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It was Thursday afternoon when I received a phone call from my buddy Rob. He asked me to meet him for a quick drink after work, something about some exciting news that he might have. I called Jenny my wife, told her I’d be running late, just in case she had anything special planned, and left the office at quitting time.

Rob was already sitting in one of the booths at a nearby pub when I walked in.

“Hey Buddy! Already ordered you a Scotch. That ok?”

“Sure,” I said. I needed one; it had been a long day already as it was. “So what’s all the excitement about?” I asked him.

“You remember a while back I told you about that job opportunity in Seattle? Well, I got the job!” He announced.

Immediately I was both happy for him, and sad too. I knew that it meant that he and Susan would be moving hundreds of miles away.

“Does Susan know?” I asked.

“Not yet, I want to surprise her. I know she’ll be glad for me. But she won’t be real happy about it either. That’s why I wanted to get with you first. Part of selling me on the position was to fly us up next week to look for a place and sort of get a feel for things. To make the whole thing easier on her though, I was told we could invite whoever we wanted to come up the following weekend. Immediately I thought of asking you and Jenny to come up and join us. We could really have a nice time together while your there. You know see the sights, and have some fun perhaps.”

It sounded like a great idea, though I knew Jenny would be devastated by the news. Loosing her best friend was going to be very hard on her.

The following weekend, Jenny and I did indeed fly up to Seattle. Rob and Susan met us at the airport, and then drove us back to the suite that they’d been staying in at the hotel.

The room was incredible. It had two complete master bedrooms, a large comfortable sitting room, and the bathroom, if one could call it that, was beyond words. It had the biggest bathtub I had ever seen in my life, more like a miniature swimming pool sunken into the floor of the bath. While the girls finished unpacking and touring the suite, Rob and I settled comfortably out on the balcony.

“Susan and Jenny have been back and forth on the phone all week long,” I commented.

“Tell me about it,” Rob said. “They’re up to something, but Susan wouldn’t say a single word about it to me.”

“Makes you wonder,” I added pouring myself a second glass of Merlot while catching a brief giggle coming from one of the girls farther back into the room.

“See what I mean?” Rob stated indicating as he followed my own brief glance that he’d heard it as well. “They’ve been giggling like that all day!”

We had arrived fairly late, so I certainly wasn’t expecting anything more than an early retirement. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Rob and I finished off an entire bottle of wine when we suddenly got to wondering what our wives were up to. Almost simultaneously, we looked up to see Jenny and Susan standing in the doorway of one of the bedrooms.

Jenny was wearing a floor length sheer red see-through negligee. Her beautiful full breasts were barely concealed through the fabric of the gown. Her dark brown areola’s easily distinguishable, and erotically begging for attention. Susan was similarly dressed, or near undressed actually. She wore a short black lace teddy with matching sheer black panties. Her breasts were even more revealingly exposed however, as the top cover was so sheer she might as well have not even been wearing anything. Her long blonde hair did more to conceal her breasts that the nightgown did.

I turned to look at Rob just as he turned to look at me. I think we both had shit-eating grins on our faces.

“Well? Are you boys up for some fun and excitement? Or are you too tired to do anything?” They asked in unison.

The girls had been busy. The bedroom was filled with soft glowing candles. There was a faint scent of vanilla and cinnamon in the air from the candles, and the bed was turned down and ready for us. I watched as Jenny walked over to Rob and began to unbutton his shirt. Almost immediately, Susan began undressing me as well. There was something incredibly exciting about watching my wife undressing Rob, a look of pure lust etched into her face as she did so. Rob likewise glanced over occasionally at Susan, and I wondered if he was experiencing the same feelings that I was.

Almost without even thinking, I reached down and cupped both of Susan’s perky breasts while she fumbled around with my belt buckle, and finally my zipper. Her nipples were taut and wonderfully erect between my fingers as I stood there rolling them and pulling on them.

“Oh my god that feels good,” she moaned softly.

