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Videographer and the Lawyer’s Wife

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My name is Sam. I am a videographer by trade. I create corporate promo and training videos, although I also supplement my income by doing about 10 weddings per year. As fate would have it, the confluence of my two businesses brought me in contact with the RJS law firm and the most thrilling night of my life.

The story starts six months ago. Out of the blue a woman called me inquiring about a corporate recruitment video she wanted produced.

She told me she was friends with another client I had done a similar video for about a year ago and wanted to talk to me about her project. We made an appointment for the next Friday morning. She gave me her address as 875 N Michigan Ave in Chicago. I recognized immediately that address was the John Hancock center, one of the tallest and most expensive buildings in the world. I began to salivate since the company obviously had money. This contract could be very lucrative.

I entered the offices of RJS Legal at the appointed time. I was not disappointed by the quality of furnishing. The office was definitely setup to impress clients. It was on the 81st floor and had a panoramic view of Lake Michigan. I told the receptionist I had an appointment with Stephanie. After she made a quick call, the receptionist ushered me into the conference room.

I had only waited a few minutes when three people entered the conference room. Leading the trio was a professional looking woman. She was dressed in a smartly tailored pants suit with a white silk blouse. Her dishwater blonde hair was set up. She introduced herself has Stephanie, the office manager and the woman who had called me to set the appointment. I estimated she was in her early 30’s. Following her were the two partners of the firm, James and Rick. Stephanie also introduced Rick as her fiancé and told me the two partners were brothers.

After some pleasantries and small talk, we got down to business. They wanted me to make a corporate recruitment video. RJS Law, they explained, was a small firm handing primarily class action suits. They did a lot of the preliminary work lining up clients and doing the behind the scenes legwork before handing off the trial work to larger firms. As James explained, they try to settle everything without going to trial, but once a defendant is determined to go down the multiple year road of a trial, they hand the case off and move on.

One of their big challenges is recruiting top talent each spring from the new graduating law school classes. Because of their size and the type of law they practice, it is hard to sell against the big firms. Their goal of the video is to show how great a firm RJS is to work for and to distribute the video to all area graduating law students.

I listened intently and it was an easy sell on my part. I’ve done several of these types of videos and knew exactly how to handle their project. As I was making my pitch, the conference room door opened and a vision walked in. Tammy, as she was introduced, was Stephanie’s executive assistant. If Stephanie was a man, everyone would have assumed Tammy was hired for her physical attributes. She was petite, maybe 5’2″ and 110 pounds. But she had a gorgeous face and fiery red hair. She wore a short skirt, a silk blouse which clung tantalizing over her full breasts, stockings and high heels. I’m sure my presentation hit a wall when she walked in but pitching the video wasn’t my top priority at the moment.

Tammy walked up to Stephanie and whispered something in her ear. Stephanie nodded and stood up to excuse herself. “Minor emergency,” she said. “I’ll leave you in James and Rick’s capable hands.

The two women walked out and I tried to clear my mind and get back on track. For their part the partners seem to understand why I lost my train of thought and didn’t hold it against me. In the end they bought my pitch to interview their staff members, starting with Tammy of course, to put together a 10-12 minute DVD about their firm. I knew prospective hires would not watch more than that and we agreed to start the interviews the next Friday. We signed a contract and we were all set. On the way out I noticed Tammy sitting at her desk. She seemed a little flushed, but still looked radiant. I looked forward to seeing her next week.

My next visit to RJS Law was all business. I ended up videotaping short interviews with about half the staff as well as the partners. Stephanie, thankfully, told Tammy to assist me doing introductions and acting as my general gopher whenever I needed anything. She seemed to relish the assignment and I certainly wasn’t complaining about getting to watch her up close. I came back the next Monday and finished up the interviews. Again Tammy assisted me. I tried to think of an excuse to delay shooting for a third day, but I couldn’t think of a good reason. Two weeks later I had the final edit done and we scheduled a screening for the entire office in the conference room. There were the usual giggles from people, who were nervous about how they looked on screen, but the partners were happy with the finished product and that is what counted.

I left with a check in my hands and a spring in my step expecting that would be the last I saw of RJS Law. Thankfully was I wrong. About two weeks later I got a call from Stephanie. My first thought was the DVD replication house must have screwed up the pressing. She assured me that was not the case. In fact, she was so pleased with how the video turned out she wanted to hire me for another project. I asked what else the firm needed and she said it was a personal project for her and her soon to be husband. Stephanie had not struck me as evasive last time we met. In fact, during the interviews, most of the employees expressed how tough she was to work for because she was demanding and direct. These comments were off the record, of course, and didn’t make it into the final edit.

We danced around what she wanted a bit longer before she finally told me what she really wanted was a video of her herself. “My fiancé has to travel frequently and I’d rather he watch me and remember what he’s coming home to than screw around,” was how she put it.

Although she didn’t come out and say it, I got the impression she was talking about a masturbation video. I’d never made a porno before and I wasn’t sure she was the model I would have chosen. I definitely would have liked taping Tammy in that way, but it would be a quick job and the money was right so we set a time for next Friday at 6pm in their office as they office always empties out for the weekend.

I figured a two camera setup would be enough so I could have one wide static shot on her and I could use the second camera for close-ups. I arrived at the appointed time and except for Stephanie and Tammy, the office was empty. Tammy showed me back to Stephanie’s office and then left us. Stephanie seemed a little nervous as we made idle chit chat while I setup my gear. She explained that she told Tammy I was interviewing her for an alternate edit of the recruiting video that would stress the firm’s commitment to community building. She also said she expected Tammy to leave soon and that we could begin then. True to plan Tammy knocked at the door and then came in when Stephanie acknowledged her.

“I’m heading out for the night unless you need me for anything,” she said.

Stephanie said she was good and that she’d see her Monday. As soon as the door was shut, Stephanie stood up.

“I’m going to go and change. Do me a favor and lock the door in case the cleaning people come in early.”

I’m going to change. The words lingered in my brain as my hope that Stephanie was going to make a dirty movie looked like it was coming true. Stephanie retreated to her office’s private bathroom while I checked the door. I opened it and peaked around the office but I didn’t see anyone. I shut and locked the door and then double checked my cameras. Stephanie returned wearing a beautiful merry-widow, garter belt, stockings, high heels and a smile. Her hair, always up when I had seen her, had been released and now cascaded past her shoulders and down unto her back. She was stunning. I thought to myself her reputation in the office would probably be better if she wore her hair that way and dressed a little more provocatively.

