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I was walking along the path that circled the lake behind my house. It was a quiet October evening just before sunset, the sky was a really beautiful painting-like color. The temperature was cooling off to around the fifty-degree mark, no mistake that fall was in the air.

As I walked, I took in the sweet sound of leaves rustling around and under my feet, I looked down and marveled at the way each of them, so different, looked as though they had been freshly painted from a colorful palette of bright oranges and reds. I walked this trail almost every evening and jogged it in the mornings to keep my young body firm and in shape. I loved the tranquility and the availability offered to me to think of all life’s little things as I walked.

I had approached the halfway point for my second time around, the sun had by now completely departed the upper horizon of our world, and darkness now replaced the once colorful sky. I looked up and sighed at the beautiful stars, so bright, and looking down on me like a million eyes of angels. The sight as usual was breathtaking. I continued walking and as I approached an area of the path, that had a scattering of picnic tables and benches, I saw a few friends of mine from the neighborhood sitting around laughing and giggling. There was Jeanine, a cute little brunette who I had known for about 7 years, Mark, a nice looking but troublesome type of guy, Tim, a hottie I had gone out with a couple times, and a black guy I didn’t know, they later introduced me too as Leon. They all hollered out their hellos and greetings, and gave me hugs, I love the hugs.

I did the lady like thing and shook Leon’s hand when they introduced us. They were all so giggly I just knew they had done something. Sure enough about that time, Mark took out a joint and lit it up…”Time for another?” he asked. “So that’s why you are all so weird tonight,” I said laughing. I sat up on one of the picnic tables casually talking with them all. About an hour passed as I watched my friends get even more stoned and stupid acting by the minute. I didn’t mind as I thought they were quite the comedy crew. Even though I don’t smoke anything, even cigarettes I have never had any interest in, I don’t care who does what. I am very open to pretty much anything. I just don’t get too close to anyone doing stuff like that.

Tim came over and sat down next to me and we started small talk, pretty much in our own little world. I wasn’t paying much attention to the other three, now delirious potheads, I call friends. Tim had always been so sweet to me, we had known each other for some time. He has always tried to get me to be his steady girlfriend, but I had never wanted to be serious with anyone at the time. We had gone out a couple times though, and always had lots of fun, ending the date making out, but nothing ever further. He was a gorgeous guy with a slight muscular tone, dark complexion and hair, bright blue eyes, and one of the sexiest asses I have ever seen on a guy. He was the type of guy my Mom had always told me to be careful around.

I jumped up and walked towards the lake, taking Tim’s hand in mine. The lake was like a mirror, you could actually see the stars in the motionless water. And the moon that lit up the entire area like a big spotlight sparkled across the lake. We walked aimlessly along the waters’ edge for about twenty minutes or so. He asked me to go to a Halloween Masquerade Party with him. I had heard all about this party, it was supposed to be huge. My best friend Lisa and I had talked earlier in the week about going to it with dates, we just didn’t know with which guy. I had been asked by a few people to go. I told Tim I would let him know. What girl wouldn’t want to be seen with a gorgeous guy like this, I thought to myself. We slowly made our way back to the picnic table. Suddenly, an outburst filled the almost silent night.

As we walked closer to the source of the squeal, the moans became more and more evident with each step. We both stopped in our tracks about ten feet from Jeanine, Mark, and Leon. I turned quickly to walk the other way, but Tim stopped me. He asked me what was wrong with what was going on, I said, “Nothing, but we shouldn’t just sit and watch, it looks kind of private” He quickly replied, “Private? Out here, knowing we were here, they couldn’t care about privacy”. I looked at him and then to the three and the sexual frenzy taking place before my eyes. I looked away again. Something though just kept drawing my eyes back to that scene even though my eyes almost couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Jeanine was on all fours on top of the picnic table, her skirt was pushed up onto her back. She was holding Marks hard cock in her hands as Leon thrust his huge black tool in and out of her from behind. With each thrust she squealed loudly.

I was stunned and mesmerized all at the same time. I found my mind telling me to leave, to just walk away, but I was unable to. I looked at Marks thick rippling dick in Jeanines’ tiny hand…every now and then she would concentrate enough to pump her hand up and down the length of his shaft. I then would look at Leon’s black cock sliding in and out of her. I had never ever seen a black boy naked before and certainly have never seen a black cock. From where Tim and I stood, the moonlight lit up the area enough to see a lot of detail. Leon was moving back and forth at a pretty fast pace, but still a portion of his thick cock would glisten from wetness in the moonlight with each withdrawal, and I would catch a glimpse just before it plunged back in Jeanines wet sheath. I had no idea how long it was but it brought a squeal out of Jeanine with every thrust.

Tim came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me holding me tightly. He whispered in my ear “Is this hot or what?” I could barely mumble a single word. He pressed against me tightly. I could tell he was enjoying the show at hand by the lump in his pants pressing against my back. I could actually feel his manhood throb every now and then. My mind wondered briefly at how his cock would look and how large it was. My own curiosity ended with yet another squeal and loud moan from Jeanine. She was now plunging her mouth up and down on Marks fat cock in synch with the man meat fucking her furiously from behind. I gazed at Mark’s cock. It was nice and thick, not very long but thick. Jeanine’s lips were stretched tightly around the girth. Her cheeks puffed out each time his flesh disappeared into her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down at a very fast pace now. Mark lifted his butt up off the picnic table, thrusting his flesh into Jeanine’s hungry mouth. Leon was plowing her forward pounding into her pussy. She was moaning loudly now, mixed with the deep groans of Mark and Leon.

