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There’s a First Time for Everything

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She’d been planning this day for weeks. He didn’t celebrate holidays much, just marked the time passing. But she meant to change that. Holidays should be special, she mused happily. Valentine’s Day especially! It’s the perfect day to celebrate being alive and in love, a day to enjoy! He’d had to work that morning, but the evening she intended to be devoted only to him.

She mentally checked off her list. The steaks and baked potatoes were resting on the table. The salad? Check. Rolls? Check. Green beans? Peaches? Check, and check. Candles? Check. Cake? The cake?! Where had she put it? Oh yes, right there next to the plates. A very pretty spice cake, heart-shaped of course, no icing, just a dusting of powdered sugar… it did look delicious. I need to relax, she thought idly. Napkins? I forgot the napkins! Calm down. Everything will be fine, she told herself as she raced off frantically to find them.

She was a very strong woman, and it had taken her a long time to find the right man. He’d given her the strength to look inside herself, to know who she was and what she wanted. He had helped her break down the defensive walls she’d built up in her lifetime- expectation, self-consciousness (she still struggled with that one), and propriety. He’d taught her everything she knew, showed her the naturally submissive streak hiding behind her everyday facade. He had been the one to show her that it was ok to allow the beautiful, wanton, sensual woman she was to be released. He knew she wasn’t perfect, and didn’t demand that she be, only that she be the best she could. She swiped a peach from the bowl, nibbling thoughtfully.

She loved him so! He had helped make her what she was, and she wanted to thank him for it, to give him just a glimpse of what she felt in his hands. He’d given her free rein tonight for the first time, and she intended to use her time well. One time a year, he’d told her, she could take charge. He’d been surprised when she’d chosen Valentine’s Day. He’d never liked the ‘hearts and flowers’ holiday before- too commercial, he’d said. She smiled wickedly. Oh, but he would enjoy it this time. He had no idea what she had planned, probably thought she’d just make him dinner and take him to bed. Which was true, well… to an extent anyway. She checked the clock- still five minutes until he came home. She ran upstairs to be sure that everything was in place. Everything was fine, just as it had been when she’d checked the first time, and again the second. Ok, and the third time too.

She heard the hum of his car’s engine as it pulled into the drive. She slipped off her frilly apron and ran to the mirror to check her appearance one last time. She’d never had much use for cosmetics, but he liked her to wear them. Her eyes, hazel green and long lashed, were lined tonight in black, making them appear deeper, more exotic. Her lips were slicked a deep rose. She’d pulled her hair up into a bouncy ponytail, letting it spill in a waterfall of auburn down her back, cascading down between her bare shoulders. She adjusted her outfit, the tiny bells ringing softly as she twitched her hip scarf into place. She grabbed her surprise, then raced to the door, barely stilling the chiming that accompanied her movement before the door opened and he stepped inside. Good heavens he’s handsome! she thought wildly. He had barely turned from hanging up his coat when she threw her arms around him. “Happy Valentine’s Day Sugar!” she purred as she pulled his head down for a deep, hot, soul-stealing kiss.

His lips were warm and welcoming, and they parted in surprise as she nipped his lower lip. She slipped her tongue inside his mouth to tangle with his, hers tasting faintly of peaches. Before she knew it, she was drowning in his kiss, in the heat of his body, in the taste of him. His earthy scent overwhelmed her as she surrendered completely to his kiss. She lost herself in his embrace for a moment, running her hands through the softness of his beard before recalling her plans. Pouring more of herself into the kiss to distract him, her hand began to travel down his shoulder. Upon reaching his wrist, she fastened her surprise- one of her own leather cuffs, around it. Deepening the kiss, she reached for the other hand, sliding the cuff around his wrist intently. Trying vainly to ignore his knowing smirk, that wicked little laugh of his.

“Just what do you think you’re doing, my little honey tart?” he chuckled. She said nothing, but grabbed his wrists and clipped the cuffs together behind his back.

