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Shy Janine and Mr Smith

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Hello diary

I’ve never kept a journal before. With the exception of my best friend,there’s no one I can tell what I’ve done this past week. I figured this would be a perfect time to start writing things down. I think it’ll make me feel better.

I’m going to start at about a week ago.

My Alarm went off. I woke up in a haze. I was so tired. I had spent most of the night studying and working on my little part time job. I walked in to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. I Looked every bit as tired as I felt. I had class in a hour and didn’t know how I was going to make it on time. Oh well I thought and went on to take a shower.

Diary, before I continue let me describe myself to you. I have big blue eyes with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. I’m tall with a very curvy body, by that I mean I’m very healthy in the chest and hips area. I have long legs, I think they’re my best feature, even my feet and toes are cute. I just found that out this week. I do enjoy showing them off, usually with short skirts or dresses and especially with hosiery. That day I wore my usual skirt, with pantyhose.

Let’s return to last week.

As I was putting on my pantyhose, I couldn’t stop thinking of everything I needed to do. More bills were due and money had been extremely tight, Barely getting by on student loans, babysitting and my sales job. Paying for school on my own had become increasingly difficult. Worrying about money has caused me to struggle with my studies too. I just kept telling myself that it would get better.

Diary let’s pause again.

Let me tell you a little more about myself. I moved out after high school. I decided it would be easier to study away from my annoying family. I thought it would be a sensible time to take on some adult responsibilities. Even though most of my friends stayed home. I couldn’t have been more excited with my newfound freedom.

I’ve always been popular around my neighborhood, so along with babysitting, I took a door-to-door sales job selling women’s Beauty supplies. My popularity helped me do well and I’ve always enjoyed visiting everyone in my neighborhood.

Back again

With my school day finally over, I headed off to my work. I have a particular route I use. I start with old Mrs. Jones in the corner of Morton Street. Mrs. Jones is in her sixties and likes any company; it takes me a little longer to visit her than the others. I’ll go down the block and always end up at the Smith’s home.

Mrs. Smith is one of my better customers; she buys plenty and rarely ever complains about price. She’s a full figured brunette with a very pretty face. She’s in her late thirties but still acts like a teenaged girl. I’ve enjoyed visiting her. We would have long discussions about school, sexy clothes and other interests. She manages an accounting firm and if it weren’t for her busy schedule; I think I would spend even more time with her.

Mr. Smith, her husband, is the opposite of his wife. He’s much older. A very quite, sweet man, at least he seams to be during my visits. He rarely comments on any of my beauty supplies. It’s usually some friendly chitchat plus I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a glass of his favorite whiskey, that’s probably why he’s always smiling.

I have noticed him staring at me, though. He had complimented my outfits and had told me how pretty he though I was. He was an obvious legman, I’ve caught him countless times staring at my legs. I guess dressing the way I do I couldn’t blame the old man. I don’t mind though. He’s not the first guy I’ve caught, I’m sure he wont be the last. I thought it was cute and some days I couldn’t help but tease him a little by asking him what he thought of my outfit.

The days visit went as usual, a little small talk with Mrs. Smith while her husband looked from the kitchen. I took down her order and thanked her. On my way out I waved to Mr. smith. He waived back as he poured his drink.

Finishing my route early. I decided on taking a stroll to my best friends house. I walked in to her room and found her on the phone as usual. Don’t you ever get off that phone? I asked.

Ok Diary I have to describe Yvonne.

She’s a little shorter than me and more athletic. She has long black hair with thick pouty lips. She has all the typical Spanish traits. Wide hips and a ass that drive all the boys nuts. Much more out going than me and loves her tight clothes. She’s been a great friend since middle school.

“What are you up to sweetie?”

Oh nothing, I just finished my rounds.

Are you ok? Yvonne asked

“Yeah I’m fine, I guess I’m just tired. I’ve had a lot on my mind.”

“Well what you need to do is come out with me tonight. I’m meeting Anna and the girls. We can have a few drinks maybe even some dancing” Yvonne is always looking for a reason to party.

“Yvonne I can’t girl. I don’t have any money to go out. I can barely pay my bills.”

Sweetie don’t worry about it-I got you”

“I know you do. You always do. I’m just not in the mood. Thanks though.”

Well if you change your mind you know whe- I interrupted Yvonne before she could finish her thought. I had forgotten to drop an order for Mrs. Smith. I told Yvonne I had to run to and drop it off.

Well aren’t you the devoted salesgirl, Yvonne said with a smirk on her face?

