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Army Jail Angels

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I had been lost in the woods for more than two hours when I finally saw the gate of the infantry brigade’s garrison I was stationed in. It was about 1.30 in the morning and the silent emptiness surrounding me felt ghostly and hostile. It was snowing heavily. I had left my coat – and along with it my wallet containing all my money and papers – and my fur hat in the bar I was thrown out of, and I was cold, sick and exhausted.

A statue of a drummer-boy stared me from the blizzard with its eyes of stone. It obviously had no understanding for those who break the rules. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to fall asleep as soon as possible and forget my existence for a change.

A tall, slim MP corporal was standing guard over the gate. The sight of his special MP camouflage uniform made me instantly feel, unbelievably, still a bit worse.

“Private, you’re REALLY late”, he said. “Let me see your conscript’s card.”

“I lost it”, I replied.

“You lost it? JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” he ordered as I was just going to keep on walking towards the hut of the 2.nd company. He grabbed my shoulder.

“MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, ASSHOLE!” I yelled and tried to punch him in the face.

He managed to avoid my fist but then slipped and fell backwards on the icy ground. Another MP came running from the MP hut and quickly and efficiently the two of them knocked me down and handcuffed me. One of them lifted me up by my collar and the other one kicked me in the stomach. After that I just lay for a few seconds motionlessly on my back, watching the sharp treetops, which were pointing at the white, uninterested sky. Then I was taken away.

After being locked up in a cell I couldn’t sleep, after all. I sat on the concrete floor and leaned my back to the wall. I could hear a door being banged somewhere near – probably, I thought, with a head – and obscene, furious comments being shouted. Someone was laughing endlessly and screaming the words of the national anthem. “A madhouse”, I thought. “And I’m one of the madmen.” I started to feel real melancholy, and I could feel tormenting self-pity rising somewhere inside me. I was a lonesome loser.

This side of life was the one I knew too well. Although I probably had something that could be called intellectual potential – at least my grades in the university I studied in before leaving to do my national service were, to be honest, quite brilliant – something in me always got me in serious trouble. I had the ability to concentrate well and to work hard to achieve my goals, and I knew I had something like a kind, understanding personality. But all too often it was like the hand of destiny would have grabbed my throat and ruined it all. I was somehow too restless to live properly, and I knew it. “Jails, madhouses, graveyards”, I thought, “they’re the right places for me and my kind.” After a few attempts to cry and to pray, attempts that were bound to fail, I floated off to sleep.

I woke up when someone was caressing my hair.

“Are you awake?” someone asked me.

“Yes”, I said.

I felt someone’s lips closing on mine, and what followed was a warm, tender, forgiving kiss. I was lying on my back and a hand was slowly, comfortingly moving on my chest; a body was tightly pressed against mine on my left hand side. Then I felt someone on my right hand side, too, as another mouth touched my cheek and kissed it lightly several times, and finally I could feel a tongue tickle slowly and sensually my ear. And the first mouth just kept on kissing me on the mouth patiently, without any hurry, demanding nothing. The scent of shampoo, soap and two different perfumes made me feel a bit weak. My head was aching little.

As I opened my eyes I was relieved to see that at least the person kissing my lips was a woman – not for example the perverted MP staff sergeant I had heard so much about. She was so close, though, that all I could see was her closed eyes and her white, shining skin. But when she saw my open eyes she slowly broke her kiss and leaned a bit backwards, smiling at me. Her hand caressed the back of my head. I thought I was going to faint when I saw how beautiful she was. She had bright, extremely pale blue eyes, long and thick eyelashes and a small nose, which was pointing a bit upwards. Her full lips were painted blood red; her hair was, as her skin, really blonde and soft-looking. She was dressed also in a blood-red, expensive-looking bra, which covered her unbelievably large breasts. I could see the skin of her areolas through the thin material. “Her name must be Sonya”, it thought.

“Why don’t you get up”, Sonya said, still smiling, “so that I can take off your clothes.”

Only when I got up I realized that I had been laying on a large double bed with soft, clean, white sheets. I looked around and found out that I was on some kind of a field with absolutely nothing special in sight: no houses, no trees, no hills. Nothing. Just endless plains of rusty sand. The sky was clear, black and full of stars. There were four dim lamps burning around the bed. And in the bed there was lying another girl, and she too was smiling at me. She had a shoulder-length light brown hair; she was smaller, slimmer and obviously younger than Sonya, perhaps more the girl next door -type than her almost supernaturally gorgeous friend, but by no means less attractive. She had a really slim waist and lovely, middle-sized breasts in a white, lacy bra. I thought: “Her name must be Tonya.”

