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Weekend Surprise

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My wife, Lynn works for a company with rotating days off. Sucks that she only gets one day at a time off, but it means that every six weeks she gets a three day weekend, so it’s a trade off.

Since I had been out of town working for most of those six weeks, Lynn had made plans that I only sort of knew about.

I just knew that she had made a new friend from the jewelry making group she was a member of and that “we” were taking the new friend, Valerie, to Spokane to go to a couple stores there that had jewelry making supplies.

On Friday morning we were up early and stopped at Valerie’s house to pick her up. I was surprised when she turned out to be a 5′ 6″ tall redhead. It has been a standing joke for years that I like redheads. She was also pretty well endowed and wearing a mini skirt and button up blouse. It was not until she was at the pickup and I was helping her with her bags that I noticed she was not wearing a bra either! I Knew right there I would have to be careful on this trip to not get myself in trouble.

The drive to Spokane takes about four hours depending on which way you go, and we chose to go the longer, but prettier way. After about an hour of small talk, learning about Valerie I knew that she was nearly our age at 48 she was from Boise ID, but had lived a lot of her life in The Dalles OR before moving to Kalispell a couple years ago for a job in the Jewelry store downtown. After a few years selling jewelry she was now interested in learning to make her own and that was how she and Lynn had met. She had been married for 15 years, but also divorced now for nearly that long and was not currently involved with anyone.

I nearly drove off the road when Valerie brought up that she and Lynn had been talking about Lynn’s lessening sex drive and that they thought they had came up with a way to change that, or at least increase the times that I had sex. While Valerie said her sex drive way not a lot higher than what Lynn said hers was, between the two of them it would equal out to more than one alone. I was at a loss for words; I didn’t know how to respond or what to do…

“Just what are you suggesting?” I asked.

“Exactly what it sounds like,” replied Lynn, “between the two of us we will make it so you have sex as often as we used to, or close anyway.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea,” I asked.

“We have discussed it between ourselves and think it is be worth a try at least,” said Valerie. “I’m not after a long term relationship, but more sex would be nice.”

“More sex would not be a bad thing, but this is not something Lynn and I have really discussed in depth,” I said.

“It’s ok for this weekend and we can go forward from there and see how it goes,” they both said together.

“I guess I’m game if you are,” I said to Lynn.

The topic then changed to other things while we all thought about what was about to happen. Or at least my thoughts were there, I think they already had a plan worked out.

Valerie asked: “Can you pull over at the next rest area please?”

“Ok, but it’s a ways down the road,” I said.

A ways turned out to be about 30 minutes and was along the shores of a small lake. Only crude outhouses, but a bathroom is a bathroom.

As we were getting out Valerie handed Lynn and I both a small bag.

“Here, change into these and come back when you are done,” she said.

This is where I knew that Valerie and Lynn had planned this before I had got home. In my bag I found a pair of my thong underwear and a new vibrating butt plug, a cordless model. There was also a small bottle of lube, something I would have forgotten.

With the plug held in place by the thong I was barely out of the bathroom when I could feel it start vibrating. My cock, which was already hard, twitched and became even harder. Valerie was all smiles at the pickup.

When Lynn came out of the bathroom I was surprised even more in that she was wearing a short skirt. She sometimes wears skirts for me, but always knee or ankle length. Valerie then told me that the bag Lynn was given contained a vibrating egg as well as a pair of thong underwear. Lynn has never liked vibrators or thongs so new doors were opening already.

When she got to the car Valerie suggested she “Show us her new outfit.” As she was turning around Valerie put a hand on her shoulder and stopper her with her ass facing my way. She then pulled up the back of the skirt and showed me that Lynn was wearing a pair of purple thong underwear.

“You can’t see the egg of course, but you can see her reaction,” said Valerie as she hit the button in her hand. Lynn shuttered just a bit and we could hear the quiet buzz of the egg. My cock got even harder!

After we were all back in the pickup Valerie handed Lynn the control for my butt plug and handed me a control as well. But when I pressed the button it was her that sighed, not Lynn. Seems she had put in an egg too, and had given me the control for hers while she kept Lynn’s.

