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Julia pulled open the front of her black lace kimono style wrap and brought both of her hands up to her breasts. Pulling down her black lace push-up bra slightly, she began brushing her fingertips gently back and forth over her nipples, causing them to stiffen hastily. She then began pinching and pulling on both at the same time. An elegant, fine-boned woman in her late forties, she was clearly comfortable with her sexuality, as well as her own body.

A low moan escaped her lips as she flipped her head back in elation, the soft, sinuous waves of her luscious blonde shoulder length hair swinging seductively. She could feel her pussy getting wet. While still tweaking her left nipple, she reached down and slipped her right hand inside her black, lace-trimmed hip-hugger panties. As her fingers connected with her clit, she gasped lightly, arching her back as her piercing, almost cat-like eyes stared at the scene playing out on the bed in front of her.

Lisa was facing her, turned away from Roger and straddling his hips in a reverse cowgirl position. Julia knew how much her husband enjoying having sex this way and could tell that this young woman’s body was built for it. She watched in blissful awe as the slim 28-year-old’s tight little pussy stretched over his cock as her perfect ass slammed up and down repeatedly. He groaned quietly as she reached down and began playing with his balls as she rode atop him, her modest sized tits dancing to the rhythm of their fucking. She lightly bit her lower lip as she reached back and slapped herself once on her right ass cheek, making sure to steal periodic glances at her lover’s wife sitting only a few feet in front of her.

Roger let out a ravenous grumble as he watched the sumptuous ribbons of long, shiny brown curls bounce radiantly in front of him with each plunge onto his dick. The slender, darkly handsome 53-year-old ran one hand through his bristling, brush cut salt and pepper hair while she took hold of the other one and placed it on her firm ass. Following her lead, his hand almost immediately pulled away from her flesh and then quickly came crashing back down onto her cheek with a loud smack that echoed throughout the bedroom. He smiled in satisfaction as he heard the distinctive yelp of pleasure and pain from his young lover.

Julia was still absent-mindedly playing with her left nipple as her other hand plunged her middle finger deep into her pussy. She took a sharp breath and arched her back as she began to finger herself to the sight and sound of her husband being ridden by this beautiful creature. Her hand left her breast and joined its partner in between her legs, rhythmically massaging her clit as she marvelled at how utterly turned on she was by watching Roger fuck another woman. Pumping her middle finger in and out of her cunt, she began fucking herself as if her finger were a small penis. She tried to match the couple’s lovemaking tempo, pushing her hips forward to meet her thrusting finger in time with their cadence. Her eyes made contact with her husband’s lover as she fucked herself silly with her finger.

Lisa was grinding her pussy down onto him now, his cock buried deep inside her as she writhed in ecstasy. As good as the dick felt in her insatiable cunt, seeing his wife masturbating right in front of them and enjoying the show was just as fulfilling. The two women’s eyes met and they both knew that they were trying hard to reach orgasm at the same time. A shiver of exhilaration rippled through her body as she once again began slowly gliding her wet snatch up and down his shaft.

Roger’s eyes darted back and forth between the hot young vixen on top of him and his wife pleasuring herself a few feet away. Even in his wildest fantasies, he never imagined how incredibly arousing such a scenario truly would be. An involuntary groan of pleasure escaped his lips as he took hold of his lover’s hips and started to guide her motions, attempting to synchronize her movements with those of his wife’s thrusting hips.

Julia increased the pressure on her clit as she put another finger in her pussy. When she and her husband had first discussed the idea of bringing a third party into their bed, she was instantly turned on by the thought of watching him fuck another woman, but this was even better than she had hoped for. By now she was almost panting for breath, her two fingers buried deep in her cunt and her sticky juices slowly starting to run down from her engorged slit. Watching the two of them fuck was the most erotic thing she had ever seen.

Lisa’s body glistened with sweat as she ran her hands through her curly mane and licked her lips, all the while keeping her eyes locked on the woman fingering herself in front of her. She had always been an adventurous girl sexually, so when the not-so-innocent flirting with her boss escalated to an offer to join him and his wife in the bedroom, it had not taken her very long to accept. With a wry smile to their audience of one, she finally laid back on top of him so she was facing the ceiling. She pinched her nipples firmly as she continued to wiggle back and forth on his cock.

Roger buried his nose into the mass of curls tickling his face and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her down harder on top of his dick. Once he and his wife became seriously committed to their new sexual venture, his thoughts on potential candidates quickly narrowed to one young lady in particular. Ever since she had started tending bar at his restaurant six months earlier he had felt a strong attraction to her and, based on her flirtatious personality and the gossip about her promiscuity, he was cautiously optimistic that she would be open to his invitation. His hands moved from her hips and joined hers on top of her tits as she turned her head to the side and touched her lips to his.

Julia’s body quivered as she took in the intimate kiss between her husband and his new lover. Subconsciously, her legs spread even further apart as she thrilled at the sight. Leaning further back in her chair, her fingers teased her clit with little circular motions as her other hand returned to her bosom to caress the nipple on her left breast. She could tell how much he was enjoying fucking this young woman, and was quite certain that his gratification was easily being matched, if not surpassed by her own. A soft moan warbled from deep inside her as she watched the couple reposition themselves on the bed.