Having never filmed a masturbation video before I wasn’t sure where to begin. I started with her looking out of the window. I shot her reflection in the glass staring with longing searching for her far away husband to be. As I zoomed out I had her slowly start playing with her nipple. I wasn’t sure how far or how fast she wanted to go so I figured I would take it slow until she directed me otherwise. From the window we moved to her desk. She didn’t need any coaching. Stephanie decided to prop her legs on the desk and spread herself wide open. God she was beautiful. I was getting a serious hard-on watching her play with herself and it was difficult to maintain a professional posture. Within a few minute her merry-widow had been shed and her feet were on her desk while she reclined in her desk chair. I was ready to wipe out my own cock and hose her down.

Stephanie was going to town on her clit and pussy. She was a natural. I kept telling her the camera loved her trying to spur her to new levels of depravity. With a look of pure lust, she looked directly into my camera and said,” Well Rick, since you’re not here, I guess I’ll have to fuck myself. You had better be saving yourself for me.”

Professionalism be damned. I was ready to volunteer to fuck her, but I held myself in check. I watched her open her desk drawer and pull out a thick black dildo. Again she looked directly into the camera holding the toy next to her face.

“I’d rather have your cock, honey, but since I can’t, this will have to do. Hurry home sweetie.”

My cock was bursting in my pants at that moment. I could hardly hold the camera even with the monopod I was using. Thankfully I would have the steady camera on the tripod with the wider shot to fall back on. I watched with lust as Stephanie slowly began to fuck herself with the dildo. Regaining my composure I zoomed in for a tight shot of her very juicy pussy taking the fuckstick. I had to fight from cheering her on as I spent the next ten minutes shooting alternate close-ups of her exceptionally sexy flesh and medium shots of her face and heaving breasts as she pleasured herself to a pair of happy endings. I didn’t know what kind of references I would get from this job, but it was the first time that when I stopped taping I had to towel off my face. My cock was still tent poling my pants, a situation Stephanie couldn’t resist commenting on.

“I guess I did alright, eh?”

Stephanie excused herself to head back to the bathroom and clean up while I packed away my gear. I told her through the door that I would have the video edited over the weekend and that I could drop it off Monday if that worked for her. She said it did and I made my way to the door. When I opened the door to leave her office, I peaked around the door like some dumb high school kid worried about being caught. Seeing nobody in the office, I headed for the front door. I was almost there when I saw a door opening out of the corner of my eye and felt a feminine hand grabbing my arm. It was Tammy hiding in a storage closet.

“We need to talk,” she said while pulling me into the closet.

I put my gear down wondering what game she was playing.

“I know what kind of video you just shot with Stephanie and I want a copy when you’re done.”

I explained that I couldn’t do that. The video was for Stephanie and she alone could determine who saw the movie and that as far as I knew it was just for her fiancé. Tammy told me she didn’t care about any of that. Stephanie was a bitch to work for and the office needed to take her down a peg or two. I refused, on principle, although in truth I liked pushing Tammy’s buttons and she was even cuter when she got angry.

“Look scumbag, I need that tape and I’m willing to make you an offer you will not want to refuse.”

“What’s that?” I retorted.

“I bet you got hard watching her didn’t you?”

“Yeah, so what. Any guy would. That’s the point of the video.”

“Well I’m willing to give you the real thing.”

“No shit?” I said in amazement.

“No shit. Give me the finished tape and I’ll fuck you.”

Tammy would clearly be the best ass I had enjoyed in years. She had a compelling argument.

“I’ll tell you what. Suck my cock now and I’ll think about giving you the footage.”

I expected her to call my bluff, but she didn’t. Without saying a word she dropped to her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants. Yes this was definitely my favorite video project of my career.

Tammy was very skilled in the oral arts. She obviously spent quality time practicing her technique for driving a man crazy. I’d like to say I was able to hold back and let her work my cock for half an hour, but that’s not true. Like I said, she was skilled and I had been primed by Stephanie’s show so I only lasted about 3-4 minutes before depositing my seeds into her waiting mouth. Tammy looked so sexy on the floor beneath me that I didn’t want to go soft. But of course I did. Tammy tucked my sausage back into my pants and stood up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and cooed that the blowjob was just a down payment. She was better at other activities which could be mine if I did what she asked. Then she kissed me. I don’t know if she thought kissing me with cum breath would turn me on, but it didn’t. Still as I watched her perfect ass exit through the storage room door I didn’t care.

That weekend I worked on editing Stephanie’s footage. Of course I had to watch the footage several times during the editing process and I jerked off twice. I was pleased with the final result and I hoped Stephanie would be too.

Monday afternoon I dropped by RJS. Tammy escorted me to Stephanie’s office. This time Tammy stayed in the office as Stephanie finished up a phone call. I was hesitant to pull the DVD out of my bag until Tammy left. Hanging up the phone, Stephanie asked how it turned out without a hint of embarrassment. I looked at her and then I looked at Tammy before answering, “It turned out great.”

I handed the DVD to Stephanie who put it in her desk drawer. “That will be all for now Tammy.”

Tammy turned and left while flashing me a disarming smile. As soon as she left, Stephanie pulled the DVD out of the drawer and popped it into her computer. I sat in front of her desk. I couldn’t see the screen. I could only see her expression. I was trying to gauge her reaction, but she had her poker face on and wasn’t giving me much. I did notice her skipping through and not watching every minute. When the video ended, she smiled.

“Sam, I am very pleased with your work, although I must say it is weird seeing yourself on screen. I’m sure Rick will love this. I have to figure out how to give it to him.”

“I’m glad you liked it. That was a first for me.”

“You are going to be discrete about this aren’t you? I don’t want any extra copies floating around.”

“Of course, Stephanie. That is the only copy. It is still on my hard drive, but I will not burn another copy without your permission.”

“Good. Now on to new business. I’d like to hire you to document our wedding.”

I was surprised. I knew the wedding was fast approaching and I figured she would already have everything already set. Of course I accepted. On the way out of the office Tammy stopped me and inquired about her copy of Stephanie’s video. I told her I couldn’t go behind Stephanie’s back like that. She responded by hitting me in the shoulder and saying some less than professional words.

