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Whatever He Wants

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The bedroom. Tom lay on the bed in his jeans and t-shirt. Pippa was stomping grumpily about the room as she undressed.

“… so I ended up with a load of extra paperwork. Do you have to leave all these stupid books here?”

Briskly matter-of-fact, she took of her blouse. Underneath her bra was the black one with red trim. Tom watched her tits on display in the tight fabric. His cock shifted in his boxers.

“I don’t see why I should have to tidy up your stuff!” she huffed.

“Don’t then.”

Pippa slid her skirt to the ground and stepped out of it. Her knickers were black and red too. Now Tom watched her arse as she bent down and draped the smart skirt on the chair then fussed about the room looking for something.

“Anyway, then Liam kept on asking me to do things and Sam needed to see me…”

He thought of her warm body in the lace underwear all day. Her nipples against the fabric. How other men must watch her at work. Do they think of her, picture her pretty tits naked, imagine the gorgeous salt and honey taste of her moist cunt?

Pippa rummaged through the laundry. Tom watched her mouth, her legs. Her arse. The pretty knickers that stretched taught over her buttocks, dived down between her legs. Cupped her. Pressed against the lips of her cunt. He remembered the weekend, and filling her cunt with his cock, coming deep inside her, making her wet and slippery with his spunk.

“I can’t find my pyjamas. Have you put them somewhere stupid?”

He got off the bed and grabbed her around the waist from behind. He pressed his stiff cock against the tight knickers. He put his hands up to her tits and felt them under the lace.

“Look, can you wait? I can’t find my pyjamas.”

Tom couldn’t wait.

“I don’t want you in pyjamas.”

He spun her round and shoved her back towards the bed, one hand on her arse, one on her tits.

“You can’t just grab me and use me. I’m busy. I’m hot and tired.”

With his knee against her inner thigh he shoved her legs apart and thrust his crotch up so it pressed against her crotch. Now only layers of lace and denim separated her cunt from his hot stiff cock..

“Just give me some space!”

She pushed him away but he held her arm and pushed it above her head, pinning her back on the bed. He wanted to help himself, to gorge his stiff dick on her any way he wanted.

“You’re so pushy. It’s not fair!”

He shoved his jeans down and let his cock spring out. The tip was wet with anticipation. He slid the gusset of her knickers to one side and his cock nosed at the lips of her cunt.

“Oh for God’s sake! Just… get on with it then.” she said. “Be quick”.

“Ha! I’ll do it however I want.”

He shoved in hard.

“Oh God!”

She lay back.

“Oh! God!”

Tom thrust hard, pressed his full weight down into her, fucked her. Rhythmically, with her pretty lace knickers shoved lewdly aside to let his cock help itself to her increasingly wet cunt. Twenty, thirty thrusts into her like this. Fifty.

“Oh yes…” she whispered, the lips of her mouth parted like the lips of her cunt. Pippa raised her knees letting him drive into her to the hilt. Ten more thrusts. She opened her cunt wide to suck in as much of his thick cock as possible. He thrust again.

Her breathing quick now. “Don’t stop! Don’t! Stop!”

Tom stopped. He sat back and looked her over.

Pippa let out a gentle whimper but he needed to fuck every inch of her. He moved up the bed. Then he straddled her prone body, his thighs across her tits and his stiff cock pointed to her mouth.

“Suck it.”

He grabbed her hair and brought her head forward onto him. Obedient, submissive, pretty Pippa opened her mouth wide and he shoved his cock in deep. Her lips formed a tight O and she sucked hard. Tom saw her fingers reach down to touch her wet abandoned cunt but his legs kept her pinioned beneath him.

“You can wait.” he said, ‘I’m having what I want.”

So Pippa licked and sucked. She worked her mouth over his cock, leaving it wet with her saliva, smeared with her red lipstick. She worked on his thick hot cock till he knew her jaw must ache. He wanted to smear her lips and tits with his come. He gripped her hair tighter and drew her further onto him, deep-throating him until her eyes watered and his spunk was about to surge into her. Then abruptly he tired of the mouth fuck, and pulled back from her, leaving her breathing hard as he swung his leg off her. He flipped her over and she groaned.

