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Valuable Lessons

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This story’s a sequel to Copenhagen Couple and Meetings with Mark. It’s not necessary to read those stories first, but some things will make better sense if you do.


At the age of 20 and after my first experiences with male sex I acknowledged to myself that I was bisexual. But I wasn’t going to be open about the fact that I liked to be with men. Sadly, bisexual men are often despised by both gay and straight guys, and even by some women.

However in the beginning the main reason for being in the closet was that I was both shy and inexperienced and certainly not ready to go on the prowl openly. Also male sex took more trust than fucking a female, because I wanted to receive as well as give. Thus I had problems figuring out how to meet guys and hook up for sex.

I didn’t want to hit on other students, mainly because college was my best source for fucking girls, so I feared to be labeled as gay. Nor did I at first dare go to the gay bars that I knew existed in Copenhagen. And I was even more wary about pick up spots like public toilets, seedy cinemas, Ørstedsparken, and other areas rumored to be meeting places for homos. But Copenhagen was (and still is) a relaxed city concerning sexual orientation, and there’re also bars where both straight and gay people can go. So I gradually got used to flirting with both girls and guys, but nothing else happened.

Finally I worked up my courage to visit a gay bar/club, telling myself that I would just look and flirt. My vanity was gratified by the number of men who hit on me, as I stood by the bar clutching my beer. I indulged in some dancing and mutual groping, but avoided going any further. Perhaps due to the fact that my first experiences with male sex had been outstanding, I’d gotten rather picky, but in any case I wasn’t really tempted. Maybe because most of the men who approached me, were a lot older, and the young guys I looked at mostly ignored me.

In the end I just stood morosely at the bar, trying to figure out why I was out of luck. Gradually, I became aware that one of the bartenders was having a discussion with an older guy, in between serving customers. I managed to join the conversation which centered on how to find good fitness centers. The guy at the bar certainly looked as if he worked out regularly, even if he was slim and toned rather than bulky. He was tanned, with short, dark-and-grey hair, a handsome profile and a firm mouth. His smile and the expression in his cool grey-blue eyes sent small tinkles up and down my spine.

In spite of him being double my age and my worry about being picked up in a gay bar, I still flirted a tiny bit and expected him to hit on me. But much to my surprise and chagrin he did no such thing, even if he certainly checked me out more than once. On the other hand he stayed next to me and we kept talking, as much as was possible over the noise. Yet when the bar closed, I had to go home alone and make do with a dildo and my very vivid memories of Mark and Michael. While trying to ignore and argue with the inner voice of my insecurity mocking me.

“Maybe he’s not into younger guys, or he’s in a relationship, or he might not even be gay.” My nasty friend told me that he more likely didn’t find me attractive, and I probably wasn’t as irresistible as I thought. Maybe I should have been more explicit in my flirting, but somehow I had the feeling that it wouldn’t have helped, and I’m usually quite good at reading these signals. Oh well, time to stop worrying about it, I told myself, but it was annoyingly difficult to desist thinking about those appraising grey-blue orbs and classical profile.

A couple of days later, I was at the gym where I worked out thrice a week, and as I was setting up one of the machines, someone spoke to me from behind. I turned around and almost gasped as I looked into a familiar pair of coolly amused eyes. My gut clenched and I was rendered speechless as I tried to conceal my surprise and excitement at seeing the handsome man from the bar. He seemed oblivious and just asked for my help in setting up the machine opposite mine, and I did my best. Even if I kept being distracted by his presence and alternately flushing hotly and shivering with a nervous chill when we touched accidentally.

My mouth was completely dry by the time he thanked me for my help. I returned to my own machine and began going through my set of exercises. I tried to avoid looking at him, but I couldn’t help stealing glances. His fit body was well displayed in some expensive but very tasteful gym clothes that hugged his torso, arms and legs in flattering ways. Luckily my own clothes were baggy, because my dick started to get hard whenever I’d ogled him for too long. He ignored me completely, but I still had the feeling that he was perfectly aware of my interest. Finally, my torture was over and I made my way out of the room to get some water from the cooler in the corridor.