“I’ll tell you what, Tammy. Come over to my house this weekend and I’ll give you a screening, but you have to agree to shoot your own video and I will get to give that one to Stephanie.”

She repeated her vulgar assault on me and walked back to her desk. I left happy to have another good paying gig courtesy of RJS.

The weekend came and I half expected a call from Tammy. She seemed free enough sexually to want to shoot her own video. I had been hoping she would call so I would have another crack at her, but the phone remained silent. Over the next couple of weeks I talked to Stephanie and Rick on the phone a number of times finalizing our plans. They were gracious enough to spring for a hotel room for me where the reception was being held. This would give me a place to store my excess gear and crash for the night instead of driving home late.

The big day arrived and Stephanie looked positively radiant. If you didn’t know her reputation for being a hard ass, you would have assumed she was a Southern Belle. Her wedding party was small. Tammy was her maid of honor and there was one other bridesmaid, Sue, another woman from the office. Their dresses were nice, but as usual, far from sexy. The bride wanted that honor for herself.

On the groom’s side, James, his brother and partner, served as the best man and William, Sue’s husband, was a groomsman. The ceremony was nice, but nothing special. The same went for the reception. They had an open bar the entire evening which I am completely in favor of doing. By the time dancing rolls around, having an intoxicated set of guests always makes for better video.

They had the banquet room until midnight, but by 11:30 most everything was winding down. I had already spirited most of my gear upstairs to my room, but I kept one camera downstairs in case something happened. At 11:40 it did.

Stephanie and Tammy approached me. Tammy was more than a little drunk and was staggering. Stephanie told me that Tammy was upset about having never seen Stephanie’s tape.

“Well, I don’t have a copy. That is between the two of you,” I said.

Stephanie responded, “Agreed. I planned to give it to Rick tonight. But I think Tammy should make her own.”

I smiled. I couldn’t agree more. Tammy on the other hand didn’t like the idea.

“What, I’m no slut. I’m not going to play with myself in front of him.”

“Actually dear, I know you and you are a slut. But fine. If you don’t want him we’ll take him for ourselves when we consummate the marriage. How about it? Want to film my new hubby and me.”

Truth be told, I would rather film Tammy, but there was something to be said for watching Stephanie in action.

“Well if Tammy is too scared,” I said throwing a penetrating stare her direction, “I would love to tape you and Rick.”

“Great. Why don’t you go up to your room. I’ll collect him, say our goodbyes and we’ll call you when we’re back in our suite.”

I nodded and looked back at Tammy who seemed enraged. I headed up to my room and thought about jacking off before Stephanie called. I figured having a raging hard on the last time would not be quite the same display of pride when Stephanie’s husband was in the room. Then I figured maybe this was the kind of sex games they played and I would be invited into a three-way, kind of a Penthouse Letters kind of thing. In the end I just checked my gear, went to the bathroom and then sat down on the bed and waited.

At 12:30 the phone rang. It was Stephanie asking if I was ready. I made some joke about always being ready to film a honeymoon and she made some comment about small cocks and told me to come down to the suite. It was on the same floor as my room at the end of the hall. I knocked at the door and was greeted by Stephanie wearing a long flowing white robe.

“Welcome, welcome. Thanks for doing this.”

She ushered me into the room.

“Where’s Rick?” I asked.

“He’s waiting in the bedroom. Let’s go.”

I followed her toward the suite’s bedroom. As I approached the room, I could see a king sized bed. What I wasn’t prepared to see was a naked groom tied spread eagled to it. Not only tied to it, in his mouth was a glass horse bit with leather straps wrapped around his head. The bit prevented him from speaking and a leather blindfold blocking his sight.

“Did I forget to mention Rick is a worthless slave? Where are my manners? By the way, where do you want to setup the cameras?”

I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear her. I was too dumbstruck to register the sound of her voice. I recognized something was said, so I shook my head and tried to guess what she said.

“Um, over here is good for the static,” I said pointing to a table next to the bed.

I setup one camera on the tripod. Like her masturbation video, I figured one static shot would always be good for cut always while I did close-ups hand held. I asked Stephanie if I should start the cameras and she said she was ready.

The first thing she did was drop her robe. Underneath she had replaced the alluring lingerie she undoubtedly had worn under her wedding dress for the all business leather bustier favored by dominatrix everywhere. From next to the bed she picked up a riding crop and then spent the next several minutes circling the bed drawing the crop slowly over Rick’s flesh. If she had been nervous filming in her office, she now strode with the confidence of a seasoned professional.

Snap! The riding crop landed on Rick’s thigh. I heard him groan through his gag, but also noticed his cock begin to twitch. I was fascinated watching Stephanie as she prowled around her captive. Over and over she lashed at him and harder and harder his cock became. Satisfied that his cropping was complete, Stephanie retreated to the bathroom. This gave me a chance to look at Rick. His skin was bright red where she hit him and welts were beginning to form. But he seemed happy. I’m pretty sure that is not how I would have reacted, but to each their own.

Stephanie returned with a couple additional instruments of torture. The first was a set of nipple clamps with alligator clips strung on a thin wire. I clenched my arms a little tighter to my chest as I watched Rick wince in pain as they were applied. She then pulled out a thin leather strap. I didn’t know what it was for and watched in fascination as she wrapped it around the base of his cock and then around his balls.

When she finished she looked up and saw me looking at her inquisitively.

“It’s a cock ring. It keeps him hard for as long as I want. He will not be able to cum until I’m ready to allow it.”

I winced again at the thought of how much trying to cum and not having the load go anywhere must hurt. Still, I could not turn away. Stephanie unsnapped the bottom of her bustier and straddled her immobilized husband. I could tell her pussy was slick with joy and she easily slid down his pole. But she didn’t rise back up. She just sat there telling Rick how good his cock felt. Damn she liked to torture him. Just then I heard the ring of a cell phone.

“That’s mine,” exclaimed Stephanie. “Could you answer it? It’s in the bathroom.”

Why not, I thought. I hustled to the bathroom confident the static camera would catch any shenanigans. Stephanie’s phone was on the counter. As I picked it up I saw Tammy’s face on the display. This ought to be good, I thought.

“Hi Tammy. How are you?”

There was silence on the other end.

“What can I do for you Tammy? Stephanie and Rick are occupied.”

