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Welcome Home

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While washing dishes in the sink, I didn’t hear him come in over the rush of water. Suddenly there was a press of a warm body against my back with strong hands encircling my waist, reaching up to catch my breasts.

“Miss me?” He breathed into my ear, tickling.

I groaned as he began to unbutton my shirt. Once unbuttoned, he pushed up my bra and began to tug and twist on my nipples.

Pinned with my arms underneath his, the only thing I was able to do was to wiggle and push my ass back against his hardening cock, which was straining to be removed from his slacks.

He had his hand around my neck, turning my head so he could plunder my mouth with his lips and tongue.

Suddenly, with a hand to my shoulder I was flipped around, pressing that hard bulge almost exactly where I needed it.

My shirt and bra were quickly removed, leaving me naked from the waist up in the slight chill of the house, nipples almost painfully erect.

His hands returned to teasing my nipples, occasionally punctuated with sucking and nibbling from his warm wet mouth. I moaned at the pleasure.

One broad hand began to slide down the flat planes of my stomach, and began to unbutton my button-fly jeans. He had to abandon my nipples to remove my pants, sliding them down my legs.

My nipples were sensitive and sticky from his mouth. He knelt to pull my jeans past my bare feet to throw them on the floor near the growing pile of discarded clothing. All I had left was a pair of fire-red underwear.

He grabbed my hips in his hands, and leaned forward to plant a kiss on my silk covered mound. Spreading my legs slightly, he angled up his head to lick and suckle on the sodden cloth, before pulling them down my legs as well.

He tugged my legs apart again and began to feast in earnest at the warmth and wetness. Nibbling on my clit gently, he seemed to delight in the mewling noises I was making, and how I kept thrusting my hips against his face to draw him deeper.

I could barely stand it any longer. The sensations were too much.

Grabbing his shoulder I pulled him away to get his attention.

“You…. naked… now… please…” I struggled to focus around the throbbing of both nipples and clit.

He smiled up at my face and stood up. There was a smear of wetness around his mouth. Grabbing his shoulder again, I lowered his mouth to mine and kissed him deeply, cleaning my fluids from his skin with my tongue. He broke the kiss and began to tug off his clothes.

Unbuttoning his dark blue dress shirt, he pulled it off, tossing to the pile of clothes already littering the floor leaving his smooth hard chest exposed.

He bent down to untie his shoes, the muscles in his broad shoulders flexing tantalizingly. Kicking them off, he unzipped his pants, removing both slacks and boxers in one tug. His cock sprang out of the cloth, already weeping pre-cum.

He picked me up suddenly, swooping me into his arms and carried me towards the bedroom.

Dumping me on the bed, he crawled onto the covers beside me.

I turned to face him, and kissed him deeply, running my hands over the hard planes of his chest.

“Fuck me. Hard. Now. Please.” I whimpered against his lips. I was so far gone I couldn’t even form complete sentences. The ache in my pussy, and the throbbing of my nipples and clit encompassed my entire attention.

Aidan looked at me, a worried look on his face, his green eyes dark with concern. “Are you all right?”

“No. I need you to fuck me. Now.” I tried to grab his cock to draw him inside of me, but he angled away from me, just out of reach.

He reached between my legs and touched my dripping pussy lips, my juices running down my thighs.

Bringing his fingers to his lips he tasted me before leaning over and settling his head between my legs once again. Spreading my labia with his fingers he began to lick me, sticking his tongue deep inside of me, curling it like a hungry dog would.

“I don’t need more foreplay… I need to be fucked.” I tried to wiggle out from underneath him, my need growing great enough that it was almost painful not having his thick cock inside of me.

He held my hips to the bed and continued to tease me with his tongue, heedless of my begging.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me..” my begging became almost a litany of need. His tongue crested me over in a sharp orgasm which eased some of the ache. Once my orgasm had run its course, he paused catching his breath, resting his head on my hip, his fingers idly stroking my thigh.

I took advantage of the slight pause to shove him onto his back and crawled on top of him. Guiding his cock inside my pussy I began to ride him, the pace hard with the need to be fucked still deeply imprinted in my subconscious. From this position the angle was sharp and with each thrust the head of his cock slammed into my cervix causing dizziness.

