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Surprising Saturday

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Like almost every Saturday I sit and relax in front of the TV watching Battlebots. After a vigorous two-hour work out, I’m usually pretty wiped out. Gretchen my girlfriend and soul mate usually comes home about halfway through the show. Today, the show is almost over when I hear her key enter the lock. She enters our two-bedroom apartment removing her shoes and heading towards the living room. She seems very chipper and has a huge smile on her face.

“How was your day?” I ask as she sits next to me on the couch.

“Very busy” she says as she gives me a hug hello. “All I want is a nice hot shower and to relax for a bit” she exclaims as she gets up to go towards the bathroom.

As I start to get up, I ask, “do you want some company”?

With a big smile on her face she says, “no, I just need to relax, but thank you for the offer”.

As I sit back down to finish watching TV I hear the shower begin to run as the bathroom door is closed behind her. I don’t realize how long of a shower she took, I must have zoned out. Pretty soon it’s halfway through the next program and I don’t even know what I’m watching. I hear that the shower isn’t running anymore, but I can tell the bathroom door is still closed.

I hear the door open a little bit later and hear Gretchen’s footsteps coming into the living room. As she enters the room to stand in front of me, I notice that she is warring a new bathrobe I’ve never seen. It’s length goes to her mid shin, with a thick plush color and looks VERY soft and cuddly.

“WOW, where did you get that?” I ask as I pet the arm of the robe.

“The other day at the store. It just looked like it would be comfortable for when I get out of the shower. Also it will help keep me warm.” She said while shooting me a big smile. Changing her expression and now looking at me with those needy eyes, she says “Master, I cleaned myself for you. Would you like to inspect me to make sure I did a good job?” Her eyes now frozen with fear at what she had just said. She didn’t know how I would respond. She had never called him Master before, much less actually initiated any kind of roll play.

I could see the fear subsiding in her eyes as she noticed the rapidly growing grin stretching across my face. Still not sure what I would say she lowered her gaze, although it didn’t stay lowered for long. When she raised her eyes to meet mine again she had regained that needy look. She must have noticed the rapidly growing bulge in my pants.

I looked her in the eye and said, “why don’t you show your Master how well you’ve cleaned yourself.”

My erection, now straining to be released from its cloth prison. Gretchen unties her robe and opens it to reveal her beautiful naked body accented by a collar I had purchased for her a while back around her neck. Gretchen standing before me naked was a sight in itself, but when accented by that collar, I had to do my best to stay calm and not leap off of the couch and ravage her.

Gretchen spread the robe out on the ground and laid on her back with her knees toward me. She started by saying “I removed all of my excess hair for you.”

She then proceeded to show me both of her under arms and how smooth her legs were. Slowly her legs spread and her bald puffy pussy lips came into view. She then laid her head back closed her eyes waiting for the inspection to begin, but unsure of what it would consist of. I rose from the couch having difficulty standing straight due to the tightness of the crotch of my pants. I then knelt beside her and began to inspect her beautiful form.

I leaned over her and inhaled deeply to se if she had that clean smell you can only have immediately after you exit the shower. She smelled wonderful and intoxicating at the same time. I gently caressed her cheek with the back of my hand to help her relax. She leaned her head toward my hand to get more contact.

I pulled my hand away and said “don’t move unless I tell you to.”

“Yes Master”, was the only thing that escaped her lips as she straightened her head.

I continued my caress down her neck and to the smooth skin of the valley between her breasts. I noticed that her nipples have gotten fully erect and that the pink areola at the base of them is wrinkling as they strained at the constrictive skin. I then add my other hand as I inspect the softness of her breasts. With one in each hand I gently squeeze them both. I move down her soft belly with my right hand to her belly button for a test. As I inspected it to make sure that she had been thorough in her cleansing she started to raise a hand to stop me. Gretchen hates her belly button touched. It’s just one of those things.

“No” I say as I stopped the inspection of her little belly button. “I warned you once not to move. Now you are going to have to be punished. I’m not sure how yet, but you most certainly will be”.

“Yes Master” was her only response again.

I then resumed my inspection again, continuing where I left off. I glided my hand to the area right before where her pubic hair would have started and turned abruptly to the side. I ran my hand down her bent leg but removing it before I reached her foot. “I will not caress your feet to make sure that they are soft due to the fact that I know you wouldn’t be able to control your laughter” I said as I looked closely at her toes and feet.

“Thank you Master” escaping her beautiful lips with a sigh of relief.

I then made my way up her left leg and along her inner thigh to her glistening pussy lips now moist with your lubrication. “Spread your legs wide, but keep your legs bent” I say looking at her beautiful pussy lips.