As I finished my second cup, I felt a presence behind me and the hairs on my neck rose. “You were quite right, this is a very nice place to train. I think I’ll consider getting a membership.” The words were accompanied by a firm hand travelling from my shoulder down to my ass, which received a quick squeeze on one cheek. I turned my head in shock and his sly grin made it clear that he knew very well who I was and where he’d met me. His voice was like dark velvet against my neck: “So tell me, how’s the café across the street? Is it worth going there for a meal afterwards?”

I managed to mumble “Ehm yeah, I often have a bit to eat there, if I don’t feel like cooking a meal later.” He nodded and went back to the gym after having a drink of water. I’d almost finished my own training, and I decided to skip the rest. There was no way I could concentrate with my dick throbbing against my stomach and demanding that I get this man’s attention. After a cold rinse and then a long hot shower I got dressed and went across the street. I bought some food and a Carlsberg and sat down at a table which was in a convenient corner where I could see the entrance. I tried to read my book, but was distracted every time the café door opened.

Finally, my handsome acquaintance arrived, and I immediately buried my face in the book, trying to pretend that I was completely engrossed. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed how he let his gaze roam casually around the café as he waited in the queue. Seemingly quite by chance he walked in my direction with his tray and when he got close, I looked up. “Do you mind if I sit here?” His voice was calm, relaxed and made the butterflies in my gut go crazy. I just shook my head and he sat down. When he’d finished eating, he leaned back, surveyed our surroundings and (like I had) concluded no one could overhear us.

While he’d been ignoring me, I had tried to act unconcerned and relaxed, finishing the last of my beer and keeping my eyes to myself. But the moment his gaze returned to me and he caught my eyes and smiled, I felt hot, slightly woozy and incapable of hiding my interest. I admired his control of the situation, when he introduced himself and started a conversation with a natural poise and casualness. His name was Erik and he worked in the advertising and modelling business. Within a short time he’d extracted my name, what I did and other general information.

“Have you ever considered making money to supplement your study grant by working as a model, Anders? You’re slim and fit, with almost perfect body proportions. Combined with your classically handsome face, blue eyes and cute blond curls, you’re sure to be a hit.” Before I had time to utter more than a bashful mumble, Erik leaned forward, gave me his killer smile and continued in a lower voice: “But as you’ve probably guessed, I’m also interested in your body for another reason. How do you feel about that, Anders?” At the same time his hand landed on my thigh and rubbed it gently, hidden below the table.

As always in such moments I lost my ability to utter a single word, and I flushed bright red and stared at the beer glass in front of me. After a couple of deep breaths I forced myself to look up at Erik and whisper: “Sounds good, ’cause I feel the same way.” He nodded with a pleased expression and asked whether I was busy that night. When I shook my head, he discreetly placed a card on the table next to my tray.

“Come to this address at 8 o’clock tonight and let’s continue our discussion then.” With those words he got up, took his tray to the proper counter and left, still completely calm and nonchalant as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I, on the other hand, had to stay put for a while, before I felt collected enough to leave the café. And I was still shaken and slightly frightened from the encounter, and I kept speculating about what I had gotten into. But it never crossed my mind not to go.

I made sure to prepare myself including a long, thorough shower and spending time to select some clothes that was neither too sexy nor too nice and bland. I finally decided to wear tight jeans over very small bikini briefs, and a deep blue shirt with a soft leather waistcoat on top. I took a bus and walked the last part, rather than use my bike, just in case. A few minutes after 8 pm I range the bell on the door phone to Erik’s apartment as indicated by his card. He let me in and I walked up the stairs to his fifth floor apartment at the top of the building.

As I arrived at his door, which was slightly open, I stood outside it for a few seconds, gathering my courage. Then I entered and closed the door behind me, hearing the lock engage. Erik came out of a door further along the corridor and walked towards me with a smile on his face. “Hi there, Anders. Good to see you. What would you like to drink?” He had a glass of red wine in his hand, so I told him that wine would be fine for me too. I took off my coat and shoes and left them by the door, before I followed Erik to his living room. There was low music, and the dimmed lights contributed to a relaxed atmosphere.

I sat down at one end of his couch and when Erik had poured me a glass of wine, he sat down at the other end. While we drank the very nice red wine, he calmly enquired about my experiences with and preferences about male sex. He accepted my declaration of being bisexual without questioning it and seemed pleased that I’d already had male sex several times. He nodded when I told him that I liked sucking cock but not getting cum in my mouth. At his gentle prodding, I admitted that I enjoyed anal sex, both giving and receiving, and with a blush confirmed that I’d prepared for this activity.

