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My Friends

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Sometimes life presents us with very interesting situation. Many non-Gay males have experiences with another males in their life. This is what happened to me. The setting begins at my friend’s camp located on a river that flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

My friend, Tom and I sat leisurely on the deck of his camp drinking beer. His camp overlooked a slow moving river and it was very relaxing sitting on his dock watching the water flow.

“You know this is really nice,” Tom said.

“Yeah, it is really nice just sitting here doing nothing,” I responded.

“Yeah, it kind of reminds me of another trip we took. Do you remember that time we hiked up in the mountains?” Tom asked.

“Sure, it must have been at least 15 years ago since we made that trip to Colorado,” I answered. I then remembered with a bit of a shock it had been a very strange trip. I had not thought about for years.

“I had a lot of fun back then,” Tom said. “We’d better go inside, it’s getting dark and the mosquitoes are beginning to attack.”

We went inside his trailer and ate a couple of hamburgers.

“I picked up a couple of porno movies. I was going to watch them with Trish but let’s take a look at them,” Tom said. Trish was Tom’s wife. She had remained at home to let the boys go to the camp.

“Ok, sure,” I replied. At this time in my life I had just finalized my divorce. It had not been fun. She had told me she was in love with another man and that was it. I had no clue. Tom realized what a difficult time it had been and invited me to his camp so I could get away from everything. It had not been a good year for me and this was nice diversion. At this point I did not realize what a diversion it was going to be. I soon forgot about all my problems.

I thought it was a bit odd for Tom to mention our trip to the mountains. The trip had begun during a time we were both having some major turning points in our life. We both enjoyed the hike up the mountain but the strange part did not begin until we were sitting in our small tent high in the mountain. Tom brought a flash and we began drinking bourbon. We began to talk about old times. Tom told me about some of his early sexual experiences and this is when I told Tom about an incident that I had always kept to myself.

“What happened? You can tell me. It will stay right here,” Tom said after I had given him some hints and indicated my embarrassment about the situation. He wanted to know more and now I had said too much to stop. The booze was also loosening my lips.

“It was that time we were going to spend the night in our clubhouse and everyone had something to do except for Doug and me,” I began.

Tom’s eyes indicated he was very interested hearing more.

“We decided we would go ahead, just the two of us. Everything was pretty normal until we began playing cards. For some reason I suggested we play strip poker.”

“Just you and Doug playing strip poker,” Tom interjected.

“Yeah, you go the picture. You should you want to hear this,” I said beginning to feel embarrassed again.

“You can’t stop now,” Tom said.

“Before long I was naked and Doug was in his underwear. It was then I got the idea to take off his underwear. This lead to a wrestling match. I managed to pull his shorts down and there we were wrestling in the nude. You sure you want to hear this, Tom. If you ever tell anyone I will get you,” I said feeling a bit insecure about revealing this secret from my past.

“Hey, that was a long time ago. And no, I’m not going to tell anyone,” he said.

“We soon both had erections and found ourselves rubbing our bodies against each other. I could feel my cock rubbing against his as it was trapped between our stomachs. As we began to rock back and forth on each other it was only a matter of time before I felt a buildup of tension and my cock began to spurt cum. No sooner than this happened, I felt Doug’s body tense and his cock twitched and shot cum. We now lay on each other with cum all over our stomachs and chest.”

“Wow, that is some story. Did you like it?” Tom inquired.

“Yeah, it really felt good but I’m did not want to think I was gay yet here I found myself on top of another guy. After we cleaned ourselves a bit we talk for a while and then finally went to sleep,” I explained.

Tom just looked at me as he took another sip of bourbon.

“You ever sucked a guy’s dick,” he suddenly asked.

“Well yeah,” I stammered. “Just once, it was also with Doug,” I replied and looked away.

“Don’t worry about it. We are high up in the mountain and if you can’t trust me who can you trust. I never sucked a dick, but I have to admit something to you, your story has gotten my dick hard,” Tom said. I could not believe it as he pulled down his shorts to reveal his hard cock. I watched as he sat there stroking it. As I watched him stroke I noticed my cock was swelling up in my briefs.

“I guess I can also tell you my cock is hard,” I replied and shyly pulled down my shorts. Tom watched as my dick pop out pointing at him.

We just sat there for a moment looking at one another’s hard cocks. Then whether it was the booze or everything that was happening in my life at the time, I felt a sudden desire to suck his cock. I attempted to push it from my mind but the more I tried the stronger the temptation became. I did not know what Tom would do if I told him. We were sitting in a small tent at the time and there was very little room between us. I could believe what I doing as I leaned over and grabbed his cock with my hand. Tom offered no resistance. The only other time I had held another man’s cock was with Doug. However, the feel of his cock in my hand seemed to be hazing my mind with desire.

I began to slowly rub his cock with my hand. His smile encouraged me. Suddenly I leaned forward and Tom moaned loudly as I slipped his cock through my lips and licked the purple head. He was surprised as I was. There was already some precum leaking out and I licked it off. As I continued to suck and lick his cock his hand moved down to mine and he began to stroke it. I could tell he was obviously very aroused and it would like not take much time before he came. The same was also true for me. The surrealist of the scene was very exciting. Soon I felt the head of his cock expand and I was ready for the first glob of cum.

“Oh God suck my cock! It feels so good,” Tom moaned. His body tensed and his cock exploded.

I let the first expulsion of cum flow down my throat and holding my breath caught the second spurt. His dick kept spewing cum and I kept my throat open to it and managed to swallow all. By this time my cock was also erupting in my friend’s hand. The way I was lying my cum shot all over his chest. As we both emptied our loads we collapsed. My head still rested between his legs as I let his limp dick slip from my lips. I would have never imagined this particular scene happening in a million years but here it was; it just happened.

We both lay there rather stunned.

“Wow, that was really something,” Tom finally said as he began to wipe my cum off his chest. I watched him and at one point he took a glob of cum a licked it off his finger. He just smiled.

We did not talk much more that night. The next day we headed down the mountain and checked into a local motel. We were soon to be going home. Tom went to take a shower first and when he finished he walked back into the room totally nude. I noticed his cock was semi-hard but he said nothing. He just flopped down on his bed still naked.

“Okay, your turn for the shower,” he said and laughed. As I walked into the bathroom I glanced back to see Tom lying naked on the bed watching TV.

I took a long hot shower and decided I would follow Tom’s lead. I opened the door and walked back into the bedroom also totally nude. Tom had not moved from the bed. When he noticed that I was also nude he smiled.

“Have a drink,” Tom said and handed me a stiff bourbon and water. I took a long hit.

We lay on our own bed having several drinks when I noticed Tom’s hand move down and begin to play with his cock. It did not take it long to become hard.

“Did you like my cum the other night?” Tom asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. You swallowed all my cum and you seemed to like it a lot. So tell the truth,” he replied.

“Yeah, I guess I did,” I finally said. Tom watched me watching him and soon my cock was also hard.

“Does it turn you on to watch me play with myself?” Tom asked.

“I guess so, it is so strange to be here watching you,” I answered.

“Why don’t you come over here and suck on it,” Tom said.