Lisa knelt on all fours, facing her lover’s wife and presenting her beautiful ass to him. Her long, curly brown hair flowed over her left shoulder as she turned to smile at him, and her body trembled as he reached under her to caress her pendulous tits, gently swaying back and forth as he began to massage them. Never before had she had any interest in voyeurism or given much thought to just how exhilarating being watched could be, but this was quickly turning into one of the most sexually satisfying exploits she had ever experienced. She locked eyes with their spectator and licked her lips as she felt his hands slide up her back and steadily work their way down to her firm ass.

Roger’s hands glided over her perfect ass and onto her thighs, where he guided her legs apart as he quickly got on his knees behind her. His rigid cock slid easily into her smouldering snatch and he immediately began pounding away into her deliciously tight cunt. Reaching forward, he grabbed a length of his young lover’s curly locks and yanked her head back as he shoved his dick as far into her pussy as it would go. As his thighs slapped continuously against her ass cheeks, he made sure to shoot a look at his wife as she enjoyed the show. Seeing her so thoroughly engrossed in the act of pleasuring herself as she watched her husband slam into this young vixen, he was fairly certain that his prick had never been harder in his life.

Julia was desperate to come. While one hand rubbed her sensitive clit, she pumped the middle two fingers of her other hand in and out of her fiery cunt. Her hands were a blur as her ass almost lifted completely off the seat to allow her pumping fingers to penetrate deeper. Focusing her gaze on the expression on the face of her husband’s lover, she could tell that he was fucking her as hard and as fast as he possibly could. Jealousy non-existent, a jolt of pure erotic bliss rocked her body as she started to come.

Lisa’s eyes widened as she saw her lover’s wife bring herself to orgasm right in front of her. It was an unbelievable sight and one that was arousing her in ways she had never imagined. As the hard cock pounded into her from behind, she lifted her ass up as far as she could thrust it and rested her head on her arms to watch their voyeur come down from her orgasm. Within seconds, she was lost in the intensity of her own explosion as he stroked in and out of her mercilessly.

Roger marvelled at the double satisfaction of seeing his wife get off watching him fuck another woman combined with his new lover enjoying her own release thanks to his hard working dick. Wanting to put off his own orgasm as long as possible, he hunkered down over her body and placed his hands over hers, riding her deeply as she began thrusting backwards to meet each of his strokes. He never realized anything could feel as good as this did, his cock buried deep inside one hot babe as his beautiful wife fingered herself steps away.

Julia tried to catch her breath as she spread her legs wide and gently grazed her fingers over her dripping slit. She knew that her husband had always loved to watch her masturbate and she had always thoroughly enjoyed doing it for him, but never before had she ever felt an orgasm quite as powerful as the one she had just experienced. There was no doubt that watching the young woman on the bed reach her own release at the hands (and cock) of her husband was definitely to thank for taking her to new levels of sexual gratification.

Lisa squeezed her eyes shut and tried to steady herself as she came down from her release. She had known from the moment that he slid his hard-on into her tight, hot cunt that she was likely going to enjoy her biggest and best orgasm ever, and she had not been disappointed. As sexually liberated as she had always thought she was, what she was experiencing right now was by far her most satisfying and erotic escapade. Her eyelids fluttered open and she once again locked eyes with her lover’s wife. The two women smiled knowingly in each other’s direction, their sexual connection, though not physical, was electric, and filled the room.

Roger could not take it much longer. Watching both of these amazing women explode, plus fucking one of them as furiously as he possibly could, had driven him to the edge. He pulled out of his young lover and flipped her onto her back as he wrapped his hand around his shaft and began to stroke. Groaning in anticipation, he watched as she squeezed her tits and bit her lower lip hungrily while his hand slid over his throbbing cock. Finally, his balls began to boil and he knew he was about the come.

Julia gasped aloud as she watched her husband, dick in hand, take aim at the young woman laid out in front of him. The first shot of come splattered across the bottom of her tits, with the second landed between them and ran up her chest all the way up to her neck. His wife stared in wonderment and lust as he seemed to spurt an endless fountain of come.

Lisa smiled widely and her eyes darted over to her lover’s wife just as a shot of come splattered across her face. Her fingers moved to her breasts and she pulled on her nipples mercilessly as another string of his hot fuck juice splashed across her chest. She clutched her tits in her hands and began rubbing them, smearing his come into her skin.

Roger, completely spent, collapsed onto the bed beside his come-drenched lover and tried to catch his breath. He watched as she mindlessly continued caressing her breasts, rubbing his jizz around her nipples, and could not help but smile at the sight. As impressed as he was with that vision, when his eyes moved to take in his wife, his grin widened even further as he watched her gaze fixed on the sticky young woman massaging his come onto her tits. To his own amazement, his cock was already starting to get hard again as he saw his wife’s hand slip back in between her legs and a sensual moan escape her lips.

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