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Kasey sat at a table in a local restaurant waiting for her number to be called. Though she appeared to be staring at the table, she was looking right through it. She was totally unaware of her surroundings at the moment, for she was lost in a world of thought. She felt foolish and unloved. Savanna had broken up with her after they had been together for almost a year and a half. Kasey had been completely blind-sided by the split.

She saw nothing wrong with their relationship and was thinking that the two would perhaps spend the rest of their lives together. But Savanna had said she wanted to have a ‘normal’ family, including a husband and kids. Savanna seemed to suddenly realize she was getting older and her window of opportunity was shrinking. Kasey was devastated. Had this just been a fling to Savanna all along? Was she just someone to fill the gap until the right person came along? Would she be alone all her life? Whether these questions any truth or not Kasey did not know. She felt foolish for not seeing what was coming sooner. But then how could she? Everything had seemed great.

Regardless, Kasey felt used and more down than she had been in many years. She had left her apartment to come eat here because she could no longer stand to be in the place that she had shared with Savanna for so long. Adding to her despair was her emptiness that she felt inside, which was only magnified when she was at home. Each and every room held memories of her and Savanna. She had nowhere to hide from her feelings in her own apartment. Each room brought on old memories and a new wave of sadness. Savanna had removed the last of her things last week and now the apartment was emptier than ever. The missing belongings served as an unnecessary reminder of Savanna’s absence. As if Kasey could forget.

Savanna had tried calling her a couple times this week; she seemed genuinely worried and concerned about Kasey. Somewhere inside Kasey knew that it must have been difficult for Savanna to tell her what she needed to do, but it didn’t make her feel any better. After Savanna had told her, Kasey became lost to the world. Once she heard that Savanna was breaking up with her, she was gone. She left Savanna’s apartment, even with Savanna trying to stop her. She heard Savanna saying something to her, but the words didn’t register. Kasey was in shock then, and she knew that she would soon be in tears. She had to leave before Savanna saw her like that. She hated for people to see her cry.

She had raced back to her apartment and had immediately started crying once she shut the door. She reached her bedroom and curled up into a ball on her side on the bed and wept. Dark thoughts entered her mind as sobs racked her body. At one point she thought she heard banging on her front door, but knew she would not answer it. She wouldn’t let anyone see her this upset. She could no longer control her crying. Her mind was quickly falling into a bleak place she had not been to in many years.

Kasey was brought back to the present by a single hot tear slowly rolling down her cheek. She quickly reached for a napkin on the table to wipe it off before anyone happened to notice. She looked around, hoping that no one was watching her. She relaxed when she saw that nobody was paying any attention to her.

Eager for a distraction, Kasey scanned the crowd in the restaurant. She was watching a mother feed her infant son when she saw her. In walked an absolutely beautiful woman. She wore a simple business suit, but Kasey could still detect the woman’s feminine curves underneath the conservative clothing. Her heels accentuated her long, toned legs, as well as her tight ass and full breasts. She had dark brown (almost black) hair that went just past her shoulders. It seemed to caress her lovely face as she moved. But most of all, Kasey noticed her eyes. Her dark almond eyes drew Kasey to her like a moth to a flame. Kasey felt a tinge of excitement in the juncture of her thighs as those entrancing eyes made the briefest of contact with hers.

Kasey felt lightheaded and realized that she had been holding her breath the entire time she had been looking at her. She broke her stare and took a few deep breaths to regain her composure.

“Excuse me miss? Ma’am?”

Kasey turned toward the voice and realized that her food was now ready. Her face turned a bit red as she recognized that they had been calling her number for quite some time now. As she moved to the counter to get her food she again scanned the room to find the dark haired beauty. She cursed inwardly when the woman seemed nowhere to be found. Sighing at the loss, Kasey grabbed her tray and turned to once again find her seat. Upon turning, her tray bumped in to someone, spilling some of her food on her shirt and her water on the person in front of her.

“Damn it! Watch where you’re going!” A voice shot at her.

“I’m sorry” Kasey replied as she looked up to see the woman she had been checking out only moments before. Her breath caught in her throat and she suddenly seemed incapable of moving.