Almost mechanically I moved to his bed and grabbed his cock. I again took the purple head into my mouth and began to lick it.

“Damn that feels good,” Tom said.

I sucked on his cock for a few minutes. I noticed he did not return the favor but he was now rubbing my cock. The alcohol had pretty much taken affect and I was feeling somewhat drunk but I kept sucking his cock. However, he suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“Let’s try something,” Tom said.

I looked up confused. I stood up and almost fell down.

“Damn, I think I had too much to drink,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tom said. He pushed me back on the bed and I was now lying on my stomach. I could not see what Tom was doing. He said let me get something out of my bag. I did not know it then but he was putting some Vaseline on his cock. It was then I felt his dick slide up my butt cheeks and press against my anus.

“What are you doing Tom?” I cried. There was little I could do lying there with him on top of me.

“Owwwh!” I cried as his dick slipped inside me. It was painful but there was another feeling that began growing within me. I was lucky that Tom’s dick was not very thick. There was some resistance at first but then his cock slipped deeper into my butt. As it slipped inside me the feeling of being impaled on his cock sent a shockwave through my body. It was unlike any feeling I had ever known. My own cock was pressed against my stomach and the sheet. It was harder than it had ever been. As Tom began to slowly pump his sock in and out of my ass the feelings intensified. I lost all sense of the strange act that two otherwise normal guys were doing. The fact Tom, my best friend, was fucking me in the ass passed from my mind as the feelings of desire deep inside my body took over my entire consciousness. All I wanted was for it to continue and at that moment I did not care about anything else.

“Oh God, your ass feels so good!” Tom cried. What began as something painful and embarrassing now had taken full control of me.

“Tom, it feels so damn good, fuck my ass,” I said not believing I would ever say such words but not caring that I did.

Tom increased his pace and was fucking me hard. I could feel his cock pulling almost all the way out of my ass and then jamming back in so his balls slapped my ass cheeks. His cock head began to expand filling my bowels to capacity.

“Oh God, I cumming!” Tom cried.

As Tom’s cock exploded inside me I felt his warm seed being spurted deep within my bowels. The feeling of his hot cum inside me was all it took and my cock exploded. It seemed as if I came forever. I never had such a ejaculation and as I lay on the bed with Tom collapsed on top of me I could feel the wetness beneath me where I had soiled the bed. It felt good.

We lay there for several minutes not quite believing what we had done. Tom’s cock was still inside my ass as I felt it slowly shrinking and finally with a pop it came out. Tom rolled over beside me and we both passed out. I awoke the next morning lying next to Tom’s naked body.

We arose and said little. Both of us had a hangover and we both felt very strange about the occurrences of the previous night.

The trip home would take another day. So, after a day of rather silent driving we pulled into a motel. We check in and decided to get something to eat.

“Would you do something for me?” Tom asked.

“It depends,” I said curious as to what he wanted.

“I want to stop at some store and buy you some sexy panties. I would like to see you in them,” Tom explained.

This trip was getting stranger by moment but there was something about the thought of Tom seeing me in panties that made me hot.

“I guess so,” I stammered. We drove around for a few minutes and found a small woman’s shop that sold a little bit of every kind of clothes including lingerie.

“Let’s go in here,” Tom said. We pulled in the parking lot and walk in the store. We glanced around and found the underwear section and proceeded there. I noticed there were only one sales lady and no customers. The sales lady looked to be in her early forties and was a little overweight. I was glad we were the only customers. I noticed the sales lady gave us a look as we walked over to the panties section.

“I think some silk panties are what we want. What do you think?” Tom said as held up a pair.

“I’m sure I don’t know,” I replied. Just then the sales lady walked us.

“Can I help you gentlemen with something?” she asked

“Yeah, we are looking for panties and a matching bra but we don’t want to spend much,” Tom said.

“And are these for your girlfriend?” she asked.

“Let’s just say it is for a friend,” Tom answered.

“What size does she wear?”

“I don’t really know. Let’s just say if I wanted some panties that would fit him,” Tom said and pointed to my waste.

The sales lady looked at me and smiled. “Oh, I think these would fit him okay,” she said as she picked up a pair of white silk panties and handed them to Tom. “Does he want a bra also?” she asked still looking at me.

“Sure, but he does not any boobs,” Tom said and laughed.

“We have some padded bras you might like,” the sales lady said and led us to the bra section. She picked one that matched the panties and handed it to Tom. To my embarrassment he placed on my chest.

“That looks good,” he said.

“Do you need some hose and a garter belt to complete the picture?” the sales lady asked.

“Yeah, what the hell,” Tom answered.

The sales lady went and returned with black stockings and a black garter bet. These should match the white well. Then the sales lady said something that made my legs feeling shaky.

She looked directly at me smiling and said, “Would you like to try them on?”

Tom smiled and said, “Of course he would. Is there somewhere private?”

“Come this way,” the sales lady said. We went past the regular dressing rooms to what appeared to be a small break room.

“I think will do nicely and you won’t be disturbed. Let me know when you are ready and I will come and check to make sure the size is correct,” she said and left us alone.

“That woman wants to see me dressed in these,” I said to Tom after she left.

“I think she does,” he answered. “Now strip off those clothes.”

I was soon standing naked before Tom. I slipped on the panties but my hard cock was not cooperating. I then put on the stockings and garter belt. Then Tom fastened the bra in the back. The padding in the bra made my chest look like I had some small titties. I felt really strange dressed like that with Tom looking at me but I also felt very excited. My cock was rock hard and pushed the panties straight out.

The sales lady then reappeared.

“Oh, it looks like everything fits quite well,” she said as she looked over my body. I noticed her eyes spent sometime looking at where my hard cock pushed out the silken material of the panties. The sales lady had a slight flush in her face.

“I don’t think that is going to do,” she said looking at my panties.

“Let me try and adjust things,” she said. She knelt down in front of my and took my cock in her hand. She moved it around inside the panties and I gasped. Her hand on my cock through the panties felt great. Finally, as she moved my cock around it slipped out and now she held it directly in her hand.

“I guess there is only one thing left to do,” she said. “Go sit in that chair.”

She pushed into a chair and then before I knew what was happening she was sucking my cock. Tom watched the action and decided he wanted to be part of the game. He walked over to the lady who might have been old enough to be his mother. He knelt down in back of her and reached and began cupping her breasts. When she did not protest he pulled her dress up. I had a great view for a long mirror across the room. Under her dress the sales lady wore black panties which Tom quickly removed. I could see her hairy snatch and Tom wasted no effects if finger fucking her.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as three of Tom’s finger went in the woman. She continued to suck my cock and rub my balls as Tom had his way with her pussy.

Tom quickly pulled his pants down to reveal his hard cock. He pressed it against her pussy a few times and then slid it inside.

“Ohhhh,” she cried with my cock still in her mouth.

Tom began to fuck her doggy style and the lady was groaning.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as an orgasm engulfed her.

I watched as Tom pulled his cock out of her pussy. He moved it up her butt crack and pushed against her anus.

“Oh God!” the lady cried in a muffled voice due to my cock being thrusts down her throat.

