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Gerri’s Domestic Discipline

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This is my story of how I was introduced to domestic discipline, how it made me a better woman, how it changed my life and how I came to enjoy it. I had a strong urge to share my experiences with someone and I chose you, dear readers.

I am 34 years old and until about a year ago I really was not enjoying my life.

I hated my job and it surrounded me with lots of horrid people. It felt like a dead-end and I was feeling desperate about getting out and trying something new.

I’d never had a really enjoyable relationship with a man as the few I had been with were all total pricks. I wondered sometimes if that was to be my fate. The sex never made up for it either. I was not very sexually experienced but I was sure that the sex I was having was not as good as it should be. The men in my life were all dud lovers, the kind who climb on and climb off once they’re done.

At the time I was seeing a guy, someone who’d previously been my senior at work. He seemed hardly to care about me at all. The sex was terrible and he was emotionally abusing me into the bargain.

One day I finally plucked up the courage to start looking for people on-line. I knew it was a common thing nowadays and also that the internet was where people went for new or kinky things. That was what I wanted. My sex life totally sucked and I just thought that if I could try something a little more adventurous then I’d at least find some pleasure and satisfaction in my sex life.

In fact it was more than that. I felt like my life was a disaster. I just couldn’t see how I was going to make it any better. I had started to wonder whether I needed someone to take control of my life, to take control of me. I had started thinking about submission, although truly I had no idea what it was all about.

So I found Doug on the internet and sent him an email asking if he would teach me about submission. Pretty dumb, I know. But Doug eventually replied and asked me a few questions. So we emailed some more and he asked me even more questions. By then I was starting to feel a little foolish because I was certain Doug could see I had no idea what submission was all about.

Soon, though, Doug suggested we meet. He also set a little test for me — I was to meet him out on the street and walk to a restaurant with him but I was to do all this without wearing a bra!

I suppose I should tell you I have large breasts, 34DD. I am slender though so they really are obvious. I am taller than average. I also have a very flat tummy (don’t ask me why, it just is that way). I wish my bottom could be a better shape. I should add I have light brown hair that I like to wear shoulder length. But I often look at my breasts and think they are too big and saggy. So going in public without a bra was a really difficult thing for me to do. But Doug seemed nice and by this stage I was ready to take a risk. What harm could it do?

I turned up feeling so incredibly nervous and exposed. The thing was that Doug turned out to be really nice in person too, very pleasant and refreshing for someone like me. He is a little older than me which gave him a nice calm confidence. He wasn’t overbearing and he struck me as a kind man who seemed genuinely interested in me. I did notice him stealing admiring looks at my breasts but I supposed that was only to be expected. We talked about a lot of things, especially submission and different ideas about BDSM. Then we agreed to meet up the next week for another dinner date.

You’ll note that at this point I was still seeing this other man, my former work colleague. Doug knew about him and didn’t seem bothered at all. I didn’t tell the other guy, I hardly felt like I was cheating on him since he was such a shit. After all, I had no idea that the thing with Doug was going to go anywhere.

So, to cut to the chase, on our second date I was very pleased when Doug invited me back to his place. I felt really relaxed with him and he didn’t make me feel inferior or small in any way. Plus he was a hunk and that definitely helped!

We had wonderful sex that night and it was obvious he was totally hot for my body. I’d never really experienced anything like that before. From there we quickly began to see each other once or twice each week, each time to have sex for long hours into the night.

After those early ‘dates’ we started to experiment with submission and with BDSM. You’ll remember it was me who had asked Doug to introduce me to these new things. I was really excited and very nervous. I was also pleased because I knew Doug was very keen to start teaching me.

In the end, however, for some reason the BDSM play didn’t really click. I know my ideas were all wrong and my expectations were quite foolish. I enjoyed him spanking me when I was across his lap. That was mainly because I knew that it excited Doug. I also enjoyed the warm tingling in my bottom as we had sex later on. But I think we both knew that some spark wasn’t quite there — not yet anyway.

Personally I did not mind too much about that. You see, the sex with Doug was FANTASTIC! He was amazing in bed and soon brought out a side of me I’d never known existed. I had never imagined sex could be as thrilling as that. He got me wetter than I had ever been in my life. In fact, the first few times I thought something was wrong as my vagina was just creating so much wetness!

Doug made me feel warm and safe and protected and was not judgemental about me in any way. I was more than happy to let him do anything he wanted with me. He made me feel so FABULOUS I wanted to do anything he suggested. I was actually secretly pleased when he gently tried to introduce some more kinky things into our sex play. I wanted all those things too — and more! That made me so incredibly wet as well and I started to get used to having my vagina gushing with my sex juices.

