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Blackmail Baby

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My husband’s parents have always hated me, and they aren’t shy about saying so. Ethan and Cynthia Carrington have never thought I am good enough for their only son. They’ve called me white trash simply because I grew up poor (though, not in a trailer, I might add), and a gold digger because the Carringtons are billionaires going back generations.

They think I’m using Rob for his money, and site the fact that he put me through college, is an investor in my clothing store, and the 11 year age difference as evidence. Of course, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Rob and I are very much in love, and have been since we married six years ago.

I met Rob when I was 18. I was just out of high school, and working as a waitress in a diner downtown so I could save up for college. I hadn’t worked there a month when this incredibly handsome guy in a dark suit came in and sat in my section.

We didn’t really exchange much more than waitress/customer conversation during that first encounter, but then he started coming in everyday just after the lunch rush, and we began talking. It got so that he requested to be seated in my section, and, because we were usually dead by then, I really got to know and like him. Rob was 29, and said he worked in finance, which he hated, but it allowed him time to go sailing, which he loved. In addition to being Beatles fans, we also shared a love of Toulouse-Lautrec paintings, Steven Spielberg movies, and for some inexplicable reason, blue Jell-O.

It wasn’t until six months later that we started going out. He accidentally left his wallet at the table, and when I called to tell him I had it, he offered to take me out to dinner to thank me.

We went to a very upscale place, much nicer than the diner—not to mention more expensive, and all night I kept saying how weird it was to be sitting at the table with Rob and not serving him. After dinner we went to the beach, and lay on the sand just looking up at the stars, wrapped in each others arms. Just as our faces tilted towards each other and we were about to kiss, Rob confessed that he had left his wallet there on purpose, hoping I would call him, and he could use that as an excuse to go on a date with me. He was surprised when I told him I knew, and asked me why I agreed to go out with him. I said that if he hadn’t asked me, I would have asked him, and then he leaned in and pressed our lips together.

That night we made love for the first time, and from there our relationship became a whirlwind. Six months after our first date we were engaged. My parents were a bit surprised, since I was only 19 at the time and Rob was 30, but they loved Rob, and gave us their blessing. Then it was time to tell Rob’s parents, and it was then that I found out who he was, who his parents were, and just what kind of family I was marrying into. When Rob said he worked in finance, he meant that he was the vice president of several large banks, second only to his father the president and CEO. I knew that he was well off, but I didn’t know until that point just how well off he actually was, which was good for both of us, because we both knew I was in love with Rob and not his money.

The Carringtons had been out of the country during most of the six months we dated. Rob had told them about me, but I had yet to meet them. Admittedly I was nervous about the whole ordeal, and when we finally broke the news of our engagement to Ethan and Cynthia, of course, they were upset. With me in the next room, Rob’s parents told him what a mistake he was making by marrying a poor girl half his age who was probably only after his money anyway. Rob was so upset that he stormed out of the house and three months later we drove to Las Vegas and tied the knot, sans parents.

I actually worked at the diner for a while after the wedding, and Rob still came in to eat, but then one day he surprised me with a college application and a blank check. I told him I didn’t want to take advantage of him, but he insisted that I was his wife, and he knew going to college would make me happy, which is all he wanted. Naturally, this sent the Carringtons over the edge, assuming this is what I had hoped to achieve by marrying their son. The fact that I graduated Summa Cum Laude and managed to start up my own clothing store did nothing to dissuade them. I thought perhaps over time things would get better, but unfortunately they just got worse. I was never invited over to their home for holidays, Sunday dinners, or, well, any reason, really. Whenever they called and I answered the phone, they would immediately hang up, and to this day they still try to set Rob up with other women. Ethan and Cynthia have each come to me on separate occasions and offered me obscene amounts of money to divorce Rob, an offer that is of course immediately rejected. Rob and I have told them a hundred times that we love each other and if they don’t like it, then that’s too bad, but as anyone in the business world will tell you, Ethan Carrington is a hard man to tell no.

Rob’s parents aside, we actually do have a wonderful marriage. Rob is the kindest, sweetest, most generous man I could have ever asked for, not to mention an animal in the sack. Aside from the occasional squabble over which movie to see or where to go on vacation, we rarely ever argue. I guess that’s because we have no secrets from each other…or at least we didn’t, until that fateful day…

It all began on the Friday of a three day weekend. Rob was going to go out on his boat for the weekend, and as usual when he was gone, I was going to use the time to veg out on John Hughes movies, make an avocado face mask, and eat an entire pepperoni pizza by myself. This weekend I was adding “work on the spring line” to the agenda, something I had been meaning to do all season, but couldn’t because of a problem with suppliers. Whatever, I work better under pressure anyway.