After about ten minutes the guys switched places. I watched as Leon pulled his slick dark pole out of Jeanine and went to her face. Mark positioned himself behind her. I watched as Leon took his big black dick and rubbed the slippery tip all over her face and lips. His cock was big, a good eight inches and fairly thick. Glistening from the moonlight, the veins stuck out so visibly. I knew now why she squealed with each thrust. I was transfixed to the scene before me, oblivious to the world around me, even oblivious to the throbbing cock against my back. Every now and then I would come back to reality feeling it against me. Tim was holding me very tight now. I felt that familiar feeling of excitement building inside me. I was wet and my nipples were extremely hard. I tried to hide my arousal from Tim the best I could, so I didn’t get into a situation that was too far carried away. My breathing alone, heavy and deep would have been a dead give away however, one I couldn’t quite hide.

Leon leaned back on his hands as Jeanine licked up and down the underside of his shaft. She then sucked a ball into her mouth and he moaned very loudly. First one, then the other. Then she consumed the head of his cock between her lips and sucked inch by inch of him into her mouth, stopping obviously when the tip nudged the entrance to her throat. She held him there not moving. By Leon’s moans her tongue was working him over. Mark was behind her holding onto her hips, then suddenly she screamed out loudly. I jumped from her sudden painful wail. My eyes widened. I instinctively looked to see if anyone was around. Then my glare shot back to Jeanine. Mark held onto her hips very tightly and yelled out how “tight her little asshole was”.

Oh my God, I thought, there is no way. He has his cock up her ass. That thick fleshy pole up her ass? I could feel her pain. Nothing had ever been there in me, I could not imagine. She released the cock from her mouth as she again screamed out. “No, no”, she pleaded. “Oh my godddd, please take it out, it hurts” she screamed. Mark just held her there tightly as she fought to move forward and try to remove him from her. She had no chance as he continued to hold his huge meat inside her ass. By the squirming and cries for him to stop, I presumed she had never had anything there before either. I was feeling I should do something but Tim held me tighter, he whispered to me “wait, she will be fine”. I watched, shocked at what was happening. Soon it seemed she relaxed and very slowly Mark began to move. Very slowly at first, he moved back away from her and then slid back in. Jeanine moaned so loudly again and again, but gradually lost the sound of pain in her tone. Each time seemed more enjoyable for her. She released her strangle hold on Leon’s poor dick and again took him into her mouth. Mark was now moving his ass back and forth slowly but consistently. My little ass hurt just from the thought of having a cock buried there. I almost cringed at the thought. I watched in awe as Jeanine now took that fat member in and out of her ass like a pro. Her squeals were loud moans now. Marks dick for some reason looked so much fatter sliding in and out of such a tiny place.

Tim’s hand caught my attention pulling my eyes from the threesome before me. He grasped my breast firmly massaging my hard nipple through my clothes. I was undeniably hotter than hot from what I was witnessing and Tim obviously knew this. Wanting to stop him was my first reaction but instead I closed my eyes and sighed as now both his hands were on my breasts. I did not want to get into something too deep, I reluctantly pulled away, he sighed an “awwww”. I giggled as I went behind him instead, wrapped my arms around him, and massaged his chest and stomach. He looked upon the three on the table as my hands drifted inquisitively lower. I soon reached the waist of his dockers, the belt, the belt loops. I lowered them further. I nudged up against his hardness, standing up in his pants, begging for release. I ran my pointer finger across the thick length of his penis and was amazed at how hard it was…like steal. Tim moaned out loudly at this simple touch. Curiosity was filling my mind. I wanted to know more.

I grasped his hardness in my hands and was thrilled at how thick he felt. His hips gyrated ever so slowly at my touch and another loud groan escaped his lips. I traced the thickness back upward towards his belt. “Oh my” I thought as my hand felt cock all the way. My tiny fingers reached for the belt and I slowly undid it. Then the button to the pants I undid. My fingers moved across the top of his pants and felt the tip of his cock head trying to escape. I slowly reached the zipper and undid his trousers, tooth by tooth, very teasingly lowering it. I have always loved to be a tease. I think it drives a guy wild to have a foxy gal tease him in such a way. As agonizing as it seems, guys love it! As soon as the zipper was lowered his huge cock fell out, almost pouncing out. Hmmm, I thought, no underwear to get in the way. That is so sexy. Tim sighed in relief at the freedom his flesh just felt and surely at the cool air that encircled his hot skin. My hands wasted no time in grasping the hardened situation. I tenderly wrapped my fingers around his shaft, or at least tried. My fingers could not even go around the whole thickness of his cock. I had never felt a cock so fat. I had never even known them to be this big. He groaned again as my hand held him, my other hand joined in and both my hands held his shaft tightly. I released one and reached for his balls. Again I was stunned as I grabbed the biggest balls I had ever felt. They hung down heavily between his thighs, like two hairy tangarines. I massaged them gently one at a time. My small hand could not even come close to holding both of them at once. Again I had no idea guys could be this big. I thought at how uncomfortable it must be to carry something like this in your pants all day. Suddenly I actually felt sorry for guys in general. Us women never stop to consider how you must feel with a huge swollen appendage pressed tightly up against the fabric restraints.

