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Excitement coursed through my veins as I walked onto the University campus for the first time. I was nineteen, away from home for the first time, and about to open a new chapter on my life.

I had enrolled to start in the winter semester. I had decided to pursue an MBA, with the ultimate goal of developing my own line of clothing.

I know it might seem strange for someone who prefers to be naked most the time to want to design clothes! It was a dream, and I knew a lot of hard work lay ahead. But hopefully, a lot of hard fun too!

I had been introduced to sex for the first time only five months ago, by my stepdad of all people. Now, I know it sounds awful, but it wasn’t. In fact, it was an awesome experience, and I was looking forward to more sexual adventures. I felt as though I had been born for sex.

I would be staying at Jackson Hall. I moved in the weekend before school started. I wore a Dolman off-the –shoulder tunic top with a pair pink shorts and sandals. After getting my room assignment, I went up to meet my roommate. The door was open and I poked my head in.

“Hi, I guess you must be my roomie. I’m Nikki.” I held out my hand.

“Oh, hey, I’m Taryn! Welcome to UT.”

She took my hand, and then hugged me. She had a pair of leather shorts on with a white tie top. She looked really hot!

She was really sweet, and we immediately hit it off. She was several inches taller than me, very athletic, very pretty, with shoulder length dark brown hair in a layered style. Her eyes were what I call smoky, and very pretty. She was lean and leggy.

I’m small and blonde with my long hair usually in a French braid, blue eyes, and an hourglass figure. She was a sophomore and also majoring in business. It would be good to have someone who knew their way around for a friend. She told me she was engaged to be married to an engineering student. I told her I was single, she probably wouldn’t understand if I told her about Ben.

Our room was very basic, just two twin beds, two sets of dressers and nightstands, and two desks. It was barebones basic, but it would be fun for us to decorate. We shared a bathroom with two other students. Taryn was on the pep squad, very popular, and was always invited to the best parties, and said she couldn’t wait to introduce me around. This was going to fun!

The first few weeks of school were tough, with little time for anything else. After a couple weeks, we found our routine, and could finally think about developing our social lives.

Taryn wanted to set me up on a blind date with one of her fiancé’s friends. I reluctantly agreed, and the four of us met for dinner at one of the more popular BBQ places in town. I wore a black sleeveless fishnet mini and high heels. Taryn looked great in a pair of black lace lounge pants and black Tribeca crop top.Taryn’s fiancé seemed nice enough, but a little self-absorbed, it seemed like all he could talk about was how great he was.

My date, Michael, was okay, but like most boys my own age, he just seemed so immature. It was probably a flaw on my part, but I have always been attracted to older guys. We went out dancing after dinner. After a few dances with Michael, Josh asked me to dance. The DJ was playing the latest Justin Timberlake song. Josh had his hands all over my ass as we danced.

“Nikki, you’ve got one hell of an ass, how about letting me take it for a test ride?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be getting married next month?”

“Yeah, so what? I’m not married yet.”

One dance with him was enough, so I went back to the table. It was getting late, and I was ready to go back to my room. Taryn told me she was going to spend the night with Josh, so Michael would take me home. He tried to kiss me as I got out of his car, but I made it clear I wasn’t interested.

The room was lonely, and I got envious, and maybe a little (jealous?) when I thought about what Taryn and Josh were doing right now. In an attempt to get my mind on something else, I took out the dildo I had in my dresser drawer, and imagined it was Ben.

I grew closer to Taryn everyday. She was like the sister I never had. We talked about everything, and went everywhere together. I even confided to her about what happened between my stepdad and me. She wasn’t the least bit judgmental, and even thought it was hot.

She came back from the shower one night, and her robe was open as we talked about some of the hot guys in our classes. She only had thong panties on underneath. I tried not to stare at her body, but my eyes kept being drawn to her. It was strange, I had never been attracted to women before, I didn’t know what was happening to me.

The longer we lived in that same room together, the more comfortable we got with each other, but we were both going out of our way to stay covered up. I made a move in an effort to see more of her terrific body.

“Hey, would you be uncomfortable if I got naked? I don’t usually wear anything back home when I’m in my room.” I asked.

“Oh thank God! I’m the same way, I was just trying to not to offend you. Let’s get naked!”

We stripped down and watched a movie together, but the sight of her lying naked on her bed made it hard to concentrate on the movie.