I came home from my studio and immediately settled into a nice hot bath with a glass of wine. Then I put on my comfy sweats and an old T-shirt of Rob’s that I loved and ordered the pizza. I was on my third glass of wine when I spread myself out on the couch in front of my drawing pencils and sketch book and pressed play on the DVD, hoping that the god-awful fashions of the eighties would inspire me to come up with some great designs. I was all set to work when the doorbell rang.

“Damn,” I muttered, and went to answer it. Thinking it was the pizza guy, I grabbed my purse, hoping I had enough cash for a good tip, since it was a whole fifteen minutes sooner than they’d told me on the phone.

I swung open the door and was shocked to see my father-in-law.

“Ethan!” I cried. “T-this is a surprise.” That was an understatement. I could literally count on one hand the number of times Ethan had come to our townhouse in the six years Rob and I had been married, and it occurred to me that in all that time, I had never been alone with him.

“Yes, I imagine it is, may I come in?” Ethan stepped inside the house without waiting for my answer, and my heart began to pound. Even after all these years he still made me nervous. The way he spoke always reminded me of Hannibal Lector, very prim and proper and terrifying.

“Rob isn’t here,” I said, still holding the door open, hoping this would make him leave.

“Yes, I know, he’s going to be away the entire weekend, isn’t he? But no matter, it’s actually you I’ve come to see, Laura.” That struck me. He never called me Laura—always young lady or Miss Roth, my maiden name, and as I reluctantly closed the door I was filled with an impending sense of doom.

“I hope I haven’t interrupted something,” Ethan said, gazing at my drawings.

“Oh, um, no, not-not really,” I stammered. “I-I was just working on…”

“I see you’ve had some wine, perhaps you need another glass,” Ethan said, gesturing to the half-empty glass on the table. “I’ll have one, as well.”

“Yes, uh-of course, I should have offered. I’ll just go in the kitchen a-and get you some.” I hurried off into our kitchen and grabbed a wine glass. I realized I was shaking, and, worried it would break, I set it down on the counter. I needed to get a grip. I couldn’t let Ethan shake me, I wouldn’t. He was probably just here to offer me another bribe to divorce Rob, and the sooner I told him no, the better. I took a deep breath and counted to ten, then grabbed both the glass and bottle and returned to the living room where Ethan had placed himself on the couch. I handed him the glass and poured until he signaled me to stop, then set the bottle down on the coffee table. Ethan took a sip and smiled.

“Ah, the seventy-five,” he said, admiring the wine bottle. “Truly an excellent year, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, I suppose,” I said.

“Well, it isn’t as if you would know. You weren’t even born then were you? You’ll join me of course,” Ethan said, topping off my glass and handing it to me. I took it reluctantly. “Cheers.”

I took a gulp, then set it down.

“Ethan,” I said as calmly as I could manage. “My guess is you didn’t come here to drink with me, so, if you don’t mind, why don’t you just offer me whatever it is you’ve come to bribe me with so that I can tell you no. I really do need to get back to work.”

Ethan turned to me and smiled. “And here I thought I made you nervous. The cat has some claws after all. Very well then, Laura I will get right to the point. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that my wife and I have not always looked on you in the kindest regard. You have no family background, no social standing, and quite frankly, you are not the spouse we would have chosen for our son.”

Harsh as this was, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard it, and I didn’t even flinch.

“And yet, despite our numerous efforts, it appears we are stuck with you, as my son is quite taken with you, or so he claims. Pity that. I suspect it has everything to do with what you have on under those ghastly rags.”

I was suddenly very aware that I was not wearing a bra, and that the breeze from the fan was making my nipples hard and quite visible through the nearly threadbare fabric. Ethan didn’t even try to hide his gaze, but I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of embarrassing me. My blood began to boil and I gripped the arms of the chair as Ethan calmly took another sip.

“What is it you want, Ethan?” I asked suddenly bursting out of my chair and placing myself in front of him.

Ethan held the stem of the glass between his thumb and index finger, twirling it thoughtfully, admiring the way the light played with the redness of the liquid inside.