With a hard push Tom’s cock already lubricated with the lady’s pussy juice slipped deep into her ass.

“Ugggg,” she moaned as Tom began to butt fuck her. It seemed Tom had a real thing for asses.

This was too much for me and my cock began erupting shooting cum down her throat. She gagged a few times but managed to take all the cum I had to offered. She held my now softened cock in her mouth as Tom pounded her ass. I could tell by his face he was near.

“I’m going cum in your ass,” Tom cried and I could tell by his jerking body he was doing just that.

Tom slowly pulled his now deflating dick out of the sales lady’s butt and we both sat back. The sales lady had a contented smile on her face and there were a few drops of cum on her cheeks.

“I think I will make a present of your new clothes. There will be no charge. Why don’t you just wear them under your jeans when you leave? No one will ever know,” she said.

Before I could reply Tom said, “Thanks a lot for the stuff and we do just that. Tom put on your jeans, we need to go.”

Without much further thought I pulled my jeans up over my hose and garter belt. Then my shirt buttoned a little tight over my bra but not enough to make it look obvious I had breasts or at least fake ones.

“Bye,” the sales lady said as she picked up her panties and put them back on.

We left the store, made a few stops, and then ate an early dinner. I had to be careful going to the men’s bathroom. The first time I went there was one other guy in the bathroom. I went to the urinal as I would normally do not really thinking and when I zipped down my pants it took some effort to free my dick from the panties. In the process some of the frills of the panties and garter belt were plainly visible. I looked up to see the other guy giving me a very strange look. I was more careful from then on.

We soon returned to the motel where I still wore my girly outfit under my clothes. I knew the sex of the day was not over and there was another ass Tom wanted to invade. And surprisingly to me, the thought was very exciting.

It was turning dark as we entered the motel room.

“Take those jeans off and let me see your sexy underwear,” Tom said as soon as he shut the door. It seemed he was ready.

“Let me use the bathroom first,” I said. While in the bathroom I removed my outer clothes and walked back into the bedroom dressed as Tom’s bitch. Tom was lying on the bed rubbing his already hard cock.

“Oh baby,” he said looking me over. I was also getting into it and felt my cock begin to swell. I was attempting to hold it between my legs so the panties would not reveal it. I dance around a little and Tom was loving it. I walked over to his bed and crawled on. I pulled my self right between his legs and began to lick the tip of his cock as he continued to pump it.

“Oh my God, you little bitch,” Tom said. “I don’t want to cum yet, there is another place I want to deposit by seed, deep in your ass.” With that said Tom swung around and took his lubricating gel. He rubbed it all over his cock and then pushed me around so he was staring at my panty covered ass. He pulled the silk panties down revealing my ass. I then felt his fingers applying the cool gel on my butt hole and I knew what was next. His fingers easily slipped inside me and he began to pump them. First one finger, then two, and then three were opening my asshole. Then I felt his cock press against my asshole and he rammed it inside me with a hard thrust.

“Ohhhhh!” I cried. It hurt but the pain brought the other feeling back. I wanted him to fuck my ass hard and he complied with my wishes. As he pounded me I could feel my balls tightened and my cock expanding. It took everything I had to prevent myself from cumming right then but I wanted more fucking before I let loose. After a few more minutes I knew Tom was near.

“Ohhhh!” he moaned and I felt his cock jerk inside me. I could feel the hot sperm shooting forth flooding my bowels with his heated cum. It felt wonderful and my own orgasm began. My cock flopped under me and began spurting cum everything. It seemed it went on forever and even though I had already been sucked off early that day I still had ample amount of cum to make a big mess on the bed.

We both collapsed with him on top of me. His dick was still stuck in my ass. I was in no hurry for him to remove it when I heard the pop and his dick was released. It had been a great day.

We both slept well that night. I packed my bag in the morning hiding my new underwear under my dirty clothes. We ate a small breakfast and headed for the last leg toward home. After a few hours on the road I looked at Tom.

“You know you can’t ever tell anyone about what happened on this trip,” I said to Tom as he drove the car.

“Yeah, I know. We did some weird things and I would never want anyone to know about them either,” Tom replied.

“So it is agreed. None of this ever happened,” I said.


With that I thought our strange adventure was over. I had to admit to myself I had enjoyed the experience of Tom fucking my ass but I was not really Gay. I still preferred a relationship with a woman and was not interested in men in the romantic sense. Tom and my sexual adventure had been just that an isolated adventure. Even though I knew it would never happen again, I did secretly wish that maybe someday Tom and I might have another adventure.

Chapter 2:

Ten years later and one divorce later for me found Tom and I sat down in the living room of his camp watching a dirty DVD. We were drinking beer watching a well built woman sucking a man’s cock while another man fucked her doggy style.

“Look at her go”, Tom said as we watched the movie.

“Yeah, she’s getting into it,” I replied.

“Can I ask you something?” Tom asked.


“You know we promised we would never to speak of the Colorado trip again but I just wonder have you ever sucked another guy since that time with me.”

“No,” I replied surprised at the question but kind of glad Tom was resurrecting the issue.

“Why not?” he asked.

“I’m not into being with guys,” I replied.

“But you really seemed to like everything we did then,” he continued.

“So did you, have you been sucking any cock or fucking any ass?” I added.

“No, the only ass I fuck is Trish, she likes up the ass sometimes,” he said.

“Really,” I said pictures his lovely wife Trish with a cock up her ass. My own cock jumped at the thought. I had always found his wife attractive.

“Yeah she likes it, so would you like to do anything like that again?” Tom said. Tom was sitting on the couch across from where I sat in recliner. As he said it he spread his legs a little and let his hand slide up his leg. When it reached his crotch, he began to rub his cock through his shorts. His shorts were made of thin material and then it became apparent he was not wearing any underwear. Obviously Tom had been thinking of this earlier.

“I have not really given it any thought,” I replied suddenly feeling rather giddy. I did not know if it was the alcohol or the thought of sucking Tom or having him fuck me in the ass again after all these years. But watching Tom’s cock come to life in his shorts was beginning to have an effect on me and I felt my own cock begin to swell.

“Well, think about it,” Tom said. He shifted his weight as he unbuttoned his shorts. He then gave them a pull and they slipped down his legs revealing his now hard cock.

The sight of him sitting there stroking his cock was a shock but along with the shock there was an excitement. I could not believe but after all these years I still wanted to suck his cock. I had never had to urge to suck any other cock but there was something about our friendship that made Tom safe. I wanted to taste his cock again.

“What do you think Trish would say if she knew you want me to suck your cock? She is your wife and it’s her job to suck you off, not mine,” I asked. I did not want to harm his relationship with his wife. They had now been married a long time.

“I don’t care what she would say. It will be our secret, just like it was back then,” Tom replied. It was apparent Tom wanted me.

Sitting there watching him stroke his cock and seeing a woman on TV sucking a guy only increased my desire. My cock was now painfully hard in my pants. Without saying another word I lowered myself out of my chair and crawled over to where Tom was sitting. He spread his legs giving me access to his now hard cock. I crawled up between his legs and I licked his cock.