“Give me that.” The woman said, taking a couple of napkins from Kasey’s tray as she turned to walk away. “Idiot.”

Kasey felt her heart sink at the woman’s harsh words. She felt her eyes begin to water as she watched the woman walk away to get more napkins to dry herself off.

No longer feeling hungry, Kasey wiped the food off her shirt and threw the rest of it away. She could feel her tears threatening to fall, so she hurried back her apartment where she once again lost herself to the sobs that were now becoming all too familiar in her life.


Angie was dabbing her shirt dry as she looked around the restaurant for the woman she had just ran in to. True she had had a horrendous day at work, but that was no reason to take it out on a complete stranger. After all, Angie had run in to the other woman too. She saw the woman practically running out the door. She immediately felt guilty for being so harsh and rude. The woman was obviously very upset and Angie felt horrible for reacting the way she did. She would have to find her and apologize.


Angie had stopped by the restaurant everyday since the incident, hoping to find the woman again. It was now Thursday and she was disappointed that she had still not found her. But then again, how many times do people eat in the same place in the same week? Perhaps it was not the best plan, but it was all she could think of to do.

Angie was feeling tired and wanted to let loose a bit so she decided to go over to a nearby bar. She walked in and ordered a drink. She looked around for a place to sit, and then she saw her. Although Angie did not get a very good look the first time, she immediately recognized the woman from the restaurant. She was sitting by herself in a booth, staring blankly at the seat across from her. Angie noticed the woman’s toned legs in the tight jeans that seemed to fit her like a second skin. She had gorgeous red hair with occasional bond highlights that cascaded past her slender shoulders and on to her back. Angie felt her pussy become wet at the sight of the girl as her mouth suddenly became dry. She stood there for a long while, admiring the woman from a safe distance, and trying to work up the nerve to go and talk to her.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Angie walked over to talk to the woman.

“Hi there. Mind if I have a seat?”

The woman seemed startled and a bit flustered upon seeing Angie. Did she even remember her? ‘She must’, thought Angie.

“Uh…oh, umm sure.”

“My name’s Angie by the way.” Angie started, smiling as she did so to put the woman at ease. Angie reached out her hand.

“Oh, I’m Kasey.”

Angie’s breath was taken away at the contact, as well as her ability to think. Luckily though, the contact was brief and her mind once again kicked in.

“Listen, I really wanted to apologize for how rude I was to you the other day. I–”

“Oh no, I understand.”

“No. I was having a bad day and I took it out on you. I’m so sorry. Honest, I’m not usually such an ass.” Angie paused and looked into Kasey’s emerald green eyes. “Can I buy you a drink…please?”

Angie felt butterflies in her stomach as she waited for Kasey’s answer. She now really wanted to be around this woman, not just to apologize.

Kasey smiled and Angie felt her heart leap in her chest.


Angie, upon hearing Kasey’s answer, settled into her seat and signaled the waitress over. After ordering another drink for herself and a refill for Kasey, Angie began to make small talk and get to know Kasey. The woman was shy at first but like most people, she opened up after a couple of drinks. Angie could see the redhead was not only intelligent, but also witty as she continued to talk to her. Though she liked to hear Kasey talk, she also seemed to enjoy listening to Angie’s stories, laughing and smiling at Angie as she carried on. Angie felt that the woman had an innocent and vulnerable quality about her that only drew Angie to her more.

Angie saw that the bar was closing down and knew that they would soon have to leave. She didn’t want to.


“I suppose we should leave before they kick us out.”

Kasey looked around and realized that Angie was right. She was so lost in their conversation that she hadn’t even noticed that the bar was closing down. She was disappointed that their night was now coming to an end. She hadn’t had this good of a time since before her ordeal with Savanna had started. She had found herself constantly smiling and very at ease with Angie. There were no awkward silences that you would expect with a stranger. It startled Kasey to think how easily she related to this woman. As they were walking out the door, Kasey wondered if she would see Angie again.

“So when do you want to get dinner on Friday?”

Kasey was broken out of her thoughts by Angie’s question.


“I seem to remember me ruining your dinner the other night, so it’s only fair that I take you out and buy you some food.”

Kasey was thrilled that she would get to see this wonderful woman again.

“How about 7:00?”