“What is it I want?” Ethan repeated. He turned to face me. “Why, I want what any man wants my dear, and that is to make his wife happy. And of course nothing would make my Cynthia happier than to be rid of you.”

Ethan stood and walked toward me, backing me against the wall. He reached in his coat and for a moment I was worried he was going to pull out a gun. Instead he pulled out a handkerchief and blew his nose. But it occurred to me that this just might be something Ethan would do as a last resort, and I began to tremble nervously.

“Y-you’re not going to kill me, are you?” I asked.

Ethan looked at me sharply.

“Kill you!” Ethan exclaimed. His eyes burned, but then he laughed, a hard cackle that made my skin crawl. “Well, perhaps that is common practice in the trailer you crawled out from under. My dear, if I were going to kill you, believe me, no one would know, least of all you, silly thing. Killing is so barbaric, and I’d like to think I’m a bit more civilized than that, eh?”

Ethan walked over to our bookcase, where he picked up a picture of Rob and me on our wedding day. He traced the designs on the silver frame as he said, “Besides, it would put a kink in the plans I have for you. Oh yes, kink indeed.” He looked at me again, and if I didn’t know better, I could swear he had lust in his eyes.

“You see, Laura,” he continued, turning back to me. “The other thing that would make my wife happy is to have grandchildren.”

Grandchildren? I thought. That’s what this was about? Rob and I had agreed to hold off on having children until after I had finished college, but then the store took off, and we really hadn’t broached the subject again.

“Cynthia always wanted to have a big family, you know, but unfortunately there was a complication with a miscarriage and she had to have a hysterectomy. And how she has eagerly awaited the day when her only son would present her with a grandchild, a legacy. But you have yet to provide a Carrington heir. You have been far too occupied with wasting Rob’s money to give him a child—wasting it on your silly education and your little rag store.”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I got right in his face, or as much as I could. I had to stand on my tip toes to bridge much of the gap between Ethan’s 6’0 frame and my 5’4.

“I’m sorry Ethan, but whether Rob and I have children or not is no concern of yours or Cynthia’s!”

“Oh, but I disagree. You see, Rob has told me he wants to have children, but he doesn’t want to push you because he loves you.” Suddenly the smile faded from Ethan’s face and he backed me against the wall, pinning my arms at my sides. I struggled a bit, but I was no match for Ethan physically. Besides having eight inches on me in height, he also had a good hundred pounds or so in weight, most of it muscle.

“Rubbish,” he spat. “There is only one reason for marrying a younger woman and that’s to breed her, to keep her belly full of your seed and her breasts full of milk as long as possible. And that’s just what’s going to happen to you, young lady.”

“Y-you want me and Rob to have a baby?” I squeaked.

“Well that would be ideal, but you see, Rob would never force you to get pregnant before you’re ready. At that rate I’d be dead before seeing my first grandchild. I, on the other hand, won’t afford you that same courtesy.”

My mouth went dry. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“What are you saying?” I asked.

“I’m saying, Laura, that tonight you and I are going to conceive a child for both Rob and Cynthia. I am going to fuck you and knock you up, to borrow a phrase from the crude vernacular to which you’re accustomed, and once you’re pregnant I’m going to continue to fuck you silly and suckle the milk from your sweet breasts.” Looking into Ethan’s face I realized that he was actually serious about getting me pregnant against my will.

“You can’t do that,” I cried, horrified.

“Oh, I think you’ll find I can.” He removed his hand from my wrist and placed it on my breast, massaging it through the flimsy material of the shirt. Despite my hatred for him, Ethan’s touch excited me, and I felt myself start to get wet. It occurred to me that if I didn’t say something soon, this was really going to happen.

“I wouldn’t get pregnant if you fucked me tonight anyway,” I said brazenly. “I’m on the pill.”

“Or so Dr. Gilliam would have you believe.”

My eyes went wide. How did he know the name of my gynecologist?

“My dear, you are forgetting the Carrington’s have a wing named after them at the Freemont hospital, not to mention that my brother is on the board. One phone call from me and just like that I can obtain your medical records and turn your birth control pills into placebos. You’ve been taking nothing but sugar tablets for the past three months, and since it is two weeks until your next period, you should be quite fertile.” I gasped! He was right, and if he was telling the truth, I could get pregnant tonight.

“I’ll tell Rob,” I threatened.