His reply confused me: “I very rarely bottom, Anders. But in any case I have the feeling that what you need right now is a good top.” I just looked at him and my lack of understanding must have been evident, because he explained. “In gay sex the bottom is the receiving guy, the one to be fucked. But it can also mean the submissive partner in a relationship. A top is the one who penetrates, the dominant male in charge of providing pleasure if you like.” His smile was full of promise, as he inched closer, and I felt a shiver of anticipation run down my spine.

I was unable to move or speak; he reached out and took the wine glass from my shaking hand and placed it on the table. His fingers ran up my arm and tangled in my blond curls, as he leant closer and whispered in my ear. “I can assure you that I’m a very experienced and attentive top, Anders.” A million butterflies seemed to take off in my gut and I bit my lip to avoid moaning. Erik took hold of my chin and made me look at him, his grey-blue eyes were kind but determined.

“I’m very eager to take you to bed and enjoy that sexy body, so this is your last chance to back out, min dreng.” Oh yeah, I wanted to be his boy, to submit to Erik. I answered the only way I could — by leaning forward to kiss him. Before I knew it, his hand held the back of my neck in a firm grip and the other pulled me into him, as he possessed my lips. I’d never been kissed like that. It felt wonderful to have my mouth ravished. Erik was exactly as brilliant at making out, as I’d hoped.

Small, lusty sounds escaped our mouths, while our lips and tongues chased each other. My hands caressed his neck and shoulders, and the hard muscles under my fingers made me want to get him naked. Erik withdrew after a final deep kiss, stood up and took my hand. He pulled me up and even though he was just a bit taller than me, his personality and attitude made me feel small and submissive. Eric led me into his bedroom across the corridor. As expected there was a king size bed, and on the bed side table he had everything ready: lube, condoms, paper towels and even some wet wipes.

However, my eyes were caught by the large mirrors placed on the wall along one side of the bed as well as on the ceiling above. When Erik saw me staring at them, he smirked: “Do you mind? I can cover them up if you’re shy.” I shook my head, because even if it was a bit kinky, the idea also turned me on. He kissed me with a satisfied expression and then his hands and mouth started exploring my body. While he unbuttoned my shirt and slowly removed it together with the waistcoat, Erik tickled my ear with the tip of his tongue, traced the edge of my jaw, and nibbled on my neck, before returning to kiss me hard.

I shivered with excitement, as his mouth moved downwards to play with my nipples and his hands caressed my shoulders, arms, back, before working their way across my stomach. As he reached my jeans and undid the top button, I moaned with relief and anticipation. My dick longed to be released from its confinement, having been uncomfortably trapped in my tight trousers for too long. Erik made a small contented sound, when he’d removed my jeans, underwear and socks. “Ahh, you’re even more delicious than I hoped.”

His experienced hands with the slender but strong fingers travelled up and down my thighs, fondled my ass, tickled my balls and my erect manhood, until I was ready to scream with need. Finally, Erik pushed me towards his bed and made me lie down on my back. He sat down next to me, and his strong hands gently pushed my legs apart, to expose my most private place. “Such a sweet ass, I wanted it the moment I laid eyes on you, Anders.” I blushed, but there was no denying that his hot gaze made my hole tinkle in anticipation.

However, I also recognized a chance to find out why he hadn’t picked me up at the bar. “Ehm Erik, if you liked me, why didn’t you take me home that night?” As soon as the words left my mouth, I wanted to roll over and hide my embarrassed face in the pillow. Dammit I’d more or less admitted that I would have gone with him just like that. Even if I’d never done gay one night stands before and would have denied being such an easy catch. But Erik just gave me his calm smile.

“I’m very particular with who I take to bed, Anders. I wanted to see if you’d let anyone else pick you up when I refused to take you up on your flirting. I was actually rather amused, but also impressed when you didn’t react to the other men who were eager to get into your pants. I realized that it was partly because you’re shy and inexperienced, but it was still your choice to ignore the possibilities and go home alone.” His fingers played with the blond curls around my dick, as he spoke, and gradually descended to my butt crack. When he tickled my sensitive pucker, I let out a small lustful sound and pulled my legs up a bit more.

