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Would She Go For It?

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Note: Both characters in this story are eighteen or older.


My sister, Jess, is so hot. Blonde and tan with large, perfect breasts, and the most beautiful ass. I’ve peeped at her so many times, I practically know every inch of her body. And I do mean EVERY inch. I still remember the first time I saw her pussy; I wanted a taste so badly. I remember the first time I thought about her while jerking off; it felt weird at first, but that just excited me even more.

Recently, I’ve been hearing rumors that my sister is, well, a bit of a slut. Maybe it’s just been since she’s been to college, but I’ve heard some pretty outlandish stories about her time there. Obviously, the normal brotherly reaction would be to find out who’s saying these things, and pound their face in, or something like that, but what I’ve been thinking of is, “Just how slutty are we talking about? Would she fuck her own brother?” These thoughts have gone round and round in my head ever since then. When she came home for the holidays, I decided it would be worth the risk if the answer was yes.

Our parents were out at a holiday party thrown by someone our dad works with, and me and Jess had the house to ourselves. She was sitting on the couch, watching a movie, so I sat next to her. I finally worked up the guts to say, “Hey, Jess?”

“Yeah?” She turned her head, and I immediately planted my lips on hers. To my surprise, she actually started kissing me back. At one point she stopped, and said, breathily, “Oh, Bobby! You nasty boy!” She flashed me a devilish smile, and started rubbing my leg. This made my cock immediately straighten. “God, I don’t care how weird this is, I like it! Are you gonna fuck me, brother?”

“Fuck, yes!” I started groping her luscious tits through her blouse.

“You wanna suck my titties, brother?”

“Yes!” She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Underneath, she was wearing a sexy black bra. She seductively lowered the straps on it, then reached in back to unhook it, and then took her bra off. I immediately grabbed both her tits in my hands, and started squeezing them and sucking her dark pink nipples.

“Ooh, fffuck, Bobby! God, you’re making my pussy so fucking wet!” She started groping my crotch. “Jesus Christ, Bobby! God, I wish I’d known before my brother had such a huge cock! I’d have come into your room every night!” She then got down on the floor and knelt in front of me. Immediately, I took off my shirt, and then started to taking my jeans off, and then my boxers. “Oh, my!” my sister said, as my cock bounced out. “You ARE big!” She took my cock in her hand, and then licked up the underside, before licking all around the head, and finally wrapping her lips around it.

“Jeeeeez…!” My sister had definitely gotten a lot of practice sucking cock, because not only did it feel really good, but she looked really sexy doing it. “God, you’re so fucking hot!”

“Yeah? You like watching me suck your gorgeous cock, brother?”


“You know what else? You have beautiful balls!” She then started licking and sucking on my balls, while she slowly stroked my cock. She even squeezed my balls a little in her mouth, which felt good in a weird way. Eventually, she returned to my cock, and started sucking intently. “C’mon, give me your cum!” she whispered between sucks. She moved her mouth up and down on it like a piston, at a constant rhythm. Finally, the feeling got so intense, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. My sister must have sense this, because she took my cock out of her mouth, and started jerking it over her tits, till I shot the biggest load I’ve ever jizzed all over them. She let out a satisfied sigh as she rubbed it into her titties, especially her nipples. “You wanna eat my pussy, now, brother?”

“God, yes!” Jess stood up, and peeled off her jeans, revealing a sexy pair of red panties, which she then took off, and sat down next to me. I got down, and knelt between her legs. Her pussy was even more beautiful up close than the little glimpse I’d gotten that one time; shaved smooth, and, like her tits, not a hint of tan line, meaning she’d been sunbathing completely naked, and the smell immediately made my dick hard again. I leaned in, and gently licked around the rim to tease it. My sister definitely liked this, based on her gasping and moaning. I slowly moved in, until I was licking the pussy itself. It tasted even better than it smelled.

“Oh, fuck, Bobby! Mmm, next time I want my pussy licked, I’m definitely going to you!” I slid my tongue in between the folds, then held it open, to see the pinkness inside. I licked all around, and even slid my tongue in the hole, and licked all around inside. I then started to concentrate on her clit. She let out a little squeal when I gently bit it. I decided to try the same rhythm thing, and started licking up one side of her clit, then the other. “Oh, God, Bobby! Oh, you just keep doing that, brother! Oh-hoh!” All the while, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, and she was starting to buck her hips more and more as the orgasm inched closer. I glanced up, and her face was all screwed up, and she was squeezing her tits, and digging her nails into them. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” When she finally did, her pussy juices started to gush practically, and I licked up as much as I could. Finally, she pulled my head out. “Okaystopstopstop!” She was now covered in sweat, and breathing rapidly. “Sorry, I was starting to black out,” she said, catching her breath. “You, uh, hard again?” I stood up, to show her I was. “Nice.” She stood up. “Sit down.”

I sat where she had been sitting. The smell of her sweat turned me on even more than I already was. Jess straddled me, and lowered herself onto my cock. “Fffuuuck!” She then started slowly riding me. “Oh, fuck, your cock feels good, brother!” With her tits moving up and down in front of me, I felt compelled to grab them and suck on her nipples. “Yeah, you like sucking my titties, don’t you? Fuck!” She threw her head back. “I think your cock is getting bigger inside me!” She wrapped her arms around my neck, and started fucking me faster. “Fuuuck! God, I’m fucking cumming again!” She eventually slowed down, and then went and laid down on the floor.

“I want you to fuck me now, brother.” I got down on top of her, and slid my cock into my sister’s pussy. “Fffuck!” She wrapped her arms and legs around me. “Yeah, fuck me, Bobby.” I thrust into her, slowly at first, and she started sucking on my earlobe. “God, Bobby, if you’re not the best fuck I’ve ever had!” I sped up a little, and she started digging her nails into my back. I then grabbed her ass-cheeks, and really started to fuck her. “Goddammit, I love your cock!” Eventually, we were fucking so hard, our pounding was resonating through the house. Once again, I felt I couldn’t hold it in anymore, and again my sister must have sensed this, because she whispered in my ear, “Cum inside me.” When I did, I couldn’t see it, obviously, but I could tell it was every bit as big as my last load, and it was all inside my sister’s pussy. She actually seemed to cum again as my hot jizz was shooting inside her, as she now clawed my back so hard, I thought she might break the skin.

I rolled off her, sweating and catching my breath. She stood up. “God, now I gotta pee.” She looked outside. “Oh, fuck! Get your clothes!”


“Mom and Dad are home!” I jumped to my feet, and we both grabbed our clothes, and ran to our rooms and slammed our doors. After about thirty seconds, we both came out, fully dressed, and laughed. We then went to greet our parents.

“Yeah, the party was boring,” our father said, “so we decided to leave early.” We were still smirking a little. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh,” me and my sister said practically in unison, “nothing.”

Since then, Jess and I have become regular fuck buddies. She still swears I’m the best she’s ever had.

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