“Tell him what? That his father, who for years has professed his extreme dislike for his wife, has actually been harboring a secret passion for her, so much so that he fucked her and made her pregnant? Though that may indeed be the case, my son will never believe it, even if it does come from that pretty little mouth of yours.” With that Ethan bent down and kissed me, tracing my lips with his tongue, then forcing them apart. He had my arms pinned, so try as I might, I couldn’t escape his kiss. It sent chills through my body, but in a very good way. I was still shaking when he pulled away and licked his lips.

“Mmm, so sweet,” he whispered as his hand returned to my breast.

“I’ll tell your wife!” I threatened as he began pinching and twisting the nub of my nipple.

“Who do you think came up with the idea?” Ethan asked, laughing. “A very good revenge plot, wouldn’t you agree? Making someone you detest carry the child of someone she detests, absolutely delicious. And you will carry this child,” Ethan said, turning suddenly serious. “Because if I find out that you had an abortion, you will truly find out what it means to cross Ethan Carrington.”

With my jaw clenched and tears streaming down my face, I asked, “What makes you think I’ll go along with this?”

“Oh, a number of reasons,” Ethan said smugly. “For one, if you’ll check your bank records, you’ll note that there have been several wire transfers from Rob’s own trust fund into a Cayman Islands bank account in your name. If you refuse, which I know you won’t, I would be forced to point out this little fact to Rob, surely breaking his heart, and ensuring that he will pull out as an investor of your little dress shop, not to mention divorce you and leave you with nothing. For another, I have slipped a drug into your wine glass. In a few minutes, not only will you be getting very horny, but your inhibitions will be lowered and you will be begging me to fuck you pregnant. So you see, my dearest Laura, it really is your choice. Either I impregnate you and you carry my child, or you can refuse and lose Rob, not to mention everything you’ve worked for.”

Looking into his eyes, I knew he meant what he said. I had to think of a way out of this, but my brain was numb. All I could think was how good Ethan’s hand felt kneading my breast. This was really going to happen. Defeated, I nodded.

“Excellent. Now, strip for me, my little slut.”

Tears flowing, I lifted the shirt up over my head, revealing my 36C breasts. The air hit my nipples, turning them into hard pink nubs.

“Yes, yes, lovely,” Ethan said as he gazed at my breasts. He reached out and cupped them, thumbing the nipples. He bent down and took one of the delicate nubs in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and teeth before sucking it strongly. It felt so good in the warm wet heat of his mouth, and I moaned despite myself. Ethan switched his ministrations to the other breast, and I felt myself getting even wetter.

“Mmm,” he said as he pulled back. “My child will enjoy feeding from those breasts, I’ve no doubt.” Keeping one hand on my breast, with the other Ethan trailed his index finger down the center of my stomach, tracing my bellybutton before slipping inside my pants. He palmed my freshly shaven pussy before trailing his finger along my moist slit, making me quiver.

“Oh, my but you are wet, Laura, and I doubt the drugs have had their full effect on you. This is just you, you wicked girl, enjoying a man who is not your husband as he readies your tits for his baby. It has been so long since I’ve had a young thing like you, one who wets so easily. I must have a taste.” I was still trembling as Ethan pulled down my sweat pants and spread my legs. I felt a million things, naked and exposed before him—anger, shame, and yet, I was very excited. I could feel his hot breath on my tingling pussy, then gasped at the warmth of his tongue as it licked my nether lips. Using his fingers he spread me open, exposing my clit, which he then teased with his tongue, flickering over it, and using his teeth to nip before sucking on it.

I couldn’t help but moan as waves of pleasure washed over me and I felt my stomach tighten up. My knees felt as if they were going to give out and I gripped Ethan’s shoulders for support. My breathing became labored as he continued licking me, and when he stuck his tongue inside of me, I came hard and fast, trembling and moaning.

“You liked that, little girl,” Ethan said standing up in front of me. “I must say you taste even better than I imagined, ripe and ready for a baby. Just exquisite. And looking at you naked, I can see why my son insists on staying married to you. I bet you are just a terrific fuck.” With that Ethan scooped me up in his powerful arms and carried me up the stairs. This was it, I was really going to be bred by my father-in-law.

“In here,” I said, pointing to the guest room.

“Oh no,” Ethan said, walking past the door. “I can’t think of a better place to conceive this child in your marital bed.” He walked down the hall to the master bedroom and kicked the door wide open. He laid me carefully on the bed and spread my thighs.

