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Donna Smither’s Contract

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Donna Smithers went home directly from her client’s office, terrible memories in her mind. Seeing Carol, her assistant, walking in with Helen, a secretary at her client’s office, while she was in just a bra, panties and pulled down slacks, over the client’s knee, getting a spanking. Then feeling Carol taking off her heels, slacks and then her panties while Helen undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor, now totally naked and still getting spanked, not only in front of Carol, but also Helen and five men.

Donna got her bare chubby ass spanked red and then she was made to stand up, nude, hands behind her head in front of them all. Unfortunately, she was aroused by all of this, much to her dismay.

Then Donna had that damn dildo handed to her and under the threat of having that large contract cancelled, her business going under, Donna used it in front of all of them. While each and every one of them made disparaging comments about her body and what she was doing. They even wrote on her body with the marker she had purchased with her own money the day before.

She had “nasty slut” on her belly, “cunt” below that, “fat ass” on her bottom. Later after another shameful thing, “fuck cum slut” was written just below her fat tits with very erect nipples.

That last came after she let a mail room kid fuck her in front of all of them, cumming inside her very wet and aroused pussy. She was ashamed and humiliated, but the kid didn’t seem to mind one bit that Carol and Helen saw his cock, not when he could fuck Donna and cum. The fact that she wasn’t on birth control seemed to make it even more exciting for them.

Both Carol and Helen stood between her legs after the kid had finished inside her, and looked right at her swollen, open pussy, leaking sperm.

Later that afternoon Carol was given Donna’s credit card and sent out to get enemas and some toys that Carol could use on Donna at work. Carol gave her the enemas and the kid was allowed to stick his cock into her virgin asshole, yes, virgin. And he came inside her there also.

Poor Donna was sent home in just her suit jacket. Her slacks for the outfit had gone missing and her bra, blouse and panties had been cut up by Helen with a pair of scissors. Her poor asshole was sore, not surprisingly, since it had been the first time it had been violated.

And Donna was afraid of what next was going to happen to her. The client had told the kid that if he wanted and wanted to have some of his friends to the office at noon that Donna would be there and that she’d do anything.

The kid had already been at her house with two of his friends and they all fucked her. Donna had submissively taken her clothes off once the kid mentioned Mr. Larson, her client. And just as meekly got on her hands and knees to suck and be fucked.

Donna was home now, but afraid. She was even thinking of selling her house so the kid wouldn’t know where she lived. But she also figured that if she did the kid would complain to Larson and she would end up telling where she was living after selling her home anyway.

She had showered as soon as she got home. Donna had been very nervous driving home since all she had on was her suit jacket and heels. Standing up it barely covered her. Sitting in her car it did not cover her pussy at all. Now she had on bra, panties, and a sweat suit. The more clothes the better was her thinking.

Donna had eaten tonight, something light, a salad since last night she had not eaten at all. Now she was sitting in the dark in her house. Dreading the sound of her doorbell. Donna was sure it was going to ring tonight, just like last night. Unfortunately she was right. It rang. She ignored it. It rang again and again. Then there was pounding on her front door. Nervously she tiptoed to the sidelight at her front door and saw the kid and several others. OH MY GOD! His voice was muffled by the closed door but she could make out cunt, very clearly.

“Open the door cunt!”

As loud as he had to be for her to hear him, she could only imagine how loud he really was. Her neighbors would hear! With her stomach sinking she unlocked the door and opened it. A scowl on the kid’s face turned to a grin.

“Evening Ms. Smithers. Step back and let us in.”

Reluctantly Donna stepped back and the kid and six others stepped inside, smirking at her. She closed the door and without being told she began to remove her clothes. They just stood and watched her, smirking. Soon Donna was nude, just like last night. The kid looked at his buddies….

“I told you, didn’t I?”

Donna stood there, looking at the floor. She still had trouble believing that this was happening to her. Donna was led to the living room just like last night and made to kneel in front of the couch, just like last night again. Three of the young men sat down on the couch and pulled out cocks and Donna just sighed and began sucking. All she could think was six of them? Then she felt some lubricant drizzled on her anus and down to her pussy.

Donna’s head jerked up and was pulled back down to the cock in front of her. Running through her mind was “please, not my ass”. She squeaked around the cock in her mouth when she felt the tip brush her anus and then it slid down and up her pussy so easily.

