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Upgrade Ch. 02

Category: Incest
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Let’s just say that I didn’t get much sleep that night. Hannah turned out to be insatiable in the bedroom. Usually they say that the girl can’t remember at some point how many times they have sex. But in the bedroom of her lakeside cabin, I lost track after five times.

I think I had a look of exhaustion on my face because Hannah didn’t ask for anymore once we both passed out after I literally couldn’t cum anymore. I guess my body literally reset itself. But she still had this sultry attitude about her as we laid there looking at each other. I rubbed my eyes and my vision came back into clarity. Hannah still had a streak of dried sperm across her face. It looked like it must have gotten in her eye, but I sure couldn’t remember shooting on her face. Oh well. I couldn’t remember much except extreme pleasure.

So her first comment was pretty self explanatory. “Did you enjoy last night Matty?”

I just leaned over and kissed her. “What do you think?” I replied.

“That’s what I thought.” She then threw off the covers and got off the bed. “I’m going to take a shower, baby.” She said. “Join me if you’re up for it.”

I would have taken her up on that offer, but my dick literally had no circulation left. It just hung there. Even so, it didn’t look to shabby. I did have a pretty good softy at least. So I just laid there and rubbed my cock a little for hopefully another erection.

It turned out that Hannah could spend just as much time in the bathroom as she could in the bedroom. It was well over an hour before she came out in all her glory and by then my cock had recovered and I was ready to go again. Little did I know that she was going to throw a monkey wrench in that plan!

I had my dick out on display. It was sticking straight up and my cock has a nice tendency of visibly pulsing when it’s real hard. Let’s just say that it was at that point. I was ready to fuck and the moment the door opened, I was ready to jump her. Problem was that her outfit threw me through a loop. If I had thought she had looked sexy last night, Hannah had outdone herself this time. She was wearing this slinky little, electric-blue dress that clung to every freakin’ curve that her young body had. I slowed my roll and thought, How the fuck did I get this lucky?

But here came the monkey wrench….

“Hey Matty.” She said quietly. “I don’t know how to say this, but I don’t want to fuck here anymore.”

“Why?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

“When I got into the shower,” She began. “I thought I heard a rustling noise. Then when I opened the door, I found a raccoon in there. It was realllllllly mean to me” She curled up to me at those last words. “I know that screaming would kill your mood, so I kept quiet. I’m sorry if I’ve killed your beautiful boner already.”

What was I supposed to say; that my boner had been completely lost in the process? Of course not! No guy in their right mind says something like that to the girl that just gave the best night of his life. Plus I wanted more so I kept my mouth shut and just led her to my car. I figured there was one place that we would be able to fuck like animals for several hours and no one would be the wiser–my house.

Now most people would probably think that that would be the worst idea in the world, so I’m going to clear this up. Most days, my mom whittles away the gigantic settlement that she got from my dad at the various bars in town. She drinks at one until they kick her out, and then she hops to the next nearest one and repeats the process. It’s a disgusting habit that I’ve tried to break her of numerous times. But it’s like a train colliding with the beam of a flashlight. Nothing is going to happen!!

But on a day like this, she was guaranteed to be gone at least for another six hours. At the pace that I was going last night, that was good for at least 5 fucks. I sure was getting pretty good for endurance toward the end. This was going to be fun…

I was racing home as fast as the speed limit would allow, and everyone knows that that means about 10 miles over the speed limit is still acceptable. However, Hannah seemed to be turned on by the whole deal. Maybe it was the vibration of the car, maybe she like the car itself, or maybe it was me; I’m just not sure. But I do know that not even a quarter of the way home, she had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy like crazy. It was definitely a good thing that the seats were all leather. It would have been hard to explain a big wet spot right in the middle of the passenger seat. That was not a conversation I wanted to have with mom anytime soon.

It’s tough to drive with a boner like mine. I’d done it before. Don’t ask for details. I’m not giving them. But I will give details on what happened next…

Hannah reached over with her other hand and unbuckled my belt and unsnapped the button of my pants without hardly even looking at it. I was going, She is really good. I couldn’t believe that she had only been with one other guy before me. Oh well, it was his loss.

My cock popped out not a moment later. The big old pulsar was ready for some action and it got it all right! I was fully expecting a nice handjob, maybe with some saliva for lubricant. NOPE! She engulfed the whole thing down her throat. I very nearly ran myself off the road in that instant, but who was I to complain.

