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Leg Man

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I’ve often asked myself how it is that I came to be so addicted to the worship of women’s legs. I’ve never adequately been able to explain it even to myself. I will say that ever since I was a young boy, the sight of a firm pair of legs, preferably in a skirt, is enough to get my juices flowing, my cock hard, and my mind racing.

In an age where everything is revealed so quickly, it is the sight of something covered that turns me on. Go into any adult bookstore and you will find uncounted magazines and videos filled with women naked and spread wide open. Don’t get me wrong, I like that stuff too. Ahh but let me see a picture of a beautiful woman in a skirt that is riding up her sexy thighs and I’m lost. The sight of beautiful female legs, slowly parting and then revealing just enough to hint at the wonders that remain concealed is what gets me every time. Firm, smooth, sexy legs just begging to be touched, caressed, kissed… Well, you get the idea.

Like I said before, I can’t really tell you why. What I can tell you is the story of how a teenaged boy’s wildest fantasies about legs came to be realized. What happened in this story is true and I’m sure that at least on some level, I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to re-live this experience. When you’re eighteen years old you experience everything so intensely that sometimes whatever else may happen in the future pales in comparison. The mind is a tricky thing you know.

Anyway, I was eighteen and a senior in high school. I found myself surrounded by girls of all ages, shapes and colors. In my classes, in the hallways, on the schoolyard outside, everywhere I looked were teenaged girls. Like any normal kid I was a horny little bastard but because of my interest in legs I must say that in some ways it was a paradise.

Miniskirts, miniskirts, miniskirts! What in the hell did guys do before miniskirts came along? I had no idea but I sure as hell was glad that I’d never have to find out. A guy could perch down just about anywhere at school and watch the parade of young legs in short skirts walk by. Beautiful, soft young legs. White legs, tanned legs, black legs, Asian legs. Who cared. Sometimes I’d get so turned on that I’d have to stroll into the bathroom and relieve myself. Who could blame me?

I’d especially hang out at the bottom of staircases where I could get a better look as they walked up or down. The sight of the upper thighs and maybe a quick peak of female panties were worth the effort. Oh yeah!

In class I always tried to get a seat ahead of and to the side of the cute girls who wore short skirts. I was always stealing glances backward, trying to get an up skirt view. Girls were sometimes so careless about what an observing boy might see and I was thankful for that. If I had the nerve I would have liked to have sneaked a camera into school but I never did.

Maybe if I had gotten laid now and then I wouldn’t have focused so much on girl’s legs. The truth is I was just a big gawky kid at that time that didn’t have a lot of luck dating the girls. Oh I had girlfriends from time to time but never anything as intense as my desire to look at their legs. Things just never seemed to work out for me. Truth be told: I was still a virgin. Yup, eighteen and still a virgin in this day and age. Go figure.

So one day, in English class I guess it was, I was lost in deep thought as I stared backwards at the legs of one of the cheerleaders in class. Donna I thing her name was, Christ I can’t remember now. I do remember those luscious, long legs of hers however, almost totally exposed to my eyes under that short skirt of hers. Her legs were crossed and I was just thinking to myself how much I would like to crawl across the floor to where she was sitting and slowly run my hand up and down those hot legs and then…

Suddenly I heard, ‘Mr. Jackson! If there is something more interesting in the back of the room, perhaps you’d like to share it with the rest of us.” Oopps, Jackson, that’s me.

I swung around to the front, blushing an interesting shade of red I’m sure. “Sorry” I managed to mumble. Miss Hanley, the English teacher, didn’t miss much that went on in her class. Her eyes swept around the room to where I had been staring. Shit, I thought to myself, she must know what I was looking at.

Oddly enough, the slightest trace of a smile appeared on her face. Just as quickly it was gone and it was back to business. I focused my attention and somehow made it through the rest of the period without looking backwards. You have no idea how hard that was what with those beautiful legs just sitting there barely ten feet behind me.