“Um, Sam is that you?”

“Yup. Stephanie wanted to make another video so I’m helping out.”

“Sure. OK. Ask her if I can stop by.”

This seemed like a strange request, but the whole night was strange so what the hell. I walked back into the bedroom while holding Stephanie’s phone out. I’m sure Tammy could hear the sounds of Rick grunting against the bit and Stephanie moaning while she rode his cock.

“Um, Tammy wants to know if she can stop by.”

Stephanie looked disgusted but waved me over to hand her the phone.

“I knew you couldn’t stay away slut. Prepare yourself the way I like and come over. Oh, and bring that worthless best man too.”

Stephanie threw me her phone and returned to fucking her husband. I did the only thing I could do. I picked up the second camera and kept filming. Stephanie, much like when I filmed her in her office, started slow but built up a fast pace. While she rode her husband’s cock I watched as she began fingering her clit.

“I can feel this worthless pig’s cock try to cum. I can feel it pulse but I’m not ready to let that happen yet.”

I felt sympathy for Rick. He seemed so nice in the office and definitely in control. But obviously that wasn’t what was going to happen in this marriage. But my cock was too swollen in my pants to worry about him. I had to try and concentrate enough to do what I was being paid to do. About 5 minutes later Stephanie let go with a guttural moan as she bottomed herself on his cock, frigged her clit and quivered through an orgasm.

She was still on top of him when there was a knock at the door. Stephanie motioned to me that I should open the door and to get their entrance on video tape.

With great intrigue I walked over to the suite’s door and unlocked it. I then turned the knob pulling the door open slightly. As I felt pressure on the door from the outside I quickly backed up and focused on the door. The door opened slowly and a very submissive looking and incredibly sexy Tammy came crawling through the door. She was dressed like a lingerie catalog’s wet dream. A Satin and lace teddy complemented by a garter belt, white stockings, a g spring, high heels and a leather collar. I almost wet myself as her breasts threatened to pop out of her teddy with each foot she crawled. I was so focused on her that I hardly noticed James crawling through the door behind her. He was wearing only leather bicycle pants and a collar.

I got good footage of both additions to the party crawling toward the bedroom. The material and cut of James’ pants left little to the imagination and I could tell which brother was really the best man. Stephanie seemed giddy as her new partners reached the bed. She dismounted off Rick and bounced her ass down on the edge of the bed. Tammy immediately began licking her pussy as James began to remove his pants. He was indeed hung better than his brother. Tammy meanwhile was licking Stephanie’s clit with abandon and wiggling her ass at us in a most temping way. I could see James getting hard and assumed Tammy was trying to temp him into plundering her pussy.

Soon Stephanie was spurred to a higher plateau of pleasure by Tammy’s tongue as she came again. Tammy immediately leaned back to her haunches and let Stephanie get up. Stephanie walked up to James and gave his cock a good squeeze. Tammy scampered onto the bed a looked longingly at Rick’s discolored cock.

“Mistress, my I relieve your husband?”

Stephanie looked at her and then his swollen cock.

“Well, he’s only gotten me off once so far, but it is our wedding night so I guess he deserves a treat. You can unwrap him, but no sucking.”

Tammy nodded and began untying Rick’s cock. I watched in enthrallment as he sighed in relieve. It was obvious his body tried to orgasm several times but Stephanie’s sling had prevented his release. Now that the pressure was released, his jizz simply oozed from his cock like the lava flow from a near spent volcano.

“Mistress, your slave is making a mess,” Tammy cooed.

“I deal with him later. Just lick it clean and we can get on with the next game.”

I opted to videotape Tammy and her tongue action instead of Stephanie who was standing with Rick and slowly stroking his cock. Once she was done I refocused my attention to the bride. I didn’t know what was next, but I was sure glad I was part of the festivities.

“Well Sam,” Stephanie began, “as you can tell this isn’t going to be a traditional marriage. When James and Rick hired me to turn around their practice I realized the main thing lacking was discipline. They were just going along having a good time. They are good lawyers and serve their clients well, but they lacked the killer instinct to really put the firm on the map. It turned out they were both fucking Tammy, well actually Tammy was sucking off half the office so I guess that wasn’t a surprise, so after I seduced Rick and made him my slave, it was easy to add James and Tammy to my little office harem.”

Stephanie continued to stroke James’ cock through her little speech. To his credit, he never flinched or broke character. Tammy was watching her mistress’ hand job with great interest, apparently hoping for more action soon. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Sweet slut Tammy was very interested in seeing the video of you that you made for me. I told her if she could convince you to give her a copy then she could see it. It was a test for both of you. You passed. That is why you are here tonight. She failed and has been punished accordingly. So tonight, she is going to perform for us and you will make the video.”

Stephanie ordered Tammy to release Rick from the bed and take his place. While she was doing that, Stephanie had James wheel in a case from the bathroom. The case contained a large selection of sex toys. Once I reset the cameras for Tammy’s solo debut, Stephanie directed her to start masturbating. Tammy put on a good show slowly removing her lingerie while playing with her breasts and pussy. I don’t doubt that Tammy had used all these toys before and was simply preparing for whatever her mistress would command of her.

Once Tammy was naked, except for her stockings and heels, a set of nipple clamps came flying in from off-camera. Tammy didn’t hesitate before affixing the alligator clamps to her very puffy nipples. She allowed a small moan to escape her lips, but otherwise took them like a champ. Next onto the bed came a pair of handcuffs.

“In front of you,” came the instructions from off camera. Tammy, smiling this time, snapped them on her wrists. Finally a small dildo bounced onto the cover. I thought I sensed an expression of disappointment on Tammy’s face, but she quickly picked up the phallus and pushed in home into her waiting pussy. The disappointment on Tammy’s face quickly changed to joy as she began to fuck herself. Looking over at the other three people in the room I saw great interest from James and Rick and what I would call mild amusement from Stephanie. She had all three eating out of her hand.

Tammy was continuing to put on an exciting show when I saw Stephanie reached back into the bag of tricks. I quickly turned the roving camera to face her. Stephanie pulled out a menacing looking black strap-on dildo. It was several inches longer than and almost twice as wide as the one she had previously given Tammy. James helped Stephanie secure her weapon in place and then she ordered Tammy to remove the dildo she was using. Apparently this was a special treat for Tammy too who looked absolutely overjoyed with her mistress’ decision. Stephanie walked up to the bed.

