, and now was watching her expel it and shit for me.

I got in front of her as she just kept expelling and shitting, shitting and expelling, still blushing, probably feeling all this was the very opposite of what she appeared like when she was on stage, clean and graceful and smooth, not bending over with a fat tummy, shitting away! There was another fierce flush on her face as she gazed at me, suddenly letting out another loud expulsion. She looked so helpless, so deliciously exposed. But aroused, her nipples so stiff and engorged, with Allegra always a sure sign of her deep arousal. I leaned down now and licked those nipples, those brown tipped nipples. She always loved my mouth on her nipples, but never had those nipples been in this state.

“Oh my God! You’re tasting my shit!” She gasped as she watched, felt me suck on her shit-topped nipples. I’d never done this, tasted the shit of another woman, but my lust for her was now insatiable. The dam of depravity had burst and who knew how far we’d go!

“That’s right, I love your shit, I love every little thing about you. Sweet or nasty, clean or dirty.” I said, looking up at her, licking my lips, as she just kept expelling, more and more and more, so much inside her.

“Kiss me,”I whispered as we gazed into each other’s eyes, knowing my lips were smudged with her shit. She looked a little stunned, but then she pressed her lips to mine and we kissed passionately, sharing our special intimacy as Allegra kept expelling and shitting, the bursts not as explosive now, a little jet, then a pause, then another jet.

I pulled back and looked down at the grass, the patch now puddled with brown water and logs of Allegra’s shit. What at another time would have seemed like pure filth, nothing more than human waste, I now saw as something to be cherished, something that was expelled from the body of my beautiful young lover. And so I pushed her down onto the grass and came down myself to lay next to her, bringing her close, feeling her warm body against mine, her dancer’s tummy flat again, her bowels emptied. Or so it seemed.

“Oh God, I think I’m gonna shit some more!” she gasped, pulling her lips from mine. I immediately reached my hand around and cupped it over her ass.

“Shit, shit all you want,” I urged her. And then I felt it, a little jet of water, followed by a solid log pushing against the palm of my hand. I held my hand in places and pressed on her turd, mashed it against her ass, not letting it fall, pushing it against her bottom, that smooth, perfect bottom, that perfect dancer’s ass.

“You’re smearing it all over my ass, aren’t you?” she said in amazement as she felt me spread it over her skin.

“Yes, I am,” I said, coating her bottom, then bringing my hand up so she could see it. The sight of that ‘dirty’ brown hand of mine, all caked with her shit, now made Allegra blush again, even more deeply than before.

“I can’t believe we’re really doing this!” she sighed breathlessly.

“But we are,” I said, spreading the shit caked on my hand all over my breasts, then all over hers, Allegra looking on in astonishment.

Then I felt her reach around to my bottom and slide her hand between my cheeks to finger my anus.

“Do you need to shit too by any chance, Holly?” she asked with a sassy smile.

“I could try,” I said, kissing her, pressing my shit-smeared breasts against hers, hugging, our bodies so tightly clamped together, hot, aroused!

Her words inspired me as suddenly I began to shit, a delighted smile lighting up Allegra’s face as she held her hand in place behind me so I could shit right into it.

“You’re shitting,” she whispered, with the tone of a delighted child.

“I’m shitting for you, Allegra, for you!” I said, kissing her again. “I love you, and I love shitting for you.”

“And I love you,” she purred, her face aglow, “and I love that we’re shitting together like this, sharing like this.”

And then like two delighted and unleashed children in a playpen we went wild. There was shit everywhere, our shit, and now we began to slap it all over each other, smearing and spreading until we were brown from head to foot, mixing our shit, covering our bodies, our faces, then kissing and licking and tasting.

“I want to lick you clean!” Allegra hissed, all embarrassment evaporated now, ablaze with a lustful frenzy, fueled by this sensational transgression.

She suddenly turned me over, the grass wet with her expelled enema and brought her face down to my ass, taking holding of my cheeks and spreading them wide. I had just shit, a good, healthy shit, and I knew there was plenty of brown packed into my crack. And now Allegra’s tongue dove into that messy, humid crack as she lapped away like a happy child, a hungry kid, a lusty kid, licking the shit off my asshole, savoring it.

Many minutes later she emerged and came up, her face a mess, a brown mess, lips, cheeks, nose, chin smeared with my shit.

“Mmmmmh, yummy!” she purred like a very satisfied kitten, licking her lips, kissing me deeply, then pulling back, “and now I think I’m going to give you an enema, a nice big enema!”

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