I was shuffling out of class when Miss Hanley said without looking up from whatever she was doing at her desk, “Darrin, please wait just a moment . I need to see you.” Damn, I thought, here it comes.

I stood by her desk while everyone else left and still she kept writing something in some notepad kind of thing she had. I was starting to get really nervous when finally she looked up at me and motioned for me to have a seat. I took a seat in the front row right by her desk

Now I don’t suppose that I was much different then most guys in high school when I tell you that I never spent much time checking out the teachers that I had. Unless there was a new teacher who was really hot I never even looked at them in a sexual way. For one thing they were older than I and at eighteen even a few years difference in age seemed immense. I mean, hell, five or six years difference was a third of my whole freakin’ life. Secondly, where I went to school, teachers dressed pretty conservatively and like I said, I was surrounded by cute girls my own age. Who needed teachers? Besides, if you want to know the truth, at that time I wasn’t the most perceptive guy around. I was pretty locked in to my own little world, even if it wasn’t getting me anywhere sexually if you know what I mean.

Anyway, Miss Hanley sat there for a bit looking at me thoughtfully. Finally with a smile she arose and walked over to the door to the hallway and closed it. Her class was the last period of the day and since she didn’t have a homeroom to monitor, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

“Darrin, it’s become obvious to me that lately you’ve had a problem keeping your attention on your class work. Today was the third or fourth time I’ve caught you staring around the classroom and losing focus on your studies. Is there something that you’d like to discuss with me? Some type of problem that perhaps I might be able to assist you with?”

“Uh no, not really Miss Hanley, I guess that maybe…uh maybe I’m just tired or something.” What was I going to say, that I wanted to spend more class time staring at girls legs? That I couldn’t take my eyes off of them and that it was hard to concentrate with a hard-on?

“Darrin.” She looked at me thoughtfully. “That’s not really the truth now is it?” She smiled at me.

I was just about to plead total ignorance about what she meant when something unexpected happened. Miss Hanley suddenly sat down on her desk facing me. When doing so, her skirt, which she wore about one inch above her knees, slid up to about mid thigh. She slowly crossed her legs, giving me a glorious view of her legs.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her legs. They were beautiful, firm and long and any misconceptions I had about teachers being uninteresting were vaporized instantly. With her perched on her desk about three feet in front of me I had a perfect view.

As I suddenly realized that I had been staring for some time, I raised my eyes to hers expecting some sort of rebuke. Instead she smiled at me. I was speechless.

“I think Darrin that what you have is a girl problem. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that all these young girls in their little short skirts are, how shall I put it, stealing your attention away from the class work. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve caught you staring backwards and when I look to see what you find so interesting, invariably what I find is some girl with her legs open. Is any of this ringing a bell for you Darrin?”

I blushed a deep red I’m sure. Not only because she knew exactly what I had been doing but also because I had an erection. It was all I could do to not touch myself or stare at her legs again. Instead I just stared at the floor.

“I guess so,” I mumbled lamely.

“That’s not the whole story though, is it Darrin?”

“What…?” I mumbled.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on you Darrin. I’ve seen the way you loiter at the bottom of the staircases. You like looking at the girls walking up the stairs don’t you? You get a good look at their legs then, isn’t that true? From what I’ve been able to observe, you spend much of your waking hours looking at girls legs. You’ve got yourself quite a little addiction, Darrin and no real way to scratch that itch. Do you?” She smiled at me again.

Oh shit, I thought I’m busted. Visions of suspensions and angry parents filled my head. It wasn’t a pretty picture. For the first time in a long time I felt as if I could cry. I felt humiliated.

Obviously she noticed my discomfort. “Oh Darrin, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. My job as a teacher is to help you, not to cause you pain. Don’t worry, no one else need know about this. Let’s just say that it’ll be our little secret. Ok?”

The first glimmer of hope arose. I looked up at her apprehensively I couldn’t help but notice that while I had been staring at the floor she had uncrossed her legs. Her skirt had slid even higher and her legs were slightly parted. Oh god, please don’t stare at her I begged myself. Still I took a good look She smiled again.