“Sounds good.”

They exchanged phone numbers before saying their goodbyes.

Kasey returned to her apartment with a smile on her face, something she had not done in quite a few weeks. She no longer felt depressed at seeing the place that she and Savanna had shared for so long. Perhaps a friend like Angie would help her get out of her “funk” and get back to her normal life.


Angie picked up Kasey promptly at 7:00 and took her to a local casual Italian restaurant. The food was excellent and Kasey found herself once again enjoying the company of her friend. Once the meal was over, Kasey invited Angie back to her apartment.

“Make yourself at home.” Kasey said as she gestured toward the couch.


Kasey made her way to the kitchen to get the two of them something to drink. She poured two glasses of Merlot and wandered back into the room.

“Who’s this?” Angie inquired, pointing to a picture sitting on a bookcase shelf alongside the T.V.

Kasey felt her heart sink in to her stomach at the question. She had not been able to get rid of the picture of she and Savanna; it had been her favorite. She was beginning to get upset again upon seeing the picture, but answered Angie, “My ex-girlfriend.”

Kasey knew the tremor in her voice had been audible. Despite herself, she felt tears start to well in her eyes. Damn, she really didn’t like people to see her cry. She turned her body slightly in a lame attempt to hide her eyes from Angie. But when she felt Angie’s arms wrap supportively around her, she broke down and started crying. Angie gently led her to the couch and held her as she cried.

Kasey felt Angie’s hand rubbing her back, helping her to calm down. “I’m sorry honey. Let it all out.”

When Kasey felt calm enough to talk, she started to tell Angie what happened with her and Savanna. Kasey felt comforted in Angie’s arms as she told her story. She was surprised to find that she felt much better talking about it with someone. She really hadn’t talked to anyone about it and it felt good to share her feelings with someone other than herself. She was surprised that she had felt comfortable enough around Angie, a person she just met, to talk to her about Savanna.

Kasey hoped she hadn’t scared off Angie with her sudden outburst. Still sniffling a bit she looked up at Angie, “Sorry about that. I guess I have been holding that in for too long.”

“It sounds like it.”

Angie smiled reassuringly, seemingly not put-off at all by Kasey’s tears.

“I swear I’m not a mess like this all of the time,” Kasey remarked while smiling.

Angie laughed, and her dark brown eyes seemed to sparkle. Kasey found herself yawning, suddenly feeling the effects of her emotional ordeal.

Angie smiled at Kasey and started to get up, “I think maybe you need some sleep.”

Kasey agreed and saw Angie to the door. Angie turned to exit, but Kasey caught her hand.

“Thank you.”


Angie was becoming enchanted by this young shy woman. She desperately wanted take their relationship further, but she knew that she would have to take it slowly. Kasey’s recent confession made Angie realize that she would have to be weary about how she would proceed. Kasey was obviously not over her ex-girlfriend.

During the past few weeks she and Kasey fell into a comfortable rhythm. They would get together for lunch occasionally during the week and dinners on the weekend. Angie thought that Kasey really seemed to be enjoying her company. She had opened up much more since they had first met, allowing Angie to see more of her witty humor and her sharp mind. But she was also seeing more of Kasey’s shapely yet firm body. The two had started working out together, taking regular jogs through a local park. Seeing Kasey in her tight, thin running shorts greatly tested Angie’s patience. She could only imagine what lie underneath. And she did, many a night alone in her bedroom with her favorite vibrator to ease her sexual frustrations.

After one of these runs she and Kasey returned to her house. Angie went to her kitchen to get them some water to re-hydrate. She went to hand a glass to Kasey but stopped short when she heard the woman give a yelp of pain. Kasey sat on the floor and clutched her calf while wincing in pain.

“Kasey are you OK?”

“Ah…Charley Horse!”

Fortunately the cramping stopped and Kasey calmed.

“Damn, I hate those.” Kasey sighed, massaging her calf.

“Here, let me see.” Angie replied, delicately taking Kasey’s calf in her hand. She used her thumbs to gently ease the tension in Kasey’s muscles. Angie’s felt her heart beating wildly in her chest as she realized she was finally touching the object of her desire. She felt Kasey’s muscles relax a bit under her ministrations. However, she continued to touch Kasey’s leg, though now much softer, almost caressing instead of massaging. Angie was becoming short of breath and noticed Kasey now had goose bumps on her leg. She looked up at Kasey to see her face flushed and her eyes partially closed. And she could have sworn she heard a soft moan coming from the woman.