When she had both of his hands fastened behind him, she whirled away. “Wishing you a happy Valentine’s day milord!” she smiled, curtseying deeply. She peeked upward from her position, pleased to see his eyes gone wide with surprise as they roamed over her. She straightened to stand tall, thrusting her hip forward; her shoulders arched back proudly as his eyes wandered her body, his lust becoming more evident with each moment. She twitched her leg, and the chiming of the tiny bells around her ankle drew his gaze down to her bare foot. She watched him closely, seeing the approval in his eyes as he looked over the ruby-colored gauze skirt sprinkled with golden sequins. She saw desire catch hold as they traveled up her body, the heavily beaded scarf on her hips sparkling wildly. His breathing hitched as his vision settled on her breasts and stomach, completely veiled, but only just, by a bright wine-red, haltered top fringed in gold. Tiny gilded coins dangled below, dancing over her pale skin. She shimmied once, just to watch his eyes go dark, then froze as his gaze lifted to her face. Stunned at the power, the blazing look of lust she saw there, she shivered. He started to reach forward, but was stopped by the cuffs. She saw him go still, then remembered the reason.

An impish smile crossed her face as she stepped forward, confident once more, her hips rolling wantonly and setting her bells jingling. She reached up and cupped his face in her hands, her fingers tangling in his beard as she pulled him down for a soft kiss. “Come with me,” she murmured as she nibbled at his lips. “I’ve more surprises for you.” He followed her; the subtle vanilla scent of her skin mixing delightfully with the smell of freshly baked bread that filled the hall. Holding his arm as he’d held hers so many times before, she led him to the dinning room. He stopped in the doorway, stunned into silence.

Candlelight flickered over the room, sparkling silver and gold on the china, the serving dishes, the candlesticks. A single crimson rose lay across his plate. The music of soft, lilting harp strings played in the background. His heart tightened in his chest as he stared around the room, his face carefully blank. The silence lengthened. Beginning to feel anxious, she shifted beside him, her little bells sounding nervously. “I know you said… holidays were nothing special.” she began, “but I… thought I’d… show you tonight… just how you make me feel… With you, I’m always, well, cherished… protected… loved.” she ended on a whisper. His silence continued, his eyes traveling over the table, the feast she’d laid before him. She’d even remembered his favorite wine, though she didn’t drink herself. “You said… I could do anything tonight,” she murmured. Still he didn’t speak, didn’t look at her. Her heart sank. “I’m sorry… I know you don’t like Valentine’s Day much, but I…” her head bowed, “I just wanted to make you feel special.” she ended miserably.

He cleared his throat. “You did this for me?” he asked gruffly. She nodded, not looking at him. He nudged her with his shoulder so that she glanced up at him. He smiled. “Thank you,” he said simply, “for loving me this much.” Her own smile was nearly blinding as she beamed at him, all fears forgotten, thrilled to have pleased him. She led him to his chair, settling him before pulling her own chair close. Holding his bound hands in hers, she said grace for both of them. She then leaned over to kiss his fingers, drawing the tip of one into her mouth and gliding her tongue teasingly over and around his smooth, warm skin before releasing him.

He shivered once, then regained his control to grin at her. “Now how am I supposed to enjoy what looks to be a wonderful meal without use of my hands?” he asked with a smile.

In answer, she sliced off a choice bit of the steak and offered it to him. Surprised for a moment, he just looked at her. She lifted a brow in challenge, and he opened his lips hesitantly to accept the tender offering. It was cooked perfectly, just the way he liked it. The meal continued that way, with her selecting the best morsels for him, relaxing him with idle talk about the day. The food was fabulous, everything luscious and perfect. Toward the end of the meal, she picked up a slice of peach and popped it into her mouth, her tongue peeking out to lick the juice from her lips and fingertips. Seeing his eyes suddenly darken with desire again, she blushed. Tremulously, she chose another of the slices, and held it up to his lips. He took the slice of fruit, chewed, swallowed, and then licked at her fingers as she traced them over his lips. She sighed deeply, contentedly. He’d been uncertain at first, but had come to appreciate that there was something extremely erotic about her feeding him. Maybe it was the way she kept stroking his leg as she leaned into him, or the way her body was pressed up against his, or perhaps the way he could glance down at her beautiful breasts as she turned toward him. Whatever it was, as the dinner ended, he found himself in a very… excited state. But then, so was she. He could feel it in her occasional trembling, could smell it as she leaned close, could hear it in her quiet sighs.