I tried new positions and toys and 69s and was excited when Doug introduced me to face-fucking. When he asked me about anal play I was able to confess that I’d secretly considered trying it out. So Doug bought me a collection of sex toys, including some with odd shapes that he loves to insert in my bottom. He made me orgasm in so many new and wonderful ways and I quickly discovered I enjoyed the new and strange sensations of climaxing when he was invading my bum hole.

All this teaching and guiding me pleased Doug and got him really turned-on each time we were together. Soon enough he had me doing all kinds of new and exciting things outside the bedroom as well. We had sex in some new places, including outdoors. Then he would ‘order’ me to go on errands without underwear or with those lovely ben-wah balls inside my vagina. Several times he sent me to work with a sex toy in my handbag and during lunch I would have to close my door and squat down, with Doug listening on the phone, while I pushed the toys into my vagina or my backside.

All this time I suppose ‘officially’ I was still seeing that other guy. For some reason I just didn’t think about the fact I supposedly had two lovers. The other man was too interested in his career to really care about me. It had been weeks since he’d wanted to spend time with me and I knew when he did it would only be for his own sexual pleasure.

Doug seemed to worship my body. He didn’t see any of the flaws I saw. One day I confessed to Doug that I thought my breasts were too big and saggy. I suggested one day I would have them reduced to make them all firm and high and perky once again. Doug just gave me a stern comment about my tits being amazing and perfect and just the way they should be. He also told me I was being silly to contemplate having anything done to them. A little while later I asked him again and Doug gave me the same response in the same stern tone of voice.

There were other new things to experience. Doug introduced me to watching porn and I found out that I love it. I guess I was excited to watch other people and to see them having pleasure (even faked) that I’d been denied for so long. I started masturbating for Doug when I was at home and then writing reports for him to read. I also knew that we were getting closer to really having anal sex. I was a little scared at the idea of his big, hard penis in my bottom but I wanted it all the same and knew the day was fast approaching.

Then came the night that changed everything. Not straight away, but it did change my life. I mentioned to Doug once again that I didn’t like my big droopy breasts. I was still feeling self-conscious and inadequate and although I had told Doug about it before I was still concerned. 34DD seemed too big and I was wondering about having my boobs reduced in size and lifted.

Suddenly a change seemed to come over Doug. He took me to his bedroom and told me to take off my skirt and panties. The whole time he looked at me in a way I’d not seen before. Then he ordered me to lie across his lap again. I knew what was coming, or thought I did. We’d played with spanking and at first I decided he wanted to have another try. It seemed like harmless fun. I was more than happy to oblige.

Then Doug spanked me. It was hard, very hard. It hurt. But I didn’t make a sound or move an inch because I trusted Doug so much by then.

He kept on spanking me. One after another. I was shocked. He was hitting me again and again with the palm of his big strong hand. The sound was terrible and the pain in my bottom was worse. Part of my brain told me that this was abuse, physical abuse and I couldn’t believe I was getting this from Doug, my kind and wonderful man. I’d never been spanked like that in my life so this was a real shock.

But I stayed there over Doug’s lap all the same. I didn’t dare move because I was a little afraid by then. I didn’t want to move because something inside me felt good about being punished. It really didn’t feel like abuse and, strangely, I wanted more. The pain in my bottom was strong but I somehow sensed that Doug wasn’t in a frenzy. In fact, he seemed very controlled and deliberate.

And in between some of the smacks he was talking to me, still with that stern tone of voice. It was hard to hear what he said over the loud sounds of the spanking on my bare bum but he spoke slowly and deliberately.

‘…time to stop being weak… stop judging yourself… want to see more pride in yourself…’

The spanking seemed to go on and on. I had no idea if it was long one or not because I had never been spanked at all. My bottom was terribly sore and my flesh was burning from Doug’s constant smacking. I was ashamed and embarrassed in a way I had never felt. And the whole time he was still being very deliberate and talking sternly to me.

‘…listen to what I say… respect my opinions… start respecting me.’

I think he must have given me forty or fifty smacks. I was about to give up and cry out for mercy. It was almost more than I could bear. I was still in shock that Doug had hit me at all but the incredible pain in my backside was about to overwhelm me.