I slowly moved my hand down the shaft and loved the rippled feeling I felt on my palm and fingers. It was so hard, so rippled, yet so smooth to the touch. I felt the veins under my hands, thick and fat. They caused the swollen flesh to ripple even more. I could not help but wonder how many pussies had actually felt this monster tear into them? How many orgasms and screams had it caused? I wondered how the hell it could even fit? My mind reeled with so many scary and yet delicious thoughts. As the thoughts deepened I naturally, not even thinking, begin jerking Tim off with such enthusiasm. I stroked his huge flesh back and forth faster and faster enjoying more and more, the feeling of it, the feeling of the skin sliding back and forth over rippled cock. I pondered at how the walls of my pussy were aching to feel what my hand was now feeling, a cock much fatter than my entire wrist. And how my ass would be getting pounded by huge dangling heavy balls, on the very thrusts that only a man can deliver. Suddenly I felt Tim tense up, his cock unbelievably grew even thicker, I stopped only to hear him yell out “NOooooo, don’t stop, please don’t stop”. I continued to pound him as good as I possibly could with one small hand.

I felt him tremble and loudly moan “yesssss, oh goddddd yessss” Then it happened. With one huge throb, I leaned around to watch, my eyes grew at the sight of his big beautiful cock, as he exploded from the work of my hand. His white hot come sprayed so forcefully out of the tip that it shot about five feet forward and splashed to the grass below. Again he throbbed and again and again. Stream after stringy stream of goo emptied on to the ground. He came bigger than I had ever heard of or seen anyone do. I felt the steel hardness of his flesh slowly begin to soften in my still slowly moving hand. His flesh pulsated from the aftermath of a huge orgasm. It twitched uncontrollably. Soon he was limp, yet still was the largest cock I had ever held in my hand. I gathered my thoughts just in time to see both Mark and Leon come all over Jeanine. Leon took his cock from her mouth and with a few quick strokes his come splashed all over her pretty face. At the exact same time Mark had pulled out of her now tortured ass and squirted his man sauce all over the globes of her little butt. I could see the come catch the light of the moon, as it coated her skin. Tim kissed me deeply and said thank you for the way I made him feel. He had put his prized possession away much to my disappointment. I could have just stared at it curiously for hours. After a little small talk, I told him to call me about the Party and I took my horny butt home. The walk back around the lake was one that I had never taken. The pretty stars, the moon, the tranquility, were all gone from my mind. All I saw was flesh, huge cocks, bodies entangled, screams and moans of pleasure, and powerful orgasms. I greeted my parents at home with a smile that made them ask if everything was ok. They wondered what took so long, I just smiled and told them I ran into some friends. The smile on my face felt like it was stuck there.

After dinner that night I went to my room and ran a nice hot bubble bath. I love to take baths and try to at least once a day. I lit some scented candles and turned off the bathroom lights. The glow and smell was absolutely breathtaking. I went into my bedroom and slowly disrobed, thinking of the past couple hours events. I just giggled and smiled. I stepped up the steps to my bath and stepped into the hot water. I slowly lay into the bubbles and was quickly enveloped by the very hot water, it took my breath away momentarily. The bubbles tickled my skin slightly and the difference of the hot water and the cool air caused my nipples to get hard immediately. I finally lay back and sighed deeply. It felt so good.

I closed my eyes and soon had all the images of sex going through my head. I saw Jeanine sucking on one cock then another, Leons big black cock and Marks fat cock working her into a frenzy, and Tim…mmmm Tim. My hand went to the throbbing ache between my legs, my pussy was starving for attention. I rubbed my clit gently and instantly my body went rigid. I slowly worked my middle finger in between my puffy lips. I was so hot and wet inside. My finger slipped into the tight hole. I was happy at how tight I was, so very tight. My mind went back to Tim. I wondered how his cock would ever fit in my tightness. How would it feel if it did fit? I rubbed the insides of my sensitive pussy walls and thought of how unbelievable it would feel having his massively rippled shaft rubbing me there. A moan escaped my lips slightly, I plunged the finger in deeper. I arched my back slightly.

Suddenly I heard a voice, like it was miles away. “Brandi, Brandi hon” I opened my eyes and saw my Mom standing next to the tub. My first reaction was to just die of humiliation that I might have just been caught feverishly masturbating by my Mom. She looked at me with a smile and just softly said, “Nice thoughts?” I felt my face get very hot! If it wasn’t for the candlelight hiding it, I was probably about the shade of a big red apple. I just nodded and smiled back at her. She said she was just checking on me to make sure I was all right, and when I hadn’t replied she came into my room. My Mom is very young, she had me young, so we are very close thank God. She is more like a sister to me than a Mom would be. We always go out and have a blast together, partying, shopping, etc. I keep nothing from her at all. She is absolutely gorgeous, enough so that friends of mine have commented. Anyway my sex life is not closed to her at all, I tell all. We have many girl talks, and she knows everything I have encountered.

I asked if she would wash my back, and she said sure. I started asking her questions about guys, actually about guys’ anatomy. I am an only child and even though intelligent, I have been quite sheltered sexually. I finally told her about my encounter with Tim and told her how well endowed he was. I just hadn’t expected him to be that big. She giggled and then said “oh my”. I was just concerned about if the moment ever should arise that I was with someone like that, how would it ever work, and would it hurt and, I had a million questions. My lovers that I have had, two in all, were quite average, if the six-inch statement is true, they were average, maybe! Around six inches tops. I had never expected to have a penis in my hand that I couldn’t wrap my fingers around.