“And now, to truly indulge,” he said as he renewed his assault on my throbbing loins. I gasped at the invasion of his tongue inside of me, and I could feel my juices oozing out faster than Ethan could lap them up. I closed my eyes and threw my head back in pleasure. All of a sudden I felt my areolas tighten and my nipples tingle and I grabbed Ethan’s head and pressed my pussy deeper into his mouth.

“Oh god, uhhh, I’m going to cum!” I cried as my hips bucked up and down and my stomach contracted. My hands flew to my breasts and I began cupping and twisting my nipples in rhythm with his licking. My body was a supernova about to explode in pleasure, which I did when I felt Ethan’s teeth clamp down on my clit.

“Oh, shit, oh fuck, ahhh!” I moaned in a voice I didn’t recognize as my own. I felt Ethan move away from me as I lay gasping for breath.

“That was a very intense orgasm, wasn’t it, my dear?” I heard him say. “The drugs must be working their way through your system. Soon you’ll be begging me to give you a baby.” I felt something on my lips. I opened my eyes to see Ethan naked atop me, his monster cock just inches from my mouth.

I had never seen Ethan in anything other than three piece suits, so seeing him naked was truly a surprise. Beneath his clothing he was hiding the body of a perfectly sculpted Greek Statue, and I realized that at 55, his body still resembled his 35-year-old son’s, all except for that monster cock. At 8 inches, Rob was the biggest I had ever been with. His father’s was easily two inches longer and thicker, and he wasn’t even completely hard yet. The bulbous head was leaking precum.

“Get it ready for me,” Ethan ordered. “Suck me nice and hard to I can give you the baby you know you want.”

I took a deep breath and placed my lips around the head, flicking my tongue in and out of his hole.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” Ethan moaned as I took more of him into me. I’m proud of the fact that I can deep throat Rob, taking all 8 inches of his cock in my mouth, but because of Ethan’s size, I could only get about four inches in. He grabbed my hair and began fucking my mouth, sliding in and out, hitting the back of my throat with each thrust, making me gag a bit.

“Yes, Laura, just like that. Oh, you can suck a cock, you little minx. You’ve had lots of practice, no doubt, you dirty girl.” With his free hand he reached down and worked my nipple, playing with the sensitive little bit, driving me wild. I could feel my pussy juices leaking out of me, running from my slit to my ass hole and then onto the bedspread.

Ethan was rock hard now, and he moaned as I continued sucking him. Just then he pulled out my mouth and began kissing my breasts again. My nipples were so sensitive that an orgasm began building up instantly.

“You do have magnificent breasts,” Ethan whispered against my tit flesh. “They’re so firm and ripe, and they’re going to be so juicy when they’re leaking milk. Tell me you want that, Laura. Say it.”


“Yes what?”

“I want my tits to fill up with milk for you, I want you to drink from my breasts.”

“Soon, darling, very soon. But first we have to make you pregnant. Shall I do that now? Shall I make you my little pregnant slut?”

“Yes, yes,” I said, too far gone to argue. I just needed to cum. “I want to have your baby, Ethan. Knock me up, knock up your son’s wife. Make me a mommy with your seed.” Were those words really coming from me?

“Oh, you are terrible. You are nothing but a slut, wanting a man who is not your husband to impregnate you! You dirty girl. Oh but far be it from me to deny a slut what it is she wants. Shall I fuck you, Laura? Do you want this?” He placed his cock head at my entrance, smearing my juices across it.

“Yes! Oh, god, umm, I need it, I need to cum so bad. Put it in me, please.”

“With a condom?”

“No, no, I want you in my womb, I want you to make me a baby.” I didn’t mean it, but I couldn’t stop myself from saying it.

“If you insist, my dear.” I felt Ethan’s cock enter me, slowly stretching my vagina to the brink. “You’re so tight, Laura. So tight and wet! You feel wonderful on my cock, you know. I’m going to feel wonderful inside of you when I give you a baby.”

Ethan sank his cock further into me, and it felt like he was splitting me in two. I had never felt so filled. I cringed a bit in pain, but then Ethan began stroking my clit again and soon the pain was gone. He was about halfway in when he pulled out and I moaned, missing the hardness of him. Another orgasm was quickly building, and just as I came, Ethan shoved himself completely inside of me.