The second orgasm came as strongly and as suddenly as the first. When I stopped bucking Aidan flipped me on to my back and began to slam deep inside of me continuing on the momentum from before, extending my orgasm. I thrust my hips to meet him, to draw himself deeper inside of me.

He groaned and came, the feeling of warm cum flooding my hole caused me to orgasm again. He continued to rock his hips until my whimperings ceased.

He rolled me on my side, still deep inside of me, head rested on top mine, his heavy breathing causing strands of my blond hair to tickle my face.

“Did that do the trick?” He asked, his hands beginning to play with my large sensitive breasts.


“Is that a challenge?” I could hear the amusement in his voice.


He had withdrew from me and had stood up before I knew what was happening.

He was rummaging through several drawers and pulled out some toys that made my pussy ache just looking at them: clamps, paddles, vibrators – the works.

Walking back over to me, he placed them on the bed before taking a nipple into his mouth, suckling gently before biting down. Taking it in his hands he twisted and pulled on it until it was stiff and aching. He reached down and grabbed a nipple clamp and affixed it, smiling when I hissed. Doing the same to the other, he clamped the now erect nipple, then added several weights which pulled down my nipples painfully.

Attaching a pair of handcuffs to my wrists, he pinned my arms in front of me, leaving me helpless to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to my body.

“Spread your legs.” he commanded.

I complied and he reached down and manipulated my clit before adding a clamp to that as well.

The pain caused my hips to buck uncontrollably. Grabbing a large black vibrator he inserted it into my cunt slowly, fucking me several times before pulling it out again.

“Arch up your hips. This one is going into your ass.” He said, while spreading some lube on the already moistened shaft.

I groaned as he eased it past my tight rectum, feeling it burn as it spread me wide, entering me completely. He pushed it in as far as possible, then added a vibrator in my pussy as well.

Sitting on the bed beside me he pulled me onto his lap ass-up, and I could feel his damp cock underneath my stomach, still semi-hard. He stretched out my arms, so they hung down in front of me, causing the handcuffs to clank loudly on the ground.

“You are a naughty girl. You know what naughty girls get?”

I muttered, “Fucked?” I didn’t think he heard me, but his hand smacked my buttocks with a sharp crack. I gasped when the movement of my body caused the weights on my nipples to sway, tugging on them almost painfully.

“No. They get a spanking.”

He spanked me again, catching me on the underside of my buttocks. I whimpered with the impact because it caused me to clench in anticipation, tightening both holes around the vibes, which were still turned off, much to my relief.

He continued, alternating buttocks in each swat, my buttocks becoming redder and redder with each blow. When it almost became too painful, he reached between my legs and quickly turned both vibrators on, throwing me into an almost painful orgasm.

Running his hands on my heat-reddened ass, he groaned, his cock now fully erect underneath me and pushing into my stomach.

“I knew you were a naughty girl who likes a little pain to get off.” he said, running one hand between my thighs and felt the liquid dripping out of me. I moaned as he slowly fucked me with the vibrator in my pussy.

“Think you need a little more?” He asked.

I nodded, too caught up in the pleasure to care about the throbbing of my ass.

I heard him grab something that was on the bed beside him, and almost screamed when the flat of a rubber paddle cracked on my ass.

“Don’t worry. I know your limit and will not exceed it. Trust me.” He reassured while stroking the area he just hit with his hand.

I nodded, then added “I do trust you” in case he couldn’t see the movement.

“Good.” He hit me again causing me to moan.

After several blows, I could barely take any more. I wanted to be fucked and fucked hard.

“Fuck me. Please. I can’t stand it. I’ll do anything.” I sobbed.

“Bend over the bed.” he ordered, helping me off his lap. I quickly complied.

I felt the vibrator in my pussy being removed then replaced with his thick cock. He slammed it to the hilt, knowing that I was stretched from the vibrator and dripping from his spankings.

He pounded me almost mercilessly, occasionally reaching around to wiggle the clit clip or tug on the nipple clamps. His body pushed on the head of the vibrator in my ass, forcing it deeper with every thrust.

