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Valentine’s Revenge

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I was standing in front of my tiny, jumbled closet looking in vain for suitable clothes to take to New Orleans. It had been sooo easy down in the Caribbean because all I needed was a couple pieces of floss to wear over my itty bitty titties and Brazilian waxed coochie. Rich, poor, who knew when you’re half naked and dripping wet?

Who am I, you may be asking? I am Alexis, Queen of the Caribbean! No, this is not a story of a swashbuckling, big-tittied pirate like Anne Bonney (although THAT would be excellent grist for the erotica mill). Alexis is more a skinny, flat-chested, unbuckling type of girl who made her way across the aquamarine waters in a bazillionaire’s yacht, carousing with some old and new friends in the teak and brass world of the super rich.

The dilemma with my wardrobe was that I was to attend a fancy-schmancy Valentine’s Day/Mardi Gras party with my FRIEND Jay and her famous, super wealthy friends. Jay is an International film and TV superstar and I am a 21 year old, tomboyish waif who needs another nickel in order to rub two together. Jay is very cool about my lowly status and as a matter of fact, loves my smart mouth and unpretentious ways, I guess because of all the suck-ups in her life (here’s where I modestly look down and say ‘ah, shucks’ while digging in the dirt with my big toe).

One other little factoid is that Jay is my employer. Jay insisted that I become her personal assistant and that I be paid a salary plus all expenses. I’m a little unclear what a personal assistant does. If it is personal in nature and I assist Jay in a carnal sense then yes, I am a personal assistant! Yahooooooo!

So, I’m packing for my new adventure with a tiny, niggling doubt about my ability to pull off this new incarnation of Alexis, Hand Maiden to the Stars! Where the hell are my harem pants?

I landed at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (what a mouthful, huh?) right on time and promptly sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes. Normally, that would piss me off. But remember the expense account? I was sitting in first-freaking-class like a rock star.

“Another champagne miss?”

“Oh, that would be delightful. Say, would you bring me another pillow too?”

The business mogul next to me was hoping my micro skirt was going to ride all the way up to paradise but occasionally I would tug it down a fraction of an inch, being the modest sort that I am. I did offer a peak down my blouse by leaning toward him a couple times but he was firmly fixated on my long, bare legs. I can’t fault him; they are damned nice (you are going to HELL Alexis Noel for the sin of Pride, still number one on the Sins Chart. I know you may be reading Lit stories for other reasons but I’m sure you want to know the other six deadly sins: avarice, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony and sloth. Holy moly, I’m six for seven! I’m giving myself a pass on sloth, believing it to be an animal.)

Ok, after deplaning (have you ever seen the reruns of that old TV show ‘Fantasy Island’ where the little dude points to the sky and cries, ‘De plane, de plane’? Whenever I ‘de-plane’ I always crack up thinking of that) I stroll through the security gates and guess what sports fans? An enormous limo guy dressed in a monkey suit was holding up a sign that said “Alexis Noel”. I almost peed my panties I was so shocked! A limo? A driver? Moi?

Ever cool, I sauntered up to him, peered over the top of my black, knock-off Armani sunglasses, cocked a hip and in my best Mae West voice said, “I’m Alexis Noel.”

I’ll hand it to this guy for not requiring identification because EVERYONE remembers when George and Jerry faked their way into a limo on that classic Seinfeld episode. He didn’t bat an eye and simply said, “Follow me, Miss Noel. We’ll get your bags and be on our way.” Well, la-di-da, why not?

The limo guy could have auditioned for the Sphinx because he wouldn’t say shit if his mouth was full of it. I was jabbering away like the magpie I am, asking questions about where we were going, what was that building, were you here for Katrina, do you eat crawfish, can we drive through Bourbon Street and other probing questions. The only answer he gave me was, “Miss Jay sent me.”

Okaaaaay. ‘Nuf said. The Sphinx cruised through the city finally getting to what appeared to a very old and ritzy part of N’awlins (see how quickly I pick up the native lingo?). He stopped in front of this GORGEOUS Greek revival mansion that had all the classic wrought iron railings and potted plants that you see in travel mags. I’m not shitting you, when we pulled to a stop, three, count them, THREE servants rushed to the limo, opened my door, grabbed my crappy luggage and hustled me into the house. They must not have gotten the memo that I was a servant too!