About that time I felt her hand finally snake its way inside my briefs. My long ago erect cock was already oozing pre-cum, which she immediately discovered and began rubbing and playing around the head of my cock with. I was just getting into this particular enjoyment when she stopped suddenly and finally finished removing my shirt and slacks altogether.

Only then did I even realize that Jenny had already repositioned Rob down on the bed. As Susan led me over on the other side to lie down next to him, I watched in abject fascination as Jenny lay between Rob’s legs busily tonguing and sucking that monster cock of his.

Jenny has never made an issue of size with me. Gratefully so, especially as I am basically pretty average and certainly not hung in that respect. However, I also know that she had always wondered what it would be like to have a cock as large as Rob’s erect prick inside her. I mean, she’d certainly seen it fully erect previously, but had not so much as even held it up until now that is.

And I must say, seeing it like this was a little intimidating. Rob had one of the biggest cock’s I’d ever seen, and watching Jenny, with some difficulty, trying to suck that monster was interesting to say the least.

The feel of Susan’s lips suddenly engulfing my very average cock, soon made me forget about comparisons however as her lips began to dance and play up and down my incredibly sensitive shaft.

“Ohhh fuck!” Rob slowly spoke the words while lying next to me.

“You can say that again,” I added, as Susan’s own magic tongue continued to lick and slide all over and around my own straining shaft.

As if on cue however, both girls suddenly quit licking and sucking us and sort of slid off the end of the bed together. Curious as to what was going to happen next, neither Rob nor I had long to wait to find out.

In the next instant we lay there watching as Jenny and Susan stood kissing one another. They then began to remove one another’s nightgowns, slowly, teasingly, taking turns with one another. We watched as Jenny parted the thin wispy material away from Susan’s now fully bared breasts. She bent only slightly as Susan is taller than Jenny by several inches. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever witnessed before in my entire life. There was my beautiful sexy wife, licking and sucking Susan’s erect pink little nipples. Susan was obviously enjoying it, she slowly rolled her head back and forth from side to side, holding the back of Jenny’s head and seemingly guiding her from one tit to the other over and over again.

Susan soon began to untie the tiny little fabric ribbons that held Jenny’s gown together as well. She slowly pushed it off her shoulders, and it naturally hung up on Jenny’s full rounded breasts. Susan bent down a little then, and began to slowly trace kisses down my wife’s neck. As the gown finally fell away, Susan cupped one of Jenny’s heavy breasts and lifted it up to her. I’d certainly seen Jenny lick her own nipple before, something I was quite fond of watching actually. But seeing Susan literally feeding it to her was something else entirely. It was one of the most erotically lustful sensations I’ve ever experienced. And just when I didn’t think it could get any better, Susan began licking it and kissing it as well while Jenny continued doing the same.

As hot as this was, it would have been impossible not to notice Rob stroking that massive cock of his while watching the two of them. I actually found myself glancing back and forth between the show taking place at the foot of the bed, and Rob slowly and self teasingly sliding his hand up and down that incredible prick of his.

Jenny and Susan were both now totally naked. Jenny now crossed back over to the side of the bed I was on all the while grinning and smiling seductively at me.

“Ok lover, I know how much you enjoy eating this pretty pussy of mine, and I want you eating it right now!” She commanded.

I didn’t need to be asked twice.

Jenny quickly slid onto the bed, and my tongue quickly slid into Jenny. There’s something about the aroused musky scent of a woman’s cunt that drives me nearly insane. I buried my face in her pussy, that familiar perfumed garden of pleasure awaited me, and I began to toy and tease her labia with my lips, chewing and lightly sucking on them. So engrossed in this heavenly pleasure, I didn’t even realize for a moment that Susan had once again taken up position between my own legs. I soon felt her mouth surrounding my shaft, lightly and softly sucking me. I then felt one of Susan’s hands slowly stroking it, and simultaneously feeling and playing around with my balls. This immediately had the affect of making me even more aroused than I had been.

“Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh,” I heard Jenny moaning. I liked to tease her by licking as close to her clit as possible without quite touching it at first. I glanced up, my face still wonderfully buried inside her cunt. Rob was kneeling next to her at the head of the bed. I watched as he fondled her fleshy breasts, Jenny’s thick eraser-like nipples stood firmly, pleading to be touched and played with. To my delight, Rob began to pull on one, stretching it, which was something Jenny really enjoyed whenever I did that to her.

I watched as she held Robs cock in her hand. She slid her tongue up and down the side of his thick shaft, pausing to run her lips over, capturing the thick spongy head, sucking it in and releasing it with a firm “popping” sound. Something which I certainly enjoyed feeling whenever she did that to me. So I had some shared sensation of what it was that Rob was feeling as she continued those erotically naughty, slurpy sounds when she sucked me the way she was busily sucking Rob at the moment.

Seeing this, I captured Jenny’s clit for the first time and drew it inside my mouth with as much pleasured stimulation as I could perform on her. As expected, Jenny reacted to my onslaught of her pussy, groaning her enjoyment around the head of Rob’s dick.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned deeply.

Jenny removed Rob’s cock momentarily and looked at me smiling. I knew that look. Jenny was in one of her rare naughty- kinky moods as I called them. When she got that way, it was hang on tight because anything could happen whenever she did that, and often did.

In the few short years we’d been married, I’d only seen her get in one of these moods a half a dozen times. It was like watching this animal passion emerge, which for whatever reason she tended to keep in check most of time. Sure, she enjoyed talking dirty at times, and really seemed to enjoy that. But this usually went far beyond that, her inhibitions simply flew out the window, and she could ask me to do just about anything that suddenly struck her fancy.

I had an idea that she was well on her way to letting this animal side of her out when she’d stood kissing and playing with Susan early on. Obviously, she was already near the edge when the evening began in the first place. I continued to lap at her already soaked pussy, knew that I was bringing her closer and closer to that particular place of sweetness, and simply waited for what I knew would eventually occur. Which is exactly what happened.

“Susan, I want you to do something special for me,” she asked.

Susan quit sucking my cock, and reluctantly released it. As good as it had been feeling I was anxiously waiting to see what would happen next.

Jenny definitely had that hard-lust look in her eyes. As Susan moved away from me and approached her, I scooted back towards the end of the bed to watch. Jenny positioned herself with her wide spread pussy facing both Rob and I.

“I want you to pussy-pat me,” she asked.

She was horny. I’d seen her do this to herself before when she got this excited, but she’d never had me do it to her before.

Jenny took a brief moment to show Susan what she meant, how she wanted her to do it. Then laying back, her eyes locked on watching us watching her, Susan began palm-slapping Jenny’s cunt. She was fairly gentle with it at first. But as the pleasure-pain level rose, Jenny instructed her to increase the speed as well as the hand slap against her exposed cunt lips.

“Yes you sweet fucking cunt!” She screamed. “That’s it. Just like that! Slap my cunt you hot bitch! Slap my pussy lips. Faster bitch! Faster! Slap my pussy- fucking lips. Now harder. Harder damn you!”

Like I said, there was this other side of Jenny that she unfortunately didn’t let out to play as often as I’d like. But with her sudden vulgar vocabulary, I knew she’d opened that particular naughty door.

Jenny lay there holding her own cunt lips spread about as obscenely wide as I’d ever seen them. Susan who was semi laying beside her in a sixty-nine was slapping my wife’s cunt with such ferocity that I was afraid momentarily that she would actually hurt her.

Just the opposite was happening however. Jenny was more aroused at this point than I had ever seen her before. She was squeezing one of her own nipple’s so hard, twisting it, and pulling on it that had I done it, she’d have admonished me for being too rough with her.

“David!” I heard her call me.

“Take Rob’s dick and pound my cunt with it!”

Now I’d seen and heard everything.


“Do what I told you. Please!”

I looked at Rob. He shrugged his head.

“Better do what the lady wants,” he stated somewhat sheepishly.

“Hmmmm, I want to see this!” I heard Susan say as she moved away from lying next to Jenny.

Jenny slid down to the edge of the bed so her head was just slightly off the end of the mattress.