“I have to make sure that you are as clean as you claim. Take your hands and spread your lips very wide so I can inspect your pussy” I command. Quickly her hands reach between her legs and pull her lips apart as they make a slurping sound. “You look very wet,” I say as I look at her parted lips. I can see that her excitement is leaking out of her pussy and trickling down across her anus. As it does this, her anus twitches and then relaxes. “You have a very beautiful pussy. I like to look at it” I say as I lean in for a closer look. As I get close, I inhale deeply and enjoy the musky scent of her love juice. “You smell very clean and good. It turns me on to smell your pussy. Do you like me smelling your pussy” I ask.

“Yes Master, I do” she says.

“I need to make sure your insides are clean as well. I want you to put the index finger of each hand in your pussy and pull it open for me as wide as you can” I say trying to hold back my excitement. I almost cum in my pants every time I see her put anything in her pussy or ass. Soon her fingers are sliding inside and pulling her silky hole open. I lean in for a closer look and take in another deep breath.

“Thank you. You can take your fingers out of your pussy now. You did very well cleaning the pussy, now I need to inspect your ass. Flip over on your hands and knees. Turn your head and put it to the ground. Reach back with your hands, pull your cheeks as far apart as you can, and hold it that way” I command, trying to remain calm.

Moving quickly trying not to disappoint me, Gretchen soon had her ass in the air and her cheeks spread as far as they would go. God I love this view. If she only knew how horny this made me just by looking. I take a seat behind her and lean in for a closer look at her winking anus. I take a deep inhale and smell her musky scent of her pussy mixed with her anus. The little wrinkly ring of skin is glistening in the light with a coating of her lubrication that had dripped from her pussy. “It looks and smells like it’s clean. Insert one of your fingers in your pussy to get it wet, then insert it in your ass and tell me if there is anything inside. If there is anything inside I might just have to clean you out ” I say with great anticipation. Gretchen does as instructed.

“There’s nothing inside Master” she says.

“Good. Take your finger out of your ass and spread your anus for me again” I say as I lean in. “I need to do a taste test to see if you are really as clean as you say.”

As I insert my tongue into her anus I hear a low moan escape her mouth. I gently slide more and more in and out. Building up a rhythm then stopping suddenly and pulling away. I hear a small whimper and give her ass a quick little slap. “Don’t whimper. I’m not trying to please you right now. You’ll know when I am trying to please you, right?” I snap at her.

“Yes Master” she says trying not to sound disappointed.

“You did a very good job cleaning yourself for me. Are you mine to do with as I please?” I ask eagerly. Trying to keep myself from ravaging her on the spot.

“Yes Master, I’m yours to do with as you se fit,” she answers, sounding as excited as I was.

I sit back but stay close to her ass and command “I want you to finger your pussy with two fingers from one hand and your ass with one finger from your other hand”. Soon there are digits disappearing into both holes in front of me. I’m now in a trance watching this ballet of fingers before me. “Do you like having things inside your holes?” I ask, knowing the answer already, but just wanting to hear it.

“Yes Master I love having things inside me” she says.

“What kind of things do you like inside you my pet?” Grinning as I ask it.

“I like anything inside of me Master. Please put something inside me, I need it”. She pleads.

“I want you to go to the bedroom on your hands and knees. Get on the bed on your back and spread your legs” I ordered. To my surprise Gretchen snapped to her hands and knees in a split second. “I want you to go slow and keep your ass turned up and in the air for me to see,” I said as she started towards the bedroom. After watching her beautiful ass wiggle down the hall, she is soon on the bed as I described, spread eagle and beautiful. “If you perform well, I might just forget about that punishment I owe you” I say to her with a smile.

“I’ll do my best Master,” she says to me looking impatient. I walk to the toy box and pull out the double headed pink jelly dildo.

“Don’t be scared my pet, this is the same size as me, just longer. I won’t hurt you by putting too much in. I want you to insert it and fuck yourself with it until you are loosened up, then I will take over.” I say to her as I hand her the toy. Moving in I lay down and start to lick her pussy to lube it up more to take the toy. Soon Gretchen is moaning and I stop to watch the insertion. Gretchen slowly works the tip of the dildo up and down her pussy parting her lips. Then as I become transfixed she slowly pushes the tip inside her pussy as her eyes roll back into her head, and slowly close. She slowly works in more and more of the toy then starts to pull it back out. Soon she has a slow rhythm down as her pussy is making a slurping noise, asking for more. I glide my hand over hers and take control of the dildo that’s filling her sopping pussy. I start to work the toy in and out slowly gaining speed. I then lower my mouth onto her rock hard clit and begin to gently suck her pussy juice into my mouth. Soon she is screaming and grabbing the back of my head, pushing it into her clit. Her body starts to tremble and her back begins to arch as she lets out a long scream like the wild pet in need of training she is.