One evening, I was studying alone in the room. Taryn said she was going over to Josh’s apartment and surprise him by showing up unannounced, wearing only a g-string and a corset under her raincoat.

Less than an hour after she left, she walked back in the room, crying.

“What’s wrong” I asked. She plopped down on her bed, burying her head in her pillow.

“That fucking bastard. That dirty liar.”, was all she said. I knew right away.

“He wasn’t alone, was he?” I asked.

“No, he sure wasn’t, he had that slut Stephanie Connors in his front room, both of them as naked as jaybirds…”

I didn’t tell her about Josh hitting on me, there would be no point in it. After she cried herself out, I ran hot water in the bathtub, got her out of her clothes, and made her soak. I opened a bottle of white wine we had in the mini-fridge, and took a glass in for her. After she got out we finished the bottle together, stripped down, and got into our beds.

” It’s so fucked up, the way guys are sometimes. I’m just so afraid of being alone.”

With that, I got out of my bed and climbed into hers, putting my arms around her and kissing her cheeks.

“As long as you got me sister, you’ll never be alone.” I told her.

I spent the night in her bed, our naked bodies spooning each other. Nothing else happened, as badly as I wanted it to.

We grew even closer over the next few weeks. Since we both liked to dance, we would go out to the clubs. We would dance with a few guys, and then dance with each other, We found one of the funnest things to do was dirty dancing with each other, getting the guys all worked up. I would bend over in front of her, and she would grind me from behind, she would get on the floor in front of me, and I would act like I was fucking her face, things like that. It was great to be the center of attention.

One evening she came out of the shower. She complained that the little vee of dark hair above her vagina needed to be trimmed up.

“Josh used to do that for me, I guess I could just go get a Brazilian done.”

Enjoying the opportunity to stare at her pussy, I suggested,” Don’t do that. I like your little vee, it’s unique. It seems like all girls are going bare now.”

“Really? You think it’s cool?”

“Oh yeah, you know, if you want, I could trim it up for you.”

She agreed. I got my razor and scissors out of the bathroom She sat down in a chair, and I got on the floor in front of her. She spread her legs, her snatch just inches from my face. I went to work.

I lovingly shaved perfect sides, and trimmed the middle. She stood as I toweled the excess shaving cream off, and I had to rub her pussy to get all of it off. I thought I heard her let out a little sigh. Temptation got the better of me and I kissed her belly just under her navel. She looked down at me, and I feared she was offended. Then she smiled, I was so relieved. I stood up, looked her in the eyes, and our mouths met.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time…” I whispered.

“Me too….”

She turned me around and pulled my t-shirt over my head, and undid my bra. Then she unbuckled my pants, and slid them down with my panties. I stepped out of them, and we kissed again, our naked bodies pressed tight, my tits on her tits, my groin against her groin. It was the most delicate kiss ever.

She went on to do things to me with her tongue which were exquisite, and I learned how to do those things to her. One of my favorite places to be was with my head between her legs, and hers between mine, at the same time.

After that first time together, we couldn’t leave each other alone. It was just like with Ben and me. We were obsessed, and would even sneak away between classes to play with each other. One afternoon we went to a local adult store, and spent nearly $70 on toys, which we proceeded to use on each other till the early morning hours. One of my favorites was something called a strap-on . We would fuck each other silly with it. It was cool!It was very empowering, it actually felt like I had a cock, and would fuck Taryn with it till she cried in ecstasy.

We also began to be more public with our displays of affection. Nothing seems to get guys more worked up than two pretty girls grinding on each other on the dance floor, or French kissing each other.

One evening, we both went to a frat party that we had been invited to. They had a pool, so we brought our bikinis along. I had a yellow micro on a chain, and Taryn brought her black beaded western suede, with her cowboy hat. There were some really good beats playing, and some guys who had seen the two of us dance at a club were egging us on . We did so, and soon there was quite a crowd urging us on. We both seemed to thrive on the attention.

Soon, I was on my hands and knees, Taryn was grinding against me from behind, with her hand on my tits. Whether intentional or not, my top slipped and my boobs were both hanging free. She turned me over and began sucking them, right in front of everybody. I got a hold of my senses, and slipped my top back into place.

I went out to the kitchen to get a soda, as the dancing had worked up quite a thirst. When I turned around, my way was blocked by four really big guys. I recognized two of them as football players.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here guys.”

“Yeah, if it isn’t the slut of the day.”

“You guys are really rude or really drunk or both, so excuse me.”