Then something interesting happened. A trucker comes up to pass me, because I have slowed down to nearly 45mph in a 55 zone. And just as I was getting into the blowjob and then the loud horn of a Mack Truck went off. We both looked up an there was the trucker, just smiling. He knew what we were up to. I seem to remember a line from Smokey and the Bandit and I believe the Bandit said something along the lines of why he loved being a trucker originally was he got spot those beavers. I didn’t blame this trucker one bit for being a peeping-Tom. As far as I was concerned we could let him enjoy the show.

Suddenly, a burning sensation came from the base of my cock. Hannah was practically using the back of her throat like a vacuum. And I knew what it was sucking out. Suddenly, cum exploded from the eye of my cock. I’m not sure because I was in so much pleasure, but I think I shot off at least ten shots. The most amazing thing was that I never felt the cum around my cock. The moment it shot off, the semen went straight down her throat. How did I ever get this lucky?

“Thanks baby.” she said. “I had to get more of that nectar you call cum. It’s so yummy!” I chose not to say anything. Reveling in the compliment felt real good as my cock hung across my jeans. I let my mind slip until we got home. The delirium of satisfaction…..

The house was empty, just as I’d predicted. Mom hadn’t even left a bottle out indicating that she had been drinking already. That was a little strange, but not unheard of. And I had more important things to worry about… Hannah.

We were barely 10 steps in the door when she threw off her dress and pushed me into the nearest chair. My head hurt a little when it slammed into the back of the headrest. She turned toward me and put her hands on her voluptuous hips.

“You have a slut to satisfy Matty.” I arched an eyebrow at the word ‘slut’ but didn’t respond. “Let’s see if you can impress me as much as last night.”

My cock popped up to its eight-by-six glory in all of two seconds. I think that was a new record for me. Hannah started dancing around me nice and slow. I couldn’t believe a woman could be so far and close at the same time. Suddenly, something took over me and I grabbed her by the waist and just impaled her on my cock.

Hannah screamed bloody murder for a second and then relaxed. I guess I had just scared her. That was ok with me.

Hannah took the lead from there. And I didn’t have to do a fucking thing but enjoy the sight and play with those nice upturned titties. Hannah bounced up and down on my cock like she was the piston inside of a gas engine and was making more noise than a diesel engine.

“Awwwww. Fuck Matty! You’re so big!”

And every single thing that came out of her mouth after that point was a variation on that theme. And I just picked up the pace a little more every time that she called out my name. It was a sexy game of endurance that I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, as my cock kept sliding in and out, my balls suddenly started to get that familiar twinge. I was going to cum soon, and I meant very soon!

“Where do you want my cum baby?” I asked quickly.

“On my face baby! Give it right here.” She pointed to her cheek. I got what she wanted. she wanted to be plastered. I was more than happy to oblige. As soon as I pulled my cock out of her pussy, she knelt down and my cock fired its first shot. The first one missed her face by a lot. But the next, far more powerful impacted on her face so hard that her head actually jerked back. By the time I finished, I had fired 10 shots easily and Hannah’s face was as white as a ghost……Just the way I like her looking.

To say the least, we fucked like animals for a long time after that. And I enjoyed every single fuckin’ moment of it! Unfortunately all things must come to an end, and that was the case with our weekend fuck-fest. Hannah had things to take care of at home and I figured that my mom would be home soon. I would definitely have some serious explaining and lying to do if Mom beat me home.

When I rolled up the garage door coming back, there was no sign of my mom. I breathed a sigh of relief at that. But I knew that would only be a temporary reprieve. She would come back soon enough and she would find something else to bitch about. So I went downstairs and plugged into the Playstation 3. Hopefully she’d just decide to ignore me.

But after about midnight, I hadn’t heard a thing: no yelling, no screaming, no squeal of brakes, no clink of a bottle. There was absolutely nothing except the assorted sounds coming from my Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Game. No matter how much I hated my mom sometimes, I had to go find her. I just hope I wouldn’t have to scrape her off of some bar’s floor. Muscles might be pulled and snapped in that instance. What a fat cow!

But as I reached for the key to my Monte Carlo on the counter, I noticed a piece of notepad paper. That was odd; my mom never left me a note. I picked it up and started reading:

Dear Matt,

This may sound a little strange and I know it sounds completely unlike me. I realize that I have been a ridiculous, bitch throughout most of your teenager hood. I haven’t let you decide how to make some of the best years of your life because of what I did to this family. Let’s just say I’ve had a change of heart. I’ll be gone for a couple of months. The bank account has been transferred to you for the time being. Don’t break the bank, son. I hope you are impressed when I return.



Little did I know what she meant by all this, but I knew one thing. Hannah and I were going to know each other very well the next couple of months.

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