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Good Friends: The Next Encounter

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It had been several weeks since that fateful day when Laura and Leann had kissed. Well, not just a kiss. It was quite a sensuous kiss. And not only that, Leann had taken Laura’s hand under her bra… directly on her breast! This was the first time either of them had any type of ‘contact’ with another female, the only problem was that it was in the locker room of the fitness center where they were both members!

Not only that, but one of the staff walked in on them and ‘documented’ the incident! Both frightened and embarrassed, they haven’t followed up on it or for that matter or discussed it since.

Laura sipped more of her iced tea as she sat out on the upper deck in her favorite chair and thought of that day. It had warmed briefly enough for her to enjoy the fall weather without shivering. The trees were almost bare now and she could see into the backyards of the houses nearby. She idly used her free hand to brush a leaf from her thigh. She had nice legs, one of the features she liked about herself as a women in her late forty’s. Looking at her bare legs made her think of what was hidden in those shorts she was wearing, ummm. Just some thin material and a pair of panties separated her hand from the womanhood within.

Oh God, Laura thought, she could not get the encounter out of her mind! A day wouldn’t pass where she thought of how Leann’s lips felt against hers or how firm Leann’s breast was or how hard her nipple was. Laura wished she could have seen Leann’s breast. She can now only imagine. Every time Laura thought of that day, her body began reacting. She felt warmer even without the help of the sun, her face flushed, her stomach knotted and her nipples hardened. Laura wanted so much to further explore the… the relationship with Leann. Without knowing it Laura touched herself right on her center. Laura wondered if Leann ever thought of that day. She had to, didn’t she? And if she felt somewhat overcome when she did. Laura wondered if the touch of her hand excited Leann that day or if she had thought of it afterward. Now, I’m just thinking crazy thoughts, she thought to herself. Laura was getting a little frustrated wondering if she would ever find out as her own hand reached up under her shirt and cupped her own breast… mmmmm. She didn’t care if the neighbors could see anything or not, it felt good to caress herself and she liked the feeling it gave her to submit to her own desires. She laid back in the chair and her hand pushed inside her waistband…

When she was finished, Laura picked up the glass again and took a sip. Her thoughts again drifted back to that day. Leann seemed a little frightened. What had ever come over her? Sure, Laura had had kissed her, and that was freaky, but… She had grabbed Laura’s hand and practically shoved it under her bra. Leann felt ashamed, almost. The touch of her close friend’s hand on her breast was so delightful. She can still remember how her nipples felt like they were exploding! They have never been that hard. She imagined how long they grew under Laura’s brief fondling. Even with the sensations, Leann was still troubled. Women are not supposed to ‘be together.’ Well, sure, sluts in movies, but not real, everyday women. That is gross. Then what had gotten into her to follow up Laura’s innocent kiss with forcing her friend to grope her?

Every time Leann has seen Laura since, she has felt so ashamed. She had wanted to apologize, but always lacked the courage. Even thinking of it now, frustrated, angered and embarrassed her. So again, Leann put it out of her mind. She didn’t realize, or allow herself to realize, that her body was actually tingling, her nipples hardening, her breath quickening as a result of thinking of it again. She went inside to finish the laundry trying to put these strange thoughts out of her mind. Another week passed with an awkward, well, silence between them. Sure, they talked. Sure, they went to get a coffee. Sure, they even went to the gym. But there was this ‘silence’ there. Laura was just about to give up thinking there was a chance to explore when during lunch at the Deli it all changed.

Leann, out of the blue, looked at Laura and asked, “Have you ever had a massage? I would like to practice on you if you are OK with it.” Laura almost choked on her tuna sandwich! All the frustration and doubt and immediately turned into panic!

“Um, no, I haven’t. Why… Are you..? Huh?”

“Yea, I am. There was an opportunity at work to take lessons on massage. I thought what the heck. The instructor said we were ready to try on someone.” She didn’t mention the strange erotic events that led to this question.

“Uh, sure. Don’t you need a special table or something?” Laura said trying to hide her shock. She finally remembered to chew.

“Well, there is a special table and you should have one, but we can use other things. How about tomorrow after our workout? We can go to either your house or mine.”

“Let’s go to yours,” Laura said not really knowing why.

“Ok, deal. Thanks!”

And that was that. Laura’s head was spinning as she drove home in a semi-daze. Was she taking this more intimately that she should? For weeks now Leann had been ignoring her. Maybe it is just a massage. Yea, that’s it, she thought, I am making a big deal out of nothing.

Leann had been Laura’s friend for years. They were about the same age, perhaps Leann a few months older. A few weeks back, Leann had gone to work just like any other day. Nothing was out of the ordinary except an e-mail from the fitness center offering a short course in massage therapy. She worked at an assisted living facility and all the clients were retired so they needed some level of care and therefore this class was directed at them. She thought she would at least inquire about it. Later that day, on her way to lunch, she stopped in at the fitness room.

Leann was greeted with a cheery voice from behind her. “Hi there! I’m Julie. I’ve seen you around the administrative offices, right?”

“Right, you probably have. I’m Leann.”

“Do I owe you a budget, or an invoice, or a decision on marketing materials?” asked Julie.

“Um, no” relied Leann, stammering. “I came down to ask about the massage class you are going to offer. It’s open to staff as well, right? I have always wanted to know how to massage.” Leann was sure she was mumbling every word. Something about Julie was affecting her in a strange way.

“Yes, it is. You are the only staff member so far that has shown interest and I’ll be sending out an email to everyone this week with the particulars.”

“Do I need to fill out a form or something?” asked Leann as she recovered herself a bit.

“Nah, I’ll remember you. Leann, right?” Julie concluded. She winked, then left.

Ummm, was there more to that wink than a friendly parting Leann wondered? Well, that’s that, Leann thought to herself.

When Leann showed up for the first class she saw she was the only staff member among 20 residents. No matter, this will be fun. After a brief intro, Julie instructed everyone to partner up. Well, being the ‘odd man out,’ Leann looked at Julie and shrugged her shoulders.

“Um, well, why don’t you and I be partners? I will need to walk through the class checking on the others. If that’s okay with you.”

