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Coming Clean

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“Hey red, got four quarters for a dollar?”

Melodie Taylor looked up quickly from her book of poetry at the sound of the loud contralto voice. Startled, she thought she would be alone here in the Westside Laundromat. It was after eleven PM and she didn’t like being off campus this late, but it was necessary. Studying for her finals had put her way behind in her washing and her sorority sisters in Gamma House were using all the machines in their basement.

Melodie smiled at the salutation. People often made comments about her long red hair, the shimmering tresses cascading down her back to her gently rounded ass. She had tied it off in a long ponytail for her excursion to the Laundromat this evening and she wore no makeup. However, with her rosy skin, green eyes, firm up tilted breasts and shapely legs, she was still beautiful.

Looking down the row of washing machines, she saw two women standing together, holding a large bag of laundry between them. One was tall with short blonde hair pulled up in spikes, her large breasts barely confined in a leather vest and tube top. Her angular face, darting blue eyes, heavily penciled eyebrows and thin lips gave her a sinister appearance. Her short leather skirt barely covered her flared hips and her long, muscled legs were bare. The silver chains on her black motorcycle boots twinkled under the fluorescent lights as she shifted her weight, waiting for an answer to her question.

Her companion was dressed in a similar manner, but she was shorter with shoulder length brown hair, her slim figure seeming almost waif-like next to her full figured companion. She had an amused, almost cynical look on her face, as if she had seen most of what life had to offer and wasn’t pleased with it. Her large brown eyes, full lips and tanned skin conveyed a certain rugged beauty, but the feral look in those brown eyes made Melodie uncomfortable.

“I, I have some change,” Melodie answered politely. These women seemed a little scary, so she thought she had better be nice to them. Maybe they would just do their washing and leave her alone. The tall woman came striding over, while her companion began sorting their laundry.

“Hi there,” the blonde said heartily, offering a crumpled dollar bill to Melodie.

“I’m Kat,” she jerked a thumb over her shoulder, “And that’s Kitten. Thanks for the change,” she said taking the quarters, “What’s your name, darlin’?”

“Melodie,” she replied shyly, intimidated by the tall woman, “Pleased to meet you, Kat.” She waved at the brunette, “Hi Kitten.” Kitten grinned at her and winked.

“Kitten and me, we’ve been on the hogs all day,” Kat said in a lower tone of voice. “We ran by the house, grabbed up our undies and decided to have us a wash. I guess we need to jump in there with the clothes, ’cause I know we stink. Kitten likes to take baths, but a shower is good enough for me. What’cha readin’ there, darlin’?”

Melodie looked over and saw Kitten loading the washer, whistling softly and seemingly ignoring them. It appeared that Kat felt like talking, so she held out the book for her to examine.

“Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning,” she replied. She saw the quizzical look on Kat’s face, “It’s poetry,” she continued, “Do you like poetry?”

Kat’s barking laugh startled Melodie. She flinched and stepped back against the humming washer. “No poetry for this girl, darlin’,” Kat replied. “Cycle mags and repair manuals are my limit. Too much readin’s bad for the eyes.”

“Oh, but her poetry is so beautiful,” Melodie said. “How do I love thee. Let me count the ways. Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers. I just love it.”

Kitten started their washer and walked up behind Kat. She put her arms around her companions’ waist and hugged her tightly. “Someone mention lovin’?” she said playfully, her voice low and husky. “That’s this lady’s middle name, she does it sooo good.”

Melodie flinched again. Are these women Gay? She wondered. She knew several of her sorority sisters had experimented with Lesbian sex and some had even become lovers. She had been cautiously interested, but her shy and reserved nature kept her from actively seeking a female sex partner. Besides, she thought, my family wouldn’t understand and after all, it is just wrong.

“So, where are you from, darlin’?” Kat asked Melodie, plucking at her Gamma Delta Phi t-shirt. “Are you one of the girls from the college, one of those students?”

“Yes, I’m a Senior. I’m majoring in English with a minor in History,” Melodie replied, her attention focused on Kat.

Stealthily, Kitten left her place behind Kat and moved to Melodie’s other side, placing her between them. She slid closer to Melodie, a provocative smile on her tanned face. The mingled aromas of sweat and wet leather emanating from the women were arousing Melodie, making her pussy wet. Her mouth became dry and her breathing shallow.