The next couple hours were exciting, funny, and very enjoyable with each of us trying to stop the other person in mid sentence by turning on or off the vibrations.

When we got to the edge of Spokane I asked where our first stop was, figuring they had lined out what jewelry shops and art supply stores they wanted to stop at.

“We need to head to “The Castle,” said Lynn, “we need some more items for tonight.”

Try as I might they wouldn’t tell me what those items were, so I was caught off guard when after going in “The Castle” we headed for the bondage department instead of the toy or movie aisle like we had always done when it was Lynn and I, mostly “I” going in there.

While Lynn and I try to interact with the staff there as little as possible, Valerie had started asking questions the minute we got in the door. Soon, much to my embarrassment the young female attendant was having me spread my legs so she could measure me for the proper length spreader bar, and was trying handcuffs on my wrists. Lucky for me, neither Lynn nor Valerie had pockets in their skirts so I was the only one with a remote… Valerie would occasionally miss a word or two while talking to the assistant.

With handcuff, a spreader bar and lots of lube in hand we moved to the toy section where they started showing Lynn the strap-on dildo harnesses and me the matching dildos. While the questions about whether I liked a smooth model, a model with ridges or a realistic one were embarrassing, they were also exciting. Talking about what you would like to be fucked with in front of three women is a definite turn on.

Everything decided on, we made our purchase, Valerie’s gift to us she said, and we went back to the pickup and headed down the road again. It seems they had been planning as I was told the directions to the motel where we had reserved a suite for the night. It has two separate bedrooms just in case I had not agreed t heir plan.

Packing bags into the motel while someone is alternating the speed of the vibrations in your ass can be a tricky thing, let me tell you. And with my hands full I could not reach the control in my pocket.

“Payback is pretty good huh?” said Lynn as she and Valerie walked up the stairs in front of me.

“Yes, I said, and the view is very nice as well,” I replied. Their skirts were not short enough to show me much more than inner thighs, but it did hint as what was above.

Once in the room Valerie suggests we strip and re-apply lube to things before heading out for some shopping and to dinner. I hesitated for a bit but Valerie started taking off her clothes right away. Her tits were not as big as Lynn’s but the nipples were more pinkish and longer. The pleasant surprise came when she dropped her skirt and I could see she was clean shaven. I love a shaved pussy. Something that Lynn does not do often due to her work where she has to walk everyday and the stubble causing her problems with chaffing.

By the time I looked over at Lynn she was naked as well, with her hair trimmed to short fuzz. Her nipples were hard, a sure indication that there was some sexual desire going on with her as well.

When I turned around to put my clothes on the bed Lynn came up behind me and grabbed my butt plug. At the same time the vibrations increased. The combined affect was that my cock jumped and stood out upright.

The next thing I know Valerie is sitting in front of me on the bed and has a hold of my cock. “Perhaps we should do something about this,” she said.

Lynn added, “He does last longer if he has come before we make love.”

With that Valerie laid back on the bed and Lynn pushed on my shoulder, bending me over the bed with my face right in Valerie’s crotch. I was still a little reluctant to do this, but Lynn playing with the butt plug in my ass soon changed my mind and I started licking her slick pussy. She was already sloppy wet and her taste and smell were very similar to that of Lynn.

I had forgotten about the vibrating egg in her pussy until the remote was put in my hand while I was licking away. Every time I pushed the button she would pull her pussy down so that her clit was under my tongue. Soon I had the vibrations on full blast and started sucking and nibbling on her clit. Her climax was intense and I was not able to keep up with all the juices coming out of her.

“Oh, Oh, turn off the vibrations, I can’t take anymore,” she panted.

With one more lick full length of her sex I found myself pushed up by the shoulders so that I was looking down at her breasts. That was when Lynn pushed me forward so that I was forced to get on the bed straddling Valerie. Sitting up so that her tits were at the same level as my cock she reached down with her hand and used her wetness to make my cock slick before putting it between her breasts.

