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Waves of Time Ch. 02

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The water over the sandbar lapped at my legs just above my ankles. I stood remembering that day not so long after I came to the beach at the start of summer, that day Brenda and I kissed and held each other right here. Now it was the end of summer and tomorrow I would be leaving.

I was wearing the bathing suit she had left behind. I pulled it off in a single motion and stood there with it wadded up in my hands. I held it to my nose and took a deep breath. Her smell was gone, just like she was. I walked further out until the water was up to my shoulders, and then heaved it out further into the water. My chest heaved in huge sob. Tears flowed down my face.

“Fuck me, it was only a fling,” I screamed over the roar of the surf, “she was just here a few fucking days!” I tried to comfort myself by wrapping my arms around me as I shook from the uncontrollable sobbing. I stood in one place for the longest time, unable to pull myself together, unable to stop crying, unable to stop the huge sobs. I could no longer see Brenda’s bathing suit floating on the water, the last piece of her was now gone. I turned and started to walk back to the shore.

In the edge of the surf, I kicked the water.

“You okay?”

I looked up and it was the guy with the ‘Fish or Die’ hat, the first person I’d seen at the start of summer. I was barely covered then, my blouse unbuttoned. Now I was standing in front of him with no way to hide my nakedness. He was wiping his face with a bandana, the front of his shirt was dripping wet; I assume from the water that I’d just kicked.

“I guess. No not really.” Another big sob overtook me and my body visibly shook.

He put his bucket and pole down and walked towards me, then stood in front of me. His old rough hands with gnarled fingers rested on my shoulders.

“This is about your lady friend from the start of the summer isn’t it?”

“Yes. You…”

“I wasn’t spying. I just happened to see you two walking on the beach one afternoon. I could tell you both cared for each other. I had a lady friend once. I still remember those times.”

“Guess memories are all that I have.”

“Enjoy them. Sometimes they are better than the real thing.”

Those words rolled around my mind as I looked down. His cock was pressed against his shorts, much like that first time I saw him. He noticed what I was looking at. I could feel his hands grip my shoulders a little tighter for a moment. I don’t know what came over me, but my hand brushed against the bulge.

“No. It wouldn’t be good for you.” He gave me a small peck on the cheek. “You’ll find another lovely woman and I’ll have a nice memory of you.” He walked back, picked up his things, and then continued on down the beach.

I lay in the edge of the surf where I’d just been standing, my arms and legs spread wide. The small waves broke over me; a few broke harder, some just between my thighs. My hand covered my pussy; a finger worked its way inside as my mind drifted with thoughts of the summer.

The ink of the Sharpie flowed over the square of the calendar as I made another ‘X’. It was my third week here, almost two weeks since Brenda left. I cried as I lifted my hand from the page. It wasn’t the first time and surely not the last time I’d cry over her loss. It was strange that she could come into my life for a few of the best days of my life and I would just let her walk away. I knew from the start that she was just a stranger. She had even told me she could only stay a few days. Goddamn, it had been years since I’d had a girlfriend, one that I was really attracted to. This was supposed to be a summer just for myself. What a pickle I’d gotten myself into.

In the refrigerator, all that remained was a single beer. Not even a frozen dinner for tonight. On the counter was an empty bread bag. I pulled my clothes on and then drove to the small grocery store five miles up the road toward the bridge.

It was maybe the third time I’d been there. Everyone that worked there was very friendly, some more than others. I was looking through the apples for just the right four.

“How about this one?”

My hand didn’t stop moving until it landed on a hand.

“You have such soft skin,” the same voice said.

I left it there as I looked around. It was Susan, the woman that stocked the fruit and vegetable section. She had always talked to me for five or ten minutes each time I’d been there, probably the friendliest woman there. I had thought she might have even watched me from a distance as I shopped.

“Hi Susan, how are you today?”

“Hope you don’t mind me saying this, but nicer at the moment.”

I looked at her trying to read what she was thinking. I knew what I was thinking. I was trapped in a moment of deep sadness and I wanted to feel someone lying next to me so very much. That half hour of masturbation this morning didn’t do much to take the edge off either. Susan wasn’t a knock out, but not bad looking either. Her lying next to me would probably be quite nice.

I rolled my hand over and wrapped my fingers through hers. “Not at all. Would you like…”

“I’d love to. When?”


