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Two Sets Of Sisters

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No, No,…I didn’t have them all at once. That would be too unbelievable, but I have to say that I’ve been the lucky sexual recipient of two sets of sisters at all different times when I was younger. The first set was Patty and Kathy, a set of hot Irish American girls. My best friend was going out with Patty at the time. I met her sister Kathy at numerous times on visits at her apartment with my friend and Patty. Patty was a little cuter as looks go but they both were 5’1′ with really hot curvaceous bodies.

Patty would often wear tight clothes in order to show her stuff off which made my friend jealous and her sister would call her a slut. She craved attention….A lot!!! As we were all good friends after a year, I would often give Patty rides to work and to her sister’s house. Even though my best friend was going out with Patty, I secretly lusted after her. Her sister had numerous lovers from what I heard from Patty.

At some point, my best friend broke up with Patty because of her need for attention. I continued to remain friends with them both. One very hot summer day, Patty, I and her ex- boyfriend were over at Kathy’s house and seeing them both in short shorts and tank tops was taking its toll on me. We all smoked a joint in the living room. At some point, I completely out of the blue stood up and said, “It’s way too hot, so I’m heading to take a cold shower!”. I went to the bathroom, undressed and stepped into the shower. After about 30 seconds, Kathy knocked on the door and said that she agreed with my idea and asked if it was OK to join me.

I said, “Of course,…this is your house. Do what you like!” With that, she came in, undressed and joined me in the shower. I was amazed at her tight body and smallish but very attractive and hard tits. My cock sprang to life as we lathered each other up with the soap. After I couldn’t take any more and I squatted down and started licking her cunt with great abandon, running my tongue from her clit to her ass with her leg on my shoulder. I spit on her cunt and she began the first of several orgasms that day. After a while, I stopped and stood up. She then looked down and said, “Wow, what a nice cock!” With that she leaned over and started sucking it with obvious glee as she moaned. She licked it back and forth and allowed me to hold her hair while I fucked her face. I soon shot a very large load in her mouth as she gobbled (yeah,..really,..gobbled!)it up. We got out of the shower and dried off totally forgetting about Patty and her ex in the living room. With total abandon, we left the bathroom nude, and headed for Kathy’s bedroom finding Patty and her ex naked under the covers being lovie dovie. Kathy and I didn’t care as we slid under the covers of her king sized bed and I stuck my cock in her and proceeded to fuck the hell out of her while Patty and the ex played with each other while they watched. I fucked her with her legs on my shoulders and in the spoon position. Patty seemed a little uptight and not much fun. So after an hour or so, we were done and we all dressed and left. I saw Kathy several times after that. She was shy and needed to be “taken” as I could just walk up to her and start fondling her tits and cunt. She was a lot of fun, but not very assertive.

After that time, Patty seemed much more assertive towards me. I continued to give her rides to wherever just to see her hot bod as she continued with her habit of wearing tight revealing clothing. One time, I asked her if she would pose nude for my private collection. She declined. At a very strange moment, we were at my aging father’s house, cleaning it for him. It was a split

level house and Patty and I were upstairs while engaging my father in conversation as he ate his lunch in the kitchen. My horniness for Patty got the better of me. She was in the bathroom cleaning and I was in one of the 3 bedrooms cleaning. The doors to both rooms were visible from each other. While continuing to talk to my father, I pulled out my cock and balls from my pants and masturbated myself to a raging hard on. I then stuck it past the sill on the door and called Patty’s name. She looked up and could

only see my cock and balls peering out from the door. She just gasped as we continued to talk. She laughed as I put my cock back in my pants. About 10 minutes later, she called my name, and when I looked, she had lifted her tank top up and was flashing her tits at me. They were even better than her sister’s if that was possible. She held the pose as I pulled my cock out again and started to masturbate again. She pulled on her nipples and that sent me over the edge as I dripped cum from my cock on the floor.

All the time, we continued to converse with my dad. We continued with this strange flashing each other in public relationship for the months to come as Patty wouldn’t have sex with me or pose for my collection. One time at about 1 in the morning, I went around to the back to her parents 1 story house and got her to get out of bed, remove her nighty, turn the light on as put on a show for me. She pulled on her tits and fingerfucked herself to a couple of wet orgasms as I stood outside the window jerking off on the aluminum siding.