The foyer (I pronounce foyer with a French accent of course) was a sort of courtyard that was DRIPPING with more wrought iron and native flowers. A striking woman dressed in a quintessential French maid outfit approached me after giving me a moment to pick my chin off the floor. In what had to be a Creole accent she said, “Please follow me missy. I’ll show you to your room.” I’m a card carrying member of the Sexually Liberal and Uninhibited Team (SLUT for short). This French maid I was following up the stairs was inspiring all kinds of kinky fantasies. Focus, Alexis, focus.

My ‘room’ turned out to be a friggin’ suite, dear readers. Four poster bed, crushed velvet wallpaper, antique dressers and a gol’-danged FAINTING COUCH. Ha! I could just picture myself holding my lacy handkerchief to my delicate nose and saying to Rhett Butler, “Oh Rhett, I do declare that I am feeling faint. I must have the vapors. Do fetch me my snuffbox, sugah.”

The hot French maid showed me the suite and began putting my clothes away. I asked her when Jay was arriving so I could start my personal assisting. She pulled a fancy envelope out of her apron and handed it to me instead of replying. I thumbed it open and pulled out a neatly written note from Jay. It said, “Alexis, I’m so happy you are here! I’m meeting some other friends at the private airport. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!” It was signed “J” with a little lipstick kiss beside it.

I don’t know about you, but my little button just got moist. I might need that fainting couch after all with the excessive ego boosting I was getting!

After Frenchie left I explored my room further. Get this; it had a balcony that looked out over the French Quarter. There was a black horse with a red, plumed headdress clip-clopping down the cobblestone street pulling a white carriage. I pinched myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. I walked down the balcony and peeked into the other rooms. Oops, someone was coming into the room next door! Busted!

It was Jay leading her FRIENDS Cee and Ell into the suite. You know who I mean. My tummy was doing summersaults now. These girls were my idols for years. I fantasized about hanging out with them at the coffee shop. Now, they just caught me being a peeper. Gawd, Alexis, can’t you do anything right?

As always when I’m embarrassed my brain shuts down and I do something really silly to divert attention away from my lunacy. Remember the scene in the movie ‘Ace Ventura’ when Jim Carey proved that screams could not have been heard with the sliding door closed? He opened and closed the balcony door several times while singing an operatic aria? That’s what I did. I opened and closed the balcony door several times doing my best Jim Carey impersonation. (U-Tube it if you want a good laugh.)

One other little factoid is that Cee was in that movie and scene. When I finally shut up and walked into the room I found Jay, Cee and Ell clutching each other and laughing hysterically. Cee would attempt to talk but then she would kind of point at me and begin another bout of laughing and giggling. Jay walked over to me and hugged me close and said to the others, “I told you she was special!”

I hope that she didn’t mean that I was one of the ‘special’ kids in school though Lord knows I qualified on occasion. Jay pulled me over to the other girls and introduced me to Cee and Ell (like I didn’t know them already!). Since I had already broken the ice with my Ace act I got real deal hugs instead of the bullshit air kisses stuck up people do these days. I found out in the next few minutes that this was a girls only week and that we were going to party hard without any guys sniffing our crotches and humping our legs.

Everyone got settled into their respective rooms which were all connected by the aforementioned balcony. Jay’s suite was next to mine and Cee and Ell were further down the building. When Jay and I were alone I thought it time to ask Jay what her expectations of a personal assistant might be. I was still a little fuzzy about whether our torrid affair on the yacht qualified as personal assisting. My resume was going to be interesting reading if so.

Jay responded by pulling me close and locking lips with me just like old times. While our tongues wrestled, our hands were caressing and teasing each other’s bodies. Jay had on a tight pair of ripped and frayed blue jeans with cowgirl boots and a simple sheer white blouse. I was cupping her perfect butt in my hands while she made a move toward what the guy on the plane had hoped to see. My short skirt was hitched up in no time while Jay hooked my tiny thong with her fingers and pulled it down over my butt cheeks.

So here I am with my best red thong down around my knees, my skirt pulled up to my waist and Jay probing my sleek, hairless pussy with her famous fingers. I guess this was her answer to my personal assistant question (I now grin at you in the audience).

I spread my legs as far as I could given the limited elastic of the thong and let my fingers do some walking down Jay’s silky shirt. I popped open a couple buttons so I could slide my warm palm under her sweet breast. She gave a slight gasp as I rolled her nipple between my fingers. I tweaked and twisted it gently and felt it harden under my assistance (get it? I’m assisting?).

Jay, in the mean time, found my little love button and was getting reacquainted. You may remember from previous episodes when I get properly stimulated, my clit stands tall and rigid like one of those funny soldiers at Buckingham Palace. So Jay is stroking and milking my slippery pearl and I’m pulling and tugging on her perky boobies when in bursts Cee and Ell from the balcony door! Oh fuuuudgggge.