“Ahh!” I cried out in pleasure and pain, and gripped Ethan.

“There, there, my dear,” he said as he held himself inside of me. “We’ve got to give your tiny pussy time to get used to me.” He bent down and began kissing my breasts, the feel of his soft lips making me tremble. My whole body was electrified. Every part of me seemed to be wired to my pussy, and wherever Ethan touched me gave me a sexual shock—my ribs, my stomach, the sides of my breasts. Before I knew it I was moaning with desire and Ethan was slipping easily in and out of my pussy. He wrapped my legs around him and pushed in deeper. I cried out as he hit the bottom of my cervix, loving the feeling of his balls slapping my asshole.

“You are loving this, my dear,” he whispered in my ear. “You’re so wet and willing for my cock. Your lovely nipples are so hard and raw, just like they’ll be when you’ve got my baby in you.” He was right. I didn’t know if it was the drugs or not, but this was the best fuck I’d ever had. Suddenly Ethan pulled out of me and sat on the edge of the bed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up, then, with his hands on my breasts, forced me down on his cock.

I couldn’t believe it. There I was bouncing up and down on my father-in-law’s cock and loving it. He grabbed my breasts and pinched and twisted the nipples as he pummeled me. I gripped his thighs for support as I felt him plunge deeper and deeper with in me. All of a sudden he thrust in one final time, so deep I cried out in shock and a bit of pain, and held himself there. I was so close to coming.

“Oh, yes, Laura, I’m in your cervix now, my dear. Do you want me to finish the job and blow my load into your fertile pussy?”

“Yes!” I gasped. “I need to cum so bad, Ethan, fuck me please.” Ethan leaned forward and kissed me, capturing my bottom lip in his teeth. He squeezed my nipples even harder and thrust up in me again.

“Shall I cum in you, Laura? Do you want me to coat your womb with my seed?”

“Yes! Oh, yes, I want it. I want your baby in me. I want to be pregnant for you and Rob. Unhh, please, Ethan, fill me with a baby so my breasts will fill with milk for you, umm, I need it now!” With that Ethan’s hands left my aching nipples, which had turned red from both the sucking and pinching. His left arm went around my hips while his right hand went to my clit and began rubbing it earnest. I could feel my pussy contracting around his cock, and my body began trembling in anticipation of my orgasm.

“You’re close now, aren’t you? Your body is betraying you, my dear. Your womb wants my baby in it and your pussy is about to make it happen. You’re milking my cock, Laura, oh, I’m so close. Cum for me and suck the seed from me into you.” With that he sent me over the edge and my hips bucked and my vaginal walls contracted around Ethan’s invading tool. Ethan reached around and swallowed a waiting nipple into his mouth, making me cum harder and faster. All of a sudden I felt my whole body shake, and Ethan’s penis seemed to get even larger within me. He became very rigid beneath me, and I felt his cock surge and shoot deep inside my heated depths. The pressure and the flood of his warm cum gave me one final orgasm, sucking the sperm deeper into my womb. He continued to shoot in me for almost a minute, holding my hips rigid as he kept his cock firmly plugged in my pussy.

We stayed like that for a while, both panting, covered in a thin sheen of sweat, with Ethan occasionally stroking my still hard breasts, which of course gave me another orgasm, and I knew that any eggs I had in my uterus didn’t stand a chance. After a while, Ethan eased us back on the bed and a wave of exhaustion over came me, and I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke to pee in the middle of the night, Ethan still wrapped around me. I quickly disentangled myself and made my way to the bathroom. I looked at the sticky white mess between my legs, and after peeing, I took a warm wet washcloth and wiped it away. As I stared at myself in the mirror, the enormity of what was happening began to sink in.

It had been a while since I’d really considered motherhood. Of course I wanted to have children, but the idea was always on a backburner in my mind. Now thanks to Ethan, it was ripped into my conscious thinking. Was I really pregnant? I wondered. And more importantly, could I have a baby? Of course, money wasn’t an issue, and yes, I had graduated college. But there was my store and my clothing line was just taking off, and I would often have to jet off to Paris or Milan at a moment’s notice, something I wouldn’t do with a baby. And then there was Rob! If I was pregnant, this child would be his sibling! I sighed. I couldn’t even begin to process all of this now. It was late and I was tired. I turned off the bathroom light and opened the door into the bedroom. To my surprise the light was on, and Ethan was looking straight at me, propped up on his side.