“Oh yeah, just what I need,” Tom moaned.

There was already a generous amount of precum on his cock. I licked the little bubbles from his cock hole and could taste the salty flavor. I grabbed Tom’s cock, it was very hard, and let it slip through my lips. Tom began to hump his hips and force his cock in and out of my mouth, he was fucking my lips.

I felt my own body respond and my cock pushed hard against the fabric of my shorts. I had not taken them off but the pressure of the material on my cock was feeling good so I just left them on.

Tom continued to fuck my mouth and again I felt his manhood begin to expand. The purple head of his cock pressed deep into my throat when a load of cum almost choked me. I pulled my head back letting his cock slip out of mouth and then caught another load directly in the face. The next load I again took in my mouth and as his cumming subsided I had a mouthful of his cum that I let slowly flow down my throat.

As I swallowed the remainder of Tom’s cum and his hard dick was still in my mouth I felt my own cock explode in my pants. My hand quickly went down to it and I massage through my pants completely soiling them. It seemed when I was with Tom I always exploded with an extra large amount of cum.

After a few minutes I let Tom’s limp dick out of mouth and looked up at him.

“Well, looks like we did it again,” I said sheepishly.

“Yeah, guess so,” he said and smiled.

As I stood up there was a very large wet spot in my pants.

“Looks like you messed in your pants,” Tom said and laughed.


“Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up and then come back in here. Don’t put any clothes on I want to see something,” Tom said and went to the bedroom at the other end of the trailer.

I cleaned myself and returned to the living room. I was standing there naked when Tom arrived and handed me some pink silk panties.

“And what am I supposed to do with these?” I asked.

“Put them on,” he said looking down at my flaccid cock.

I protested at bit but decided what the hell. I slipped the panties on and pushed my dick between my legs. There was still a bulge in the panties but Tom seemed to like me in them. I noticed his cock was now semi-hard.

“Let’s play a game,” Tom said.

“What kind of game?” I asked.

“Dress you up like a girl game,” Tom answered.

“I don’t know about that.”

“No one will ever know and it will be fun,” Tom said. “Come on.”

We went to the back bedroom where Trish and her mother had left some clothes. Tom looked around and found a bra that would fit me. He snapped it in place and used some silk handkerchiefs to fill in the cups. He then found hose and a garter belt. I guess these must have been Trish’s and wondered how she must have looked.

Trish was a nice looking 37 year old woman. She and Tom had been married for 5 years. She had always kept fit even after having two children. I did not normally check out my friend’s wife but I had noticed Trish has some nice boobs. A couple of times I had been around them when she was wearing a low cut blouse. I could not help but admit those creamy globes a few times when she was bending over. She also had a cute firm ass and had showed it off a number of times in tight shorts. Tom was a lucky guy to have her. Not only was she a doll she was a very nice person.

Here I now stood dressed in her bra, panties, stockings, and garter belt. This was very similar to our experiences some 10 years ago when I found myself in the same situation. I was just as exciting now as it was then.

“Look at yourself,” Tom said.

I stepped over to a mirror and looked a strange site.

“What a freak!” I said.

“Yeah, a fucking freak,” Tom responded and laughed.

I looked over at Tom and noticed his hand was now rubbing his cock. It had not taken him long to recover from my blow job. My current attire was also turning him on and it was obvious he liked what he was seeing. I noticed that my cock was beginning to respond. It was still pushed between my legs but it was now hard. My legs and the panties were keeping it pushed backward but this seemed to only intensity my erection.

“I want to fuck you,” Tom suddenly said.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do, you want me to fuck you in your little boy pussy,” Tom said and smiled a wicked grin.

My cock was now beginning to take control of me. I thought back to the previous time those years ago and how great it had felt. I seemed to loose myself in the thoughts.

“Yeah, I want you to fuck me in my boy pussy,” I heard myself saying. It was almost as if I was beyond myself.

“Ok, but first slip on this dress,” Tom said. He handed me a short tight fitting black dress. It was too short for me so the bottom of the dress allowed most of my panties to be seen.

“Now dance for me,” Tom said.

He turned on a CD and I began to sway allowing my dress to flow up above my panties. I then pull my panties so they went into the crack of my ass. As I danced I watch Tom pull out his cock. He opened a jar of Vaseline and began to lubricate his cock.

“Come here,” he commanded.

I walked over to him. He turned me around and raised my dress.

“Look at that cute ass,” he said. I felt his hand cupping my cheeks as he slipped to panties down my legs. This freed my cock and it sprang forward totally engorged with blood.

Tom fingers rubbed my asshole as he applied Vaseline. I gasped as he slipped one finger inside me. Then two.

He slowly pulled me down into his lap. As he did his cock slid into my ass and I slowly felt it pushing inside my body until I was sitting on his lap impaled by his cock. Again, those strange but wonderful feelings emerged from somewhere deep within my body. It took control of me as Tom’s cock moved inside me. We slowly moved to the floor with Tom behind my doggy style. Now that he had the leverage he began to pound his cock into my bowels. Each thrust produced such feelings as I had never known. It was even more fantastic than it had been years ago. My cock was as hard as it had ever been.

“Ohhhh,” Tom moaned. I could feel his cock began to swell inside my filling me even more.

“I’m cumming,” Tom cried. As I felt his hot cock explode inside my bowels and his hot fluid streaming deep inside me, my cock also shot forth its cum. It seemed as if I came forever as Tom continued to pound me inside my ass.

When our orgasms finished we both collapse to the floor. My body falling with a splash in my own cum and as my face pressed against the floor I tasted it. Tom lay on top of me until his cock finally shrunk and he pulled it out of my butt.

“That was really great,” Tom said.

As I got up I noticed the bra I was wearing was stained with my cum. Also, there was cum on both my face and hair.

“Boy, are you a mess. Go get cleaned up,” Tom said.

I cleaned up and after a burger we decided to go bed. We slept in separate bedrooms. The next morning I awoke with a mild headache and a sore ass. However, I felt very strange about the events of last night.

I got up and found Tom sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. He did not look like he felt good.

“You feeling bad Tom?” I inquired.

“Yeah, I’m not feeling too good. I messed up last night. I hope you are okay with it but I got carried away,” he said.

“That’s okay, I don’t think it have much of an effect on me,” I said.

“Of course, you’re not married. I cheated on Trish last night. It does not matter that you are a guy, you are another person and I cheated on her,” he said and looked very sad.

“Hey, I never want to come between you and her. I don’t want to mess up your marriage. Are you thinking about telling her?” I asked.

“I think I’m going to have to tell. I don’t think I can look her in the face if I don’t,” Tom said.

“How do you think she will react?”

“I don’t know. I have to also tell you something,” Tom said.

“What’s that?”

“I told her about our trip to Colorado and what happened there,” he said.

“You bastard. You were not supposed to tell anyone,” I said not really caring at this point.

“It just came out one night.”

“What did she say?”

“She said it sounded like we had a lot of fun. It did not seem to bother her at all.”

“What do you think she will say now?”

“I don’t know. We weren’t married then.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“I think I’m going to call her and tell her what happened last night.”