You’ve heard the saying ‘looked like a deer in the headlights’? All four of us would at that moment be run over by an eighteen wheeler. We would be road kill venison. Four bambis on the bumper of life.

I was looking from Jay to Cee to Ell and back to Jay. Cee’s eyes were fixated on Jay’s fingers which were partially buried in my sweet little pussy. Ell was running her tongue over her lips like she was seeing a watering hole after trekking across the desert. Jay had this enigmatic Mona Lisa smile on her face which made me wonder if she had hoped this scene might happen.

I broke the spell by saying in my best assistant voice, “Ladies; coffee, tea or me?”

Jay beckoned Cee and Ell over to us with her free hand while she began stroking my wet pussy again. As they approached, Jay smiled at them and said, “Girls, this is my coming out party. I want you to be part of it. You are my best friends and you are closer to me than sisters. I don’t expect you to switch sides but I do want you to experience the fabulous emotional release that this has brought me. Will you join us?”

When Cee got close enough Jay pulled her up against my bare butt, leaned over my shoulder and kissed her softly on lips. Ell wasn’t quite so reluctant because she immediately began kissing me while Jay and Cee were tentatively probing each other’s mouth with their wet tongues. Cee is a very tiny person but I could feel her nice sized breasts pressing against my back. Someone’s fingers found one of my little pocket rocket nipples and began massaging it though my silky blouse. My boobs are so small I don’t need a bra unless decorum calls for it. Decorum took the last train to Clarksville a long time ago.

Jay pulled away from Cee and turned to Ell who was still sucking on my tongue. Jay removed her hand from my drenched pussy and turned me around to face Cee. I took Cee’s face in my hands and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She was just a little shorter than me so I could feel her come up on her toes to meet me. Jay pulled Ell close and kissed her with a wet, open mouth. My head was reeling with the wonder of it all. The idols of my childhood were kissing me and each other like an orgy in the Isle of Lesbos.

Cee, who seemed a little reluctant at first, was now touching my hairless pussy with her fingertips. When her fingers made contact with my engorged clit her eyes got round with that classic impish look she demonstrated so many times on TV. I’m positive this was her first foray with another girl but it didn’t take her long to start stroking up and down my wet, pink slit like a veteran.

I decided to even out the nakedness a little so I unbuttoned Cee’s blouse and unhooked her front clasp bra. One of the many things I liked about my idols is that they never did the big, fake boobs like a lot of starlets. Cee’s were delightfully firm and perky, even though I knew she had given birth to a child. I cupped both her breasts in my hands and massaged her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. She staggered a little against me when I pulled on them a little harder. Cee’s fingers found their way inside me and were exploring the velvety walls of my pussy like a novice spelunker inside an unfamiliar cave.

Meanwhile behind me either Jay or Ell was running their finger down the crack of my butt. Since I was the only one with her panties down I guess I was fair game. Let me think…do I mind or not? NOT!

With all the shifting, squirming bodies it was amazing it didn’t happen sooner but guess who lost her balance? I couldn’t help it! My panties were around my knees, I had Cee’s fingers deep in my pussy and someone was touching my little brown hole from the back; I tried to catch myself but my hands got tangled in Cee’s open bra so we all tipped over into a mass of bodies like a game of twister gone very, very kinky.

I know you’ve heard Ell’s laugh on their show. Oh my God, did that ever start the giggles. We sounded like hormonal, teenage girls on a sleep-over. Jay was on top of me so I decided to see if she was ticklish. She started shrieking with laughter as she tried to get away from me. Cee rolled over on Ell and started teasing her mouth with her hardened nipples. I don’t know how discrete the staff was at this joint but I hoped they were sworn to secrecy.

Jay found her way between my legs and tore my thong off which freed my legs to spread further. She licked her way from the bottom to the top of my slippery slide, lingering on my wet clit, rolling it around with the tip of her tongue. Since we were close to a sixty-nine position I took the opportunity to unbuckle her jeans and unzip them. I peeked through Jay’s legs to see Ell grinning at me.

“Ell, help me get these tight jeans off this girl!” I exclaimed.

We managed to pull Jay’s jeans down to her ankles but her cowgirl boots prevented total removal. The little devil was riding bareback today so her sweet pussy was open for business immediately. Ell and I brought our faces together between Jay’s legs. I spread her knees as much as I could given the tangled mess around her ankles. Ell began licking from the crack of Jay’s ass toward her pussy while I worked from her clit to her butt. Ell and I licked the juices off each other’s face when we met in the middle.