“Now I hope you weren’t leaving on my account,” he said with his crooked smile.

“I just went to the restroom,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I trust you haven’t done anything irrational, hmm? Because you know if you’ve wiped my sperm away, I’ll just have to put some more in.” Ethan pulled me down on the bed next to him, grabbing my ass and pressing me against his hard wall of muscle. Speaking of hard, his cock was already at attention, pressing against my thigh eagerly. Like a moth to a flame his lips were on my breasts, teasing, biting, licking, sucking, and making me wet. Just as I was about to come, he flipped me over onto all fours, then sank his full length into me. Gripping my hips, Ethan slid in and out of me.

“Yes, oh yes, harder,” I moaned. “Oh, god, Ethan, fuck me. I need to come, make me cum.”

“Soon, my darling, very soon.” Ethan reached down and pulled on my nipples. “Just thinking about milking these makes me so hard.” I was shaking, my body tensing up in pleasure.

“Oh, Ethan, don’t stop! Make me cum, oh, I’m so close!”

“That’s it, my little slut, beg me. Beg for your father-in-law’s sperm.”

“I want it so bad,” I panted. “Please, Ethan, give me your sperm.” Still inside me, Ethan wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up to him. He kissed my neck and cupped and twisted my nipples, then began rhythmically tapping my clit.

“Come with me, Laura,” he said. “Come with me and the same seed that made your husband will make you a baby. I know you’re close. I can feel your pussy sucking at me. That’s it, suck a little harder and you’ll suck the sperm into you.” My body tightened even more, and then I exploded in pleasure as I felt Ethan go rigid and grip my hips so tightly that I was certain he had bruised the skin. He cried out and again I felt the pressure of him spraying his seed inside of me. I collapsed down on the bed, my ass high in the air, Ethan still inside of me. I could feel the warmth of our mixture swirling about inside of me, and I imagined Ethan’s sperm swimming deep within me, and making me pregnant, if it hadn’t done so already.

When I awoke the next morning Ethan was gone, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I put on my bathrobe and headed down to the kitchen to get some aspirin.

“Good morning.”

I looked up and saw Ethan sitting at the table, wearing Rob’s bathrobe. Immediately I was angry.

“Why the hell are you still here?” I asked as I went to the cabinet where we kept our pills.

Ethan clicked his tongue disapprovingly as I took down the aspiring bottle and shook out a few into my palm.

“Well, someone isn’t a morning person,” Ethan said as he sipped his coffee. “Perhaps you’ll feel better after you eat something.”

I grabbed a glass of water and swallowed the pills. The smell of fresh coffee and bacon made my stomach growl, and I realized I hadn’t eaten since lunch the previous day. I looked over at the table and saw it was laid out with breakfast foods—omelets and a fruit bowl and a plate of bacon.

“Do come and join me,” Ethan said, pulling out a chair. I hesitated, but hunger won out over anger, and I sat down. I grabbed a fork and took a bite of the omelet, relishing the taste.

“This is amazing,” I said.

“One of my many talents,” Ethan said smugly. “Enjoy.” We ate our meal in silence. Admittedly I ate more than my fair share, which only made Ethan smile. When I finished I said, “Well, thank you for breakfast. I suppose you’ll be leaving now.”

“Oh, quite the contrary,” Ethan said, standing up.

“Excuse me?” I said. It felt like the meal was going to come back up on me. He stood behind me and began to rub my shoulders.

“My son won’t return for another two days, do you really think I’m going to let the opportunity to fuck you go by? I meant what I said, my dear, I am going to continue to fill you with my seed this entire weekend until you are pregnant.”

With that he slipped the robe down around my shoulders, exposing my breasts.

“No, don’t,” I gasped. He squeezed my nipples between his fingers, so hard I moaned. My head rolled back against the hardness of his stomach and I relaxed into his touch. I let Ethan pull me up out of the chair, and he bent me over the table. Lifting up my robe, he spread my legs, and I felt the air hit my pussy. I was wet, and Ethan took his fingers and smeared my juices over my clit.

Ethan bent down and began licking and sucking at my pussy lips, drinking my juices as they flowed easily out of me.

“Ahh,” I gasped as his tongue entered me. Suddenly Ethan stood up, and I felt his stiff cock enter me from behind, completely filling my pussy, the heat of him inside me making me shiver. Slowly he slid in and out of me, drawing out the torture, so much so that I began to rut and push back against his him, wanting him to pound me.