“Sure, I guess so.” So, while Julie was instructing the class on technique and pace, Leann watched the others practicing. Since this was a class for mostly elderly people, everyone was dressed in t-shirts and shorts except Leann who was in her blouse and skirt for work. Should she have brought a change? After a few minutes, Julie came over and lay down on the table.

“Now you try on me. You can start on my shoulders,” said Julie. Leann started in on Julie as instructed on the upper back and shoulders trying to concentrate on the massage rather than the woman under her hands. It felt strange to touch another woman this way. Not bad strange, just odd and vaguely erotic. Julie suggested a few changes in technique. After a few minutes, Julie sat up.

“That was pretty good. Let me show you how it feels. Let’s swap.”

Leann lay down. As Julie began, Leann instantly moaned. It was wonderful. Much different than getting a ‘massage’ from her husband. Leann mumbled something about feeling wonderful. Just as she thought she was feeling a little tingly, Julie stopped.

“Okay, folks. That’s all for today. Feel free to practice through the week. See you next Tuesday.”

That was fun; I hope I can get good at this, Leann thought as she walked back to the office. The next few days flew past.

The second class was similar to the first. Leann had a few more minutes practicing on Julie. At the end of class, Julie commented,

“Good, we are all coming along fine.”

She turned to Leann, “Would you like an individual 15 minute session with me if you have the time now?

“Sure.” said Leann. She knew somehow this offer was unusual, but she felt compelled to take her up on it not wanting to miss a chance alone with the young woman. After the class left Leann walked over to a table.

“Okay, show me what you got,” Julie said teasingly.

“I’ll try,” responded Leann tearing her face away from looking at the woman. And she began to work on Julie’s shoulders, using her fingers and the heel of her palm though Julie’s T-shirt. Leann thought she was doing well when Julie let out a soft moan. Leann noticed that Julie didn’t have on a bra, but at the time thought nothing of it. Julie made a few comments on technique while Leann was practicing.

“Yea, that’s it. You have to understand what your client, or partner, wants from just how they react to your hands. Let me show you a few things.”

Julie stood and motioned for Leann to lie down. As Julie applied pressure almost immediately Leann began groaning. Oh my! She thought. This is wonderful. Her body began relaxing, her mind clouded, forgetting the worries of the day. She couldn’t even remember what Julie was doing until she moved to her legs!

Leann forgot she had been wearing a skirt. Julie kneaded Leann’s calf muscles for what seemed an instant and then moved to her thighs! Without a thought, Leann spread her legs a little. Taking the hint, Julie continued on her thighs. She alternated heavy and light pressure. Leann’s moans were giving her away, this felt wonderful. Julie’s fingers just barely reached under Leann’s skirt Leann felt a strange electricity grow deep down between her legs…

“Okay, that’s all for today.” Said Julie, “Our time is up. I think I have another student soon. You are doing well Leann and progressing nicely. I hope I gave you a couple more techniques to think about. Have a nice evening!”

Just like that it was over and Julie just walked to her desk. Leann sat up in a daze. Huh? What? Feeling empty and not fully comprehending what just happened or didn’t happen. I’m being silly, she thought. I was just in a massage induced trance. She made herself giggle and walked to the door.

Leann turned and said, “Good night, Julie. Thanks so much. See you next time.” Julie looked up and smiled, a rather impish smile Leann thought. As she walked past the front desk, she saw her name on the clipboard. There were no names after hers… she wondered what that meant and would find out soon enough.

The following week was nondescript for Leann and things went on like normal. Nothing special at work and the usual games to go watch for the kids. Yard work around the house and boring chores. Her husband was on a difficult assignment and did not get home until late, and then just fell into bed. She wouldn’t have told him about Julie anyway. She went to the group massage class, nothing special again. Julie paid no special attention to her. When she signed up for her 15 extra minutes days ago, Leann didn’t realize that it was the last session on Thursday afternoon before close and everyone would be gone.

When Leann arrived, Julie was nowhere to be found. The entire fitness center was empty. Leann looked on the clipboard and saw that there had been no appointments for the last hour and a half.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” said a voice from the office, “we’ll be in the treatment room this time.”

Leann entered the treatment room in the back of the larger massage room and the first thing in Leann thoughts after she in there was if this was going to cut into her 15 minutes of training. Leann sat in her thoughts for a few minutes looking out the window, thinking about dinner and groceries to pick up and that report that was due tomorrow. If Leann had been listening, she would have heard the noises of a locking door. Leann finally did hear something and turned around about to greet whoever it was.

She was speechless! Julie had just stepped into the room and was wearing only a delicate white robe, the type that are usually worn in typical massage appointments. She also had on eyeliner, mascara, and a light shade of lipstick. Leann could not shift her eyes away. She could not help but take in this sight. Leann had not really thought consciously of Julie as anything other than just a youngish instructor from whom she was taking lessons or so she thought, but then she remembered that wink. Leann looked at Julie in a different light.

Julie was, in fact, a very attractive young woman, a little taller than Leann and obviously very nicely shaped. She also had this wonderful golden skin tone and light hazel eyes. Leann had never noticed that Julie was tall, about an inch and a half taller than she was at 5’7″. And Leann had never noticed that she was quite athletic looking. The belt of the robe allowed the robe to follow her lines very well. Leann realized that she had never really thought of Julie as an attractive. But now with the help of a little makeup, she was a real stunner.

Leann imagined that Julie had been quite athletic in college and that her lean and toned body was still very much showing the attention it had received during all those training sessions. Little things like the tone of her arms and legs and the fact she was slender with nicely shaped hips, muscular legs, and a small waist made her into a very desirable package, for either sex. Leann had certainly never noticed her breasts were obviously firm, and not large by any standard, and actually quite small. Plus her legs were long and toned, likely from running.

Julie smiled to herself because she knew she was being looked over. Leann realized with a start that her own gaze had still not shifted and that her mouth was gaping is wonder, amazement, something. She closed her mouth, but kept looking.