“I told you she’d suck and fuck, right? Her name is Donna Smithers and she owns a business here in town. She’s single, 40 years old and will do anything. So far all I know she hasn’t done is swallow. But I’ve fucked her in both the cunt and ass. As a matter of fact, until this afternoon, her ass was virgin and I got it first.”

Donna mentally cringed as her past was so calmly re-told to these kids. Damn, she was sure she was old enough to be their mother. And she had just stripped without being told to strip and now she was sucking cock and getting her pussy drilled. And whoever it was that was fucking her was really drilling her pussy.

“You can cum inside her too. Don’t have to worry about condoms or pulling out.”

Donna wanted to hang her head in shame. Just then the cock inside her erupted and she squeaked again and a couple of seconds later the one her mouth shot off. Donna tried to lift off the cock cumming in her mouth but someone held the back of her head down and she had to take it in the mouth. The poor woman was gagging on the cock and the sperm.

“Swallow you dumb cunt!”

Fighting back tears, Donna swallowed and gagged again. She managed to choke all the sperm down and the hand on head let her up. She lifted her head and tears were running down her cheeks. Donna hated herself just then and the also the young men who were taking advantage of her.

“Wipe the cum off your cunt and eat it bitch.”

Donna hesitantly reached between her legs and felt a large drip on her palm. She shuddered and kept her hand there as more ran out of her. Donna held her hand under her just fucked pussy and caught the sperm that leaked out of her and then she took her hand and brought it to her mouth. She licked the sperm off her hand and choked it down, gagging all the while.

She was moved over to the next cock and finished licking up the sperm on her hand and then her head was pushed down and she started sucking the second cock while another was pushed into her.

“God, the bitch is slimy!”

“What did you expect? She just took her first load of the night.”

Donna moaned, humiliated, nude in front of a bunch of young men and doing sexual acts. But even as she felt humiliated, she was aroused by what was happening to her. Even though she was embarrassed by her behavior it was turning Donna on quite a bit. The kid in her now was really pumping her hard and fast and Donna was gasping around the cock in her mouth. Without thinking about it all, later she would say to herself she didn’t think at all, she pulled up her head and gasped out loud…

“Oh God, fuck me, fuck my pussy…..oh God, fuck me, fuck me harder!”

And as she just finished and realized what had come out of her mouth, the kid fucking her came inside her. He pulled out, wiped his wet cock on her bare ass and moved aside as another one drove his hard cock inside her hot pussy. The third kid was just as vigorous and hard pumping as the first two and Donna couldn’t help herself anymore. She began to hump her ass back on the cock driving up inside her, panting and gasping around the dick in her mouth. The kid in her mouth pulled her head up and looked at her, made her look at him….

“You are not going to make me cum, bitch. I am going to fuck your fat ass off as soon as this one blows off inside you. I understand you aren’t on birth control. Just think of all the sperm swimming in your cunt. And there is going to be a lot more before the night is over. Like getting fucked, slut?”

“Oh God, yes, yes I do. I want all of you to fuck me as much as you can, as much as you want!”

Donna inched forward towards the kid on the couch.

“Please play with my tits and nipples while I get fucked, please…”

The kid smirked along with all the others. He grasped her fat tits and squeezed them, rolling her thick nipples and Donna closed her eyes and moaned. The kid in her kept pumping his cock in and out and he erupted inside her. The one in front of her got up and she was moved to the third on the couch. Donna’s mouth just automatically went to his cock and began sucking. While she was doing that, she felt more lube on her asshole, a finger, then two going up that hole.

For a couple of minutes she was fingered up her ass and then she felt the tip of a hard cock touching her anus, then pushing against it, then slipping through her sphincter. Donna gasped loudly, her head jerked up, eyes closed as she felt the hard cock penetrate her once virgin asshole for the second time today. And then the kid was fucking her ass. She’d sucked him and now he was penetrating her anus and was soon to come in it. As tender as she was from her first ass fuck earlier in the day, Donna couldn’t help pushing back on the cock inside her ass, which caused much chuckling as she was making quite a spectacle of herself. Donna was moaning and grunting as she was ass fucked. She could think of nothing but the stiff dick inside her.

She didn’t think that she had already had three loads of sperm dumped up her unprotected, perhaps fertile pussy or that her ass was being violated again, just reveled in the feeling of a stiff dick pumping into her body. She couldn’t get over how stiff these young men were, much stiffer than the older men she had been dating. The kid behind grunted and she could feel his dick twitching inside her ass as he came. He slowly pulled out of Donna….