“Your mouth may say ‘no’, Laura, but your body is more than willing. You’re a bitch on heat, and your fertile cunt is begging me to put a baby in it.” I tried to rear up and get him closer to me, but Ethan held me down, crushing my breasts into the table, the cold marble top making my nipples so hard they hurt.

“Ethan, ohhh, guh, nnn, fuck me, fuck me and make me cum,” I cried out.

“Yes, darling, yes, soon, my dear. Soon I’ll pump you so full of my sperm and make a baby in you, maybe two. Oooh, your cunt is so good, Laura, I can only imagine how much better you’re going to be pregnant. I’m so close, dear, so close to cumming in you.” Ethan gripped my hips and began to slam in and out of me, harder and harder and faster and faster. I felt my pussy tingle and contract around his cock, followed by the sweet release. Another orgasm was coming fast and hard on top of that one, and Ethan slammed in me one final time. I came just after he groaned and shot his load into me. I stayed bent over the table for a moment, panting, until Ethan lifted me up and carried me back to the bedroom.

During the next two days I was in a state of constant arousal, and there was hardly a moment Ethan wasn’t inside of me, either pumping me full of his seed or keeping it inside of me with his cock. I both hated and loved it; hated it because I was being forcibly impregnated with another man’s child, but on the other hand it was the best sex of my life. He fucked me in every position, though he liked to have me on top riding him, taking his cum into my belly myself. Every time I thought about being made pregnant by him it made me both excited and horrified. He finally left Monday evening, a few hours before Rob came home. I jumped on Rob the second he came in the door, making love to him in the shower, praying he wouldn’t notice how stretched out I was.

The next two weeks were the most nerve-wracking of my life. I barely slept or ate, and I was uncontrollably jittery. Whenever Rob asked me about it, I lied and said I was worried about fashion week, which would make him laugh and reassure me that I was the most talented designer in the business, and I had nothing to worry about. I loved that he was so supportive, but it made me wonder how he would react if I was pregnant. I thought about asking him, but I didn’t want to broach the subject until it was absolutely necessary.

Sure enough, I missed my period, and a pregnancy test confirmed that I was carrying my father-in-law’s child. I sat there staring at that little pink plus sign, the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. I looked over at the countertop where the test carton sat. It said to consult a physician for a more accurate result. That gave me hope. Maybe it was a false positive—people got those all the time.

Just then the bathroom door swung open and Rob stood in the doorway.

“Oh, sorry, babe, I didn’t know you were in h…is that what I think it is?” he asked staring at the pregnancy test in my hands. “Is it…are you?”

I turned it around so he could see the result window.

“Oh my god, Laura, you’re pregnant? We’re gonna have a baby?”

“Yes, I’m going to have a baby,” I said, which was weird to say aloud. Rob kneeled in front of me and took my face in his hands. He leaned in and kissed me, devouring my mouth hungrily.

“Sweetie this is so great!” Rob said.

“You’re not upset?” I asked cautiously.

“Upset? Why would I be upset? If anything I’m surprised, cause you’re on the pill and all—”

“Well it is only 99.9 percent effective,” I interjected quickly. “I must just be that point one percent.”

“I always knew you were one in a million.” Rob kissed me again with more intensity, and I melted into his arms, secretly hoping that the test was wrong.

Two weeks later I went to the doctor who told me that I was indeed four weeks pregnant. As I lay there on the exam table, looking at the tiny spot on the ultra sound monitor, the reality of the situation hit me. I was pregnant. I was going to be a mother. This should have been the happiest moment of my life, but instead it was tainted by the fact that the father of my child was not my husband, and I began to cry.

But then I realized that this didn’t have to be a curse. Even though he was trying to hurt me, Ethan had given me the gift of a tiny life growing inside of me, and I knew in that instant I loved this baby, regardless of its origins.

Rob of course was over the moon when I called to tell him the news. He wanted to call everyone and tell them, but thankfully I convinced him not to erect a billboard until I was in my second trimester. As soon as I got back to work that afternoon, my assistant told me I had a phone call.

“I hear you are to be congratulated my dear,” Ethan’s voice came over the receiver. My throat closed up. Of course Ethan would have found out. Damn that doctor. I was going to have to switch hospitals.

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