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Frankie & Mrs. Young

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Frankie had been doing the same thing every summer since he was 14; mowing the lawns for the local housewives of his neighborhood for some extra cash. Most paid him well, and he had a series of regular clients. Most people wouldn’t think looking at him that such a friendly and dependable kid would also be successfully running his own lawn mowing business. Now, 18, this would be his last summer of mowing lawns as he was leaving for college in August. Frankie was a handsome young man, with light brown hair and blue eyes, and thanks to his lawn mowing job, had developed a nice firm shape to his 5’11” body.

He even had a set schedule that he stuck to faithfully. Every Tuesday and Friday, he’d start at Mrs. Green’s house, then Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Young, who would feed him lunch, then visit Mrs. Packard, and end at Mrs. King’s house, who lived next door. The ladies always looked forward to his visits, and at the end of summer, would always tip him well with money, or gift cards to his favorite store. His favorite was Mrs. Young, because she always fed him and allowed him a rest before he had to move onto his next client. She was also the one he was the most attracted to and would fantasize about many nights alone in his bedroom. He dreaded Mrs. Thompson’s because her husband was often there and would criticize him for not mowing the lawn correctly, but wouldn’t do it himself. He also wouldn’t let Mrs. Thompson give him a tip when he was around, which was too often.

Mr. and Mrs. Thompsons had to go out of town for a wedding and Frankie was told not to mow their lawn during their absence. Mr. Thompson felt Frankie was a punk looking to rob their house because his mother wasn’t married and he was earning money to help her pay the bills. Mr. Thompson had no idea how hard Frankie’s mother was working, or how Frankie’s father had abandoned them both when Frankie was a baby. Frankie disliked Mr. Thompson, but liked Mrs. Thompson, and wondered why such a nice woman was with such a cruel man. Mrs. Thompson told Frankie if he would mow the lawn upon their return, she’d pay him extra, even if she had to sneak the extra money to him through one of the other neighbors (like Mrs. Young.) Often, Frankie would tell Mrs. Young how much he wished Mrs. Thompson would leave Mr. Thompson, but said he’d always mow her lawn if she asked, even for free, so Mr. Thompson wouldn’t be angry with her.

That first Tuesday the Thompsons were gone, Frankie started his day as usual, going to Mrs. Green’s house early, and mowing her lawn. She liked it when he’d start early so she could enjoy her nicely mowed lawn all day. She slipped him an extra ten bucks, a kiss on his cheek, and thanked him for his time. Frankie trekked to the Thompsons’ before he remembered they weren’t home. He decided to go to Mrs. Young’s house, and get an early start. He knew he was too early for lunch, and wouldn’t be able go to Mrs. Packard’s until his normal time, as she wouldn’t be home from her job, and she liked to be there when he worked. He had never gone to Mrs. Young’s house so early before, so when he arrived, he was surprised to see her wearing a low cut t-shirt, and shorts. Her long blond hair hung loosely over her shoulders and her blue eyes sparkled. Mrs. Young was the only other divorced woman on the block and she worked from home. She greeted Frankie with a smile and a cold glass of fresh lemonade.

“Thank you Mrs. Young,” he said smiling.

“I figured you’d be thirsty, but why are you so early? Mr. Thompson being extra mean today?”

“They’re out of town for a wedding,” he said.

“Oh, right,” she said. “I forgot Millie mentioned that. They’ll be gone all week. And I’ll bet that skin-flint Mr. Thompson won’t let you work while he’s gone.”

“Yeah,” said Frankie. “But Mrs. Thompson said she’ll pay me extra when she gets back to mow her overgrown lawn, even if she has to give you the money.”

Mrs. Young smiled and said, “If she gives me any money for you, I guarantee you’ll get it.”

“Is it too early for me to start?”

Mrs. Young’s smile changed, taking on an almost wicked quality. “No Frankie, it’s never too early to start.”

Frankie wondered what she meant, but decided not to push it. He proceeded to mow her grass and when he was finished, he came into her kitchen. There, on the breakfast bar, was another glass of lemonade and a sandwich with some chips waiting for him. Mrs. Young smiled as he sat down to eat.

“Hot today,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said. “Hotter than normal.”

“What are you going to do when you’re finished here?”

“Don’t know,” he said taking a bite of his sandwich. “Mrs. Packard and Mrs. King work and they like to be home when I work so they can make sure I do what they want.”