“I’ll meet you at your place in half an hour.”

I told her the house number and she wrote it on her arm.

With my cutoffs and t-shirt still on, I sat the single bag of groceries on the counter. I put the frozen dinners in the freezer and a new six-pack of beer in the refrigerator. As I removed the top from the former lonely cold bottle of beer, a car pulled into the driveway. I leaned against the doorframe of the front door holding the screen door open with my out stretched arm as Susan got out of the car.

I looked at her differently now, not the woman in the vegetable section of the grocery store, but as someone I was about to make love with, well at least have sex with. I tried to picture her naked in my arms, what she might feel like, and how she would respond to a touch, a kiss, or a nibble. She was probably in her fifties, maybe five or more years older than me. Age had been good to her and she was still slim; at least she wasn’t even close to being overweight.

About halfway to the door she called out, “Hey Karen!” It didn’t take more than a few more seconds until she was standing directly in front of me, her arms wrapped around me, and pressing her lips against mine. I could feel her tongue forcing its way between my lips. I was so horny I didn’t care; this was exactly what I wanted and needed so badly. This was like a drug I needed to take.

My hands held the back of her head, my fingers intertwined in her hair. My tongue welcomed hers; they made love as they rubbed against each other. Our faces parted long enough for her to say, “I wanted you the first time I saw you.” I responded, “I need you.”

I led her to the bedroom. We both watched with a sense of anticipation as we undressed, then lay next together, our hands touching each other all over.

She suddenly drove several fingers deep inside me. I yelled, “oh yes … fuck my pussy.” She began rapidly working her fingers in and out. Within seconds, my first orgasm started. As it began to subside, I moaned, “Baby, you’re good.” I kissed her deep and hard on the lips. She pulled her hand up and shared the moisture on her fingers between each of our mouths.

I turned and without bothering to kiss any part of her body, I put my face directly between her legs. With a forceful lick, I dragged my tongue through the folds of skin at the opening to her pussy. She was very wet and the taste delicious. After a few more licks, I pulled her clit up with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth. “Yeah … suck my clit,” she begged. I did too. I could see her twisting her nipples between her fingertips and she started humping my face. “Here it comes.” Her hands pressed my head tight against her pussy, her hips held high above the bed.

We lay with our bare skin pressed against each other, her hands on my ass, and the moisture from our mouths dripping down our faces as we kissed a very sloppy kiss.

It had been quick, but satisfying. I rested on my side and watched Susan standing by the bed as she finished pulling her panties up around her hips.

She looked back at me and smiled. “That was just what I needed.”

Her hand disappeared inside the panties for a moment before she put her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean.

I squeezed my nipple. “Maybe you can come over again?”

She paused with a pained expression. “I…” She stopped and pulled her dress on.

“I know. It would be easy to fall…”

“You will leave at the end of summer and I’ll still be here.”

I knew she was right, after all I had fallen hard for Brenda and I didn’t want to now fall for Susan. “Could we just do this a few times a week … just for pleasure?”

Susan sat next to me and put her arm around me, pulling me closer. “I’d like that.”

She walked across the concrete of the driveway to her car; she paused and turned. “Maybe Thursday evening?”

“I’d like the company.”

I waved as she drove away, wondering if I was making a mistake, if I could hold onto my heart and just have sex, sex that was not nearly as good as with Brenda, but adequate. Well maybe it was the physical contact that made it better than just masturbating. What was I doing?

Still naked, I walked though the kitchen. I grabbed the bottle of now warm beer from the counter and took a swig letting it swish around in my mouth before swallowing it. I could taste a mixture of Susan’s juices and the beer in my mouth. With my towel draped over one shoulder, I walked out to the ocean.

I loved to stand in the shallow water and let the waves splash against me. Facing away from the shore, I kicked a wave and the water flew into my face. I kicked again, my mouth open, and the salty water filled my mouth. I let some of it go down my throat. I didn’t quite know why, but that taste flooded my mind with thoughts of Brenda. The salty ocean water on my face was quickly replaced with salty tears. As I cried, I walked away from the house toward the point of land at the end of the beach. Every few steps, I stepped hard splashing the water the way Brenda and I had done that day. It wasn’t as fun now.