I came, bucking around his cock and screaming wordlessly.

He withdrew from my pussy, and shoved back in the vibrator. I whimpered again. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me.”

He continued to taunt me by pulling on the chain to my nipples, and running his hands all over my body, which was tingling with need. I shoved my tender ass back against his cock, desperate for him, despite the fact that both holes were already full.

Pulling out the vibrator from my ass, he slammed deep inside my rectum continuing the pounding rhythm he took with my pussy, while fucking me with the vibrator in my pussy to meet his strokes.

His thrusts continued to cause the weights to slap against my stomach, tugging my nipples, extending them almost painfully away from my body. If I wasn’t so close to orgasming it would actually have hurt.

Tugging off the clit clamp suddenly, he began to spank my slit with one hand, yanking the chain and almost tearing off the nipple clamps with the other while still bucking against my sore ass.

I came so hard my vision dimmed and I was actually perilously close to passing out. I felt him yell out his release, his hot cum flooding my tender rectum.

I fell forwards, crying out when the movement caused the clamps to bite further into my nipples, feeling him still thrusting out the last of his cum inside my battered hole.

Reaching around he turned off the vibrator in my pussy and withdrew from my slightly gaping ass. He rolled me over and removed the clamps one at a time, drawing each nipple into his mouth sucking and nibbling it gently while I moaned.

He kissed me tenderly, feeding at my mouth with lips and tongue, his hands cupping my sore breasts, thumbs stroking my nipples.

I looked at him, breathing heavily.

“Feel better?” He asked smiling down at me while he removed the handcuffs from my wrists.

I nodded almost too exhausted to talk. He helped me climb into bed, crawling in behind me, spooning himself against my body. I whimpered when his body brushed my ass, which still felt hot and felt like it was on fire.

“Did I hurt you?” The concern in his voice warmed me.

“No.” I responded sleepily, nuzzling his arm which encircled me protectively.

He kissed the top of my head. “Go to sleep.”

I slept feeling safe and warm, with his breath tickling the small hairs on the back on my neck.


I woke up in tangled sheets, with Aidan’s body wrapped around mine like a warm breathing blanket. I was actually sore from the fucking earlier.

In his sleep Aidan groaned and pulled me closer to his body so his stiff erection was pressed up against me. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to help him ease his stiffness with a thorough fucking, I slid down his body and took his hard cock into my mouth.

I began to bob my head, lifting up my head until I only held the head of his cock between my lips, tonguing around the corona before sinking down again until my nose was almost pressed against his stomach and his wiry pubic hairs. Sliding it out, I lowered my head and began to lick his heavy balls, already beginning to harden with the nearing orgasm.

Bringing his cock back up to my mouth, I continued to suck him, wrapping my tongue around his rigid underside, whirling it to tease his length.

I could tell that I had woken him, because he threaded his hands in my hair and helped push my face further onto his cock until he rested completely inside of me and deep down my throat.

He began to roll his hips fucking my face, while keeping his cock deep inside cutting off all oxygen as he took pleasure from the heat of my mouth.

Withdrawing enough for me to draw in a deep breath he shoved back inside. He began to increase his tempo, deep strokes intended for his pleasure, using my mouth like he used my ass and pussy last night – almost solely for his satisfaction.

He pushed me completely onto his length, then with a yell came deep inside of my throat. With it so deep I had no choice but to swallow. He withdrew, then pulled me up for a probing kiss.

“Good morning beautiful.” he whispered against my lips after breaking the kiss.

“Good morning yourself.” I whispered back.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, each word accompanied by nibbling kisses down my jaw.

“A little sore actually.” I admitted.

He grabbed my hip and rolled me over, running his hands over my ass. “There’s no bruises. I was afraid I was a little too hard on you. I kind of lost control. I’m sorry.”

I gave a little laugh. “There is nothing to be sorry about. Even if I did have bruises, they would be a wonderful reminder of how damn amazing you are.”

He kissed my lips gently.

“I should return the favor.” He said, and began to slowly kiss down my body, spending time on my breasts, sucking and raking his teeth on my sore nipples. He ran his tongue around my belly button, then further down until he reached my dripping pussy.