“Christ, look at her asshole! It isn’t closing up! What a pink open hole!”

Donna softly sobbed, humiliated so badly, but she remained kneeling with her chest, her bare tits, pressed on the legs of another kid, his dick in her mouth. A nice stiff dick.

“Why don’t you other two fuck the bitch and then we can leave.”

“No.”, Donna whimpered. “Stay and fuck me some more. I’ll suck you hard again. Please….”

Then Donna was horrified by what she had just said to them. Her first thought was “I can’t believe that I just said that!”. But then she looked around to see two more hard cocks, just waiting to get at her. Donna’s asshole was a little sorer and pussy was getting that way too, but she really wanted more hard cock inside her. And Donna got what she wanted. One of the kids found her towels and gave one to her. She wiped off her pussy and between her ass cheeks and then she lay down on her back and spread her legs wide.

“Someone please fuck my dirty cunt.”

Now Donna knew what that word meant, but until today it had never passed her lips. But it had and she watched as another young man knelt between her spread legs, grasped his hard dick and leaned forward and pushed it into her. Donna was on her ass, leaning back on her elbows, her fat tits up thrust, looking down her body, watching as the dick penetrated her sloppy pussy. She closed her eyes, loving the feeling that getting fucked was giving her.

“Suck on my fat nipples while you fuck me. Drill that hard cock into my sloppy cunt as hard as you can. Give me your sperm, deep inside me, fuck this dirty bitch, cunt whore!”

Well Donna certainly had changed, hadn’t she…although it was still embarrassing to be nude for several young men, but not that one was fucking her ass off, but that six others were seated or standing around her, watching her getting her pussy drilled.

Donna had always been a passive lover, since the first time she had had sex. She just laid there and let the man do the thrusting of his cock into her. But not tonight, not now. Donna grasped the kid’s arms, looked at his cock driving into her pussy and like magic, her hips began moving like mad. These young men fucked like rabbits, fast thrusts, beating against her, but her hips were pumping back at him just as fast. Their bodies were pounding at each other and a loud smacking sound came from each pump. Their bodies were hitting each other so hard that Donna’s tits were flopping around. She held herself up, looking down at her penetrated pussy, her hips pounding away, meeting the boy thrust for thrust.

“Look at the bitch fuck! I want to do her again if she’ll do that with me too.”

It didn’t take long and Donna was making sounds that she never had before.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, God fuck me, fuck meeeeeee!”

The young man gritting his teeth, trying to hold on and then he pushed Donna back, fell on top of her nude body and drove into harder than before, Donna’s hips still pumping as she exploded in orgasm. She jerked and grunted, her pussy clenched his dick and he blew off inside her. Donna jerked beneath him, gasping, pussy clenching his dick, her legs had lifted and wrapped around him and as she calmed from the orgasm, her hips began pumping up once more.

“God damn look at her fuck! She sure didn’t start out that way. She must be pretty horny now.”

The boy on top of Donna was almost crushing her, her erect nipples pressing against his chest, her fat tits squashed between the two of them, her legs up and around his hips and her hips working to try to keep him fucking her. But the kid was done, at least for now. She let her legs slip down and her hips stopped moving. The boy pushed himself up and knelt, looking at her pussy and the sperm leaking out of it.

“No birth control, right, Ms. Smithers? What are you going to do if I just knocked you up? Damn, your cunt is red and swollen! I think I shot a load right into an egg. Just imagine a million of my sperm fighting to fertilize that egg of yours.”

Donna’s face turned red as she imagined ending up pregnant by this kid. He smirked at her, at her leaking pussy and watched as the sixth kid got between her legs. God his cock looked so stiff! He knelt and scooted up and his cock went right up inside her. Donna grasped his arms like the last one and as he started pumping her, she starting pumping her hips again. It took a while but they got into a good rhythm, fucking each other and Donna was making those noises again…

“Uh, uh, uh, ahhhh, uh, uh….”

‘She sure can fuck, can’t she? Look at that fat ass move!”

Yes, Donna could fuck, now that she had been drilled so many times. She tried to think of how many times it had been and last couple of days. Inside she cringed as she mentally counted. The mail room boy, twice at the office, no three times, the mail room boy and his two buddies last night, six times, two each, and now six young men tonight and the night wasn’t over. Fifteen times Donna had been violated and she was finally enjoying it. She could feel the semen leaking out of her around the cock that was pounding into her. The boys didn’t have finesse, but they could really fuck her hard.