“Smith’s? Isn’t that the old guy that’s you always checking you out?”

“Yeah he’s a nice guy though and his wife pretty cool. Let me go before it gets too late. Have fun tonight. Call me.”

I had forgotten to give Mrs. Smith her new make up bag, so I ran back.

Mr. Smith answered the door. “Oh-hi Mr. Smith. Is Mrs. Smith in? I forgot to give her the new bag she ordered.” He invited me in.

“Come inside, please have a seat”. You just missed her. She went out with her friends. She won’t be back till late, I’m afraid”

“I guess I can just drop it off with you, and be on my way.” Before I could leave he stopped me.

“You don’t have to leave so quickly, you know I’ve never actually seen any of the things you sell.”

“Your wife doesn’t show you?”

“Some times, would you mind, I might see something I would like.

Umm I guess not. I told him. Mr. Smith had never shown interest in what I sold before. I found it a little odd that he wanted to look through it now.

I sat down on the sofa like I usually do with Mrs. Smith. I opened her bag and took out her order book. There was something different about him. His eyes were glazed and I’ve never seen him smile so much. I figured he’s been drinking all day. He was still holding a full glass.

As I began showing the book, I noticed Mr. Smith’s eyes all over me. He continued looking. Trying to be discreet, his eyes fell down my body where he found my skirt and down my nylon legs, where he stopped.

Mr. Smith? I asked to try and break his concentration.

“Yes dear?”

“I was just wondering if you had any questions?”

“No. I’m ok, thank you.”

“Anything catch your interest?”

“Mr. Smith smiled, actually yes.”

He took a sip from his glass, leaving a strong smell of alcohol behind. He looked at his glass as if he was reading from it what he was about to ask.

“There is something I would like but it’s not in that catalogue of yours.”

What do you mean, I asked. Mr. Smith took another sip.

“Sweetie ever since you began visiting us a couple of years ago, I had always thought you were the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.”

Umm well thank you, Mr. Smith. “Your legs are amazing and truly so are your feet”

Excuse me? I blurted.

I’ve always had a love for beautiful feet and you have the sexiest legs and feet I’ve ever- I Interrupted him.

“Mr. Smith, I don’t think this is appropriate. I should be on my way.”

“Please don’t be upset. I’ve over heard you explaining to my wife your financial situation. I just want to help”.

“What? How?”

“I want you to consider this before you say no” I stopped him again.

“I’m not going to do anything funny for money. I’m leaving now!! What will your wife say?”

“Wait, at least hear me out. Please just a minute! I don’t want to upset you. I’ll buy any of the products you sell; hell I’ll buy a whole page. I just wanted to ask to maybe massage or play with your legs and feet?”

“What? No!”

Mr. Smith tried to explain, but I was done listening, I picked up my bag and stormed out!

Diary, That night I was furious. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. The nerve of him to ask me that! I’ve had guys hit on me before but I’ve never had anyone offer to play with my feet. I waited for Yvonne to get home from her and called her.

I told her everything.

“Maybe you should consider it.”

What? Yvonne. You must be drunk.

Yvonne laughed.

No sweetie, I’m serious. How bad can it be to have an old man play with your feet? Sounds easy money!

“Yvonne stop”

I felt a little uncomfortable; I changed the subject and asked Yvonne about her night out. After about an hour of girl talk I was ready for some sleep, but right before I hung up, Yvonne reminded me of my eventful night.

Janine all I’m saying is that you should think about it. You’re really hurting for money, besides I wish I had some old geezer offering me money to

play with my feet. Yvonne laughed again.

“What ever” I said and hung up and tried to get some sleep.

A few days later

It was morning and for the past few days I couldn’t stop thinking of anything other than Mr. Smith’s offer. I knew it wasn’t right but I was getting so tired of not being able to afford to do anything for myself. I stood in front of my closet deciding what to wear.

I wondered how many guys are really into feet, like Mr. Smith. I looked down at my toes and smiled. I decided on performing a little experiment. I pulled out a skirt I usually only wear to go out with my friends. It’s the shortest and tightest in my closet. Along with my favorite nude seamless hose and black open toed heels I thought I had the perfect outfit.

Lets see how many guys at school would check out my sexy feet, I thought. I was enjoying my little test. I felt mischievous and sexy at the same time. I usually wear short outfits any way but that day I wanted something more revealing. For the first time I decided on not wearing any panties under her hose, just to feel extra naughty. After a couple of turns in front of the mirror I was satisfied and headed to school.