“You come stand over my face Susan,” she told her friend.

I quickly placed a nice fat pillow under Jenny’s ass. The sight of that beautiful hairless cunt was something to behold. Her lips were red puffy and swollen from the pussy pounding she’d just been given. And she was ready for more. A lot more!

Rob knelt between my wife’s legs. Once again I looked at him, a little unsure of the whole situation that was developing here. Admittedly however, the whole crazy thing was erotic as hell. I’d always wondered what it would be like to have a really big dick, like Rob’s, so in a weird sort of way, I was about to find out.

I took Rob’s swollen hard cock in my hand and began to rub it back and forth across Jenny’s puffy labia. Once again her pussy began to lubricate and the juices from her cunt began to glisten and coat Rob’s fat thick cock.

I was enjoying this.

I placed Rob’s purple helmeted little monster against Jenny’s exposed clitoris and began rubbing it back and forth across that hard little pleasure nubbin.

They both moaned simultaneously.

“Now David, Now! Slap my clit with it hard damn you! Hard! Fast!” She ordered.

I firmly grasped Rob’s dick, and began to slap it about as hard as I possibly could against that wet slippery furrow. It was difficult to know what to watch or focus on however.

Susan was standing over Jenny’s head. The height of the bed was just perfect to allow Susan to position herself over Jenny’s face. Jenny had reached around and was kneading and squeezing Susan’s ass cheeks. Susan stood there holding her own pussy lips apart, revealing that incredibly large miniature penis she called a clit. Jenny was sucking and licking that hard fat clit-nub the way she often sucked and licked my prick. Watching her doing this was tantamount to having an out of body experience. In a way, my own cock was throbbing and remembering the sensations of one of Jenny’s terrific blowjobs as she lay there sucking on Susan’s twat.

I could sense that Jenny was nearing orgasm. Not too close, but close enough that I knew from her soft moaning and slightly rocking rotation of her ass that she was headed that way.

“Put it in! Put it in!” She finally managed to puff out the semi muffled words into Susan’s almost suffocating cunt.

Without even realizing it, I took Rob’s cock, slipped the head into the opening of Jenny’s wide open womanhood, and watched it disappear as Rob slowly sank himself fully and deeply inside Jenny’s burning cunt.

He lay there for a moment, feeling her pussy surrounding his erection, sensing the heat and warmth of it caressing him before slowly withdrawing to fuck into her once again.

I was now the odd man out. But wasn’t about to simply sit there and not do something.

Susan needed more attention.

I got off the bed and moved around behind Susan who was still happily humping my wife’s face. My cock rested against and nearly between Susan’s soft fleshy ass-cheeks. Jenny quickly found my throbbing cock and began to play with it, rubbing it up and down Susan’s backside. I was oozing so much precum at that point that I was leaving little snail-trails of clear pearly lubricant all over Susan’s ass.

I reached around and began caressing Susan’s soft tender titties. Believe me when I say this was about the most aroused I had ever remembered being in my entire life!

Standing as I was, watching Rob’s fuck pole sliding in and out of Jenny’s cunt at that angle was incredible. Her legs were spread so wide that I wondered how on earth she was able to continue to hold them that way without pulling a muscle or something.

Once again Jenny directed the action in our hot little play that was taking place.

“See if you can fuck her David,” Jenny questioned me. “Try and slip it in behind her, doggy style while I lick this Amazon clit of hers!”

With minimal effort, Susan bent over slightly, and my cock slid easily and quickly up inside that burning cunt of hers.

“Oh yes! Yes!” Susan seemed to hiss as my hard erect member sank deeply into her.

I began to slowly thrust myself in and out of that wet slobbering pussy. Soon, the wonderfully delicious sounds of frothy female juices mixing with my own were creating a symphony of the most delicious naughty sounds imaginable.

I could even feel Jenny’s tongue occasionally licking and lapping at my shaft as I slowly plunged into Susan’s cunt from behind her.