Spreading me, he began to lick using broad strokes of his tongue. Occasionally he would suckle my hard clit while his fingers teased my slit, sliding slowly in and out. With his other hand, he slid his index finger, slightly moistened by my wetness, into my ass and began to gently probe in rhythm with his tongue and other fingers. All the sensations were too much and I began to cum, bucking against his face. He continued even after I had calmed, continuing on the torture until I had cum again.

He slid back up my body and kissed me deeply. I fed at his mouth tasting myself on him. When we finally broke off the kiss we were both breathing hard.

He cupping my breasts, thumbs brushing back and forth across my erect nipples.

“It’s going to be really hard to focus on work thinking about all the dirty things I’m going to do with you when I get home.”

I kissed him back hard. “Tell me about it.”

Chapter 2

The door opened and Aidan stepped in, and saw me sprawled on the couch with a book. His gaze slid down my body and a smile curled his lips.

He pulled off his jacket and put down his briefcase by the coat rack next to the door.

“Strip.” He ordered.

I stood up, placing my book on the end table. Pulling my shirt over my head, I bared the black lace bra, barely covering my large breasts, my hard nipples visible through the thin fabric. Shimmying out of my jeans I exposed a pair of panties that matched the bra, my hairless mound visible.

He audibly swallowed. “The rest.”

I kept my gaze locked with his as I reached around unhooking my bra, letting it fall to the floor. Sliding the panties down my legs I stood in front of him naked. The bulge in his pants was visible from where I was standing. I walked towards him, reached down and began to stroke him through his pants.

He grabbed my neck pulling my face towards his in a bruising kiss.

“Hands behind your head. I’ll be right back.”

I obeyed, my raised arms lifted my breasts enticingly.

When he returned he was dressed only in a pair of black silk boxers, and holding a bag full of toys.

Walking up alongside me he ran his hands down my shoulders, playing with my sensitive breasts and nipples before moving lower. Reaching the junction between my legs he slid a finger inside of me testing my wetness, which had begun to drip down my thighs. He inserted another finger in and began to fuck me with them.

My eyes slid close, my whole body focused on the small area between my legs.

“Please…” I moaned.

He grinned evilly as he stepped away. I groaned and tried to squeeze my thighs together to stimulate my throbbing clit.

“Now now, none of that.” He said, grabbing something out of the bag and kneeling down.

Attaching an ankle to each side of the spreader bar, he forced my legs open making it impossible to stimulate myself at all.

He returned running his hands down my body, alternating pulling a nipple between his thumb and index finger while sucking the other, occasionally scraping it with his teeth.

He snapped suddenly, scaring me momentarily out of my dazed state. “I know what I’m forgetting!”

He disappeared for a second, rummaging around on the floor. All of a sudden I felt lube drip down the crack of my ass, until it reached my rectum making it pucker against the cold. Aidan’s fingers eased inside, spreading the lube deeper inside of me.

I groaned at the sensation. I’ve always been really anal, and the feeling of two of his thick fingers thrusting inside of me caused my pussy to flood with fluids. A thick plug replaced his fingers, gently stretching me.

A thick vibrator was unceremoniously stuffed deep inside of my pussy, its broad head rubbing against the plug in my ass stimulating me further. He thankfully didn’t turn it on, though I’m sure he was waiting for the ideal time to inflict that torture.

Aidan still had the devilish grin on his face as he attached handcuffs to each wrist before strapping them over my head, attaching them to a recently installed hook in the ceiling, which stretched me to the point I had to strain to get my feet to touch the ground.

“One more thing and I think we’ll be ready to begin.” He said, holding up butterfly clips.

I whimpered unconsciously. His smile only got broader.

He took my right nipple into his mouth, sucking it. Attaching the clamp to my stiff nipple, he did the same to the other side. Reaching between my legs, he affixed another to my erect and throbbing clit.

His eyes raked down my body. “Perfect.”

I wantonly arched my back, thrusting my clamped breasts further out, wiggling my hips accenting the large vibrator, the head barely noticeable, buried so deep inside of me.