As I walked into the classroom I immediately turned heads. I sat and crossed my legs, I felt my tight skirt ride up and reveal every inch of me. I tried to pull my skirt down to no avail.

May be I shouldn’t have worn this skirt, I thought to myself.

I felt everyone’s eyes on me, even some of the girls in class were examining me. I felt myself blushing. I’ve received attention with my other outfits but nothing like this. I tried not to move as to not show anymore.

“Well I wore this outfit for a reason and the looks didn’t answer my question”

“How would they react to me feet?”

The class was full of long speeches. The professor was on a roll with one of his boring lectures. It was the perfect setting for my little experiment. I looked around to see if any one was still looking. I spotted a couple of the boys stealing glances. I was surprised to see one of the girls glance at my legs.

It was Jenny, a shy and thin blonde wearing glasses. I made eye contact with her and smiled, Jenny returned my smile. Some how with her looking I didn’t feel as self-conscious.

I thought that was my cue. I crossed my legs and began to play with my shoes. Immediately couple boys turned. They tried their hardest not to make it obvious even jenny couldn’t resist looking. I dangled one shoe. I looked and noticed the boy next to me. He had his eyes fixated on my dangling foot. I dangled my shoe for a bit, taking my time. I wanted to give my new audience time to enjoy. I took the shoe completely off and revealed my nyloned foot. I spread my toes wide, stretching my hose. I looked back at the boy; he was in his own dream world.

Well-well- I guess Mr. Smith is not the only one that enjoys feet. I continued playing my foot games for the rest of the day.

I had never been so playful. Having spent the day teasing my classmates had made me feel sexy. Two of the boys gave me their numbers, which I had no interest in calling. Jenny also came up to me and handed me her number.

You should call me sometime maybe we can go get a pedicure together, she said.

I might just do that, I replied.

After school I had some deliveries to drop off. Although I felt much better over Mr. Smith’s proposal, I still felt uneasy. As crazy as this sounds, I was actually beginning to consider his offer. I wasn’t sure what to do. What about his wife? She’s such a nice lady. I truly enjoy talking to her. It’s going to be so weird delivering anything or just talking to her. If I do anything I’ll have to make sure she never finds out besides, it’s just a foot massage how bad could it be.

I continued to rationalize everything in my head. I made sure to deliver all of the other orders first leaving the smiths for last. I took my time making my rounds. Imagining what I’ll say or do if he asks again. As different scenarios raced through my head, I finally reached their house.

I hesitated to knock on the door. I hoped for Mrs. Smith to answer the door but no such luck. Wearing his typical dress shorts and holding a glass of his whisky, wearing a huge smile he invited me in.

Hi Janine how are you.

He was obviously excited to see me. He let his eyes scan my full body.

“You look beautiful!”

“Umm, thank you.”

I’m here to drop off Mrs. Smith’s new order”

I’m afraid she stepped out. How convenient, I thought, the night I come to drop off her order.

“Please have a seat”

I sat and crossed my legs. My mini skirt instantly rose up again revealing more of my thighs. This time I didn’t try to pull my skirt down. I let him enjoy the view. Mr. Smith didn’t try to hide his intentions he immediately looked.

If you wish, you can just leave the order, I’ll make sure she gets it” Mr. Smith attempted some small talk but stumbled and sounded a bit awkward. I knew he was trying to get me to relax so I wouldn’t run off. He asked me about my schoolwork. I answered politely with brief answers. I crossed my legs again and started playing with my shoes like I had done earlier in class.

I smiled at him as he attempted to repeat a silly joke he had heard earlier at work. I slightly removed my shoe just enough so it would dangle again. Mr. Smith cleared his throat as he tried to finish his joke.

I was still a little nervous, not knowing what to do next.

“Janine, about last week, I wanted to apologize-

I interrupted him, it’s ok, Mr. Smith. Actually I’m glad you brought it up.

“Why’s that?”

“Well, you never actually told me how much you wanted to pay me. You know, to play with my feet.”

He gave me a surprised look and had to think.

“Well I’ll be perfectly honest I didn’t have a set amount for you. I didn’t think you would accept, but I’ll do pretty much anything, you name it and you’ll have it.”

I was impressed. “You want to play with my legs and feet that much?

“Yes sweetie, I’ve always had a foot fetish and most women usually don’t play along or let me truly enjoy their feet, and that’s including my wife. Ever since I’ve met you, I’ve always thought you were perfect. Your legs, feet and specially your love for hosiery, you’re just perfect- just perfect.