“I doubt you need to lubricate this, but do it for the camera anyway.”

I got plenty of good footage of Tammy blowing her mistress. It wasn’t as good as the tongue lashing she gave before, but it certainly established the pecking order and Tammy’s devotion. Satisfied with her slave’s preparations, Stephanie ordered her onto her knees facing the camera.

“After Rick is done spanking his meat thinking of me, I want you to remind him of what he has waiting for him.”

Tammy’s face was pure ecstasy as Stephanie entered her from behind and began thrusting into the cunt I so badly wanted to fuck. I could have watched the pair of them all night. Looking to my right I saw Rick getting hard again and James still primed for action. Tammy was slamming her butt back against her mistress matching her thrusts and trying to maximize her penetration. Squeals of delight gave way to moaning begs to be allowed to cum. Stephanie never said a word. She just kept thrusting. Over and over Tammy begged for release. Each time Stephanie gave her a hard swat on the ass.

My cock was ready to burst from my pants. I was ready to fuck either woman or at least jack off on them. Finally Stephanie told Tammy to count the thrusts down from 20 and then she could cum. Hell there were many times I didn’t even reach 20 before I would cum, but Tammy was a trooper. Stephanie slowed her pace and extenuated each thrust with a little extra push and a pull on the hips to make sure Tammy knew who was in charge. Tammy cringed a bit as her body went into overdrive trying to hold out. She put on a great demonstration of self control although by the end she was beyond rational thought. Finally as she reached number 1, Stephanie slapped both her ass checked as told her to cum. Tammy immediately screamed in release and fell forward popping the fake cock out of her pussy. She rolled from side to side on the bed consumed in ecstasy. Never before had I seen a woman as transformed by pleasure.

“And that boys is how you fuck a woman,” said Stephanie in a triumphant tone. “Sam, as a bonus tonight, you can have her ass if you want. Her pussy is going to be a bit sore for a while. James and Rick, set Tammy on the couch and then get in the bed with me.”

I watched as the still quivering Tammy was carried into the living room. Turning my attention back to Stephanie, I watched as she took off the strap-on.

“I hope you’re getting good footage.”

“I’ve got everything I need so far.”

“The boys are going to give me a nice DP and then we’re done.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded as they came back into the room. Stephanie told Rick to grab the lube on his way while James had already made it to the bed. Stephanie had him lie down and then pointed to Rick to lie next to him. I positioned myself to get a point-of-view shot as the guys watched Stephanie begin to suck them. She would take one in her mouth for a few seconds while she stroked the other one and then she would switch. At one point she looked up at the camera and said this was a special occasion since usually Tammy would be preparing them. She also said she liked that angle and asked if I could kneel next to James for the next part. I said sure.

With that she ordered Rick off the bed while she straddled James and slid his big cock into her waiting pussy. I was still shooting the POV shot of her body as they coupled with occasional close-ups of her face and bouncing tits. I was probably in the wide shot but I didn’t care. This shot was gold. Stephanie settled into a sitting position then leaned chest to chest with James and told Rick to lube up and get her. He didn’t need a second invitation.

I doubt I got a shot of him penetrating her ass, but I definitely got the picture of her facial expression as she was skewered between their cocks. The boys started to go to town on their mistress appearing to attempt to exact some revenge for their previous mistreatment. Of course I’m sure this is exactly what Stephanie wanted as she rode them with wild abandon. For a moment I let myself get distracted by the notion that they could really turn the tables on Stephanie and make her their slave, but that thought was quickly dismissed as Stephanie began barking out orders on how they should pleasure her.

Still I’ve never seen two women back to back who took a better pounding than Stephanie and Tammy. I had no doubt I could sell this footage and that it would please even the most jaded purveyor of hard core. Stephanie was taking their cocks like a porn star. The only thing missing was my cock down her throat. Given how the day had gone, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had asked, but all too soon I saw Rick tense his facial muscles. As if on cue James’ body also reached its boiling point and the wedding night was done.

Well almost done. With cum dripping from both her holes, Stephanie dismounted her lovers and motioned for me to follow her. We walked into the living room where we found Tammy still laying on the couch. She was awake, apparently waiting for her second round of cleaning duties to commence. No words were spoken as Stephanie simply stuck her ass in Tammy’s face and Tammy dutifully cleaned her out. She then turned around and Tammy repeated her tongue bath on Stephanie’s snatch. This time, however, Stephanie continued to ride her face until she too had a final climax for the evening. Satisfied, she pushed Tammy’s head back and Tammy slumped back down onto the couch.

“Why don’t you pack up your gear and take it down to your room. Take the toy box too. Give her a few more minutes to rest and then take her to your room and do whatever you want to her. Just don’t injure her and don’t leave any permanent marks.”

I was in a daze. I looked at the naked woman slumped on the couch and couldn’t believe that beauty would soon be servicing me as her mistress had promised. I packed up my gear and made two hasty trips to my room. Upon my second return, Stephanie had Tammy standing up and a leash attached to her collar.

“She can be rebellious. Don’t be afraid to spank or paddle her if she gets out of line. Heck, do it if you want to anyway. She’ll do anything you want. Fuck her ass or piss in her mouth it doesn’t matter to this slut. Just have her back to her room to dress by 8am. We’re leaving for the airport at 9. If you don’t mind, I’d like you to ride in the limo with us to tape us leaving on our honeymoon. I’ll arrange for the limo to bring you back here for your car.”

Like I was about to turn back now from that offer. I took Tammy’s leash in one hand and led her out into the hallway. I didn’t know if the hotel had hallway security cameras, but if they did they were treated to a nearly naked Tammy being led down the hallway to my room. Halfway there I reached behind her and fingered her pussy lips. They were moist and puffy as I expected.

I had been dreaming of fucking Tammy for weeks, but now that I was escorting the sweet slut slave to my room I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do. Once inside the room I unclipped Tammy’s leash. I then looked at her beautiful body unsure of what to say.

“You don’t know what you’re doing do you?” she said breaking the ice.

“Well I know my way around a woman’s body, but specifically this situation, no. This is new.”

“No problem. Everybody is new sometime. I’ll tell you what. I’m so horny right now I’d fuck that doorknob if you couldn’t get it up. Look through Mistress Stephanie’s bag and see if anything inspires you otherwise I’d be happy if you just fuck me.”