Julie shifted her stance and it was then Leann noticed there was a slight coloration through the robe fabric where her nipples would be… but that would be if her breasts were not sagging at all as if her nipples were high on her tiny breasts. And if that discoloration were her nipples, then why didn’t the robe show any coloration for her pubic hair? Julie had curly dark blond hair, the kind that would surely create a full bush that should be visible. Leann was actually trying to imagine this young woman naked. This young woman was an almost perfect example physical fitness and facial beauty. If Leann had known the term, she would have called Julie a sporty femme or perhaps a feminine woman on the athletic side.

All this was flashing through her head in mere seconds, but in the next second Leann felt a little bit her age. She thought she was in decent shape, for a woman her age, and after 3 children to boot. She exercised. She ate right. Leann’s mind could not help but compare herself to this young woman. She was easily 20 pounds heavier than Julie and 20 years older. Her legs and butt were toned (for a late 40-ish woman) but still had a little extra. But compared to Julie’s, well there was no comparison. Leann had always kept on a little baby fat on her tummy after the kids. Damn, it was hard to get off. But it wasn’t that bad. She thought her tummy looked just fine in her one-piece. Leann’s breasts were of no comparison to Julie’s. Julies’ were small; Leann’s were large and full D cupped. Julie’s were firm and high, probably an A. Leann’s were, well, showing signs of age and while still attractive, she thought, they were beginning to sag a little. Julie’s face was young and fresh; Leann’s face was, well, showing signs of age as well. A few lines here and there and what about down there? She sighed to herself, sliding into a funk right in front of the girl.

“Leann? You with me? Earth to Leann!”

Leann was jolted back into reality. Unconsciously, she closed her mouth and licked her lips. This was not lost on Julie.

“I thought you would be ready for the next step,” Julie said.

“Uh? What? Oh my!” Just sort of slurred from Leann’s mouth. “What do you mean? I’m not really sure. Maybe we shouldn’t.” Again just slurred together from Leann.

“Um, the next massage? You know, using the table while your client is in a robe. What were you thinking I meant?” Julie asked.

“You just startled me. That’s all.” Leann managed to say. ‘I guess I wasn’t expecting to see you in a robe in this private room.”

“Oh this.” Julie said as she looked down at her robe and adjusted the belt.

“Like I said, I thought it was time for the next phase. As you know most massages are done with the client nude and a drape covering them. You are the only one who signed up for the extra session and that’s why I picked this private room so you would feel more comfortable in a smaller space. Also, the masseuse is usually in something comfortable, like this, but if you don’t think you’re ready…”

“I am. I am.” Leann almost shouted not realizing her response had basically given away how excited she was. That, and the fact that Julie had noticed her looking… she never explained that she had a date after the session and that explained the makeup.

“Ok, where do you want to start on me? I’ll just keep the robe for now. Maybe later we will use the drape,” Julie said as she lay on the table. She was facing away from Leann as she loosened her belt a bit and pulled the robe down a little from her shoulders. “Leann, start with my shoulders, honey.” Leann immediately obeyed as her training automatically took over.

Leann’s hands were performing just as trained and as expected. She was trying her best to massage exactly as Julie had taught her in the class. She was actually quite concerned that Julie would be pleased and that she was following her training. As she was concentrating on technique, method and timing, she didn’t realize that she was subconsciously admiring Julie’s body. Her upper body was unusually firm and muscular for a thin girl. Leann enjoyed the way Julie’s skin felt under her touch. Leann was even, subconsciously, listening for Julie’s responses as she had been taught. Leann’s hands alternated from massaging to gently caressing Julie’s shoulders and upper arms. Leann couldn’t believe the obvious strength in her biceps and triceps. Leann became entranced in the massage and also the lovely body that was receiving it.

Even though Julie’s hair was in a ponytail, Leann felt it necessary to move it to the side. And in doing so, not realizing what she was doing, Leann stroked and slowly fondled it, feeling its thickness, stroking those curly dark blond locks. Wondering if her pubic hair was as thick and rich as the hair on her head. She let her fingers drift along Julie’s toned upper arms and quickly ran her fingers past her underarms feeling for razor stubble. She had a little. She didn’t really know why she did it, but perhaps unconsciously wondering what Julie would look like if she stretched out with those muscular arms above her head showing thick growths of underarm hair. Oh, my God! Why was she thinking these dirty thoughts? They were so far out of line for her. She liked men, not women, didn’t she? But this magnificent body under her hands was so delicious and touchable. She was not so sure of her beliefs or sexual orientation or anything when she was near this woman.

Leann pursed her lips. She reluctantly brought herself back from those nasty sensual thoughts invading her mind. She calmed herself and thought she was doing very well as long as she concentrated. She didn’t notice Julie reach up to her belt and loosen it a little more from around her waist, allowing the robe to relax a bit more. Julie thought Leann instinctively moved down her back a bit more, pushing the robe down as she went. In a few seconds, Leann had pushed the robe all the way down to Julie’s hips.

Leann was amazed at Julie’s back. It was so toned, and tanned, almost perfect. There were no blemishes on it at all. Leann began to work her entire back, from the base of her neck to the top of her hips, every inch. There was nothing extra on this body. Leann, again subconsciously, began to really pay attention to Julie’s small waist and hips. Leann tried to use her fingers more and more to extract any tension from Julie’s back. As she did, her fingers began pushing the robe down further. It was bunching up on Julie’s cheeks, revealing more of her toned butt every second.

Leann couldn’t help but notice the fine light hairs that grew in the crack of Julie’s magnificent ass almost out onto her lower back. The growth was a little heaver than fuzz, but not something you could see from any distance. Leann was fascinated with them. She imagined they came from her vaginal region in a furry trail between her legs and on up into the crevasse between those beautiful protruding cheeks. Light, golden little hairs surrounding her bum hole that Leann longed to touch with her fingertips. She began to stretch a finger deeper under the robe and toward the crack between Julie’s firm cheeks, but held back at the last moment. The thought of licking those little hairs flashed through her mind as well. That and the anticipation of what would come next caused the heat to rise between her legs. She suppressed the thoughts; they were too radical, yet they stayed there waiting to bubble up.