Anyway, she set all my worries and questions straight and I felt so much better. My dreams that night I must say were very nice, I slept the whole night with a huge smile on my face I’m sure. Weeks had passed and the night had come for the most anticipated party of the year. I had heard people talk about this bash and tell me I was in for a pleasant surprise. Everyone was allowed to dress as anything they wanted, the only stipulation was that you had to wear a mask big enough so no one knew who you were. Just to add to the excitement I guess.

Lisa and I picked out incredible costumes. We were both Neon Witches. My costume consisted of a black witches hat with neon pink stripes, a bright neon pink waist length hair wig, a black cape, a small black mini skirt and tight sexy top, neon pink and black striped thigh high stockings to match the hat. It was accessorized with a bat belt and a bat pin on the top, and then we wore black masks that were shaped like bats wings. We were absolutely the wildest hottest sexiest looking witches ever! Lisa wore the same costume but in neon green instead of pink. We entered the party around 8:00 p.m., the costumes were incredible, there was no way of knowing who was who. We came alone so we wouldn’t know our supposed dates either. It was weird looking at everyone like strangers. We held hands and went and got drinks. We sat for a while and just looked at all the people arriving and the different outfits. So many guys, their voices unfamiliar, came up and hit on us and flirted. The party was slammed about an hour after we arrived, music was rockin’. We danced and drank and danced some more.

After about another hour lights were dimmed, a bell sounded and an eerie announcement was made that the Masquerade was now beginning. The surprise we had all waited for. I was curious as to what was going on. I sat back on a couch and watched with Lisa by my side. Creatures, and ghouls and monsters coupled up with one another, some triples and more. Hands began groping strangers’ bodies; tongues were becoming entwined with others. Lisa and I looked on surprised and shocked at what was happening around the room. Suddenly a witchdoctor character came up and groped both of us, quite forcefully, squeezing our breasts. In harmony we yelled “hey” and he just laughed and moved on. Around the room now bodies were becoming more intimate with others, costumes had been pulled up or down. Lisa and I looked on and smiled, getting more and more excited by the minute as we saw cocks hanging out in the open, all shapes, sizes and colors, some soft some very hard already. We saw breasts being revealed and groped, licked and sucked on, but still no faces were revealed. The lights dimmed further. Soon moans were being heard all around the room. I jumped up after almost being attacked by a Roman Warrior and holding Lisa’s hand we headed to the kitchen. The kitchen was quiet. We laughed and talked about what was happening.

I was breathing hard and felt myself getting wet from all the sexual sounds and sights. A guy in a toga costume came up and whispered in Lisa’s ear, and she turned and started to kiss him. I guess he revealed himself to her and she knew him. I was suddenly held in a gorilla’s arms that I didn’t know and was pulled out of the kitchen to the dining room. I was picked up and laid down on the dining room table before I could even think of saying anything. I had gorilla hands all over my body like a sex-starved maniac. He pushed my cape to the sides and revealed my curvaceous covered body to any eyes that wanted to see. I pleaded with him to stop to no avail. Whoever he was, he was strong, his hands were firm and not gentle at all. I didn’t like that and began to struggle more. My head was feeling funny from what I had drunk. I usually don’t drink that often so when I do it doesn’t take much to get me feeling tipsy. I looked up in my relentless struggle with the big ape and saw the Roman Warrior enter the dining room, followed by a few more characters. I felt relieved that others were in the room with us. It only took a few minutes however to realize they weren’t going to assist me in any escape plans. My hands were pulled and held tightly above my head by someone and so were my legs, I could not move except for my squirming midsection. My body was on display across the whole dining room table.

I demanded to be let go immediately, my demands turned to begs. All ignored by laughs. Suddenly I panicked as I felt someone’s hands push up my miniskirt and grip the small straps of my panties and in one swift movement pull them down. “Nooooo” I screamed out, but it was just drowned out by the loud music, moans of pleasure, laughter, and typical party noise. Next, my shoes were removed and my cape was undone. Then someone pushed up my tight top. I felt my naked breasts bounce free. Cool air surrounded them and I felt my nipples perk up. I heard sighs of appreciation as hungry eyes witnessed my beautiful tanned tits. I felt so helpless on the table, held by my Halloween strangers, I still struggled but realized I was going nowhere. I looked to the side and through the open doorway I could see into the living room. I could see sex everywhere. Guys naked asses were bouncing up and down pounding cocks into their strange lovers. Gals were on their knees sucking on erections they didn’t even know the owners of. Masked strangers were between spread thighs causing unknown women to scream out in pleasure. It was a scene of one mass orgy of unknown participants. I felt my top totally removed and then my skirt was drawn down my held legs. They release me long enough to just remove my clothes totally, then I was held back down against the table. I lift my head and looked down the length of my tanned naked body. My breasts heaved up and down with my deep breaths, and my nipples, hard, stood up towards the ceiling. I looked down my firm slightly rippled tummy to my pubic mound, and then down each sculptured leg.

Hands held each leg just below the calf, one held by a Clown and one by an Indian Chief. Both their masked faces stared at my splayed womanhood. The Gorilla made hand gestures and the two guys immediately on cue spread my legs apart. The Gorilla spoke for the first time, but his muffled voice was deep and unrecognizable. “Don’t hurt her at all guys” he said. “She is precious and I don’t want her to feel any pain, this is just for fun”. Well that was a relief to hear I thought. Up until then I was very worried. I jumped as his rubber gorilla hands traced there way up my open legs, across my firm belly, and up to my tits. He gently circled my nipples and pushed them gently inwards. He was much gentler now. His hands made there way back downwards to my, now, dripping quim. My body shivered and I squirmed slightly as the middle finger rubbed up the length of my wet slit. I raised my ass slightly off the table as I felt the fat finger begin to open me and penetrate me ever so gently. He stopped after only just beginning to enter me. Instead he rubbed me more. Finding my excited clit he massaged it with one finger. A moan escaped my lips. I suddenly realized how vulnerable I was. I had never been naked in front of this many people at once. Never had so many eyes looked upon my naked body. That in itself caused excitement and apprehension all at the same time.