It was dark as I sat at the desk with the glow of the laptop screen casting a strange light though the room. In the silence between the breaking of the waves, I could hear the tapping of the keys as I wrote more of my book. Originally I was going to write a series of short stories, but now I was working on a whole book about my summer. I could feel the moisture flow between my legs as I wrote about Brenda and what she had done to me in bed.

The moon was half full as it rose above the ocean. Wow, six thousand more words! Some days the words just flow. I shuffled my feet across the cool terrazzo floor to the bedroom and flopped onto my back on the soft mattress. The dim glow of the moon illuminated just my breasts as I rubbed my fingers slowly across my nipples. A sensuous tingle, not quite an orgasm, flowed though my body and I drifted off to sleep.

My eyes blinked as I tried to wake up and I could not quite focus on the large orange numbers of the clock. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and finally saw it was 10:17. The sun was well up in the sky and it felt like it could be over 80 already, another hot day for sure. I lay on my back with my knees in the air, a finger flicking my clit lazily back and forth. Suddenly I could feel an unexpected tremble wash over my body. A finger from the other hand snuck inside me and rubbed around quickly turning the tremble into something more like a gentle orgasm.

The solitude of this part of the beach continued through the summer and I was more than willing to take advantage of it. Part of my morning routine had become a naked run out to the clear turquoise water and diving into a wave. I loved the feel of the warm salt water on my body and in my hair. The beach and the ocean bottom were made of wonderful white sand that felt nice against my skin too.

I wore only a long t-shirt as the headlights flashed across the room from Susan’s car pulling in the driveway. Standing in the front door, much like the first time, I watched as she got out of her car.

“Hey lover!” I called out loudly knowing there wasn’t anyone around to hear other than Susan.

“I’m already dripping wet thinking about you.”

I pulled the hem of my t-shirt up and dragged a fingertip though my pussy lips. “Me too.”

Susan grabbed my hand and pushed the finger that had just been in my pussy into her mouth and sucked on it. “So good.” She kissed me as she cupped her fingers over my pussy. “Tonight we have plenty of time.”

“All night if need be.” I cooed. My t-shirt was off before the door shut behind us. Her dress landed on the floor about halfway to the bedroom.

We lay next to each other just looking at each other as our fingers traced little paths over the soft skin. Little nibbles and tugs on our lips became tender kisses. Soft touches turned into deep probes inside us. Her open mouth blew a warm breath on my face as her breathing deepened. “You … making … fucking come,” she moaned with broken gasps.

The numbers on the clock read 2:11 as we paused for the third time and held each other.

“I have to work today.”

“Sorry. I was having a nice time.”

“I need to go home and get some sleep.”

“I understand.”


“Sure. Sooner if you want.”

“Still trying to not get very used to this.”

Naked, I waved as she backed out of the driveway.

By mid August, my last week here, I’d finished the draft of my book that was ready to send to my editor. I was pleased with the results, 400 pages and lots of hot sex, tender moments, and good romance. The double spaced pages were tucked inside the addressed brown envelope on the desk as I leaned back with my arms stretched over my head.

I could not believe how I’d become used to not wearing clothes. How strange it would be to go back home and have to be dressed. Here I’d only worn anything the few times I ventured out to shop, maybe a few other times.

Susan and I had been meeting twice a week for a few hours of sex. Our interludes were pleasant and nice stress relievers. It was a little strange when I’d go to the grocery store as I walked through the vegetable section and see her. There were times I would almost imagine seeing her standing naked next to the cucumbers, pulling one from between her legs, and then offering it to me.

The summer had been a real change from past summers, something I sure could get used to. There had been moments I’d even dreamed of buying the place from my Aunt. Of course there wouldn’t be a way to support myself so that would be impossible. Well next year I would sure try to have the place for the whole summer. Would it be as deserted? That would be great. I think I’d only see 5 people the whole time. I could see some developer coming in and bulldozing all these homes. That would be a shame.

“Is my sexy friend ready?” Susan called out as she walked through the front door.

I skipped across the floor and hugged her. “Only if your pussy is sopping wet.”

“That it is baby.”

She pulled me by the hand into the bedroom. Her dress was off in a blink with nothing under it. She flopped on the bed. “What’s keeping you?”

“Just watching someone looking like a horny teenager.”

“You light my fire honey.” Susan spread her legs so wide I thought they might break off at the hip. “Just eat me,” she begged as she spread her pussy wide with her fingers. “My clit needs your mouth on it.”