Arching an eyebrow I asked, “Well? Are you going to stand there or am I just too much for you?”

He spanked my buttocks hard with his hand. “Wench. I’m going to have to gag you aren’t I?”

“What? Don’t like the truth?” I groaned when he spanked me again in the same place. I could feel the heat raising off my ass where he hit me.

Walking to the table he grabbed a ball gag and put it on. When it was on, he squeezed the nipple clamps in both fingers, seeming to delight in the sounds I was making behind the gag.

“I’m going to have to punish you for your impudence aren’t I?”

I arched my eyebrow again playfully, and was pleased to see his eyes darken.

Grabbing a cat o’ nine tails off the table he began to flog me, pausing between strikes to run his hands over the spot he just hit. The soft leather of the flogger was designed for pain, but left no marks. Each blow caused my body to jerk, tugging on my nipples and squeezing the plugs inside my holes.

He switched to a flexible black plastic paddle, angling it up between my spread thighs several times to hit my sensitive slit and the head of the vibrator forcing it up deeper inside of me. He seemed to enjoy the sounds I was making.

He ran a hand over my mound, feeling the heat. “You are such a painslut. You are dripping, and probably would be begging for my thick cock in your pussy if I didn’t gag you. Is that right?”

I nodded emphatically and was rewarded with another smack from the paddle.

He lifted the handcuffs off the hook and bent me over, attaching the cuffs to the spreader bar, keeping me bent at the waist exposing both holes to him.

Pulling the thick vibrator out of my pussy, he tugged off his boxers and shoved in balls-deep enjoying my wetness. The vibrator had loosened me up so he was able to pound into me ruthlessly, each thrust making a wet slapping noise due to the amount of juices dripping out of me.

Reaching around, he grabbed the chain between my nipples tugging on it, and pulled my nipples downwards, causing me to scream behind my gag. He used the chain to force me further onto his cock.

He continued to pump deep inside of me, each thrust pushing the head of his penis against my cervix. Trailing one hand down my body he found my stiff and aching clit, pronounced even further with the clamp. He began to flick it with his fingers, which threw me over the edge bucking and screaming against his body.

He pulled out of me suddenly, and walked around my body. The position I was in meant that my face was level with his groin. Reaching around my head, he removed the ball gag and pushed his bobbing cock, glistening with my juices and his pre-cum, into my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head he began to fuck my mouth, each thrust hitting the back of my throat.

I knew when he started he was already very close to coming, so I began to work on bringing him quickly, running my tongue up the sensitive underside of his cock, sucking hard enough to hollow in my cheeks. He pulled out as quickly as he pulled out of my pussy and shot his hot creamy load all over my breasts and face. My hands attached as they were made it impossible to wipe the cum off my face.

I ran my tongue around my lips trying to catch as much as possible. I knew that this fucking was going to last a long time, and I wanted to keep him pleased with my actions, knowing that he would be more inclined to be gentler and more concerned with my own pleasure instead of just his own.

He attached my wrists back up on the hook, the movement causing the warm cum on my chest to drip down my body.

Sliding the vibrator back into my pussy, fucking me repeatedly with it, he turned it on, smiling when he saw me buck my hips in shock. The buzzing extended to the plug buried in my ass, causing my whole pelvis to feel the vibrations. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly.

The feeling of a blindfold covering my eyes surprised a whimper out of me. The position that I was in left me terribly vulnerable to any kind of torture or pleasure that Aidan wanted to inflict.

I trusted him not to hurt me, but I was actually more afraid that he would do the opposite and pleasure me so long and intensely it would be almost worse.

He flicked the clamps on both nipples causing me to jerk. “I don’t treat these with as much respect as they deserve.” He whispered against my mouth before kissing me fiercely. While kissing me he jerked the chains off my nipples causing me to cry out against his mouth.

All of a sudden there was a bloom of pain against my left breast, and I realized that he had picked up the black paddle again. He began to paddle in earnest, alternating breasts, while occasionally tugging and suckling on my aching nipples.

When I could barely take it anymore, there was a pause in the beating, allowing me to catch my breath. I had juice running down my thighs, already having cum twice.