“Darrin, have you taken physics class before?” What the hell did that mean?

“Oh, yeah, last year.”

“Isn’t there a basic law or something about there being an equal reaction for every action that we take?”

I must admit, I was lost at this point. How in the hell had we gotten unto this subject?

“I guess physics wasn’t my strong point.”

“Let me explain what I mean here Darrin.” She took off her glasses and set them on her desk. “For everything that we touch, something must get touched. For everything that we feel, something must be felt.” She smiled and leaned forward and purred almost in a whisper, “For everyone who likes to look, there is someone who likes to be watched.”

For a moment the only sound in the room was the sound of our breathing as we looked at each other. I suppose I should have said something but I was only a kid for Christ’s sake. I was way in over my head.

“Do you like my legs Darrin? I think you do, you’ve been staring at them since I sat down here.” She stretched one leg out in my direction. The tips of her toes were just inches from my face. “Look at them all you want Darrin, I want you to.”

If I live to be a hundred I’ll never be as shocked again as I was right then. My mouth probably hung open and my heartbeat was racing. I felt hot and flushed and my erection, which had vanished earlier, now returned with a vengeance.

Her hand reached out and every so slowly began to stroke the length of her extended leg. Slowly, from her ankle to the middle of her thigh went that hand and then slowly back down the other side.

“Umm, I love the feeling of stockings on my leg. It feels sooo good to touch, to rub. Hmm, that’s so good.” She looked at me and purred “Do you like watching me Darrin? Do you like my legs? I’ve been told their as good as any model’s legs. Well Darrin, cat got your tongue?”

“Oh they’re beautiful. Can I touch…?”

“No silly, not here. We’re still in school. If anyone walked in…well I don’t want to think about that.” Spreading her legs wide open for just a brief second before she stood back up she treated me to a quick view of her upper thighs and white panties. She was right; her legs were long and perfect. Without thinking my hand reached down and touched my cock through my jeans. The feeling was so electric I actually flinched in my chair.

Putting her glasses back on she looked at my lap and said, “Oh my Darrin, looks like you better make a stop in the little boy’s room and take care of that. Don’t want you bumping into anyone while you’re like that.” She laughed.

She walked over to her desk and wrote something down on a piece of paper. Returning to my desk she handed it to me. It was an address.

“Now listen to me Darrin. Listen very carefully. This is where I live. I want you there Saturday afternoon about 3:00.” She leaned in close to me. “We can have lots and lots of fun if you’re agreeable. Hon, I can scratch that itch of yours for you and to be honest, you can do the same for me. But there are conditions.”

Conditions? Hell I would’ve walked over hot coals all the way there if I had to.

“Anything you say Miss Hanley.”

“Good. First you can never, and I mean never, ever tell anyone about this. Any fun and games we may get into is strictly between the two of us and no one else. This is crucial.” I nodded my assent.

“Secondly, you can never do anything with me that I haven’t given you permission to do. Understand? If I say no, that’s it. Subject closed.” She smiled at me. “Darrin, I’m not going to sleep with you. I don’t think its right for teachers to sleep with students even if they are eighteen. Oh don’t look surprised, I’ve looked at your records. I know that you just turned eighteen.”

“So even though you and I can never sleep together Darrin, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun, now does it? Way I see it; I’ll be helping you get better grades. Know why I say that Darrin?” She leaned in close to me. “Because after you and I play together these little girls around here won’t interest you in the least. Trust me.”

She started putting some papers in her case and told me to be on my way. I tucked the paper into my shirt pocket and floated out of the classroom. I doubt my feet ever hit the floor.

I did make that stop in the boy’s room but it didn’t take very long. I’m surprised that I even made it to the bathroom before I erupted. She had been right; had I met anyone it would have been embarrassing.

As my breathing slowly returned to normal I pulled out the paper she had given me and looked at it. I half expected it to say ‘April Fools Day’ or something but instead, neatly printed was an address. It was a couple of miles from my house, near the university. Well, with all the students around there I wouldn’t stand out.