Now Pippa was sprawled across the rumpled sheets, face-down, hair wild, eyes closed. He wedged a pillow under her hips, forcing her bum up into the air. She slumped almost motionless across the bed. Then he saw her fingers twitch inside the sopping crotch of her knickers, dipping furtively into the folds of her wet cunt.

“Not yet!” and Tom pulled her wrists up behind her back. He pulled the belt from his jeans and twisted it round, binding her hands together behind her back. Now she lay trussed up, available to his pleasure.

“What are you going to do to me?” she whispered.

“Whatever I want.”

But his eyes were already falling on her bum. His cock twitched at the sight of his delicious submissive bitch.

He yanked her knickers down and off. Pippa wriggled, trying to satisfy the yearning of her cunt, desperate for stimulation on her clit. The motion made her buttocks twitch invitingly. Tom grabbed some lube and smeared it up and down the length of his cock, then put a dollop on his fingers and smeared more onto Pippa’s exposed arse.

“Oh not my bum! I want you to fuck me properly.”

“I’ll fuck you how you need to be fucked.”

Tom forced her legs further apart and guided the tip of his cock against her slippery puckered anus. It pressed into the pink-brown dimple with the wet intrusiveness of a French kiss. Pippa’s breath caught. He pushed, and the tight sphincter muscle eased just a little. He saw the look of concentration on her face as she rode the pain. They held it there, cock on the threshold of her arsehole. Then he felt the ring relax and the broad head of his cock slid into her. He had her arse now, but she was so tight.

“Slowly!” she said.

She lay there with her buttocks splayed wide and his thick cock half inside her. The sight was beautiful and utterly filthy. Slowly was impossible. With a grunt Tom thrust the rest of his length into her.

“Oh!” she whimpered.

Now the soft curve of her buttocks pressed against his hips while his cock lodged deep in her arse.

For a moment he rested, enjoying the tense clenching of her anus on his hard thick cock. Then her body began to relax and accommodate his length as far as it could. He began to slide in and out of her. Ten thrusts, each firmer than the last.

“Oh baby, what you do to me!” she moaned.

He sat back, and his cock slid from her.

“Don’t stop!” she whined.

“What do you need me to do?”

“Don’t stop. Carry on. I… I want you to use me!”

“Use you?”

“Do what you were doing…”

“Say it then. Say please fuck my arse.”

A whispered “Please”, and Pippa’s arse thrust back a little, yearning for contact.

“Say it properly. I need to hear you. “I’m your willing slut. Please fuck my arse.””

“Please baby. Please.”

“Say it!”

“I’m your willing slut. Oh… Please fuck my arse. Please. PLEASE.” Looking imploring at him over her shoulder Pippa shoved her buttocks back, her anus seeking his cock. And Tom thrust home.

Now his right hand found her clit and began to wank her, and as her cunt twitched so the muscles in her arse tugged on his thick cock, like the dirtiest possible blow job. Now he sawed his cock back and forth in her tight lewd bum, in an ecstasy of filth and beauty.

Then once more he stopped. He slid his cock gently from her. Pippa caught her breath. She was shaking. She slid forward and curled up on the bed.

Tom held her tight, loving holding her, his cock twitching against her buttocks, his lips kissing her cheek and hair.

“You did so well baby” he whispered.

“Fuck me honey? Please please fuck my cunt now? Or… do whatever you want to me.”

He unstrapped her. He rolled her onto her back, and then he slid three fingers into her open vulva and placed the flat of his tongue onto her hot and delicate clit. Then his fingers found her gspot and began a rhythmic beckoning.

Pippa spread her legs wide for him. Her fingers went to her nipples. Her crotch pressed to his mouth. Tom sucked and fingered her gently, and he felt the pressure of her swollen labia on his hands and his tongue.

Then with a groan of release she came, spurt after spurt of musky liquor pouring over his fingers, onto his chin. She was gushing, groaning, and he lapped her up.

Her body shook and her hips twitched, and then Tom lunged forward and slammed his cock home into her dripping, gaping cunt and thrust deep deep into her, again and again while he kissed her open mouth with his lips wet from her cunt until with a jolt of unbearable pleasure he shot spurt after spurt deep into her, beautiful her, soaking her gorgeous golden cunt in his hot white spunk.

Then he slid down the bed and began to lick her cunt clean.

“Oh baby” she moaned.

His cock stirred… He wasn’t finished yet.

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