“So what other surprises do you have planned for me, my little tart?” he asked softly.

“Have you eaten your fill then?” she asked lightly, picking up the rose. “We’ll save dessert for later I think. We might need the energy boost… after.”

She smiled, and rose from the table. She held his arm and helped him stand, leading him into the bedroom. She led him over to their large four-poster, the bed draped in sapphire hangings. She pushed him back onto the pillows, settling herself beside him. She traced the rose over his forehead. “And what…” he felt it brush over his eyelids, “would you like…” soft petals on his cheek, “to do now?” she finished with a grin, flicking the rose over the tip of his nose. He growled and moved to sit up, but she pushed him back down firmly. “No!” she said with a wicked growl of her own. “You stay. I’ve got a great idea.” She bounced off the bed and tugged him up to lean against the headboard, stuffing pillows behind his back and making sure he was comfortable.

She smiled mischievously, a bright pink blush blooming across her face. “Now Sugar,” she laughed softly, “comes the start of the entertainment for the evening.” Walking over to the stereo, she pressed a button. Moving to the center of the room, she stood tall with her shoulders back and one leg poised in front. She raised her arms above her head, gracefully arched so that the back of her wrists touched. Looking over at him impishly, she giggled. “I’ve been practicing,” she managed nervously “but still need work. I figured I’d try though for you. I’ll probably look like a large dancing cow. Either way though, it’ll be entertaining.” Just then, the music began.

A pulsing drumbeat throbbed from the speakers, almost hypnotizing, overlaid with some kind of strange flute. Her eyes drifted closed, the music filling her senses until she became part of it. Subtle at first, so subtly that he didn’t notice when it started, her hips caught the rhythm. First one hip lifted, then dropped, lifted, and dropped to the rhythm of the drums. As the flute piped, she began to sway to the sound. With slow, languid movements she circled her hips to the beat. Her arms, her chest, were still as her lower body circled sensually. As her hips swayed into a figure eight, she lowered her arms, her hands slowly rotating, circling downward until they reached her sides. Slowly, she began to dance forward, then back, one leg revealed through a slit in her skirt, then hidden away again. Lifting her arms up to snake out from her body, she began to let go as her desire flowed over her. The drums pounded as she shifted her chest to one side, then the other, circling slowly in an isolated dance. She pressed her chest forward, then back, sliding it into a smooth circle, pausing briefly before gyrating in the other direction. Her hips picked up the motion, pressing forward, then back, circling opposite her chest. She shifted from her swaying hips to her lush breasts again, lifting and circling in a beautiful, solitary dance, her hips and shoulders still and relaxed. She looked at him, her alluring eyes veiled by her auburn hair as she thrust her breasts toward him in invitation, then pulled back, circling seductively. Her body slowed, isolating the movement of her hips again. Turning smoothly, she drew his attention with her hands as they moved down to her sensuously swaying hips, until she danced in place once more.

The music stopped and she froze, her muscles tightening, seeming to stand still. As he watched, her entire body began to vibrate in a shimmy, the bells at her ankle chiming softly, the fringe of coins beneath her chest trembling wildly. She paused, only to go into a frenzy of movement a moment later when the wild drumbeat erupted again. Her hips swayed faster now, bells chiming in time with her movements, punctuating the movement of her hips as they danced beneath the soft purple silk. She bent to pick up a vivid red scarf she’d placed earlier, swirling it gracefully as she stood, twirling it wildly as she spun around. Head tosses mimicked the movement of her hips as they started and stopped, her hair flying wantonly in a curtain behind her. She pivoted on her toes, swinging her voluptuous hips out, urging her inviting body to turn. Arms up and poised, her body slithered and undulated to the pounding beat of the driving, seductive music, the scarf a silken blur in her hands. A sinful smile crossed her lips as she snaked her body from hips to fingertips, her muscles rippling with the movement. With a final twirl, she lifted her arms up and out, opening her body, offering it up to him. The ruby-colored scarf swirled around her, winding around before it fluttered gently and drifted to the floor as she halted before him, her chest heaving.