Neither woman was consciously thinking by this time… were they? Feeling sensual fingertips between legs, thoughts of licking a women in the same place…neither one knew if Leann’s recent actions were purposeful or instinctive. To an on-looker, it would have looked very much instinctive. To an on-looker, the intensity shown in Leann’s face would not have been missed. The little beads of sweat on her upper lip, it may have been quivering a little. Depending on how close the on-looker was, they might have been able to pick up on the subtle, almost odorless fragrances that were beginning to fill the air. Neither Julie nor Leann’s active mind had yet picked up on it, but their deep instinctive minds did.

Leann began to really work Julie’s lower back. After a few minutes of this intense massage, Julie took her arms from being folded up underneath her and flopped them out on either side of the table with a noticeable moan. Leann smiled to herself. She was really getting the hang of this. Leann’s attention went to Julie’s lower back; she leaned back and surveyed this lovely woman before her. Did she notice the fabulous curves of her waist? Did she notice the hints of a perfect butt hiding under the robe? Did she notice the tiny swells pushing out the sides of her breasts? And what about those fine golden hairs between her legs and around that small anus. Leann did notice the smile either. Was it a contented one, a satisfied one, a tired one? Leann couldn’t put her finger on it, but she did know she wanted to keep working on this woman. Those invisible chemicals in the air were working wonders on her sub-conscious mind.

Leann took a couple of steps down the table toward Julie’s legs. As she lifted her hands from Julie’s back, Julie let out an audible sigh of discontent. But when Leann’s hands touched Julie’s calves, the sigh of discontent turned into one of pleasure. Leann realized that Julie’s legs were her prize, perfectly formed and toned. As Leann massaged these lovely legs, she didn’t realize that Julie was slowly spreading them apart ever so slightly. As Leann worked up from calves to thighs, she also didn’t notice that particular fragrance was getting stronger. And that it may have been a mixture of both of them. When Leann’s fingers reached mid-thigh, where the hem of the robe was, she paused, not knowing what to do. She was greeted with a quiet groan from Julie who obviously spread her legs this time, inviting, almost pleading, Leann to continue. Leann hesitated, but continued.

This time, Leann’s fingers didn’t bunch up the robe, but slid underneath it. Julie’s thighs were even more wonderful than her calves. Leann couldn’t believe she was massaging such legs. She wished her legs were only half as nice. Suddenly and without warning, Leann’s fingertips touched the edge of Julie’s cheek. She almost put a finger between those cheeks, seeking warmth, or the secret spot deep within, she didn’t know. Leann gasped. Loudly.

“I am so sorry,” Leann exclaimed.

“That’s alright. No worries. Keeping going.” Julie said and wiggled her ass seductively.

Leann couldn’t tell if Julie’s response was on from an instructor or something else. Then, she knew…

“Pleeease,” Julie mewed softly.

Leann was torn. She didn’t know what to do. Was this still a massage lesson or had it turned into something else? She knew the answer because of all those thoughts of touching forbidden places, plus images of that morning with Laura in the fitness center dressing room flashed in her mind. Leann was frightened, excited, apprehensive, and didn’t at all how to react. But during all this, her hands had not moved. They were still on Julie’s upper thighs. Leann didn’t realize, but Julie certainly did, that her hands were still tenderly moving under the robe. They stayed like this for a couple of minutes, seemed more like an hour. Leann was frozen, well, sort of, and didn’t know what to do. She may have been waiting for instruction. She may have wanted to run. Her mind and body were in a state of utter confusion. Just when she realized that she was still slightly massaging Julie’s thighs and that the slightly massaging was more like lightly fondling…

Then she got her answer. Suddenly Julie rolled over on her back! As she did, her robe opened and fell to her sides! Julie was completely exposed before her! She was lying there completely nude in front of Leann! Was it an invitation, but for what? She didn’t want to know, but she knew. Julie’s eyes had been closed and now they slowly opened as she looked into Leann’s eyes. Neither woman showed much emotion. Well, Leann was clearly in shock. Julie’s face showed apprehension. Neither woman said a word. They maintained eye contact. It was hard for either woman to figure out what the other was thinking. It seemed both were waiting. Waiting for what, neither knew.

Julie had her own thoughts. What am I doing? she thought to herself. Leann is practically a stranger and if not that, a co-worker! I am exposing myself to a married co-worker who could easily get me fired. I could say it was an accident. Couldn’t I? We have the pretense of the class, and the individual sessions. Everyone in the class has received individual sessions. Not like this though! Shit! I am such a loser and a slut. Why in the world, would I ever think that a married co-worker do anything like this? What do I want? She was not sure, yet in her deepest mind, Julie was attracted to the older woman and she didn’t know why. Leann was way older than her, not the greatest body in the world, but there was something sexy about her that made Julie want to be touched and caressed by this woman. Something made her, something deep within her female self made her expose her intimate parts to this woman hoping Leann would respond. Not knowing what would happen and the anticipation of what Leann would do made it all the more exciting. Exciting, maybe that was it, the excitement of not knowing what a sexy older woman would do to her naked body. While Julie’s mind was racing, the two women never lost eye contact though. This was crazy!

Leann couldn’t break eye contact with Julie. She was in shock. And whether she wanted to admit it or not, she had been excited by the last 30 minutes. Her mind was screaming what are you doing? Are you crazy? You’re married! You’re a woman, she’s a woman! Get out now! You’ll lose your job! But, her body was also screaming, a little more silently, but screaming none the less. Leann didn’t realize that her hands were trembling. One might have said in fear as little beads of sweat broke out on her face, but it was not fear, something else. One might have said because giving a massage is work, but the core of her body deep in her loins was leading her thoughts. Leann didn’t realize her legs were shaking. One might say she had been standing for quite a while, but the truth was she was in heat. Leann didn’t realize her nipples were extremely hard and pushing out against her bra. One might say, um, no. Leann didn’t realize that there was a certain moisture and fragrance emanating from between her legs. One might say, um, no again. Leann was obviously very excited by this interlude even though she wouldn’t admit it to herself.

When they finally broke eye contact, Leann had calmed down a bit. She widened her gaze to the entire body beneath her. Julie had no tan lines. She was certainly not dark brown; only lightly tan, which Leann didn’t admit to herself she found that very attractive. Then Leann examined Julie’s breasts. Well, sure they were breasts, but they were so small. While she was lying on her back, Leann could barely tell this was a woman’s chest; except for those lovely nipples! Leann kept staring at those nipples! Julie’s areolas were only the size of a nickel and her nipples were only slightly smaller!