It was all I could do the next day in her class to concentrate on what she was teaching. All I could see in my mind was her sitting on her desk with her legs open whispering, “Go ahead, look all you want.” I suffered with an erection the whole class and then made a beeline for the restroom as soon as class ended. As for Miss Hanley, she acted as if I didn’t exist.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Saturday finally rolled around. The night before I had barely slept, tossing and turning in anticipation. Yet as I rode the bus to her house I found myself wide awake. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but couldn’t wait to find out.

I had arrived about an hour early so I killed some time in some of the local college shops. I located her house which in reality was one side of a small double about two blocks off the main drag. I walked around the block twice and I still had ten minutes to kill. Damn, what happened to ‘time flies?’

Finally at five minutes to three I could wait no longer. I climbed up her four steps and rang her bell. I noticed the card under the bell said Lisa Hanley. I hadn’t known her first name. I started to ring the bell again when I saw the curtains at the window move slightly. Christ, what if this whole thing was a big joke and when she opened the door her and a bunch of her friends started laughing at me? All kinds of weird thoughts crossed my mind in about three seconds.

Instead the door opened and a smiling Miss Hanley said, “Darrin, I’m so glad you made it. And you’re on time too. Wonderful, come on in.” So I did.

The apartment was nice I guess, I wasn’t tuned in to that all that much. She however looked great. Her hair was tied back in pigtails that made her look much younger. She wore a white silk blouse with some kind of dangling necklace. Best of all though was the tiny little miniskirt that barely covered her nylon clad legs. High heel shoes completed the look that was at once casual yet stunningly sexy. My hopes soared as did my cock as I followed her swaying hips into her living room.

She had drawn the blinds and curtains so that the room was lit only with candles that seemed to cover every surface. It gave the room a warm inviting feeling. It didn’t seem like three o’clock anymore, more like midnight.

There was a leather sofa against one wall with a hassock on the floor in front of it. After asking if I’d like a drink or anything she told me to sit on the hassock facing the sofa. I sat down and she walked around to the stereo and put a CD into the player. The room filled with a soft, sensual singer’s voice.

“Comfy Darrin?”


“Good.” She was swaying gently with the music now, her head rolling gently from side to side. Her hands slowly massaged the sides of her legs. The room seemed a lot warmer than it had a moment ago.

“I’m sooo glad you could make it. I’ve been thinking of you all day little boy. Oh, you don’t mind if I call you little boy do you honey? Good. I’d like for you to keep calling me Miss Hanley. I like that!”

She sat on the couch facing me, legs slightly apart. She wet her lips and smiled at me. Her hands began slowly rubbing her knees. Bending slightly towards me she whispered, “Would you like to look up my skirt little boy?”

“Oh, yes Miss Hanley. Please?”

She smiled. “I’ve been waiting all day for someone to come over and watch me little boy.” Slowly she parted her legs for me.

Surprisingly to me her nylons ended about mid thigh. She lifted her feet off the floor and and placed them on the edge of the sofa. Now for the first time I saw her legs in their entirety.

She had been right; her legs were as good as any model’s legs I’ve seen either before or since. Long, firm and as white as pure ivory. Her calves were toned and smooth and those thighs were perfect I took everything in as she laid there, legs spread in front of me. Her hands stroked her thighs as she watched me look.

“Like what you see little boy?”

“Oh god yes!”

She lifted her hips up off the couch and began moving them from side to side and backwards and forwards, watching my reaction the whole time.

“Do you like my little pink panties little boy? I wore them just for you. Bet your little schoolgirl friends don’t let you look at them like this. Ohh take a good long look.”

I did just that. There was a muscle or tendon or something that ran down the inside of her creamy thighs as she pushed back and forth. I loved watching it expand and contract and I wanted to fall upon her and lick that muscle as it worked but she had not given me permission to do anything except sit there and watch. So that’s what I did.