Her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat, her hair curling damp around her shoulders. His eyes blazed with need, his face dark with passion. Slowly, she lowered her arms, turning toward the bed. Her own eyes fixed on his with a hungry, wanton gleam as she began to move toward him, slinking, prowling like some great cat. When she reached the corner post, she stretched upward and grabbed hold of it. Arching her back, she wrapped her leg around the post and swung around it once, her hair flowing around her in a cloud as her knees came to rest on the soft covers. She purred softly and brought her hands forward. The tiny bells chimed merrily as she stalked him on all fours, her hips swaying invitingly, edging closer to where he sat with his arms bound behind him. A wicked smile crossed her lips as she crawled over his body, coming to rest her with her chest against his. With one long, slow movement of her tongue, she licked a path up the side of his neck and nipped just below his ear. “You’ve had your entertainment,” she breathed softly, making him shiver, “now I get to play.”

Reaching behind him, she unfastened the cuffs. The moment his hands were free, he swept her up for a scorching kiss. He gripped her chin and bent low to kiss her. Scalding, burning, his lips seared her skin. He licked and nibbled at her lips until, on a sigh, she opened to him. His tongue pierced her lips and plundered her mouth, stabbing at hers until she was breathless and wanting. His soft beard roughly scraped against her cheek, and his scent filled her senses as she melted into his arms. Only when she felt him reaching for the ties at her back did she remember her plans. She leaned away, pushing him gently back against the headboard. Moving her fingers to his collar, she began to unbutton his shirt, her fingers fumbling in her haste. She slid her hands slowly up his chest, over his shoulders, down his back as she pushed the shirt free and tossed it to the floor. Fingers gliding down his chest, she toyed with the button on his slacks for a moment before, with a sigh of impatience, he brushed her trembling hands aside and stripped in record time. Locking his hands in her hair, he bent her back for another kiss, engulfing her with his need. He snarled in frustration as she eased back from his kiss, pinning his arms to the bed as she moved. Reaching to the side, she took the end of a red silken sash and, wrapping it twice around his left wrist, tied it to the bedpost. Kissing her way across his chest and over his shoulder, she found the end of another sash and secured his right hand as well. Grabbing the pillows, she tucked them beneath his head so he’d be comfortable.

She sat back on her knees to admire her handiwork. His arms were spread wide; he could move them just a bit, but not too far. She looked down at him, tracing her fingertips over his face, lightly stroking his skin. Her hands gently brushed over his forehead, fluttering softly over his cheek, teasing at his lips. Her fingers tangled in his beard, tugging at the soft hair and stroking his jaw. She slid her hand lower, down his chest, teasing his nipple with one sharp nail. Lower still she coursed, massaging her way down his side, tickling at his hips, until finally she cupped him in her hand. “If I didn’t know better,” she teased, “I’d think you liked being my toy.” She flicked her fingers over his shaft, watching his eyes grow darker. He growled softly in warning, “Watch it, my little tart.” She leaned forward to kiss him softly. “Yes sir,” she said playfully. Wrapping her hand around his hardness, she slid her thumb over the very tip of him. “I’ll be right back,” she murmured. “Don’t go anywhere,” she winked, and his eyes followed her every move as she left the room.

She didn’t take long. He had only about five minutes to wonder what she had in store for him before she was back.

Oh my. His eyes widened in surprise and his pulse pounded. Black leather! His heart raced, his breathing quickened. She’d dressed for him in leather, the dark color contrasting wildly with the paleness of her creamy skin. Tall boots encased her legs, knee length with high, high heels. Black satin panties barely clung to her hips. And above… Oh my indeed! A corset clung to her curves, buckled up the front, nipping in her waist and stopping just short of her bare, beautiful breasts, spilling them out and upward, offering them to him. A silver chain swung and sparkled between her nipples. A black leather collar was buckled around her throat. More black satin looped around her ring finger to cover the back of her hand and sheathe her arms. In her hands, she held the deep red rose… and a long, black belt. She smiled a bit wickedly as she slinked toward him, tapping the belt against her thigh, an embarrassed flush blossoming over her face to belie the sinful image she presented.

“So, what do you think?” She laughed as she spun into a pirouette, flashing him a glimpse of her flawless back, crisscrossed with the black laces of her corset. Seeing her voluptuous figure encased in black made his hands itch to grab her hips, to pull her beneath him and master her utterly, but bound as he was, he had no choice but to await her pleasure. His eyes raked over her body, taking in, memorizing every inch of her.