Leann wouldn’t have admitted that she thought they looked wonderful, and erotic and they were light brown and very hard. Leann noticed they were covered with goose flesh. Julie saw Leann staring, which made her breath a bit more exaggerated… which made her nipples stand out even more… which caused Leann to continue staring. …and her own nipples to stiffen more. She also would have declined to admit that she wanted so terribly to reach up and touch them. Finally, Leann’s eyes traced down Julie’s torso to her abs. What do the guys call it? A six-pack? Well, Julie didn’t have a dramatically defined six-pack, but it was firm and defined. Leann had never seen a stomach like this on a woman before. Who was she kidding? She was standing beside a fully naked, beautiful woman. She had never seen a body like this before.

As she was wishing her stomach looked more like Julie’s, her eyes continued downward. Leann inhaled a loud gasp! She was surprised that she had taken such a linear perspective of Julie’s body. But it was worth the wait. Where Leann was expecting to see an outline of a tan, there was none, she was tanned all over. It looked so erotic to Leann. Where Leann was expecting to see a bush of pubic hair, there was… well, only a full triangle of dark blond, extremely short stubble and completely, smoothly shaven lips. Leann had never seen anything like it before. Again, she would never have admitted that she thought the tightly cropped pubic hair was erotic and attractive. From those little hairs on Julie’s ass, she expected a full forest of pubic hair. It looked so clean and so crisp.

Leann didn’t notice her own breathing was erratic and exaggerated. Leann could not pull her eyes away from Julie’s beautiful pussy. Beneath that most unusual ‘bush’ was the tightest pair of labia imaginable! Not at all puffy or full the slit was narrow and closed with absolutely no extra folds of skin! There was not even a hint of Julie’s clit. Leann subconsciously thought that this utterly completed Julie’s perfect look. The all-over tan had even covered Julie’s adolescent looking lips; there was not even a pinkish tint to them! She longed to find out what was inside. Was she all pink or had she some hint of brown or even magenta in there. Her clit was hidden in its folds just waiting for a little stimulus to come out. Would it protrude like a little penis or stay hidden inside as it was rubbed back and fourth or maybe in circles. She longed to know and craved to touch it.

Leann was visibly trembling now. As she stood beside Julie, she had now started to scan her body up and down. Leann had now been speechless for several minutes just examining this lovely specimen in front of her. She still didn’t know the truth that she wanted the girl! She wanted her in a primitive sort of way, like one would lust after pleasure or some other narcotic. It was a basic instinct that all people had, but few had the opportunity to fulfill. She felt the deep ache in her groin pulsating now.

Their eyes met again, after minutes of not connecting. It would have been hard to explain their expressions. They weren’t totally smiling; they weren’t entirely frowning; they were totally frustrated… or excited… or angry… or happy. There were floods of emotions flowing through both women. Suddenly, Julie broke the eye contact and looked down her body. Leann continued to look at Julie’s face. She was so pretty with her hair pulled back; Leann did admit that to herself she thought Julie had a very pretty smile too. Huh? Hey, she is smiling! Leann thought to herself. Smiling? Why is she smiling? Leann followed Julie’s gaze down to her pussy and was in for the shock of her life…

Prior to Julie rolling over on her back, Leann’s hands were extended, fingers touching (caressing) the bottom of her butt cheeks; one hand on each thigh under her robe. When Julie rolled over on her back and accidentally exposed herself, Leann was shocked and gasped, but she did not remove her hands from Julie’s upper thighs! So, now they had been resting on the front of Julie’s upper thighs for 10 minutes! How had Leann not noticed!! Not only that, but what made Julie break eye contact was the fact that Leann’s left thumb had extended and was slowly running up and down the exterior of Julie’s tight pussy! While there was still absolutely no sign of puffiness or even an aroused clit, there was a barely visible amount moisture seeping from between these pursed lips. Even though it was barely visible, the escaped moisture was allowing Leann’s thumb to create a slick, but slightly sticky, surface of those shaven lips. She longed to delve down below that slit and discover the source of that fascinating furry trail.

The shock of all this seized Leann. She was like a deer caught in headlights… big doe eyes, frozen in terror, and unable to move! All except her left thumb, which continued to stroke up and down the length of Julie’s pussy.

It was like they were both caught in a trance. Neither woman was moving; except for that thumb. They alternated looking at the thumb (and the accompanying lips) and into each other’s eyes. Their expressions were now primarily apprehension; Julie combined that with showing a bit of excitement. The apprehension was slowly turning to fear. Leann just couldn’t tear herself away. It was as if she had a new toy to play with. Leann’s thumb had started to apply a tiny bit of pressure to her stroking. Did she intend to? We won’t know. The next series of activities happened quickly, but seemingly in slow motion, and jumbled together.

Julie exhaled and groaned as a result of the added pressure; the feeling was indescribable to her. This made Leann loosen a little from the trance. But then Julie slowly reached over and up under Leann’s skirt and squeezed her inner thigh. This made Leann scream and jump back; finally releasing her thumb from those exquisite lips. As she jumped back, Leann stumbled over the leg of the table and falling backwards into a chair. This almost tipped the chair over. Leann tried to collect herself; realizing the manner that she felt caused her skirt to bunch up to waist and reveal herself to Julie, who was now propped up on her elbows. Leann looked at Julie looking at her crotch and then looked down at herself. Her panties had ridden up and to the side, exposing one side of her pussy lips! Her panties were soaked and glistening in the light’s reflections. There was no way to hide her arousal at all! Leann quickly jumped up, straightening her garments and began speaking in broken sentences:

“Um, I need to go… Thanks for the lesson. I appreciate the… I apologize for my… I need to stop at the store… dinner to make… thanks again… you are so beautiful. I mean, thanks for… I didn’t intend to go… The kids are waiting… It was so smooth and slick… I just wanted to learn massage…” Leann’s comments were garbled, somewhat coherent, but certainly understandable.