The sixth kid came inside her. He kept kneeling up with his dick inside her watching her pussy and face. He softened and slowly slid out of Donna, and looked down to see his sperm leaking out of her pussy. Then he sat back and Donna rested on her ass and elbows.

“Let me go and shower, clean up and then if you all want, you can fuck me some more.”

“Just stay there for a bit Ms. Smithers, we want to see the cum leaking out of you.”

A couple of the kids took out camera phones and stood by her feet. Donna felt a twinge of nervousness. The phones snapped and she was now what could be a permanent record of her debauchery. They wouldn’t let her lie back but she had to stay up on her elbows so her face was showing with her cunt streaming sperm. Donna didn’t even think of the stain on her living room carpet. She felt the sperm leak out, down to her ass crack and stick to her ass cheeks. It even ran over her anus. Hell, it was still leaking out of her anus!

“Come on Ms. Smithers, smile for the camera.”

Donna forced herself to smile, nude and freshly fucked. It wasn’t easy but strangely Donna wanted to please them. So she leaned back, a wry smile on her face, legs spread open, showing the signs of a freshly fucked pussy and let them take their photos. Donna was naturally concerned about where these photos were going to end up, she wanted to ask what the boys were going to do with them, but made herself stay silent. Silent and compliant.

Donna stayed up so her face showed, she kept her legs open and tentatively smiled for each picture that was taken of her. She even let them pose her with a cock in mouth and later with a cock on each shoulder and one lying on top of her head. And yes, eventually one of them got hard, fucked her again, Donna’s hips pumping back at him frantically and before cumming, he pulled out and came on her face. Donna was told to prop herself up again, cum running over one eye, down her cheeks, dangling from the tip of her nose and her chin.

“Smile Ms. Smithers.”

And she did, although she didn’t like cum on her face. Donna had no idea how many pictures were taken of her. Finally they let her get up and shower. She was relieved to be away from the boys but figured her night wasn’t over. Her poor anus was stinging and her pussy felt sore. The only part of her that could be considered a sex organ that wasn’t sore was her ass and tits. She took her time in the shower and drying off, unlike last night when the three kids dragged her still wet to her bed and fucked her for the second time.

She came back to the living room, still nude and smiled at the boys.

“Does anyone want to fuck me again?”

Several of them grinned at her.

“Just one thing. If you’re doing me bare again, I am not cleaning up, so if you aren’t the first one, I am going to be sloppy and slimy. And I want to be on top with a few of you. I want to be doing the fucking. All right with you all?”

A couple of them frowned a bit.

“Look if you don’t want to go sloppy, wait until the end. But I want as many of you to come inside me as you can, one after the other. I also want my asshole left alone for the rest of the night, it’s too sore for another fuck.”

So five of the boys decided they wanted another piece of Donna. One had already had her twice, coming in her cunt once and once on her face for photos.

Donna got on her knees and sucked the first one hard, had him sit on her expensive couch and climbed over him. She pointed his dick at her pussy and sat down on it. Then Donna’s ass started moving back and forth, then up and down. Several of the boys got behind to watch her cunt as it was penetrated.

“Fuck him good Ms. Smithers, you dirty filthy cunt!”

“Like that cock up your twat Ms. Smithers?”

“Just think, in a few minutes your twat is going have cum shot in it. Turn you on?”

“Ms. Smithers, how dirty are you? How many words for vagina do you know?”

“Ah, uh, pussy.”


“Ah, uh, uh, cunt.”

“Keep going Ms. Smithers.”

“Ah, uh, crack, uh, uh, slit.”


“Ah, God, uh, uh, fuck hole.”

Donna’s hips were working hard, sliding that erect cock in her fleshy tube, the one just made for it. Donna had managed to get her clit against his pubic bone and swinging her hips back and forth was rubbing it very nicely against him.

“Another word for cunt Ms. Smithers?”

“Ahhhh, God, twat.”


“Ahh, uh, uh, uh, beaver.”


“Ahh, uh, coming, I’m coming!”

“Good girl Ms. Smithers!”

Donna’s hips jerked back and forth on the kid’s cock, clenching on it, grinding on him and as soon as her contractions of orgasm ended with one final tightening of her pussy, he came up inside her.

Donna’s insides clenched harder as she felt the tell tale stiffening of his dick and then the twitches that indicated he was shooting his sperm up inside her cunt.