Finally he did stop and I lay there for a long time, limp across Doug’s lap while he softly rubbed by bottom, my very sore bottom, and my back. I was still completely at a loss to understand what had just happened. Surely it was domestic violence? But why would Doug do that to me? And why did it somehow feel like it was not abuse?

Soon after that we were having sex and I quickly tried to forget that horrible experience. The sex was as good as ever and Doug even seemed more turned on. To be truthful I think the sex was maybe a little better on account of the tingling heat I could still feel from my battered backside.

It was two more days before Doug and I spoke about that night and what he had done to me. Doug asked me again about submission and why I had wanted him to teach me about it. The he said he realised that it wasn’t exactly what I needed. Perhaps I didn’t really understand myself. I told him I was sure that was true.

Doug told me that he had come across some reading about domestic discipline. He guessed that when I had spoken about submission that I was mostly interested in having someone who could take charge ‘when required’.

Domestic discipline, he said, wasn’t really about submission in the way we had first experimented. Domestic discipline, said Doug, was more about one person establishing certain demands or expectations for the other person. It would mean me being required to live up to certain demands or expectations from another. That night, when I was worrying aloud about my body, Doug had decided that was the time to introduce me to domestic discipline.

Doug and I talked a long time that night. He told me, again, that I have a fabulous body and he wanted me to realise that it was true. He was pissed off (in his words) that I kept taking on board what I imagined where the negative comments from other people.

I was quick to admit that Doug’s insight seemed right to me. I hadn’t understood it myself but somehow I knew he had discovered the key. I did want to be a better person and but I knew I often lacked he courage to do it by myself. Having someone believe in me and push me to improve seemed perfect for me. The idea of living up to Doug’s expectations was exciting. Here was someone who instead of putting me down would demand that I improve and become stronger and more capable.

That long talk had an effect on me. It was only weak at first. Still, I suddenly found the courage to get rid of that other guy, my former work boss. I called him that weekend and told him I wanted the whole thing to end. I felt good and strong and brave for the first time in a long time. He, of course, was still a prick and tried to tell me that he wasn’t at all bothered.

Then I had a fresh idea. Doug loves my body. This might sound foolish but secretly, I’ve always liked some of my bits and had this wish that I could have the kind of body that men want in their magazines. It was always a fantasy thing, wishing for something that could never come true.

So I asked Doug if he would do a nude phot shoot of me. He agreed instantly and a few nights later we did the whole thing at his place. I felt so wonderful and free and liberated and, most of all, sexy. I brought along a whole lot of outfits and Doug shot hundreds of pictures of me in different states of undress or totally nude)\. I was in all different kinds of poses and some were tasteful and some were very lewd. I posed in my business attire with my boobs hanging out and my legs spread to show my vagina. I posed in the shortest shorts, so short that when I opened my legs my vagina lips were exposed. Doug even got a little arty and took some lovely shots of me standing like a statue with a sheet draped around me.

I loved it all and my vagina was wet for most of the time. That was good because Doug made me finish with some pornographic shots with me placing some of my toys into my vagina. That was the first time I had ever really seen what my vagina looked like and I have to say that I was fascinated.

I thoroughly enjoyed that night and getting to show off my body, despite still thinking of its many imperfections. It was a night that got me into trouble with Doug later though. Of course we ended up having great sex that night. As were relaxing afterwards Doug asked me again about my pubes. He loved my waxed vagina but was curious about how I looked with all my hair. I have to say I hate my pubes and as soon as I could I started shaving and then getting them waxed. I grow a very think, dense bush of long, light brown hair. The pubes even grow on my inner thighs. I have always thought it gross and completely unattractive.

Doug was insistent that I stop waxing until I grew a full set of my own pubes. He tried to assure me he would be so turned on to see a forest between my thighs. So, nervously, I agreed and skipped the next wax I was due a few weeks after that.

I lost my anal virginity about a week later! I was still scared but I was so ready for it. Doug was making me feel so sexy and much braver. He was very gentle and careful and slow. He got me all warmed up with some nice licking and fingering of my vagina and then my bum hole. We had some really good fucking as well before Doug started to eat me out. I was in the middle of another orgasm when Doug moved up into position and announced that the time had come!

As always, he coached me in just what to do. It wasn’t hard at all to get his penis into my bottom. At first it felt uncomfortable but soon I was feeling really turned on to be so stretched out. I also, of course, loved the idea I was finally doing something so kinky and taboo.

Doug instructed me when to start rubbing my clit. He slowly moved in and out of my bottom and the pressure and the heat were wonderful. I came so hard that night and I am certain that the orgasm really felt different because of Doug’s penis deep inside my bottom. Soon Doug came as well, putting his semen inside my backside. I was very excited by that because I had given him so much pleasure and because it made me feel like a filthy slut!