Kasey’s eyes opened wide seeing Angie looking at her. She moved her leg and began to stand up.

“I…I should go home and take a… take a shower.” Kasey stuttered nervously, heading towards the door. “I’ll see you later.”

“OK.” Angie replied as Kasey left.

Angie sat thinking. Has she lost control and scared Kasey off? She thought she had seen the desire on Kasey’s face, but perhaps she was wrong. Maybe it was still too soon for Kasey.


Kasey sat in her apartment staring out the window. She couldn’t believe how aroused she had become at Angie’s touch. She had instantly become wet and had found it hard to sit still. She felt her arousal must have been apparent on her face when Angie looked up at her. She was so embarrassed by her reaction that she left in a hurry. She couldn’t deny her attraction to her friend but she should have been able to control herself. Angie was straight as far as she knew; she had never mentioned having a girlfriend. Angie had become her best friend in the past few weeks and had really helped her through some rough times. She wasn’t going to let her hormones ruin the best thing she had going for her right now.


Kasey had been going through hell the past few weeks. She was desperately trying to control her feelings and libido around Angie. But it was proving extremely difficult for her. The two were together so often and Kasey seemed to be in turmoil every moment they shared. She was hoping that her feelings would dissipate with time, but she found that they only grew. It was tearing her up inside and her emotions were starting to get the best of her.

“Kasey? Hellooo?”

“Huh?” Kasey’s train of thought was interrupted by Angie’s voice.

“I said should I attempt to cook something or should we order some Chinese?” Angie turned to look at Kasey, a concerned expression on her face, “Are you alright?”

Kasey felt her eyes begin to water as frustrations came to the surface. Why couldn’t she keep her emotions in check around this woman? She felt Angie embrace her and she buried her face in the crook of Angie’s neck. She couldn’t stop her tears from falling. She could feel Angie’s warm body and smell the floral scent of her body wash. To be this close to the woman she had come to love and know that she couldn’t have her caused her heart to ache like never before.


Kasey could feel Angie’s muscles tighten in distress.

“What’s wrong?”

Kasey looked up into Angie’s eyes before again lowering her head.

“I’m in love with someone I can’t have.” Kasey responded in a barely audible voice.


Angie said nothing because she did not trust her voice. She felt her heart sink at Kasey’s words. She thought that Kasey had been making some emotional progress since Angie had met her. But it was now apparent to her that Kasey was still in love with Savanna. She held Kasey tighter to her, moving her own chin to rest on top of Kasey’s head. Angie hoped that the redhead would not notice her few stray tears that were slowly streaking down her face.

Angie felt Kasey slowly relax and calm. She composed herself, taking a few deep breaths and broke their embrace. She looked at Kasey and forced a smile to her face. Angie saw the woman timidly smile back.

“How bout we order that Chinese and watch a mindless comedy to cheer you up?”


Angie sat with Kasey on the couch watching the movie, their dinner long finished. Kasey seemed to have recovered from her earlier incident. She was now occasionally chuckling at the movie. Angie was not so fortunate. She couldn’t take her mind off of Kasey. Maybe she could help her get over Savanna. But she couldn’t stand to lose Kasey as a friend either, which was a possibility if she did make a move on her best friend. Her mind bounced back and forth for a while before her heart won out.

Angie turned toward her friend, “Kasey?”


Angie tried to form the words that she had planned in her head, but found herself unable to speak. Instead, her body began to lean in towards Kasey. There was little distance between the two to begin with, and Angie could now feel Kasey’s breath on her skin. Seemingly without conscious thought, she closed the remaining distance and brushed her lips against Kasey’s. Their lips glided slowly yet sensually past one another in a gentle and tender kiss.

Angie, realizing what had happened, broke the kiss and looked at her friend. Kasey’s eyes were still closed, her lips still half-parted, and her body was still leaning toward Angie, as if eager for more.

Angie was flustered upon seeing Kasey’s eyes once again open.