Cee and Jay had followed our lead because I could feel another tongue probing between my ass cheeks. Cee and Jay were moaning as they licked and sucked my drenched snatch. Ell brought a finger into play by teasing Jay’s puckered brown hole with the tip. Jay was so wet from all the saliva that Ell’s finger easily slid into her backside. I knew Jay liked it because a gush of pussy juice poured out of Jay into my waiting mouth.

Because I’m a personal assistant, I work with logistical issues all the time (well, for half a day so far). Can you spell ‘daisy chain’? I thought it wise to get everyone naked and participating in a fair and equal manner. Reluctantly, I pulled away from Jay and Cee to declare that everyone should be nude and lewd. Oh my god, the clothes were soon flying into the air like the tornado scene in ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Ell has an elegant, pale body with nice, pink tipped breasts and wispy, blond pubic hair shaped into a heart. Cee’s body is more compact with dark areolas on her rounded boobies and black pubes neatly trimmed into a classic landing strip. She has a teeny little tummy probably because of the baby but she obviously has worked hard to stay in shape. Jay’s sweet little conical breasts were bobbing as she hopped around trying to get her boots off.

I pulled the covers off the huge bed and threw them on the floor. I took Ell by the hands and led her to the top of the bed and ‘arranged’ her on her side. All of these girls are actresses so they are used to direction (maybe not QUITE like this, but for this first time in lesbo-land maybe it was easier to accept direction than to wonder what to do next). I was Fellini and Polanski and Russ Meyer all wrapped up into one sex-aholic film director.

Next, I grabbed Cee by the shoulders and laid her down perpendicular to Ell, gently raising Ell’s leg so Cee could access her cute little beaver. Cee laid her head on Ell’s thigh and tentatively licked at her pink slit. I placed Jay so Ell’s head was between her sleek thighs. Now there was only one piece left to fit into this jigsaw puzzle. I nuzzled between Cee’s legs and lifted my leg so Jay could access my excited pussy.

Isn’t this a fun image? Four gorgeous ladies (ok, three gorgeous and one skinny twig) simultaneously lapping away on the free flowing pussy juice of the girl in front of them. Another appropriate phrase comes to mind right now; ‘Having your cake and eating it too’! I was plumbing the depths of Cee’s drenched pussy with my tongue while I pulled and twisted her nipples with my fingers. In the meantime, Jay was rolling my swollen clit around with her tongue like a Brahma bull butting a rodeo clown in a barrel.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I was in heaven! I lifted Cee’s leg a little higher so I could push my tongue deeper into her pinkness. She moaned as I massaged her most intimate parts with my probing tongue. I brought my hand back from her breasts and used my fingers to hold open her pussy lips. Her sweet clit was shiny and red and squirted a little juice when I squeezed it. Cee was squirming with excitement which probably caused her to work on Ell’s love button even faster.

My own clit was bobbing and weaving like Ali doing his rope-a-dope boxing routine. Jay had inserted her thumb into my pussy while she continued to suck on my erect clitty. She was also probing my brown, puckered hole with her wet finger. I pushed against her finger to encourage her to go for it. Jay’s long, elegant, middle finger easily slipped past my guardian sphincter muscles. She pinched her thumb and middle finger together inside me which shot a rocket up my spine. I screamed as an orgasm swept up and down my body. I clinched Cee’s ass cheeks with both hands and drove my face deep into her drenched pussy.

I could feel Cee’s leg muscles tense as she was pushed over the edge. It was like a chain reaction car wreck on a foggy Interstate highway, except a LOT more fun. Cee bucked into Ell’s pussy like a newborn calf wanting more milk. Ell moaned loudly and was soon joined by Jay, who was chanting ‘Oh my God, Oh my God’ whenever she came up from mouth-fucking my clit. Meanwhile, she never missed a stroke going in and out of my pussy and ass with her thumb and finger.

We were all in the midst of simultaneous, multiple orgasms that soon had us shuddering and shaking like cheap buildings in a magnitude eight earthquake. You boys out there in Lit-Land, pay attention; when girls have a big time orgasm our pussies are SUPER sensitive. It’s almost painful to the touch. A good pain, but since we were all girls in this fun, flowery, foursome we all backed away from the pussy in front of us and laid our heads contentedly on each other’s thighs. Ell was directly across from me so I could see her cupping her breasts as she pinched and pulled her own nipples. Her eyes were closed and her face was flushed with the dreamy, spacey look she was so famous for.