About the time my cock was encased in boob, the vibrations in my ass maxed out and I came in literally three strokes. As I started to come she bent her head down and was hit in the face by me first blast, but was sucking on my head by the time I could shoot again. The vibrator in my ass was now doing some strange random vibrating pattern and I couldn’t stand the combination any longer and tried to pull away. As I pulled back, Lynn pushed back on the plug and held me in place by standing right behind me. I was reduced to simply groaning and humping on Valerie’s tits for the next few seconds.

After I was allowed to rise up I could feel the butt plug being pulled out. Thinking we were done with the plug I started to move off the bed was told to stay put by Valerie. She and Lynn traded places and I was pushed forward to start licking Lynn’s pussy. With the idea of more sex on my mind I went after her pussy with vigor, but was told to “slow down, and let her enjoy it,” by Valerie.

I was still so horny it was hard to slow down but I was trying to do slow licks on her puffed up lips and enjoy her flavor. The problem was that as I was doing that I felt the end of the butt plug again pushing on my ass. Without even thinking about it I found myself pushing back against the pressure, wanting the plug in my ass again.

With Valerie slowly pushing the plug deeper and then letting off I soon was in a pattern of licking and sucking on Lynn’s clit as she squirmed on the bed. I could tell she was about to come and reached up to tweak one nipple while sucking on her clit and licking it in circles. Soon her legs were squeezing tight on my head and she was jerking as she too reached climax.

“Unh unh, Stop!” she said as her legs clamped down even tighter on my head and she moved her pussy down out of the reach of my tongue. My face was wet with her and Valerie’s juices but I was one happy man.

I was allowed to wipe my face off, but not to wash it for real. That means that all through dinner I smell pussy juices on my face. The first place we found that looked like a decent place to eat was a Boston Pizza place. The food was good but we were all a bit distracted with all the buzzing going on. When you add in that while Lynn and I were sitting side-by-side in a curved booth, Valerie was sitting on the other side of the curve we almost didn’t notice what we were eating. Each time the waitress left she would put one leg up on the cushion; giving both of us a view of her shaved and very wet pussy.

Too excited to eat much we all took about half our meal with us in boxes, knowing we would be hungry later. The waitress who served us was also the one that checked us out and I’m sure the smile was so big because she had overheard some of our conversation and the sound of three different vibrators running at various times.

As soon as we got back to the motel I was told to strip and get on the bed on my hands and knees. I was soon in place and both women were naked as well. They each took a side and soon had me in cuffs and shackled to the spreader bar. I had been in this position before, never unable to move quite like this. They then figured out that I was too far on the bed to work the way they wanted to they each grabbed the bar and pulled me to the foot of the bed.

With more room on the bed Valerie laid down on her back on the bed so she was sideways to me with her head near mine.

“Okay Lynn come and set on my face, I want to taste your pussy,” said Valerie, “and with Richard all tied up it will drive him nuts to only be able to watch.”

Now I know that Lynn is not really a great fan of having her pussy ate, she says it tickles, but she only hesitates a few seconds before climbing up on the bed and putting a knee on each side of Valerie’s head. I can tell that she is already wet though and she only stays there for a few minutes before she climaxes all over Valerie’s face. I have been on the receiving end of that, but to watch her cum squirting out over someone else was a big turn on. I couldn’t see up high enough to tell, but know from experience that her chest was red and her nipples rock hard as well.

Valerie said, “That was great, but now let’s get to work on Richard.”

“Get on your back right in front of him” says Lynn.

I can’t turn my head enough to see what is happening but I can feel the vibrating plug being pulled out of my ass. Feeling Lynn get on the bed beside me I can see Valerie’s pussy.

Lynn says, “Put your legs up high.” And I can then see Valerie’s ass hole as well. Putting more lube on the butt plug from my ass Lynn pushes it into Valerie’s ass. The sigh from Valerie is all I need to hear to know that she likes how it feels as much as I did. Lynn then puts the control in my hand where I start turning the vibrations on and off.

As I watch the juices start flowing out of her pussy I can feel the head of the new dildo being pushed against my asshole. I had been so involved in watching Valerie that I had not paid attention to Lynn putting on the new harness and dildo. Without thinking about it I push back until I can feel the harness pushing against my cheeks. I am so open and horny that Lynn is soon holding my hips and fucking me hard and fast. When I was getting close to coming I told her so and she pulled almost all the way out and stopped while I calmed back down.