And that continued as Leann hurriedly and spastically collected herself and ran out the door. Both women confused, wondering, sexually heightened, so many questions to ask and to answer. Leann didn’t even look back to see the look of sadness on her instructor’s face. That would have been two women that she had left in that condition after an initial encounter.

That was 2 days ago and all that spun through Leann’s thoughts as she asked her friend Laura if she wanted a massage.

Did she want to massage her friend or more? The rest of that day was a blur for both women. They tried to focus on the task at hand, whether it was work, dinner or the kids. However, it was extremely difficult. The combination of the anticipation and apprehension was almost uncontrollable for them. The remainder of their days had almost mirrored each other. Each left work about 5:00, dinner was ready about 6:30, after dinner talking to kids about their days, climbed into bed around 9:30 to read, and fell asleep around 10:30. Each trying to think about anything else but tomorrow. Each had given a valiant try, finally, as each was drifting off, their fingers wandered to their breasts and then underneath their nightgown.

The next morning began similarly as the night before ended. Each woman was basically in the same routine… shower, dressing, breakfast and leaving for the gym. Both thought it was odd that they showered before going to work out. Both wore the sexy thong and bra combinations that apparently started this journey. Both trying to ignore the state of bodies, hardened and excited. And off to the gym.

When they met a few minutes later they barely greeted each other except said hi, but not much more. They didn’t cycle through the same routine at the same time. They didn’t even get cleaned up at the same time.

“Um, I’m finished,” Laura walked over and shared. “I am going to go get showered up and get a smoothie.”

“Oh, okay. I want to finish this set and then I will find you,” Leann responded as she thought it was odd that Laura was behaving a little funny and aloof. It struck her that she also was not the fountain of interaction and conversation this morning. When Leann caught up with Laura at the smoothie bar, she had already finished her drink.

“I’m sorry. I must have taken longer than I thought,” Leann said.

“No worries. I think I was guzzling instead of sipping,” Laura replied nervously. “Do you want one?”

“Nah… should we just get going?”

“Uh, sure. Should I just follow you? Or do you want to ride together?”

“You can just ride with me. Then I can drop you here later. Sound like a plan?” Leann said in a bouncy tone trying to lighten the conversation that felt heavy.

“Okay, sounds good,” Laura said as she stood up.

All the way to Leann’s house, past the shopping center and the long lines of trees in the boulevard and on toward the suburbs where they both lived. Neither said much, actually hardly anything at all. The tension and nervousness could be cut with a knife. When they arrived at Leann’s, it struck Laura funny that Leann pulled into the garage and closed the garage door. Did she always do this? Laura couldn’t remember. They sat in the Jeep for several minutes not saying a word. Were they nervous, shy, apprehensive, or guilty? Dammit, why? Laura was just going to get a massage from a good friend that had been taking lessons. That’s all. Finally, their eyes met. They looked into each other for a few moments…

“You ready?”

“I think so. Are you?”

“I think so. We don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”

“No, I think I want you, I mean want to. Don’t you?” She cringed at the mistake.

“Sure I do.”

At that point, they realized simultaneously that they behaving like young school girls on a first date. Both giggled at themselves and the situation they had put themselves in. “This is silly! All I am going to do is give you a massage… practicing what I have learned in class. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or nervous about. Right?” Leann posed.

“Exactly! I totally agree,” Laura replied.

Both women were trying to minimize the tension that they both obviously felt. In a rush, they both scurried out of the Jeep and into the house. Earlier that morning, Leann was trying to figure out where to do the massage… on her bed, on the couch, where? Then she decided to create a nice atmosphere on the island in the kitchen. That way, she would have easy access to walk around Laura from different directions. She had laid a foam pad, covered in a silk sheet, on the island. She had also placed scented candles around the kitchen and pulled the shades down. It smelled and looked wonderful as they entered.

“I thought we could do it in here. That would allow me move around on all sides without obstruction.”

“It looks wonderful!” Laura quickly responded wondering if Leann sensed the anticipation in her voice.

“Um, do you want to wear your street clothes or shorts and a tee, or a robe, or nothing?”

“You tell me. You are the professional here!” Laura replied… again trying to lighten the mood.

“Well, if you wear a robe then I would have easier access to… I mean the massage would be more… umm, it would give us more flexibility.” She could never let herself go so far as asking for her friend to be nude in front of her.

“Okay. Do you have one for me?”

Almost immediately, Leann pointed to one draped over a stool. Laura walked over and held it up looking at it. It wasn’t sheer, but it wasn’t thick terry cloth either. It was a lovely white, silky blend that felt wonderful to the touch. Laura looked up at Leann, smiled, and walked into the powder room to change.

When Laura came out, neither said a word. It wasn’t exactly an awkward quiet. It was more like a first time quiet. Laura stood there looking into Leann’s eyes. Leann didn’t really understand the look in Laura’s eyes. If she had given it a little more examination, she would have seen that Laura was looking for approval from her friend. Laura knew the robe was most likely selected with thoughts in mind. But her look of approval was mixed with a little apprehension, which confused Leann. Both women were subconsciously excited, but were trying not to admit it to themselves. You could have heard a pin drop in that room. Laura was having second thoughts about the massage. And she was also rethinking the fact that she removed all her clothes before putting on the robe. In all the time of their friendship they had only been naked in front of the other a few times.

Leann had some of the same thoughts and feeling that she had a few days ago when Julie walked into the room in her robe. Laura had obviously removed all her clothes and was wearing only the robe. Leann compared her to Julie. She wasn’t as tall as Julie and Leann knew from previous peeks that Laura had slightly larger breasts, however like hers showing some signs of age. Her nipples were much larger than Julie and almost as erect.

Was Leann just dreaming? She was admiring the body of her close friend! How sick is that? Just stop! But she couldn’t. She looked back at how the fabric of the robe was stretching across Laura’s hardened nipples. Had Laura loosely draped and tied the robe on purpose to show a little cleavage to her friend? The robe covered Laura’s thighs as it flowed to her knees. The double layer of the robe over her pubic region sufficiently covered any signs of Laura’s muff… much to Leann’s subconscious dismay.

