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Tom, Somewhere In The Middle

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It was a hot afternoon and I was in the backyard vacuuming the pool. My naked body glistened with a light sheen of sweat, and my rigid cock stood proudly out in front of me, my smooth balls swaying as I worked. I estimated I had about ten minutes to go till I was done cleaning. My thoughts were focused on the time when I would lie down on the chaise, spread my legs and slowly jack at least one load of spew from my achingly hard cock.

I actually slowed down my passes with the vacuum head, savoring the torturous anticipation of masturbation. I reviewed the steps I would take before I allowed myself to jack off: finish cleaning the pool, coil the hose and stow the equipment in the cabana, performing all these functions with a raging hardon.

Lost in the reverie of these lust induced thoughts, I barely heard the gate close between our yard and Sue’s. It was Andy, carrying a towel. I don’t think he was entirely comfortable yet with the casual nudity we practiced, but that would soon change. He was wearing a pair of baggy pair of shorts and no shirt. He seemed a bit taken aback at the sight of a nude teen cleaning the pool, but my back was to him and I don’t think he had seen my hardon yet. “Hey Tommy” he said, clearing his throat. “working hard?”

I turned to face him, showing him my swollen cock. “And hard at work!” I said with a grin. His gaze dropped to my groin and he stared at my bald erection. I wanted to jack off now more than ever, and it took a conscious effort to keep my right hand from dropping down to caress my bloated cock as he watched. We had jacked our cocks together over Sue’s voluptuous shaved body a few days before, watching each other as much as the naked female reclining beneath us. Then, we had the outgoing Sue as an icebreaker, now it was just me, naked and obviously aroused, and Andy, clothed and self-conscious.

Andy looked at me for a moment and said ” Sue had to go out for a bit. She said it would okay if I came over and caught a few rays by the pool. I hope I’m not intruding on your privacy?”

“Oh, no, no” I replied, “make yourself at home. I enjoy the company. I’m about done here anyhow.” He sat in a chaise a few feet behind me and lay down. We shot the breeze for a few minutes while I worked, standing sideways so he wasn’t talking to my back, but also making sure he had a clear view of my swollen cock . I wanted him to see my hardon and know how aroused I was. It became increasingly difficult to keep my mind on the chat we here having about the weather, baseball, whatever, when all I wanted to do was jerk off while he watched.

He had to have noticed the large strand of precum that was drooling from my cockhead, and the way my shaft was pulsing with need. I half wanted him to peel off his shorts so I could see his cock, but at the same time I was loving the thrill of brazenly showing off my throbbing erection to my slighty embarressed new friend. Not uncomfortable enough to leave, I noted to myself with a grin.

I finished up with the pool not a moment too soon. I laid down the vacuum equipment and turned to face Andy, abandoning any thought of stowing the gear before taking myself in hand. “I’m gonna jack off, you want to join me?” I asked with a grin.

“I don’t know, Tom, Sue doesn’t give me much of a chance to recover.” His erection was clearly visible through the fabric of his shorts.

“Looks like your cock might have its’ own opinion.” I said.

“You may be right.” He answered smiling and slid down his shorts. His cock was hard and shiny with precum. I sat on the chaise facing him, each of us straddling the seat, our hardons pointing their glistening heads directly at the other. I wasted no time in grabbing my swollen shaft and stroking it, the upsweep of my motion grazing Andy’s well lubed cockhead. He held his meat firmly for a moment, pressing the velvety tip against mine as I jacked off. He was literally drooling precum, and his silken strands mixed with my own, causing me to moan with pleasure. He groaned a bit as my pumping fist touched his erection, and soon was jerking his cock along with me.

” Oh yeah” he said ” I half forgot how good it feels to stroke my own cock.” We were both pumping ourselves with a steady similar rhythm, our swollen hardons bumping on the downstrokes, our busy fists meeting at the apex. I watched intently as his right hand pleasured his cock, paying particular attention to the extra swipe he made with his thumb across the head on each pass. “Mmm Tommy” he moaned after just a few moments, “I’m gonna…ohh yess…I’m gonna cum…here it cums…ohhh shit…aahhh…” Andy had his cock pointed directly at me and jettisoned spurt after spurt of thick spew onto my nude tensed body. His first few shots splashed on my chest and belly, pushing me to the brink of loosing my own load. His last couple of spurts coated my pumping fist and slimy shaft, adding fresh hot lube to my own secretions.

I was soo ready to cum, my balls tingling, my overly engorged meat twitching and throbbing in my racing hand. I slowed the frantic pace to delay my orgasm till Andy recovered somewhat; I wanted him to watch me go over the edge. Andy opened his eyes as he gradually stopped jacking himself, his spasms subsiding and his breathing returning to normal. “Mmm Tommy” he said languidly, “aahhh that was good.” His hand still grasped his slowly deflating cock, gently caressing his sated meat. His eyes were fixed on my activities, and I leaned back as far as I could, exposing my shaved cock and smooth, full balls completely to him. I held my cock straight up and down from my body, the mixture of my juices and his spew creating a delicious slippery coating for my hand to glide on. I gave in to my desperate need, and increased the tempo of my strokes, bringing low moans of pleasure from deep inside me. Within seconds I felt my balls begin to churn as I reached the point of no return.