“You have beautiful hair,” Kitten murmured, lifting a handful of Melodie’s red tresses to her nose and taking a deep sniff. “Strawberries, Kat,” she said throatily. “She smells like strawberries. She’s sooo pretty, ain’t she Kat?”

“She’s a little doll,” Kat replied, edging closer to Melodie, trapping her between their bodies. She began to trail her fingers along Melodie’s bare arm, smiling as she saw her nipples poke up under the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

Melodie stiffened as Kitten began to caress her other arm, her warm breath drifting against her ear. She began to panic as Kat took her hand and lifted it to her lips, kissing her palm gently. “What, what are you doing,” she said, her voice rising. “I don’t like this at all. I don’t know you. Stop it right this minute, I mean it.”

Both women ignored her, continuing to caress and stroke her arms and shoulders. Melodie squealed in surprise as Kitten began licking her ear and Kat cupped her breast, her thumb rubbing the stiff nipple through the thin fabric. All of Melodie’s bras and panties were in the washer and she was naked under her t-shirt and terry cloth lounging shorts. She suddenly felt cornered and vulnerable. What are they doing, she thought, We’re in a public place, are they crazy?

“No, please, I don’t want to do this,” Melodie said, her voice shaking. “Some one will see us. Please, just leave me alone, this isn’t right”

“Let’s go somewhere private, then,” Kat laughed, taking Melodie by one arm while Kitten took the other. Both women were strong and they pulled Melodie towards the rear of the Laundromat. Melodie struggled and pleaded to no avail as they entered a secluded room containing long tables for folding clothes and several vinyl covered armchairs.

The women picked Melodie up and sat her on the end of one of the tables, their hands roaming over her, caressing and stroking. “Ohhh, no, please don’t, I’ll scream, I swear I will,” Melodie cried as Kitten pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her firm breasts. Her scream died in her throat as Kat pulled Melodie’s face to hers, grinding their lips together in a burning kiss. Melodie gasped in surprise as Kitten sucked a pink nipple into her mouth, allowing Kat’s hot tongue to slide sensuously into her mouth.

Tears ran down Melodie’s flaming cheeks, her mind screaming get away, run, run, this is so wrong, so wrong. “Oh God, noooo, please,” she whimpered, tearing her mouth away from Kat’s as Kitten pulled her terry cloth shorts down and off, exposing her red furred pussy and firm ass.

“She’s a real redhead, Kat,” Kitten said, licking her lips. “You have a beautiful pussy, Melodie. I bet it tastes good too.”

“Fuck first, then eat, baby,” Kat said, her voice thick with rising lust.

They pushed Melodie back onto the table holding her arms above her head as they spread her thighs apart, her naked body fully exposed to their caresses, kisses and licks.

Melodie began to sob in terror. “No, no, I don’t want to do this,” she whimpered, shaking her head from side to side, red hair flying. “Please let me go, please. I’m not into girls.”

“You just lie still, darlin’,” Kat said, her voice a low rumble, “You’re gonna love it. We’re gonna make you feel real good.” She winked at Kitten across Melodie’s struggling body and nodded her head.

Melodie squealed as the women sucked her silky breast flesh into their mouths and slid their fingers into her wet pussy. “Ohhh, noooo, please, please don’t,” she said weakly as their fingers spread her labial lips apart, stroking the sensitive tissues, squishing in the increasing wetness. Her nipples felt as if they were on fire as the women’s hungry mouths sucked and nibbled on them, their warm tongues covering her breasts with saliva.

Melodie’s hips began to buck as the probing fingers sank deep in her soaking pussy, hooking upward to the spongy tissue of her g-spot, swirling inside the pink velvet walls. Her vaginal muscles tightened around the probing fingers and her clit began to throb. No, no, this isn’t right, they’re raping me, I’m being raped by these women her mind screamed, but her body began to betray her.

She gritted her teeth and tried to resist the thrilling sensations Kat and Kitten’s mouths and fingers were arousing in her body. She finally succumbed and began to moan and whimper, riding a slowly cresting wave of pleasure. Hearing her cries, Kitten began to nibble and suck harder on Melodie’s nipples, kneading the firm mounds in her strong, callused hands.

Kat moved to the end of the table, pulling Melodie’s quivering legs over her shoulders and burying her face in her sopping pussy. Melodie’s thighs snapped shut, shoving Kat’s face harder into her burning cunt, her canvas shoes digging into her lovers’ back. Kat engulfed the slick pussy flesh with her mouth, wriggling her long tongue deep inside the wet slit as Melodie gasped in pleasure.