Sonya was sitting at the edge of the bed and pulled me closer.

“Let’s take this awful, gray uniform off”, she said with a soothing voice and began to undo the buttons of my shirt (the MPs had taken off my tie for an obvious reason). “It’s a murderer’s wear. You look so gloomy and faceless in it. I don’t like it.”

“But I am a gloomy and faceless person”, I said.

“No, you’re not. I know you’re not. You too want to love and to be loved, as we do.”

“Do you want to love me?” asked Tonya from the bed. I watched as she slowly ran her hand over her tummy towards her breasts and I heard her sigh silently. “Do you want to touch me?”


As Tonya continued running her hands slowly and passionately all over her own body and through her hair, Sonya took off my shirt and then opened my zipper. My pants were pulled down and I stepped out of them – suddenly I was dressed only in the blue-and-white army shorts. Tonya told me that her nipples were really sweet and really sensitive, and that she thought that I might want to taste them sometimes. I told her that she was right. She said that she was glad about it, because she felt always like she would explode right away whenever her nipples were touched the right way. I learned that Tonya was practically always turned on and that she had to masturbate many times every day. She said she loved to touch herself. She removed seductively her bra and watched me with a dizzy look in her eyes.

“Ooh, they’re so sensitive”, she sighed when she made small circles around her dark brown, almost exceptionally large nipples with her slim, feminine fingers. “Can you see how they’re becoming hard? They’re waiting for my touch. They almost can’t wait, and neither can I. Oh. Please keep on watching, it makes me so incredibly horny, please…”

“She’s so sweet, isn’t she, like honey!” Sonya said and kissed me.

This time her kiss was much more passionate. Her moist tongue entered my mouth, and she started to move it slowly, teasingly around my tongue. I responded eagerly. I took her head tenderly in my hands and forced my tongue in her mouth. She was moaning with her eyes closed and sucking hungrily on the exploring intruder in her mouth. She couldn’t have gotten any closer; she rubbed her hard body against me; the feeling of her hot, naked skin against mine was breath-taking. I was really hard like I had been all the time since I was first kissed by her. Amidst our kissing, as I entered deeper and deeper into her mouth, I had suddenly a strange feeling that we were actually two insects doing something unexplainable to each other, lost in a ritual of which no one could tell whether it was all about fighting or all about reproduction. And then, for a second, I felt like I was some weird parasite, drinking the vitality of its victim, being where it should not be, doing what it should not do. “What are we doing?” I wondered confused, a bit worried. Then Sonya started to kiss my cheeks, my chin, my neck and was moving slowly downwards my body, this way making all my thoughts disappear.

I saw that Tonya was licking her fingers. She moisturized them with her saliva and then brought them on her nipples.

“Usually”, she said with a dreamy voice as she slowly caressed her wet, erect nipples with her fingers, “when I do this to myself I make up fantasies about a beautiful young woman who is licking my tits… Maybe about someone a bit like her.” She nodded towards Sonya, who was now approaching my nipples with her tongue. “Ooh… I often think about a young woman in a two-piece costume, who would love to see me naked, who would love to make me come just by kissing and licking sweetly my little titties… Oh, oh, I think I’m coming very soon…”

Sonya was licking and sucking my nipples and stroking lightly – too lightly, I thought – my hard, throbbing cock through my shorts. I opened the lock of her bra and took it away. Because of her position I couldn’t see her breasts, but I started to fondle them softly and carefully. They felt heavy and firm. As I took her nipples in between my fingers I could hear her breathing become more intense; she started moaning again. Her nipples were quite small but they were already really hard. She shivered. But still she continued licking my chest and especially my nipples. I had never thought that it could feel that good; and all the time I watched Tonya, who was bringing herself pleasure with her own fingers.

“Do you like watching her?” Sonya asked me smiling sweetly, with an extremely turned-on expression on her face, kissing me once more on the mouth.

She kneeled in front of me and finally took my prick out of my shorts. I watched Tonya, whose other hand was now under her panties while the other was squeezing and pulling almost violently her nipples. Her head was thrown back and she was gasping loudly, uncontrollably. Then I felt how Sonya took my cock slowly in her hot mouth and started immediately teasing it skillfully with her tongue. Probably it was the most exciting moment of my life. I had never been so hard. “I’m made of steel”, I thought monotonously, and then: “I am dangerous… Oh, be careful, be careful… It’s all too dangerous… You’re going to hurt yourself…” Suddenly my mind begun to bring me terrible memories about my girlfriend lying in a pool of blood after she had shot herself in the mouth with her father’s revolver. “No… Don’t do it… Don’t do it, sweet little girl… You don’t know what it’s like… I know you want to please me, but…” But I couldn’t say a word. I made weak attempts to pull Sonya’s head away.