“Andy…” I gasped “feels soo good…ah ah… I’m gonna cum…watch me cum Andy….mmmm…yesss…” With a long shuddering moan my cock expanded in my hand, my balls contracted, and finally, I began to cum. “Ah, ah, ah ” I groaned, punctuating each shot of my freely flowing cock. With open mouth and through slitted eyes I watched my spew boil hotly up out of my cock and rain down on my naked prone body, covering myself with thick white pools of jizz. Wracked by blissful spasms, I milked every last dollup from my member, still jacking my self long after my flow had been reduced to intermitent drools that ran down my fist. My cock remained achingly hard as I lay back, trying to regain some composure, my exhibitionistic bent not allowing the slightest softening of my now sloppy tool. “Whew” I groaned after a few moments, and struggled to a sitting position. We were both sweating freely, and I invited Andy inside to the air conditioning for a cold drink. We headed into the house, my swaying erection leading the way like an eager puppy.

I was sitting naked on the counter in the kitchen having retrieved us both a Pepsi from the fridge. My erect cock stood up from my lap still glistening with the spew of our recent masturbation. Andy took a swig from his can while staring openly at my bloated meat. I spread my legs wide apart to afford him a better view. “Man Tommy” he said “you look soo good with a hardon.” I grinned and reached down, giving my cock a few slow strokes.

“Feels pretty good too.” I replied. He aproached me, standing between my open thighs and set his soda on the counter beside me. He rested his hands lightly on my hips and grinned.

“Man, I wish my cock stayed hard like yours after I cum” We both watched for a moment as I stroked myself, the only sound the rhythmic slurping of my fist sliding up and down

my bloated shaft. Finally I released my meat and rested my hardon against my belly.

“You want to make me cum?” I asked Andy.

He slipped his hand down my thigh and cradled my smoothly shaven balls. “It’s been a long time since I jacked off another guy’s cock.” He said. “I’m probably out of practice.”

“Practice makes perfect” I answered, raising my hips to allow him better access between my legs. “just like riding a bike. Plus, I know you can make your cock happy. Just do the same thing to me.” He drew the fingers of his right hand across my hipbone and carressed the bald flesh around my throbbing shaft. I moaned with eager anticipation.

“There was a neighbor kid when I was younger” he said as he touched me. “”We used to spend hours with our cocks in each other’s hands. Mark, his name was. Man did we cum.” He ran a fingertip from the head, down the pulsing length to my balls.

“Ohhh yess..” I groaned.

“Mmmm…” he said, “nice and slippery. Jizz makes the best lube.” Finally he wrapped his hand around my tool and slowly started to stroke me. “Man you hava a nice cock. How do you keep your hands off it?” he asked.

I grinned, my breathing quickening. “I don’t.” I answered simply. His fingers found the tight skin just below the head of my cock and jacked me there with short fast strokes. “Andy” I said, “you’re gonna need to do a lot of practicing.”

He look up, surprised. “That bad?” he asked.

“No, that good” I moaned and we both laughed. He began working my cock with long slow strokes, his fist wrapped tightly around my hard slick shaft. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, not with Andy getting more familiar with my cock and responding to my excitement. I felt the urgent tingling in my balls as they tightened, preparing to release my load. Andy, still caressing my balls with his left hand while jacking me off with his right, noticed my mounting need also.

“You about to cum Tom?” he asked.

“Mmmm yeah” I moaned “you’re gonna make me cum…ahhh your hand feels good on my cock…jack me off Andy….stroke my hard cock….please don’t stop…. ahhh yesss…I’m gonna cum in your hand…”

“Man, Tommy your cock is hard. Does this feel good? You like me jacking you off? You like my hand stroking your cock? You gonna shoot in my hand? You gonna cum for me?” I could only respond with moans as Andy quickened his pace on my cock. My ass raised off the counter to meet his stroking fist.

“You’re making my cock feel soo good” I moaned. “here cums my load Andy….yes…work my balls…don’t stop Andy…jack me through it…your hand feels soo good on my cock…ahh ahh ahh …”. My head lolled back as my mouth dropped open and my eruptions began. My friend’s fist hammered my spurting cock; hips thrusting, spew splattering, I came like I hadn’t cum for weeks. The new sensations, new angle, new grip, new person jerking me off better than I could do myself had me spraying jizz like a runaway firehose. “Yes Andy…..yesss… jack my cock …. Ahhh…ahhh…” I spurted again and again, his hand expertly releasing all of my load. I nearly collapsed from the effort of climaxing, lulled by the tranquility of having to spend no effort into the moment. Andy had jacked my cock; I had just relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure. I remained hard, not unusual, after I came.

Unusual for Andy, though, whose fist slid up and down my shaft, left hand fondling my smooth balls, long after I ceased spewing cum. I sat up on the counter and grasped Andy’s now rampant cock, elbowing his busy fist off of my hard but now reticent meat. “You want me to get you off?” I asked, stroking him gently.

“Not…now” he managed, obviously aroused. He stepped back, slipping his tool out of my grasp. “I’m gonna go and fuck Sue into a coma” he said, with his hardon drooling. “God, I hope she’s home by now.” He stepped back and thought for a moment. “Oh yeah” he said with a how could I forget gesture, “Sue wants you and Bev over for dinner tonight. A barbeque, nothing fancy. Her mother’s gonna be there.”

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