She lowered her hips back down and climbed unto her knees and faced the wall. Slowly, she began grinding her hips back and forth. With each movement her little skirt would ride up her legs and then settle back down. I loved the contrast between her nylon thigh-highs and the creamy skin above. Every once in a while I would get a glimpse of her butt covered in those silky pink panties.

She turned and smiled at me. Her hand grabbed the hem of her skirt and she began slowly sliding it up her legs. Just when I thought she would pull it up and over her butt, she would giggle and let it fall back down. Then she would do it again, just teasing me with peeks of her perfect butt.

I loved the peeks I was getting of her ass but it was the back of those legs that was really driving me wild. They were so smooth, so firm, so long! I longed to touch them. Instead I lightly placed my hand on my cock and slowly began rubbing myself. I couldn’t help myself.

“Why little boy, you must really like looking up my skirt at my ass. Is your little dickie getting all hard? Hmm? Rub it for me little boy but don’t you dare cum so soon. Understand?”

She switched positions again. Now she was sitting facing me in a normal position. She watched me stroke myself. She was slowly crossing her legs back and forth, letting me get wonderful up skirt views.

After a moment though, she ordered me to stop. She had me move the hassock and lie down flat on the floor.

“You’ll like this little boy.” She stood over me and began slowly dancing around me. I could see up her skirt all the way from this angle. It was lovely. I watched her long silky legs work as she danced. From this angle they looked ten feet long. She straddled my face and began slowly raising and lowering her hips in the general direction of my face. Ohh, I could see the muscles in her thighs work now as she raised and lowered herself towards me.

Her panties were so tight that a part of them were actually up inside of her. Today I know this is called a camel toe but back then I didn’t. Who cares? It was hot was all I knew.

“Like this view little boy? See my pussy? Yeah? How about a little better view?”

She dropped to her knees. Her crotch was right over my face now. I thought I’d pass out with pleasure. I could actually smell her pussy from this close which actually was as close as I had ever been to one. It smelled wet and earthy if you know what I mean but not unpleasant in the least.

She moved her hips slowly up and down and around in circles just inches from my face. Oh shit, the tops of her creamy thighs were so close to my face and her pussy would drop to just inches from my mouth. She was teasing me out of my mind. My hand was moving faster on my cock now, I couldn’t help myself.

Suddenly she reached out and grabbed the hand that I was rubbing myself with. She brought it to her lips and kissed it.

“Slow down cowboy. I don’t want you Cumming just yet. We’ve got all afternoon to play.” She rose up and walked out of the room. I lay there trying to regain some self control. She had been right, another minute and I would have cum in my pants. Nevertheless it had been an abrupt stop.

She came back with sandwiches and sodas. Believe it or not we chatted for about a half hour about school and various trivial things. I think, though, that she was as anxious to resume our play as I was.

We finished and she said that she was going upstairs to change. She invited me to sit at the bottom of the steps so that I could get a good view. She smiled at me and oh-so -slowly began walking up her stairs. This was way better than the stairwells at school because she was much hotter than those schoolgirls and because she took her time so that I could stare at her legs and ass longer. She looked so hot walking up those stairs that I was hard again. At the top she turned to me and said, “Now don’t go anywhere little boy, it’s almost time to play again.” She didn’t need to worry about that!

She must have had another outfit all ready because in just a minute she reappeared at the top of the stairs. My breath caught in my throat when I saw her. The pigtails were gone and her soft auburn hair hung down to her shoulders. She wore a skin-tight brown t-shirt and a denim miniskirt so tight and short it was little more than panties. The nylons were gone and she stood there at the top of the stairs posing for me.

“Little boy, you don’t think this skirt’s too short do you? I wouldn’t want people staring at my legs now would I? She thrust her hips out and slowly began swaying in a small circle.

“My sister used to say that this dress made me look slutty but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, do you?”

“Oh no, nothing wrong at all Miss Hanley.”

“Good!” She started walking slowly down the steps, stopping every once in a while to turn completely around to show me her backside.