Bent over as she was, Susan was now tweaking and pulling on Jenny’s fat tit-nips. She had each one of them in hand and was alternately twisting and pulling them, literally lifting them off her breasts about as far as she could without doing serious harm to Jenny’s nipples.

It was the catalyst that caused the damn to burst.

I saw Jenny’s body go into that tense seizure for a millisecond that she so often achieved right before climaxing.

“Now Rob!” I yelled. “Fuck her as hard and fast as you possibly can!”

With near piston like strokes, Rob pounded his super swollen prick into my wife’s cunt as fast as it was physically possible for him to do so.

Jenny arched her back, her ass lifting off the pillow to meet his thrusts even more forcefully. I have no idea where she got the strength to do that, but she held herself that way for a few moments more until her pussy exploded in a sea of orgasmic tidal waves.

Susan was right behind her. I actually felt the vise-like grip of her pussy clamp down and surround my dick, felt her contract, and then enjoyed the sensation of her cunt suddenly and forcefully expel her female ejaculate.

“Fuck meeeeeeeeeee!” Susan wailed at the top of her lungs as though singing.

I watched as these pulsating sprays of female cream suddenly began to gush in frothy white cascades out over Jenny’s face and breasts. I swore she was going to drown her if she kept it up. I had never seen such a volume of fluid ever released from a woman’s pussy before, and seeing it so completely coating and covering my wife’s face and breasts was what put me over the edge as well.

I rammed into Susan with every ounce of strength I had left, felt the first powerful discharge of my spunk let loose inside her. Somewhere beneath, Jenny grabbed and removed my spurting cock from Susan’s still sucking cunt mouth, I felt her lips surround the head and greedily began sucking out the next several eruptions of cum juice which I felt hit the back side of Jenny’s throat with such force that I knew it wasn’t possible for her to take it all.

I luxuriated in a near continuous orgasm myself however, perhaps one of the longest I had ever personally experienced. And only when every last remaining drop of cum had been vacuumed out of my dick did Jenny finally release me.

Susan had by this time moved over to where Rob had been. She was now hungrily sucking and beating his prick off at the same time.

I was done, and melted onto the floor in a pool of absolute bliss.

Jenny spun around on the bed however and grasped Rob’s prick in her hand. As Susan continued knobbing his shaft, Jenny masturbated it, feeding it to Susan who continued licking and sucking that thick spongy helmeted giant of his.

“Aargggggh!” Rob began with a deep throated groan that seemed to come all the way up from somewhere inside his balls. And I’m almost positive that it did too.

Susan somehow managed to swallow the first powerful jettison of Rob’s spunk, but the volume and ferocity of his discharge was simply too much for her.

Removing his prick, she began rubbing it around and about her face, and then Jenny’s as well, as ribbon after ribbon of gooey sticky fuck cream began to gob up in hanging pools of dribbling nectar all over their respective faces.

Rob finally collapsed.

The Purple headed dragon had breathed its last breath and finally lay defeated.

Even so, Jenny wiped the pools of cum from Susan’s face with her tongue, and then spit it out atop Rob’s slowly dwindling erection. She teasingly sucked and licked him clean once again, and continued doing so until Rob couldn’t stand the super-sensitivity of his prick any longer.

“Enough!” He pleaded pulling away.

I don’t think any of us spoke a single solitary word after that for quite sometime. I was totally and completely drained. I knew Rob was.

Jenny lay next to Susan still lightly caressing her, and playing with the remaining rivers of sperm that covered her breasts and tummy.

“We need to get some rest and sleep soon,” Susan could only half manage to state.

“Rob’s new business partner, and his wife are meeting us for a cruise on his sailboat tomorrow. They’re taking us out to this private little island retreat where we’re going to be spending the weekend with them.”

I know that disappointment was heard in the sound of my voice.

“Shit. I was hoping we’d get to have some more fun with you guys this weekend,” I actually blurted out.

“Who said we wouldn’t?” Susan replied.

“But…” I began slightly stuttering. And stopped as both Jenny and Susan sat there smiling.

There was that look once again.

“Oh,” I said stupidly, and felt my cock twitch in eager anticipation.

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