But a couple of weeks later I kind of ‘forgot’ about my promise to Doug. I noticed the hair on my vagina one morning and decided Doug wouldn’t really want to see my thick bush. So I shaved and expected he would say nothing more. A big mistake!

That very night I was stripping off in front of Doug at his place and almost immediately he stopped and felt my vagina lips. Then he questioned me about what I had done and what had happened to my promise. I tried to explain it all away. Doug just gave me that look again.

In seconds I was over his lap again and he was spanking me. Of course he took his time and spaced out the smacks. I was relieved it wasn’t as hard as my first spanking. But I was starting to realise that this was a punishment and that Doug had been very serious about wanting me to meet his expectations. In fact, all during the spanking, he told me so.

‘…trust is about promises …you’re better than that …not let me down again.’

It was another long spanking, maybe thirty or more smacks of his big, hard hand. But I stayed still and accepted them all. I listened carefully to everything Doug had to say as well. I was relieved he didn’t go as hard as the first time but I knew deep down that I had disappointed him and was actually glad he was punishing me.

Afterwards we talked a lot. I realised that when Doug wanted me to undergo domestic discipline that it was exactly what I needed and had been looking for. He was determined that I should become the best person I could be. No-one had ever suggested such a thing to me. For too long I had accepted second or third best in my life. I had reached the stage where I accepted third best of myself.

That night I agreed that Doug should continue trying to build me up and guide me to being a better, stronger person. He made me say the words and I told him that I wanted him to keep helping me and that I wanted him to discipline me and punish me whenever I fell short. I actually asked Doug that night to spank me whenever he felt I needed it to remind me to always try harder.

It felt weird to say those things to Doug, to anyone. It was scary, too, because I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. But it was like a promise between the two of us. It was also a challenge to myself. The whole thing made me feel strong and liberated. I knew Doug cared about me and I wanted to have all the things he was offering me. So we agreed to include domestic discipline as a regular part of our relationship

I had anal again that night. Only this time Doug pushed a small vibrator into my vagina while he was inside my bottom. The extra sensation was so different and I came so very hard. I almost saw stars that night. Afterwards Doug announced that he was going to buy me a me collection of anal toys. I was quite pleased to hear that because I had discovered I loved having things inside my bottom. Then Doug licked and sucked on my boobs for ages and ages before he ate out my vagina and made me orgasm over and over until I couldn’t take any more.

It was only a week or so later that I suddenly regretted my promise to Doug and wished I hadn’t asked him for regular discipline. I arrived at his house early on a Friday evening. I’d had a terrible week at work and my so-called colleagues had been monstrous. My belief was that the bosses were slowly destroying the organisation and everyone was fighting and attacking one another as if they wanted to have the lifeboat all to themselves.

I had talked to Doug about my issues with work so many times before. I hated it and it was a dead-end. I was tired of all the crap and frightened of what would happen to the staff and me in particular. I was at my wits end trying to do my best to keep everything functioning properly. That was all a big mistake on my part. At first, however, I thought my mistake was to complain to Doug about my week in the office.

He had been very attentive and listened to me moan and complain and worry for quite a time. Then I saw that look in his eyes. I wasn’t sure what it meant and, sadly for me, I was too caught up in dumping all my emotional turmoil onto him.

Doug stopped me talking all of a sudden and had me stand in front of him. He still had that look in his eyes.

‘Do you remember the promise we made?’ he asked me. Yes, of course I did.

‘Do you remember you agreed, you asked me, to correct you and discipline you whenever you’re not coming up to my standards?’ I remembered only too well, I told Doug with a small gulp of fear.

He then instructed me to go into his bedroom and open the wardrobe. There was a small package inside that I was to open and bring to him. I did as he said and inside a black bag I found something like a bat made out of leather. Later I discovered it was called a paddle. It seemed heavy and evil and I was starting to really regret the situation I had put myself in.

Back in the loungeroom I was ordered to strip completely and get over Doug’s lap. I was feeling very confused and a little afraid. But I did as I was told without question. Something in my head warned me not to question Doug right then. The look was still there in his eyes.

Of course you know that Doug spanked me. He spanked me really hard. First he used his big bare hand to smack my bottom again and again. He was really hitting me hard and just like the first time my head was filled with the terrible sounds, the searing pain and my deep shame.