Cee’s pussy was swollen and wet and as I watched, a little rivulet of female juice leaked out onto her thigh. I was lovingly combing my fingers through Jay’s long, blond hair randomly trying to remember all the words to Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’.

We all began to stir as we recovered from the shock and awe of what had just happened. I sat up and crossed my legs on the bed like I was a Campfire girl or something. Jay, Cee and Ell followed suit so we were all facing each other in a circle. Our wet, swollen pussy lips were spread open in this pose which made the scene even more erotic. My pussy was the only completely bare one in the group and I could see that Ell was checking it out closely.

Jay looked around the circle and held her hands out in front of her. Ell and Cee quickly joined hands with Jay. Jay motioned me to do the same with a flick of her golden locks. I sandwiched their hands with mine. I didn’t know what was coming but apparently this was something they had done before. They all looked at each other, lowered our ‘hand sandwich’ to the bed and simultaneously shouted as they threw their hands up in the air, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, friends!”

I was sooo thrilled to be included in this intimate circle that a tear leaked out of eye. Jay noticed and immediately pulled my face close to hers and gently licked the salty drop off my cheek. Cee and Ell joined the group hug as we all laughed and cried about the emotional release we had each experienced.

The next day was devoted to my new responsibility as personal assistant. Jay asked me to figure out what we should all wear to the Valentine’s Day party that was interjected into the Mardi Gras celebration. My new job was soooo cool because I could spend unlimited money and when I asked people to jump they would ask how high on the way up.

You know me pretty well by now. I’ve got some sort of altered sex gene that controls my tiny brain at times. If you’ve seen Mardi Gras photos or been there yourself you know many people wear elaborate masks to hide their identity. Of course this gives everyone a free pass on lewd behavior so N’awlins deserves its reputation to some degree. Not that I’m judging!

Another identity altering tradition that I knew of was body painting. In Key West they have body artists who can paint clothes or scenes on naked bodies and you cannot tell someone is nude unless you look very closely. My first decision as personal assistant was to fly the best Key West body painters to New Orleans to paint us four girls. Additionally, I contracted the premier mask manufacturer in the city to custom design our faces. Alexis had a PLAN!

The actual party wasn’t happening for a few days so I arranged fun, touristy sorts of side trips for the girls that protected their privacy but still gave them the freedom to enjoy this wonderful city. Understand, I’m new to this game of assisting but I’m a pro at having a good time. We went on a tour of the Blaine Kern float building warehouse, did a carriage ride through the French Quarter, visited some of the classic jazz spots and ate po’ boys from a street vendor. I blew the girls minds by arranging a private show by Benny Grunch and the Bunch. We drank rum and laughed our fool asses off. Ell dragged everyone up on the stage and we all sang ‘Ain’t No Place To Pee On Mardi Gras Day’ with the band.

I’m know the girls weren’t used to doing fun, normal stuff like this but I was rewarded with grins so wide they could have been poster children for Crest toothpaste. I arranged for spontaneous visits to the really cool eating places like Tujague’s. Of course we had the Sphinx to scope out any potential problems. He was now getting used to my antics and I was rewarded with a slight twitch of his mouth when I teased him.

Ok, on to the reason we were here in Sin City. The Parrrrrr-tayyyyy. I got all the girls together in Jay’s suite to tell them my plans for our costumes (or lack thereof as I grin at you, my co-conspirators). Jay and Cee and Ell all stared at me like I was an alien from outer space as I related the strategy.

“Um, Alex, you do know we are hounded by paparazzi continuously. Exactly how are we going to keep our naked bodies from being seen by the trash news guys?” Jay asked me with a little exasperation in her voice. Uh oh, do I feel the best job I’ve ever had slipping away?

“Ok, I see your point but I want you to keep an open mind for a moment. Let me show you something,” I replied.

I went to the door and escorted in a woman model I had hired to show the girls what they would look like after body painting and masks. I knew I had to sell this idea so I had the body painter do a sample for us.

The model was ‘dressed’ in a low cut peasant blouse with Daisy Mae short shorts. She had on a mask with peacock feathers and an elaborately painted, ceramic face. Jay and Cee both gaped at the incredible realism of the paint job and Ell got up and walked around the woman several times oohing and aahing. She even touched the model’s nipple to make herself believe it.

Even with this proof Jay looked at me with disbelief and said, “You want us to go painted like this to the party? Naked? Are you insane? What if someone recognizes us?”

Okaaay, this might take a little more selling.

“Jay, no one will recognize you. The party is extremely private with everyone required to wear total disguises. Part of the fun is that you CAN do this without being known. I’ve arranged to enter through the back door and we will all have on trench coats until we get there. It will be a hoot!” I concluded enthusiastically.

