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ou Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 04

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The next day, I couldn’t think about much more than Jenny’s wonderful mouth. She loved sucking cock and she got off on being naughty and treated like a slut so I couldn’t help but think of what to do with her next. The Glory Holes website really turned her on, despite her saying it didn’t. The way she wiggled on my hand and came, told me she would really enjoy the experience. I thought about when we could go and the weekend was the best time.

Jenny wasn’t allowed out during the week because of her school troubles and I really didn’t want to sneak her off in the middle of the night and get caught. I decided Friday or Saturday night would be great because she would be allowed out and I could say I was going out with friends and take her there.

The thought of Jenny in a rest room stall surrounded with walls with holes in them turned me on. She could suck to her heart’s delight. She could swing her young nubile little body around and suck off various guys as they poked their cocks through the holes. I walked around with a perpetual hard-on that Tuesday morning as I thought about the weekend. I couldn’t wait until Jenny came home from school and fought the urge to rub one out.

The rest of the morning and afternoon I spent calling old friends. I was looking for a job during the break between semesters and they usually came through with something. I ran a couple of errands and then ate lunch. In a pair of old cut off jeans I watched some inane movie on the couch as I caught a catnap. It was 2 o’clock and Jenny wasn’t due home for another hour or so. I dozed off and slept hard until I heard something in the front hall. In a daze, I looked around tried to make sense of the noise. It was only 2:15 so I knew it couldn’t be Jenny.

I was wrong. She looked in a hurry and was rushing around. I stood up and started following her around. She smiled at me but waved me off as if she couldn’t talk and had to be somewhere 10 minutes ago. She ran upstairs to her room and I watched her as I went up behind her. She had on her school uniform and I glanced at her ass. Her skirt was short and her taut creamy thighs peeked underneath the fabric. She was in a hurry so as she moved and got further away, I could see more. The cheeks of her wonderful ass and the white fabric of the thong caught my eye and my cock stiffened. I didn’t know what I owed this unexpected surprise to but I was happy it came my way.

I jogged up the stairs and stood in her doorway. Jenny was gathering up her cheerleader outfit and various school things. She hurriedly stuffed the items in a gym bag and swung around her bed for more.

I reached down and squeezed my cock through my jean shorts and stroked it. I had a raging hard-on and it was ready to bust through my faded jeans. Jenny caught me toughing myself out of the corner of my eye and frowned.

“I got no time,” Jenny groaned and added, “I’ve got 15 minutes to get back to school before 7th period starts.” She went back to her task of finding whatever she needed for school and turned away from me.

My cock was ready to explode and seeing Jenny in her tight little skirt didn’t help. I laughed and said, “I’ll drive you back, you’ll get there in time.” I moved behind her. She was bent over the bed trying to zip her bag. I rubbed my pelvis and cock against her ass. Jenny tried to move away but I quickly grabbed her hips and held her there.

“I got to go or I’ll be late,” she protested again. With my left arm wrapped around her waist, I tore open the fly of my jean shorts and let them fall to the floor. My cock stood straight out of my boxers and got caught up in her skirt as if it was seeking something. I quickly peeled away my boxers and allowed them to fall to Jenny’s carpet. I was naked now and seized the moment. I wanted my release but also realized Jenny getting in trouble at school could hurt my chances for more fun and games.

“No, I really got to go,” Jenny protested and tried to wiggle from my arms. “I’ll blow you later,” she offered as her eyes locked on my cock and nakedness. She turned in my arms and we faced each other and I took my hands and put them on her shoulders. She struggled a little but then giggled as my hands forced her to her knees. Her mouth covered my cock just as she was muttering something about me being an asshole.

Considering the time constraints, I moved quickly. Taking her head in both hands, I rocked my hips into her face and fucked her mouth with gusto. She struggled to keep up but her love of sucking cock showed through. She moaned on my rod as it piston in and out of her mouth. She brought her hands up to my hips but I told her to put them down.

“Just your mouth, just your sweet little pie hole,” I quipped as my cock stirred in her mouth and I felt almost ready to explode. Not wanting to cum too quickly I pulled my cock out of her mouth and it made a slobbery pop. Jenny kneeling on the floor in front of me obediently held her mouth open awaiting my next move. I released her head and swung my hips around. I stuck my ass back towards her face and grabbed my cock in my right hand and began stroking it.