“If that’s what you think best then go ahead. I can leave and go home anytime if my being here presents any kind of problem.”

With Tom went back to his bedroom to tell his wife he had fucked his best friend’s ass for the second time in their life. I turned on the TV and sat down on the couch. In about 30 minutes Tom returned to the room.

“What did she say?” I asked. Tom had a strange look on his face.

“She was really angry at first but after we talked a while and I told her how sorry I was she said she understood how things like that could happen. However, she said what I had done was wrong. It would have been different if I had asked her and gotten her permission. As a result she said there was only one way I could make amends to her.”

“What way is that?” I asked.

“Well, it involves you and you have to help me,” Tom said.

“Sure, I will you. I don’t want anything I’ve done to mess up your marriage,” I replied.

“Trish’s condition is she wants to watch you dress up like a woman. She says she wants to do your make up and some other things. Then she wants to watch you suck me, and fuck your ass. She said if we can do that everything will be okay between us,” Tom said.

“Is that all?” I asked shocked that Trish would get into such things.

“Yeah. I really need you to help me on this one. Please, I will do most anything and Trish was very clear that if this did not happen there would be hell to pay,” Tom said almost begging.

I thought about it a moment. The truth was I liked Tom fucking me in the ass but did not want to admit it. I also got a thrill out of dressing up in her panties and bra but again did not want to admit this either.

“I will do it on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Tom desperately asked.

“While Trish watches us, she has to be totally naked and totally revealing of all her body during the entire time,” I explained. “If that’s not okay then I won’t do it.”

“I don’t know what she will say to that,” Tom said. “I’ll go call her and let you know.”

“In a few minutes he returned and said, “She said yes but added one more condition that I don’t think you will like.”

“What’s that?”

“In addition to the other things, I have to get rid of all your body hair. She will supply the make-up and the wig but we will have to get rid of the body hair. If you do this then she will be totally naked while we put on the show and she will let you see everything,” Tom said. “Please do this for me; I don’t want to loose her.”

How could I say no to my best friend?

“Okay, it’s a lot but I will do it for you,” I replied. That was not exactly true because I knew that I would also enjoy it. I just wondered how long it would take for body hair to grow back.

Tom phoned Trish back and it was decided that Trish would arrive later that evening by then we would have to make all the arrangements.

Chapter 3

Tom and I wasted no time. We drove to the nearest drugstore. There we purchased shaving cream, razors, and various other hair removal products. The clerk gave us a strange look but since we did not know anyone there we did not care what they thought. The thing was they were probably not thinking weird enough.

Back at the camp we unloaded our supplies. I was still feeling rather reluctant to have all my body hair removed but I had agreed.

“This stuff can go anywhere but your face or genitals,” Tom said as he read one of the packages.

“Let’s try this first. It says rub it on the area, then let it sit, and then take a hot bath or shower to get the hair off. Take off your clothes and let’s see if it works,” Tom said.

I slowly stripped down to nothing and walked over to Tom. He carefully took the cream and began rubbing it on my legs. It felt cool but soon my skin was tingling. He stopped at my upper thighs not wanting to get any on my dick, balls, or asshole.

“There now let that work for 15 minutes and then take a shower. We will do the upper part of you next,” Tom said.

I stood just stood there, totally naked, with thick white cream all over my legs for 15 minutes.

“It’s time, go take a shower,” Tom said.

The hot water felt good as I stepped into the shower. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and let the water wash over me. I then look down at my legs and the majority of hair was now flowing down the drain. It was strangest feeling to have most of the hair on my legs gone. I wondered how it would feel when all the hair on my dick and balls were gone. I was going to find out.

I stepped out of the shower, dried off, and presented myself to Tom.

“It worked pretty damn well. We’ll have to shave some but there is not much hair left. Okay, let do your arms, chest and back.”

With that Tom quickly began putting a layer of cream over the top of me. Again, I had to stand there for 15 minutes before I could take a shower. I then showered again. When I presented myself to Tom the second time there were only small patches of hair on my legs, my pubic hair and the hair on my head.

“Okay, that worked well too. Let me get the rest. Sit down on this chair,” Tom said.

He took one of the bottle of shaving cream and lathered my legs. He then shaved both my legs very close. He repeated the process on my arms and chest.

“Okay it is now time for your genitals,” Tom said.

I was wondering how he would react to this. I had sucked Tom and let him fuck me but he had never sucked me. He beat me off once while I sucked him but that was it. Now he was going to have to be handling both my dick and balls. I was interested to see how he would react.

He first used scissors to clip the hair as close as possible. He opened the can of shaving cream. As he lathered up my balls my cock began to respond.

“Hold that cock down,” Tom said jokingly.

“You do a good job of ball massaging,” I replied. I now had a hard on as he lathered my cock.

“You have to wait for tonight to get excited. No cumming until then,” Tom explained.

“Okay, I’m not going to cum. But be careful with that razor around my balls,” I said.

“I will,” Tom replied and began to shave the remainder of the hair from my pubic region. He then had me get down on all fours and he took care of the hair on my ass.

I stood up and saw that the only hair I had on my body was on my head. Tom handed me a pair of panties and I put them on. My cock was semi-hard but I manage to put between legs and the panties held it there.

We ate a quick lunch. As were eating the trailer door open and in walked Trish. I was rather embarrassed since I had not yet adjusted to my hairless stated and I was sitting there in pink panties.

“Hi guys,” she said as she walked in and laid her bags on a chair.

“I see you have met some of my requirements,” she added looking directly at my hairless body.

“Am I to assume all the hair is gone?”

“The only hair on his body is what you see on his head,” Tom said.

Trish spent a few minutes carefully surveying Tom’s job on me. She got very close and went down my body touching my skin here and there. Each time her fingers brushed my skin she sent a wave through my body. My cock was now straining against the panties and even though I attempted to keep it between my legs it was apparent I had an erection.

When she finished with the examination she said, “Great, you did a good job Tom. I love the way he looks sitting there hairless in his panties, but we will have to do something about that hard dick. She picked up her bad and said, “I have few things here that will finish the job and help with the problems. Why don’t we get started?”

“Okay great, anything you say Trish,” Tom answered and they both looked at me.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I stammered. As I looked at Trish I began to notice that her face was also flushed. She was not as cool as she was trying to appear. It looked as if this surreal situation was getting to her and she was also becoming excited.

“You first need to put these on,” Trish explained and handed me a pair of silk panties. As I took them I noticed they seemed to be reinforced in the crotch area.

“Those are special panties. They will keep your cock hidden and make it look like you have a pussy. However, that hard cock will never do. Your cock must be flaccid when you first put them on to get the right effect,” she explained.

My cock continued to strain against the panties and it was obvious I had an erection. I noticed Trish was staring at my crotch and when our eyes met she flushed very red as she licked her lips in a most provocative manner.

“Since you obviously have a problem with your erection I will show you what to do,” she said. She went to the freezer and took some crushed ice. She then placed that in a large glass and added water.

“Tom, go into the bathroom and stick his balls and cock in this freezing water and that should quickly take care of the erection,” Trish instructed.