His smirk made me cringe, but I still craved his touch and the fact that he obviously desired me was a potent aphrodisiac. “I like that you’re so needy, Anders, but still have enough pride and respect for your own body not to waste it on just anyone. Makes me feel lucky that you are here in my bed, letting me touch you, explore you, taste you.” With that he bent over and ran his tongue up the shaft of my manhood and licked the head. As he peeled my foreskin back with his lips and teased my wet glans with his tongue, the tip of his finger pushed against my asshole, making me gasp.

There was no penetration, just the firm pressure of his finger telling me what was in store for me, and I wanted it so badly. When Erik withdrew and stood up, I had to bite my lip to avoid whimpering with disappointment. As I lay there, exposed and eager in my mirror exhibited nakedness, Erik slowly undressed. His eyes never left my body, and I blushed again with a mixture of delighted gratitude and shyness at his undisguised desire. I kept looking at him too; I was impatient to see him naked and especially the size of his cock.

My worry about whether he’d be too well endowed for my still fairly inexperienced ass, was dispelled, when he finally dropped his sexy black silk boxers. His manhood seemed slightly smaller than mine, even if he was not exactly below average. But I didn’t worry so much about length, as circumference was the main factor. Here he looked similar to me, so I knew I could take him. An added bonus was that his groin was shaved all over, except for a patch of dark hair just above his cock. Together with his toned body and manly face, this made him look very sexy.

Erik got into bed next to me, leant down to kiss me and rolled on top of me, before I had time to do anything. Though he only kissed me gently on my lips, my face and neck while petting my hair, I was very much aware of his hard body pressing against mine, pinning me to the mattress and showing me who was in charge. After a while he moved, so we were both on our sides facing each other, and we spent a long time just touching and kissing. Of course I was impatient to get to the next stage, but he refused to hurry and prevented me from going down on him.

Finally, when I was getting desperate, Erik made me turn around and get on top of him for a sixty-nine. I was in heaven, when he swallowed my aching dick and gave me the opportunity to bury my face in his lap. Kissing and licking his naked balls and the smooth taint before I moved up to his cock was utterly exciting — and for Erik too it seemed. He expressed his appreciation of my enthusiastic sucking of his cock with sounds and words, whenever he took a pause from his skilled manipulation of my manhood. Those breaks happened each time he had me on the brink of coming, and the teasing was driving me crazy.

When I was shaking with the need to cum and tried to fuck his mouth, Erik pushed me away and sat up. He grabbed the lube and I immediately got in position in front of him. As I spread my legs and even reached behind me to pull my buttocks apart, he chuckled. “Eager, are we? Don’t worry, Anders, you’ll get fucked … eventually.” His head was suddenly right next to my butt and I felt his hot breath on my exposed star. My face was buried in a pillow and I whimpered into the soft satin, as I waited for his next move. Would he …?

My question was answered when something warm and wet touched my hole, and I thought I’d faint from excitement. Erik licked and prodded at my tight entrance until it yielded to him, and before long he had me writhing and moaning, not even caring that he’d reduced me to a puddle of wanton goo. I begged him to stroke my dick, and when he refused, I tried to take care of myself. “Oh, no you don’t,” he slapped my hand away, as it left the sheets that I was clutching on either side of my head and headed towards my crotch. “You’ll come when I let you and not one minute before.”

I wanted to object, and my pride told me to get some control back. But before I could do more than take a deep breath and push my hands against the mattress to get up, I felt a slick finger slide into my ass. All other matters were forgotten, as Erik prepared me to be taken. I thought I’d go mad from desire as he spent what seemed like an eternity opening me with first two, then three fingers. He was very gentle and massaged lube into my ring of muscles until I was pliable and completely relaxed. And of course desperate to be fucked as he certainly knew.

To my utter surprise he pushed me down on my back, and even if I was OK with him taking me in that position, I’d have preferred being on all fours. But Erik didn’t make a move to put on a condom. He slid two fingers into my ass, grabbed hold of my dick and bent over to take me in his mouth. I knew the fun would be over in moments if he sucked me, so I tried to warn him. “Shit, Erik you’ll make me..” This was as far as I got, because the fingers in my butt curled up and touched a spot inside me, and that was it.