One of them grabbed me by the arm, and pawed my breast.

“You let your girlfriend drool all over those tits, ain’t we good enough for you, whore?”

“Get your fuckin hand off me or I’m gonna scream!”

Before I even knew what was happening, one guy hooked an arm under mine, clamped his hand over my mouth, and lifted me off the floor. I desperately tried to kick anybody I could connect with, but another guy grabbed my legs. Before I even realized what was happening, they carried me downstairs to the basement. When one of them locked the door behind him, a creeping fear spread over me. This was not just horseplay, something really bad was about to happen.

They laid me on my back on a pool table in the room. I struggled as hard as I could, but one guy took his belt off and tightened it around my wrists and tied it off on the corner pocket. When another guy ripped my bikini top and bottoms off, I stopped struggling and began to cry.

” Here, stuff these in her mouth to keep her quiet.”

The guy who had his hand over my mouth stuffed my bottoms into my mouth, effectively gagging me into silence. Two of them grabbed each of my ankles, and parted my legs.

“Wow, she is one hot little piece of ass, look at that little blonde pussy!!” the big one said.

“Baby, I hope you’re ready for the fucking of your young life.”

“Ok, I called dibs on first fuck.”, said one guy as he took off his shorts, revealing his hard cock.

“That’s okay, as long as I get first crack at her asshole. Hey baby, have you ever been ass-fucked?”

The first guy climbed on the pool table and got between my legs, which were being spread apart farther by the other two guys. He put a hand around my throat and started to push into me, when there was a loud crash at the door. He pulled back and I saw someone come into the room. I realized I was being rescued when this very tough looking man grabbed a pool cue and cracked it across my would-berapists back.

“Anybody want some of this?”, he roared, standing over the first creep, who was writhing on the floor in pain. The accomplices backed off, as the interloper, unbelted my arms and picked me up. I clung to his neck as he carried me up the stairs. Taryn was at the top of the stairs with a sheet to wrap me in. I dimly recall people asking what happened as he carried me out and sat me in his car.

“Hey! Cmon, we need to get her out of here.”, he yelled to Taryn.

The three of us sped off. Taryn put her arm around me.

“I saw those bastards drag you off into the basement, I got so scared, so I told Bax, and he kicked the door in…oh baby, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think so….they were gonna rape me…”

“Yea, I know those guys, they are bad news when they get drunk, all of them are on the football team, so they think they can do whatever or whoever they want.”

” You were ready to fight four football players?”, I asked him with awe.

“Yea, well, truth is, football players really ain’t shit. They know me, and know that I fight in the MMA.”

“I don’t know how to thank you…” I whispered.

He said he would take us home. The problem was, I was only wearing a sheet, and Taryn was just in her bikini and cowboy hat, having left her clothes at the party. We would not be able to get past the dorm monitor. Bax said we could go back to his place, and he could give us some sweats to put on. We readily agreed.

On the drive to his apartment, he told us about his job as a trainer and his fight record. He told us he used to go to UT, and got invited to a lot of the parties. His forearms looked like they were made of iron, and I couldn’t help but lightly touch one.

“You must work out a lot…” I murmured.

He took us up to his apartment. He asked if I wanted to call the police. I didn’t, I just wanted to forget about what happened. By now, I was mostly mad that they destroyed my $120 bikini. I guess I’m pretty resilient.

“You know, you two should be more careful. The little dirty girls dancing routine you two did by the pool was not a good idea with so many drunk frat boys around. You came about this close to getting gang-raped and maybe even worse. Those guys might do anything to cover up a crime, including murder.”

He asked if I wanted to use his shower before he took us back. Taryn said that would be a good idea and led me into the bathroom. She got me in, then peeled down and got in with me. The hot water felt so good. She squeezed some body wash in her hand, and began to lather me up. Soon she was caressing my tits, and sucking my nipples. She always knew how to make me feel better. I returned the favor, and we both steadily were getting horny. She stood behind me reached between my legs, rubbing my mound. All I could think about was Bax’s forearms.

“Oh baby..that feels good..hey baby, what do you think about Bax?”

“Ooh, he is a hunk!”

“Not like those immature college boys.”

“Baby, I’m starting to get a little jealous, what are you scheming?”

“Well…uh…we both think he’s hot…and he did save my life, so maybe could both….”

“Are you talking about a threesome? I’ve never done that before, although Josh tried to talk me into it”

“I haven’t either, you know the only people I’ve had sex with is you and Ben….maybe it’s time we expanded our horizons….”