Kitten pressed Melodie’s breasts together, licking and sucking both nipples at the same time. Kat’s eager mouth found Melodie’s aching clit, sucking it between her lips and lashing it with her tongue as she buried two fingers deep in Melodie’s wetness, swirling them around.

“Ohhhhh… don’t stop…please don’t stop… ahhhhhhh,” Melodie screamed, her orgasm pounding through her body. Hips bucking, she twisted her pussy on Kat’s face, spurting wave after wave of sticky cum into her devouring mouth. Her eyes shining with lust, Melodie grabbed Kitten by the neck and pulled their faces together in a passionate, tongue-swirling kiss.

Kat continued to lick and finger Melodie’s pussy giving her two more intense orgasms as Kitten kneaded Melodie’s breasts with her callused hands, their tongues dueling in their saliva-filled mouths. Exhausted, Melodie collapsed on the table, shaking and mewling from the pleasurable sensations of her multiple climaxes. Kat and Kitten kissed and caressed her lovingly as she recovered, their own bodies burning with desire that still needed to be satisfied.

When Melodie became calm, Kat stripped off her clothes and sat back in a vinyl armchair. She scooted her bare ass to the edge of the cushion and hooked her legs over the arms, her blonde furred pussy dripping with love juices. “Kitten, sweetie,” she moaned, “Suck me, eat me, gimme that wonderful tongue.”

In an instant, Kitten had slipped out of her own clothes. Kneeling between Kat’s open thighs, she began to lick her lover from clit to asshole, her flattened tongue gliding between Kat’s engorged pussy lips. Kitten reached up to grab handfuls of Kat’s huge breasts, squeezing the firm flesh and tugging on the thick nipples.

Kat’s head snapped back against the chair cushion, sighing with pleasure as Kitten devoured her aching pussy, her busy mouth licking and sucking in the wet velvety folds.

Melodie sat up groggily on the table, her nipples and pussy still tingling from her orgasms. Her back ached from lying on the hard surface, but she felt delicious warmth suffusing her body. She sat on the tables edge, her bare legs dangling as she watched her attackers enjoying each other, mesmerized by the sights and sounds of Sapphic lovemaking.

Now’s my chance, she thought, her mind in a whirl, they are totally focusing on each other. I should just grab my clothes and run. I’ll get my laundry tomorrow.

Melodie didn’t run, however. She continued to watch eagerly as Kitten ate Kat’s sopping pussy, their slurps and moans echoing in her ears, feeding her newly awakened desires.

Her strength returning, Melodie climbed off the table, standing gingerly on wobbly legs. She walked over to the women and stood behind Kitten, watching her round ass wiggle as she sucked noisily on her lover’s warm juices. Melodie sank to her knees, pushed them between Kitten’s legs and molded her body to her bare back, stiff nipples digging into the slim woman’s shoulder blades.

Kitten wriggled in delight as Melodie’s warm body pressed against hers. Sucking on her blonde haired lovers’ cunt, Kitten uttered a muffled moan as Melodie plunged two long fingers deep in her juicy pussy, her other hand cupping her small firm breast, rolling the stiff nipple between her fingers. Kitten shivered and spread her thighs apart, giving Melodie’s hand greater access to her wet slit.

“Fuck her, Kitten, fuck her. Eat her pussy, baby,” Melodie purred, her tongue curling in the small woman’s ear as her thumb rubbed Kitten’s throbbing clit. Kat’s blue eyes snapped open at the sound of Melodie’s voice. She wrapped her long muscular legs around both of her lovers, crushing Kitten’s face in her pussy and pulling Melodie tighter against Kitten.

Kitten sucked Kat’s clit between her teeth and nibbled on it, pushing three fingers deep in her lovers’ cunt. Melodie dug her fingers deeper into Kitten’s wet hole, squeezing her breast and humping her foaming pussy against Kitten’s tight buttocks. Fucking, sucking and rubbing, their sweaty bodies pounded against each other, the loud slurps and squishes mingling with lusty cries of joy. Then they were cumming, drenching each other with their warm fluids, their bodies locked in a press of pulsating, burning flesh.