“Kase…I know I’m not Savanna, but we’ve been getting along so great and I care about you so much…and I know maybe this isn’t what you were hoping for…but…but I love you.” Angie blurted out, stumbling over her words.

Angie felt the tears tracing a path along her cheeks as she made her confession. She was unable to meet Kasey’s eyes, afraid of seeing anger or rejection. She felt completely vulnerable and it was upsetting to her. She was aware of Kasey’s hand gently tugging her chin up to look at her, but Angie kept her face cast downward. She felt her shift on the couch and settle in Angie’s lap.

“Angie.” Kasey’s hand caressed her face, her thumb lovingly wiping away a lone tear from Angie’s face. Angie looked up at those emerald eyes, moist with tears and saw Kasey gently smiling at her.

“Angie, I love you.” Kasey took Angie’s lips to hers again. Angie felt her heart soar at Kasey’s words. She raised her hands to grab the back of Kasey’s head and pull her head closer. She tentatively traced Kasey’s lips with her tongue, seeking permission to venture further. Angie felt the redhead’s lips eagerly give way to her tongue as she probed inward. Her passion increased as she felt Kasey enthusiastically suck on her tongue. She heard Kasey whimper as their tongues battled, smoothly sliding against one another.

Angie let her hands roam Kasey’s body, sliding down her back, around her hips to the front, feeling the smooth skin underneath her shirt. Her hands continued onward, up the redhead’s sides to gently cup the undersides of her breasts. Angie heard Kasey moan at the tender contact. She was encouraged by the noise and began massaging the firm yet yielding globes in her palms.

Angie let one of her hands head south and slip underneath Kasey’s pants and then panties. Angie heard both of them groan when she made contact with Kasey’s wet lower lips. She let her fingers explore lightly up and down the mound, finally settling on the erect clit. She started to circle the small knob and felt Kasey’s hands move to her shoulders, gripping them tightly. She increased her tempo, loving the feel of the woman squirming in her lap.

The wetness seeping from the hole below her fingers became too much of a temptation for Angie so moved them down. Her finger slid easily into her lover’s molten pussy. She quickly added another and began pumping them rhythmically in and out. Kasey broke their kiss, breathing heavily, and rested her forehead against Angie’s. Angie moved her fingers quicker and moved her eyes to look at Kasey’s face. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open, emitting occasional moans. A sheen of sweat made her skin glisten in the light, a few stray hairs sticking to her flushed face. Angie thought it was the most erotic sight she had ever seen.

Angie’s own arousal increased and she suddenly felt the overwhelming desire to see her lover cum. She moved her thumb up to Kasey’s clit, stroking it firmly.

“Oh!” Angie felt Kasey’s nails dig into her shoulders and her hips gyrate more frantically. She could feel the redhead’s breath move over her face as she got closer and closer to climax.

“Hmmm…Ah! Please!” Kasey begged.

Angie curled her fingers upward, firmly massaging her lover’s special spot.

“Oh GOD!” Kasey’s body went completely rigid as her head snapped up. In the next instant she was wildly humping Angie’s hand, using her hands on the brunette’s shoulders as leverage. Angie could feel Kasey’s cunt muscles squeezing her fingers. She pressed her thumb harder to her lover’s button, determined to draw out her orgasm as long as possible.


Kasey’s pleasure centers were overloaded by the orgasm that was rocking her body. She had never felt such intense pleasure in her life. The emotional and physical pressure both released at once and combined to give her release like never before. Her pussy gripped Angie’s fingers, trying in vain to trap them inside. The force of the thumb on her clit caused her hips to jerk with its movements as her juices trickled down her thighs.

Kasey felt her orgasm begin to subside, though the tingling in her pussy and clit still remained. Her breathing slowed and her mind settled. She looked in Angie’s deep almond eyes and saw the love there. She smiled and dipped her head to kiss her lover. The kisses were soft and soothing to Kasey. Kasey let her hands roam freely over her lover’s torso, feeling her body react to her touch. She felt Angie’s hips begin to slowly move beneath her.