I began to feel in total control. I was no longer nervous and felt incredibly sexy and somewhat turned on. I have something this man is willing to do anything for.

I smiled.

I removed a shoe and raised my leg, causing my skirt to flash even more pantyhose. I then rested my foot on his inner thigh and innocently asked.

“Mr. Smith, how much do you think this sexy foot is worth?”

Mr. Smith smiled, I don’t know.

Try again Mr. Smith, I replied.

Mr. Smith looked at my foot and up my leg. With no hesitation he began to softly massage my foot. I spread my inviting toes. He could see my French pedicure through the thin material. He seemed to be in a trance as he caressed my foot. I knew at this point he was all mine.

“Maybe a few hundred, he asked?”

Much better answer, I replied. He continued to massage my foot and moved his hands up to my ankles and continued inching his way up. His looked up my leg to right under my skirt where his eyes widened. He noticed I was not wearing any underwear and could probably see the outline of my sweet area.

I saw a bulge beginning to form under his shorts. I realized what he was looking at and quickly tried to pull the front of my skirt down.

Now Mr. Smith don’t you want to play with my other foot, I asked while wrestling with my skirt.

Yes, yes I do se said. He was visibly excited now. I couldn’t stop looking at his ever-growing bulge and smiled. Before you continue though I want to see a payment! Mr. Smith looked at me dazed.

“That’s right Mr. Smith, a payment” I moved my foot out of his hands and he reacted like a baby that’s had it’s favorite toy taken away. He stumbled and stood to reach back for his wallet revealing a huge tent between his legs. I was surprised that the old man could get so excited. I was also impressed at the outline of what looked to be a large package.

He removed a bundle of dollar bills and placed some on the table. Here’s three hundred. I smiled, and offered my other foot. He began massaging again. He was truly enjoying himself. He brought my foot to his face where he took in my scent. He kissed my toes, and licked down under the arch of my foot.

Now diary, I’m usually very ticklish but his hunger for my foot was so arousing that I didn’t care. He licked and kissed my foot like water quenching a hot thirst. I knew it was only about him playing with my feet and nothing more but I couldn’t help myself. I moved my other foot and pushed on his huge bulge. He moaned but didn’t stop playing with my other foot. I started to rub him.

Slowly at first. I began to feel his full size under my foot and was now curious to see it. I rubbed faster and faster. He finally had to stop.

“Janine, you’re amazing”

I know” I replied.

“Would you like for me to finish you off?”

A large grin swooped across his face.

“Yes!! Of course”

“Good, how much more?”

Without hesitation he took out three hundred more, it seemed to be every thing he had in wallet.

Again I smiled

Let me see it! Mr. Smith unzipped his pants but before he could do anything I moved his hands to the side with my feet. I placed both of my beautiful nyloned feet on his lap. I squeezed one foot through the open zipper and felt his hard on. Mr. Smith moaned loud as he was finally about to live out his fantasy of a nylon foot job. He helped my feet by releasing his cock from his pants so it was free and at full attention. It looked like at least eight to nine inches. I was more than pleased with the cock I was allowing to fuck my virgin feet.

I began by wrapping my peds around the base of his cock and slowly began to stroke him. I spread my toes to grab as much of him as possible. By now I was just as turned on. I was wishing my feet weren’t the only part of my body being fucked, but I wasn’t going to allow anything more.

I stroked faster and faster making sure my feet covered all of his cock. It didn’t take long before he began to reach his pinnacle. He clenched the side of his chair. I knew he was about to cum. I cupped his dick between the arches of my feet. It only took a few more sensual strokes from the most beautiful feet he had ever seen for Mr. Smith to explode. He shot what seamed like an endless stream of fluid all over my feet. I continued working his dick and made sure every drop was squeezed out. He calmed down and took a deep breath.

“Thank you, Janine.”

“You are very welcome”

I stood up lifted my skirt slightly to reach the waistband of my pantyhose. I briefly flashed my shaven pussy as I removed my cum soaked hose. I looked up at him and smiled. I noticed his limp dick showing life again. I stood straight, fixed my skirt and handed over the hose to him.

“that’s a little souvenir”

He took the hose, I knew he will have to hide them but he will enjoy them. I picked up the money put in my purse and walked to the door. Mr. Smith got up quickly, fixed himself and rushed to open the door for me.

“I wanted to thank you again”

“No- Mr. Smith, thank you. Maybe I can help you again soon. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek, walked out and headed home.

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