With a scream I erupted in his warm mouth, and as he swallowed and milked my shaft with his lips and tongue and fingers, he kept working the sensitive place in my ass. Never before had I cum so hard and for such a long time. Even when I thought it was over, he coaxed a few more spurts from me, as I cried and shook and saw spots behind my tightly scrunched eyelids. When Erik finally let go of my dick and gently withdrew his fingers from my hole, I just lay there completely exhausted and sated. Bloody hell, if that was what a good top did, I had a lot to learn.

A soft kiss on my cheek made me open my eyes at last. Erik was lying next to me, a satisfied grin on his face as he looked at me and caressed my hair. I had to try a couple of times, before I could get my voice to work. “That … that was fucking awesome. I … ehm … what did you do? You touched something in my ass, and I just came. Forever. It felt … simply amazing.” Erik arched an eyebrow, and I realized that he was quite surprised at my question and the ignorance it implied.

“That was your prostate, Anders. Have you never played with a dildo or exchanged a P-spot massage with your partner?” Again I was reduced to staring at Erik in confusion. The only time I’d heard about this organ was when my mother’s older brother was treated for prostate cancer. I certainly didn’t associate it with sex. But with a few simple explanations from Erik — combined with the convincing demonstration he’d just given me — I finally knew why getting fucked sometimes felt extra good. At the thought of the mature top next to me using his knowledge and skills with his cock in my ass, I began to plump up.

By now Erik was spooning me from behind, his hard manhood settled against the cleft of my buttocks. Of course I thought he was going to take me, but he just played with my nipples, while kissing and nibbling my neck. I was slightly surprised that he wanted to cuddle rather than fuck me, but I had no objections. Somehow it was easier to talk when I didn’t look at him. However, now that I was getting horny again, I wanted more. Especially when he found out and began playing with my balls and dick, which soon became fully erect. “Ehm, Erik, aren’t you going to….?” I wriggled my butt in order to show him what I expected.

His deep chuckle sent shivers down my spine: “Don’t worry, boy, I’ll fuck your cute ass eventually, but not until I have you begging in front of me.”

“So you think I’m meant to be a submissive bottom, is that it?”

Erik laughed and patted my hip gently: “No, Anders, I think you are a very lucky young man. You’re truly versatile, and you’ll never lack partners for sex. Not only are you bisexual so you can choose to be with either men or women. But with men you can switch according to their needs and be either top or bottom. So you don’t have to worry about compatibility, only about sussing out what your partner wants. Now me, I’m your opposite. I can function with women and bottom if I have to, but I only get real sexual pleasure from topping a man who enjoys submitting and receiving.”

I had to admit that his words made sense. I realized that I’d mainly been the top in my encounters with Mark, who was most likely a natural submissive. With Michael I was primarily a bottom due to his greater age and experience, and because he and Daniella could team up against me. However, he was also versatile and had clearly enjoyed taking turns, so in bed we’d probably end up as equals in time. And I could certainly see myself as enjoying the role as a top in the future. However, right now I craved the attention and abilities of the dominant man whose warm embrace and obvious desire made me feel secure and attractive.

So as I gave myself over to Erik’s continued seduction and let him use my body, I finally accepted not only my interest in male sex but also my delight in being submissive. As Erik slowly worked me into another sexual frenzy, my mature lover made me realize that there was nothing to be ashamed of. It probably helped that he willing described how he’d learnt to top in almost the same way: by being seduced by an older and more experienced man. However, his lover had been a total bottom and had recognized Erik as a natural top. “But I still needed to be taught everything, because he was also my first male lover.”

Erik laughed at my expression and told me that being educated by an experienced bottom had been both fun and awesome. “Including the time he arranged for one of his usual partners to top me, so I knew what it was all about from the other perspective as well.” He went back to teasing my nipples with his mouth, while his right hand played with my intimate parts. With the left he had my wrists pinned above my head, and even though I struggled and whined, we both knew that it was all pretend. I could easily have gotten free, but I didn’t want to.

Finally, he told me to get on all fours, as he reached for a condom. My sphincter had closed up again, but a single finger with lube ensured than I was wet enough. Erik placed a towel on the mattress below me and then his hard body was up close and personal with my butt. I shook from anticipation when his sheathed cock settled in my crack, and the deep velvet caressed my eardrums. “Så min dejlige dreng, nu skal du få din belønning.” Oh yeah I wanted this reward more than anything. I yearned to feel Erik’s hard shaft deep in my ass and I’d no doubt that he shared the urge.