She smiled at me, and I could tell by the look in her eyes that the answer was yes.

He looked kind of stunned when we sat down on each side of him, both of us naked.

“We thought of a way to thank you…”

Both of us slid onto the floor in front of him. I undid his belt and unbuttoned his shorts, as Taryn slid them down. We both attached our mouths to his cock like babies to a tit. In a couple of minutes, he was rock hard. I would lick his shaft while Taryn tongued his scrotum. Then we would switch. Taryn was hogging it. He wasn’t quite as big as Ben, but it was very well-defined, and he kept it neatly trimmed, which makes it much nicer when sucking on the balls.

“Hey, get off, it’s my turn!” I whined.

I deep-throated him, and he groaned with pleasure.

“Oh my God…you both have done this before…”

“No, actually you’re just the second guy I’ve ever blown.”I managed with a mouthful.

“Oh are a natural…”

After mouth-fucking both of us, he was close to cumming, so we stopped. We sat on the couch side by side, and spread our legs as he knelt on the floor in front of us.

“Me first..” I purred.

“No way bitch, fuck me first..” Taryn blurted.

“Ok, lets all be fair. Eeny, meeny, miney, HO!” he pointed at me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he entered me. I thought about the first time Ben fucked me. I loved the way it felt, and I loved to watch his cock go in and out of me. Taryn leaned over and put one of my nipples in her mouth. After several minutes, he shifted over and started fucking Taryn. I watched her, fascinated to watch another woman being screwed. I reached over and began to play with her clit as he fucked her. She came almost immediately. I knew how to get her off!

Bax suggested we all get on the bed. I climbed back onto his pole, as Taryn straddled his face. We both kissed, making a triangle of sex. Then I leaned back and began to grind, cumming and squirting all over his cock. Taryn and I traded spots again, only this time turning around so we were back to back. Soon his face was slick with my juice.

“I need to catch my breath, why don’t you two girls show me how you get each other off?”

We got into a sixty nine, with me on the bottom. She had the taste of his cock in her pussy. I heard him groan as he watched us. I felt him climbing onto the bed, and saw his cock getting ready to enter her from behind, right over my face. I grabbed his cock and guided him into her. Soon he was fucking her hard, his balls slapping into her clit. Then he would stop and shove his dick into my open mouth. He would fuck my mouth, then I would lick her pussy, then he would fuck it. We kept this up for a while, it was so fucking hot! I tasted precum and wondered where he was going to shoot, in my mouth or in her. He put it back in my mouth and blew. I swallowed at least three jets. Wanting to share, I pushed him back into her where he continued to pump sperm. When he finally stopped cumming and pulled out, I put my lips back on her hole, tasting him again. It was so much fun being so nasty!

The three of us grew very tight, and we would get together at least once a week. I was beginning to have strong feelings for Bax, and found myself wanting to have him alone, without Taryn. I would get jealous when it seemed like he was fucking her for a longer time than me, or when he came in her. I know it was just my imagination, because he was pretty much equal when sharing his cock. Regardless, I longed to have him alone, but didn’t want to do anything to hurt Taryn, because I loved her too.

One day, while I was doing homework, I got a call from Ben. He wanted to come and see me. Of course, I said yes, but I had mixed feelings about it. I treasured my memories and experiences with Ben, but I wanted to move on. The truth was, I wanted Bax all to myself. I had the inkling of a plan.

Ben wanted to meet me for dinner, and I assumed he would want to take me back to his hotel room after. I had been telling Taryn about Ben ever since we began being roomies. I began to talk him up even more to her, telling her about all his good qualities, including what a great fuck he was, and how big his cock was. I asked her and Bax to come to dinner with us, sort of a double date.

We met at a nice steakhouse in town. I wore a pair of Laguna Beach designer jeans, a lace black tank top, and a pair of black pierced high heel boots. Taryn wore a Champaign sleevless bandage dress and pumps. Ben looked kind of surprised when the three of us showed up. I hadn’t told him that I would be bringing friends. I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Hi babe, it’s been too long.” I said.

I introduced everybody. Taryn seemed to like what she saw, and sat next to Ben, as I slid into the booth next to Bax. Everybody had a few drinks, except for me, I had just one, and the conversation flowed pretty well. When he asked how we met Bax, I just told him he was a knight in shining armor. As the evening wore on, I could tell he wanted to take me back to his room, alone.