I too had turned into a sex-starved teenager. I loved to eat her pussy and have her eat mine. Lately we had started foregoing any foreplay and just leaping into sex. I was almost relieved we were doing that since it helped keep us, well me, from developing much of an emotional relationship. I knew I was kidding myself about that.

My tongue lapped up the juices puddled in her pussy and let them slide down my throat before I wrapped my lips around her erect clit and began sucking and nibbling on it. “Just like that,” she screamed, her orgasm already peaking. Her hand slapped the mattress as her hips bucked and heaved. “Fucking great,” she moaned, her head lifted so she could watch me eating her cunt.

We twisted our bodies around and put our legs on either side of us so our pussies were together. Our hips rocked back and forth grinding our cunts, our clits, together. I pulled on her ankle keeping her pressed hard against me. I started to orgasm. “Hell yeah! … Fuck me baby!” I yelled.

For the next few hours we fucked, sucked, and fingered each other in many ways. We fell backwards, limp from exhaustion, our arms outstretched. Silent, we just lay next to each other, with brief glimpses in the other’s direction.

I knew just like she knew, our time together was near the end. Probably tonight should be, would be, the end. I could feel the tears forming in my eyes and I could see them already rolling down her face. I pulled her close and kissed her. Our hands touched each other in all the places that had become so familiar, not for pleasure this time, but more like to say goodbye.

“Hard to think this is the last time.” Susan wiped at the tears with her fingers, but unable to keep up with the flow.

“I was afraid to start this. I knew my heart, our hearts, would be broken when we had to stop.”

“Me too. I just was having such a good time.”

“Maybe we can just remember those times then?”

“Kiss me. Just for a moment. Then I’ll go.”

We kissed passionately, our hands roaming over each other a last time, touching in ways that would only make it harder to part. We lingered during some touches. Our tears lay on each other, as we pulled apart and stood. She pulled her dress on and her panties up along her legs.

“Karen … I’ll reme…”

“I will too. You helped me though this summer.”

I held her hand as we walked though the house to the front door. I stood and watched until I could not see the taillights of her car.

Back in bed, alone now, I fingered myself through several orgasms as I tried to put Susan out of my mind. All I could do was think what a fool I was for letting myself get even slightly attached to her. We were so different, not at all like Brenda and me. Brenda was my soul mate and I’d let her go. I cried myself to sleep.

The last afternoon at the beach, I lay naked on my towel in the very place I was when Brenda first spoke to me. The sun was now much warmer than then and as I fingered myself I became hotter. My clit flipped up and down as my fingertip strummed it. I was in perfect tune and the music of my orgasm was a fine love song filled with images of Brenda. The third orgasm was over and I lay on my back with my eyes closed, almost asleep.

“Like some company?”

I thought it was just a crazy dream. I forced my eyes open enough to realize someone was standing next to me. How could I forget that voice? It was Brenda. I jumped to my feet and stood in front of her. Her hair was gone. Her right arm ended closer to her shoulder than her elbow. She was still Brenda. Brenda was back. Oh my God, she was back. My heart pounded like the surf not so far away.

“How did you know I was turned on by bald women with one arm?” I smiled a devilish grin, my silly sense of humor taking over for a moment.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her for several minutes. She kissed me back. We were like long lost lovers seeing each other again.

“And I thought I just did it so there would be more room in that tiny shower.” She giggled and almost laughed. I could tell she was uncomfortable talking about whatever had happened.

We pulled back a little and stared at each other.

“It is so wonderful to see you again.” I smiled as I looked into her eyes. “I thought I’d only have a dream to hold onto.”

Hand in hand, I led her towards the house. As I took a step, I pushed my hip towards hers and made contact. On her next step, she did the same. We giggled like little girls as we turned our heads to look at each other. It was almost like she had never left.

I held the door open and Brenda walked ahead of me into the house. She must have read my mind and pulled me towards the bedroom. All I wanted to do was to trade kisses all over our bodies. We sat next to each other as I pulled her tank top over her head. As we lay next to each other, our breasts pressed against each other, we kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues. My hand slid along her side, unfastened her cutoffs, and slipped them down her thighs.

My fingertip dragged through her pussy lips and pulled her clit out into the open. I leaned over and gave it a few sucks and licks.