“You sure it isn’t so they can watch such a fine young man work?”

Frankie started to choke. He wasn’t sure, but he thought she was flirting with him. When he stopped coughing, he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Frankie,” she said as she rubbed his shoulder. “You’re a handsome young man. I know I’ve enjoyed watching you mature over the last four years from a gangly boy into a fine young man. And old ladies like me love to watch handsome young men work.”

Frankie blushed and said, “Mrs. Young, you’re not old.”

“Hell boy!” she cried. “I’m in my 40’s. When I was your age, a boy like you wouldn’t look twice at me.”

“Bullshit!” he cried. “You’re gorgeous! I mean, you’ve got a smoking hot body and trust me when I say, I’d do you if you were my age.”

Mrs. Young’s smile grew and she asked, “What about now?”

“Now? Well, I ugh-”

Mrs. Young started to laugh and said, “It’s okay Frankie. You don’t have to answer that.”

Frankie had fantasized about Mrs. Young since he first started working for her. She was the source of his first wet dream, and he had long wanted to find out if she was real, or silicone. He didn’t want to tell his best customer how he really felt, for fear she’d fire him on the spot. Yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling she was teasing him, taunting him with her body. She had never dressed so provocatively before, and she was feeding his desires.

“Mrs. Young,” he said. “I like you a lot. You’re a real nice lady.”

“But I’m also as old as your mother,” she said.

“I just don’t want you to fire me.”

“Why the hell would I fire you Frankie?”

Frankie blushed and said, “I don’t know.”

“Frankie,” she coaxed.

“Mrs. Young, I think about you. A lot.”

“How so?” she asked.

“I think you’re hot. Like, really hot.”

“And you’re afraid if you say that I’ll fire you?”


“I won’t,” she said. “In fact I’m flattered.”



“Okay,” he said smiling.

“So, what is your girlfriend going to do when you leave for college?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh come on Frankie, you can tell me the truth.”

“Honestly. No girlfriend. We broke up months ago.”


“Why? Oh, I… ugh… that is… well… Mrs. Young, can I be honest with you?”


“We broke up because I wanted to, and she didn’t. See, I didn’t want to go to college never having done it before.”

“You mean sex?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he blushed.

“Are you a virgin?”

“MRS. YOUNG!” he cried blushing. He couldn’t believe she was being so friendly, or asking him such personal questions. She had never talked to him like this before, and he was starting to wonder why.

“Oh Frankie,” she said smiling. “It’s okay. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

He hung his head for a few moments, then looked up and whispered, “Yeah.”

She hugged him, pressing her breasts into him and said, “Oh my dear sweet boy. Whoa! You need a shower!”

“Yeah,” he said. “Sorry about that.”

“I have an idea, why don’t you take a quick shower in my bathroom. Then you’ll feel better and it will help you kill time before you need go to Mrs. Packard’s house.”

Frankie sighed. The sound of a shower did sound nice, and it meant he would be able to stay at her house a bit longer. “Sure that would be nice.”

Mrs. Young escorted Frankie to her bedroom. He had always wondered what it looked like, and now here he was, standing in her room. Her bed was on a raised hardwood base, her dressers and end tables matched. Her bed was made with a blue comforter and lots of pillows. She handed him some clean towels and offered to wash his clothes, but he said he was fine. Her bathroom connected to her room, and the shower and toilet were in a separate smaller room from the sinks. She told him to take as long as he wanted and left the room. Frankie stripped down, turned on the shower, and when the water was warm enough, he shut the door between the shower/toilet room and the sinks, and stepped in. The warm water ran down his body and he leaned into the showerhead, and let the water just run down his naked body.

He never heard the door open, or the moving shower curtain, but he felt her hand on his back. Frankie jumped and saw Mrs. Young, standing before him in the shower, naked. Her hair was only slightly damp, and her breasts were as magnificent as he’d imagined. He started to speak, but she grabbed his face and kissed him, forcing her tongue into his mouth. He didn’t resist, but wrapped his arms around her and kissed her in return. Her naked breasts pressed against his hard chest and his now growing erection was pressing into her stomach.

“Mrs. Young?”

“Shhh,” she said. “Don’t talk, just trust me.”