“What’s another name for your cunt, Ms. Smithers?”

“Ah, fuck it feels good when you come inside me….hair pie.”

Donna stood up quickly so as to not leak all over the boy who had just come inside her. She looked around at the seven of them. She got an embarrassed smile on her face.

“God I feel like such a slut! Who wants the next crack at my crack?”

Another one of the boys sat down on the couch, his cock was already erect from watching her fuck. Donna motioned him to one end of the couch and turned to the kid who just fucked her.

“Stand at the side of the couch while I fuck him and I’ll suck you clean. And another name for cunt is quim.”

Donna settled herself on the next cock and started grinding on it, reached over for the one she wanted to suck and plopped it in her mouth. She began sucking while she grinded on the stiff cock up her pussy. She could feel sperm oozing around the dick inside her and she felt so nasty and dirty.

After she had licked and sucked the first dick clean she looked around at the boys. They were watching her nude body grinding on a young boy. They had watched her fucking for almost two hours now and she had fucked more cocks in that two hours than in the last two years. And while she was fucking and sucking, the two boys were playing with her dangling tits and nipples.

Her clit was still hitting the second kid’s pubic bone and she knew was going to orgasm again and soon. After she had licked and sucked the kid clean she let the cock slip out of her mouth and leaned down and kissed the boy fucking her, or better said, the boy she was fucking. And she blew off again, grinding harder on him, jerking, panting and gasping.

“The cunt is coming again!”

Donna collapsed on the boy’s chest, her tits heaving and little shocks running through her belly. She was exhausted. Donna had already been fucked 8 times and she had a stiff dick in her cunt again. And if she knew anything about young men, it wasn’t going to be last stiff dick in her cunt tonight. The kid pushed her up again, grasped both her tits and squeezed and started pumping his dick in and out of her. And then he came inside her. Donna got up as quickly as she could. Weak kneed she looked around.

“Anybody else want a fuck?”

The mail room boy had just been watching but now he stepped up.

“How many cocks in you today, cunt?”

“Six, why?”

“It’s going to be seven, you dirty bitch. Get on your ass on the couch and spread those legs wide.”

“Let me clean him off first.”

“Go ahead, don’t want to waste any cum do you?”

Donna didn’t answer because her lips were around the wet dick she had just fucked.

“She’s not a really good cocksucker yet, but she will be.”

Donna shivered when she heard that. She was still licking cum off the cock in her mouth.

“Yeah, we can bring some other guys over here for blow jobs. I don’t think that we should let any more than the seven of us fuck her.”

“Why not let other guys fuck her. It’s not like her cunt is going wear out, is it?”

“Well, we know each other. We grew up together. Who else do we know that we can trust?”

“Next time we come over here, let’s bring the girls.”

Donna’s stomach sank hearing that. She should have known that it wouldn’t stop with these boys. It’s a good thing that this wasn’t a really small town. She couldn’t really trust them to keep what was going on quiet. But she had to try.

“Look guys, I can’t do this every night, as much as you want to and I want to. I’m going to be really sore after tonight. Maybe every three days, if you keep it quiet. I’ll get naked for you whenever, but I can’t fuck all of you every night.”

“You might not be able to fuck six or seven of us every night, but you can suck six or seven of us every night, can’t you? Bare ass naked and sucking, right Ms. Smithers? You can do that, get naked and suck cock every night, right?”

“Well, I suppose.”

“And it doesn’t matter who sees you either, does it?”

“Well, yes, it does, as a matter of fact.”

“Actually, since I know where you have your business, Ms. Smithers, if you don’t want a picture or two of you to arrive there, with you nude and spread open, cum leaking out of that slimy cunt of yours, I suggest that you modify your comments.”

“Now get your fat ass on the couch, please. I’ve got a hard on that needs taking care of.”

Donna hung her head, she didn’t want her business people to see her like those damn pictures. Why was she being so stupid with these boys? She sat down and let herself be pushed back, her legs were grasped at the ankles and pulled wide, and a grinning mail room boy knelt between her legs, waving a rather long and thick dick at her. Then he put the tip at the hole of her pussy and pushed. Donna groaned as it went up her. The other six boys watched avidly, two of them holding her ankles wide, two leaning over the back of the couch, fondling her tits and nipples and two standing next to the boy who had just stuck his cock right up her. The kid grinned down at Donna.