Taryn began to actively flirt with him, putting her hand on his arm, laughing at all his jokes, etc. Finally, I suggested something.

“Hey, I’ve got a joint, how about we all go back to your room and smoke it?”

Everyone thought that would be a great idea. I didn’t smoke often, but enjoyed a puff now and then. We got back to his room, and were soon pretty stoned, laughing and joking. Finally, the conversation turned to sex. Taryn bragged that she had been told by several guys that she given them the best blowjob they ever had. We all laughed, though Ben seemed a little shy.

“So tell us Ben, how is Nikki at giving head?” Taryn asked. He looked like he swallowed a canary.

“Don’t be shy Ben, we know you and Nikki had a thing, so how was she?” Taryn prodded.

“Well.. um.. she gives excellent head.” He stammered.

“I think we should have a little contest, to see who is the best at their um, oral skills.” She suggested.

“Well…oh.. if it’s okay with Nikki, it’s okay with me..I’ve missed her mouth …and other things.”

“Oh no mister. How are we going to have a true contest if you don’t try me? Nikki can blow Bax. Whoever gets their man to cum first is the winner!” she proposed.

Soon we were both on our knees, pulling their pants down. Both must of liked the idea of our little contest, because they both nearly popped out of their boxers. We both immediately went to work on them. I really wanted to win this, so I pulled out all the stops. After getting Bax’s shaft slick with my saliva, I pulled my top off, and put his cock between my tits. I knew that would be one advantage I had over Taryn, but she was giving it her all too. As Bax titty-fucked me, I saw Taryn just devouring his cock.

I went back down on Bax, going all the way down on him. I looked over and saw Taryn gazing up into his eyes as she sucked him. Bax put his hands on the back of my head as he began to fuck my mouth. I noticed Ben looking over at us, a hint of jealousy on his face, then he began to pump Taryn’s mouth Little did he know that I had given Bax head several times before, and knew what drove him over the edge. I flicked my tongue against the head as he went in and out. I looked over just in time to see Ben cumming all over Taryn’s face. Seconds later, Bax shot his load down my throat.

“Congrats, sister, you win!” I told her, wiping cum off of my face.

“Alright boys,” she said as she pulled her dress over her head and lay down on the bed,” your turn.”

I shimmied out of my pants and lay down next to her. We held hands as the guys took our panties off and spread our legs. We were both soon moaning with pleasure, as they both licked us closer to orgasm. Bax rolled me over and began to eat me from behind. Not to be outdone, Ben did the same to Taryn. Bax was finger fucking me as I came. He pulled his fingers out, and I licked them clean. I saw Taryn bucking her ass against Ben’s face, and knew she was cumming too.

Both the guys were hard again, and ready to fuck. I was in heaven, getting Bax all to myself, and it was obvious that Taryn and Ben were enjoying each other. Everything was working out perfectly. Bax was pumping away on me missionary style. I looked over and saw Taryn riding Ben reverse cowgirl.

After a while I was ready for a good, hard, doggy style fuck, and got on my hands lay down on my stomach, with my ass in the air. Taryn got down beside me and did the same thing. Soon she was getting banged hard. Before going to town on me, Bax lubed up a finger with my juices, and slowly stuck it into my ass. I squealed. It was a totally new sensation, and one that I would want to investigate more.

Soon, I was getting pounded too. Then there was a pause. When the fucking resumed, there was something different. I looked behind me. They had switched places, and were high-fiving each other! Too deep in lust to care, neither one of us complained. We fucked our new (or old) partners for quite a while. They switched back yet again.

“Bax, baby… I want you to fuck my ass….” I pleaded.

I heard a groan and knew that Ben was cumming in Taryn. Bax lubed my ass and his cock with my juices, then slowly began to enter my backdoor. It seemed impossibly tight, but I relaxed, and he slowly got his cock all the way in. I would have never been able to do this with Ben, he was way too big. I rubbed my pussy as he pumped my ass. I brought myself to orgasm. Seconds later, I felt my ass being filled. It was a fantastically satiating experience. He stayed hard in me for several minutes. When he pulled out, I slumped flat on the mattress.

“Wow, girlfriend! That was quite a show. I’m gonna have to try that!” Taryn exclaimed. I had completely forgotten they were even in the room, the experience was so overwhelming. The four of us collapsed on the bed, we were soon deeply sleeping. Good thing it was a king-size!

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