It was a slow relentless penetration. There was no pain, only the firm pressure of the head of Erik’s cock forcing its way into my slick tunnel, conquering me millimeter by millimeter. It felt so good to submit to my lover, and just at that moment I was somehow sure that this wouldn’t be a single adventure, but the start of something more. Not romantic love, but some sort of connection that fulfilled a mutual need in both of us. With that fleeting thought I opened fully to Erik and his manhood slid in to fill me completely. We both groaned, and he whispered “So tight … so good.”

A long moment of stillness and then he took me for the ride I had hoped for. He fucked me hard, but alternated with slow sensual movements and short jabs than hit my spot unerringly. His hands fondled my butt and stroked my dick, and I climbed steadily towards a massive orgasm. All the time I was pleading incoherently with him to fuck me, take me hard, make me come, although most of the time it came out as grunts and words like “yes … more … harder …please … oh fuck”. I had no control over my body or behavior, and I loved it.

Erik’s hand on my dick stroked me expertly, and as my balls rose up, I felt the telltale tremor of my imminent climax just behind them. My first two spasms were dry, then my sperm spurted all over the towel as my orgasm overwhelmed me. Erik kept his hand around me as his hips snapped forward hard, once, twice and then on the third thrust he shouted and went rigid inside me. With small movements he kept us both going until the last of my cum had dribbled into his fingers and he’d flooded the condom.

We were both panting hard and sweating like mad. So when Erik suggested a joint shower, I happily agreed. I was still a bit wobbly when I got up from the bed, even though I’d fallen to my side and rested a bit, after Erik withdrew and dealt with the messy towel and the rubber. My lover steadied me with a hand on my arm and we grinned at each other, because his fingers were sticky from my cum. He led me to the shower and it was no surprise that he had a huge bathroom with all kinds of facilities. Including a nice spa, and I couldn’t help imagining all the fun we might have in there.

After we’d washed each other, Erik offered me food, which I was more than grateful to accept. I hadn’t been able to eat much all day, in nervous anticipation. We ate delicious bread with various Italian salamis and French cheese from Irma (a delicatessen chain in greater Copenhagen) and drank the rest of the red wine. Erik had given me a luxurious bathrobe and a pair of black silk briefs to wear, both clearly new. “You can take them home … or use them when you’re here,” he said casually. At my shy nod to the latter suggestion, he chuckled. “I want us to be honest with each other, Anders. You can call me, if you want to visit, and I’ll do the same.”

He patted my arm. “And we’re both free to say no thank you without having to explain or excuse, if it’s inconvenient or we’re not in the mood. No obligations and no rules. Except for the general one about safe sex.” I nodded again, I’d already agreed that a condition for anal sex would be protection, at the same time learning another new sex term when Erik had said: “I don’t do any barebacking, and I hope you’re sensible too, Anders.” This exchange had been fairly early in our initial talk and had prompted confessions about my encounters with Mark and Kristine.

Luckily Erik had agreed that they didn’t constitute unsafe behavior. But his repetition of the admonition to be safe wasn’t lost on me. Mainly because I felt that he was also assuring me that I could trust him as well. After all, as the receiving part I ran the greater risk, if the condom broke. The funny thing was that after I met Erik, I stopped looking for casual sex with men. Why should I bother with going to gay bars and run the risk of being recognized? If I was horny and wanted to be with a man, all I had to do was call Erik. He rarely declined, and sex with him was so wonderful, that I doubted I’d find anything better as long as I was content to bottom.

Accepting Erik’s invitation actually turned out to be one of the most important decisions in my sexual and personal development, for more than one reason. But during that first visit I just focused on absorbing everything my mature lover could teach me. At his suggestion I stayed the night, and next morning Erik treated me to another of his eminent blowjobs before rolling me over and jerking himself off all over my butt. I tried to turn back to help him, but he smacked my cheek and told me to stay put. Moments later his cum splashed wetly on my ass, so I guess he didn’t need my assistance.

I didn’t learn the reason why until a year and a half later, after I’d had another meeting with Mark. An encounter which also included his boyfriend, who was similar to Erik in certain ways. The unexpected outcome of that sizzling hot triangle was the beginning of a new end even more exciting phase of my relationship with Erik. But that is another story (or actually several of them!).

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