A few months later, we were at her parents house one afternoon at a family BBQ. Patty seemed bored and all a sudden said to me, “I think I want to pose for those pictures now!!” I was shocked to say the least. We left the party and went to my dad’s house who was away on vacation. I gave her a glass of wine. She let me undress her and I got her to pose in some very nasty

positions. She got on her knees on the couch and held her cunt lips open. I got her laying back on 1 elbow as she worked her cunt with 2 and 3 fingers. Her whole body blushed as Irish women do. She then went to take a pee. I stripped and just laid on the couch with my cock sticking straight up. When she returned and just smiled saying, “WHoooaa!”. I stroked my cock as she quietly came over and sat on the edge of the couch and just leaned down and took my whole cock in her mouth.

I had never been deep throated before and I was in heaven as she slowly slid up and down on my cock with no hands. She then bobbed up and down taking it all the way on the down stroke. I soon shot a big load as it dripped out her mouth and down my shaft. without flinching, she continued to suck me slowly, licking the come up on the way. I then leaned her back and ate her with my come still oozing around her mouth. She came about 5 times. She didn’t want to fuck for fear of pregnancy so I continued my relationship with both sisters without ever the 3 of us being together at one time. They both knew about me doing each other.

The other pair of sisters were Wendy and Debbie. They were from a conservative upper

middle class Jewish family. Wendy, the older one was 26, a year younger than me at the time,

and had a cute 4′ 11′ tight body on her and an absolutely sparkling personality. she had a degree in business and had a job as a bookkeeper at a local company. I found out after I went out with her, that she had had only 1 boyfriend before me. She didn’t party either. It meant she wasn’t very sexually adventurous and thought oral sex was too deviant. We eventually broke up months later but remained friends. At one of the visits to her parents house, I met her sister Debbie who was a senior in high school. Debbie was taller and had an athletic build as she was a gymnast and a cheerleader. She was smart but a little goofy. She took great glee in flirting with me in front of her sister. She would do splits right in front of me and Wendy would get angry. Debbie would often confide in me about her first boyfriend whom she had been seeing for a few years and planned to marry.

We talked about whether she should marry the first guy she went out with. We all were friends for the next few years and would get together when Debbie came home from college for visits. After a while, Wendy started smoking pot and it made her very horny. She moved out of her parents house and proceeded to have sex with everyone in our circles including me and from what I heard a little later on; my brother.

As a matter of fact, me and my brother both fucked her one night in the downstairs bedroom while my father slept upstairs. I later heard that Debbie and her boyfriend had split. One hot summer day, I was sitting playing piano in my dad’s house which I was house-sitting while he was on vacation. As I played, I saw a car pull up to the house from out the picture window. It was Debbie. She was dressed in cut off jean shorts and a tank top and had a great tan on her flawless skin. She had never come to see me by myself before. I let her in and we proceeded to the back room to play some pool while we talked and had a couple of beers. She told me about her ex boyfriend and her school work all the while smiling at me times and occasionally

would touch my arm or elbow while she talked. I took that as a positive sign and starting kissing her and feeling her up. She was very passionate and moaned as I undressed her standing up and I started sucking her nipples and playing with her clit. She shook with pleasure and found it hard to stand so I laid her out on the couch and proceeded to lick her beautiful cunt for a good 30 minutes as she lost count off her orgasms. I even turned her over and tongue fucked her ass as she tried to shoo me away. But, she couldn’t argue with the sensations she was feeling as no one had ever done that to her before.

I then leaned back on the pool table with my cock sticking out and she nonchalantly got down on her knees and started sucking me with a slow even rhythm. Her sister Wendy had never done this to me. She continued to suck as I felt my come welling. She suddenly pulled her mouth off my cock and said, “No! Don’t come in my mouth. I don’t like the flavor”. I was ready to pop and looked at her with pleading eyes. she just said, “Squirt it on me!” while making a masturbation

jerking motion with her hand. I held her temple against my balls and rubbed my cock on her face until I let loose with a huge load that dripped down her face from her forehead to her nipples. She just moaned and surprisingly just left her mouth wide open as some of the come deposited there. She swallowed it and left my jizz on her face as I proceeded to make use of her athletic abilities and fucked her in as many positions as I could think of including her on her back with her legs behind her head and to end, I had her do a shoulder stand and bring her knees back by her ears. She watched as I fucked her facing the other way.

She reached up and shocked me by finger fucking my asshole. When I came this time, I pulled out and just stood with my feet planted on either side of her head and let it drip out on her cunt, asshole, face and tits. She was much more fun than her sister.! We cleaned up and later She told me that she never intended it to go this far, but got carried away in the moment. I never had sex with any of them again but we remained friends until I moved to California. I lost track of them after I moved but heard that all 4 of them had gotten married and had kids. I’m glad they were

so giving! I’m still lucky!

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