Her breathing was fast, her chest quivering in anticipation. She followed his glance downward, laughing at herself as she saw her nipples, trapped and excited by the silver clamps. Running a finger down the chain connecting them, she tugged at it ruefully. “I… have a hard time hiding how much I… desire you, milord,” she murmured huskily, her blush spreading down her neck and tinting her glorious breasts a rosy pink. “But now I want you…” she tapped the belt playfully against his nose. “To know…” she slid the smooth leather strap down his body, “just how you make me feel.”

She leaned over to kiss him, her lips barely grazing his. Her breasts brushed against his chest, the tiny silver chain cold against his skin. She slid lower; flicking her tongue over his nipple, then nipped him… hard. Just then, she folded the belt in half, grabbing both ends at the same time, and jerked them apart. The resulting CRACK had him jumping against his bonds. She let loose one end, and softly began to stroke his chest, his thighs with the smooth leather. She licked her way to his other nipple, giving it the same treatment. Her hands held the belt, tracing the contours of his skin, sliding the hard but flexible strap over his legs, before CRACK! The light slap of the belt against his thigh made him gasp. She moved her tongue lower, licking her way down his chest, placing light kisses around his navel. Still sliding the leather over his skin, letting it warm to his body temperature. CRACK! The belt hit the bed this time, snapping sharply on the covers. She began to pick out a rhythm, kissing her way down his body, punctuating the only occasional strike on his flesh with repeated snaps of the leather against itself or on the bed. In between blows, she let the belt caress his skin. The strap met his skin with more intensity a second time, then a third, the light stings soothed afterward by her lips and tongue. After the third lash of the belt, she tossed it to the side.

“That’s enough for now,” she murmured. Moving to straddle his body, she swallowed convulsively. “You know it makes me wild to hear you… tell me what you plan to do with me. I thought… maybe you… might enjoy hearing it as well.” He could feel her heat above him, could feel her readiness. “Even…” she slid a hand down his chest “if I have a hard time with the words.” Her scent drove him wild as she slid lower on his body, biting softly at his nipples once more. He nodded.

“Well…” she began. “First of all, I want to feel you…” Her nails raked over his chest.

“I want to kiss you all over…” She slipped her hand firmly over his hardness.

She stroked him quickly once, twice. “I want to slide my tongue all over you…”

“To wrap my lips around you…” She pressed lower, placing slow, wet kisses over his navel.

“To suck you until you explode in my mouth…” her thumb slid over the very tip of him, making him moan.

Her voice dropped to a soft growl. “And I want to take you inside me, to ride you until I scream.”

She slid her body down his, settling between his thighs. Looking up at him wickedly, she ran a teasing finger down his leg. He shuddered, her low pleased chuckle making him groan. Rising up onto her knees, she leaned down to wrap her hand around him again. His eyes flew open, fixed on the sight of her rosy lips hovering just inches away from him, her chest pressed to the bed, her gorgeous backside visible as she kneeled before him. Her eyes locked on his, watching his expression as her head lowered and the tip of her tongue flicked over the velvety soft head.

Fascinated by the look in his eyes, she slid him into her mouth, her tongue sliding along his shaft. Pulling him free of her lips, she twirled her tongue all around, licking him slowly up and down. She blew coolly, gently where she’d licked, just to see him shiver, then plunged him back inside the heat of her mouth. Her lips surrounded him, sucking him deep, drawing him in and out of her mouth. A low growling purr issued from her throat, vibrating against him and making him shudder. Her tongue flicked over the head again, dipping lightly into the hollow at the tip this time, tasting his sweet, salty musk. She hummed in approval as she pulled him deep into her mouth, then let him slide out of her mouth with a small popping sound.

She crawled up his body again, settling herself above him. Slowly she slid herself over him. She drove her nails into his chest as she settled onto him, slick and hot. Despite her readiness, her tightness made his entry almost painful. Fighting for every inch, she lowered herself onto him, the exquisite look of tortured ecstasy on his face encouraging her. He shifted his hips, thrusting the rest of the way inside, sheathing himself within her. She gasped, and raked her nails down his chest. “You’re mine tonight. I decide what to do.”