I felt the silky feel of soft rope circling my aching breasts, while he continued to loop the rope around my breasts in a figure eight pattern until they protruded painfully out from my body while the circulation was becoming constricted.

He pinched my nipples, causing them to stiffen up dutifully, then added the nipple clamps once more, not even hearing my cries of distress.

He cupped my face in his hands, “If you ever feel too much pain or anything just say ‘kingfisher’ it will be the safe word. I’ll stop automatically.”

I nodded.

All of a sudden there was another flash of pain on my already aching breasts. Somewhere down the line he had grabbed the cat ‘o nine tails and had began to flog my breasts again.

I began to beg, the vibrator in my cunt and the plug in my ass plug didn’t quench the fire, and I desperately needed his cock deep inside of me. I never thought to use the safe word. I was afraid that if I did, he would stop completely, afraid that he hurt me too much to continue and I desperately needed another thorough fucking to ease the need.

He stopped the flogging, and began to fondle my breasts, each touch was magnified due to the lack of circulation. I only had a minute to register the smell of hot wax before he poured it on my breasts, causing me to writhe and jerk while I came hard.

While I was coming he jerked my wrists off the hook and attached them back to the spreader bar.

He pulled off the blindfold and I looked down and saw my deep purplish-pink colored breasts protruding cone-like from my chest. There was still dried cum on my tits from the face-fucking earlier which was mixed with the drying red wax.

“I’m going to tit-fuck you.” He announced, unchaining my wrists from the spreader bar, but still leaving them in the handcuffs. “Push your breasts together for me.”

I put my hands on either side of my breasts and squeezed them together around his dick, creating a deep chasm for him, the handcuffs clanking loudly. The pain in my breasts was exquisite.

He began to thrust, sliding in a trail of his own pre-cum, occasionally tugging on the nipple clamps delighting with the whimpers I was making.

I could tell that all the paddling had made him very aroused and it was only a matter of time before he came. I licked the head of his penis when it emerged from the cleavage of my breasts causing him to moan. His hips jerked twice and he came in a hot wave over my chin, neck, and breasts. While he came, he tugged the clamps off my nipples causing me to cum as well.

I released the hold on my breasts, and used my hands to brace myself against him, since my feet were tethered too far apart for balance.

While I rested, Aidan took that time to untie my breasts. I hissed at the feeling of the blood flowing once again, while he fondled them, paying extra attention to my tender nipples.

I looked up at him. “Please… fuck me. Please…” I pleaded.

He circled around my body and pulled the plug out of my ass, plunging in deeply, knowing that the plug had loosened me up enough to allow him to use my hole as he pleased. Reaching around he grabbed my sore breasts again, using them to pull me further back onto his cock.

He pounded inside of me and the need to cum rose hard and fast. Sensing my urgency, he released my right breast and reached between my thighs to the clit clamp and pulled the clamp off with a tug. I came hard, bucking against his body, the spasming of my body milking his cock until he came as well, releasing a hot flood of cum up my ass.

Sliding out, he sank down on his knees and released my ankles from the spreader bar, and removed the handcuffs which fell to the floor with a clank, then carried me into the bathroom.

I had come so many times that I was weak and unable to hold myself up. Opening the door of the shower with one hand, he turned on the water, and walked in, all while still holding me. Using the same hand he shut the door, enclosing us in the steam that rose from the hot water.

He lowered me so I was standing, though still completely supported with his hands around my waist. We just stood in the pounding water until I had regained enough of my balance to be able to stand on my own, even though I had to brace myself on the tile wall.

He poured my body wash into his hands and began lathering my body with gentle rubs, starting with my feet, and easing away all of the soreness that our lovemaking inflicted on me. When he reached my scalp I was almost boneless again due to his attentiveness.

Turning off the water, he grabbed a towel and began to gently towel me dry. Once dry he picked me up again and carried me back to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

Kissing me tenderly he whispered, “Thank you.” against my lips. I closed my eyes and fell quickly asleep, exhausted from the intense sex. Dimly I felt him curl around me like a protective blanket, and soft covers being pulled up to my chin.

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