Kasey moved her lips along Angie’s jaw and back to her ear. She teased the dangling lobe with her tongue, flicking it and occasionally sucking it into her mouth. Her hands reached the hem of Angie’s shirt and quickly pulled it over her head. She then reached behind her lover and release her bra, sliding the straps from her shoulders. She trailed soft kisses and nips down the side of Angie’s neck, to her chest. She carefully blew hot air over one of the hard straining nipples, seeing Angie’s chest heave as she was teased. Kasey took the nubbin in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Angie moaned at the contact and Kasey sucked harder in response. Kasey felt her lover’s hands cradle her head to her chest, caressing her silken locks. She lightly bit the nipple in her mouth while rolling its partner with her fingers. The brunette squealed and arched her back, gasping for her breath. Her grip on Kasey’s head tightened as her fingers wove in to the long red hair. ‘Hmm…those must be sensitive’, thought Kasey. She continued tormenting Angie’s tits, sucking, biting, massaging, pulling, and pinching. Angie’s rocked her hips wildly, while her head thrashed back and forth. Her hands released Kasey’s head and instead gripped the cushions on either side of her, digging her fingers into the soft material.

Kasey released Angie’s nipples and made her way down towards her waist. She undid the jeans, pausing to dip her tongue in the cute navel that was now at her eye level. Angie’s eyes were still closed and her hands still maintained their death-grip on the couch. Kasey yanked those hips toward the end of the couch and peeled the jeans down her lover’s long toned legs. Her panties soon followed. She hooked those legs up over her shoulders, looking up to see Angie’s head tilted back, breathing heavily.

Kasey took one slow swipe with her tongue right up the middle of Angie’s slot, finishing with a flick on her clit. Her hips snapped at the sensation and her hands entangled themselves in Kasey’s hair. To Kasey her juices tasted sweet and she quickly returned to the source. Her tongue delved as deep as it could go. Then she used her thumbs to pry the lips wide apart so she could probe further. Angie hunched her hips forward, meeting Kasey’s tongue thrust for thrust. Each thrust seemed to be entwined with a moan that was like music to Kasey’s ears. Occasionally Kasey’s tongue would elicit a whimper from the brunette and she would quickly seek out the tender spot again.

Kasey could feel Angie’s muscles tightening and her hands pulling her head in towards her pussy. She knew her lover was close so she moved up to take the large clit into her mouth. She used her idle fingers to pull back the hood and expose the knob. With that she took it in her mouth, sucking on it and lashing it with her tongue. Angie howled and her hips lifted high off the couch.

“Oh…oh…yes, yes, YES!”

Kasey felt her lover’s fluids on her chin as she rode the waves of pure bliss. It was an incredible rush for Kasey, having the woman she loved writhing in pleasure under her tongue. She eased up on Angie’s clit, instead introducing two fingers into her slot. Angie groaned as the fingers filled her. Kasey loved the silky feel of Angie’s insides. She felt her lover responding her pumping fingers so she again took her clit into her mouth.

Kasey ate Angie with a passion that she had never felt before. It was almost savage, the way she fucked, sucked, and licked her lover. Angie tried to push her away, the pleasure becoming too intense for her. But Kasey refused to relent. Instead she wrapped her free arm around Angie’s waist to keep her from getting away. Kasey lightly nibbled her lover’s clit, causing her to fly over the edge. She came with a keening wail as her juices poured from her pussy. Kasey hurriedly moved down to lick up the wetness on the engorged, quivering lips. She heard Angie exhale and then felt the thighs that had been holding her captive go limp.


Angie lay motionless on the couch, her heart beating wildly in her chest. She felt her muscles twitch as the once-intense pleasure slowly ebbed away. She felt Kasey kissing up her body, up to her lips and returned it with as much energy she could muster. She wanted desperately to hold her lover, but found that her muscles wouldn’t respond. The aftershocks ran that through her body abated, leaving her in a warm glow.

“I love you.”

Angie felt her hands come alive at Kasey’s words. She gently caressed her lover’s face, while looking directly into her eyes.

“I love you too.”

Kasey smiled at her words and Angie felt her heart soar. Saying those words felt so right and hearing the redhead say them felt even better.

“Come on.” Kasey directed and took Angie’s hands, pulling her to her feet.