Doug did not say a word to me for the first twenty or so smacks. I just had to lie there, naked, abused, ashamed, helpless while this otherwise caring man whaled into my behind. I knew I was being punished and somehow I knew that it was good for me. I just wasn’t sure why I was being punished and it made the whole thing seem so unfair.

After twenty Doug took up the paddle and really let me have it. I was so shocked I know I cried out in protest. The sound was louder and the pain was worse. Doug started talking to me then between smacks and I did all I could to focus on his voice.

‘…do something about it …need to take charge …make it happen …don’t owe them anything …need to be number one.’

The spanking just went on and on. I lost count altogether. All I knew after a time was that my bum was giving me more pain than I’d ever known. There seemed no end in sight. Doug was being relentless and my poor bottom was sure to be bruised. It really did feel like abuse because it just seemed so unfair. I could hear that Doug wanted me to make a change in my worklife. Why was I being spanked?

Then the tears came. Big, heavy tears that rolled down my nose and dropped from my eyes onto the floor. I started to sob aloud and my nose began to run. Soon I was a total mess of blubbering, streaming tears and runny snot. I gave up wanting mercy from Doug. My whole world was focussed on my backside and the cruel pain he was inflicting on me. I honestly cannot say how long he smacked me for or how long I cried.

All I know is that after a time I realised that the spanking had stopped. I was still sobbing loudly but Doug had stopped hitting my bottom. Instead he was rubbing me tender cheeks and my lower back and gently encouraging me to ‘let it all out’. Then he spoke some more.

‘I know you’re crying because it hurt so much. But I need to make sure you remember this lesson because I don’t want you to go on hurting yourself.’ I was still crying too hard to reply.

Later Doug said, ‘I know you are frightened to leave work. But its hurting you so much to stay there that you need to find a way to leave.’ I could only agree with him. Then he really hit the mark.

‘I also know the real reason you can’t leave that place is because you’re afraid it will upset other people. You want to make them all happy. That’s why you try so hard to fix everything that is wrong there.’

I knew that he was right. Doug sat me up and through my tears I nodded in agreement. It was true. I always wanted to make people happy. Somehow I had always wanted to make people happy. I suppose I was afraid of them being angry with me. It was one of the reasons I lacked the courage to get out of bad relationships with men. It had stopped me looking for a new career.

Just hearing Doug say these things seemed to take a huge weight off my shoulders. Then Doug said something else. ‘If we’re going to stay together I need you to be stronger and to fight for the things that you need.’

We talked more and more, even after Doug took me to bed. There was no sex that night but we talked longer and more honestly than I’d ever done before. My need to please people, to keep everyone happy, had been the cause of so much unhappiness in my life. It was the reason I’d accepted so many pricks as boyfriends. It was the reason I had such a difficult relationship with my parents. It was the real reason I’d stuck it out at work — that and the fear of stepping into the unknown.

Doug had helped me to see that I had been going about things the wrong way. I saw that my desire to please people wasn’t about being good or successful. It was an excuse to be weak. But now I had discovered that I didn’t need to be weak. I had learned with Doug in the past few months that I could have a lot of things that I secretly wished for.

Most of all I knew that I wanted to please Doug. He’d said something about us ‘staying together’. Suddenly that seemed very important and I knew the key was to shape up and begin to work harder to meet the expectations Doug had of me. He believed I could do it. That was making me feel braver already. I needed to stop trying to make everyone else happy, trying to win their acceptance, and focus on the happiness of myself and Doug — the one person who accepted me for the inner me.

So I really threw myself into re-making my life. With my butt all sore and bruised I spent the next week and a half submitting two applications for new jobs and enrolled myself in a course of professional development. Each day was really hard and each time I took a step towards a new life I felt the old worries and ears rising up inside me.

Domestic discipline works I can tell you! It does for me. For each and every time I felt those old fears my mind turned instead to my bottom. I remembered the paddle and the horrible pain. My poor bum had been bruised black and the bruises stayed for over a week. It ached and felt stiff. But I also remembered that I had had the courage to endure my punishment. It was like a badge that constantly reminded me that quitting my job was not the hardest thing I’d ever done.

Later Doug told me that he had bought the paddle on-line straight after my second spanking. He knew it was a gamble, especially without telling me in advance that he was going to use it on me. He also mentioned the way it would look in the eyes of the law. But after the second spanking and our long talk he had decided he really wanted to support me. And he had thought that the best thing for me was to receive some firm reinforcement. Somehow he had seen that I needed to be pushed hard and that I would welcome the benefits of domestic discipline. He told me that the paddle was a gift to me and we both laughed aloud at that one.