In shock I realized that she was determined to do it when she started to accelerate the rhythm of her head’s machine-like motions. She was forcefully working on my dick with her hand, and only its end was still in her mouth. I could see that Tonya was watching us as she started to come; she told us over and over again with an extremely excited voice that she was coming, and when she reached her orgasm, it was like it was going to never stop. “Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooohhhh, OOOHHH”, she screamed in ecstasy. I, too, went over the edge. The imprisoned feeling of ultimate pleasure inside me was released in a blinding explosion; I felt like I was going to literally burst – and in a certain way I really did burst. Sonya swallowed the first, heavy bursts of my come, then took my pulsating cock out of her mouth and, still pumping it with her hand, let all my snow-white, thick come land on her face, throat and breasts. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. I collapsed on my knees in front of Sonya. She put her arms around me, and after a while she helped me to get up and led me to the bed.

“Come”, said Tonya looking at Sonya with shiny eyes. “White, warm, delicious come!” She started to lick my come from Sonya’s face, from her lips, from her chin.

“Oh, honey”, moaned Sonya, “please fondle my tits… Please take my little, come-stained nipples in your little, hungry mouth… They need attention… I am so horny I can’t believe it!”

Sonya laid on her back on the bed and leaned her head to the big, thick pillows. Tonya placed herself on top of her and took the tip of her left breast in her mouth. Sonya gasped immediately and then told her lover how extremely sexy she always felt when being made love to by a young, sexy, horny girl. Tonya wrapped herself tightly around her. I noticed that Sonya’s areolas were very large and very pale, light pink, just little darker than her skin – real beautiful, like everything in her. I moved closer and took the nipple of her right breast in my mouth, and I could feel how it grew when I circled around it with my tongue. It tasted heavenly. Me and Tonya sucked Sonya’s breasts simultaneously, and she placed her hands in the backs of our heads; she said that we were her dear little, innocent children and that she wanted to feed us with her enormous tits for all eternity. She was breathing heavily and she started to squirm under us. I started to move slowly downwards her gorgeous body.

“I’m so wet, darling”, Sonya sighed at me breathlessly. “I got so wet right away when I saw how you looked at me… and especially when I finally tasted your lovely cock… and when I saw how good I made you feel…” She lifted her hips as I took off her red panties, which were, indeed, soaking from her juices. “Taste me, darling, please… I know I taste good… I know it…I love my love-juice, it’s so sweet, so strong, so exciting… Please make me come now…”

She stopped talking as Tonya begun french-kissing her passionately, but was still moaning loudly in her mouth. I licked Sonya’s lovely, swollen pussy lips slowly and patiently, opening her folds, which were all glued with her delicious, sticky, slippery juices. Her pubic hair was, as I had guessed, very thin and white, and it, too, was dripping with moist. I buried my tongue deep inside her vagina, and it made her whole body tighten right away; she started to lift her hips almost desperately upwards, imitating the motions of an intercourse, yearning to be touched more. I licked my way up her pussy and finally come near her little clit, which poked out in excitement; it was dark red, full of her blood. I admired for a while its beauty, and I thought that whole her existence was at that moment concentrated in it, and that I was the one who would give her what she needed the most. I was again very aroused and I rubbed my dick slowly against the sheets. It felt good. Sonya’s fingers were in my hair and she was still lifting her hips. I knew what she was thinking.

As I started licking carefully her clit she was about to come right away. I waited for few seconds and then started again, this time even more carefully, slowly but intensively, occasionally more lightly, occasionally with more pressure. Occasionally I took her whole clit in my mouth and sucked on it gently. Always when I could tell from her screams and sighs that she was near her orgasm I slowed down my rhythm and then, slowly, started to build it up again. I loved giving head to a woman. I always felt like I was truly confined in; I was given the permission to taste the most precious and most vulnerable spot in a woman. I was trusted not to do harm, not to cause pain; I was only expected to bring pleasure. And I always wanted to be worth the confidence – especially in matters like this.

When Sonya was again just about to come I moved a little, turned her over and then slid my cock in her pussy from behind. Slowly I pushed it as deep as it could go, and she gasped so that it seemed that she couldn’t breathe for a while. Her pussy felt almost incredibly tight and little considering that she was so extremely sexy and beautiful. Then I lifted her upper body from the all-fours position she was in so that we were both on our knees, and I took both of her tits in my hands and continued fucking her patiently and forcefully. Tonya moved so that she was facing Sonya and started to kiss her on the mouth; after a while I saw that her hand moved towards Sonya’s groin, and she started to massage her clit with her fingers.