Laura stood there in the doorway for a few moments seemingly waiting for directions from Leann. Just as she was about to turn around and change back…

“Do you want to come over here and lay down? …I put a cushion up here on the island.”

“Uh…Sure,” Laura replied and quietly walked over to island.

She stepped on a small stool, climbed onto the cushion and laid face down without another word. She felt a bit funny laying down on the island of my friend’s kitchen. But as soon as Laura laid down, Leann walked down to the end of island and reached out and touched her feet. Laura thought massages started with shoulders, but… Leann’s hands felt so warm and tender. I could tell she was actually working the tension from me.

Laura’s eyes closed and she imagined what it looked like in her mind’s eye were to see her best friend caressing her feet. Laura guessed that’s what it was, Leann was actually caressing my feet. She felt wonderful. Leann traced her fingertips around her feet, almost tickling her. She also squeezed and massaged her feet and ankles. Laura was in heaven.

As Leann focused on Laura’s feet, she was moving toward a state of total relaxation. Her body felt so heavy. Leann’s fingers worked between her toes. Stretching them and spreading them. As she alternated between feet, Laura’s subconscious had completely submitted to her and she unconsciously made a few sounds. Leann must have heard the slight moaning as she attended to her feet. It wasn’t exactly moaning, it was more like heavy breathing with a bit of sound. She had made Laura completely relaxed; totally and thoroughly. She found she enjoyed pleasing her friend, a lot. Laura’s entire body felt so heavy. It felt as if I could not even lift herself from the cushion.

“Am I doing okay?” Leann asked sheepishly.

“Oh yes,” Laura answered.

With that, Leann moved her attentions up Laura’s leg. That’s when the electricity began. As she massaged her calf, she lifted her leg and brought it towards her. Leann was resting Laura’s foot on her chest. This action naturally spread her legs a little allowing the cool air under the robe. The cool air against the slight moisture that had seeped made her shudder.

“You alright?”

“I just had a chill.”

“Should I…”

“Please keep going…”

That was all that was said.

The massage of her feet made Laura relaxed, tired and heavy. The massage of her calves, didn’t diminish the relaxation, but added a feeling of… anxiety, tension, excitement? Leann’s fingertips touched her in ways no one has before. Laura was wondering if there was any stubble on her legs. She had made sure to shave thoroughly this morning. Leann’s hands moved slowly up to Laura’s thighs now. Laura was anticipating the same slow, methodical approach she used on her feet and calves, but she was so wrong.

Leann’s hands immediately went up the length of her thigh, right to the crease of her ass. Laura’s body jerked in reaction. But Leann didn’t pause this time. She began to massage the muscles of her thighs and butt! The strength of her hands was obvious. She was actually pushing her up the counter a little. She was exploratory, tender and sensual. Laura could feel her individual fingers and her palm working their magic on her body. She had never had anyone focus on her butt before. It was wonderful when Leann “lifted and separated” Laura’s cheeks. Leann was getting a view of Laura’s “inner-self.”

Laura couldn’t believe she was letting someone fondle her ass, let alone her best friend. Laura had no worries because she thought she had a great ass and had secretly hoped for years that someone would spread her and play with her. Everyone had a fetish and this one was hers.

Leann began tracing her fingers around Laura’s cheeks and down her inner thighs and back up her outer thighs up to her hips. Laura could barely stand the exploratory nature of her fingers! Her body was trembling with fear and excitement… and she was sure Leann felt it. Then Leann’s motions all shifted to slow and sensuous strokes and caresses. She ran both hands up and down one leg… as if to “milk” the tension from her. She alternated legs and her hands moved from her ankles up to Laura’s butt and back down again.

When her hands were at their peak, Leann made sure to brush the back of her knuckles against her friend’s vagina and butthole! She knew a little of her friend’s fetish and now was the chance to exploit it. Leann could imagine the small smile on Laura’s face because her body shook as she did little move. Each time her hands were tracing down her leg, Laura realized how much she wanted those hands to work back up her leg and to rub her that way she did before. Laura was almost in a trance.

Leann began really focusing on Laura’s butt. Kneading it. mmmm… Then she started “lifting and separating” again! Laura could feel the cool air on her butthole and she just now realized how excited she had become. She loved this, it was heaven! She felt the cool air on her now moist pussy lips. She didn’t know whether to freak or to push her butt upwards! The contradictory feelings were, well, fabulous! Then, Leann did something that Laura didn’t expect. Leann grazed her thumbs up and down her butt crack… lingering on her butthole! Laura gasped and jerked, but she continued to lay still. Leann didn’t hold her down. She didn’t need to. She just continued.

Laura’s legs naturally spread apart. Well, Laura thought naturally or as natural as it can be to have her best friend massaging her ass, spreading her cheeks, playing at pushing her finger into her butthole! Leann must have noticed Laura’s grunting and groaning as she applied more force, both pushing her body further up the counter and her thumbs closer to entering that cute brown asshole. Laura could sense that Leann was slowly investigating all around her ass. Leann was actually closely watching as her thumbs were feeling their way through the small hairs that grew all around Laura’s asshole and those creeping up on her cheeks as well. Laura thought she was trying to feel every ridge of every wrinkle, but Leann was actually thinking about licking her friend right on her asshole. She wondered what reaction Laura would have to that!

Leann’s motions were almost painfully slow. She widened her exploration to include the patch of thin hairs receding down between Laura’s legs toward the front. The pad of her thumb then traced down and around following her pubic hair all the way around my vagina! Laura was freaking out!! She couldn’t believe what Leann was doing and what it was a doing to her! Laura could tell Leann was making sure not to touch her labia, clitoris or even the sensitive folds of her pussy. Just tracing the light covering of hair around it. Laura helplessly arched my back, lifting her butt and spreading her legs a little… showing her the…

“You have a pretty butt, Laura,” Leann said.

Laura couldn’t fucking believe she actually said that! She just managed a low grunt with her face buried in the pillow.

“So muscular, and so firm, and… and your butthole is… is so attractive,” Leann continued.