She kissed him again and their tongues danced together in their erotic coupling. When they separated, she poured some shampoo into her hands and began to wash his hair. He leaned over so she wouldn’t have to stretch to reach him. She scrubbed his hair, then moved so she could rinse it. Then she took some soap and a washcloth and washed his body. She stared at his shoulders, and arms, then turned him around and scrubbed his back. Her movements were slow, and gentle. She cleaned every inch of his back, then turned him around and began on his chest. His breathing was ragged and shallow, as she washed his arms, his chest and his stomach.

His mind raced but he couldn’t think or process a rational thought. Was he dreaming? Was this really happening? She dropped to her knees and washed his feet, his legs, and his knees. His cock was rock hard and in her face. She gently washed it, then turned him to rinse it off. With one hand, she cleaned his cock, and the other washed his ass. She turned him back to her, and slipped her mouth over his freshly washed cock. He fell back into the wall of the shower and moaned. His mind spun as all he could process was the incredible feeling he was experiencing as she gave him his first ever blowjob. It didn’t take long before he reached a massive climax as he screamed and filled her mouth with his seed. To his shock, she didn’t spit it out, but swallowed it all.

He lifted her up and kissed her hard, pushing her into the shower wall. His thoughts and senses were starting to come back and he wanted to feel the breasts and body of this woman who was here with him now. His hands trembled as he began to touch her breasts. They responded to his touch, and her nipples became even harder. “May I wash you now?”

She smiled and nodded. He moved her under the water until her hair and body were wet. He got some shampoo into his hands and gently washed her hair. She purred and smiled as his hands worked her. He rinsed her hair and then asked, “What else do I do?”

She smiled and said, “See that bottle of conditioner?”


“Put that in my hair, but don’t rinse right away. Usually I wash my skin then rinse my hair after.”

“Okay,” he said.

Frankie grabbed the conditioner and massaged it into her hair. Then he took the same cloth she washed him with, and washed her body. He started at her shoulders, and washed her arms and freshly shaved armpits. He noticed the soft sent of her deodorant mixing with the soap and it fueled his arousal. Just as she had done to him, he turned her around and washed her back, slowly, thoroughly. Then he turned her around, kissed her softly, and began to wash her breasts. Her nipples hardened under his touch as she gasped. He stopped and she grabbed his hand and smiled.

“Don’t stop, please.”

He smiled and nodded. He resumed washing her breasts slowly, making her moan. Her breasts were firm, solid, and he now knew, they were real. He washed them for a while, then worked his way down, washing her stomach, making her giggle. He knelt down, and washed her feet and legs. He was staring at her sex, the curly blond hair covered mound of womanly goodness. He could smell her arousal, and wanted to taste. He leaned his face in toward her, but she pulled away.

Mrs. Young looked down at her young eager lover and said almost breathlessly, “Wash me now and I promise to let you taste me later.”

He smiled as his hand came up between her thighs. She spread her legs and he gently washed her sex. She moaned under his touch. “My ass, don’t forget my ass.”

He turned her around and washed her firm, round ass. He rose and rinsed her body and hair until he was sure all the soap was gone. He may have spent a bit too much time checking her sex, but she didn’t object. Her breathing was hard and ragged; he could tell she was as aroused as he was. She turned the water off, and grabbed a towel. As she was drying him off slowly, carefully, she asked, “Did you like what I did?”

“Yeah,” he gasped.

His cock was quickly growing hard again and she smiled. “My, what a beautiful cock you have Frankie.”

“Thanks,” he moaned.

“You’ve grown into such a handsome and muscular young man.”

She handed him a dry towel and he in turn slowly and gently dried her off. “You’re body, it’s so beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she said.

They stepped out of the shower together, and she led him to her bed. The pillows were gone, and the comforter was pulled back. She climbed into her bed and he quickly followed without question or hesitation. She kissed him as they lay back on her bed. His hands caressed her breasts and she pushed his head toward her aching breasts. He began suckling her right nipple as she moaned. His hand worked her left nipple, then he’d switch and suckle the left nipple and his hand would play with her right. She moaned and squirmed under his weight, and finally, pushed his shoulders down. He kissed down her stomach until he was at the top of her hairline and stopped.

“It’s okay Frankie, please, kiss me, lick me, make me scream.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said nervously.

“You won’t,” she said. “Just go slowly. Kiss it like you kissed me before.”

“But Mrs. Young-”

“Sandra,” she whispered. “Please, call me Sandra.”

“Sandra,” he whispered.

She reached down to her sex and said, “Kiss me here, please.”

He kissed where her fingers were and she moaned, “OH YES! DON’T STOP!”