After I felt my wetness increase I again felt a finger begin to be inserted in me. My pussy opened as the thick rubber penetrated deeper and deeper. I moaned out as four or five inches of the gorillas finger crept deeply into my vagina. I heard the others groan and whisper and sigh. The finger soon began a slow fucking motion in and out, my moans escaped on each inward thrust. I pushed my pelvis upward to meet the thrust and embed the finger deeper. “Ohhhh it feels so good” I spoke out loudly. My head rolled from side to side as I was finger fucked by the big monkey. I could not help but wonder who he was inside this suit. Someone came in and removed my witches hat, and placed a cushion under my head. My mask was still firmly in place. Suddenly the fat finger withdrew and a sudden emptiness went through me. I saw the Gorilla walk around the table and stand at the edge between my spread legs. I was pulled downwards until my ass was right on the edge of the table, my legs were still held outwards and spread. My arms were now held out to the side of the table. I was still helpless. I watched as the Gorilla signaled for someone and Cleopatra of all people came to his side. He whispered in Cleopatra’s ear and I watched as she kneeled before my twat and began licking me. “Oh my God” I yelled out, as her tongue caressed my pussy lips and then found my clit. She bent closer and sucked my clit between her lips and gently nibbled on it with her teeth before darting her tongue in and out of me quickly. Over and over she lapped at my pussy and fucked me with her tongue. I felt a mixture of my juices and her saliva dribble down my ass cheeks and in the crack of my trembling butt. I looked down at her as she sucked, licked and fucked me with her talented lips and tongue. I tried to make out who she was.

The Gorilla held her head from behind and pushed her face into my now dripping pussy. I started to moan louder as I felt my first orgasm begin to build within me. The Gorilla noticed this and made Cleopatra stop what she was doing. I screamed out “Nooooooo, please don’t stop, oh please don’t”, it was too late. She stood up smiling. My love juice was dripping off her chin, she licked her luscious lips as she turned and moved away. The gorilla stepped closer. I felt him fumbling and looked up. He had taken his hard cock out from his costume. A nice firm dick protruded out of the costumes black fir. I hissed “yessssss, ohhhhh yesssss fuck me pleaseeeee, fuck me real hard”. He stepped closer and I felt the spongy head of his cock as he rubbed it up and down my wet slit and then push between my puffy lips. I opened for him and his length slid in to the hilt in one forceful thrust. Thank God his cock wasn’t that big or it would have hurt like hell. Even though I was drenched. I felt the head of his manhood deep inside me. He began a fast and ruthless fucking motion. Pounding in and out of my pussy relentlessly. I felt his balls slap against my ass on each thrust as his huge gorilla hands pulled on my thighs to pound even harder. My pussy throbbed inside from the building orgasm, but before I could get close to release he pulled out of me, and Cleopatra got the treat that should have been mine. Quickly my pussy was left empty and I watched as she kneeled before the gorilla and took his exploding cock in her mouth. Slurping and suction noises filled the room as she drank down his hot sperm. I was still pinned down to the table, but my emptiness wouldn’t last long.

The Roman Warrior had been replaced holding my arm and had taken up the vacant space left by the gorilla. With no time at all, his nice fat cock suddenly filled me. I felt my pussy stretch much further around this new cock, and he wasted no time at all sinking completely. He thrust into me very fast then slowed his pace. His eyes were glued to his cock entering my wet hot hole. He mumbled about how good I looked stuffed with his dick, and how my lips would move outwards with each withdrawal of his cock and then they would push inwards with each thrust. He pushed in as deep as possible and then pulled out completely except for just the very tip. When deep inside he would manipulate his muscles to cause his penis to throb powerfully. I would moan loudly each time, which caused him to do it more, enjoying what it was doing to me. All of a sudden he started pounding into me forcefully and so very fast. If my legs were not being held tightly, I surely would have been fucked all the way across the table. My pussy, as good as it was feeling, was actually starting to become sore, just slightly. The Roman Warrior’s cock was thick and rubbed the sides of my slit roughly. Suddenly he groaned he was coming and I felt him swell, then again, I was left empty and he exploded all over Cleopatra’s pretty masked face. I yelled my disapproval, not only was I not feeling the guys incredible orgasm I had one of my own boiling inside and building! I squirmed on the dining room table trying to get free but with no way. More people had come into the room. I felt like I was on display now.