“What if I want to do something else?”

“As long as you promise to fuck me, you can do anything you want.”

I knew I had better take charge of the situation so I told Tammy to lie on the bed while I looked in the bag of goodies. As I pulled out each toy, I tried to judge her reaction to see if I could decide which we her favorites. The biggest smiles her for a ping pong paddle and what I later learned was a Hitachi Wand vibrator. I didn’t want to blow my chance with this delightful gift so I told Tammy my analysis of the situation.

“Based on how your eyes lit up with this,” I said picking up the paddle. “I think I’ll start with a little spanking.”

Tammy smiled. “As you wish master.”

I pulled the desk chair out into the middle of the room and sat down. I ordered Tammy to strip naked (that didn’t take long) and to lie across my lap. God, what a fabulous body she had. I was hard as a rock as she nestled her torso over my thighs. I gave her right cheek a firm, but not too hard swat. Her buttock jiggled ever so slightly in a very appealing way. She didn’t make a sound so I gave her a smack on the left cheek. I alternated from one cheek to the other until I felt the heat radiating from her pussy. Tammy was moaning and begging me to take her.

“I want to try some more of these toys,” I said pointing toward the case. “What makes you cum the best?”

“The wand vibrator. Mistress likes to tie me to it. On the low setting it’s just a tease. On the high setting it’s a quick cum.”

I paused to think about how to tie her to the Hitachi. She still had the cuffs she wore down the hall, although they currently were not clipped together. Looking in the toy box I found some bondage tape and leg cuffs. A plan started to take hold.

I told Tammy to get on her knees and suck my cock again. I wasn’t having trouble staying hard, but I wanted to see how she would react to the order. As expected, she dropped right down and began servicing my manhood. There was no doubt this woman knew how to suck cock. I was tempted to just let her do that until I blasted and then call it a night. But she deserved better and I did really want to fuck her.

I grudgingly pulled her head back after a couple of minutes and pointed toward the bed. She playfully bounced onto the mattress. I told her to hook her cuffs together through the spires of the headboard. Watching her obey that command sent a shiver of power through my body. I had just told the most beautiful woman I’d ever had sex with to tie herself to the bed for my pleasure and she’d done it. She looked so sexy laying there I wanted to please her almost as much as she was going to please me.

I pulled the bedside stand away from the wall and unplugged the light. I plugged in the Hitachi Wand and clicked the switch on low. Immediately a harsh buzz filled the room. For anybody who hasn’t tried one of these toys on their woman, you need to. The ball on the end is about 3 inches in diameter and will vibrate her clit all the way down her pussy lips. There are also insertion attachments to stimulate her g-spot or anus. I found these attachments in Stephanie’s bag too and I wanted to try each one.

I flipped the switch to high and was amazed by the power vibrating in my hand. Tammy looked at me with pleading eyes, but I wasn’t about to let her have that just yet. Switching it back to low I first slowly maneuvered the wand around her nipples. This brought a coo from by tethered beauty and a smile. I slowly moved the wand down her body but allowed only the briefest of contact with her clit before I continued moving down her inner thigh. She called me a “bastard” and told me not to tease her.

“I’m not ready for you to cum yet. I have to try all these toys.”

Tammy looked dejected as I continued to tease and toy with her body. I methodically tried every toy in Stephanie’s bag taking time to bring Tammy to the brink of orgasm with each one. Over and over I stopped just before she could reach her nirvana until she was left incoherent with lust. My cock was staying hard this entire time. Never before had I held an erection this long. The longer I teased her the more I felt like I was going to burst.

After about 45 minutes I figured we both had about as much as we could take. Tammy was twisting in her bonds with a vibrator buzzing away in both her her pussy and ass and had a set of nipple clamps affixed to her rock hard nubs. The anal vibrator was Tammy’s idea. I think she was trying to entice me into finally fucking her. She said it was about my size and would get her ready for my cock. In truth the idea was appealing and that is where I intended to take her. Tammy was still begging for relief and I decided she had earned it.

“OK slut. It’s time for your treat. How do you want it?”

Tammy was almost babbling, but I managed to understand her. “Hook my legs to my hands. That will open up my ass for you. Fuck me hard and use the wand.”

It took me a few moments to process what she said, but then it became clear. I left both toys buzzing in her while I retrieved the ankle cuffs so lovingly provided by Tammy’s mistress. They cuffs had an 18 inch hobble chain on them. There were also two D-connectors in the bag which I had not understood until then. After cuffing her legs together, I knelt on the bed next to her. My cock looked angry and it was pointing straight at her. I began to pull her legs up.

“Are you sure about this?”

Breathlessly she answered, “Yes.”

Higher and higher her legs rose until they passed perpendicular.

“Hook the chain to my wrist chain then stick a pillow under my ass.”

“Slaves don’t give orders,” I replied before giving her ass a swat.

I said it but it was an empty phrase. We both knew Tammy was in charge and was getting exactly what she wanted. I carefully hooked the D-connector onto the hobble chain and while holding her legs skyward hooked the other D-connector onto her wrist cuff’s chain. Then it was just a matter of pulling her legs far enough to make the connection.

When I was done I did add a pillow under the small of her back as she requested. I guess I’m just an old softy. I was ready to fuck, but I still had to replace the wand. I got off the bed, pausing to admire my handiwork. The wand was still on the side of the bed. I grabbed it and the g-spot attachment.

Both of Tammy’s holes were winking at me as their vibrators continued to buzz away. Removing them was an easy task, but I realized, that with her legs tied like that, I couldn’t easily access her clit for the wand. I’m sure a more experienced partner would not have had this problem, but it took me a good 15-20 seconds to figure out the solution.

I moved back to the head of the bed and unclipped her legs. As I did, my cock bobbed next to her head and again I felt the sweet caress of her lips on my member. Almost as a reflex I pulled back.

“Don’t do that. I’m ready to blow and you need to get fucked.”

Tammy didn’t say anything; she just looked a little disgusted at my inexperience.

The solution was to take her legs down, position the wand in place over her clit and then to use the bondage tape around her waist to secure it. Looking at the g-spot accessory, as much as I wanted to try to make her squirt, the curl of the attachment meant the wand had to be in front of her. That wasn’t going to work so I taped the wand, powered off, in place and then lifted her legs back up and attached them to her wrist chain.