I was still sitting there in my panties wondering how it was going to feel to have my cock and balls in freezing water. As I did so my cock only became more erect.

I stood up and now my cock pushed the panties’ material forward. I followed Tom to the bathroom with my cock sticking straight out. I noticed as Trish was very aware of my state and as we left I noticed her hand moved down to between her legs. I heard a small groan from her as we left the room.

“Take off those panties,” he ordered.

I did and my erect cock sprang forth.

“Okay, we need to do something about that,” Tom said. He had me stand in the tub and spread my legs. He took the glass of freezing water and placed it under my balls.

“Ahhh!” I said as he lifted it up and my balls emerged in the water. It was very cold, very cold.

Tom reached over and pulled my cock down so it would also fit in the glass. He then pushed the glass up so that its rim rested on my crotch and both my cock and balls were submerged in the frigid water.

“Oh God, how long do I have to do this?”

“Just till your cock shrinks down a bit,” Tom said monitoring my progress. Even though it was painfully cold it took a few minutes for my cock to become flaccid.

“I think my erection is gone,” I pleaded.

“Okay, but wait just a moment. Let’s see how much it will shrink,” Tom said and swished the glass around. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity he pulled the glass down. My cock was no longer hard and both it and my balls had greatly shrunk.

“Perfect, don’t touch them,” Tom ordered. He let the water drip off my cock and balls for a few minutes as I stood there shivering. He pulled the panties up my legs. There was a small pocket sewn into the panties. There were elastic bands around it and Tom was able to fit first my cock and then my shrunken balls into the pockets. He then pulled the panties up tight securing them very tightly between my legs. My cock was now trapped. As my cock warmed back up I felt it expand and push against the material but the material held it firm.

“Turn around,” Tom said. As I did I noticed something else strange about the panties. They were split right along my butt crack. They gave very easy access to my asshole.

“What do you think about that?” Tom said and struck his finger in the split flicking my butt-hole.

“I wonder what else is in store for me,” I wondered.

“Who knows let’s go find out?” Tom said. I noticed he was already sporting bulge in his pants.

We both walked into the living where Trish was sitting. She gave me a once over and smiled. Her face continued to show a flushing and she appeared less in control than she did when she first arrived.

“Remember, I’m going get to see a lot of you,” I said looking over Trish’s body.

“Yes, I know,” she said and smiled. “But not yet.”

“Come over here and let me show you something,” she said.

Standing before her she reached into one of her bags and pulled out a lacy bra. Then from another bag she produced breasts.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Why, they are your breasts,” she answered. She reached up a ran her hand over my chest to make sure there was no hair. As her hand flicked my nipple a chill ran through me.

“You expect me to wear those?” I asked not knowing exactly how it would work.

“Yes, I do,” she replied.

“I will only put them on if you let me see your breasts, right now,” I said.

Trish looked at Tom and he shrugged his shoulders. It was obvious Trish had not been ready for this. She knew she would have to show her body but she was prepared to do it later that night, not now.

“Well, what do you say?”

“Okay, I will show them to you,” Trish replied and began unbuttoning her blouse. She revealed a lacy white bra that held her breasts. She reached behind her and unclasped. This allowed her 36C breasts to be free. They were beautiful. I also noticed her nipples were very erect.

“Is that what you wanted?” Trish asked.

“Yes, they are fantastic,” I said staring directly as Trish’s chest as her husband watch. Trish blushed as she felt my eyes sucking her nipples and I noticed goose bumps on her skin.

“Okay, let’s get started,” Trish said but there was a new tremble in her voice. Obviously she was being greatly affected by everything that was happening.

I was also being affected and my cock was attempting to grow but it was completely contained in its prison in my panties. It was almost to the point of being painful.

Trish took a wet cloth and washed my chest. She applied some cream on my chest. As she brushed my nipple I felt it harden. When there was ample cream she positioned one of the fake tits and pressed it against my chest. She held it there for a few minutes and when she removed her hands the breast remained glued on my chest.

“What the hell!” I exclaimed as I looked down at my new boob.

“This silicon glue will last for around 72 hours. Don’t worry though, I have some glue remover if we need to get it off before then,” she explained. She surveyed her work and then applied some other gel around the edges. She then did the same to the other one.

I went to a mirror and examined my newly applied breasts. They looked and felt real. The nipples even looked real. If you looked close you could see how the breasts were applied but there were great fakes.

“This feels really weird,” I said as I walked around in my panties that held my cock tight between my legs and now boobs that jiggled just like the real ones.

“Okay, let me help you put on this bra,” Trish said. Soon I was wearing a bra and now the deception was almost perfect. Unless you were very close you would swear the breast inside my bra were real. And looking down at my panties, you would have no idea there was a cock hidden there.

“You are really getting off to dressing me up like girl, aren’t you Trish?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Trish replied.

“I mean you are really enjoying yourself doing this to me. Look at your tits. Your nipples are a hard as nails. You are really getting turned on by making me look like a woman,” I said.

Trish only blushed.

“Trish, I bet your pussy is wet,” I continued.

Trish did not answer.

“Trish, is you pussy wet?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said as she walked over and grabbed her other bag.

“Here is a dress and blouse for you to wear,” Trish said. She helped me put on the blouse which fit rather tight against my bra. Then the skirt that was rather short.

“Now sit down and let me apply some makeup.”

“I will sit down and let you make me up if you will show me your pussy,” I suddenly said.

Again, Trish was not prepared for this and appeared caught off guard. She again looked at Tom who only shrugged his shoulders. It was up to her.

“Okay, I guess I have no choice,” Trish said. She stood up and slowly slipped off her jeans revealing blue silk panties. She stepped out of her jeans still wearing the panties.

“Okay, off with the panties,” I said.

She slowly pulled her panties down revealing a small patch of carefully trimmed pubic hair and then a very pronounced slit. As her panties went down her legs her pussy was in full view of where I sit only a few feet from her.

“Turn around, bend over, and spread you legs so I can get a full view,” I ordered.

Trish turned around and did as said. I learned over and was only a foot or so away from her ass looking directly into her most private orifice. I noticed it was very wet and there a moisture all around her pussy lips.

“Looks like you’re really enjoying this Trish,” I said as I completely my examination.

Trish stood back up and said, “Now can we continue?”

“Sure,” I answered.

I sat for about an hour and Trish applied make up. She used eye liner, blush, skin tone, and lipstick. She then took a scarp and wrapped it around my neck just so it would hide any other indication of my maleness. She also gave me shoes.

“I think you can wear these shoes. They don’t have much of a heel. Now look at yourself,” she said.

I stood before a mirror and was astonished. I can’t say I looked like a model but I was not bad. Trish had done a great job but then it struck me.

“Ah, I’ve got to pee. How do I do that in these panties?” I asked.

“Don’t worry; these are special panties for guys. Just sit on the toilet and reach back. You will find a small opening in the band that is holding your penis. Pull it open and you should have no problem peeing. Then just let it slip back on your penis,” she explained.