Someone joked that I was the main course and to dig in. And that’s what they did. I had three masked strangers lined up between my spread legs and open pussy. All had their cocks out and were jerking them off, until they throbbed big and hard. I nodded my head and repeated the words “no”. My pleads fell on deaf ears it seemed. Suddenly two mouths were sucking on my nipples and hands were all over my naked body. I was sexually being spoiled. As the third cock this night entered my tightness, I screamed out. This one much skinnier felt really good even though it was probably only five inches long. The cock fucked me hard and fast like the two before it, its owner not really caring what I felt or needed. Again as his cock squirted, Cleopatra got it in her mouth sucking his small cock dry as he came. This also happened with the next two cocks that pounded me yet closer to one huge orgasm that was now ready to gush out of me. My body ached for release, my pussy burned with excitement and soreness from the major fucking I had received thus far. I had never ever been fucked like this. Continuous hardons penetrated me deeply and furiously thrust in and out of my tortured tightness. I was again lying on the table feeling frustrated and empty when Zorro came up to the edge and beckoned for me to be moved to the side. I was moved over accordingly. I was then staring at a huge throbbing penis, huge and angry looking. Zorro rubbed the fat tip all over my lips, pushing at the same time, until my lips parted. He pushed just a portion of his swollen flesh into my wet mouth. I had to stretch my jaws open so wide it actually was uncomfortable. I, however, swirled my tongue around the thick head. I love to go down on my lovers and love to feel an erection in my mouth. I did the best I could on such a huge dick. Suddenly, I thought of Tim. I tried to see him. This cock had to be his. It was the only one I had ever seen with a girth like this. I sucked and sucked trying to get more of him into my mouth. I tasted the salty precum.

He grabbed my head and held my mouth on him when suddenly my pussy was jammed full of another cock. The guy had a nice sized cock and I felt the tip up near my womb as he pounded it into my spread pussy. I tried to see who was fucking me but my head was held too tight to move. Now both guys were fucking me vigorously. The cock in my mouth was sliding in and out only about five inches, it was just to fat to take any more. The flesh in my puss was sliding consistently in with nice long steady strokes. I moaned and screamed loudly but muffled with a full mouth, at the pleasure I was being forced to feel. Suddenly Zorro pulled his cock out of my aching stretched mouth, I licked my lips and tasted his sweetness. The cock inside me was also withdrawn before I felt it explode, as usual probably gobbled up by Cleopatra. Zorro picked me up in his arms and carried me out of the dining room. I tried to see facial features I could recognize but his mask covered far too much. He came to a door and kicked it open swiftly and took me inside.

The scent of the room caught my attention immediately, it smelled beautiful. Candles illuminated the darkened room. I was set down on a huge canopy bed on my back. My body felt used and sore from all the cocks that assaulted me deeply. Still there was an immense orgasm within me just ready to be brought out. I was feeling so frustrated at this point. Zorro kissed me passionately and caressed my breasts softly. He then went to the door and locked it. He came back to the bed. He ran his finger tips down my skin very gently, over my breast and the hard nipple, down my stomach, and along the length of my leg. He then whispered that he was going to fuck me like I’d never been fucked before and asked me if that was ok. I giggled my approval. My head still somewhat spinning from the drinks. With that he stood at the edge of the bed and undid his black cape and then his shirt, and finally his black pants and boots. He stood before me naked in the candle lit room. His muscles rippled perfectly down his chest and tight wash board stomach. My eyes then saw his manhood, reared up and solid, pointing to the ceiling. I did not speak but wondered if my hand had attempted to be wrapped around that thick shaft? The head was huge and swollen, the veins streaked down the length of the super thick shaft.

A light tuft of hair was at the base that the flesh stood out from. The balls hung heavily and so full looking. Zorro grabbed his shaft with one strong hand and proceeded to pump the skin back and forth a few times and then taunted me with filthy words. “You want my cock don’t you?” You finally want your cunt filled properly” “I bet you are dying to drink every drop of my cum aren’t you?” He went on and on as he stroked his monster cock. I saw a bead of precum ooze out of the tip. He rubbed it around the smoothness of the head and it glistened in the candlelight. This teasing sexual number was causing me to drool and get soaked. I was so horny I was beside myself. My hands instinctively went to my pussy. I was on fire. He immediately barked for me to stop or he would have to tie my hands. I reluctantly removed my hands from between my spread thighs. I moaned my displeasure. My hips with a mind of there own swirled as if fucking the air. My nipples were so hard they hurt. The tingle I now felt inside me was like a pressurized tank ready to blow. I begged for his cock. Pleaded with him to please fuck me. He continued for a few more moments to jerk his cock himself. I watched his strong hand slide up and down the rippled skin of the thick shaft. His cock was incredible. He again stopped the stroking long enough to take one finger and smear the precum on the tip all over the plum sized glands. He then went back to stroking the 10 plus inches of man meat. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, he walked slowly, his cock bounced up and down as he walked. His ass was beautiful from what I could see in this light, enforcing my idea that this was Tim. He opened the door and allowed, of all people, Cleopatra to walk in. I raised up and said “No way”. They both just laughed and said that this time the pleasure would be all mine. And the rewards afterwards as well.

The two walked towards the bed. Cleopatra slowly began to disrobe, and with the silk threads of her costume, she took my wrist and tied it to the bedpost snug but gently. She repeated this until she stood naked before me, and I was totally tied at the wrists and ankles, helplessly. I looked at Cleopatra again, and actually thought I recognized that body, she had tits like Lisa, a tan like Lisa, legs like Lisa…but I wondered if my mind was playing tricks on me. “Lisa?” I quickly asked, with no reply she just giggled. I then thought there is no way it could be her, she was a witch like myself! She turned towards Zorro and grabbed his swollen cock. She looked at me, and while stroking his huge shaft, asked me if I had ever had a cock this huge crammed into my tight tiny pussy. I watched as her small hand barely could hold his thickness. I replied with a sultry “no’. Cleopatra then lead Zorro by his cock to the side of the bed. While still gripping his flesh wand, she bent down and gently pushed a finger into my sopping wet tightness. “Oh my god girl, you may be wet, but as tight as you are, this giant dick will tear you in half. Maybe I should take it instead.” I moaned my disapproval. I screamed out as Cleopatra backed up against the huge slab of beef, I watched it literally protrude between her thighs and poke out in front of her. It looked like she had a cock. As she spread her legs, I gazed as the rippled shaft throbbed against her pussy. She reached down and massaged the huge head. Zorro had his hands now on her hips. Their little game, I thought, was driving me absolutely crazy with lust. My pussy was seeping juices.