He groaned again, nodding. She sat upright for a moment, relishing the feel of his solid length inside her. This was new, uncharted territory for her. Uncertainly, she canted her hips forward, surprised by the burst of feeling that pulsed through her. Intrigued, she slid back again. Oh, that she liked! She leaned over him, rested her hands on his shoulders as she rocked back and forth above him. She looked down at him again, relishing the look of complete lust on his face. Her eyes gazed into his, gauging his reaction as she slid up and down, squeezing his hard shaft within her dripping walls, setting his nerve endings afire. She rode him harder and faster, her breath, his, coming in panting rasps. He was nearly there, she could feel him swelling within her. She moved her hands to his nipples, flicking them hard with her nails as she flexed her muscles, squeezing him tightly within her. The combined pain and pleasure had him arching back into the pillows, his arms tensing against his bonds, his eyes rolling back as she brought him gasping. She could feel his body tensing, bucking beneath hers as he exploded, bursting inside her, pumping her full of his essence.

She continued to rock herself over him, but slowed her movements, easing him back from the razor edge of bliss. As he came back to his senses, was able to breathe again, she looked down at him and grinned. “Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day Sugar!” He nodded weakly, gasping when she tensed herself repeatedly, squeezing him with delicious pressure as she slipped off him and settled against his side.

“I suppose I should let you go now,” she giggled, tickling his sides a bit as she spoke. “But that was pretty fun, the being in charge. I can see why you’d like it.”

“You could untie me,” he agreed. “I wouldn’t be able to move anyway. At least not for a while. Maybe not for a day or two.”

Crawling over his body, she stretched to untie the first restraint. He didn’t move, even when her breasts passed right above his face. No sooner had she untied the second restraint though, than he sat up and tossed her onto her back. “Hey!” she protested weakly. “I thought you were tired!”

“So I exaggerated,” he laughed. “I couldn’t leave my little honey tart unsatisfied.” His eyes raked over her prone body as his finger traced circles around her breast.

She blushed hotly. “I didn’t think you’d notice,” she muttered. “It’s ok, you don’t have to…”

“Oh, I want to,” he finished for her. “And I will.”

Slowly, he shifted his hips until he pressed himself between her thighs. Poised at the entrance to her body, he reached for the silver chain connecting her nipples and gave it a gentle tug as he buried himself inside her in one smooth thrust. She whimpered long and low as he began to move in long, writhing thrusts, watching her, listening to her mewling cries. She wrapped her legs around his back, her nails digging into his shoulders. He pushed against her, grinding her into the bed, glorying in her responsiveness before beginning to plunge in earnest, rotating his hips slow and hard inside her. Every stroke, every pass made her cry and writhe as he pushed himself into her. She began to push herself up to him as best she could as his hands curved up to close over her breasts, teasing her tortured nipples gently. Harder and rougher, he rolled himself over her, thrust himself into her. Nearly at the edge again, he began to pound his body fiercely against hers, harder still, and deeper. Faster. Throbbing. Pounding. Filling her, pumping himself into her.

With a flick of his fingers, he released the clips from her nipples. “Come for me!” he commanded. Her nails raked down his back, scoring his skin as the feeling rushed back and the pain hit. A harsh scream tore from her throat as a devastating wave of pleasure crashed over her body. She reached higher and higher levels of ecstasy as he continued to plunge in and out of her. More screams spilled from her as wave after wave of orgasm crashed over her, her back arching upward, her cries singing in his ears. Without warning, a guttural growl burst from his throat as he exploded deep within her, flooding her weeping walls once more, drenching her with his warmth. His eyes went dark as he tensed against her, pulling her recklessly hard onto him, pushing himself relentlessly into her, emptying himself inside her. Her body quivered, milking him dry as she pulsed and throbbed around him.

When he could breathe again, he wrapped his arms around her and gathered her close. She snuggled into his body, resting her head on his shoulder, content as his fingers stroked her hair.

“I suppose there’s a first time for everything. Now that,” he chuckled softly, with that sinful little laugh of his, “was a great Valentine’s Day present.” Exhausted, nearly asleep in his arms already, she agreed, and sighed.

“Yes, Master.”

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