We celebrated that period of ‘re-making Gerri’ by having a ‘grand unveiling’ of my bushy pubes. I finally convinced Doug I had grown enough of a forest for him. He made me pose in the nude and took lots more pics of me showing my hairy vagina, including with my legs wide apart, and I was very embarrassed. But I didn’t really care because I knew the pubes were coming off! Doug did it himself, carefully shaving me all over my vagina. It was rather romantic and very erotic! I knew I would go back to waxing again but it was so intimate to have my man shave me like that.

Around that time I was finally introduced to Doug’s children from his marriage. Two wonderful little girls that adore their father. I didn’t want to intrude on their lives. But I kept thinking of what Doug had said about us ‘staying together.’

I also started doing a little more exercise. I wanted to be healthy and I also thought it might help to tone up my bottom a little more. It didn’t seem like I had to hate my body, I could just take better care of it.

Doug continued to introduce me to all kinds of new and kinky sex play. As promised, he took me shopping for some new anal toys. That was an experience! I got a new collection of butt plugs and dildos. Since then I have many times gone out of the house, at Doug’s insistence, with some strange object lodged in my anus. Every time I feel deliciously naughty and free. Its so exciting to walk down the street or through the mall with a rubber toy in my bottom and knowing that none of the people there would ever guess I am so kinky.

One of my applications had some success and I was offered an interview for a position in another firm. That was also the cause of another punishment spanking from Doug. Naturally I was nervous ahead of the interview. As it got closer I started to voice my concerns. What if I didn’t match up? What if they didn’t like me? What if I blew the interview? What if I had to stay at my old, crappy job? Doug listened patiently to my worries and my nerves and did his best to reassure me. But even my Doug has his limits as I have found out lately.

It was two days before the interview Doug when decided to take action. ‘Enough,’ he said to me in that stern tone I have learned to dread. ‘There’s only one way to fix this.’

I was ordered to remove my pants and underwear. This time I didn’t go across Doug’s lap. I was ordered to spread my legs and bend over, holding on tight to the back of an old dining chair. Usually I enjoy being naked and exposed in front of Doug. But in this position I mostly felt shame and fear. This night we were at my place so, thank goodness, there was to be no paddle.

I was given a proper spanking though. Doug has mentioned the idea of ‘warm-ups’. But I don’t think he’s ever really given me any warm-up. I was given about ten really hard smacks to start with. I knew what I had done wrong, at least partly. So domestic discipline still felt strange to me but I was glad to receive those smacks because I’d upset Doug. He continued smacking me really hard with his bare hand, slowly and talking to me at the same time.

‘…better than that …show them confidence …strong enough …good enough to win this job …don’t talk yourself out of it.’

As usual, I was spanked for the entire time that Doug was talking to me. I tried my best to listen, not least to avoid thinking about the pain in my backside. Somehow the noise of the smacking helped me to concentrate. I didn’t flinch once. I never have flinched during a spanking even when I know to expect the next smack.

Altogether I received about forty smacks, good hard ones. This time there were no tears. Doug had spoken about me being strong and I wanted to show him that strength in my reaction to the spanking. He was trying to motivate me, make me stronger for the interview and I wanted that too.

When it was done I was ordered to stay in that position. I did exactly as I was told. Doug took a few pictures of my pink, glowing bottom and then left me there ‘to think about what was expected of me’.

I did the interview and I really did feel strong and confident. Doug believed in me and I put my best foot forward because I owed it to him. I was shocked when they rang and offered me the job! I started there as the second-in-charge of their human resources section. I even got a small increase in pay. Who could have guessed that after the crap I had endured in my last job.

Doug and I also celebrated that great event. At one stage I had revealed to Doug my interest in having a piercing done. I wasn’t sure how he would take it. It turned out that Doug didn’t mind at all. To him it was body jewellery and not a surgical modification like a breast reduction.

Doug made the booking and took me along and held my hand while I sat, half naked, with my legs in stirrups while a young woman prodded and measured my vagina. We had decided on a clit hood piercing and I chose a nice, wide ring with a heavy bead on it so we could hang things from it and I could play with it whenever I wanted. The bead even has a turquoise jewel set in it. Having the young woman touch me down there actually felt quite sexy. I was warned about the pain of the actual piercing but, you know, compared to Doug spanking me with the paddle, it really wasn’t so bad.