“Now let’s see that ass move Ms. Smithers. I don’t want to have to do all the work before I shoot off inside you.”

Donna looked around at the boys faces staring at her naked body, impaled on an impressively thick cock. They were all grinning or smirking at her. She looked down her body, seeing her tits slumping to either side of her check, topped with very erect nipples, which presently were being fondled. Then down to her hairless pussy. That part of her was stretched around the cock shoved inside her. Right up to the hilt, so the boy’s pubic hair was pressed against her slit. Her clit was erect and poking out of it’s hood, glistening with moisture and a deep red. She shook her head.

“Move it out a bit.”

The boy moved his hips back a little and she saw a part of the shaft of his cock. Donna grasped his forearms, his hands were resting on either side of her bare hips and started pumping her hips, watching as her movements made the cock disappear and then appear. She didn’t move fast, but fairly quickly, thrusting her channel over the stiff cock that buried in her pussy. She couldn’t look away from it, just like all of the boys, fascinated by what was happening. She was embarrassed. Embarrassed to be naked in front of them, embarrassed to be impaled on a cock in front of them, embarrassed to be seen working her hips like a wanton slut in front of them. Because she was fucking him, he was not fucking her. She could feel the last two loads of sperm that had been shot inside her squelching out of her pussy around the thick cock and trickling down to her anus, sticking to the insides of her ass cheeks. The embarrassment didn’t stop her hips however.

“Look at her fuck! What a piece of ass! If you let her she’ll fuck the cock right off of you!”

Donna felt her face redden. Felt the heat of shame flowing down her neck onto her bare chest. And she still kept her hips pumping, not hard, but steady, knowing that her actions were soon going to result in another load of sperm in her pussy. She groaned softly. She could even feel the sperm that had been shot into her rectum leaking out and remembered how they had told her how open it had been, a gaping hole where her tight anus had once been. Her tits were being cupped and fondled, nipples pinched and rolled. Her groans turned to gasps and her hips kept pumping, getting faster now.

Donna was now grunting and as her hips met his thighs they made a slapping sound. The kid grasped her waist and he finally began pumping his cock into her, meeting her thrusts and suddenly he drove his dick as deep inside as he could and she felt his cock get harder, then twitching inside her abused pussy, shooting another load of sperm deep inside her body. Donna kept her hips moving until he began to move back, letting his cock slip out of her and immediately felt the sperm trickling out of her open pussy over the little patch of skin leading to her anus and then over it, a small puddle of cum between her bare ass cheeks. All the boys looked down at her pussy, her cunt they called it. They probably were right, only a cunt would be naked and letting so many cocks into her, cum inside her.

They were blackmailing her with what she had already done. They had pictures of her wantonness. God knows what they would do with them. What would Donna do to keep them from using them on her? She ruefully thought that there wasn’t much more they could demand from her that she hadn’t already done for them. That thought didn’t make her feel any better as she watched another boy with a stiff cock kneel between her held open thighs and casually thrust his cock into her.

“Fuck Ms. Smithers, just like you just did.”

Donna moaned softly and her hips began moving again. Sweat was trickling down her chest and sides and she kept pumping her hips. The kid who had just come inside her clambered over the side of the couch Donna was on and held his softening cock out to her. Donna submissively turned her head and opened her mouth. The cock slid inside her mouth and she began to suck it clean, even as her hips fucked the new cock that was up her pussy.

Donna fucked three more times on her new expensive couch, nude and being toyed with, took three more loads of cum inside, felt them leaking out of her pussy, sucked the cocks that had just come inside her clean. The last one moved his cock to the bottom of her ass cheeks and wiped it up, catching more sperm on it and offered it to her. Donna leaned forward and it entered her mouth and she sucked and licked it clean, just like the other six before. Her mouth was a slimy as her pussy with sperm. When she finished cleaning it, she was told to swallow and she did. Then she watched the last cock put back in its pants and the seven boys left her nude, leaking sperm, sperm smeared on her lips and chin. She heard them leave, the front door closing, finally alone. She looked at her living room clock and in shock realized that it had been four hours since the boys brought her in here nude, four hours of being penetrated and cum in, four hours of sucking and fucking. And she now realized how sore her pussy was. And then Donna remembered them telling her if she was too sore to fuck, she could still suck cock. Donna figured that would be her lot tomorrow. At her own home, naked on her knees and sucking every cock that was offered to her to completion and then made to swallow. She wanted to die.

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