“Can you see my butt ok in this skirt little boy? It’s ok for you to look but not for anyone else.”

Oh I could see it just fine thank you. She still wore those pink silk panties and they looked great under what little denim there was of her skirt. She stood with her legs spread and then, facing back upstairs, she bent forward. Her little skirt rode up but was so tight it stopped right at her ass. Again she began slowly twisting her hips and butt, teasing me with that glorious view. I was fascinated with the way the muscles in her legs moved back and forth under that creamy skin. Her hands reached behind her and slowly rubbed the backs of her thighs and her shapely backside.

“Sometimes before school I do stretches here in the morning thinking about all those poor little schoolboys without anyone who will let them look at their legs. I’d like to wear this little skirt to school and sit up on my desk during class but I don’t think they’d learn much, do you? They’d be too busy trying to look up my little skirt. Do you think they’d like to look at my little pink panties?”

“Oh yes, you better believe it Miss Hanley.”

“Oh Darrin, you’re so sweet.” Slowly she walked down the rest of the stairs and past me, her hand gently caressing my cheek as she passed by. This was the first actual physical contact that we had shared together and her touch thrilled me. Ahh, but the best was yet to come.

She directed me to sit back down on the hassock and went to a cabinet in the corner of the room and returned with a large tube of something. She sat on the couch facing me. She crossed her legs and her little skirt practically disappeared. She smiled invitingly.

“Darrin, how would you like to help me rub some nice cream on my legs? They’re so dry and it would be such a help to me.”

“Oh yes. Anything you want.” Are you kidding me?

“I kind of thought you might. Pull that hassock up closer to the couch honey.” It was a wide hassock and I had to get up and push it. I left just enough room to get my feet in between it and the couch and sat back down.

She had raised her legs up to make room and now she ever so slowly parted them and lowered them to the sides of the hassock on either side of me. My breathing was irregular as I thought of the pleasure to come. Her beautiful bare legs were parted wide and if I had been given permission I could have reached out and touched those pink panties without leaning forward. They were partially up inside of her again too.

“Ohh, I bet you like that view don’t you? Yeah. Now Darrin I want you to take this tube of cream and squeeze out some on both of my legs. Think you can do that honey?”

I thought I might manage. That is if I didn’t pass out in anticipation first. I held it out over the middle of her thigh and squeezed. A thin line of white cream dripped out and down unto her leg.

“Ohh, that feels nice honey. Now Darrin, I want you to slowly rub it on my legs. Rub it all over them till it’s all gone.” She giggled. “Maybe if you do a real good job, someday I’ll let you rub some on my titties for me. Would you like to rub some cream on my titties baby?”

“Oh yes Miss Hanley.”

“Well do a good job then honey and we’ll see.”

I reached out and tentatively touched her thigh about halfway up from her knee. Her skin felt so soft, so warm, and so smooth. I slowly began rubbing the cream into her thigh. She purred and spread her legs open wider.

“Spread it all over Darrin. Ohh, that’s it, rub it in good. Oh, you’re a fast study aren’t you? Do it baby”

I concentrated on her right leg first. Slowly I began to rub the cream from the top of her thigh down to her knee. The feeling for me was so wonderful I could barely stand it. The feel of that smooth leg under my fingers, all soft and yielding was the most pleasant sensation that I had ever had. I had only to glance up at her approving face to know that she was enjoying it as much as I.

She lifted her leg up for me. “Don’t forget the inside part. That’s the most sensitive you know.”

Oh I wouldn’t forget that. Slowly I began to rub cream into the inside of her perfect thigh. I lingered on that little muscle I had noticed before, rubbing it, kneading it gently. My fingers were only inches from her little panties but I didn’t dare touch her there.

I ran out of cream and poured some more on her leg. I tried using two hands on her so that I could cover more area. I took my time but covered that leg from ankle to crotch. Then slowly I started on her other leg, repeating the whole slow process from top to bottom. When I had finished, my cock was rock hard and I noticed that she had slipped one hand down the top of her panties.