She pulled her hand away, and he continued to kiss her sex. He licked the outer lips, then slowly allowed his tongue to probe inside her pussy. She moaned louder and flexed her hips into his mouth.

“Slip your finger inside,” she whispered.

He wanted to slip his rock hard cock into her, but instead, he slid a finger into her, and could feel the wetness. Her sweet musky scent drove his arousal as he kissed her more. He slid a second finger into her and she responded with moans and cried, “More Frankie! Make me cum!”

He licked and kissed, and when he found her clit, she screamed in ecstasy and her body shook as he was rewarded with the flood of womanly juices covering his hand and face. The taste was arousing in a way that he had never imagined and he greedily took all she was going to give him. He decided he couldn’t wait another moment longer, pulled his rigid penis up, and mounted her. He slipped his rock hard cock into her warm pussy, and slowly entered her. He was amazed that he could feel all of her, and that she took all of his cock. He slowly moved in and out, and she was meeting him with her hips, thrust for thrust. He sucked her nipples while he thrust making her moan. Then he’d straighten up and she’d kiss him, slipping her tongue between his lips. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he moved faster, and began to pound her. It didn’t take long for her to climax again with a shriek.

“Would you take me from behind?” she asked.

“How?” he asked.

She smiled and said, “I’ll show you.”

She pushed him off her, and quickly got on her hands and knees. He smiled and entered her again, grabbing her hips, and pounding her now. She moaned and soon, another climax, even stronger than the ones before. He reached under her and play with her breasts, kissing her back and fucking her the way he’d always dreamed.

“Oh Sandra,” he said. “You’re amazing.”

“Thank you Frankie,” she gasped.

He fucked her hard and fast, working her sex and making her beg for more. Her ass was in his hands, and he put a finger against her anus. It slipped inside just a little and she screamed, “YES FRANKIE! TAKE MY ASS! MAKE IT YOURS!”

He pulled his hard cock out of her pussy, but quickly realized he had no idea what to do. “How do you want me to do this?”

“Take me to edge of my bed, get some lube from my drawer, and squeeze some into my ass.”

He opened the drawer and saw the tube, then he pulled her to the edge of her bed, and after a few tries, got some lube into her ass. “Won’t this hurt?”

“You must go slowly to make it yours,” she said. “Use your finger, watch what happens.”

Trusting her, he pushed the small pucker with his finger until she released and it slid in. He added more lube and repeated the process a few more times before he was sure he wouldn’t hurt her. Then he stood on the floor, and slowly entered her ass. It was so tight and she gasped and said, “Finish in my ass, please!”

He was amazed when his cock fully entered her. He reached under her and began to play with her clit with his hand as he fucked her incredibly tight ass. He could feel his balls tighten and the feeling inevitability took over. He became an animal as his body prepared for his release of semen. She squirmed and squealed with delight and soon, he felt himself explode within her, making her climax one last time. He collapsed on top of her panting, trying to catch his breath. After a few minutes, he slowly pulled out and kissed her back. He tasted the salty sweat of her skin as she lay there, gasping for air

“Go clean yourself up,” she whispered.

He walked to the bathroom, and washed off his well-used cock. She wandered in after him and washed her pussy and ass. They dressed slowly, and she smiled. “Looks like I wore it down, didn’t I Frankie.”

Frankie looked down and smiled. “Yeah, I guess you did.”

They walked into the kitchen together, and she poured him a glass of lemonade. “I hope you don’t think less of me.”

He took the glass, sat down and asked, “Why would I?”

“Because of what we just did,” she said.

“Oh god Sandra, it was incredible.”

She smiled and said, “Don’t be so informal outside of my bedroom.”

“Yes, Mrs. Young.”

She smiled and said, “I’m not a whore, Frankie. I’m a woman with needs and wants. I’ve wanted to do that since you started mowing my lawn, but I waited. I didn’t want your mother to have me arrested. You’re 18 now, and soon, you’ll be gone. I knew my window of opportunity was small.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want you do come back and do this again.”

“Really?” he asked not believing his ears.

She smiled and said, “Really. Just know this, when you go to college, always wear a condom. Not all girls like anal so don’t expect it. I hope I’ve taught you something about making love. Always try to satisfy your partner. Besides, I just couldn’t let you leave me without showing you how special of a young man you are.”

“You think I’m special?”