“Suck my asshole,” I crudely ordered and using my left hand cupped the back of her head and pulled it to my ass. Jenny groaned and made a face. It was a face not of disgust for being made to suck her stepbrother’s ass but instead one of time. She was in a hurry and wanted him to hurry up.

“ That’s it suck my ass,” I told her as I felt her warm lips encircle my asshole and her mouth draw a breath. “Lick it now,” I ordered and felt her slippery tongue bathe my anus. “Keep licking, you little slut, you’re going to make me pop real hard,” I told her and wiggled her face in between my cheeks with my left hand as she rimmed me.

“Oh fuck,” I exclaimed as her mouth covered my asshole and her tongue slipped down to my balls. I was ready to explode and the sounds she was making as she munched on my ass were propelling me there.

I stroked my cock hard and knew it was seconds away. I spun quickly away from her and broke the suction on between my asshole and her face and stuck my cock in her mug. Jenny made her time face but I didn’t stop to notice as my left hand pulled her head back into my lap and I stuck my cock in her face again. My cock hit her nose and almost slipped into her eye before she could drop her mouth on my cock. I jerked off my cock hard and my legs began to quake. I started to explode and the pleasure was almost too much to bear as her tongue encircled my cock and coaxed the cum into her throat.

“Oh god, that’s it let me jerk off into your mouth,” I groaned now and pushed her head and face deeper into my pelvis. My right hand smacked her in the mouth with every short but violent up stroke. I felt stream after stream shoot from my cock and into her wanton mouth. Jenny sucked and swallowed for all she was worth, seemingly trying to speed up the whole scene so she could get back to school in time.

“Oh god, suck,” I muttered now as the feelings in my cock and brain made it hard to talk. I slumped forward over Jenny with her lip-locked to my groin. A couple of spasmic shudders and I regained the strength in my legs to stand erect. My left hand was caught in her brunette hair and I had to wiggle my feelings and slowly withdraw them to keep from ripping some strands of her hair out.

Jenny withdrew her face from my crotch and slowly moved to stand. Her mouth was a mess as my rim job and blowjob had smeared her make up and caused her eyeliner to stream down her face. She smiled as she licked her lips and grabbed for her gym bag.

“Let’s go,” she said as she stepped past me on her way to her doorway and the hall. She was all business now and I heard her take the steps to at a time.

I reached down and grabbed my shorts and quickly pulled them on. As I ran through the house I zipped up and buttoned my jean shorts and grabbed my keys from the coffee table.

Outside, Jenny was in the passenger seat of my truck re-doing her makeup in the fold down mirror on the back of the passenger side visor. Her hair was all messed up and she quickly took a brush to it. I climbed in beside her and smiled.

“See we had time,” I told her. I squeezed my cock through my jeans in a not too subtle acknowledgement of her cocksucking prowess.

Jenny stopped for a brief second and smiled and shook her head. She glanced back at the mirror licked a finger on her right hand and smoothed it across the front teeth of her upper jaw.

I started up the truck and backed down our driveway and we were off. As I drove I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she fidgeted with getting her face and hair more presentable for school. I reached across the seat and pulled up her skirt. Jenny was too busy to stop me and almost pretended not to notice me. Her skirt rolled up and I looked at the little thong-covered pouch that was her pussy. The white cotton fabric was moist and I got a waif of her pussy juices. The little nympho had wet her self while I was face fucking her.

I smiled proudly and put two fingers on her mound and applied soft pressure. Jenny noticed me now and looked down into her lap. She dropped her hand to mine and lifted it away. She moved to flip her skirt down and I stopped her.

“Give me your panties,” I said and looked at her.

Jenny pushed my hand away and shook her head no. She protested again even though she knew it was futile. “I’ve got to get back to school or I’ll be late,” she exclaimed.

“Give me your soaked panties or I might forget where school is,” I teased.

Jenny frowned and asserted, “But I don’t have another pair.”

I winked and she knew I wasn’t fooling. She hesitated for a moment and I joked, “Where is your school again?”

Jenny raised her hips from my car seat and hooking her thumbs in the waistband pushed her panties down off her hips. The panties slipped off easily once they broke their suction from her engorged cunt lips. Her smell filled the truck cabin and I playfully sniffed the air.

“You really are a pervert,” she stated as she flipped her panties across the seat.

“Takes one to know one,” I told her as I pulled up in front of her high school. She had about a minute and half to spare. Jenny grabbed her bag and opened her door to get out as her feet hit the ground she spun around and thanked me for the ride.

She started to close the door and stopped and asked me, “Do you happen to have an altoid?”

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