Angie’s legs, however, did not want to cooperate. She wobbled as she tried to stand. Kasey chuckled at Angie and put her arm around her to support her.

“Having some trouble?” Kasey asked, still grinning at Angie’s inability to function properly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I always walk like this.”

Kasey laughed again while leading Angie to her bedroom. Once there, Angie collapsed on the bed, exhaling in the form of a groan upon making contact. The sheets felt cool on her naked skin and made it tingle when she moved against them. She looked over to see Kasey still standing. She was removing her remaining clothing, seemingly unaware of Angie’s hungry gaze.

Angie sat up, legs hanging off the side of the bed to better watch the show before her. Kasey’s back was to her, allowing Angie to trace the curves of her smooth, flawless back with her eyes. Kasey bent to remove her pants and Angie felt her breath catch in her throat when she saw those two gorgeous half-moons split by a tiny red thong. When the panties were removed and Angie saw Kasey’s glistening pussy, she gasped out loud. Kasey, realizing that she was being watched, looked over her shoulder and blushed.

“You’re so beautiful,” Angie whispered, the sincerity evident in her voice.

Kasey smiled and looked down at the floor shyly. Angie extended her arm and trailed her hand slowly down her lover’s arm, raising goose bumps in its wake. Her hand found Kasey’s and she gently pulled her to the bed.

They lay side-by-side facing each other, emerald eyes staring into almond-brown. Angie let her hand glide along Kasey’s shoulder, down along her ribs, and over her hip. She felt Kasey shiver beneath her at the gentle caress. Her hand moved up following the same path, traveling past the redhead’s shoulder, nails raking lightly up her neck to her jaw. Angie smiled at Kasey as she tucked a stray lock of hair behind the ear of her beautiful lover.

Angie leaned forward and let her lips brush against her lover’s. The teasing contact, however, didn’t last long. Angie felt her lips molded to the redhead’s as their kiss deepened. She traced her tongue along Kasey’s upper lip before plunging in to the warm silky cavern underneath. Tongues battled as passion rose. Angie moaned at the feel of Kasey sucking on her tongue. Her body became restless from the dizzying soul-piercing kiss as it yearned for something more. Soon her need became too great and she quickly moved on top of Kasey, pushing her on her back.


Kasey felt herself being moved on her back. The move startled her for a moment, but she soon regained her bearings. She could feel her lover’s naked flesh on her own and moaned through the searing kiss at the contact. She felt wonderfully pinned under the brunette’s weight.

Kasey opened her eyes slowly upon feeling Angie break the kiss. She felt her lover shift and groaned when she felt their mounds come into firm contact. Angie joined the palms of each of their hands together, entwining their fingers. With their hands coupled, Kasey felt her hands being moved shoulder level as Angie began a slow grind into her. Angie’s eyes never left hers as her pleasure mounted with each thrust. Kasey returned the intense loving gaze as well as the plunging motion, her hips moving in rhythm with her lover’s.

She felt Angie adjust her position with a roll of her hips and Kasey opened her eyes wide. Her breath caught in her throat and her grip on the hands in hers tightened. Her clit now came into direct contact with Angie’s clit on every stroke. Each pass sent an electric bolt of pleasure through her hard nub. She felt the tension in her lower back rising and she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. Kasey could feel the brunette’s hot breath on her face, rolling over her sweaty skin. Her nails dug into the back of Angie’s hands as she managed to focus her eyes again on her lover. The look of love and intense pleasure in those almond eyes inches from hers sent her over the edge and she came with a shout, her hips bucking wildly. She felt Angie’s movements become ragged and saw her head snap back as she heard her name pass from her lover’s lips when she too suddenly fell into the pleasurable abyss.

Kasey felt her muscles relaxing as Angie rolled to her side, lying on her back. Kasey rolled with her, draping her leg across the brunette. She moved her arm to lie across Angie’s chest and rested her head in the crook of her lover’s neck. She felt Angie’s arms wrap around her and sighed in contentment at the warm embrace. Her breathing slowed and soon matched that of the chest rising and falling beneath her. Kasey smiled as her eyes closed and her conscious began to slip. She was experiencing something that she had never felt before; she felt whole. She fell asleep, the look of peace and happiness remaining on her face as she slept.

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