Ell immediately endorsed my plan by saying, “Come on girls, how often have you been naked in public and gotten away with it? I love it!”

Cee and Jay looked at each other and finally shrugged and laughed.

“What the hell, it’s only our careers,” Jay said philosophically, “Where do we start?”

I explained to my new friends that I made the body painters and mask designers sign non-disclosure agreements before they were hired. I brought in the four painters who were all men, a couple of whom were pretty sketchy looking. Every one of the painter’s mouths dropped open when they recognized the famous trio.

Just to make sure this went smoothly, I had Frenchie bring up a couple magnum bottles of Krug so we could rev up our engines. I also mandated that we would all do this together so no one felt uncomfortable alone in a room with a leering painter. The painters brought in their portable air brushes and paints and set up shop in different corners of the suite. After I put on some Neville brothers for local mood music I stripped off my clothes in a flash to make sure no one chickened out.

Now these dudes have seen and painted plenty of naked women. Though I’m quite certain they had never seen three famous women strip right in front of their noses before. I was giggling a little about the absurdity of the scene but I took control again by guiding Jay to one corner, Ell to anther corner and Cee to a third corner. I grabbed one painter by his long beard and lead him over to Cee. I pushed and prodded each painter to the other girls and told them to get busy. The final guy looked kinda crushed because that left not-so-famous me as the last girl to paint. Oh well, dems ‘da breaks.

Pretty soon the champagne kicked in and we were cat-calling and laughing across the room at each other. I’d never been body painted before (does mud wrestling count?) so I didn’t know what to expect. Frankly, Literoticans, it was HOT! I mean sexy hot. The artists use air brushes to apply the paint so it kinda caresses your skin. Plus, they were painting my private parts that Mommy told me not to let strangers touch. Yet another sin chalked up on my greatest hits list.

Because we were all being turned around so much no one really got to see the full extent of each other’s body paint theme. Everyone put on a long trench coat as soon as the painter was done. After the painters left the room I brought out 4 large silk hat boxes.

“Ell, please sit here in front of me,” I ordered in my assistant voice.

She sat down dutifully and I placed the delicate mask over her face and attached it securely to her hair. All the masks were cut so that our mouths were exposed for eating and talking. I pulled Ell to her feet and walked her to the tri-mirror. I slipped off her trench coat and let her see herself fully.

Ell was painted as a German schoolgirl. It was perfect for her because of her complexion and build. She had ‘on’ an elaborate blouse with a cute green jumper whose buttons were actually her pink nipples. The mask had blond braids attached that made her look like Heidi. Ell turned and posed as she squealed how realistic the painting was.

I brought Cee her mask and placed it over her face. I turned her to the mirrors after I took off her coat and waited for her reaction.

“Oh my God! Alexis, this is sooo awesome!” she exclaimed as bounced up and down. Because of the size and shape of her breasts I had decided on a puppy dog look. She had two droopy-eyed hound dogs cuddled on her chest. Their noses were (you guessed it), Cee’s brown nipples. Her mask had long silky ears attached and eyes that matched the puppies on her chest.

“Hey Cee, bounce for us again,” Jay demanded with a grin.

We all howled with laughter as her puppy’s noses bounced up and down. A bowl of dog food was painted around her pussy, perfectly disguising the folds of her womanhood.

“Okay Jay, you’re next hun,” I said.

I placed the mask over her face and again attached it securely to her hair. I then dramatically swept off her trench coat like the unveiling of a new statue in Central Park. Cee and Ell both gasped in unison. Jay was painted like a Japanese geisha girl. Her skin kimono was elaborately painted with Bonsai trees and cherry blossoms. Her breasts were a recreation of Mt. Fuji complete with snow on her areoles and nipples. Jay’s pussy was covered with a scene of a Japanese tea garden with the ripples of the pool being her labia and pubic hair. The mask I commissioned was pure white in the style of a geisha.

Jay stared in the mirrors for a very long time. I was getting a little nervous until Jay turned to me and said, “Alexis, you are a genius!”

Up pops the little devil on my shoulder who whispers in my ear, “Sinful Pride again kiddo”.

I mentally flicked the little bastard into the garbage and turned to the last box.

“Ell, will you put this on me, please?” I asked.

Ell fastened my mask and I shrugged off my coat when I was positioned in front of the mirrors. I turned around to the girls and said, “Ta da!”