I went to the rest room and sat on the toilet as she said. There was a mirror on the door directly across from the toilet and I could not get over the person staring back at me. I even squeezed my tits a few times and I could forget they were fake. I felt dizzy as I sat there looking at me in drag. It took a moment for me to find she small hole. It was just large enough for a small part of the head of my cock to fit through. It would not allow my cock to slip out. I had to be very careful but I managed to pee without soiling my panties.

When I came back into the room Trish said, “Okay, for the last part.” She took out a wig and placed it on my head. She took a few minutes to style it and there I was.

Before I could say anything Trish began snapping pictures of me.

“Stop it, I don’t want any pictures taken of me like this,” I said.

“I have to have some pictures of you. You look so fantastic dressed like that,” she said.

“Okay, then I will take some pictures of you,” I said and retrieved my camera. Trish did not protest and I took a number of very revealing pictures of Trish’s body.

“Now I want us to go for a ride,” Trish said and began to dress.

“Take a ride, where are we going?” I asked.

“Oh we are just going up to the mall. It is only about an hour away,” Trish said.

“I can’t go to a mall dressed like this,” I cried.

“Yes, you can. Trust me. You will have a great time,” she said.

“I will go under one condition,” I said.

“What?” Trish asked nervously.

“You wear a dress with no panties and a revealing blouse with no bra,” I said.

Trish stopped dressing and said, “Give me a minute.” She went into her bedroom and after several minutes she reappeared in a rather short black skirt and a blouse that gave more than a hint of the shape of her breasts. Her nipples were very obvious as they pressed against the fabric.

“Will this do?” she asked.

“Yes, I think so. One thing though, pull up your dress and let my check about those panties,” I said.

Trish pulled up her dress and her bare pussy greeted my eyes.

“Hold still for a moment,” I said as I grabbed my camera and shot several pictures of her standing there with her skirt pulled up revealing her pussy.

“Ok, now I will take a couple more pictures,” Trish said as she adjusted her dress.

“I guess so but Tom has to be in them. That way if anyone ever sees these they will know he was part of it,” I said.

“Great idea, Tom put you arm around him,” Trish said.

Tom put his arm around me and took a shot.

“Tom, grab his breast and act like you’re enjoying it.” She took a shot of this.

“Get down on your knees and lift up his dress so I can get a shot of his panties.”

Tom did as instructed.

“Ok, one more and we will go,” she said. “Get down on your knees and take Tom’s cock out of his pants.”

I slowly followed her instructions and unzipped Tom’s pants. His cock was growing as I pulled it out. I held it with my fingers wrapped around it as Trish took several pictures.

That’s it, now suck it a bit,” she said.

I turned my head and lick the now hard purple head. I tasted some pre-cum that was already leaking from his dick-hole. Trish continued to take pictures as I heard Tom moan.

“That’s enough, I don’t want him to cum yet,” Trish said and walked out the door.

I followed and walking down the steps of the trailer in a dress felt really strange. I had never worn a dress before and the additional weight of the breasts on my chest was having an effect on my balance. Trish opened the door of the car and I slipped in.

“You’d better watch that skirt. You just gave me a nice view of your panties. You need to be a lady not a whore,” she said and laughed. When she slipped into the car she put one leg over in my direction giving me a nice view of her pussy. It glistened with her pussy juice and I could see she was really getting into this charade. Tom sat in the back seat.

Trish drove us for about an hour and we reached the mall. We went in the main entrance and I felt like everyone that looked at me knew I was just a really strange guy dressed up like girl. However, as we walked I noticed not only did people not know of my disguise some of the men were actually looking at me like men look at women. I noticed several staring at my boobs which pressed tight against my blouse. The fake nipples protruding just enough to be noticed seemed to be attracting the most attention. I noticed that were also very aware of Trish.

“Do you like the guys looking at you?” Trish said. As she said she swished her ass around and in a very sexy manner.

“No, it is weird,” I replied. Trish laughed.

“Hey, let’s you and I go in here,” Trish said. “Tom, wait for us.”

Trish led me into a lingerie shop and we began to look around. A very pretty young girl began to walk toward us.

“Don’t talk,” Trish whispered not wanting to give away my identity.

“Yes, maybe you can,” she said to the sales girl. “I am looking for a bra from my friend here and we can’t decide on the right size. She normal takes a 35 C but these don’t seem large enough. Oh, she can’t talk right now, she is having problem with her throat,” Trish said.

When Trish mentioned size she reached up and pressed my blouse against my chest making the nipples protrude even more. The sales girl noticed and smiled seeing my erect nipples.

“How about this bra?” the salesgirl said.

“Let’s see.” Trish took the bra and placed against my breasts.

“You might want to go to the fitting room,” the salesgirl suggested.

“Oh, there is no one in the store and it is quicker this way.

Trish put several different bras up to my chest and pressed them so my fake tits fit in them. The salesgirl was watching with interest. Trish finally said, “I guess we will just wait till we have more time.

“Is there anything else you would like to look at? We have some new crotch less panties that just arrive,” the salesgirl said and winked at me.

What was so amazing to me was the salesgirl really believed I was a female. Of course, she had no reason to doubt but it was amazing Trish had pulled it off. She had made me look like a woman.

“Come on, let’s go. Thanks for your help,” Trish said.

We went back out and met Tom.

“What have you been doing with yourself out here?” Trish asked.

“Oh, I went to the bathroom,” he answered.

“Oh no,” I said. “I have to pee.”

“That’s no problem. Come with me,” Trish said and lead me to the ladies room.

We went in and there were several women in there. One was in a stall and the other was brushing her hair.

“You can go ahead,” Trish said.

I went into the nearest stall and repeated the process with the panties opening a pathway for my dick. Soon the pee was being released and I felt relieved but still embarrassed by using a women’s bathroom.

When I came out of the stall there were two other women in the bathroom. Trish motioned for me to come to where she was standing. She faced toward the other women so they could see what she was doing.

“Be a darling,” Trish said and pulled her skirt up revealing her lack of panties. “Do you think pussy is pretty?” The other two ladies stared in disbelief as I knelt down and took a long look at her pussy. I noticed one of the other ladies was also given her pussy the once over. Both quickly left and Trish began to laugh.

“I guess we gave them something to talk about,” Trish said as we left the bathroom. I noticed one of the ladies watching us as we walked out of the store into the mall.

Trish finally had enough and we left the mall. We went to restaurant and had dinner and then returned home.

“I had a good time. If tonight goes as well as this afternoon, you guys will both be off the hook with me,” Trish said.

It seemed Trish was as much into this perverse sort of trio thing as we were. Tom had not said much the entire day but I noticed he seemed to have a permanent erection. While at the mall he kept trying to adjust so as not to be noticed but I saw several gay looking guys smiling at him so he was not very successful.

Chapter 4:

As we sat down I realized why we were here in the first place. Tom had confessed to Trish what he done with me. Trish demanded to see it for herself stating she felt that would solve the problem and him being unfaithful to her.

We sat around and had several drinks working to lower all our inhibitions as if they were not low enough.

“Well, where do you start?” I finally asked.

“Let’s begin with Tom. Tom strip for us,” Trish said.

Tom stood up and took off his clothes. He now stood there with his hard cock sticking straight out.

“Very nice Tom. Don’t you think Tom has a nice cock?” Trish asked me.