There were still more new, kinky things for me to explore. We decided to try enemas. By now I think I officially had a fetish for playing with my own bottom. Doug got me a couple those rubber bulbs, different sizes, that have thin nozzles to stick in your anus. I wanted to play with them by myself a few times so I could get the hang of it. Since then Doug has used them on me a few times as well. I love it of course! I don’t suppose these are genuine enemas like in hospitals or some people write about. But I always really enjoy the sensations of playing with my bottom, or having Doug do it, and to be honest I love the idea I am also making myself clean for Doug.

As things went along Doug also encouraged me to be less ‘proper’ or prudish. If I was going to be a liberated and kinky woman I needed to be able to express myself properly. So gradually I learned to use words like cunt, cock and arsehole. Sometimes it made me laugh but I really did try my best. Doug wanted it and he had set an expectation for me. I didn’t want the consequences of failing to measure up.

A big event for me was when Doug has introduced me to a threesome. One of my previous boyfriends had tried to force me to do that and I had hated him for it. Doug was totally different and just asked me how I felt. I had to confess the idea was very enticing. I wanted to see how it would feel to act like that with another person. Finally I felt brave enough, and safe enough, to actually try it. Plus I knew it would excite Doug and that definitely made me want to try.

My first threesome was special and delightful. Doug chose a nice man, Mike. He was a little younger than me which was a change because most of my lovers had been at least several years older. Mike had a very nice body and also a very nice penis. By now I was happy to call it his cock — a very nice cock.

It wasn’t totally a threesome because for a lot of the night Doug was happy to watch me fucking Mike and to give me a few kisses or suck on my boobs. He told me he wanted me to totally enjoy the other man. I did, too, because Doug had chosen well and Mike was quite a good lover. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not all men were as bad in bed as my previous boyfriends. And he loved my clit hood ring.

We finished up that night with me taking both men at the same time. I was on my hands and knees and Doug was fucking me from behind. Mike was on his knees in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth. Once upon a time I would have thought it was very strange and abusive behaviour for my boyfriend to allow this to happen to me. Instead I felt strong and free and I really LOVED all the attention and the fact these two men were so turned-on by being with me.

Doug asked if Mike could cum in my mouth. I said yes! I was so wet already and knowing he was that excited only made me want his semen even more. He erupted soon after and I let him shoot it all into my mouth. Well, not quite all because I managed to get some of his cock juice onto my face as well. The rest I swallowed happily right away. Yet again I can say I was pleased to feel like a dirty slut.

After that Doug fucked me hard and fast until he shot his load deep inside my cunt. Doug had a great time and kept telling me how sexy and desirable I am! I loved it too, of course. Having two cocks to play with was FABULOUS and I got so much attention and pleasure from them both. Now Doug is looking for another man to join us in a threesome. I know we are going to play with Mike again and I am looking forward to that very much. I think Doug wants to have Mike fuck my arse and I think I am going to let them do it.

You won’t be surprised that Doug has also asked me about a threesome with a woman. I don’t know if I could do that. It would excite Doug a lot but I had to be honest with him. I didn’t want to give him a reason to punish me with a spanking.

However, Doug has also introduced the idea of group sex or maybe even an orgy. He knows about these things and has participated in them before. Right now I don’t think I am ready for that much kinkiness. But I know that one day I will say yes.

We’ve also gotten into pee play. That definitely was Doug’s idea as I’d never even imagined such a thing! It seemed rather weird at first that Doug would want to watch me pee. Soon we got to the point where I was pissing into a large bowl whenever he asked. My bladder can hold quite a lot so it needed to be a big bowl! I saw how excited it made Doug and that was enough for me. Having been through so much with Doug, having learned to overcome my fears and inhibitions, piss play turned out to be quite easy in the end. Now I enjoy doing it for him whenever he wants.

Sometimes Doug decides to piss on me instead. I was ready to accept that. Another man would have made it feel horrid and demeaning. With Doug it feels so primal and basic that I enjoy it a lot. His stream is always so strong and hot and I love the way it splashes off my skin. We always follow up with a lovely shower.

As I have said already, domestic discipline works for me. I wanted to be free and liberated and no longer afraid of myself or afraid of the reactions of other people. Doug, using helpful doses of domestic discipline, has helped me to break through those barriers and experience wonderful things I would have kept on denying myself.

Our sex life continues to be fantastic. We are travelling overseas together next year. And we’re now planning to move in with each other in a few months time. Hat means more time with his daughters. I don’t know if I can call it love yet. But I do know I am so very happy and content with everything I have with Doug.