“Yes Frankie, I do. I also know how important it is to experience sex with someone who is a bit more experienced.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Mrs. Young sat next to him and took his hand into hers. “My first time was with a boy I had been dating for a long time. He was nice, but not very attentive. We were in my parents’ bedroom making out, one thing lead to another and it was over before I knew it. He was satisfied and I was sore. He dumped me shortly after and I was depressed. I guess that’s why when Mr. Young came along, I believed his bullshit. Now, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Young was an excellent lover, just ask his secretary.”

Frankie laughed at this and said, “You’re incredible Mrs. Young.”

“As are you,” she replied smiling. “And I think it’s about time you get going. Mrs. Packard should be home by now and she’ll wonder why I’ve kept you so late.”

Frankie finished his lemonade and headed to Mrs. Packard’s house. He still couldn’t believe that the same woman who had been the focus of many masturbation sessions, had taken his virginity. That night, he replayed the events of what had happened, the feel of her breasts, the touch of her lips on his cock, the feel of her tight pussy and even tighter ass, his cock grew rock hard and he envisioned her jerking him off as his hand took care of his erection. Friday could not come fast enough for Frankie to see if Mrs. Young, Sandra in her bedroom, would let him do it again, or if it was just a onetime session. To his surprise, she did not disappoint as she asked him to “fix” something in her bedroom. That something turned out to be her wanting body.

For the rest of the summer, he’d spend extra time at Mrs. Young’s house, mowing her lawn, and making love to her. Frankie seemed to smile more than he ever had before. Even his mother noticed this but passed it off as his “getting ready for college” excitement. Frankie’s friends noticed that he seemed to be wistful about leaving home for college, but never learned the true reason. Mrs. Young was his “private tutor” and taught him so much that fateful summer. When August arrived, he found it difficult to leave his home, and his summer lover. He wanted more of a relationship with Mrs. Young, but knew how much it would hurt his mother, as the two women were friends. The day before he left, his lawn-mowing customers all gave him presents to help him in college. Mrs. Green presented him a tablet computer. Mrs. Thompson gave him an expensive pen set (that her husband complained loudly about), Mrs. Packard gave him $200 in gift cards to buy his schoolbooks, and Mrs. King gave him a microwave and coffee maker for his dorm room.

These were nothing compared to the gift Mrs. Young had already given him, the love making lessons. Her final gift was a thousand dollars for school, and the pair of satin Fredrick’s of Hollywood panties she was wearing the day she stepped into the shower, which changed his life forever, with a note that said, “Keep these safe, and remember me always.”

What Frankie and the other neighborhood ladies didn’t know was this was to be Mrs. Young’s last summer. While Frankie was away at college, Mrs. Young passed away. Seemed that she had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and the doctors had only given her a few weeks to live, just days before her first encounter with Frankie. It was then she decided to live in the moment, and fulfill her one last sexual fantasy, that lasted all summer long.

On the day of her funeral, Frankie was standing with his mother when a man stepped up and asked, “Are you Frankie?”

“Yeah,” said Frankie, confused.

“This is for you,” said the man as he handed him an envelope. “Mrs. Young left you everything in her will. This letter was to be delivered to you upon her death. She must have really liked you.”

“Who are you?” asked Frankie.

“I’m her lawyer, or was before she died,” he said. “Call me when you’re on your next school break and we’ll go over her estate.”

“What about this?” asked Frankie holding up the mysterious letter.

“Read that alone,” he said. “That was all she told me. To give it to you and ask that you read that letter alone.”

Frankie hid the letter until he was back at school, in his dorm room. His roommate was out so he pulled out Mrs. Young’s letter and read it.

My Dearest Frankie,

If you are reading this letter, then you know my tumor has taken my life. I want you to know, I never would have had the courage to do what I did with you had it not happened. You gave a dying woman the greatest gift you could, your time, your attention, your love. That summer was the best I could remember. I have left you everything in my estate because I have no children, and my ex-husband is a skunk. Do with it what you will, but please keep those panties I gave you. Please think of me fondly, and don’t weep over my death too much, our sexual encounters helped with my pain. And for the record… you took my virginity… with my ass. I knew you’d want it… and I wanted to experience it once, before I died. Thank you for being so gentle with me. Live your life to its fullest, and remember me fondly.

All my love,

Sandra Young

Frankie finished the letter, folded it up, and slipped it back into the envelope. Then, for the first time that he could remember, he cried and wept for the loss of his friend and former lover.

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