Gasping and panting, the three women clung together in a quivering mass of barely satiated desire. Melodie pulled Kitten’s face to hers, licking Kat’s juices from her face, tasting pussy for the first time. Kat ruffled Melodie’s flaming locks tenderly. “Like a little from the source, red?” she growled, her eyes simmering with lust.

Melodie was between Kat’s thighs before she could finish speaking, sucking and lapping hungrily on the succulent cunt flesh as Kat jerked and moaned with renewed pleasure. Kitten pushed Melodie’s thighs apart and slid beneath her, wiggling her tongue up between the dripping pussy lips. Melodie gave a gasping sigh and lowered her creamy slit onto Kitten’s eager mouth, grinding against her new lover’s face. Kitten began to finger her own pussy with her free hand, her other arm wrapped around Melodie’s thigh, the better to suck and lick her new lover’s juicy hole.

Once again, the room echoed to the sounds of frenzied lovemaking, the squishing of pussies being licked and fingered, the slaps of flesh against flesh, the gasps and little shrieks of almost unbearable lust and pleasure. Sobbing and wailing, the women achieved thunderous orgasms, squirting their thick cum on each other as they sucked up every delicious drop of their partners’ salty juices.

Melodie lifted herself from Kitten’s cum-covered face and pulled her to her feet, tasting her own cunt as their lips met in a passionate kiss. Kat rose from her chair, love juices streaming down her muscled thighs as she hugged Melodie and Kitten against her heaving breasts. “I know someone who still needs her pussy licked,” she purred, winking at Melodie.

Melodie smiled and nodded, “Now who could that be?” she replied. Grasping Kitten by the arms, Melodie and Kat lifted her to the tables’ edge and spread her legs. “Ohhhhh my Goddd, oh fuckkk…” Kitten shrieked as Melodie licked and finger fucked her pussy while Kat sucked her asshole, driving her tongue deep inside the wrinkled passage. Melodie probed Kitten’s g-spot and nibbled on her throbbing clit as Kat tongue fucked her puckered ass. Overwhelmed with pleasure, Kitten’s back arched and she came repeatedly, spewing thick white cum into her lovers’ faces. Riding a wave of orgasms, she finally fell back gasping onto the table. Kat and Melodie kissed and stroked her until her breathing returned to normal.


Melodie stuffed the last of her dried laundry into her canvas bag, laughing as Kat goosed her and Kitten pinched her nipple. “I had so much fun tonight, I’m sorry it had to end,” she sighed, eyes shining with a new desire for sexual adventure.

“You were just great, darlin’,” Kat replied, nuzzling Melodie’s neck, “You’re a natural born pussy licker.”

“When can we get together again, sugar?” Kitten asked, stroking Melodie’s cheek, “this ain’t gonna be a one time thing is it?”

“How about you two pick me up at Gamma House Saturday morning?” Melodie replied, “I’m free all weekend.”

“Sounds good to me,” Kat said with a broad smile, hefting their laundry bag. “C’mon red, we’ll give you a ride back to your place.”

Walking out to the parking lot, Kat mounted her black Harley Fat Boy motorcycle, kick starting it with a thundering roar. Melodie slid onto the seat behind her, her arms encircling Kat’s waist.

Kitten fastened their laundry bags on her green Harley Softail and started her engine. Exhausts rumbling, they sped down the deserted streets. Melodie clung tightly to Kat’s hard body, rubbing her new lovers’ pussy playfully as Kat wiggled happily on her seat.

Stopping in front of Melodie’s sorority house, the women dismounted. Hugging and kissing, they exchanged phone numbers, reluctant to say goodbye.

“I’ll see you guys Saturday, then?” Melodie said, swinging her laundry bag over her shoulder, suddenly feeling sad.

“You can count on it, sweetie,” Kat replied, emphatically.

“Yeah,” said Kitten, kissing Melodie again. “We’ll go ridin’, it’ll be fun.”

“Cycles or faces?” Melodie replied, grinning mischievously.

“Both, doll, both,” Kat laughed.

“Take care, sweetness,” Kitten hollered as they started their engines and rode away, chrome gleaming under the glare of the streetlights.


“Who were those women you were with, Mel?” Tiffany Springer asked as Melodie stood on the porch of Gamma House, staring into the night. “They certainly looked rather rough, riding those noisy motorcycles and all.”

“They’re my new friends, Tiff,” Melodie replied, savoring the lingering taste of Kat and Kitten’s pussies in her mouth. “We’re going riding this weekend and I just can’t wait.”


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