Leann couldn’t help but compare what she was looking at in front of her to the younger woman that was laying in front of her a few days ago. Obviously, Laura was a more mature woman and had a fuller figure than the very athletic Julie. Also, Laura’s labia were much more pronounced than Julie’s. And Leann was pretty sure she could see Laura’s clitoris protruding out from its sheath glistening with moisture. Julie’s was completely hidden, but she had not done to Julie what she was doing to Laura.

All during this mindful comparison, Leann was still caressing Laura’s ass and allowing her thumbs to tease her butthole and her outer lips. Laura was thoroughly enjoying herself, lost in trance you might say. The images of Julie and her tight body mixed with the images Leann was now seeing in person with Laura. Both were desirable women each a different way. Young perfect body vs. mature body. Perhaps Julie was a fantasy never to be found again, but she knew Laura was real and right here. A real woman that she desired.

To prove it to herself Leann, without consciously deciding to, leaned into Laura’s ass and gently kissed where her thumb was teasing! And then before pulling her head back, she drooled some spittle out onto her thumb and let some drip on Laura’s butt. God, was she out of it? She watched the spittle drip down the sensitive area below Laura’s ass and fall onto the towel.

And with that success and personal reassurance, Leann pressed a thumb into Laura’s asshole a little more almost penetrating the opening. Laura squealed, but in a combination of fear and delight. But Leann knew it was pleasure and didn’t pull it away. She left her thumb there still pressuring Laura’s little butthole while her other hand was still massaging Laura’s other cheek. Laura never felt feelings like this! Fear, exhilaration, anxiety, and the overall feeling of intense pleasure! Laura was groaning in synch with Leann’s forceful massage as her entire body was matching the thrusting force that Leann was providing. She was actually rocking forward and back on the island with her hips rotated and her ass lifted high in the air. Leann though it was the most wonderful sight she had ever seen!

As Laura was wondering what would happen next because Leann’s hands ‘disappeared!’ Laura quickly lifted her head to look around to see Leann stepping on to the stool and climbing on the counter between Laura’s legs! Laura hadn’t realized just how far apart her legs were! Leann was now kneeling between Laura’s knees staring directly into her ass! Her strong fingers began at Laura’s ankles again and were working their way up… slowly and stealthfully stroking the tingling skin of her inner thighs. Just as they reached the bottom of her ass she I felt her breath on her butt cheek! Then to her surprise, Leann kissed her left cheek! And not just a peck either… Laura could feel the contour of her lips, the warm breath from her nose… it was a slow, full kiss with her mouth wide open.

Leann’s hands continued upward and did that “lifting and separating” thing they did before. Now Laura was fully “exposed” with Leann’s face right there! Leann’s motions slowed. Laura could still feel her breath and her hands were still firmly on her cheeks, lifting and separating. And Laura? Her entire body was shaking, shaking in anticipation, shaking in fear, shaking in excitement. It seemed like Leann just knelt there breathing on Laura for minutes! Laura thought Leann was actually lifting her ass to her as well.

Then, with both hands still pulling Laura apart, Leann’s thumbs ventured inwards. Laura thought it was her left thumb now circling the wrinkles of her butt hole while her right thumb reached down between her butt and circled the light curly fur surrounding her now wet lips! Laura responded with a combination scream, squeal and moan. She didn’t know how else to describe it. Leann’s thumbs felt so big! They were wiggling back and forth in unison. Laura thought she heard her saying something over her moaning and groaning. Something like,

“That’s right… relax… enjoy it…” Laura thought she might have heard her say you sure are tight.

Laura’s mind was now in complete freefall. Her body was actually jerking on the counter now. Her most personal regions were actually tingling! Just when she didn’t think she could handle any more, two things happened in unison. The two things that happened were polar opposites… I heard Leann say…

“Now, just relax honey…”

Then she eased both thumbs ever so slightly into the orifices of their individual attention! One into her ass and the other into her center. Laura screamed! At that moment, we both heard…

“Honey, I’m home. ”

It was Leann’s husband! Oh shit! He had come through the front door! Simultaneously, Leann pulled her thumbs out of Laura and jumped off the counter. And as Laura jumped off the counter we banged into each other, almost knocking each other to the floor. Leann quickly gained my balance and adjusted my robe. Oh shit! We are going to do?

We must have looked like two kids caught in the cookie jar as he came around the corner into the kitchen.

“I came home early to get a jump on mowing the lawn.” He looked at the big towel on the island counter. “What are you..? Oh, massage. Just getting started?” he inquired innocently.

“No, just finishing.” Leann replied.

“How was it Laura?”

Without hesitation… “It was wonderful!”

With probably too much emphasis, as gauged by his reaction to my response. I am sure my face was still flushed and certainly sweaty.

“Well, I am going to go change and get started. Nice to see you Laura.”

“Uh, you too.”

And with that he turned around and we heard him go up the stairs. We turned to look at each other. The expression Leann saw was most likely similar to the expression she saw. Disappointment, pleasure, frustration, was there a longing in there as well? What now?

What do we do? say? All Laura could manage was a lame “Um, thank you. You are quite good at that.”

“Thanks. I didn’t know he was going to…”

“I know. That’s alright.”

(But I thought not really. Right when she said…) “Not really.”

“I better get dressed and go home.”

“Yea, you better.”

When Laura came out of the powder room, Leann greeted her with a half smile and said…

“Maybe we can try… I mean… Would you like to… Ummm… I mean, would you want to have another try? That is, if it was… Well, only if you want to…”

“Leann, I thought it was wonderful. I have to admit. I am petrified though.”

“So am I. Scared shitless.”

“But maybe again. I mean, you need the practice, right? Won’t you have a final or something to pass the class?”

“Yea, right. Something like that.”

With that, both women laughed a nervous. As their eyes met, they both thought they saw a desire to embrace before Laura left. But, they didn’t risk it.

“Okay then… see you later.”

“Yep, later…” as Leann closed the door behind Laura.

And once again, an air of frustration clouded them both. Wondering. What if he didn’t come home? What have they started? What will happen next? As Leann watched Laura pull away, both noticed something… Laura noticed the moisture between her legs. Leann noticed the moisture on her right thumb. As she turned away from the door to straighten the kitchen counter, Leann subconsciously lifted her thumb to her nose and inhaled… deeply.

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