“Goddamn how I missed this little piece of you!”

“I’m such a mess.” She paused. “You saved my life.”

I pulled myself back up along side of Brenda as she kicked her cutoffs off her legs and onto the floor. Our bare skin rubbed against each other sending chills through my body, almost like a mini orgasm. I lightly kissed her lips and she stroked my cheek with the remains of her arm. I turned my head a little and kissed the end trying to let her know it was okay. We traded kisses on our lips for several minutes, but I could see the tears starting to form in the corner of her eyes. My fingertip wiped them away.

“Brenda darling … it’s okay. You’re next to me now and that is all that matters to me.”

“But you let me go so easily?”

“I thought it was just a fling for both of us. I was so wrong. I hurt all summer. I often slept with your bathing suit and held it to my face until I couldn’t smell you anymore. It wasn’t until this morning I threw it far out into the ocean.”

“Before I met you, they found a tumor in my elbow. I was told it was surgery or a short time to live. The day I first saw you, I was actually at the beach that day to take a one-way walk out into the ocean. I don’t know why I talked to you, but those few days with you gave me a reason to live. I just didn’t know if it was too late to do anything about the tumor. I was afraid to say anything.”

“It isn’t too late … whatever time I can have with you is precious to me.”

“You’re so sweet. That was something I loved about you, the way you always said the right thing. They said the surgery and the chemo has left me cancer free.”

I rolled on top of Brenda, her legs wrapped around my hips, and we ground our pussies together. It didn’t take long before she was moaning loudly. “I needed you … to make … me … cum so badly,” she said, almost in a scream, the pauses filled with gasps. Her hand reached behind my head and pulled my face against hers, her tongue forcing my lips apart and searching for my tongue. They touched and rubbed against each other. Her mouth opened wide and an almost silent “fuck” escaped followed by a less silent one as her orgasm began to rack her body. Her legs squeezed me tighter and I continued to rub my pussy against hers. As she began to relax, I felt my muscles tighten as a pleasant orgasm flowed over me.

We twisted our bodies around until we were kissing the other’s pussy. I could feel her lips around my clit, that feeling I had missed all summer. It was like Susan had never been between my legs. Brenda’s tongue parted the folds of skin and licked the moisture that was ready to flood from me.

I stopped and watched. Her baldhead was moving up and down as she licked me, her hand rested on one thigh, the end of her arm on the other.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Do I need to get you a white cane and teach you Braille, or maybe two eye patches?”

“Too me you are beautiful. I don’t care what others might think. I just want you with me.”

She looked at me with disbelief. I sat up, reached towards her, and pulled her up towards me. She sat between my legs, her back rested against me, my arms wrapped around her waist. I kissed the back of her neck and I cradled her breasts in my hands, my fingers rolling the nipples between them.

“Brenda…” I paused for a moment. She turned her head enough she could kiss me. I continued, “We lost each other once. We almost lost something that should not have been lost. I won’t let you go this time.”

“That’s why I came back.”

As she lay back down, she pulled me down beside her and kissed me, her tongue stroking my lips, and rubbing my tongue. Her hand was touching me all over. Her fingers paused a moment to touch my nipples. I could feel her hand slide across my stomach as it worked its way between my legs. My legs spread wider making sure there was nothing in the way of her touching me. “I love you,” she whispered as she nibbled on my earlobe and just before her fingers entered me. I could feel my thighs tighten as her fingers went deeper inside me. I tried to kiss her and she said, “just lay there.” She pressed her fingertips up and rubbed that delicate place just enough to make me lose control and drive me into a heavenly state of being. My hands gripped the sheets to keep me from flying off the mattress as I began to buck and slam my hips. “That’s it baby … come for me … I’ve dreamed of this many nights.” I begged her to stop and she just shook her head while she smiled at me.

We rolled over and while we kissed, she humped my thigh with long strokes. Her head lifted and her mouth opened wide as she obviously started an orgasm. “Oh darling, I’m not letting you get away again.” An unintelligible few words escaped her mouth followed by a deep moan as she finished her orgasm, then she collapsed on my chest. She lifted her head just enough to look in my eyes for a few moments. “I am so lucky to have you next to me.”

That night we walked naked on the beach and splashed in the water as the full moon hung just above the horizon.

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