“That was so nice Darrin. You’ve got my little pussy all wet. You don’t mind if I rub my little pussy in front of you, do you?”

“Oh god no”

“Good. Would you like to kiss my legs for me Darrin? Would you like to lick them? Taste them? Hmm Darrin?” Her fingers were busy inside of her panties.

“More than anything Miss Hanley. More than anything.”

“Hmm, I thought you might.” She lifted her leg to me. “Start with my feet Darrin. Rub them all over your face. Love them. Kiss them. Then suck my toes for me baby. I like my toes sucked.”

I lifted her foot to my face. I began by rubbing my face all over the top and bottom. Then, slowly, I began licking the bottom of her foot working from heel to toes. I hadn’t thought much about her feet but I found the sensation very pleasurable. I guess she did too because she moaned and her fingers were working faster inside of her panties.

When my tongue reached the bottom of her cute little toes, I began running my tongue between them. I had never done this type of thing so I didn’t know exactly what she wanted or liked but she soon let me know.

“Ohh that’s it little boy! Lickem! Lickem good! Then suck them for me. Ohhh!”

I licked them all over, loving the feeling that I was serving her. Then, starting with her big toe, I slid it into my mouth and softly sucked on it. I ran my tongue all around that toe as I sucked it, then took more toes in my mouth at the same time and sucked on them.

“Ohh, that’s soo good baby! Do it some more. Don’t stop!” Her eyes were glazed with passion.

I sucked for all I was worth and then did the same to her other foot. My hands stroked her beautiful calves as I licked her and I honestly believe that I was as happy right then as she was. I know my cock was throbbing with desire.

I moved upward then, rubbing my cheeks against her beautiful ankles and calves, first one leg and then the other. Her skin was so soft, so smooth, and so damn sexy! I kissed and licked those ankles and began working my way up her calves. She especially liked it when I lightly licked her just behind her knees.

“Oh Darrin, that’s heavenly! Right there! Just do that for a bit. Oh yeah! Yeah! Oh you’re so sweet. Worship those legs!”

Believe me, that’s exactly what I wanted too. She wrapped her legs lightly around my head thereby giving me easier access to her. I loved the feel of her thighs on my cheeks as I just turned my face from side to side.

My tongue began moving upwards, but slowly, not wanting to miss a single inch of her. My tongue would lap at her and then I would stop and kiss and suck that beautiful flesh. I especially loved licking the inside portion of the middle of her legs, the very area where I had noticed that muscle or tendon or whatever it was that ran down her leg when she clenched or used her leg muscles. It was wonderful!

When I got up close to her panties she suddenly ordered me to “Wait Hon” and she turned over unto her knees. Smiling over her shoulder to me she said, “Now do the back’s Darrin hon. you’re driving me wild!”

I basically repeated my journey only this time on the backs of her legs, licking, sucking, and loving them. The back of her thighs seemed especially sensitive and I spent a lot of time there, kissing and licking. My hands slid up and down her legs as I worshiped them with my mouth and again, the soft feel of her flesh was as exciting as their taste.

When I reached the tops of her legs she encouraged me to lick her butt cheeks for her and I was only happy to do so. I licked and nibbled those cheeks but every time I would come too close to her beautiful valley between them, she would stop me and direct me outward again. Much later I found that she was afraid that if I was allowed to lick her most sensitive areas that either she or I might lose control and go too far. She was determined to deny us the final sex act but she had told me as much before we became involved. I wasn’t complaining, hell I was in heaven.

I must have spent a good thirty minutes worshiping those legs and when she flipped over again she almost looked like a different person. Her hair was mussed, a light layer of perspiration glistened on her forehead and her eyes were glazed as if she were really somewhere else. Her fingers were buried deep inside of her although I couldn’t see them because of those panties.

“Darrin,” she rasped between irregular breaths, “I wanna see your cock. Please Darrin, take it out for me. Take out your dickie.”