Pussy juice was running down over Tammy’s ass as her eyes pleaded with me to finally let her cum. The time was now. I flipped the wand on in the low position. Almost immediately Tammy started shaking as her body tensed in preparation for a massive release. I grabbed the bottle of lube Stephanie had kindly provided and that I had used on her anal vibrator. I liberally coated my cock. Just the friction from my hand almost had me losing my load.

I positioned the head of my cock at the gateway of her ass. Looking at her for one more sign of approval, she nodded and then almost yelled, “For fuck’s sake do it already.”

I flipped the wand on high and powered my cock into her ass. Instantaneously Tammy’s body crashed over the edge and she screamed so loud I figured hotel security would be breaking down our door in moments. I gave her about 10 quick strokes with my cock before I unloaded a torrent of cum into her ass. I guess I was so focused on teasing her that I didn’t stop to think of the consequences of the fact that I was teasing myself.

Tammy didn’t seem to care. I don’t think she even knew I was there at that point as her overheated body reacted with the high speed vibration on her clit and plunged her over and over into a major orgasm. She was still spasming as my cock deflated and I pulled it out of my ass. I had missed my opportunity to really nail her and I knew before I could get it up again, we both would be fast asleep.

Being a gentleman, I unhooked her legs and lowered them to the bed. Well, not a total gentleman. I left the wand buzzing figuring she would tell me when to turn it off. She was babbling incoherently again as I watched her body climax repeatedly while I uncuffed her hands and ankles. I left her on the bed and went into the bathroom to wash my cock. She was still quivering when I returned and managed only a weak smile and a request to turn off the wand.

I did and she thanked me for a wonderful night. I could tell she would be asleep in moments so I killed the lights and snuggled in bed next to her. I too was out like a light. I remember waking up a few hours later, our bodies spooning with my arms wrapped around her, her generous breasts filling my hands. I fell back asleep but woke again when the sunlight streamed through the window.

This time my hands were empty, but Tammy was lovingly sucking on my cock. When she saw I was awake she stopped long enough to give me a smile that beamed from ear to ear.

“You were wonderful last night. I’m sorry you shot so fast. Well actually I’m glad because cum in my ass really gets me off, but I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy yourself more.”

“Yeah, I’m usually not a quick draw artist,” I replied.

“Don’t worry. We have a little time yet this morning. Let me do the work this time.”

Tammy had been slowly messaging my cock while she talked. All she would have had to do was talk dirty and stroke me and I would have cum again, but she took mercy on me and straddled my hips. She was looking at me straight into my eyes as she guided my cock into her waiting pussy. Once she settled she paused.

“Fast or slow?”

“Slow I think,” I said.

Tammy began a slow bump and grind on my cock. It was sensual and passionate as her pussy rose and fell on my cock. Her talented pussy muscles gripped my cock and gave me the pleasure I had been looking for all weekend. Her face showed a caring nature as she continued to hump my cock until she could sense that I was ready to climax.

“What’s your pleasure master? Do you want to cum inside me, in my mouth, on my face or on my tits?”

The last thing I wanted to do was pull out any sooner than absolutely necessary. It never even crossed my mind that I was bareback and she might not be on the pill as I told her inside her.

“Good,” was all she said. With that simple word she shifted into high gear. I guess this was her other speed she had asked about earlier. She pounded herself up and down my cock with the ferocity of a tiger chasing a gazelle. She starting making the same moans she had the night before. I’m sure they were more for my benefit instead of a harbinger of her impending climax, but I really didn’t care. The tightness of her snatch and the dirty sounds from her throat made me feel like a king. A king that was quickly going to shoot another load into his slave.

And shoot I did. Blast after blast filled the fair Tammy. As she felt the first volley she settled back down with my cock buried to the hilt and began rocking her hips forward and back instead of up and down. I didn’t know if this was helping or hurting my climax, but I wasn’t about to ask questions.

After I was done spurting, Tammy lay down on top of me and gave me a passionate kiss. We were both a sweaty, sticky mess so after a short recovery, we headed to the shower. Tammy then made a dash for her room covered only my one of my room’s towels. Looking at the clock it said 7am so I dialed up room service and ordered breakfast. I didn’t know if Tammy would be returning so I ordered for two.

The meal arrived 30 minutes later. Tammy had not returned but I was so hungry I ate the whole thing. I was waiting in the lobby at 8am as Stephanie had instructed. I had my camera at the ready and caught the shot of her, James and Rick exiting the elevator.

We made some small talk and she asked where Tammy was. I told her she went back to her room about an hour ago and that was the last I had seen or talked to her.

“She’s an incredible fuck, isn’t she,” Stephanie asked.

I certainly wasn’t accustomed to talking to clients that way, but I had to agree.

“Well we need to leave. If she’s not here in one minute, I’m going to punish her like she’s never been punished before.”

I was tempted to inquire about what that might entail and was going to suggest I could videotape the event when the elevator door opened again and a very pristine and proper Tammy walked through the door. Of the five of us, she was the only one who looked like she had not been fucking the entire night before. She teetered over to us, her 4″ heels clicking on the tile floor. She was wearing stockings, a short skirt, a smart blouse and a Navy blazer. Every inch of her screamed business professional. When she arrived at our group, her speech gave her away.

“Good morning mistress. Good morning masters.”

She had not looked at me and was bowing her head in servitude to Stephanie, Rick and James.

“Good morning slave. I trust you had a pleasant evening?”

“Yes mistress. Sam was wonderful and I came so hard.”

“Good. While we are gone you are not to cum again. I want you primed when we return.”

With that brief exchange, Stephanie turned toward the door. James and Rick quickly picked up the bags and headed toward the front of the hotel. A white stretch limo was waiting. The driver ushered Stephanie into the back and then helped put the luggage into the trunk.

The ride to the airport was uneventful. I taped Stephanie, Rick and James talking about their honeymoon plans. Tammy was sitting next to me as we rode in the backward seat filming the power trio. I could feel her thigh against mine and it was becoming very distracting. As we were nearing the airport Stephanie gave Tammy a series of instruction about what was to be done to the rest of the week.

Aside from the usual office and home tasks, Tammy was ordered to masturbate ten times per day right up to the point of cumming, but then she was required to top. She was also to get a full body wax the day before their return and wear a butt plug in the office. Tammy had been taking notes as if these were the most normal requests in the world and didn’t seem surprised.