During all this I had forgot about Valerie and the plug in her ass. When I felt a nudge on my head I raised it up as much as I could to look forward. There, just inches in front of my face was her pussy and the butt plug. Since I couldn’t rise up on my own Valerie slid her legs past my arms and used her thigh to put her pussy under my mouth.

Now I was face down in her pussy and Lynn was back to fucking my ass hard and fast again. Each time the dildo bottomed out in my ass I could hear her legs slap into my ass and I would bump against Valerie’s clit. This time however I remembered to turn the vibrator to full before I dropped the control. Soon she is climaxing, but not in the same way as Lynn. She is simply putting out mass quantities of juice where as Lynn actually squirts when she comes that hard.

Lynn again buries the dildo deep in my ass and stops moving, the cries from Valerie being a good indication that I too must be about to come.

“Valerie, move out of there and take the butt plug out of your ass,” Lynn says as she holds me back tight against her.

While Valerie is doing that Lynn reaches down and unfastens my shackles, turning me loose from the bar and moving it out of the way.

This is where I start to think they have talked more than just a little about what I have wanted to do in the past.

Pulling me up by the shoulders Lynn has me pulled tight against her chest where I can feel that her nipples are hard and warm against my back. Valerie then reaches out and puts a condom on my rock hard cock. Once on she poured on a good amount of lube, but was careful to not rub too much.

“We have been talking and it seems that Valerie likes anal sex as much as you do so we decided this would be a great end to the evening” Lynn said.

With that Valerie gets on her hands and knees in front of me and moves back until her ass is right in front of my cock. When I started to push forward I could feel the dildo in my ass moving out.

Lynn and I had tried anal sex only once and it did not work out well. We had never tried before and did not know at the time we needed to work our way up to something the size of my cock. It had hurt Lynn and I was so excited that I came about the time it might have worked.

As I push forward the head of my cock is squeezed tighter than it ever has been before.

“Wow, I am not sure I can do this without coming before I even get all the way in,” I say.

With that Lynn pushes the dildo all the way in to my ass and the impact of her crotch with my ass makes my cock pop past Valerie’s sphincter and all of a sudden I’m fully in her ass.

“Oh, that feels so good,” says Valerie.

With that I can feel her reach back and start playing with her pussy and in the process rubbing against my balls.

I’m not sure how but I manage to not come and start pulling out of her ass part way before starting a slow rhythm. Lynn pulls back so that when I go forward the tip of the dildo almost comes out of my ass and when I pull out of Valerie it goes deeper into my ass. Soon I’m holding onto Valerie’s hips and fucking her ass deep and fast, and Lynn is matching my moves exactly.

“Oh, I’m coming,” I cry out and bury my cock deep in Valerie’s ass. While I’m pumping cum into the condom she is fingering her clit and I can feel her shuddering as she comes as well. It seems that each of my spasms is triggered by Lynn slamming the dildo in my ass.

Soon Valerie can’t stay up right anymore and slides forward on the bed, that in turn catches me by surprise and I fall forward on top of her with Lynn and the dildo staying with me. While Lynn and I roll over on our sides where she keeps slowly fucking me, Valerie rolls over and hugs us both.

“Well, think it was close to what you and Lynn talked about,” she asks.

“Ah, yea I think its close enough,” I reply. “But there is one person that has yet to come.”

“Very true,” says Valerie.

I move forward off the dildo and together we unfasten the harness from Lynn. Since I am in no condition to do any fucking, Valery starts licking Lynn’s pussy while using her fingers to fuck her.

Not wanting to be left out I move up to kiss her before moving down and sucking on her nipples. When she is horny enough they are super sensitive and she is soon groaning loudly as she climaxes all over Valerie’s face.

After we are all calmed down we discuss some of the good things and some of the things we would change next time. It suddenly dawns on us that we are talking about a “next” time and we all laugh while heading for the large shower to get each other clean before Valerie retires to her own bed for the night.

The trip home the next day after actually shopping for jewelry making supplies will have to be told in another story.

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