“Slower, slower”, Sonya panted heavily. “Do it all slower, I can’t take it… Ooh… My, God, how good it feels… Slower… No, I can’t take it… I’m coming, coming… Ah, aahhh, AAHHH…”

She threw her head back and leaned it tightly on my shoulder. I could feel how incredibly hot her cheek was when she pushed it against mine. She was screaming uncontrollably – she came so hard that for a while I thought that she was having some kind of a seizure. As I fucked her mercilessly she came over and over again. Finally she started to come down, and suddenly she relaxed; she seemed to lose her consciousness totally as she collapsed in between me and Tonya. She rolled on her back with her eyes closed and she was still moaning and gasping, lost in the underwater world of her consciousness’ most private depths. I thought a bit jealously that she was somewhere I could never follow her. “My God, she is beautiful”, I thought again, and I looked at her chest, which was blushed by all the blood her arousal had brought under her skin. “She’s in bloom now.”

Tonya took my hand and said to me: “Please, do that to me, too. I want it now.”

I took her head in my hands and kissed her the way I had kissed Sonya. Breathing hard, she fell on her back beside Sonya and pulled me on top of her. As I entered her I felt something odd, and then I realized that she was a virgin. I broke our kiss and saw her looking me with a real serious, sincere look in her brown eyes; I nodded lightly and started to push my cock real gently deeper into her little pussy. She screamed just a little when I got through. Then I started to make love to her tenderly and carefully in a safe missionary position, kissing her lips, neck, breasts. Her hands were first tightly wrapped around my neck, but then she took them off so that she could use them to caress her clit. She started to wriggle under me. I started to pump her harder and faster.

“I’m coming real soon”, she sighed breathlessly. “Please come, come, come with me…”

My orgasm was, unbelievably, even more powerful than the first one. Tonya was moaning loudly in my ear, holding me tightly with her both arms, scratching my back. I could feel her little pussy contracting around my cock as I was spurting her full of my hot come. I couldn’t believe how good it all felt. Then she started to sob, and I just lied there keeping her on my arms, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to think. Her tears soaked the pillow under us.

After a while I was lying on my back on the bed, and Tonya and Sonya were leaning their heads on my shoulders. Tonya was speaking endlessly with a soft, enthusiastic voice. Sonya was mainly silent – she was obviously deep in her own thoughts; she was smiling by herself with a slightly preoccupied look in her eyes. Tonya said that she loved my eyes and that she thought that their light green color looked somehow very thrilling; but she also mentioned that sometimes they looked really sad and lonely and that they might make her, too, little sad. Sonya asked if I was one of the “green-eyed men” that Charles Baudelaire wrote about. I said that maybe I was. Then I asked her if she was one of the “toys of the soldiers” that Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche wrote about. She said she wasn’t, and she also told me that I wasn’t a soldier anymore but a peace-loving civilian. I agreed.

As Tonya kept on talking she started playing absent-mindedly with my dick. At first she was just turning it around, sort of studying it, looking at it from all sides, fingering it like for example a pen is fingered during a speech. Of course I started to get aroused again. Her mouth looked very sexy and very inviting as she talked happily. I lifted my hand to touch her, but she put it back where it had been and told me to lie still. I tried to say something, but she just said “Shh, shh!” and smiled. I listened her tell about her childhood and somebody called Josh, and I assumed he was her brother or some other close relative. She was stroking my dick little by little more intensely, and once in a while, as I for example sighed out louder, she would smile at me, wink her eye and kiss me quickly, and then continuing her monologue.

I learned that she was from a small town in Louisiana – “Louisiana”, I thought lazily. “That’s in the United States of America…Wow. That’s really, really far away…How exciting” – and that she had been one of the most popular girls in her high-school, real bright, a cheerleader and all that. I listened to her and watched her tiny, smiling mouth, and I was again very near coming. She seemed to know this, and she speeded up the motion of her hand, still talking with the same tone. She said that she remembered her childhood and her youth – “Her youth?” I thought weakly somewhere outside my extreme arousal – as a very happy, careless, sunny time. And just the same second I was coming I heard her say: “And I died on 29.10.1991 after being hit by a truck on my way home from college.” It took me a second to realize what the words meant, and just when I was starting to spurt warm come on my stomach, I understood it all.

I lied again on my back and watched the stars. The Northern Star was not where it was supposed to be. I said that I doubted that we were caught in eternity. The girls said that they couldn’t say anything about that, but that they were happy now when I was there.

I looked in the distance and thought that I was happy too.

“I’ll be true to you”, I said after a while.

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