We arrived at the airport and I jumped out of the car to tape their arrival. I quit shooting as they entered the terminal. I figured I would cut to a jet taking off at that point and then end the video. Just as I was about to get back in the limo Stephanie came running out of the terminal. Grabbing my arm she whispered in my ear.

“Thank you for everything so far. I want a video of Tammy masturbating in the limo. Leave the window down so the driver can see. Tell her I want at least 15 minutes and she had better not cum. She knows I can always tell when she does. I’ve got a couple of other projects you might be able to help me with so don’t screw this one up.”

“I’m always happy to do what the client requests, mam. I’ll try to have the video edited by the time you return.”

Stephanie turned and headed back into the terminal. I got back in the car. Tammy had been looking out the window and asked what Stephanie had said.

“Well, she liked the video you made last night and wants another one of you playing with yourself in the car.”

Tammy didn’t hesitate. She scrunched up her skirt and spread her legs.

“Don’t just sit there. Turn that camera on.”

For the next 20 minutes I taped Tammy masturbating herself to the point of orgasm and then trying to calm herself down to keep from going over the edge. She had remarkable willpower. I couldn’t understand how she could do that to herself. For my own selfish reasons I wanted her to cum. I also wanted to either pull my own cock out and join her or fuck her in the back of the car. Toward the end the stress was too much and I turned the camera off and set it down.

“I know you are trying to follow your mistress’ orders, Tammy, but I need relief,” I said pointing to the lump in my pants.

“You can’t fuck me. I’ll cum as soon as you touch me. I’m afraid to even blow you because I’ll lose control.”

“You’re lucky I’m a gentleman. I’ll jack myself off but you owe me one.”

I wondered what the limo driver must be thinking about what was happening in the back.

“After they get back and I’m unrestricted again, I’ll give you a night to remember, deal?” she asked.

“Deal,” I said.

I unbuckled my pants and fished my cock out of my underwear. I never liked jerking myself with my left hand and the camera was designed for a righty so this was going to be a challenge. I decided to forgo the camera for now and concentrated on picturing my cock up Tammy’s ass again as I stroked myself to full hardness. We were nearing downtown and thankfully Tammy began cheering me on and encouraged me to cum. I didn’t need much encouragement. Watching her tease herself was inspiration enough, but I did appreciate her effort. As I neared my climax, I stopped long enough to grab the camera and hit the record button again. I had to balance it in my left hand, but I think I managed to keep Tammy in the frame as I launched a barrage of cum aimed at her face. Tammy squealed with delight as she was coated with the hot, sticky liquid.

Tammy’s right hand was still in her pussy and I could tell she was struggling not to push herself into the pleasure zone she desperately desired. With my cock deflating and still hanging out of my pants I quickly transferred the camera to my right hand and framed up the last shot showing my load dripping off Tammy’s forlorn face. The limo was now off the highway and I realized we would be back at the hotel in a matter of moments. I quickly set the camera down, tucked in Mr. Happy and secured my pants. I felt bad that I didn’t have anything to offer Tammy to wipe down her face. I should not have been surprised when the limo stopped and the doorman opened the door that she confidently got out of the car even though the evidence of her debauchery was on display, but I was.

Tammy walked into the hotel without saying a word. By the time I got out with my gear, greeted by the jealous smile of the doorman, she was gone. I didn’t see her waiting at the elevator so I guessed she headed into the bathroom. I waited a few minutes for her to return before heading upstairs to retrieve the rest of my gear. I knocked on Tammy’s door but there was no answer. Not knowing where she ran off too, I gathered my gear and made a couple of trips to the car to load. Tammy was still missing when I returned so I left. I wanted to get home and start working on the video. I knew I would be editing this one sans pants and I wanted to relive the events of the past two days.

The video turned out great, in my opinion. I know it made me horny. I must have jacked off 8 times while editing it over the course of 3 days. Stephanie called a week later to let me know they had returned and to ask when they could get the video. I told her it was done and offered to bring it by the office. She said they would be back in the office tomorrow and to swing by around 11. I know I could have mailed her the DVD, but I wanted to see Tammy again. I also wanted to see Stephanie again even though she scared me more than a little.

I arrived at the appointed hour. The receptionist walked me back to Stephanie’s office. I noticed Tammy was not at her desk. The receptionist opened the door and I walked through. She then shut the door behind me. Stephanie was sitting at her desk. She looked like she was at peace with the world. She had a look of satisfaction and seemed very different from the other times I had been in the office. I then figured out why. I saw two feet in stiletto pumps under her desk. I guess I knew where Tammy was and what she was doing.

“Welcome Sam,” she started. “Forgive me for a moment. I’m just getting back to Earth.”

“No problem,” I replied. “Take your time.”

“James and Rick already had her this morning. She had been a good girl and teased herself every day while we were gone. She needed a good pounding. I wish we had your camera to record the pair of them ravaging her on the conference room table. Anyway, you have our DVD?”

“I do,” I said pulling the jewel case out from my laptop bag. I handed the DVD over to Stephanie. I watched her slip it into the DVD drive of her PC. She also slid her chair back to allow Tammy to exit from under her desk. Tammy was naked except for her collar. Stephanie was missing her skirt and panties. Stephanie had Tammy sit on her lap and spread her legs. Tammy started to tremble as her mistress began slowly stroking her pussy and rubbing her clit as the video began playing.

“We had a great honeymoon and we have big plans for my pet here,” Stephanie said.

Once again I was rock hard with my cock straining against my pants. Stephanie looked at my crotch, smiled and continued.

“Tammy told me of her pledge to service you and how you were a gentleman and didn’t take advantage of her in the car. I’m looking forward to seeing that part of the movie. We’ll have to figure out a time for Tammy to pay you back. I’d like to hire you to film parts of a party we’re throwing in a couple of weeks. Perhaps you can come over to our house this Saturday and we can discuss the details. I’m pretty sure Tammy will be there and we can also discuss payment of her debt to you.”

A private party and another chance to get a crack at Tammy. Stephanie certainly knew how to make an offer a guy could not refuse. Of course I accepted her invitation and began counting the days until Saturday. Repeat customers are the backbone of my business and I knew I would do whatever I could to make this client happy. But those details are for another story.

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