“Yes, it is nice. Tastes good too,” I said and laughed.

“Yes, I know,” Trish responded. “I guess I’m next.”

Trish stood up and removed her blouse. She wore no bra so her milky white breasts was soon exposed. She then slipped off the skirt and my eyes were glued on her moist pussy. It seemed Trish was as excited as the rest of us. My cock was now pushing against its restraints in my special panties. It was both painful and enjoyable at the same time. Everything about this day was strange.

“Now, I want you to just take off your dress and blouse. Leave on your bra and panties,” Trish said.

I stood up and did as instructed. I now stood there still in my wig with makeup in my bra with fake tits, and my special panties that held my swollen cock securely between my legs giving the appearance it did not exist.

“Tom, sit on the couch.” Tom sat down. “Now, go suck him but do not make him cum.”

I went and took his cock in my mouth and began to lick it.

“Please, Trish, I can’t stand this much longer,” Tom begged.

“Okay, I want to see you fuck him. Go get the lubricant. Get down on your hand and knees,” Trish said. I did and felt the cool air as Trish pulled open the back of my panties revealing my ass. My cock was pushed back between my legs by the panties and stopped just where the opening began. I could not believe it as Trish pushed a finger against my asshole and slipped her finger inside me.

“Ohhh,” I moaned as I felt an electric shock go through my body. That strange internal feeling was beginning to arise. It was more than just being sexually excited. It was something beyond that and I suddenly wanted Tom’s cock up my ass.

Tom came back into room. His cock was now slick was lubricant and he began rubbing my asshole with it. He then forced his finger into my boy cunt and a shiver went through me. I glanced up and Trish had a strange look on her face. I noticed her hand was now between her legs as she watched her husband about to fuck my ass.

“Go on Tom, fuck him!” Trish ordered.

Tom positioned his cock at the entrance of my boy pussy and pushed. His cock slowly slid inside producing both pain and pleasure at the same time. As it pressed deeper into my bowels shock waves were flowing through me. I then noticed as it reached it depth and then Tom pulled back, his cock was rubbing against my cock trapped in the panties. It was fantastic feeling.

“Fuck me Tom,” I cried loosing myself in what was happening.

Tom needed little encouragement. He began to forcefully thrust himself in and out of me. I had only dim awareness of Trish sitting on the floor next to us with her legs spread and her fingers disappearing into her pussy.

We all began to moan and cry as Tom continued to fuck my ass.

“I’m going to cum!” Tom cried.

I could feel his hard cock swelling inside me. My cock also was most painfully aware of his prison and was pulsating and I knew I would also cum soon. That growing internal feeling exctasy was also growing and I knew I was going to explode. As Tom’s cock erupted inside me and his cum shot up my colon the world rocked. My cock began spewing its seed soiling my panties. I was experiencing feelings I had never know existed. It seemed as if both Tom and I continued to cum for a long time when he finally collapsed on top of me and I fell to the floor under him.

I glanced over at Trish. She was now also lying on the floor. I watched as she raised her hand, her fingers glistened with her pussy juice, and began to lick her fingers. She noticed me watching her and smiled. She shifted around a little and gave my eyes complete access to the swollen lips of the pussy her fingers had been abusing. We lay there for over an hour before I had to get up and pee.

I went to the bathroom and adjusted the panties. I could feel wetness where my cum had shot out of the little opening and soaked into the panties. I moved my now flaccid cock around until it fit through the opening and began to pee.

As I came back into the room Tom and Trish were now sitting up on the couch. Trish sat in a very unladylike manner with her legs spread. It seems maybe she had not had enough. I felt totally fucked but after gazing at Trish’s luscious body I began to feel new arousal flow into my still trapped cock.

Tom went to the bathroom. When he returned he looked at me still in my panties and bra, and his wife, Trish’s sitting spread leg on the couch, his cock began to grow. Soon he had a hard on. As I watched his cock rise I felt a similar stirring in my own and I suddenly had as much an erection as my tight panties would allow. The action did not escape Trish’s noticed and her hand now moved down to her pussy as she looked at us and smiled.

“I want you, both of you,” Trish whispered in a most seductive voice.

Tom and I just looked at one another wondering what his wife had in mind. Tom continued to be naked and I watch as he began rubbing his cock as he watched his wife lying on the floor. I still had on my panties and bra.

“Take off your panties and bra,” Trish again whispered in her seductive voice.

I reached down and pulled on my panties. They slid down a little but my now semi-hard cock was still trapped in them. I wrestled with the elastic and finally freed my now fully erect dick. It felt good to be released. I unfastened the clasps on my bra and let it fall off my still glued on tits. They bounced around just like real one as I moved.

“Tom, get on the floor.”

Tom moved the floor. Trish crawled on top of him. She sat up on him enough to impale herself on his cock and lay on him.

“Oh God that feels good,” Tom cried as his cock sunk deep in his wife’s pussy.

I sat watching wondering what was next.

“Its now your turn,” she said looking at me. “Come get on me and stick your hard cock up my ass,” Trish said to me. I saw some shock in Tom’s eyes but he did nothing to stop me.

I moved down to the floor and touched Trish for the first time. As she lay impaled on her husband’s cock I rubbed both her pussy and Tom’s balls. I let my hand slide up her crack and push my finger against her tight anal orifice. Slowly my finger entered her.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Stick it up my ass.”

I continued till my finger was well into her ass. I swirled my finger around opening her anus more so I could work in two fingers, then three. Trish was beginning to move her hips grinding into Tom’s cock. I could hear a slight moaning from him as he lay under her.

I moved behind Trish removing my fingers from her abused anus. I placed my cock head in her opening and pushed.

“Ahhhh,” she cried as my cock head slowly penetrated her ass.

I pushed harder. Her butt hole was very tight against my cock but it was slipping inside her bowels.

“Ohhhh,” she cried and my cock slid deep inside her. There was not turning back now. I began to thrust in and out, forcing my cock deep inside her bowels.

“Ohhh my God,” Trish was now screaming as both Tom and I fucked her from different ends. I could feel my cock rubbing against his cock inside her. It was a most fascinating and exciting feeling. I feel my cum boiling inside me waiting to be released deep into my best friend’s wife.

Tom was now pounding as much as he could from under her as I was in a rhythm with him above her. Her body was totally given to us to use as we wanted and she loved every second of it.

‘Ohhh,” Tom cried and he came first. I could feel the twitching of his cock’s orgasm and this set me off.

“Ohhh,” I cried in almost unison with Tom as my cock exploded inside her ass.

“My God!” Trish screamed as she felt us both empty into her and her orgasm overwhelmed her. She began flailing as her body jerked in violent spasms under the weight of my body. Her movements only heightened the sensation in my cock buried deep in her bowels.

My orgasm seemed to last an eternity as I pumped my cock as hard as I could into Trish’s ass. My balls were slapping her ass cheeks until I finally shot my last load and fell limply on top of Trish as she lay on top of her now still husband. My cock remained in her ass and it took it sometime to slow deflate. I left my cock in her as long as I could before it popped out. It had been a wonderful day.

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