Zorro slowly started humping his hips back and forth, I watched as his huge cock slid back and forth between Cleopatra’s thighs. She moaned as the rippled shaft slid across her pussy lips. Her pussy I noticed was shaven smooth and looked delicious with a monster cock bumped up against it. I began to squirm on the bed, wanting some attention. I begged to be touched. “Oh soon enough”, they both spoke in harmony. “But first we are going to drive you crazy” With that said, I watched as Zorro reached down, grabbed his meat, and lifting Cleopatra up slightly, placed the massive head to the opening of Cleopatra’s pussy. Before I had time to complain, I watched the head penetrate her tightness. She screamed loudly as the huge penis spread her lips to the point of tearing. Then Zorro stopped and pulled out. They both laughed and came towards the bed. Climbing up on the bed, I hissed how mean they were teasing me. This caused more laughter. They then asked “aren’t you a pro at teasing?” “Oh my God”, I thought, “they know me.” Zorro quickly straddled my chest. I found myself staring at his massive wad of flesh. He lifted his shaft upwards and his huge dangling balls he thrust towards me. “lick my balls baby” I did as he said, my tongue lapped at the hair covered testicles. “They were huge”, I thought to myself.

I gently sucked on his sack and each ball, they were so big, one would not fit in my mouth. I did my best to satisfy him though. His soft moans and comments, told me I was doing a great job. I wanted my hands to be free to hold onto that monster cock. Just about that time I felt Cleopatras lips and tongue pounce on my wet puss. I screamed out with total pleasure. As I felt her tongue penetrate me, I knew then that it was Lisa. I had felt her tongue in me and knew that feeling anywhere. Without any more thought, Zorro backed up slightly and aimed his cock at my mouth. “Suck my cock, witchy”. I achingly stretched my lips around just the head. “My god my mouth was full of dick”, I thought. His head was smooth as silk and I gladly swirled my wet tongue all over the sensitive glands. I tasted Cleopatra’s pussy on his cock head. I playfully poked my tongue into the peehole. I tasted the delicious precum that was now seeping out, and loved the taste. I felt his cock twitch and throb in my mouth. I tried to get more and more of it in my mouth, but it was just too big. I never imagined I would have a problem sucking a guy off. It is my favorite thing to do and I considered myself good at it!

Muffled with cock, I screamed as Cleopatra had found my clit and was seriously sucking on it and lapping at it with orgasm minded movements. She had two fingers buried inside me as her mouth drove me ever so closer to my long awaited orgasm. If the cock was not filling my mouth totally, my screams of pleasure would have echoed through the house. She was wiggling her fingers around inside me as she sucked on my clit. My whole body was thrashing wildly under the sexual assault I was now receiving. I felt so incredible, tied helplessly to the bed, naked and spread eagle, the biggest cock I had ever seen embedded in my mouth, and fingers, tongue and lips, working my pussy into a frenzy. As I again felt my orgasm approach, Zorro, broke the muffled moaning sounds with his voice, “is she ready?” “As ready as she can be” Cleopatra replied. Suddenly the humongous cock was withdrawn from my sucking lips. I watched the glistening tip move away from my hungry mouth. A long strand of precum hung from my lower lip and went to the tip, then broke. I felt both Cleopatra and Zorro switch places. Soon Cleopatra was straddling my chest where Zorro was. I felt the bed moving, but could not see where Zorro was, but then felt him between my spread thighs. I looked through my bat mask at a smooth pussy in front of my face. I could smell her sex as it was so close to my face. Then, I felt it. The blunt spongy object, pushed up against my pussy. I realized it was Zorro and his massive monster of a cock. I felt his hands gently pull my lips apart and again the huge tip nudged up against my now dripping tunnel of love.

I breathed in hard as I realized I was about a minute away from being torn open by the biggest cock I’d ever known. I knew, no matter what I said or did, I would be helplessly penetrated by the raging dick, and was going to be fucked like never before. Fucked like most girls, could barely dream about. I felt him push forwards again. Just as his plum head opened me, I screamed out in pain, and Cleopatra shoved her bald pussy into my face to muffle the screams of sexual agony. Zorro was ruthless it seemed. He pushed again and I felt more inches of his manhood penetrate me. The pain was excruciating as I thought for sure my pussy lips would literally tear. I begged for him to stop. “Pleeeease stop, its too big” I screamed. “Your cock is tearing me apart…oh my God, taaake it out…pleeeeeease.” My screams again were muffled by Cleopatras cunt being force fed to me. I felt again and again the cock being forced into my tortured pussy. I was reminded of the first time, when my virginity was taken and the first cock broke through my hymen. This pain was much worse. I wondered why I was having to go through this. I wanted it to end. I wanted to wake up and find out that it was all just a dream gone bad! I begged for Zorro to take his cock out of me, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. He was lost in lust, and savoring the tightness of my pussy wrapped and hugging his pole. Soon, he stopped pushing. I felt his cock all the way up inside me. I thought the tip was literally pushing up against my womb. I had never even imagined being this filled by a man. I remembered what my mother told me, that after the pain subsides it will be replaced by absolute pleasure. I prayed that that would occur before I passed out from the pain.