Their eyes got big and their mouths dropped open. I was painted as a skeleton reminiscent of one of those Invisible Woman toys that show all the innards of the body. I had asked for a few embellishments to suit my personality. My artist had painted little kittens hanging inside my skeleton so their eyes and noses were peeking through my rib cage. Naturally, their pink tongues were my nipples. He also put the classic Cheshire Cat under my pubic bone so the smile was my pussy lips. The tongue was my clit which barely poked out between my bare pussy lips. My mask was a feline face with real whiskers attached.

You know why I made myself a skeleton of course. With zero titties, I made the perfect canvas for the painter. I could tell the dirty old man enjoyed opening my pussy lips to get the Cheshire Cat’s mouth perfect. I told him I didn’t need my clit painted pink for goodness sakes.

We all stood in a circle and admired each other. I poured a round of Cristal Brut to toast the occasion. We joined our free hands in the middle of our huddle and did the “Friends” shout out.

As I indicated earlier, I had arranged for the Sphinx to deliver us in our trench coats to the back building entrance for the Valentine’s Day party. When I got out of the car I flashed the Sphinx by opening my coat to him. His eyes took in the sight and grunted just a tiny little bit. I swear I’m going to get that man to react to my womanly wiles.

Even though we had been hitting the expensive champagne pretty hard, I could tell the other girls were nervous as we entered the rear entrance to this warehouse building. Of course they had a lot more to lose than me if anyone figured out who they.

Ever the personal assistant, I swept into the back entrance like I knew what I was doing. I had called ahead to the concierge of this gig (us assistants stick together) so we could get in unnoticed. I palmed him several dead presidents to make sure he kept his mouth shut. I also had the Sphinx staring him down like he was a lame impala facing a hungry lion.

Ok, have any of you been to a reeeeeally fancy party? Me either. I was just checking with y’all. This warehouse had been converted to a fairy tale castle to support the Valentine’s loooooove theme. I peeked around the corner and saw that the place was teeming with masked partiers. Of course everyone was wearing elaborate costumes so I guessed we might stand out just a bit. Gulp.

I turned to my entourage (MY entourage? Gawd, Alexis, get a grip!), shed my trench coat and said, “Let’s go girls!”

This is one of those times when if you were a general leading an army into battle you sure hope that the troops are right behind you when you leap into the breach. I hoped the girls were indeed behind me because I strolled right through a gaggle of women who looked at me like I was ghost. Well, I WAS a skeleton. The light was a little dim so they couldn’t get a fix on my ‘costume’.

I stopped when a waiter offered me a champagne and I looked back to see if I was alone. Jay, Cee and Ell were strolling arm in arm through the room. Every eye that wasn’t already occupied stared at them. I laughed out loud at their expressions because their brains couldn’t reconcile the images in front of them. The funniest part was that Cee’s puppies were bobbing with every step she took. PRICELESS!

The girls joined me after snagging champagne from my waiter. Since this was supposed to be a sophisticated crowd, people tried to not stare openly at our outfits but I could tell they were buzzing, wondering who these four naked women were.

Needless to say, over time, alcohol loosens inhibitions and this party was no different. The Mardi Gras tradition of baring ones breasts for a couple strands of cheap beads was in effect, even if it was officially a Valentine’s party. There were several bands playing classic N’awlins music over the course of the night.

Ok, ok, I know you want to hear about more sex stuff. I’ve got the juiciest, sexiest story you will ever hear, even in the tabloids. I know I’m prejudiced, but Jay looked absolutely stunning. The geisha look has some sort of enchantment over men and women alike. Mysterious, sensual, sexy; it is HOT. Jay had an adorable Japanese fan that she used as an additional shield to fend off inquiring minds. I wanted to throw her on the nearest hors d’œuvre table and eat her appetizers.

We danced and laughed the night away, realizing that we had gotten away with being stark naked without being recognized. However, there was one woman who was paying an inordinate amount of attention to Jay. She kept leaving her date and hovered near us as if she wanted to talk to Jay.

Jay left us to visit the little girl’s room. We were all pretty loopy and but my job was to personally assist so I excused myself when I noticed the same woman follow Jay into the bathroom. By the time I got into the bathroom, this strange woman had cornered Jay in one of the large stalls. She was gesturing like she was begging for something and Jay was looking terribly uncomfortable.

The strange woman was masked but I could tell she had raven black hair and lip augmentation. There was something very familiar about her but I couldn’t place it yet. I slipped behind her so Jay could see me and I made eye contact to convey that everything was going to be ok. I was SUPER personal assistant!

Earlier I had found a black, braided leather whip that someone had left on a table. I looped the whip over the black-haired woman’s head and put her into a mild stranglehold.