“Did you like that my pet” I ask as she tries to catch her breath.

“Yes I did. Thank you Master” she says. “Are you going to use me now Master?” she asks excitedly.

“Roll over and I’ll show you” I respond sternly. Soon Gretchen is on her hands and knees again with her ass in the air. SLAP. I give her ass a hard swat. “As a pet you shouldn’t question my actions”.

“Yes Master”. She says quickly as her ass cheek turns a shade of pink.

“Take the dildo and fuck yourself with it so I can see. I want you to reach under your stomach and between your legs to do it so your ass stays in the air” I command sternly. I watch as she takes the sopping dildo in her hand reaches between her legs and slowly inserts it into her gaping hole. Still hard as a rock I start to stroke my dick along it’s whole length. “Watching you is making me touch myself. Do you like the thought of that” I ask knowing the answer.

“Yes I do”. CRACK I slap her other ass cheek.

“Yes I do…what” I snap at her.

“Yes I do Master” she responds quickly.

“You can take that out now. Thank you for letting me watch. You know how much I like to see you shove things inside of you.” I say with a huge grin. I reach over and grab the tube of K Y Jelly and dribble some on her up-turned anus. It tightens and winks at me to the sensation. I add some to my finger and then gently start to massage her anus with the tip of my finger. Soon it loosens up and I slowly slide it in to the first knuckle. A soft moan escapes my beautiful pet. “You like things in your ass, don’t you?” I ask.

“Yes Master” she says as she moans again.

“I am going to give you a present then. I’m going to cum deep in your ass. Does the thought of that get you hot” I ask. A moaning yes is the only response I get. I slowly work my finger in and out of her loosening anus. Soon I am giving her my whole finger. I then take it out and add my middle finger to help her loosen up for the eventual ass fucking she is going to receive. I work it in as slow as I did the first, starting with the first knuckle and going slow. Soon her anus is open and asking for my dick. I can’t take any more of this and with my other hand slide K Y on my cock to lube myself up. I rise to my knees and remove my fingers from her ass. I love the way that her ass stays open as if it is asking for more. I place the head of my dick at the outer ring of her anus and begin the slow pressure of the insertion. The initial entry is always hard. Trying to keep my balance so I don’t impale her, I go slow enough so I don’t stretch anything too fast and focusing on keeping myself from cumming the instant I’m inside her. I concentrate intently for that moment when the tip pops inside her and I can let go of my dick to steady myself. Soon enough all of the waiting is made worth wile. Her ass swallows the tip and loosens to accept the shaft. I know to stay still at this point so that her anus can get used to the size of what’s inside of her.

I hear her breathing already starting to quicken and I haven’t even started to move. I know that just the feel of my cock inside her brings her close to climax. Soon I am sliding more and more of the shaft into her hungry ass. I slide back a little not wanting to give her too much with the first thrust. Soon enough she is pushing back against my pelvis to fill herself more and more. Now I am just staying still and she is using my dick to fuck herself in the ass like the good anal pet she is. I know what is coming soon. Gretchen has the strongest anal orgasms of anyone I know. Sometimes I think that they are more intense than her vaginal ones. I can tell she is reaching the beginning stages because of the moans coming from her. Soon I am too moaning in delight. I can feel the stirring of seamen in my balls and that tightness in my gut. I know it won’t be long now. Suddenly Gretchen’s anus starts to convulse and squeeze my dick. As she lets out an ear splitting howl, I feel my self beginning to cum. I yell “I’m going to fill your ass so full of cum. Oh, I’m going to cum SO deep in your ass. Do you like that”.

“YES, YES, YEEESS” is the response I get. In no time I am filling her ass with a huge hot load of my cum. I can tell it’s a big one, because it seems like it’s not stopping. I can tell she can feel it coming out because of her reactions. We are both in a world of ecstasy and nothing could change that. I feel as though we are one person and from our joining comes this great joy and content. I am slowing my paces and starting to ease my way out of her steaming ass. As I pull out I tell her “put your ass in the air so I can see your used anus.” Gretchen obediently obeys. Both of us were panting like we were just running to save our lives. Her anus turns me on SO much when I see it open like it is. I can see a pool of my cum deep in her ass. It’s glistening and murky as it sloshes around. Her anus is slowly closing so I revel in the moment while I can. Then I lean forward and wrap my arms around her waist pulling her to the bed on her side next to me. We lay spooning in that position until we both pass out moments later as we whisper to each other…


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