Then Zorro began slowly withdrawing the flesh sword, it felt like it just kept going. The emptiness it left behind felt so strange. Then in breath taking speed and power he plunged back in. I again screamed out loudly. This time however he didn’t stop moving, he withdrew again and again pounded back into me. He continued this movement over and over again. Relentlessly he fucked my stretched pussy. Suddenly, a feeling started deep down inside my body and started to spread. It was a feeling of pleasure that mingled with the once severe pain. As the cock kept slicing in and out of me, the pleasure took over more and more of the pain. After a while of my body being filled by painfully big cock, the pain was gone. I still felt the painful feeling that my pussy would rip at any time, and the uncomfortable feeling of the cock head punching into me internally, but the pleasure that the cock was causing was now over powering the painful feelings. The initial severe pain of penetration has subsided. A moan actually escaped my lips as I felt the flesh pole slide again into my wet depths. Cleopatra hissed out, “taste me baby, make me cum all over that pretty face of yours”. She then shifted her quim closer. My tongue instinctively went to work on her slit. It felt so good, shaved smooth. My tongue licked her all over, then parted her full lips and pushed inside. She screamed her approval, “ooohhhh yesssss, your tongue is soooo hot, fuck me with your tongue…” I sunk my tongue deeper and then wiggled the tip around inside her. Cleopatras hips shook under my tongue. Her love juices were now leaking out of her and down my chin. I lapped at her intensely and drank her fluids. The moans and screams of pleasure from Cleopatra and her filthy talk, was causing Zorro to fuck me even harder.

His cock was literally sawing in and out at an incredible pace. My pussy wetness was literally soaking the flesh assault and the sounds of his cock fucking in and out were now very audible. My whole body shifted back and forth with the forceful thrusts that were delivered. My tongue however stayed planted deeply in Cleopatra. I only stopped to frequently suck on her little love button, then I would sink it back deeply within her! Soon she wailed out her orgasm was there..”I’m cummmming” she screamed, “oh my god don’t stop, pleeeese don’t stop, ooohhh yessss, yessssss oh here it cummms…its heeeeere… yesssss……” then she erupted. Her orgasm flooded me, exploding juices filled my mouth, I gulped as fast as I could, but soon my whole face was coated by her cum. Her body shook violently as the immense orgasm racked her entire being. As she regained herself, she reached back and her fingers pressed against my clit. She rubbed quickly on my clit as Zorro kept pumping me with his dick. Now full strokes were working me over. He literally pulled almost all the way out and then slid it all the way back in. On each thrust I felt my insides shift. His huge cum-filled balls swayed back and forth with his pumping action and slammed against my ass. As this continued over and over, and Cleopatra kept rubbing my clit, my orgasm absolutely raced through me. It was so long coming after all the earlier cocks that pumped me were pulled out before I could come, and then this oral assault and fuck of a lifetime, that I felt my legs literally begin to go numb. Then I lost it, the power of the orgasm rocked me. I temporarily blacked out from the intensity. My body I had no control over as it shook and trembled. I pulled on the wrist ties and ankle ties as I was thrown into a world of unbelievable pleasure. I felt the cock within me swell even bigger, then it happened.

As Zorro howled out he was coming, with one final thrust, his sperm monster exploded. His cum blasted so powerfully that I felt the white heat of it shoot deep inside me. Over and over again, Zorro emptied his cum tank in me. With the cock throbs and blasting jism, it set me over the top. My cunt let go the biggest orgasm my young body had ever experienced. I thrashed on the bed as my orgasm mixed with Zorro’s. As his still huge swollen cock acted like a cork in my pussy, the powerful orgasm, literally squeezed his cum and my juices out between his cock and my stretched lips, spraying down his thick shaft and balls. The mixture poured out and ran down between my ass cheeks. As my body spasms, Zorro, finished by slowly sliding his softening cock in and out of me a few more times and then with a sound of suction left my pussy feeling emptier than it ever had before. I felt the gush of cum pour out of my well fucked but sore pussy and run down onto the bed. I was quickly untied. My body could not move at all. The muscles still spasm as I lay there still. After a few minutes, Zorro picked me up and carried me back out to the dining room. I was again placed on my back on the dining room table. I still could not move from my massive fucking and incredible orgasm. Cleopatra entered and announced that, because I was deprived of the orgasms earlier, she could only return what was rightfully mine. At that ten guys entered the dining room, and climbed up on the table surrounding me on all sides. Kneeling up they all removed there cocks and began jerking on them quickly.

I watched dazed as all these different sized cocks, black and white, swollen, were stroked by their owners hands. I looked up at the one right above my face just as it began to cum, it spurted across my face and neck. I tasted it as one glob landed on my lips. I watched as all the other nine cocks began to erupt as well. All were directed at my naked body. I had cum showering down on me from every angle. Hitting my tits, my pussy, legs, face. I was literally covered by hot male sperm. The guys all left and soon were replaced by a number of gals. All of them begin licking up the cum from my body. They literally licked me clean. I could not even believe what was happening. I lay there on the table quivering from the aftermath of an unbelievable sexual experience. Suddenly the announcement was made that it was time to remove our masks. Everyone slowly uncovered his or her identity. Sighs, moans, and giggles resounded around the room, as people discovered who their mystery lovers were. My Zorro and Cleopatra disappeared however, and I never did discover who they were, but I will go on with the belief that two of my friends, made one of my greatest fantasies cum true!

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