“What do you want bitch?” I growled into her ear.

The woman was startled but possibly thought this was a game because she played along by saying, “I’ve got to be with this woman. She is so intoxicating to me. I know I’m not worthy but if she would allow me to spend just a few minutes between her legs I will be ever grateful.”

Whoa, wait a minute! I know that voice! I quickly looked at her bare arm and saw the famous tattoos that gave her identity away. Holy shit, this was the woman that stole Jay’s husband several years ago and broke her heart. Now, here she was groveling like a submissive slave! Opportunity knocks and revenge is best served COLD!

I mouthed to Jay to play along. Jay sat down on the toilet lid and spread her legs provocatively. A little groan came from the woman’s mouth and she kinda lunged forward tightening the leather noose around her neck.

“Easy bitch, I will let you know when you can do anything. Do you understand?” I hissed.

“Y-yes I do,” she replied very humbly.

“Take off your clothes, you dirty whore,” I ordered.

The woman wore a simple black cloak that unzipped from the front. She shed the outfit to reveal her naked body.

Jay’s eyes widened when she finally realized who it was. I motioned to her to not say anything so we could extract a little retribution on this heartless slut before leaving.

“Get down on your knees you worthless cunt,” I snarled at her (I was really getting into this role playing!).

As nice as this place was, it was still a warehouse. There was suspicious water on the floor floating with pieces of toilet paper but she obediently knelt in the mess.

“Eat her pussy now and if you don’t do it good enough you will be sorry,” I whispered in her ear and slapped her bare ass with the butt end of the whip.

Jay spread her lovely legs as I directed. I didn’t want Jay to speak because this woman would recognize her immediately. I pushed the woman’s head down between Jay’s legs and ordered her to lick her pussy.

By now, Jay was getting into the spirit of what I wanted. She opened her legs to reveal her sweet, pink slit to the woman’s wet tongue. I jerked on the whip a little to choke the woman a little. She moaned, almost in appreciation I thought.

Despite the fact that Jay was getting her clitty sucked and licked I could tell her distaste for this woman wasn’t doing much for her. I told her to turn around and bend over. Jay widened her eyes at me but did as I asked.

“Lick her ass, you stinking pig,” I whispered harshly into her ear.

I was quickly reaching the conclusion that the woman who stole Jay’s husband really wanted to be a submissive slave. She eagerly leaned forward against my whip restraint and licked and tongued Jay’s sweet, shapely ass like it was a candy cane.

The woman’s ass was right in front of me so I took the opportunity to run the hard leather handle of the whip up and down her wet pussy. I decided I should find out what childbirth had done to her famous pussy so I pushed the rough handle into her pussy. She whimpered with either pain or pleasure but pushed back against the whip to get it further into her hot canal.

There seemed to be a lot of looseness in her pussy so I pulled out the whip and pushed three fingers into her sloppy snatch. I quickly realized this woman had a lot of room inside her. I cupped my thumb inside my four fingers and inserted them between the folds of her wet lips. I looked at Jay getting ass rimmed by this woman who had ruined her life so heartlessly. In one push I shoved my tiny hand inside the woman and fisted her violently.

The famous, pouty-lipped woman screamed as I pulled the whip back on her neck and pushed my fist into her well past my wrist. I shoved her head back down between Jay’s cheeks and ordered her to continue pleasing her mistress.

I heard a slight noise behind me and out of the corner of my eye I saw that it was the woman’s equally famous husband. He had removed his cock from his pants and was stroking himself erect at the sight of his wife being humiliated. I almost laughed because his cock was quite average and unimpressive. THIS guy left my sweet friend Jay for the slut on the dirty toilet floor?

Well, we were pretty much done here I thought. I pulled back on the whip to remove the woman’s tongue from deep in Jay’s puckered asshole. I tapped Jay on her butt and told her that we were leaving. She slid by the tattooed home-wrecker who was moaning that she wanted more while Jay glanced worriedly at the masturbating masked man. She was in such a daze I’m not sure she realized it was her former husband.

I ordered the woman to lick the seat where Jay had just sat and I pulled my hand out of her wet, loose cunt. I pushed the end of the whip back in her pussy and told the man to fuck her ass if he was so inclined. He lunged forward, crouched down and tried to push his dick inside her back hole. Typically (it seemed to me), he never made it because he prematurely shot his worthless sperm on her back instead.

“Justice,” I muttered as I strode away to join Jay, Cee and Ell at the back door to go home and finish our girls week in N’awlins.

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