I couldn’t believe it but I wasn’t about to argue. I unzipped myself and slowly pulled my hard cock from my pants. I was a little embarrassed standing there like that in front of her because I had never been exposed in front of a woman before, especially with a raging hard-on. Her smile put me at easy a little.

“Oh little boy, you’ve got such a nice dickie. Can you stroke it for me baby? Let your teacher see you rub that cock baby. Ohh, that’s it! Stroke it for me!” She was breathing faster now.

We stared at each other as we both masturbated. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to last very long, not with everything that had gone on before.

“Miss Hanley, I think that I’m… I better…”

“Cum on my legs Darrin! I want you to shoot your cream all over my legs for me! Oh god, do it!”

Well, by that time I couldn’t have made it to the bathroom anyway. I stepped up as close to her as I could. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through me and I closed my eyes as I shot off stream after stream of hot cum in her direction. A more experienced lover might have been able to control himself better and aim the flow where he wanted it to go, but that was expecting too much from an eighteen year old virgin.

Strands of cum flew everywhere in her direction, coating her legs, her couch and even her t-shirt which she still wore. I couldn’t stop myself from cumming and I gave her the largest load that I had ever produced.

Far from being angry, she seemed to love it. The warm cum landing on her seemed to drive her to the edge and she started shaking and moaning with passion and I guessed that she was cumming as well. This went on for some time before she finally ceased shaking and moaning.

Slowly, ever so slowly she started to come back to herself or at least that’s the way it seemed to me at the time. She pulled her fingers from herself and casually licked them clean. Looking at me she slowly smiled.

“Thank you for my cream bath little boy. Would you like to go in the bathroom and clean up? You can take a shower if you like.

I stumbled into the toilet, my cock still out. I took a washcloth and washed my cock with warm water. I knew that for the rest of my life I would remember this day. Funny, sometimes in life you just know that.

After what seemed like a reasonable time I walked back to the living room. I could hear the water running in the shower upstairs. The couch, so recently splattered with my juices was clean. Thank god it was leather.

I didn’t think I should just leave so I sat down in a chair and waited. About ten minutes later she called down to make sure that I was still there. About five minutes later she came down.

Her hair was still damp but she looked great in a little short silk robe of some kind. If she had asked, I would have started all over again. Instead, she and I had a lengthy talk about what had just occurred.

We both agreed that what had happened was wonderful. I felt much better when I heard that from her. I hadn’t been sure. We agreed that we could meet again for more ‘fun’ but of course it would have to be completely on her terms. I was certainly agreeable to that.

We devised a little system whereby she would let we know when she was agreeable to have me visit. It was just a simple code she wrote on the blackboard in her class. It let me know what night to come and what time.

So our relationship developed into a regular pattern. Usually I would go to her on one or two school nights or on an occasional Sunday afternoon. Sometimes we would play as before while other times she would place me under her large desk in her study where I would lick and kiss her long legs while she graded papers. It didn’t matter to me, it was all good.

As I got better at pleasing her and was at all times able to restrain my urges to whatever she wanted, she began affording me more liberties with her body. She allowed me to rub her beautiful little breasts with cream as she had promised she might. At some point she let me watch her masturbate sans panties. Her pussy was attractive to me but I was allowed to only watch her as her fingers pleasured herself.

Those visits were everything to me and as the school year wore on she carefully began to let me know that when school ended, so did our little relationship. I was heartbroken but I could see her point. I would be moving on to college and she was not interested in any long term relationship. Regretfully, I accepted her terms.

She did have one final surprise however. On our last visit, the day after my graduation, she took my virginity. I was totally surprised but I guess in her mind I was no longer her student. Plus it was a reward for my obedience and discretion. As if I need rewards for what she had given me.

Perhaps now you understand what I meant earlier when I said that in some way I will always spend some time comparing the present to the past and find it wanting. Where will I ever find another person whose desires so perfectly coincide with mine? But you know, I wouldn’t change a thing. Not a thing.

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