You shouldn’t think that we have left domestic discipline behind us. I still need to be pushed and have expectations enforced. I like the new me and I want to do what I need to keep her. So Doug still spanks me from time to time when he decides it is required.

A few weeks after I started my wonderful new job I had to be honest and tell Doug I hadn’t given myself an enema for some time. The reason was that I had been so concerned about making a good impression in the new job that I had to admit I’d neglected to set time aside for that little personal pleasure. Doug didn’t really mind the missed enemas too much. What he was upset about was that he saw me slipping back into my old, bad habits. He didn’t want me to sacrifice my personal life for my work.

That night he made me lower my undies and lift my skirt. My hands were trembling as I did this. I was told to bend over and hold my ankles. Doug spanked me hard and long. He used a riding crop. He lashed me over and over. That time Doug hardly spoke to me at all. What he did instead was make me talk. After every smack of the crop I was required to say the words ‘make me time’. The crop made a searing pain in my arse and after each smack I had to repeat ‘make me time’. I felt silly and having to repeat it over and over, maybe forty times, probably was worse than the spanking.

I didn’t enjoy that spanking at all. I was left wondering whether I fear the crop or the paddle more. I can report, however, that the crop does not leave as much bruising as the paddle. And I can also report that I have made sure to give myself at least one enema per week since then.

The paddle has not been forgotten. Doug has seen fit to use the paddle on me several more times. The last time I got such a strong spanking that I wore the bruises for over a week. The reason? The old boyfriend found me at my new job and made contact. He asked to see me and I seriously considered it. I’d heard from a girlfriend that he had had some bad fortune and I admitted to Doug that I felt sorry for him.

Doug spanked me long and hard that night. He wasn’t jealous or threatened. He wanted to reinforce the importance of leaving my former life behind. He also wanted to make sure I would never again be fooled by that prick of an ‘ex’. The paddle was very loud and very painful. I didn’t cry and didn’t complain at all about that spanking. I accepted it and felt grateful to Doug for it. Once more it was about him setting high expectations for me and making sure that I could reach them.

Just last weekend I was spanked again. We were on the way home and Doug suddenly realised that I had been putting off calling my parents for some time. This is one of those areas where Doug likes to enforce certain expectations because he wants me to be strong enough to overcome small fears and annoyances. He also knows that really I love my parents but that sometimes they bring back old feelings of being inadequate.

As soon as we got the car into the garage Doug had me bent over the front of the car and my pants pulled down. It wasn’t a long spanking and nor was it especially hard. Doug actually used a rolled-up magazine to administer that punishment. I was ashamed and frightened all the same in case someone walked past and heard the noise or just accidentally looked in.

Once Doug was finished he ordered me to stay there in that position until I had thought about the reasons for being spanked. I stayed there for several minutes, the whole time worried that someone would walk past and see me. Soon after I pulled my pants up and followed Doug inside. Nothing more was said. I went straight to the phone and called my parents. While I was standing talking to my Mum he came over and lowered my pants, my undies too. Then he sat and watched me talk to my parents with my pants around my ankles and my bum, still a little warm from the magazine, sticking out in the open air. It was just a small shame for me to reinforce the need to not neglect my elderly parents.

My achievements and my successes are always recognised by Doug. Often I get little rewards and he constantly tells me his is proud of me and what I have achieved. I am proud of myself too. But I’ve never really had anyone in my life tell me consistently that they are proud and that they support me in everything I want to do. I cherish it and I cherish Doug.

He’s also raised the possibility of another special reward for me. We are thinking of more piercings for me. This time it would be my cunt lips, a nice heavy ring on either side. I am not sure if other men would like them as much myself and Doug. We shall see.

I know that Doug will spank me again. Domestic discipline is a permanent part of my life now. My next spanking is probably just around the corner. I don’t always enjoy them exactly. I am still afraid of them. But I know that submitting to domestic discipline has allowed me to grow into a new and better woman. I trust Doug and I will always allow him to administer discipline and a proper spanking at any time he thinks I need it.

There is just one more thing I need to tell you. Doug has a couple of paddles now and a nice riding crop. Of course he mostly uses his hand to give me a punishment when I need it. Doug also has purchased a cane! A long, evil looking implement. Doug won’t discuss it with me. I am very afraid of that cane. I am fairly certain that one day I will do something to deserve that cane. I know that I shall have absolutely no say in it and that Doug will deliver a fearsome caning to my poor arse. I know that I will let him.

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